[a conbribution to the characterization of asparagus virus 2 (author's transl)].in host range investigations with 152 plant species of 37 families, 96 species from 28 families proved to be experimentally susceptible to asparagus virus 2 (asv 2). from these, 82 species of 26 families were systematically infectible and 14 species of 10 families only locally. most frequently were symptomless systemic infections. of 86 species, their susceptibility for asv 2 was unknown before. the number of families that contant experimental hosts of the virus increased from 11 to 33. transmis ...1978664937
abelson virus-induced lymphomagenesis in mice.the salient facts which have emerged from our study of abelson virus (mulv-a)lymphomagenesis in mice are that lymphoma induction is (a) age dependent, (b) virus dose dependent, and (c) under the control of host genes unrelated to other genes known to control murine leukemia (e.g., fv-1 on fv-2). of 16 strains tested, only balb/c and some of its derivative strains showed high sensitivity. studies from cxb recombinant inbred strains and hybrids between them are interpreted to indicate that balb/c ...1978702054
molecular characterization of the rna3 of asparagus virus 2.asparagus virus 2 (av 2) has been detected in all major asparagus growing areas around the world and it has been suggested that, in association with other pathogens, it might be an important factor for the condition called asparagus decline. although av 2 was first reported in the 70's, only few of its biochemical characteristics have been actually studied. some properties of an av 2 isolate from guanajuato, mexico were characterized and its rna3 cloned and sequenced. electrophoretic analysis of ...199910076519
the nucleotide sequences of the rna 1 and rna 2 of asparagus virus 2 show a close relationship to citrus variegation virus. 200919291361
the complete sequence of the genomic rnas of spinach latent virus.we describe the sequence for the complete genome of spinach latent virus (splv). comparisons of this genome with that of the only other complete genome described for a species within the genus ilarvirus (citrus leaf rugose virus-cilrv) indicate that while there are marked differences between the rna 3 of the two viruses, their respective rnas 1 and 2 share many similarities. however, the putative 2a protein of splv contains a c2h2 type "zinc finger"-like motif located towards the carboxy termina ...19979229009
abelson antigen is expressed on hematopoietic spleen colony-forming cells from mice carrying the av-2s virus sensitivity gene.abelson antigen is a cell-surface determinant specifically induced by the abelson murine leukemia virus (a-mulv); this antigen is also expressed on uninfected bone marrow of balb/c mice. antisera that contained antibody to abelson antigen were cytotoxic for the spleen colony-forming cells (cfu-s) of adult bone marrow from balb/c mice. absorption tests with appropriate tissues and direct cytotoxic tests with bone marrow cfu-s from several mouse strains confirmed that the sensitivity of balb/c cfu ...1979228287
pollen transmission of asparagus virus 2 (av-2) may facilitate mixed infection by two av-2 isolates in asparagus plants.asparagus virus 2 (av-2) is a member of the genus ilarvirus and thought to induce the asparagus decline syndrome. av-2 is known to be transmitted by seed, and the possibility of pollen transmission was proposed 25 years ago but not verified. in av-2 sequence analyses, we have unexpectedly found mixed infection by two distinct av-2 isolates in two asparagus plants. because mixed infections by two related viruses are normally prevented by cross protection, we suspected that pollen transmission of ...201425116643
detection of plant viruses in mixed infection by a macroarray-assisted method.the protocol for a simple, sensitive, and specific method using a cdna macroarray to detect multiple viruses is provided. the method can be used even at the production sites for crops, which need a reliable routine diagnosis for mixed infection of plant viruses. the method consists of three steps: rna extraction, duplex rt-pcr, and "microtube hybridization" (mth). biotinylated cdna probes are prepared using rt-pcr and used to hybridize a nylon membrane containing target viral cdnas by mth. posit ...201525287491
viruses of asparagus.the current knowledge on viruses infecting asparagus (asparagus officinalis) is reviewed. over half a century, nine virus species belonging to the genera ilarvirus, cucumovirus, nepovirus, tobamovirus, potexvirus, and potyvirus have been found in this crop. the potyvirus asparagus virus 1 (av1) and the ilarvirus asparagus virus 2 (av2) are widespread and negatively affect the economic life of asparagus crops reducing yield and increasing the susceptibility to biotic and abiotic stress. the main ...201222682173
the 2b protein of asparagus virus 2 functions as an rna silencing suppressor against systemic silencing to prove functional synteny with related cucumoviruses.asparagus virus 2 (av-2) is a member of the genus ilarvirus in the family bromoviridae. we cloned the coat protein (cp) and the 2b protein (2b) genes of av-2 isolates from asparagus plants from various regions and found that the sequence for cp and for 2b was highly conserved among the isolates, suggesting that av-2 from around the world is almost identical. we then made an av-2 infectious clone by simultaneous inoculation with in vitro transcripts of rnas 1-3 of av-2 and in vitro-synthesized cp ...201323679985
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