sight of a predator can stimulate a corticosterone response in the great tit (parus major).the corticosterone response to the sight of a natural predator was investigated in free-living and captive great tits (parus major). free-living great tits responded to the sight of a stuffed, slowly moving tengmalm's owl, a major predator of great tits, with warning calls and a change in behaviour around a feeder. great tits returned to the feeder within a few minutes and began to approach the owl, and there was no increase in plasma corticosterone levels in birds sampled 30-50 min after they f ...200211884070
circadian control of migratory restlessness and the effects of exogenous melatonin in the brambling, fringilla montifringilla.circadian pacemakers control both "daytime" activity and nocturnal restlessness of migratory birds, and the daily rhythm of melatonin release from the pineal has been suggested to be involved in the control of migratory activity. to study the phase relations between the two activity components during entrainment and when free running, locomotor activity of bramblings (fringilla montifringilla) was recorded continuously under a 12:12 "cool light" to "warm light" cycle (cl:wl, ca. 5,000 k and ca. ...200010908124
spectral composition of light as a zeitgeber for birds living in the high arctic summer.the hypothesis was tested whether periodic changes in spectral composition of light are an effective zeitgeber for synchronization (entrainment) of circadian rhythms of birds breeding in the high arctic summer. two palearctic passerine birds, the brambling (fringilla montifringilla) and the common redpoll (carduelis f. flammea), which both breed during summer at latitudes above the arctic circle and migrate to temperate zone latitudes for wintering, were studied. to investigate the effect of dai ...199910497949
[biochemical, light and electron microscopic studies of the liver of a migratory bird (fringilla montifringilla l.) under the influence of increasing daylight]. 19685726728
[energetic requirements of finch populations (fringilla montifringilla) in relation to the cultivation of maize (zea mais) in france from 1955 to 1973)].a study of the relations between the size of the concentrations observed and the primary production shows the roles played in the adaptation of a species to a new habitat by quantity of energy produced by the habitat, sociability of the birds, and circulation of information between individuals.1975813857
outcomes of brood parasite-host interactions mediated by egg matching: common cuckoos cuculus canorus versus fringilla finches.antagonistic species often interact via matching of phenotypes, and interactions between brood parasitic common cuckoos (cuculus canorus) and their hosts constitute classic examples. the outcome of a parasitic event is often determined by the match between host and cuckoo eggs, giving rise to potentially strong associations between fitness and egg phenotype. yet, empirical efforts aiming to document and understand the resulting evolutionary outcomes are in short supply.201121559400
effect of lesion of nucleus robustus archistriatalis on call in bramble finch (fringilla montifringilla).the lesion of nucleus robustus archistriatalis (ra) has no effect on normal short calls in the bramble finch, but affects significantly the temporal and acoustic features of learned long calls. it causes the principal frequency of basic sound in monotone long calls to increase 500 cents, and to lose two upper partials. the lesion of ra not only results in the increased sound length of loud-sound and shortened coda of variable-tone long calls by 13.4%-22.1% and 21.2%-24.2% on average, respectivel ...200118726393
[effects of vocalization and respiration and fiber connections on hyperstriatum ventrale pars caudale in fringilla montifringilla].in urethane-anesthetized fringilla montifringilla, effects of electrically stimulating the hyperstriatum ventrale pars caudale (hvc) on vocalization and respiration were observed. central connections of hvc were investigated by means of injecting cb-hrp into hvc. the results were as follows: (1) electrical stimulation of hvc caused vocal response. (2) long train electrical pulses stimulation of hvc elicited significant respiratory facilitating effects, that is, increase of respiratory rate and d ...19947846544
genetics of leaf rust resistance in brambling wheat.the cimmyt-developed spring wheat 'brambling' has a high level of adult-plant resistance (apr) to leaf rust caused by puccinia triticina. our objectives were to determine the genetic basis of resistance in seedlings and adult plants and the magnitude of genotype × environment effects on the expression of apr. brambling was crossed with spring wheat 'jupateco 73s' that is highly susceptible to current predominant p. triticina races in mexico and the united states. the f1, f2:3, f4:5, f4:6, and f5 ...200830769527
natural history of avian papillomaviruses.papillomaviruses (family: papillomaviridae) are small non-enveloped viruses that cause skin and mucosa infections in diverse vertebrates. the vast majority have been detected in mammals. however, the number of papillomaviruses described in birds is growing, especially because of metagenomic studies. seven complete genomes and one partial sequence have been described, corresponding to five papillomavirus genera. these have been detected from various sample types, including skin, internal epitheli ...201829778701
clutch size variation in passerine birds: the nest predation hypothesis.the hypothesis that a negative relationship exists between clutch size and the probability that the nest will be robbed is tested, using data for passerine birds given in the literature. the data for four separate groups of species, viz. hole-nesters, semi hole-nesters and open-nesters nesting above and on the ground, respectively, were examined in relation to geographical gradients and seasonal and annual variation. in general, the data analysis results support the hypothesis, but cannot yet be ...198228311424
characterization of an h9n2 avian influenza virus from a fringilla montifringilla brambling in northern china.avian h9n2 influenza viruses circulating in domestic poultry populations are occasionally transmitted to humans. we report the genomic characterization of an h9n2 avian influenza virus (a/brambling/beijing/16/2012) first isolated from a healthy fringilla montifringilla brambling in northern china in 2012. phylogenetic analyses revealed that this h9n2 virus belongs to the bj/94-like sublineage. this virus had a low pathogenicity for chickens and was able to replicate at a low level in mouse lung ...201525569456
origin and characteristics of internal genes affect infectivity of the novel avian-origin influenza a (h7n9) virus.human infection with a novel avian-origin influenza a (h7n9) virus occurred continuously in china during the first half of 2013, with high infectivity and pathogenicity to humans. in this study, we investigated the origin of internal genes of the novel h7n9 virus and analyzed the relationship between internal genes and infectivity of the virus.201324278391
structural conservation and variation in the mitochondrial control region of fringilline finches (fringilla spp.) and the greenfinch (carduelis chloris).we sequenced the entire control region and portions of flanking genes (trna(phe), trna(glu), and nd6) in the common chaffinch (fringilla coelebs), blue chaffinch (f. teydea), brambling (f. montifringilla), and greenfinch (carduelis chloris). in these finches the control region is similar in length (1,223-1,237 bp) and has the same flanking gene order as in other birds, and contains a putative tas element and the highly conserved csb-1 and f, d, and c boxes recognizable in most vertebrates. clove ...19979029795
[autoradiography of the brain of bramblings (fringilla montifringilla l.) following the injection of 3h-testosterone].the topographic distribution of 3h-testosterone and/or its metabolites in brains of bramblings (fringilla montifringilla l.) was studied autoradiographically and the intensity of labeling was estimated semi-quantitatively. the highest accumulation of radioactivity was found in nuclei of the preoptic region and the hypothalamus (fig. 2--fig. 5). cells of the nucleus preopticus medialis (pom), nucleus paraventricularis magnocellularis (pvm) and nucleus lateralis hypothalami posterioris (plh) showe ...19807451938
a review of the subfamily harpypalpinae fain, 1972 (acariformes: harpirhynchidae)--parasites of passerine birds.the subfamily harpypalpinae fain, 1972 (acariformes: cheyletoidea: harpirhynchidae) is revised. diagnoses of the subfamily and its two constituent genera, harpypalpus dubinin, 1957 and harpypalpoides lombert and moss, 1979, and keys to females of all known species are provided. data on harpypalpine hosts and distribution are summarized, and nine new species are described: harpypalpus lonchura sp. nov. from lonchura castaneothorax (gould) (estrildidae) in australia, harpypalpus pyrrhula sp. nov. ...201425283118
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