trypanosoma cruzi tci and tcii transmission among wild carnivores, small mammals and dogs in a conservation unit and surrounding areas, brazil.aiming to better understand the ecological aspects of trypanosoma cruzi transmission cycles, wild carnivores, small mammals and dogs were examined for t. cruzi infection in the serra da canastra national park region, brazil. isolates were genotyped using mini-exon gene and pcr-rflp (1f8 and h3) genomic targets. trypanosoma cruzi transmission was well established in the area and occurred in both wild and peridomestic environments. dog seroprevalence was 29·4% (63/214) and tci and tcii genotypes, ...201323062278
leishmania (viannia) braziliensis infection in wild small mammals in ecotourism area of brazil.leishmaniases are parasitic diseases transmitted to mammalian hosts by sand fly vectors (diptera: psychodidae). despite the increasing occurrence of visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis cases in urban centers, their transmission still occur primarily in wild environments and may be associated with professional activities and recreation, such as ecotourism. the reserva particular do patrimônio natural santuário do caraça (rppnsc) is one of the largest ecotourism attractions in the state of minas ...201729284049
a small mammal community in a forest fragment, vegetation corridor and coffee matrix system in the brazilian atlantic forest.the objective of our work was to verify the value of the vegetation corridor in the conservation of small mammals in fragmented tropical landscapes, using a model system in the southeastern minas gerais. we evaluated and compared the composition and structure of small mammals in a vegetation corridor, forest fragments and a coffee matrix. a total of 15 species were recorded, and the highest species richness was observed in the vegetation corridor (13 species), followed by the forest fragments (1 ...201121912591
helminth fauna of the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus in brazil.helminth fauna of conventionally maintained hamsters from institutional animal houses that supply the research community with laboratory animals and from an openly kept control group, randomly purchased in a pet shop in the state of rio de janeiro, were evaluated and compared. necropsied animals from institutional suppliers were infected with the oxyurid nematodes syphacia criceti and s. mesocriceti and with the cestode rodentolepis nana; those from the pet shop were infected with s. mesocriceti ...200111300683
habitat use by oryzomys subflavus (rodentia) in an open shrubland formation in restinga de jurubatiba national park, rj, brazil.the restinga de jurubatiba has at least 10 plant formations, including open clusia shrubland. this formation is composed of dense shrubs of many shapes and sizes, where clusia hilariana is one of the most important plant species. shrublands with clusia (cc) are poorer in plant species and less dense than shrublands without clusia (sc). oryzomys subflavus (rodentia) is the most abundant small mammal species in the open clusia shrubland. we tested the hypothesis that the abundance of rodents would ...200516532181
detection of leishmania spp in silvatic mammals and isolation of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis from rattus rattus in an endemic area for leishmaniasis in minas gerais state, brazil.knowledge of potential reservoirs of leishmania spp. in an anthropic environment is important so that surveillance and control measures can be implemented. the aim of this study was to investigate the infection by leishmania in small mammals in an area located in minas gerais, brazil, that undergoes changes in its natural environment and presents autochthonous human cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) and visceral leishmaniasis (vl). for the capture of the animals, sherman and tomahawk traps w ...201729176902
pcr-based diagnosis for detection of leishmania in skin and blood of rodents from an endemic area of cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis in brazil.the technique of polymerase chain reaction (pcr) associated to hybridization was used to screen 123 samples collected from wild and synanthropic rodents captured in a cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis endemic area in the state of minas gerais, brazil. the detection of leishmania spp in naturally infected rodents is of fundamental importance for incriminating them as possible reservoir hosts of the diseases in minas gerais. a total of 62 specimens belonging to wild (thrichomys apereoides, oryz ...200515845276
(t2ag3)n telomeric sequence hybridization indicating centric fusion rearrangements in the karyotype of the rodent oryzomys subflavus.chromosome preparations of 30 specimens of oryzomys subflavus trapped in eight brazilian localities were c-, and g-banded and analyzed by fluorescence in situ hybridization (fish). two karyotypes were found, 2n = 50/fn = 64, at three coastal localities of the atlantic forest domain, and 2n = 58/fn = 70 at two sites located in the cerrado biome, brazil central. two fluorescence in situ hybridization (fish) patterns of the telomeric sequence (t2ag3)n were observed: in both karyotypes the probes hy ...200211990754
robertsonian polymorphism in chromosomes of oryzomys subflavus (rodentia, cricetidae).eighty-four specimens of oryzomys subflavus, collected in the state of pernambuco, brazil, were studied. a robertsonian chromosome polymorphism, characterized by a varying diploid number of 50, 49, 48, and 46, was found. all specimens showed a chromosome arm number of 56. g-banding patterns in somatic cells allowed identification of the chromosome pairs (2, 3, 5, and 7) involved in centric fusion. c-banding revealed the presence of constitutive heterochromatin near the centromere the x chromosom ...19817030650
detection of helicobacter species in the gastrointestinal tract of wild rodents from brazil.since we have limited knowledge about the occurrence of helicobacter in wild animals, we searched for helicobacter species in the gastrointestinal tract of 75 rodents captured in forest remnants of minas gerais, brazil. fragments from the antrum and corpus of the stomach and from the colon were taken for pcr assays for helicobacter detection. although gastric mucosa was helicobacter-positive in only one animal, the bacterium was detected in the colonic mucosa of 23 rodents (30.7%). helicobacter ...200617019646
occurrence and prevalence of bot flies, metacuterebra apicalis (diptera: cuterebridae), in rodents of cerrado from central brazil.the occurrence and prevalence of metacuterebra apicalis (diptera: cuterebridae) in natural populations of oryzomys subflavus, bolomys lasiurus, and thalpomys cerradensis (rodentia: muridae) from august 1990 to july 1992 in the cerrado, a common savanna-like vegetation type of central brazil, are reported. an increase in bot infection in the 3 rodent species between october 1991 and july 1992 without correlation to precipitation was detected. the prevalence was lower than in neotropical forest fo ...19938410558
spotted fever group rickettsia in small rodents from areas of low endemicity for brazilian spotted fever in the eastern region of minas gerais state, brazil.we investigated the humoral immune response against different species of rickettsia in serum samples from small rodents collected in two areas of a silent focus for brazilian spotted fever in the eastern region of minas gerais state, brazil. sera samples were analyzed by indirect immunofluorescence assay using antigens from rickettsia species of the spotted fever, ancestral, and transition groups. titers ≥ 1:64 were considered positive. in santa cruz do escalvado, 94% (30 of 32) of the samples c ...201323509125
composition and abundance of small mammal communities in forest fragments and vegetation corridors in southern minas gerais, brazil.habitat fragmentation leads to isolation and reduce habitat areas, in addition to a series of negative effects on natural populations, affecting richness, abundance and distribution of animal species. in such a context, habitat corridors serve as an alternative for connectivity in fragmented landscapes, minimizing the effects of structural isolation of different habitat areas. this study evaluated the richness, composition and abundance of small mammal communities in forest fragments and in the ...201223025102
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