the presence of chitinase in the digestive fluids of ants. 19763314
strikes, ants in the or, too many paper pushers. 19765653
a contribution to the biology of dicrocoelium hospes looss, 1907 (trematoda, dicrocoeliidae).in this study, carried out in the ivory coast, dicrocoelium hospes looss, 1907 was shown for the first time to be a parasite of cattle and it was also detected in sheep by the presence of ova in the faeces. up to 50% of the sheep in some flocks were found to shed eggs. the adults, sporocysts, "slime balls" and cercariae of d. hospes are described and compared to the respective stages of d. dendriticum. this comparison shows that essential morphological structures are very similar, especially the ...197828656
arms races between and within adaptation in one lineage (e.g. predators) may change the selection pressure on another lineage (e.g. prey), giving rise to a counter-adaptation. if this occurs reciprocally, an unstable runaway escalation or 'arms race' may result. we discuss various factors which might give one side an advantage in an arms race. for example, a lineage under strong selection may out-evolve a weakly selected one (' the life-dinner principle'). we then classify arms races in two independent ways. they may be s ...197942057
[anatomic and histologic studies of a triatominae subfamily (heteroptera, reduviidae). triatoma infestans' brain and its nerves].to give a concrete aspect of structure, topography and function of the different nervous systems of the triatominae, we begin this study with a description of the senso-motor system. as the first part we choose the study of the brain and its nerves. the external form of the brain is conditioned by the anatomy and morphology of the head. the brain is situated in the posterior part of the head beneath and behind the ocelli. it is characterized by the reduction of its longitudinal extension and, by ...197645709
application of bathurin and borax in the biological control of monomorium pharaonis in housing estates.of two apartment houses infested with ants of the species monomorium pharaonis, one was treated with a biological, the other with a chemical substance. in the first case we used bathurin in combination with borax at a concentration of 1.3% for both substances. in the first week, borax was added to the bait (minced beef), within the next three weeks, the bait was mixed with bathurin. the procedure was repeated 5 times. after this period, we achieved complete control of the ants on the infested pr ...197662524
harvester ant sensitivity: in vitro and in vivo studies using whole body extracts and venom.harvester ant stings by pogonomyrmex maricopa (pm) or pogonomyrmex rugosus (pr) resulted in serious reactions in 8 patients, 4 with generalized reactions and 1 with large local reactions. exposure to one species in the genus pogonomyrmex (p) appeared to cross-sensitize ant-sensitive patients to other species in the same genus as evidenced by skin testing and leukocyte histamine release, but these patients were less sensitive to extracts from other stinging hymenoptera, including bee, wasp, yello ...197764481
kepone--hazard evaluation.kepone is a persistent chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticide which is no longer manufactured in the u.s.a., its uses having been cancelled on april 11, 1977; previous food uses included control of the banana root borer, and non-food uses included control of tobacco wireworm, ants, and cockroaches. an adduct of kepone, kelevan, is now distributed by spiess and sohn, chemische fabrik, germany, with an as yet unknown manufacturer, for control of the colorado potato beetle in eastern europe and ireland, ...197874851
[oxygen consumption of hibernating worker ants dolichoderus quadripunctatus as a function of temperature and level of population].the oxygen consumption of "hibernating" ants shows a grouping effect translated by a significant decrease in the level of oxygen consumption as a function of grouping effect. the general relation between oxygen consumption and the living body mass is the same, if the living material belongs to a single animal, or a social community of ants.197895901
preliminary investigation on the effects of mirex and its derivatives on adenosine triphosphatase activities from fire ants. 1975127808
[microrespirometric studies of seasonal variations on the oxygen consumption of the worker ants dolichoderus quadripunctatus].we have studied the variations of oxygen consumption of solitary workers, and grouping workers (10 and 20) of the ant dolichoderus quadripunctatus in function of time, at constant temperature (25 degrees c). we have studied hibernating and active workers (summer activity). our results shows that the oxygen consumption of summer workers, increase directly and regularly in function of time and social number. hibernating workers shows a significant decrease in the level of respiratory rate when the ...1978150891
[modifications of oxygen consumption in the ant dolichoderus quadripunctatus exposed to very powerful gamma irradiation].the oxygen consumption of irradiated workers ants of dolichoderus quadripunctatus, shows a significant increase when ants received a hight dose (50 000 or 100 000 rad) of gamma rays.1978153187
brain catecholamines, spontaneous bioelectrical activity and aggressive behavior in ants (formica rufa).the effects of dopamine (da), 1-dopa, diethyldithiocarbamate (ddtc) and haloperidol on aggressive behavior and spontaneous bioelectrical activity of the ant (formica rufa) were studied. drugs such as da, 1-dopa and ddtc increased mutual aggressivity in ants while it failed to change aggression directed towards other species of insects (e.g., the beetle geotrupes sp.). the amplitude of eeg waves and the amplitude of neuronal discharges within the protocerebrum decreased after administration of bo ...1975168591
influences of temperature and humidity on oxygen consumption of five chihuahuan desert ants. 1975240580
colony-specific territorial pheromone in the african weaver ant oecophylla longinoda (latreille).major workers of oecophylla longinoda mark their territories with persistent pheromones that are distinguishable to the ants at the colony level. workers detecting the deposits of an alien colony respond with increased amounts of aversive and aggressive behavior, and they later recruit nestmates to the area at a higher rate. colonies entering a field impregnated with their own scent also gain an initial advantage in warfare with other colonies. the pheromones are located at least in part in drop ...1977266729
cross-reacting antigens between imported fire ants and other hymenoptera species. 1978415642
fire ants are stinging nine southern states. 1979448806
esterase variation at three loci in meat ants.the meat ant (iridomyrmex purpureus) occurs in a number of color forms, with uncertain taxonomic status. gel electrophresis of meat ant extracts, followed by nonspecific esterase staining, reveals several zones of activity. allelic variation at three loci is proposed to account for variation in some of these zones. two of the loci (es-1, es-2) appear to have recessive null alleles, whose frequencies have been estimated by the method of maximum likelihood. geographic variation in allele frequency ...1979469224
electron microscopic study of light muscle degeneration in queens of atta sexdens (hymenoptera: formicidae.the reabsorption of the flight muscles of a. sexdens queens was studied just after the autotomy of the wings, and 1,10,15,25 and 45 days thereafter. the muscle cells degenerate slowly, the first alterations taking place in the mitochondria and sarcoplasm. signs of degeneration appear in the myofibrils after only 10 days and alterations increase with time. after 45 days the myofibrils have completely disintegrated.1979533651
design of some delayed-action toxicants for baits to control red imported fire ants. 1979544638
[control of ants monomorium pharaonis (l.) in the warsaw apartments]. 1979547397
medical implications: imported fire ants, solenopsis invicta. 1977559570
antibiotic metabolite of a fungus cultivated by gardening ants. 1979575666
effect of imported fire ant (hymenoptera: formicidae) invasion on lone star tick (acarina: ixodidae) populations. 1977606827
red imported fire ants: effects of insect growth regulators on caste formation and colony growth and survival. 1978627673
insemination-induced histolysis of the flight musculature in fire ants (solenopsis, spp.): an ultrastructural study (1).the fine structure of the insemination-induced flight muscle degeneration (histolysis) in the queen fire ant (solenopsis spp.) has been investigated. within 2 hours post-insemination, degenerative changes are detectable in the most peripheral fasciculi of the fibrillar flight muscle. histolysis proceeds internally with time. myofibril (sarcomere) dissolution begins with myofilament breakdown and continues until only free z-line material remains. the latter subsequently disappears leaving, at the ...1978645619
[pharaoh ants in a ward for premature infants].pharaoh's ants (monomorium pharaonis) appeared in a children's hospital and wounded the skin of the pre-mature births. possibilities for control are discussed.1978646170
light propagation in twisted anisotropic media: application to photoreceptors.the propagation of light through a slowly twisting anisotropic medium is described by a coupled-mode theory; expressions are derived for the electric field for the case of a birefringent dichroic medium with a constant rate of twist. the method provides a simple and intuitive means for determing the effect of twisting on the linear birefringence and dichroic absorption of the medium, particularly when the light is initially linearly polarized. the theory is well suited to the analysis of light a ...1978660317
foraging behavior of ants: theoretical considerations. 1978661323
actions of hallucinogens on ants (formica pratensis)--i. brain levels of lsd and the following oral administration. 1978700356
actions of hallucinogens on ants (formica pratensis)--ii. effects of amphetamine, lsd and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. 1978700357
[effect of a farnesol derivative on the appearance of winged females in aphaenogaster senilis (hymenoptera, formicoidea)]. 1976817818
insect and mammalian pheromones.novel organic chemicals, as well as many simple molecules, are used by insects as defensive materials. social insects (e.g., ants and bees) utilize alarm pheromones consisting of terpenes and other smaller organic compounds. moths and butterflies, as well as a few beetles, have been studied extensively for their sex attractants. since the initial structure proofs of civetone and muscone by ruzicka in 1926, little mammalian pheromone research has been published. recently, deer, antelope, hyena, s ...1976818456
[role of stimuli coming from the brood on the behavioral carrying of nymphs by workers of tapinoma erraticum (formicidae dolichoderinae)].in a stress situation workers of the ant tapinoma erraticum carry the brood from one nesting place to another. this carrying activity is exhibited as soon as the animal is born. it gets more precise and steadier through stimulations that originate in the brood (odour or manipulation).1976821632
sexual calling behavior in primitive ants.the wingless virgin females of the ponerine ant rhytidoponera metallica attract males by the release of a pheromone from the tergal gland, a hitherto unrecognized exocrine gland located between the last two abdominal segments. this is the first evidence for sexual chemical communication in the large and primitive subfamily ponerinae.1977836590
biology and epidemiological role of arthropods in environments at various stages of anthropogenization. state of investigations on mites, lice, ants, brachycera and other arthropods which are parasitic or noxious to man and domestic animals. 1977899021
alkylpyrazine alarm pheromones in primitive ants with small colonial units. 1976939082
[kelevan used as poisoned nutrition in the destruction of pharaoh's ants (monomorium pharaonis l.)]. 1976981893
[pests at baltic sea coast. ii. summary of most important groups on insects besides coleoptera and diptera].in the special holiday situations at the baltic coast of gdr, species of very different insect groups may become annoying to man. own experiences in this field are reported (excepting coleoptera and diptera). the earwig, forficula auricularia, has many varying aspects of a health pest (also in the respect of social hygiene). this species, too, may pinch painfully with his pincers. the lice species pediculus capitis and pthirus pubis are met with sometimes. limothrips cerealium may be annoying no ...1976984495
[the significance of house ants of species lasius (hymenoptera, formicidae) for human health and possibilities for their control]. 1976997644
[the effect and evaluation of boron compounds for the control of pharoah ants]. 1976997645
biology and control of imported fire ants. 19751090234
cyclopentyl ketones: identification and function in azteca ants.the anal gland secretions of dolichoderine ants in the genus azteca are fortified with cyclopentyl ketones. since these compounds, 2-methylcyclopentanone, cis-1-acetyl-2-methylcyclopentane, and 2-acetyl-3-methylcyclopentene, release sustained alarm behavior in ant workers, they constitute a new chemical class of insect pheromones. the ketones probably also function as defensive compounds and thus are part of the ants' alarm-defense system.19751111099
polyzonimine: a novel terpenoid insect repellent produced by a milliped.a nitrogen-containing terpene 6,6-dimethyl-2-azaspiro[4.4]non-1-ene (polyzonimine) was isolated from the defensive secretion of the milliped polyzonium rosalbum. polyzonimine, which is repellent to such natural enemies of the milliped as ants, acts as a topical irritant to insects (10-4 m induces scratching in cockroaches). its structure was confirmed by a five-step synthesis starting from 2,2-dimethyl-7-oxabicyclo[4.1.0]heptane.19751124395
[use of sulfur-35 for labelling ants and dicrocoelium lanceatum metacercariae]. 19751146214
the imported fire ant: dimensions of the urban problem.although the imported fire ant is a known rural problem, the problem it may pose to urban dwellers has not been documented. a telephone survey of 240 households selected by a probability sample of an upper middle class suburb of new orleans was carried out to ascertain the experiences of residents with fire ants from june to august 1973. overall, ant stings were reported for 29% of the study population, with sting rates of 55% among children under 10 years old. among those stung, at least minima ...19751162427
low allozymic variability in formica ants. 19751184410
[dynamic density and the behavior of ants]. 19751189605
enemy specification in the alarm-recruitment system of an ant.many kinds of ants use odor trails to recruit nestmates to food discoveries and new sites; minor workers of the myrmicine pheidole dentata also use them to recruit major workers ("soldiers") to the vicinity of intruders. this newly discovered alarm-recruitment system has proved to be narrowly specific. only fire ants and other members of the genus solenopsis, which include some of the potentially most dangerous enemies of pheidole, have been found to evoke the response when present as single sco ...19751198097
[pathogenicity of entomophthora coronata cost. kervork. for the guadeloupe parasol-ant: acromyrmex octospinosus (formicidae, attini)]. 19751211770
mass recruitment by army ants.a single army ant (ecitoninae) can attract and direct scores of workers to prey by means of a chemical trial and momentary contact between the recruiter and workers on a raid column. recruited workers, in turn, attract more ants, resulting in a continuous stream of recruits. while the recruitment mechanism is basically similar, the speed and the number of ants recruited are greater form army ants than for other ants.19751215991
[the arsenic baiting technic using rodex ant-killing varnish d1 in the control of pharaoh ants (monomorium pharaonis l.)--brief report]. 19751226911
[new data on dicrocoelium hospes looss, 1907: anatomy of the adult and life cycle. preliminary paper (author's transl)].the morphological and anatomical studies of dicrocoelium hospes looss, 1907, from togo set off several differences with dicrocoelium lanceolatum rudolphi, 1819: shape and dimensions of the body, shape and disposition of the testes, shape, dimensions and location of the vitellaria, structure of the uterus coils. the first intermediate host is found, they are three species of limicolaria, one of them being l. aurora. the cercaria is described, its chaetotaxy confirms the validity of species d. hos ...19751227378
[attempt at the extermination of pharaoh ants using mutox]. 19751229181
[annual activity cycle of ants parasited with dicrocoelium lanceolatum (rudolphi, 1819) metacercaria (author's transl)].the object of this study is to predict the period of appearance and the amount of risk of fluke parasitism in limousin sheep flocks. a perfect knowledge of the ethology of ants parasited with metacercaria (definitive source of host infestation) is necessary. the particular behavior of these vector insects has been only little studied.19751232905
epidemiological role of arthropods detectable in health facilities.a total of 161 arthropod specimens were collected from 55 sites in a health care facility during july and september 1990. of the 116 bacterial isolates obtained from their body surfaces 6% were from parasites (mosquitoes), 59% from eusynanthropic arthropods (tenebrionid beetles, flies, german cockroaches, wasps), 16% from hemisynanthropic arthropods (ants, spiders) and 19% from occasionally encountered insects (non-biting midges, moths, beetles). most (88%) of the isolated bacteria were gram-neg ...19921350604
[sutureless intestinal anastomosis with a biofragmentable anastomotic ring].there have been efforts to develop an ideal method of intestinal anastomosis throughout medical history. in ancient china, egypt and india living ants were used to approximate the transected edges of bowel. many other devices and techniques have since been introduced, using organic or synthetic, nonabsorable or absorbable materials. lately mechanical stapling devices have become exceedingly popular. the recently introduced biofragmentable anastomotic ring (bar) is composed of an absorbable polyg ...19921335433
on the role of serotonin in aggressive behaviour of ants genus formica.the object of our study was the investigation of the effects of aggressiveness on brain 5-ht concentration in ants genus formica. the brain concentrations of 5-ht in ants is relatively high. the results indicate that both isolation, interspecies aggressiveness and intraspecies aggressiveness were accompanied by the increased brain serotonin.19751239749
aggressive behavior and brain serotonin and catecholamines in ants (formica rufa).serotonin, adrenaline and noradrenaline were analyzed in brains of the ants, formica rufa. experiments demonstrated that concentrations of both serotonin and adrenaline were higher in ants that displayed aggressiveness (interspecific and intrageneric) while concentrations of noradrenaline was decreased.19751237899
control of the imported fire ants with winter applications of microencapsulated mirex bait. 19751184822
gynandromorphism in the red imported fire ant, solenopsis invicta buren (hymenoptera: formicidae). 19751175547
fire ant allergy.two species of imported fire ants (ifa) now infest large areas of the southern united states. the most aggressive species, solenopsis invicta, has adapted well to environmental conditions in the south where it has become a considerable agricultural pest and a significant public health problem. sting reactions range from local pustules and large, late-phase responses to life-threatening anaphylaxis. four important sol i venom allergens have been isolated and characterized. clinical studies under ...19921577260
ethological studies in the ant tetramorium caespitum mayr. ii. interspecific relationships.the structure of relationships between the neighboring species of ants is characterized by great variability. what happens when particular individuals meet - depends upon considerable differences between individual behaviors of ants and a number of variable factors determining the actual emotional state of the workers. from these factors, it is the general structure of forces between the nests that changes slowest, and may be responsible for reaching temporary stabilization of the interspecific ...19751163309
ethological studies in the ant tetramorium caespitum mayr. i. foraging and building behavior.carrying heavy objects is a common element in the foraging and building behavior of ants. the initial stages of this behavior, i.e., lifting and moving in t. caespitum displayed as stereotyped patterns of movement. these patterns do not improve as the ants become older and more experienced, which suggest their congenital nature. growing experience of ants is manifested in the later stages of the transportation of heavy objects, and especially in entering the correct opening of the nest with the ...19751163308
prevention and primary care treatment of stings from imported fire ants.stings from imported fire ants constitute a problem encountered more and more frequently in practice settings across the southern united states. envenomation (impregnation of venom) in children is especially common. current medical regimens for the treatment of other stinging insects are of little value in preventing local cutaneous reactions to fire-ant stings. the pathogenesis of reactions from imported-fire-ant stings is discussed, and suggestions for prevention, treatment and patient educati ...19921608571
haploidploidy and the evolution of the social insect.halminton (1) was apparently the first to appreciate that the synthesis of mendelian genetics with darwin's theory of natural selection had profound implications for social theory. in particular, insofar as almost all social behavior is either selfish or altruistic (or has such effects), genetical reasoning suggests that an individual's social behavior should be adjusted to his or her degree of relatedness, r, to all individuals affected by the behavior. we call this theory kinship theory. the s ...19761108197
near death of a woman stung by red imported fire ants: management of anaphylaxis.patients with allergic reactions to rifa should be instructed in avoidance of rifa and in the administration of epinephrine, given emergency identification information, and referred to an allergist for definitive diagnosis and for desensitization as indicated. rifa are a growing menace in this country; as their habitat steadily extends north and west, no doubt a growing number of people will be affected by them. their sting can be acutely life threatening and, as in this one case example, a seve ...19911656126
[evaluation of mirex for the control of pharaoh's ants].the paper analyses the mode of action of the organic chlorine compound mirex in laboratory colonies of the pharaoh's ant monomorium pharaonis under the special view of practical use in control measures in comparison with the related insecticide chlordecone (kepone). similar to chlordecone the queens are very susceptible towards the action of mirex. according to the regression lines of the mortality the best concentrations for practical control measures are in the range of 0.1 to 1%, respectively ...19761008292
the foraging behavior of the ant myrmica laevinodis nyl.the foraging territory is not divided among particular foragers, at least in the young, small families of m. laevinodis. the same individuals may be observed repeatedly only at the aphides over a period of several days, which may be explained by a transient memorizing of the source of attractive food. along with the faculty of these ants to inform their nestmates of the food source, a certain continuity in care of the aphides is ensured. various forms of behavior among particular foragers coming ...19761007976
factors influencing the metacercarial intensity in ants and the size of dicrocoelium dendriticum metacercarial cysts.during the 1990 grazing season, ants found attached to plants were collected from sheep pastures at monthly intervals and examined for dicrocoelium metacercariae. the species formica pratensis and f. rufibarbis showed average metacercarial intensities of 76 and 38 respectively. in addition to the ant species, the intensity of infection was found to be dependent on the length of the ant. the volume of metacercarial cysts was influenced by the intensity per ant relative to ant length but not by th ...19911795087
[anomotaenia brevis (clerc, 1902) fuhrmann, 1908, cestoda cyclophyllidae, parasite of leptothorax nylanderi (forster), hymenopterous, formicidae (author's transl)].cysticercoids recovered from hemocoele of the ant letothorax nylanderi are examinated by light and electron microscopy. this examination proves that the cestode is a dilepididae. the structure of the cysticercoids is the same that another dilepididae, anomotaenia constricta. the cysticercoids observed are those of a. brevis, parasite of three species of birds, dendrocopos major, d. minor and garrulus infaustus. the contamination of l. nylanderi by a. brevis occurs before metamorphosis of the ant ...1976984669
proceedings: functional differences between individuals ants (cataglyphis bicolor fab.). 1976957156
imported fire ants: 10-5, an alternate formulation of mirex bait. 1976956498
regional distribution of three ultrastructural retinula types in the retina of cataglyphis bicolor fabr. (formicidae, hymenoptera).the retina of cataglyphis bicolor was investigated by electron microscopy. three types of structurally distinct retinulae were found and mapped throughout the compound eye: type i is composed of four unpigmented thin cells, four larger pigmented cells as well as a basal ninth cell. its rhabdom possesses a round cross section and four microvilli directions. this type occupies most of the dorsal two-thirds of the retina. type ii consists of two thin cells, two intermediate cells and four large cel ...1976954049
imported fire ant hypersensitivity. studies of human reactions to fire ant is now apparent that venom and venom components of the hymenoptera superfamilies of apida (honeybee) and vespida (wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets) are becoming increasingly important in the diagnosis and treatment of hypersensitivity reactions. stings from fire ants (superfamily formicidae, family myrmicinae) have also been recognized as causes of systemic reactions in man. fire ant venom is unique in its composition, consisting mainly of alkaloids in aqueous suspension with only trace amo ...1976947974
premaxillary-maxillary suture fusion and anterior nasal tubercle morphology in the chimpanzee.the anterior nasal spine (ans) is considered by some to be a unique characteristic of modern humans; however, it has been reported to occur in chimpanzees. among human populations, ans size correlates with facial prognathism and timing of premaxillary-maxillary sutural fusion, which may have implications for models of midfacial growth. to investigate these questions, skulls from 55 chimpanzees (pan troglodytes) (29 male, 26 female), ranging in age from infants to adults, were examined. none of t ...19911928317
carrion insects of the egyptian western desert.a general survey was made on the zoosaprophagous insects and their associates in a natural ecosystem in the egyptian western desert (80 km west of alexandria, 12 km from the mediterranean sea shore). two types of traps were used, one for flying insects and the other for soil-burrowing insects. two types of decaying media were used as baits: the common freshwater fish (tilapia zilii gerv.) and the desert snail (eremina desertorum). more than 30 insect species were trapped. the following orders an ...19911941945
. . . of alligators, ants and fireflies. 19911990343
ants and bees: whole body extracts vs venom.ants, bees, and other stinging hymenoptera can induce serious anaphylactic reactions in susceptible individuals. certainly, hymenoptera venom contains potent antigens that have been useful in testing and treating hymenoptera-sensitive patients who fail to acquire protection from whole body extract therapy. however, before whole body extracts are forever abandoned, their antigen content and stability should be re-examined by means of modern immunologic methods.1977872621
weaver ants: social establishment and maintenance of territory.workers of the african weaver ant oecophylla longinoda recruit nestmates to previously unoccupied space by means of odor trails laid from the rectal gland, a hitherto unrecognized musculated organ located at the rear of the rectal sac. when enemy ants and other intruders are encountered on the territory, the oecophylla assemble nestmates into small resting clusters by dispensing an attractant-arrestant pheromone from the sternal gland, a second newly discovered organ located on the last abdomina ...1977841318
evaluation of functional degeneration of the amazon-ant polyergus rufescens latr. under an influence of socially parasitic way of certain, infrequently occurring, favorable circumstances the ants p. rufescens can display patterns of behavior which seem to be disappearing as a result of their parasitic way of life: the ability to food themselves, independently though ineffectively, elements of the offspring-protection behavior, transporting of nestmates, escape reaction. similar events reinforce the infrequently used, latent reflexes, preventing their complete extinction. it is supposed that the characteristic in convent ...1978749552
[control of the pharaoh's ant with borax bait formulations].results are given for the experimental control of pharaoh ants, monomorium pharaonis l., with persistent borax baits in the laboratory and the field. dybh-bait formulations with about 17 per cent borax are very attractive and have a good effectivity. in 5 different objects infested with this ant eradication was proved to be possible with this experimental formulations. the progress of eradication depends essentially on the good organisational preparation of control measures.19902095049
problem of behavioral plasticity in slave-making amazon-ant polyergus rufescens latr. and in its slave-ants formica fusca l. and formica cinerea mayr.changes in the natural behavior, expressing adaptation to cohabitation in a community, were observed in the slave-making ants p. rufescens and the slave-species f. fusca and f. cinerea. after a few raids, the initially undirected arousal evoked in the slaves by the amazons' raids, begins to acquire attributes appropriate to the situation, but completely different in both studied slave-species. f. cinerea picks up the pupae abandoned on the nest by the slave-making ants and eventually begins to w ...1978749551
nephrotic syndrome associated with ant bite.a 3-year-old child experienced edema of the face and extremities approximately 2 weeks after being stung on the legs, scrotum, and penis by "fire ants" (solenopsis invicta). after diagnosis of idiopathic minimal-change nephrotic syndrome and treatment with steroids, the edema rapidly disappeared. follow-up 3 years after his hospitalization showed no recurrence of nephrotic syndrome. we have correlated this case with previously published reports of the causal relationship of allergy to nephrotic ...19902185577
the use of polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis for the high-resolution separation of reducing saccharides labelled with the fluorophore 8-aminonaphthalene-1,3,6-trisulphonic acid. detection of picomolar quantities by an imaging system based on a cooled charge-coupled device.various monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and small polysaccharides were labelled covalently at their reducing end groups with the fluorophore 8-aminonaphthalene-1,3,6-trisulphonic acid (ants), and the resulting fluorescent derivatives were separated by high-resolution page. the electrophoretic mobilities of the labelled saccharides are related largely to the compounds' mr values, but they are also influenced by the individual chemical structures of the saccharides. various positional isomers an ...19902241903
[ovine dicrocoeliasis: incidence of climatic factors and share in the setting of a forecasting method (author's transl)].study of annual activity cycle of ants parasited with dicrocoelium lanceolatum. effect of some climatic factors (temperature, rainfall) on seasonal variations of the number of clinching parasited ants. a close analysis of the data displays a double correlation: the increase of the number of clinching ants indirectly brought about by precipitations and this with some delay; a strong decrease by high temperatures in the height of summer. setting of a calendar including the different stages of the ...1978727642
comparative ultrastructure of ant spermatozoa (formicidae: hymenoptera).mature spermatozoa from spermathecae of founding queens were obtained from 5 species of ants, representing the major subfamilies myrmicinae (acromyrmex versicolor, crematogaster sp.) and dolichoderinae (tapinoma sessile, conomyrma insana, conomyrma wheeleri). the ultrastructure of ant spermatozoa has many features in common with that of higher insects and is similar to that of other hymenoptera. structural similarities to spermatozoa of other hymenoptera include an acrosome containing an interna ...19902280410
biosynthesis of formic acid by the poison glands of formicine ants.the biosynthesis of formic acid in the poison glands of formicine ants is closely related to the c-1 metabolism of the glandular cells. experiments utilizing radiolabeled amino acids revealed that serine is a major precursor, contributing both its alpha and beta carbons to formic acids. 5,10[14c]methylene h4folate and 5,10[14c]methenyl h4folate also serve as precursors of formic acid in the poison gland, suggesting that they are intermediates in the pathway. furthermore, these h4folate derivates ...1978718985
[the capacity of ants for multiple alterations in the maze habit].ability was shown of ants myrmica rubra to multiple reconstructions of the habit elaborated in symmetrical multialternative maze under motivation of care for the progeny (transportation of breed of the own species). reconstruction consisted in the change of reinforcement location on the left or right aim spot. the ants showed the ability to carry out the series of eight reconstructions during one-two days. an improvement took place of the fulfillment of the last reconstructions in comparison wit ...19911369565
comparative study of the enzymatic, hemorrhagic, procoagulant and anticoagulant activities of some animal venoms.1. the enzymatic, hemorrhagic, procoagulant and anticoagulant activities of venoms of some animals including snakes, lizards, toads, scorpions, spider, wasps, bees and ants were compared. 2. snake venom was the richest source of enzymes among the animal venoms. most other animal venoms were devoid of phosphodiesterase, l-amino acid oxidase, alkaline phosphomonoesterase and acetylcholinesterase activities and only a few exhibited arginine ester hydrolase activity. these venoms, however, exhibited ...19921360387
electrophoretic resolution and fluorescence detection of n-linked glycoprotein oligosaccharides after reductive amination with 8-aminonaphthalene-1,3,6-trisulphonic acid.the relative mobilities of various n-linked oligosaccharides reductively aminated to the charged fluorophore 8-amino-naphthalene-1,3,6-trisulphonic acid (ants) were determined by electrophoresis on high-density polyacrylamide slab gels. each ants-derivatized oligosaccharide was assigned a relative migration index (rmi) expressed in terms of glucose equivalents, which was conveniently estimated by reference to a homologous series of ants--maltooligosaccharides run on each gel as oligosaccharide s ...19921372525
ant-aphid association: role of aphid alarm pheromone.when attacked by predators, aphids secrete alarm pheromones that cause nearby aphids to disperse. ant-associated (myrmecophilous) aphid species disperse less readily than nonmyrmecophilous species. the ant formica subsericea responds to aphid alarm pheromone in a way that is beneficial to the aphid. these findings support our hypothesis that myrmecophilous aphids depend more on ants for protection from predators than on their own dispersive powers.19761273595
[the effect of chlordecone (kepone) on the laboratory colonies of the pharaoh's ant monomorium pharanois].the control of the pharaoh's ant monomorium pharaonis is very difficult because of the social way of life in this insect pest. in regard to the reported good suppressing results of chlordecone we analyzed the mode of action in this compound at laboratory colonies of the pharaoh's ant. commercial gel and granular formulations as well as selfmade baits have been tested. the best results showed the granular bait on the basis of ground nut butter, while the effects of all of the others was much weak ...19761267219
retinal and retinol promote membrane fusion.disk membranes from the bovine retinal rod outer segments (ros) were found to fuse with vesicles made of lipids extracted from unbleached ros disk membranes, using a lipid mixing assay for membrane fusion (relief of self-quenching of r18, octadecylrhodamine b chloride). if the retinal chromophore of rhodopsin was reductively linked to opsin before lipid extraction, the vesicles made of the extracted lipids were not suitable targets for fusion of the disk membranes. the addition of retinal and re ...19921420260
immunohistochemical, ultrastructural and immunoelectron microscopic studies of spinal cord neurofibrillary tangles in progressive supranuclear palsy.immunohistochemical, ultrastructural and immunoelectron microscopic studies of spinal cord neurofibrillary tangles (nfts) in progressive supranuclear palsy (psp) were performed. the spinal cord nfts reacted with antibodies to tau protein (tau-2), ubiquitin and alzheimer neurofibrillary tangles (ants, ab 39). ultrastructurally, the nfts consisted of bundles of straight fibrils. in longitudinal sections, the individual nft fibrils appeared as straight fibrils with a diameter of approximately 15 nm ...19921488085
imported fire ant stings: clinical manifestations and treatment.stings by imported fire ants result in local reactions to the insect's venom; less frequently, they induce systemic allergic reactions. a 19-month-old child developed a characteristic localized cutaneous reaction at the sites of numerous stings after disturbing an ant mound. he experienced no secondary complications, and his pustular lesions resolved with conservative treatment.19921574475
two monoclonal antibodies recognize alzheimer's neurofibrillary tangles, neurofilament, and microtubule-associated proteins.two monoclonal antibodies that recognize alzheimer's neurofibrillary tangles (ants), ad10 and ab18, have been characterized by immunoblotting against human and calf spinal cord neurofilament (nf) and calf brain microtubule preparations. both antibodies bind to the 200-kilodalton (kd) (nf-h) and 160-kd (nf-m) but not to the 68-kd (nf-l) nf triplet proteins. they also bind to high-molecular-weight microtubule-associated proteins (maps) and tau. ad10 immunostains map2 and map1 families, whereas ab1 ...19872432180
susceptibility and behavioral response of red imported fire ant (hymenoptera: formicidae) to selected entomogenous nematodes (rhabditida: steinernematidae & heterorhabditidae).pathogenicity of infective juveniles of selected steinernema spp. and heterorhabditis spp. toward developing and reproductive stages of the red imported fire ant, solenopsis invicta buren, was tested under laboratory conditions. at 10(3)-10(5) infective juveniles per petri dish, mortality of reproductive larvae, pupae, and alates ranged from 28 to 100% at higher doses after 96 h at 23-25 degrees c. steinernema carpocapsae all was the most consistent species tested; this nematode caused mortality ...19921593012
destabilization of whole skin lipid bio-liposomes induced by skin penetration enhancers and ft-ir/atr (fourier transform infrared/attenuated total reflection) analysis of stratum corneum lipids.whole skin lipid bio-liposomes (skin bio-liposomes), in size ranging from 2 to 8 microns, were prepared by a reverse phase evaporation technique using rat full thickness skin. leakage of an encapsulated fluorescence probe, ants (delta-amino-1,3,6-naphthalene-trisulfonate), was measured by adding transdermal penetration enhancers (penetrants) into the medium where the skin bio-liposomes were present. oleylamine induced a fast release of ants from the liposomes compared to lauryl-amine which showe ...19921606648
internal reproductive system in adult males of the genus camponotus (hymenoptera: formicidae: formicinae).descriptions are provided of the histology and ultrastructure of the male internal reproductive tracts from three species of camponotus, representing three subgenera. this study is the first to provide ultrastructural information on the testes (including spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis), seminal vesicles, and accessory glands in ants. testes contain about ten follicles each, and each follicle is capable of producing hundreds of cysts in which spermatozoa develop. structural evidence of meiosi ...19921635070
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