hermaphroditic female heterobilharzia americana. 1977915634
visceral lesions in racoons naturally infected with heterobilharzia americana.three free-ranging raccoons caught in southeastern florida were found to be infected by heterobilharzia americana. the livers were firm with rough surfaces and stellate patterns of periportal fibrosis. the portal tracts had excessive mature fibrous connective tissue and occasional ovum and necrotic fluke granulomas. there were also ovum granulomas with concomitant lesions in small and large intestine, pancreas, and lung. numerous other parasites were seen.1976969165
new locality record for heterobilharzia americana.thirty raccoons (procyon lotor) from three counties in east-central and southeast kansas (usa) were examined for schistosomiasis. eleven (37%) of the raccoons had adult schistosomes identified as heterobilharzia americana present in the mesenteric vessels, histopathological lesions compatible with schistosomiasis, or both. this represents the first report of h. americana in kansas and in the central united states.19912023315
differential susceptibility of snail hosts to heterobilharzia americana from texas and louisiana. 19873625443
chromosomes of heterobilharzia americana (digenea: schistosomatidae), with zwa sex determination, from louisiana.mitotic chromosomes of heterobilharzia americana from louisiana are described from parasite material that was dissected from snails, air-dried on slides, and stained with conventional giemsa and c-band methods. as in other schistosomes, the female is the heterogametic sex. this louisiana strain, however, differs from a texas strain and other schistosome species in that the male and female have different diploid numbers of chromosomes (male, 20; female, 19), and the strain has a zz male/zwa femal ...19873656014
chromosomes of heterobilharzia americana (digenea: schistosomatidae) from texas. 19863806339
infection with heterobilharzia americana in primates. 19674965216
further studies on mammalian susceptibility to experimental infection with heterobilharzia americana. 19704984085
correlation analyses of cercarial exposure, worm load and egg content in stools of dogs infected with heterobilharzia americana. 19695380276
experimental infection of several lymnaeid snails with heterobilharzia americana. 19676035709
a new host and two new locality records for the blood fluke, heterobilharzia americana price, 1929. 19676062070
indirect hemagglutination for the diagnosis of heterobilharzia americana infections in indirect hemagglutination test was developed for the diagnosis of canine schistosomiasis. specific-pathogen-free dogs and dogs infected with a variety of other helminths were experimentally infected with heterobilharzia americana. sera collected at various times after the dogs were exposed to cercariae were evaluated. glutaraldehyde-fixed sheep erythrocytes sensitized with whole adult worm antigens provided a stable antigen substrate when tested over a period of months. the test produced sens ...19826217768
enzootic schistosomiasis in a louisiana armadillo.trematode eggs compatible in characteristics with those of heterobilharzia americana, a probable cause of human schistosomal dermatitis in the gulf states of the u.s., were found in the cirrhotic liver and other viscera of a wild-caught armadillo in louisiana. although adult worms were not found, the current observation suggests a need to extend the known host range of this common schistosome parasite of carnivores and other wild animals in the south, and may have additional implications in the ...19846538764
fenbendazole for the treatment of heterobilharzia americana infection in dogs. 19836826438
scanning electron microscopy of the tegumental surface of heterobilharzia americana (trematoda; schistosomatidae).an attempt is made in this paper to define more clearly the tegumental microstructure of the schistosome, heterobilharzia americana. the adult parasites were examined with scanning electron microscopy at 75-10000 magnifications. the morphology of the oral and ventral suckers, the tegument, and the gynecophoral canal with the in copula female were closely scrutinized. the tegument of the female is simple and uniform in structure, an adaptation which may allow for a more efficient mode of penetrat ...19836877792
heterologous immunity against schistosoma mansoni in mice by administration of heterobilharzia americana.three groups of swiss albino mice were exposed to cercariae of heterobilharzia americana a mammalian schistosome in southern united states. they were challenged at different intervals with cercariae of a puerto rican strain of schistosoma mansoni, and a fourth group (control for the first two groups) was exposed only to s. mansoni. with a patent infection (two months) of h. americana there was a noticeable reduction of the worm recovery rates of s. mansoni and its eggs deposited in the tissues. ...19817281901
certain aspects of the biology and life cycle of heterobilharzia americana in east central texas. 19817325440
karyotype evolution and sex chromosome differentiation in schistosomes (trematoda, schistosomatidae).the morphology of c-banded metaphase chromosomes has been studied in two hermaphroditic and ten gonochoristic digenetic trematodes (schistosomes). comparison of numbers and morphology of chromosomes indicates that the karyotype of primitive trematodes probably was composed of 10 (or 11) pairs of telocentric or subtelocentric chromosomes, and reduction of chromosome numbers in advanced species resulted from centromeric fusion rather than elimination of chromosomes. observation of heteromorphic ch ...19817327052
miracidia hatching technique for diagnosis of canine schistosomiasis.a method of processing feces with subsequent hatching of heterobilharzia americana eggs was found to be preferable to saline sedimentation for the diagnosis of canine schistosomiasis. the feces were filtered and washed in 3 changes of 0.85% nacl solution. the remaining sediment was flooded with distilled water to promote the hatching of viable eggs. miracidia were subsequently observed, which confirmed infection in naturally infected raccoons and experimentally infected dogs.19807440363
hypercalcemia in a dog: a challenging 18-month-old, spayed female, mixed-breed dog was referred for investigation of persistent hypercalcemia. after extensive diagnostic evaluation, a tentative diagnosis of occult lymphosarcoma (lsa) was made and the dog was euthanized. at necropsy, infection with heterobilharzia americana was diagnosed. in endemic areas, schistosomiasis should be included in the differential diagnosis of hypercalcemia, and a fecal examination should be performed in every dog with a hypercalcemia of unknown origi ...200010667402
elevated parathyroid hormone-related protein and hypercalcemia in two dogs with schistosomiasis.two adult dogs were evaluated for hypercalcemia. diagnostic evaluation identified elevated parathyroid hormone-related protein (pthrp) and presumptive humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy. at necropsy, schistosomiasis was diagnosed. north american schistosomiasis is caused by heterobilharzia americana. clinical findings may include dermatitis, coughing, diarrhea, and anorexia. clinicopathological findings may include hypercalcemia, hyperglobulinemia, hypoalbuminemia, anemia, and eosinophilia. dia ...200111450835
heterobilharzia americana infection in a dog.a 7-year-old castrated male golden retriever cross was evaluated because of intermittent blood-tinged diarrhea, severe weight loss, anorexia, and lethargy of 2 months' duration; the dog was unresponsive to antimicrobial and standard anthelmintic treatment. results of fecal flotations for parasite ova were negative. alkaline phosphatase, aspartate aminotransferase, and alanine aminotransferase activities and total protein and globulin conentrations were greater than reference ranges. biopsy speci ...200212126129
life history of heterobilharzia americana price 1929, a schistosome of the raccoon and other mammals in southeastern united states. 196213929078
susceptibility of mammalian hosts to experimental infection with heterobilharzia americana. 196213929079
heterobilharzia americana infection in a dog. 196314063232
heterobilharzia americana price, 1929, in the opossum from louisiana. 196414244815
first occurrence of schistosomatidae infecting aplexa hypnorum (gastropoda, physidae) in france.due to the recrudescence of cercarial dermatitis in the world, larval schistosomatidae have been researched during 20 months in gastropods of stagnant fresh waters in a wetland. brevifurcate ocellate cercariae have been detected after crushing in a species of physidae, aplexa hypnorum, with a prevalence of 6.52%. up to now, this species had never been found infected by larval trematodes. lymnaeidae, planorbidae and other physidae didn't harbour schistosomatids. cercariae of a. hypnorum present f ...200415224586
clinical features and outcome of heterobilharzia americana infection in dogs.heterobilharzia americana (ha), the causative agent of canine schistosomiasis, is a flatworm with a freshwater snail as an intermediate host. only case reports or small case series evaluating naturally infected dogs have been published.201020002553
heterobilharzia americana infection and glomerulonephritis in a dog.schistosomiasis is an uncommonly reported disease that usually causes weight loss, anemia, and gastrointestinal signs. a 6-year-old, neutered male dog developed membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis concurrent with infection with the trematode parasite heterobilharzia americana. at presentation, the dog had proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, hyperglobulinemia, and anemia. diagnosis was based upon the histopathological appearance of the kidney. clinical signs, biochemical and hematological abnormal ...201020439945
canine schistosomiasis in north america: an underdiagnosed disease with an expanding distribution.heterobilharzia americana, a digenean trematode in the family schistosomatidae, is the etiologic agent of canine schistosomiasis in the southeastern united states.1 a few cases of canine schistosomiasis have been reported in florida, louisiana, north carolina, texas, and, recently, kansas.1-6 the natural definitive host for the fluke is the raccoon1; however, infections have been detected in nutrias, bobcats, mountain lions, opossums, white-tailed deer, swamp rabbits, armadillos, coyotes, red wo ...201020473851
imaging diagnosis-heterobilharzia americana infection in a approximately three-year-old mixed breed female dog was evaluated for peritoneal effusion, anorexia, intermittent vomiting, and diarrhea. radiographically, there was mineralization of the wall of small intestinal segments. sonographic findings were consistent with multisystemic mineralization of liver, small intestinal wall, and pancreas. multifocal granulomas containing schistosome eggs (heterobilharzia americana) were identified histologically. the mineralization pattern described herein is ...201121599795
Lymphosarcoma associated with Heterobilharzia americana infection in a dog.Hepatic T-cell lymphosarcoma with involvement of regional lymph nodes and concurrent schistosomiasis were diagnosed in an 11-year-old male neutered mixed-breed dog with a history of chronic weight loss, inappetence, vomiting, and diarrhea. Trematode ova present in the hepatic parenchyma and mesenteric node were surrounded by sheets of neoplastic lymphocytes while those in the intestinal wall were surrounded by large numbers of non-neoplastic lymphocytes. Immunohistochemistry revealed that both t ...201121908377
heterobilharzia americana infection as a cause of hepatic parasitic granulomas in a description-a 22-year-old american paint horse gelding from the gulf coast region of texas was evaluated for regrowth of a perirectal squamous cell carcinoma that had been surgically removed 11 months previously. clinical findings-a necrotic and ulcerated mass was present below the anus. the horse had paraphimosis and was having difficulty with urination. histologic examination of the mass revealed that it was squamous cell carcinoma, and the horse was euthanized because of the unlikelihood ...201121985355
Multi-organ involvement of Heterobilharzia americana infection in a dog presented for systemic mineralization.Canine schistosomiasis due to Heterobilharzia americana is a clinically underdiagnosed disease in dogs, which is found primarily in the Gulf Coast and south Atlantic region of the United States. A 3-year-old dog from Texas with a clinical diagnosis of systemic mineralization of unknown origin in the absence of evidence of hypercalcemia was found at necropsy to have severe disseminated H. americana infection involving the liver, pancreas, small and large intestine, lungs, and kidneys. Calcificati ...201121908333
natural heterobilharzia americana infection in horses in texas.the schistosome heterobilharzia americana infects dogs, raccoons, and other mammals in the southeastern united states. migration of eggs into the liver results in parasitic granulomas with varying degrees of fibrosis and inflammation. recently, hepatic parasitic granulomas in horses were shown to be caused by h. americana infection. in the present study, samples of liver from 11 of 12 horses with hepatic granulomas identified at necropsy (n = 11) or surgical biopsy (n = 1) were used for dna extr ...201222273574
distribution and characterization of heterobilharzia americana in dogs in texas.heterobilharzia americana is a trematode parasite (family schistosomatidae) that infects a wide range of wild mammalian hosts. canine cases have been reported in the gulf coast and south atlantic states, kansas, and oklahoma. a total of 238 canine h. americana cases in texas were retrospectively collected for a period of approximately 22 years from case records at the texas veterinary medical diagnostic laboratory and the veterinary medical teaching hospital pathology service, diagnostic parasit ...201424746236
heterobilharzia americana infection and congestive heart failure in a llama (lama glama).the schistosome heterobilharzia americana infects several mammalian species in the southeastern united states, including horses, but infections have not been reported in camelids. this is a report of h. americana infection in a 6-year-old llama with extensive cardiac pathology and congestive heart failure. parasite-induced granulomas were widely disseminated and included overwhelming involvement of the lungs and liver. microscopic lesions in the heart included myofiber degeneration and necrosis, ...201524964922
cytologic diagnosis of heterobilharzia americana infection in a liver aspirate from a dog.heterobilharzia americanais a trematode of the schistosomatidae family that infects dogs, raccoons, and other mammals as definitive hosts. this parasite is considered endemic in the southern atlantic and gulf coasts; however, only a few cases are reported. a 7-year-old dog from louisiana was referred for persistent hypercalcemia, hyperglobulinemia, and weight loss. abdominal ultrasound revealed diffuse hyperechogenicity of the liver with several hyperechoic nodules of varying size. cytologic exa ...201626272209
identification of heterobilharzia americana infection in a dog residing in indiana with no history of travel.a 1-year-old castrated male dog residing in indiana was examined because of intermittent vomiting of 4 months' duration.201627003025
schistosome satellite dna encodes active hammerhead ribozymes.using a computer program designed to search for rna structural motifs in sequence databases, we have found a hammerhead ribozyme domain encoded in the smalpha repetitive dna of schistosoma mansoni. transcripts of these repeats are expressed as long multimeric precursor rnas that cleave in vitro and in vivo into unit-length fragments. this rna domain is able to engage in both cis and trans cleavage typical of the hammerhead ribozyme. further computer analysis of s. mansoni dna identified a potent ...19989632772
the prevalence of fasciola hepatica in its snail intermediate host determined by dna probe assay.accurate snail intermediate host infection prevalence data have the potential to be extremely useful in determining seasonal transmission dynamics of fasciola hepatica. because the microscopic techniques currently used lack the sensitivity and specificity necessary to obtain meaningful infection prevalence data, we developed a highly accurate and efficient dna probe assay. the assay has a sensitivity of 100%, a specificity of > 99%, easily detects a single miracidia and does not cross-hybridize ...19979467746
molecular phylogenetics of the four schistosoma species groups determined with partial 28s ribosomal rna gene sequences.partial 28s ribosomal rna (rrna) gene sequences, including the variable domains d1, d2 and d3, were determined for representative species from the 4 schistosoma species groups. on an alignment of 1345 bp from s. mansoni, s. haematobium, s. spindale and s. japonicum (with heterobilharzia americana chosen as an outgroup), both maximum likelihood and maximum parsimony analyses provide a robust molecular phylogeny for the genus; ((((s. haematobium, s. spindale), s. mansoni), s. japonicum), h. americ ...19957675531
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