full genome sequencing of corriparta virus, identifies california mosquito pool virus as a member of the corriparta virus species.the species corriparta virus (corv), within the genus orbivirus, family reoviridae, currently contains six virus strains: corriparta virus mrm1 (corv-mrm1); cs0109; v654; v370; acado virus and jacareacanga virus. however, lack of neutralization assays, or reference genome sequence data has prevented further analysis of their intra-serogroup/species relationships and identification of individual serotypes. we report whole-genome sequence data for corv-mrm1, which was isolated in 1960 in australia ...201324015178
zoonotic and emerging orbivirus infections.many novel emerging orbiviruses have been isolated in the past 15 years. important viruses include peruvian horse sickness virus (phsv) and yunnan orbivirus (yuov), pathogens of equids which were originally isolated almost simultaneously from 1997 to 1999 in the people's republic of china, australia and peru. yuov has also been isolated from cattle, sheep and a dog. the isolation of yuovfrom a dog is not the first case of an orbivirus being isolated from a carnivore. bluetongue virus and african ...201526601440
a new orbivirus isolated from mosquitoes in north-western australia shows antigenic and genetic similarity to corriparta virus but does not replicate in vertebrate cells.the discovery and characterisation of new mosquito-borne viruses provides valuable information on the biodiversity of vector-borne viruses and important insights into their evolution. in this study, a broad-spectrum virus screening system, based on the detection of long double-stranded rna in inoculated cell cultures, was used to investigate the presence of novel viruses in mosquito populations of northern australia. we detected and isolated a new virus (tentatively named parry's lagoon virus, p ...201627213426
electron microscopic studies on corriparta virus. 19695408797
corriparta virus: properties and multiplication in experimentally-inoculated mosquitoes. 19694238947
susceptibility of orbiviruses to low ph and to organic solvents.six orbiviruses, corriparta, wallal, eubenangee, d'aguilar, warrego and mitchell river, were inactivated within 30 min in solutions of ph less than 6. all but wallal virus resisted treatment with ether at 1 degrees for 22 h but only corriparta virus resisted treatment with chloroform at 1 degrees for 22 h. the genomes of the orbiviruses, including corriparta virus, after electrophoresis in acrylamide gels separated into basically similar patterns which were distinct from the pattern of reovirus ...197830445
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