a global overview of exposure levels and biological effects of trace elements in penguins.trace elements are chemical contaminants that can be present almost anywhere on the planet. the study of trace elements in biotic matrices is a topic of great relevance for the implications that it can have on wildlife and human health. penguins are very useful, since they live exclusively in the southern hemisphere and represent about 90% of the biomass of birds of the southern ocean. the levels of trace elements (dry weight) in different biotic matrices of penguins were reviewed here. maps of ...201829079931
a preliminary study investigating the impact of musical concerts on the behavior of captive fiordland penguins (eudyptes pachyrhynchus) and collared peccaries (pecari tajacu).captive animal welfare is important for establishments that exhibit species for education, conservation, and research. however, captive animals are often exposed to a number of potential stressors, such as visitors and anthropogenic noise. we aimed to identify the impact of a concert series on the behaviour of fiordland penguins (eudyptes pachyrhynchus; n = 2), and solitary- (n = 1) or group- (n = 4)-housed collared peccaries (pecari tajacu). animal behaviour, visitor density, and visitor behavi ...202033158195
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