an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for serological diagnosis of neospora sp. infection in cattle.a kinetic enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) was developed and optimized for detection of antibodies to neospora sp. in cattle. sonicated tachyzoites of neospora sp. isolated from an aborted bovine fetus were used as antigen. variability in immunoblot patterns among positive sera, and the fact that all life stages of the parasites are unknown, justified use of a multiple-antigen elisa to allow for maximum sensitivity. immunoblot analysis revealed negligible cross-reactions between toxopla ...19957578451
interpretation of an indirect fluorescent antibody test for diagnosis of neospora sp. infection in cattle. 19957619917
protozoal causes of reproductive failure in domestic ruminants.protozoan parasites are a significant cause of abortion and infertility in domestic ruminants. toxoplasma gondii, a widespread cause of abortion in sheep and goats, and sarcocystis spp., which cause a common, frequently asymptomatic infection of domestic ruminants, both have a two-host life cycle. carnivorous definitive hosts spread the infection through their feces and domestic ruminants are intermediate hosts. a similar, recently recognized protozoa, neospora sp., has emerged as an important c ...19947728629
bovine neonatal encephalomyelitis associated with a neospora sp. protozoan. 19948069820
in vitro isolation and characterization of a neospora sp. from aborted bovine foetuses.a neospora sp. was isolated from the brains of two aborted bovine foetuses and grown continuously in vitro in bovine cell cultures. a comparison of the antigenic reactivity of in vitro cultivated tachyzoites with polyclonal antisera to neospora caninum, hammondia hammondi or toxoplasma gondii revealed that the bovine protozoal isolates were similar to n. caninum and antigenically distinct from t. gondii. tachyzoites of both bovine isolates had similar ultrastructural features, including an apica ...19938488061
evidence of vertical transmission of neospora sp infection in dairy determine whether heifers with naturally acquired congenital exposure to neospora sp would transmit the infection to their offspring during gestation.19979108925
fatal hepatic sarcocystosis in two polar bears (ursus maritimus).fatal hepatic sarcocystosis was diagnosed in 2 polar bears from a zoo in anchorage, alaska. gross lesions were icterus and systemic petechiae. marked microscopic lesions were detected only in the liver and included severe random necrotizing hepatitis with hemorrhage. only asexual stages of an apicomplexan parasite were detected within hepatocytes, and rare extracellular zoites were seen in foci of necrosis. the parasite divided by endopolygeny, and occasionally merozoites formed rosettes around ...19979194839
experimental leptospira borgpetersenii serovar hardjo infection of pregnant observe the effect upon the foetus of experimental infection of pregnant cattle with leptospira borgpetersenii serovar hardjo.19979404618
prevalence of antibodies to neospora sp. in horses from alabama and characterisation of an isolate recovered from a naturally infected horse [corrected].an ifat was used to determine the prevalence of neospora-specific igg antibodies in serum from alabama horses. serum samples (n = 536) were from asymptomatic horses routinely submitted for equine infectious anaemia virus infection testing. we also subjected a 13-year-old horse with cns disease to necropsy examination for isolation and in vitro cultivation of protozoal organisms. in antemortem tests, this horse was positive for antibodies to neospora sp. in the ifat and western immunoblot. result ...199910608440
small-subunit rdna sequencing of the italian bovine neospora caninum isolate (nc-pv1 strain).the small-subunit (ssu) rdna of the neospora sp. nc-pv1 strain isolated in italy from cattle has been sequenced and compared to the other five n. caninum strains ssu rdna sequences deposited in the data bases. the nc-pv1 strain sequence is identical to three published sequences. minor differences, respectively four nucleotide bases and one nucleotide base, have been found when comparing the nc-pv1 sequence with two other available sequences of n. caninum. according to these results, the neospora ...200011686077
neosporosis in a white rhinoceros (ceratotherium simum) calf.a 16-day-old white rhinoceros calf died suddenly while in excellent condition and showing no obvious previous clinical signs. it was the 9th calf of a mature female kept free-ranging with 11 other rhinoceros as well as various other game species on a 2000 hectare game breeding centre adjacent to the town of lichtenburg and outlying cattle farmlands in the northern province. at post mortem examination, death was ascribed to heart failure. there was marked multifocal to coalescing subacute parasit ...200212088073
investigation of neospora sp. antibodies in aborted mares from normandy, france.neospora caninum, an apicomplexan protozoan parasite, is recognized as a major cause of abortion in cattle while limited information is presently available on association between equine neospora infections and abortions. the aim of the present study was to document prevalence of antibodies against neospora sp. in aborted mares as a clue to the role of n. caninum in mare reproductive failure in normandy, france. using an agglutination test, the number of animals with elevated (>80) anti-neospora ...200314651869
the diagnosis of neospora abortions in indirect immunofluorescent antibody test (ifat) and an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for specific anti-neospora antibodies in bovine sera and foetal fluids were compared with histological examination results on aborted foetal material. the agreement between serological and histological examination results was poor, while the two serological tests showed a high degree of agreement. serological testing of diagnostic serum samples and foetal fluids suggests that the prevalence of ant ...199616031920
investigation of neospora sp. and toxoplasma gondii antibodies in mares and in precolostral foals from parana state, southern brazil.antibodies to neospora sp. and toxoplasma gondii were measured in mares and precolostral foals from a farm in parana state, brazil. an indirect fluorescent antibody test (ifat) was used to determine specific antibodies. three sampling points, 2003, 2004 and at parturition were included in the study, but not all horses are represented at a parturition time point. in 2003, antibodies to neospora were detected in 17 mares (47%) at 1:50 dilution and in 5 mares (13.8%) at 1:100 dilution. in 2004, ant ...200616289863
seroprevalences of toxoplasma gondii and neospora sp. infections in swedish horses.sera from 414 swedish horses were investigated for the presence of antibodies to toxoplasma gondii and neospora sp. by the t. gondii direct agglutination test (dat), and an neospora caninum iscom-elisa. five sera (1%) had a titre >1:40 in dat, but when analysed by immunoblotting against t. gondii antigens only two of them were positive, giving a seroprevalence of 0.5%. since the neospora iscom elisa had not been validated for equine sera it was used for an initial screening, and all sera with an ...200616517077
neospora caninum and toxoplasma gondii antibodies in dogs from durango city, mexico.toxoplasma gondii and neospora caninum are structurally similar parasites, with many hosts in common. the prevalence of antibodies to t. gondii and n. caninum was determined in sera from dogs from durango city, mexico. using a modified agglutination test, antibodies to t. gondii were found in 52 (51.5%) of the 101 dogs with titers of 1:25 in 27, 1:50 in 11, 1:100 in 5, 1:200 in 4, 1:400 in 2, 1:800 in 2, and 1:3,200 or higher in 1. antibodies to n. caninum were determined by the indirect immunof ...200718163336
the evolution of the knowledge of cat and dog coccidia.before the discovery of toxoplasma gondii as a coccidium of the cat in 1970, cat and dog coccidia were classified in the genus isospora and considered of little clinical or zoonotic significance. since 1970, several new (hammondia sp., neospora sp.) and previously described species, including sarcocystis, besnoitia, and cryptosporidium have been found as coccidians of cats and dogs with clinical and zoonotic significance. in the present paper i review salient features of the evolution of cat and ...200919366482
[seroprevalence and month dynamic of neospora sp. antibodies in pregnant mares].in order to evaluate the seroprevalence and the dynamic of anti-neospora antibodies in pregnant mares, serum samples from 14 animals in the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th month of pregnancy were analyzed using indirect immunofluorescense technique. samples diluted 1:50 showed higher seroprevalence on the 8th month (57%) and higher seropositive conversion on the 10th month. 85,7% of the mares were positive for neospora sp. on at least one month of pregnancy, and seven from that total were positive on th ...200820059873
detection of neospora caninum dna in capybaras and phylogenetic analysis.the role of rodents in the sylvatic cycle of neospora sp. and in the neosporosis epidemiology is still uncertain. the aim of the present work was to detect neospora caninum and to determine its prevalence in capybaras (hydrochaeris hydrochaeris), to help elucidate the role of this rodent in the life cycle of the parasite. n.caninum dna was detected by pcr using 4 different sets of primers specific to the nc5 and its1 sequences. the parasite was found in the lymph nodes, heart, liver, and blood o ...201020470895
discovery of three novel coccidian parasites infecting california sea lions (zalophus californianus) with evidence of sexual replication and interspecies pathogenicity.abstract enteric protozoal infection was identified in 5 stranded california sea lions (zalophus californianus). microscopically, the apical cytoplasm of distal jejunal enterocytes contained multiple stages of coccidian parasites, including schizonts with merozoites and spherical gametocytes, morphologically similar to coccidian parasites. by histopathology, organisms appeared to be confined to the intestine and accompanied by only mild enteritis. using electron microscopy, both sexual (microgam ...201121495828
reactivity against sarcocystis neurona and neospora by serum antibodies in healthy french horses from two farms with previous equine protozoal myeloencephalitis-like cases.sarcocystis neurona is considered a leading cause of equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (epm), a common infectious neurological disease in horses in the americas. epm-like cases associated with s. neurona peptide reactive antibodies in western blots were recently described in normandy, france. in this report, antibodies reacting with s. neurona merozoites were detected using an agglutination assay at titers ranging from 50 to 500 in sera from 18/50 healthy horses from two farms with a previous e ...200312523974
detection of neospora sp. from infected bovine tissues by pcr and probe hybridization.neospora sp. can cause fetal abortion or neurological disease in congenitally infected calves. latent tissue stages in infected cows may contribute to vertical transmission of neospora sp. from dam to offspring in multiple pregnancies. in this investigation, the polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and neospora-specific assay were employed to detect neospora sp. by amplification of nuclear small-subunit rrna gene sequences in infected cattle tissues. tissues from 11 cattle, including 6 experimentally ...19979194835
investigation of pregnancy losses in beef cattle herds associated with neospora sp. infection. 19968689597
neospora species infection in a herd of dairy investigate the route of transmission of neospora sp in a herd of dairy cattle in which sporadic abortions had been observed since the establishment of the farm in 1980.19968635995
congenital neospora infection in calves born from cows that had previously aborted neospora-infected fetuses: four cases (1990-1992).four dairy cows that had been successfully rebred following fetal neospora infection and abortion were identified from 2 drylot dairies. all 4 cows had uncomplicated pregnancies with the birth of 5 full-term calves. the calves all had high precolostral serum igg antibodies. the precolostral antibodies to neospora sp as determined by indirect fluorescent antibody test ranged from 5,120 to 20,480, compared with maternal serum and colostral antibody titers from 320 to 1,280. two calves had mild neu ...19938420896
secular and seasonal trends of neospora abortion in california dairy cows.this study was undertaken to determine if the proportion of dairy cow abortions attributable to neospora sp. infection increased or occurred in a seasonal cycle during a 6-yr period. abortions caused by neospora sp. were tallied for all fetuses submitted to the tulare branch of the california veterinary diagnostic laboratory between january 1985 and december 1990. regression analysis of 221 cases of neospora among 762 fetuses submitted showed a weak increasing secular trend (p = 0.053, r2 = 0.05 ...19957776121
evaluation of abortions in cattle attributable to neosporosis in selected dairy herds in estimate the minimum rate of abortion attributable to infection with neospora sp in selected california dairy herds.19957559072
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