separation and identification of carotenoids in bird's plumage by high-performance liquid chromatography--diode-array detection.the coloured feathers of carduelis spinus (siskin), c. flammea (redpoll), serinus serinus (serin), loxia curvirostra (crossbill), pinicola enucleator (grossbeak), carpodacus roseus (pallas rosefinch) and pyrrhula pyrrhula (bullfinch) have been extracted with a new procedure using mild conditions (a few minutes at room temperature). after the separation of melanines and proteins, the extracts were analyzed by hplc-ms and hplc-uv-vis. the main components of the pigments were identified in all the ...19958548026
time of day, age and feeding habits influence coccidian oocyst shedding in wild passerines.protozoan coccidia are one of the most common intestinal parasites in birds. ordinary coccidian detection and quantification techniques have proved to be inaccurate for wild passerines due to the existence of marked oocyst shedding rhythms throughout the day. previous studies have suggested that these rhythms should be taken into account when analysing coccidian load and prevalence data, but their pattern and magnitude still remain poorly known. in this study we characterised shedding rhythms in ...200717289051
increased endoparasite infection in late-arriving individuals of a trans-saharan passerine migrant bird.earlier migration in males than in females is the commonest pattern in migrating passerines and is positively related to size dimorphism and dichromatism. the early arrival of males is a costly trait that may confer reproductive advantages in terms of better territories and/or mates. given the physiological cost of migration, early migrants are those in best condition and accordingly the prevalence, load, and/or diversity of parasites is expected to increase in both sexes for late migrants. to t ...201323620731
salmonella contamination of the environment and its incidence in wild 1984-1991, the incidence of salmonellas was studied in wild birds from various sites in the czech republic. on an agricultural farm with salmonellosis in calves, salmonellae were isolated from eight birds (seven passer domesticus, one serinus serinus) of 31 birds examined. on various agricultural farms with no salmonellosis in farm animals, salmonellae were found in two birds (columba livia f. domestica) of 2186 birds examined. of 35 birds caught at a municipal waste-dump site, salmonellae we ...19947839754
pcna-negativity in the telencephalon of adult female songbirds (serinus serinus): absence of signs of normal a recent study, we demonstrated the persistence of normal proliferation in the telencephalon of adult male songbirds (serinus serinus), as shown by the expression of proliferating cell nuclear antigen (pcna), a test that uses monoclonal antibodies to reveal cells in the s phase. near the start of the breeding season, this proliferation was observed in circumscribed areas of the ventricular ependymal epithelium (zona germinativa dorsalis and zona germinativa ventralis) and in small masses of c ...201516536054
signs of normal proliferation in the telencephalon of adult male songbirds (serinus serinus), as shown by pcna-positivity.the immunocytochemical expression of proliferating cell nuclear antigen (pcna) (a cycline that coadjuvates dna polymerase delta) becomes appreciable in the cell cycle when dna synthesis occurs; hence cells in the s phase can be revealed by means of monoclonal antibodies. therefore, pcna can be considered a marker of proliferation, and numerous literature reports have demonstrated the reliability of the pcna test. since normal neurogenic events can still occur in the brain tissue of adult homeoth ...200616038380
[in vitro study of thyroid gland function in finches (serinus serinus) during migration]. 19734767472
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