phylogenetic analysis of the genus corynebacterium based on 16s rrna gene sequences.the 16s rrna gene sequences of 30 strains representing 23 validated corynebacterium species and 7 currently non-valid corynebacterium species were determined. these sequences were aligned with the sequences of other corynebacterium species and related actinomycete taxa. a comparative sequence analysis revealed that there is considerable phylogenetic depth and internal structure in the genus corynebacterium. turicella otitidis and the amycolate species corynebacterium amycolatum were located at t ...19957547291
phylogeny of the genus corynebacterium deduced from analyses of small-subunit ribosomal dna sequences.we determined almost complete small-subunit ribosomal dna sequences of 50 reference strains belonging to the genera corynebacterium, rhodococcus, and gordona and compared these sequences with previously published sequences. three phylogenetic methods (the neighbor-joining, maximum-likelihood, and maximum-parsimony methods), as well as a bootstrap analysis, were used to assess the robustness of each topology which we obtained. the results of comparative phylogenetic analyses confirmed that the ge ...19957547293
dietzia, a new genus including dietzia maris comb. nov., formerly rhodococcus maris.sequencing of the 16s ribosomal dnas (rdna) of two strains of rhodococcus maris was performed to determine the relationship of this species to other mycolic acid-containing actinomycetes. for this purpose we also determined the 16s rdna sequences for the type species of the genus rhodococcus, rhodococcus rhodochrous, and for mycobacterium chlorophenolicum (formerly rhodococcus chlorophenolicus), rhodococcus erythropolis, gordona bronchialis, and gordona terrae, for which only partial sequence da ...19957857805
a proposal to reclassify nocardia pinensis blackall et al. as skermania piniformis gen. nov., comb. nov.the type strain of nocardia pinensis was the subject of chemotaxonomic and 16s ribosomal dna sequencing studies. the resultant nucleotide sequence was aligned with the sequences of representatives of the genera corynebacterium, dietzia, gordona, mycobacterium, nocardia, rhodococcus, and tsukamurella, and phylogenetic trees were generated by using the fitch-margoliash, maximum-parsimony, maximum-likelihood, and neighbor-joining methods. it was evident from the phylogenetic analyses that n. pinens ...19978995814
identification of rhodococcus, gordona and dietzia species using carbon source utilization tests ("biotype-100" strips).the "biotype-100" identification system (biomérieux, la balme-ies-grottes, france) based on carbon source utilization was evaluated for its ability to discriminate among 10 species of rhodococcus, 7 species of gordona and one species of dietzia. the type strains of three species of tsukamurella and 8 species of nocardia were also included in the study. results were compared with chemotaxonomic and conventional data. carbon source utilization was shown to be reliable, rapid and easy to use when c ...19979765864
taxonomy and biotransformation activities of some deep-sea actinomycetes.deep-sea soft sediments from trench systems and depths in the northwestern pacific ocean ranging from less than 300 to 10,897 m in depth have been analyzed for three target genera of actinomycetes: micromonospora, rhodococcus, and streptomyces. only culturable strains, recovered at atmospheric pressure on selective isolation media, have been examined to date. maximum recoveries of culturable bacteria were greater that 10(7)/ml wet g sediment, but actinomycetes comprised a small proportion of thi ...19989783174
dietzia natronolimnaios sp. nov., a new member of the genus dietzia isolated from an east african soda lake.two novel alkaliphilic aerobic organotrophic bacteria have been isolated from a moderately saline and alkaline east african soda lake. the new isolates grow at ph values between 6 and 10, with a ph optimum for growth of 9.0, and at a salt concentration between 0% and 10% (w/v). phylogenetic analysis based on 16s rdna sequence shows that these isolates are very closely related (99.6% similarity) and are members of the monospecific genus dietzia (98.8% and 98.7% similarity). dna/dna hybridization ...19989783184
rapid identification of clinically relevant nocardia species to genus level by 16s rrna gene pcr.two regions of the gene coding for 16s rrna in nocardia species were selected as genus-specific primer sequences for a pcr assay. the pcr protocol was tested with 60 strains of clinically relevant nocardia isolates and type strains. it gave positive results for all strains tested. conversely, the pcr assay was negative for all tested species belonging to the most closely related genera, including dietzia, gordona, mycobacterium, rhodococcus, streptomyces, and tsukamurella. besides, unlike the la ...19999854071
novel rhodococci and other mycolate actinomycetes from the deep sea.a large number of mycolate actinomycetes have been recovered from deep-sea sediments in the nw pacific ocean using selective isolation methods. the isolates were putatively assigned to the genus rhodococcus on the basis of colony characteristics and mycolic acid profiles. the diversity among these isolates and their relationship to type strains of rhodococcus and other mycolate taxa were assessed by curie point pyrolysis mass spectrometry (pyms). three major (a, c, d) and two minor (b, e) groups ...199810068786
bacteremia due to dietzia maris in an immunocompromised patient. 199910524995
mycolic acids from rhodococcus, gordonia, and dietzia.the mycolic acids from 11 species of rhodococcus, seven species of gordonia, and one species of dietzia were analyzed using capillary gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (glc/ms). all strains tested in this study were divided into three groups according to the degree of double bonds and the average carbon number ( of their mycolic acids. the genus gordonia belongs to the first group possessing an in the upper 50s and 60s with 0 to 5 double bonds. some rhodococcus species posse ...200010739337
characterisation of a lipomannan lipoglycan from the mycolic acid containing actinomycete dietzia maris.lipoglycans such as the mycobacterial lipoarabinomannans (lam) are important cell envelope components of actinomycetes. to further our understanding of the diversity of these enigmatic macromolecules the lipoglycan composition of dietzia maris has been investigated. phenol-water extraction and hydrophobic interaction chromatography were used to purify a lipoglycan which was unusually small and predominantly lipomannan in nature. the presence of minor levels of arabinose along with components con ...200011204771
microbial degradation of disodium terephthalate by alkaliphilic dietzia sp. strain alkaliphilic dietzia sp., strain gs-1, which degraded disodium terephthalate (dt), was isolated from soil. strain gs-1 degraded 19.3 mm of dt in 168 h at ph 10. the maximum degradation velocity was 0.46 mm/h. the resting cells efficiently degraded 28.7 mm of dt in 51 h at 28 degrees c and ph 10. the degradation velocity was 0.41 mm/(h g-wet cell).200011210143
[clusterization of halophilic and halotolerant eubacteria using whole-cell protein electrophoresis data].total cell proteins of the nineteen halophilic and halotolerant eubacteria isolated from marine sediments and highly mineralized formation waters of oil fields were investigated by sds gel electrophoresis. the microorganisms studied, phenotypically identified as belonging to the genera dietzia, rhodococcus, staphylococcus, cytophaga, brevibacterium, and archangium, were found to form clearly distinguishable clusters (20-30% similarity at the generic level) on the dendrogram derived from electrop ...200011315673
molecular identification of a dietzia maris hip prosthesis infection isolate.dietzia maris, an environmental actinomycete, has been implicated only once in human disease. we herein report the first d. maris isolate from a bone biopsy specimen in a patient hospitalized for a total hip prosthesis replacement. cell wall fatty acid analysis and 16s ribosomal dna gene sequencing were utilized to achieve its definite identification. this case report illustrates the usefulness of such methods for the accurate identification of actinomycetes.200111427581
[effect of the media salinity on destruction of petroleum oils by nocardioform bacteria].oil degradation by cultures of rhodococcus erythropolis and dietzia maris was found to depend on the nacl concentration in the medium. optimal utilization of turbine oil by r. erythropolis and d. maris was observed at 0.5 and 2 to 5% nacl concentration, respectively. mineral oil and a mixture of paraffins (c14-c18) were utilized within a broader range of the medium salinity. as shown by fluorescent microscopy, d. maris colonies formed on the oil drop surface, whereas r. erythropolis cells penetr ...200111785132
dietzia psychralcaliphila sp. nov., a novel, facultatively psychrophilic alkaliphile that grows on hydrocarbons.a novel, facultatively psychrophilic alkaliphile that grows on a chemically defined medium containing n-alkanes as the sole carbon source was isolated from a drain of a fish product-processing plant. the isolate was an aerobic, non-motile, gram-positive bacterium. the bacterium was catalase-positive and oxidase-negative. the cell wall contained meso-diaminopimelic acid, arabinose and galactose; the glycan moiety of the cell wall contained acetyl residues. the g+c content of the dna was 69.6 mol ...200211837320
[phylogenetic diversity of aerobic saprotrophic bacteria isolated from the daqing oil field].a diverse and active microbial community in the stratal waters of the daqing oil field (china), which is exploited with the use of water-flooding, was found to contain aerobic chemoheterotrophic bacteria (including hydrocarbon-oxidizing ones) and anaerobic fermentative, sulfate-reducing, and methanogenic bacteria. the aerobic bacteria were most abundant in the near-bottom zones of injection wells. twenty pure cultures of aerobic saprotrophic bacteria were isolated from the stratal waters. under ...200211910798
fighting foam with phages?seventeen (17) phages infective for the mycolata were isolated from six samples of activated sludge using 21 prospective hosts from the genera dietzia, gordonia, nocardia, rhodococcus, tsukamurella and mycobacterium. their morphology indicated that they were all members of the viral family siphoviridae, but they varied in the size of the icosahedral head and length of non-contractile tail, suggesting they were different. this was confirmed by host-range studies with 47 strains of mycolata, which ...200212216679
[production of oil-processing compounds by microorganisms from the daqing oil field, china].twenty pure cultures isolated from formation waters of the daqing oil field were studied with respect to their capacity to produce surface-active compounds in media with individual hydrocarbons, lower alcohols, and fatty acids. aerobic saprotrophic bacteria belonging to the genera bacillus, brevibacillus, rhodococcus, dietzia, kocuria, gordonia, cellulomonas, clavibacter, pseudomonas, and acinetobacter decreased the surface tension of cultivation media from 55-63 to 28-44 mn/m. strains of bacill ...200312751245
rapid identification of rhodococcus equi by a pcr assay targeting the choe gene.the actinomycete rhodococcus equi is an important pathogen of horses and an emerging opportunistic pathogen of humans. identification of r. equi by classical bacteriological techniques is sometimes difficult, and misclassification of an isolate is not uncommon. we report here on a specific pcr assay for the rapid and reliable identification of r. equi. it is based on the amplification of a fragment of the choe gene encoding cholesterol oxidase. the choe-based pcr was assessed by using a panel of ...200312843070
influence of high salinities on the degradation of diesel fuel by bacterial consortia.microbial communities from three argentinean saline soils were extracted and tested for their ability to degrade diesel fuel in liquid culture at salinities between 0% and 25%. in each case, the degradation process was continuously monitored by measuring oxygen consumption. two communities (cr1 and cr2) showed nearly equal degrees of degradation across a salinity range of 0%-10% (the former degrading about 63% of the diesel fuel and the latter about 70% after 53 and 80 d, respectively). furtherm ...200314735221
identification and biodegradation potential of tropical aerobic hydrocarbon-degrading microorganisms.screening of aerobic culturable hydrocarbon (hc)-degrading microorganisms isolated from petroleum-polluted soils and cyanobacterial mats from indonesia resulted in the collection of 33 distinct species. eight bacteria, 21 fungi and 4 yeasts were identified to the specific level by molecular and phenotypic techniques. bacterial strains belonged to the genera gordonia, brevibacterium, aeromicrobium, dietzia, burkholderia and mycobacterium. four species are new and not yet described. fungi belonged ...200415313261
bacterial diversity in a nonsaline alkaline environment: heterotrophic aerobic populations.heterotrophic populations were isolated and characterized from an alkaline groundwater environment generated by active serpentinization, which results in a ca(oh)2-enriched, extremely diluted groundwater with ph 11.4. one hundred eighty-five strains were isolated in different media at different ph values during two sampling periods. to assess the degree of diversity present in the environment and to select representative strains for further characterization of the populations, we screened the is ...200415574939
reclassification of nocardia corynebacterioides serrano et al. 1972 (approved lists 1980) as rhodococcus corynebacterioides comb. nov.the type strain of nocardia corynebacterioides was the subject of a polyphasic taxonomic study. the 16s rrna gene sequence was aligned with the sequences of representatives of the genera corynebacterium, dietzia, gordonia, mycobacterium, nocardia, rhodococcus, skermania, tsukamurella and williamsia, and phylogenetic trees were constructed by using maximum-parsimony, maximum-likelihood and neighbour-joining methods. it was evident from the phylogenetic analysis that n. corynebacterioides represen ...200515879280
diversity of alkaliphilic and alkalitolerant bacteria cultivated from decomposing reed rhizomes in a hungarian soda lake.bacterial communities associated with decomposing rhizomes of phragmites australis were investigated in lake ferto (neusiedlersee, hungary). alkaliphilic and alkalitolerant strains were isolated on cellulose-containing alkaline medium spread with dilutions of scrapings taken from the surface of the decaying plant material. fifty-one strains were grouped by numerical analysis based on physiological tests and biolog sole carbon source utilization data. the strains identified by 16s rdna sequence c ...200516132425
dietzia strain x: a newly described actinomycete isolated from confluent and reticulated papillomatosis.confluent and reticulated papillomatosis (crp) is a rare skin disorder. to date its aetiology remains uncertain. the possibility of an infectious aetiology has been supported by case reports of therapeutic response to antibiotic therapy. we have isolated and identified a previously unknown dietzia strain, an actinomycete, from skin scrapings of a 17-year-old boy with crp. we propose that this organism may be the aetiological agent of crp. further investigations are necessary to determine the pot ...200516181469
production of anti-gordonia amarae mycolic acid polyclonal antibody for detection of mycolic acid-containing bacteria in activated sludge foam.mycolic acid-containing actinomycetes (mycolata) are considered the causative agents of foaming of activated sludge and scum formation in activated sludge treatment plants. in this study, the production of anti-gordonia amarae mycolic acid polyclonal antibodies was investigated. rabbits were immunized with a conjugate of keyhole limpet hemocyanin and mycolic acids of g. amarae, which contained 48 to 56 carbon atoms (average, 52.0). enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) demonstrated that the ...200116233121
bacteria isolated from the different developmental stages and larval organs of the obligate parasitic fly, wohlfahrtia magnifica (diptera: sarcophagidae).wohlfahrtia magnifica (diptera: sarcophagidae) is the major myiasis-causing fly species in the whole of eurasia for most important domestic animals. the aim of the present work was to obtain data on the culturable bacteria isolated under aerobic conditions from this fly: bacteria were isolated from all developmental stages (larvae, pupa, and imago) of wohlfahrtia magnifica, and the third-stage larval organs were also sampled. to determine the possible antagonistic effects between the dominant ba ...200616382282
dietzia cinnamea sp. nov., a novel species isolated from a perianal swab of a patient with a bone marrow transplant.the taxonomic status of a bacterium isolated from a perianal swab of a patient with a bone marrow transplant was characterized using a polyphasic taxonomic approach. chemotaxonomic investigations revealed the presence of cell wall chemotype iv, short chain mycolic acids that co-migrated with those extracted from members of the genus dietzia, and a dihydrogenated menaquinone with eight isoprene units as the predominant menaquinone. generic assignment was confirmed by 16s rrna gene sequencing. com ...200616514042
[the properties of hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria isolated from the oilfields of tatarstan, western siberia, and vietnam].eleven strains of hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria, isolated from oilfields, representing the genera rhodococcus, gordonia, dietzia, and pseudomonas, were characterized as mesophiles and neutrophiles. rhodococci were halotolerant microorganisms growing in a media containing up to 15% nacl. all the strains oxidized n-alkanes of crude oil. an influence of the cultivation temperatures (28 or 45 degrees c) and organic supplements on the degradation of c12-c30 n-alkanes in oxidized oil by two bacterial ...200616579448
population dynamics within a microbial consortium during growth on diesel fuel in saline environments.the diversity and dynamics of a bacterial community extracted from an exploited oil field with high natural soil salinity near comodoro rivadavia in patagonia (argentina) were investigated. community shifts during long-term incubation with diesel fuel at four salinities between 0 and 20% nacl were monitored by single-strand conformation polymorphism community fingerprinting of the pcr-amplified v4-v5 region of the 16s rrna genes. information obtained by this qualitative approach was extended by ...200616672500
characterization of hydrocarbonoclastic bacterial communities from mangrove sediments in guanabara bay, brazil.hydrocarbonoclastic bacterial communities inhabiting mangrove sediments were characterized by combining molecular and culture-dependent approaches. surface sediments were collected at two sampling sites in guanabara bay (rio de janeiro, brazil) and used to inoculate in vitro enrichment cultures containing crude oil to obtain hydrocarbonoclastic bacterial consortia. in parallel, in situ mesocosms (located in the guapimirim mangrove) were contaminated with petroleum. comparison of bacterial commun ...200616815684
dietzia kunjamensis sp. nov., isolated from the indian himalayas.a coral-red-pigmented actinobacterium, strain k30-10(t), was isolated from a soil sample from a cold desert of the indian himalayas. chemical and phenotypic properties of strain k30-10(t) were consistent with its classification in the genus dietzia. it showed 97.9 % 16s rrna gene sequence similarity to dietzia maris mtcc 7011(t); similarities to the type strains of three other species of the genus, dietzia natronolimnaea, dietzia psychralcaliphila and dietzia cinnamea, were 94.4-96.0 %. the dna- ...200616825647
bacterial endosymbionts of pyrodinium bahamense var. compressum.the study presents evidence in support of the bacterial theory associated with the toxicity of pyrodinium bahamense var. compressum. bacterial endosymbionts from philippine p. bahamense var. compressum strain pbc mzrva 042595 were isolated and identified via 16s rdna sequence analysis. taxonomic diversity of the identified culturable intracellular microbiota associated with philippine p. bahamense var. compressum was established to be limited to the phyla proteobacteria, actinobacteria, and firm ...200616944340
confluent and reticulated papillomatosis : a review of the literature.confluent and reticulated papillomatosis (carp) was first described >60 years ago. it is distinct from acanthosis nigricans. this article presents the results of a review of the literature in medline through may 2006 using the terms 'confluent and reticulated papillomatosis', 'reticulated and confluent papillomatosis of gougerot and carteaud', and 'reticulated papillomatosis'. a recent report has linked the presence of dietzia spp. (family: dietziaceae; suborder: corynebacterineae; order: actino ...200617007541
genes from a dietzia sp. for synthesis of c40 and c50 beta-cyclic carotenoids.dietzia sp. cq4 accumulated the c(40) beta-cyclic carotenoids (canthaxanthin and echinenone) and the c(50) beta-cyclic carotenoid (c.p.450 monoglucoside). a plant-type lycopene beta-cyclase gene crtl was identified for beta-cyclization of the c(40) carotenoids. a carotenoid synthesis gene cluster was identified away from the crtl gene, which contained the crtebi genes for the synthesis of lycopene followed by the lbtabc genes for lycopene elongation and beta-cyclization of the c(50) carotenoids. ...200717008032
analysis of the composition of bacterial communities in oil reservoirs from a southern offshore brazilian basin.the aim of this study was to characterize and compare the bacterial community structure of two distinct oil samples from a petroleum field in brazil by using both molecular, based on the construction of 16s rrna gene libraries, and cultivation methods. statistical comparisons of libraries based on amplified ribosomal dna restriction analysis (ardra) data revealed no significant differences between the communities recovered in the non-biodegraded (nbd) and highly biodegraded oils (hbd). blastn an ...200717072536
identification and biodegradation potential of a novel strain of dietzia cinnamea isolated from a petroleum-contaminated tropical soil.a bacterial strain, named p4, isolated previously from microcosms containing oil-contaminated soil collected from an environmentally protected area of a tropical atlantic forest (biological reserve of poço das antas) located in brazil was identified as dietzia cinnamea by morphological, biochemical and genotypic tests. arabian light and marlin oils were both degraded when strain p4 was tested for oil degradation ability in microplates. total petroleum hydrocarbons (tph) analysis, determined by g ...200717174505
cultivable bacterial diversity of alkaline lonar lake, india.aerobic, alkaliphilic bacteria were isolated and characterized from water and sediment samples collected in the winter season, january 2002 from alkaline lonar lake, india, having ph 10.5. the total number of microorganisms in the sediment and water samples was found to be 10(2)-10(6) cfu g(-1) and 10(2)-10(4) cfu ml(-1), respectively. one hundred and ninety-six strains were isolated using different enrichment media. to study the bacterial diversity of lonar lake and to select the bacterial stra ...200817604989
type a aortic dissection associated with dietzia maris.aortitis is a rare cause of aortic dissection. we report the unusual presentation of a 77-year-old male patient who underwent emergency surgery for an aortic dissection type a. a purulent pericardial fluid and inflammatory aorta were found after chest opening. several samples were sent for analysis. the ascending aorta presented a mild dilatation with a large haematoma infiltrating the aortic root. the distal part of the ascending aorta seemed unaffected. the aortic rupture was found one centime ...200617670678
alkaliphilic and halophilic hydrocarbon-utilizing bacteria from kuwaiti coasts of the arabian animate materials from the intertidal zone of the arabian gulf coast accommodated more alkaliphilic and halophilic bacteria than inanimate materials. the alkaliphilic oil-utilizing bacteria, as identified by their 16s ribonucleic acid sequences, belonged to the following genera arranged in decreasing frequences: marinobacter, micrococcus, dietzia, bacillus, oceanobacillus, and citricoccus. the halophilic oil-utilizing bacteria belonged to the genera: marinobacter, georgenia, microbacterium ...200717710391
[phylogenetic diversity of culturable bacteria in the ancient salt deposits of the yipinglang salt mine, p. r. china].the microbial diversity of cultivable bacteria, isolated from the ancient salt deposits from the yipinglang salt mine (ypl) in the yunnan province, p. r. china,was investigated by using conventional culture-dependent method and phylogenetic analyses based on 16s rrna gene sequence comparisons. 38 bacteria strains were isolated from the brine, halite and saline soil samples on mba (marine broth agar 2216, difco) and isp 2 (international streotomyces project medium 2) media supplemented with 0.5-3 ...200717944352
characterization of skin microbiota in patients with atopic dermatitis and in normal subjects using 16s rrna gene-based comprehensive analysis.a previous study using bacterial 16s rrna gene-based clone libraries revealed that the microbiota in healthy human skin included uncultured micro-organisms, although the micro-organisms in skin exposed to disease conditions remain to be examined. to compare the profiles of skin microbiota in 13 patients with atopic dermatitis (ad) and 10 healthy controls, terminal rflp analysis of bacterial 16s rrna genes was applied to 23 swab-scrubbed samples from facial skin. this culture-independent analysis ...200718033838
effect of culture conditions on canthaxanthin production by dietzia natronolimnaea hs-1.this study investigated the effects of various culture parameters (carbon sources, temperature, initial ph of culture, nacl concentration, and light) on the growth and canthaxanthin production by dietzia natronolimnaea hs-1. the results showed that the most effective carbon source for growth and canthaxantin production was glucose, and the best ph and temperature were 7 and 31 degrees c, respectively. in addition, the biomass and canthaxanthin production increased in a medium without nacl and in ...200718051749
[the diversity of alkane degrading bacteria in the enrichments with deep sea sediment of the south china sea].deep sea sediment samples of the south sea of china were used for isolation and biodiversity examination of hydrocarbon degrading bacterium. 48 isolates were obtained from the enrichments with hexadecane as the sole carbon sources. among them, 27 isolates were capable of degrading alkane; and 4 could produce biosurfactant significantly as determined by the surface tension measurement. 2 isolates belonging to dietzia maris lowered water surface tension to 33 mn/m. this is the first report about d ...200718062265
dietzia papillomatosis sp. nov., a novel actinomycete isolated from the skin of an immunocompetent patient with confluent and reticulated actinomycete isolated from an immunocompetent patient suffering from confluent and reticulated papillomatosis was characterized using a polyphasic taxonomic approach. the organism had chemotaxonomic and morphological properties that were consistent with its assignment to the genus dietzia and it formed a distinct phyletic line within the dietzia 16s rrna gene tree. it shared a 16s rrna gene sequence similarity of 98.3% with its nearest neighbour, the type strain of dietzia cinnamea, and could ...200818175685
isolation and characterization of new cyclohexylacetic acid-degrading bacteria.six cyclohexylacetic acid-degrading strains were isolated from soil samples in japan and identified as members of the genera cupriavidus (strain kua-1), rhodococcus, and dietzia by 16s rrna gene sequence analysis. for the first time members of these genera were shown to be capable of degrading cyclohexylacetic acid. a selected strain, kua-1, which is the first reported gram-negative organism capable of growth on cyclohexylacetic acid, was identified as a cupriavidus metallidurans, based on morph ...200818392890
a universal threshold concept for hydrophobic mycolata in activated sludge foaming.recent studies using quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization (fish) have supported the principle that there are mycolata concentration thresholds, above which foaming is likely to occur. in this study, we surveyed 14 wastewater treatment plants (wwtps) in the uk, using quantitative fish, to establish that the principle of a mycolata threshold (2 x 10(6) mycolata cells ml(-1) mixed liquor suspended solids) is an empirical though widely held value. in addition, we designed, optimized and a ...200818486181
phylogenetic and metabolic bacterial diversity of phragmites australis periphyton communities in two hungarian soda ponds.bacterial diversity of reed (phragmites australis) periphyton communities of kelemen-szék and nagy-vadas (two hungarian soda ponds) was investigated using molecular cloning and cultivation-based techniques. the majority of the 80 kelemen-szék and 72 nagy-vadas bacterial isolates proved to be moderately halophilic and alkaliphilic. a great proportion of the isolates showed phosphatase and urease activity, utilized aesculin, citrate and certain biopolymers (e.g., gelatine and tween 80). partial 16 ...200818679563
[comparison of efficiencies of oil-oxidizing dietzia maris strain and stimulation of natural microbial communities in remediation of polluted soil].two approaches to bioremediation of oil-polluted soils are compared: use of active degrader strain dietzia maris am3 and stimulation of natural microflora. introduction of d. maris am3 to soil freshly polluted with oil accelerated its remediation twofold within the first month in comparison with the stimulation. after three months, the purification degrees were approximately equal. by the end of bioremediation, the soil with the introduced strain had higher dehydrogenase and catalase activities. ...200818924410
optical biosensor for the determination of bod in automatic sensing system was developed using an optical bod sensing film. the sensing film consists of an organically modified silicate (ormosil) film embedded with an oxygen-sensitive ru complex. a multi-microorganisms immobilization method was developed for the bod sensing film preparation. three different kinds of microorganisms, bacillus licheniformis, dietzia maris and marinobacter marinus from seawater, were immobilized on a polyvinyl alcohol ormosils. after preconditioning, the bod bio ...200618970735
dietzia schimae sp. nov. and dietzia cercidiphylli sp. nov., from surface-sterilized plant tissues.two actinobacterial strains, yim 65001(t) and yim 65002(t), were isolated from surface-sterilized plant tissues collected from yunnan province, south-west china, and their taxonomic positions were determined by using a polyphasic approach. the dna g+c contents of strains yim 65001(t) and yim 65002(t) were 71.9 and 72.6 mol%, respectively. the two strains had chemotaxonomic markers that were consistent with their classification in the genus dietzia. phylogenetic analysis based on almost-complete ...200818984691
[resistance of the petroleum-oxidizing microorganism dietzia sp. to hyperosmotic shock in reconstituted biofilms].a number of halotolerant and halophilic bacterial strains were isolated from the romashkinskoe oil field (tatarstan) stratal waters having a salinity of up to 100 g/l. the isolation of pure cultures involved biofilm reconstitution on m9 medium with paraffins. the associations obtained were dispersed and reinoculated onto solid media that contained either peptone and yeast extract (py) or paraffins. it was shown that such associations included both oil-oxidizing bacteria and accompanying chemohet ...200819004337
actinobacterial diversity from marine sediments collected in mexico.seventeen different media known to support the growth and isolation of members of the class actinobacteria were evaluated as selective isolation media for the recovery of this microbial group from marine sediments samples collected in the gulf of california and the gulf of mexico. a general selective isolation procedure was employed for six sediments and nearly 300 actinomycetes were recovered from the selective isolation plates. full 16s rrna gene sequencing revealed that the isolates belonged ...200919023674
optimization of canthaxanthin production by dietzia natronolimnaea hs-1 using response surface methodology.sequential methodology combining a screening stage by fractional factorial design and an optimization stage by central composite design was applied to enhance canthaxanthin production of dietzia natronolimnaea hs-1 in shake flask cultures. five variables (ph, luminous intensity, inoculum percent, concentration of glucose and concentration of nacl) were studied with the first design and the results revealed that three factors (ph, concentration of glucose and concentration of nacl) had greater in ...200719070128
description of dietzia lutea sp. nov., isolated from a desert soil in actinobacterial strain yim 80766t was isolated from a soil sample collected from the eastern desert of egypt, and its taxonomic position was investigated by a polyphasic approach. the organism was found to have a range of chemical and morphological properties consistent with its classification in the genus dietzia. phylogenetic analysis indicated that the levels of 16s rrna gene sequence similarity between strain yim 80766t and the other type strains of recognized members of the genus dietzia ...200919157741
the genus dietzia: a new home for some known and emerging opportunist pathogens.the genus dietzia has only been established fairly recently. the gram morphology and colony appearance of the species of this genus is remarkably similar to rhodococcus equi. in the absence of simple, accurate methods for their identification, dietzia spp. might have been misidentified as a rhodococcus spp. and/or considered to be contaminants only. this minireview is designed to summarize current evidence on the clinical significance of dietzia species, to consider their potential role as human ...200919159434
molecular characterization of early colonizer bacteria from wastes in a steel plant.forty-nine bacteria isolated from four newly-produced waste samples of a steel industry, which had a high content of cao, mgo, cr and p2o5, were characterized molecularly and phenotypically by susceptibility testing against heavy metals.200819241517
hydrocarbon degradation by dietzia sp. a14101 isolated from an oil reservoir model column.the hydrocarbon-degrading strain dietzia sp. a14101 was isolated from an oil reservoir model column inoculated with oil-field bacteria. the column was continuously injected with nitrate (0.5 mm) from the start of water flooding, which lead to a gradual development of nitrate reduction in the column. strain a14101 was able to utilize a range of aliphatic hydrocarbons as sole carbon and energy source during aerobic growth. whole oil gas chromatography analysis of the crude oil phase from aerobic p ...200919565350
comparison between waste frying oil and paraffin as carbon source in the production of biodemulsifier by dietzia sp. order to lower the production cost, waste frying oils were used in the biosynthesis of demulsifier by dietzia sp. s-js-1, which was isolated from petroleum contaminated soil. after 7 days of cultivation, the biomass concentration of the most suitable waste frying oil (wfo ii) culture reached 3.78 g/l, which was 2.4 times the concentration of paraffin culture. the biodemulsifier produced with wfo ii culture broke the emulsions more efficiently than that produced with paraffin culture, given th ...200919643603
hoyosella altamirensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a new member of the order actinomycetales isolated from a cave biofilm.a novel actinomycete, strain ofn s31(t), was isolated from a complex biofilm in the altamira cave, spain. a polyphasic study was carried out to clarify the taxonomic position of this strain. phylogenetic analysis with 16s rrna gene sequences of representatives of the genera corynebacterium, dietzia, gordonia, millisia, mycobacterium, nocardia, rhodococcus, segniliparus, skermania, tsukamurella and williamsia indicated that strain ofn s31(t) formed a distinct taxon in the 16s rrna gene tree that ...200919643882
isolation, diversity, and antimicrobial activity of rare actinobacteria from medicinal plants of tropical rain forests in xishuangbanna, china.endophytic actinobacteria are relatively unexplored as potential sources of novel species and novel natural products for medical and commercial exploitation. xishuangbanna is recognized throughout the world for its diverse flora, especially the rain forest plants, many of which have indigenous pharmaceutical histories. however, little is known about the endophytic actinobacteria of this tropical area. in this work, we studied the diversity of actinobacteria isolated from medicinal plants collect ...200919648362
dietzia aerolata sp. nov., isolated from the air of a duck barn, and emended description of the genus dietzia rainey et al. 1995.a gram-stain-positive, coccoid, non-endospore-forming actinobacterium (sj14a(t)) was isolated from the air of a duck barn on tryptone soy agar after filter sampling. on the basis of 16s rrna gene sequence similarity studies, strain sj14a(t) was shown to belong to the genus dietzia and was most closely related to dietzia schimae (98.7 %), dietzia cercidiphylli (98.4 %) and dietzia maris (98.6 %). the major menaquinone was mk-8 (h(2)). the polar lipid profile included the major components diphosph ...201019651718
dietzia timorensis sp. nov., isolated from actinomycete strain, id05-a0528(t), was isolated using the sds-yeast extract pre-treatment method from soil under mahogany (swietenia mahogani) trees in west timor, indonesia, and was examined by using a polyphasic taxonomic approach. chemotaxonomic and phylogenetic characterizations demonstrated that the novel strain belongs to the genus dietzia. 16s rrna gene sequencing studies showed that the strain was related to dietzia cinnamea (97.2 %). results of phenotypic and phylogenetic analyses d ...201019654365
characterization and phylogenetic analysis of biodemulsifier-producing bacteria.based on demulsification performance, twenty biodemulsifier-producing strains were isolated from various environmental sources. five of them achieved nearly or over 90% of emulsion breaking ratio within 24 h. with the aid of biochemical and physiological tests and 16s rdna analysis, these isolates were classified into eleven genera, in which six genera (brevibacillus sp., dietzia sp., ochrobactrum sp., pusillimonas sp., sphingopyxis sp. and achromobacter sp.) were firstly reported as demulsifyin ...201019720525
short communication: progression of johne's disease curtailed by a probiotic.the naturally occurring inflammatory bowel disease johne's, caused by mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis (map), has many clinical manifestations in common with the human inflammatory bowel disease crohn's disease. in addition, both lack preventive and curative therapies. because a high percentage of crohn's patients harbor map, it is not surprising that map is at the center of controversy as to its contribution. special concern is being raised as to what role, if any, food animals play in ...200919762800
hydroxylation and further oxidation of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol by alkane-degrading bacteria.the microbial biotransformation of delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol was investigated using a collection of 206 alkane-degrading strains. fifteen percent of these strains, mainly gram-positive strains from the genera rhodococcus, mycobacterium, gordonia, and dietzia, yielded more-polar derivatives. eight derivatives were produced on a mg scale, isolated, and purified, and their chemical structures were elucidated with the use of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, (1)h-nuclear magnetic resonanc ...200919767471
the effect of the macrolide antibiotic tylosin on microbial diversity in the canine small intestine as demonstrated by massive parallel 16s rrna gene sequencing.recent studies have shown that the fecal microbiota is generally resilient to short-term antibiotic administration, but some bacterial taxa may remain depressed for several months. limited information is available about the effect of antimicrobials on small intestinal microbiota, an important contributor to gastrointestinal health. the antibiotic tylosin is often successfully used for the treatment of chronic diarrhea in dogs, but its exact mode of action and its effect on the intestinal microbi ...200919799792
identification of atypical rhodococcus-like clinical isolates as dietzia spp. by 16s rrna gene sequencing.rhodococcus equi and dietzia spp. are closely related actinomycetes that show similar phenotypic properties. in humans, r. equi is an opportunistic pathogen associated with severe immunodeficiency. dietzia spp. are environmental bacteria that have been isolated recently from clinical material and are presumptively associated with human infections. during the last 5 years, 15 bacterial isolates from human clinical samples collected at the hospital marqués de valdecilla, santander, spain, were ide ...201020220156
use of response surface methodology in a fed-batch process for optimization of tricarboxylic acid cycle intermediates to achieve high levels of canthaxanthin from dietzia natronolimnaea this work, we applied statistical experimental design to a fed-batch process for optimization of tricarboxylic acid cycle (tca) intermediates in order to achieve high-level production of canthaxanthin from dietzia natronolimnaea hs-1 cultured in beet molasses. a fractional factorial design (screening test) was first conducted on five tca cycle intermediates. out of the five tca cycle intermediates investigated via screening tests, alfaketoglutarate, oxaloacetate and succinate were selected ba ...201020226378
potential alteration of u37k' paleothermometer due to selective degradation of alkenones by marine bacteria isolated from the haptophyte emiliania huxleyi.the unsaturation ratio of c(37) alkenones (u(37)(k')) produced by haptophyte microalgae such as emiliania huxleyi is often used as proxy for past sea surface temperature. in this study, 29 bacterial strains were isolated from cultures of the strain e. huxleyi twp1. among alkenone-degrading isolates, the strain dietzia maris sp. s1 appeared to be able to selectively degrade alkenones leading to increases in the palaeoenvironmental proxy u(37)(k') by +0.05 to +0.10 units, which is equivalent to th ...201020491919
[filamentous "contaminants" in the mycobacteriology laboratory; their culture, identification and clinical significance].frequent "contaminants" detected during mycobacterial culture of decontaminated samples are bacteria of the order actinomycetales. these are usually bacteria classified as the family corynebacterineae, genera corynebacterium, dietzia, gordonia, nocardia, rhodococcus and tsukamurella. these bacteria frequently colonize the airways and, under certain circumstances, they may cause life-threatening diseases. in severely immunocompromised patients, they regularly cause life-threatening infections wit ...201020503156
identities of epilithic hydrocarbon-utilizing diazotrophic bacteria from the arabian gulf coasts, and their potential for oil bioremediation without nitrogen supplementation.gravel particles from four sites along the arabian gulf coast in autumn, winter, and spring were naturally colonized with microbial consortia containing between 7 and 400 × 10(2) cm(-2) of cultivable oil-utilizing bacteria. the 16s rrna gene sequences of 70 representatives of oil-utilizing bacteria revealed that they were predominantly affiliated with the gammaproteobacteria and the actinobacteria. the gammaproteobacteria comprised among others, the genera pseudomonas, pseudoalteromonas, shewane ...201020567813
genetic manipulation tools for dietzia develop an applicable vector system and a transformation method for the manipulation of dietzia spp.201020666867
[destruction of motor oils by actinobacteria].the influence of high concentrations of motor oils (mo) and additives to them on the growth of strains dietzia maris ukm ac-205, gordonia rubripertincta ukm ac-179 and rhodococcus erythropolis ukm ac-50 as well as the ability of these actinobacteria to destruction of different mo brands were investigated. it was shown that all strains were resistant to the used motor oils but showed sensitivity to fresh (unused) mo and additives containing zinc dithiophosphate. the oil "esso ultra" which had min ...201020812505
dietzia alimentaria sp. nov., isolated from a traditional korean actinobacterial strain, designated 72(t), was isolated from a traditional salt-fermented seafood in korea. colonies were coral red and cells were gram-reaction-positive, non-motile rods. strain 72(t) grew with 0-10 % (w/v) nacl, at ph 7-10 and at 15-37 °c. optimum growth conditions were 2 % nacl, ph 7.0 and 30 °c. phylogenetic analysis based on the 16s rrna gene sequence indicated that strain 72(t) belonged to the genus dietzia. the major cellular fatty acids (>5 %) were c(16 : 0), summed fea ...201120952550
biodegradability of bacterial surfactants.this work aimed at evaluating the biodegradability of different bacterial surfactants in liquid medium and in soil microcosms. the biodegradability of biosurfactants by pure and mixed bacterial cultures was evaluated through co(2) evolution. three bacterial strains, acinetobacter baumanni lbbma es11, acinetobacter haemolyticus lbbma 53 and pseudomonas sp. lbbma 101b, used the biosurfactants produced by bacillus sp. lbbma 111a (mixed lipopeptide), bacillus subtilis lbbma 155 (lipopeptide), flavob ...201021053055
assessment of dietzia subsp. c79793-74 for treatment of cattle with evidence of paratuberculosis.the objective of the present investigation was to determine whether the bacterium dietzia subsp. c79793-74, previously shown to inhibit growth of mycobacterium subsp. paratuberculosis under in vitro culture conditions, has therapeutic value as a probiotic for adult cattle with paratuberculosis.  animals were obtained from several herds with evidence of disease based on seropositivity and/or fecal shedding.  sixty-eight cows with initial evidence of stage ii or iii paratuberculosis and 2 with an ...201021178433
functional analysis of long-chain n-alkane degradation by dietzia spp.the genetic background of long-chain n-alkane degradation was investigated in detail in strain e1, a member of the genetically unexplored dietzia genus. a suicide vector carrying a 518-bp alkb fragment was site-specifically integrated into the e1 chromosome, and the full alkb, as well as its chromosomal environment was sequenced after plasmid rescue experiments. four out of the nine putative genes were strongly induced by long-chain n-alkanes in wild-type e1. orf4 encoded a natural fusion protei ...201121204932
characterization of a novel long-chain n-alkane-degrading strain, dietzia sp. e1.the newly isolated strain e1, identified as a dietzia sp., proved to have an excellent ability to degrade n-c12 to n-c38 alkane components of crude oil. the preferred substrate was the very long-chain alkane n-eicosane at an optimal temperature of 37 degrees c and an optimal ph of 8 under aerobic conditions. the growth and substrate uptake kinetics were monitored during the n-alkane fermentation process, and dietzia sp. e1 cells were found to possess three distinct levels of cell-surface hydroph ...201021319712
successful treatment of asymptomatic or clinically terminal bovine mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection (johne's disease) with the bacterium dietzia used as a probiotic alone or in combination with dexamethasone: adaption to chronic human diarrheal diseases.a naturally occurring gastrointestinal disease, primarily of ruminants (johne disease), is a chronic debilitating disease that is caused by mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (map). map infection occurs primarily in utero and in newborns. outside our dietzia probiotic treatment, there are no preventive/curative therapies for bovine paratuberculosis. interestingly, map is at the center of controversy as to its role in (cause of) crohn disease (cd) and more recently, its role in diabe ...201121460639
dietzia aurantiaca sp. nov., isolated from a human clinical specimens.a gram-positive, coccoid, non-endospore-forming actinobacterium (ccug 35676t) was isolated from human cerobrospinal fluid of a 24 year old woman in gothenborg, sweden. based on pairwise 16s rrna gene sequence similarity studies, strain ccug 35676t was shown to belong to the genus dietzia and was most closely related to dietzia aerolata (99.3%) dietzia schimae (98.6 %), dietzia cercidiphylli (98.0%), and dietzia maris (98.5%). the major menaquinone was mk-8(h2). the polar lipid profile was compos ...201121478395
wax ester-like compounds as biosurfactants produced by dietzia maris from n -alkane as a sole carbon source.the hydrocarbon-degrading bacterium dietzia maris wr-3 was isolated from a consortium comprising ammonia-oxidizing and denitrifying bacteria derived from marine sediments. here, we examined biosurfactant production by strain wr-3 when cultured using several different carbon (d-glucose, n -decane, n -hexadecane, motor oil, olive oil, and rapeseed oil) and nitrogen (nh(4) )(2) so(4) , nano(3) , yeast extract, and polypeptone) sources as growth substrates. strain wr-3 was able to grow and reduce th ...201121656811
alkane-degrading properties of dietzia sp. h0b, a key player in the prestige oil spill biodegradation (nw spain).aims: investigation of the alkane-degrading properties of dietzia sp. h0b, one of the isolated corynebacterineae strains that became dominant after the prestige oil spill. methods and results: using molecular and chemical analyses, the alkane-degrading properties of strain dietzia sp. h0b were analysed. this grampositive isolate was able to grow on n-alkanes ranging from c(12) to c(38) and branched alkanes (pristane and phytane). 8-hexadecene was detected as an intermediate of hexadecane degra ...201121767337
dynamics of indigenous bacterial communities associated with crude oil degradation in soil microcosms during nutrient-enhanced bioremediation.bacterial population dynamics were examined during bioremediation of an african soil contaminated with arabian light crude oil and nutrient enrichment (biostimulation). polymerase chain reaction followed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (dgge) were used to generate bacterial community fingerprints of the different treatments employing the 16s ribosomal ribonucleic acid (rrna) gene as molecular marker. the dgge patterns of the nutrient-amended soils indicated the presence of distinguish ...201121824988
a 60-day probiotic protocol with dietzia subsp. c79793-74 prevents development of johne's disease parameters after in utero and/or neonatal map infection.the research reported herein was designed to assess whether the bacterium, dietzia subspecies c79793-74, used as a probiotic, could prevent development of parameters indicative of bovine paratuberculosis after potential in utero, birthing and neonatal (colostrum) exposure to mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (map). such exposure avenues are especially relevant for dairy farms practicing good management procedures since calves on these farms could be infected via dams that have yet ...201121701254
degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons (c6-c40) and crude oil by a novel dietzia strain.a novel bacterial strain, dq12-45-1b, was isolated from the production water of a deep subterranean oil-reservoir. morphological, physiological and phylogenetic analyses indicated that the strain belonged to the genus dietzia with both alkb (coding for alkane monooxygenase) and cyp153 (coding for p450 alkane hydroxylase of the cytochrome cyp153 family) genes and their induction detected. it was capable of utilizing a wide range of n-alkanes (c6-c40), aromatic compounds and crude oil as the sole ...201121715162
characterization of human clinical isolates of dietzia species previously misidentified as rhodococcus this study, 16 human clinical isolates of dietzia species previously misidentified as rhodococcus equi were evaluated using phenotypic methods, including traditional and commercial (api coryne) biochemical tests, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, and 16s rrna gene and gyrb gene sequencing. positive results for both the hydrolysis of adenine and christie-atkins-munch-petersen (camp) reaction allowed for differentiation between the dietzia isolates and the type strain of rhodococcus equi; h ...201121892735
draft genome sequence of dietzia alimentaria 72t, belonging to the family dietziaceae, isolated from a traditional korean food.actinobacterial strain 72(t), named dietzia alimentaria, which belongs to the family dietziaceae, was isolated from a traditional korean food made from clams. the draft genome sequence of d. alimentaria 72(t) contains 3,352,817 bp, with a g+c content of 67.34%.201122072646
the effect of including lactobacillus reuteri kub-ac5 during post-hatch feeding on the growth and ileum microbiota of broiler chickens.the probiotic strain lactobacillus reuteri kub-ac5, which was originally isolated from chicken intestine, was fed to newborn broiler chicks for the first week post-hatch. the growth and ileum microbiota of the chickens were carefully monitored for 6 wk. the inclusion of 5 log cfu/g of feed statistically increased the bw gain in the first week compared with that of the control group, but this effect did not continue thereafter. significant effects on host feed consumption and the feed-to-growth c ...201122080014
two novel alkane hydroxylase-rubredoxin fusion genes isolated from a dietzia bacterium and the functions of fused rubredoxin domains in long-chain n-alkane degradation.two alkane hydroxylase-rubredoxin fusion gene homologs (alkw1 and alkw2) were cloned from a dietzia strain, designated dq12-45-1b, which can grow on crude oil and n-alkanes ranging in length from 6 to 40 carbon atoms as sole carbon sources. both alkw1 and alkw2 have an integral-membrane alkane monooxygenase (alkb) conserved domain and a rubredoxin (rd) conserved domain which are fused together. phylogenetic analysis showed that these two alkb-fused rd domains formed a novel third cluster with al ...201121873474
insight from the draft genome of dietzia cinnamea p4 reveals mechanisms of survival in complex tropical soil habitats and biotechnology potential.the draft genome of dietzia cinnamea strain p4 was determined using pyrosequencing. in total, 428 supercontigs were obtained and analyzed. we here describe and interpret the main features of the draft genome. the genome contained a total of 3,555,295 bp, arranged in a single replicon with an average g+c percentage of 70.9%. it revealed the presence of complete pathways for basically all central metabolic routes. also present were complete sets of genes for the glyoxalate and reductive carboxylat ...201121901521
butyric acid- and dimethyl disulfide-assimilating microorganisms in a biofilter treating air emissions from a livestock facility.biofiltration has proven an efficient tool for the elimination of volatile organic compounds (vocs) and ammonia from livestock facilities, thereby reducing nuisance odors and ammonia emissions to the local environment. the active microbial communities comprising these filter biofilms have not been well characterized. in this study, a trickle biofilter treating air from a pig facility was investigated and proved efficient in removing carboxylic acids (>70% reduction), mainly attributed to the pri ...201122003018
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