simultaneous cloning and expression of two cellulase genes from bacillus subtilis newly isolated from golden takin (budorcas taxicolor bedfordi).a bacterial strain with high cellulase activity was isolated of feces sample of golden takin (budorcas taxicolor bedfordi). the bacterium was classified and designated bacillus subtilis ln by morphological and 16srdna gene sequence analysis. two putative cellulase genes, cell15 and cell73, were simultaneously cloned from the isolated strain by pcr. the putative gene cell15 consisted of an open reading frame (orf) of 1470 nucleotides and encoded a protein of 490 amino acids with a molecular weigh ...200919366617
first report of zoonotic cryptosporidium spp., giardia intestinalis and enterocytozoon bieneusi in golden takins (budorcas taxicolor bedfordi).genetic study of cryptosporidium spp., giardia intestinalis and enterocytozoon bieneusi at species/assemblage/genotype/subtype level facilitates understanding their mechanical transmissions and underpins their control. a total of 191 fresh faecal samples were collected from golden takins in china and examined using multilocus sequence typing (mlst). cryptosporidium spp. was detected in 15 faecal samples (7.9%), including cryptosporidium parvum (2/15) and cryptosporidium andersoni (13/15). mlst t ...201526190449
comparative analysis of the prion protein open reading frame nucleotide sequences of two wild ruminants, the moufflon and golden takin.the prion protein (prp) nucleotide sequences of two ruminants were determined in order to elucidate the differences in susceptibility to spongiform encephalopathy agents in each species. the nucleotide sequences of prp coding regions of the moufflon and the golden takin encompassed 771 bp in length. the prp gene sequences of the golden takin were closely related to those of sheep with one amino acid difference. the prp gene sequence of the moufflon was identical to that of sheep. the similaritie ...200111805443
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