isolation of simian immunodeficiency virus from african green monkeys and seroepidemiologic survey of the virus in various non-human primates.sixteen isolates of simian retrovirus closely related to human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) were obtained from healthy african green monkeys (agm) (cercopithecus aethiops). the first isolate was obtained from a monkey seropositive for hiv, and the others were isolated from monkeys harboring antibodies to the first isolate. these simian retroviruses were referred to as simian immunodeficiency virus from agm, siv[agm], due to their cross-reactivities with hiv structural proteins. these siv[agm] is ...19882447023
spontaneous external endometriosis in a de brazza's monkey.a spontaneous case of external endometriosis in a 22-year-old female de brazza's monkey is described. during diagnostic laparotomy, peritoneal adhesions of the uterus to the urinary bladder, ovaries and abdominal wall were seen. a surgical biopsy of soft tissue attached to the ventral surface of the uterus was examined histologically and consisted of endometrial glands and stroma. these findings were compatible with a diagnosis of endometriosis.19892607018
dystocia in a de brazza's monkey. 19873114935
a case of pyometritis in an east african de brazza's monkey (cercopithecus neglectus). 19724630568
subchondral plate thickness reflects tensile stress in the primate evaluate possible relationships between body size and articular architecture, femoral head radius and subchondral plate thickness were assessed in skeletal hip joints from normal primates. the relative "contact pressure" on bearing surfaces was estimated from the measured radius and the normal body mass in species ranging from cebuella pygmaea (0.1 kg) to gorilla gorilla (170 kg). subchondral plate thickness was evaluated by computed tomography in species ranging from cercopithecus neglectus ...19968893781
advanced gastric carcinoma in a de brazza's guenon (cercopithecus neglectus).a necropsy case of advanced gastric carcinoma in a 20-year-old female de brazza's guenon (cercopithecus neglectus) was studied, grossly, an excavated carcinoma mass, 60 x 55 x 35 mm in size, was located in the cardiac region of the stomach. multiple disseminated nodules had implanted on the diaphragm and omentum. the tumor consisted of intestinal-type adenocarcinoma cells and showed infiltrative growth beyond the serosa. the morphologic features of this tumor closely resembled those of advanced ...19979437264
some gastro-intestinal parasites of zoonotic (public health) importance commonly observed in old world non-human primates in kenya.a study was undertaken to categorise some gastro-intestinal (git) parasites commonly observed in kenyan non-human primates (nhps) on the basis of their health implications for humans. six species of locally available non-human primates, namely olive baboons (papio cyanocephalus anubis), vervet monkey (cercopithecus aethiops), sykes monkey (cercopithecus mitis), black and white colobus (colobus abyssinicus), debrazzas monkey (cercopithecus neglectus) and grey and black mangabeys (cercocebus torqu ...19989776144
mutations in ccr5-coding sequences are not associated with siv carrier status in african nonhuman primates.african monkeys can be naturally infected with siv but do not progress to aids. since mutations in the human ccr5 gene have been shown to influence susceptibility to hiv infection and disease progression, we have now investigated whether mutations in ccr5-coding sequences in african nonhuman primates can explain species-specific differences in susceptibility to lentiviral infection. the animals studied comprise chronically infected monkeys corresponding to four natural hosts of siv (cercopithecu ...199910408730
retrospective analysis of an outbreak of b virus infection in a colony of debrazza's monkeys (cercopithecus neglectus).in 1981, an outbreak of herpetic disease developed in a colony of debrazza's monkeys (cercopithecus neglectus). in seven of eight infected animals, clinical signs of infection included vesicular and ulcerative lesions on the lips, tongue, and/or palate. histologic examination of lesions revealed intranuclear inclusion bodies, and electron microscopy revealed nucleocapsids and virions with typical herpesvirus morphology. although a virus was isolated that appeared similar to monkey b virus, techn ...200011200573
some gastro-intestinal tract parasites in wild de brazza's monkeys (cercopithecus neglectus) in kenya.fresh faecal droppings of wild group of de brazza's monkeys (cercopithecus neglectus), earmarked for translocation, were collected between january and july 1998. the samples were analysed using direct smears, ether-sedimentation and the harada-mori culture techniques for gastro-intestinal tract parasites (git). two species of helminths and three of protozoa were detected. entamoeba coli was found in all 40 samples screened from 11 monkeys. entamoeba histolytica was detected in 71.8% of the total ...200212446101
naturally acquired simian retrovirus infections in central african hunters.hunting and butchering of wild non-human primates infected with simian immunodeficiency virus (siv) is thought to have sparked the hiv pandemic. although siv and other primate retroviruses infect laboratory workers and zoo workers, zoonotic retrovirus transmission has not been documented in natural settings. we investigated zoonotic infection in individuals living in central africa.200415043960
new simian immunodeficiency virus infecting de brazza's monkeys (cercopithecus neglectus): evidence for a cercopithecus monkey virus clade.nearly complete sequences of simian immunodeficiency viruses (sivs) infecting 18 different nonhuman primate species in sub-saharan africa have now been reported; yet, our understanding of the origins, evolutionary history, and geographic distribution of these viruses still remains fragmentary. here, we report the molecular characterization of a lentivirus (sivdeb) naturally infecting de brazza's monkeys (cercopithecus neglectus). complete sivdeb genomes (9,158 and 9227 bp in length) were amplifi ...200415220449
reciprocal painting between humans, de brazza's and patas monkeys reveals a major bifurcation in the cercopithecini phylogenetic tree.we report on reciprocal painting between humans and two cercopithecini species, erythrocebus patas (patas monkey) and cercopithecus neglectus (de brazza's monkey). both human and monkeys chromosome-specific probes were made by degenerate oligonucleotide primed pcr (dop-pcr) from flow sorted chromosomes. metaphases of both monkey species were first hybridized with human chromosome-specific probes and then human metaphases were hybridized with chromosome paints from each monkey species. the human ...200515545727
manual laterality and task complexity in de brazza's monkey (cercopithecus neglectus).we investigated manual specialisation of six brazza monkeys, both under structured experimental conditions and while they engaged in unconstrained natural behaviour. five tasks that varied in complexity, degree of visual guidance, and bimanual coordination were used in the experimental condition. individual preferences were revealed for each task, and in the case of simple tasks the position of a monkey relative to the task device was shown to impact on manual preference. strength of laterality ...200515841820
characterization of a novel vpu-harboring simian immunodeficiency virus from a dent's mona monkey (cercopithecus mona denti).we report the identification of a new simian immunodeficiency virus (siv), designated sivden, in a naturally infected dent's mona monkey (cercopithecus mona denti), which was kept as pet in kinshasa, capital of the democratic republic of congo. sivden is genetically distinct from the previously characterized primate lentiviruses. analysis of the full-length genomic sequence revealed the presence of a vpu open reading frame. this gene is also found in the virus lineage of human immunodeficiency v ...200515956597
extensive survey on the prevalence and genetic diversity of sivs in primate bushmeat provides insights into risks for potential new cross-species evaluate the risk of cross-species transmissions of sivs from non-human primates to humans at the primate/hunter interface, a total of 2586 samples, derived from primate bushmeat representing 11 different primate species, were collected at 6 distinct remote forest sites in southeastern cameroon and in yaoundé, the capital city. siv prevalences were estimated with an updated siv lineage specific gp41 peptide elisa covering the major part of the siv diversity. siv positive samples were confirme ...201019393772
revisiting play elements and self-handicapping in play: a comparative ethogram of five old world monkey behavior has been viewed as a mixture of elements drawn from "serious" behavior, interspersed by ritualized play signals. two other types of play behaviors have been overlooked: patterns that are dissimilar from any serious behavior and patterns with self-handicapping character, that is, those that put the animal into unnecessary disadvantageous positions or situations. here the authors show that these 2 types of patterns can constitute a major part of play repertoire. from our own videorec ...200919685966
genetic diversity of simian lentivirus in wild de brazza's monkeys (cercopithecus neglectus) in equatorial brazza's monkeys (cercopithecus neglectus) are non-human primates (nhp) living in equatorial africa from south cameroon through the congo-basin to uganda. as most of the nhp living in sub-saharan africa, they are naturally infected with their own simian lentivirus, sivdeb. previous studies confirmed this infection for de brazza's from east cameroon and uganda. in this report, we studied the genetic diversity of sivdeb in de brazza's monkeys from different geographical areas in south cameroon ...201020219893
Age- and sex-specific patterns of vocal behavior in De Brazza's monkeys (Cercopithecus neglectus).Although vocal production is strongly genetically determined in nonhuman primates, vocal usage is more likely to be influenced by experience. Nonetheless, sex differences in both production and usage can be found in the vocal repertoire of adults, but little attention has been paid to their ontogeny. Here, we provide the first comprehensive analysis of the vocal repertoire of De Brazza's monkeys (Cercopithecus neglectus), with particular attention to age- and sex-specific patterns. This species ...201221932330
cryptosporidium spp., giardia intestinalis, and enterocytozoon bieneusi in captive non-human primates in qinling mountains.non-human primates (nhps) are confirmed as reservoirs of cryptosporidium spp., giardia intestinalis, and enterocytozoon bieneusi. in this study, 197 fresh fecal samples from 8 nhp species in qinling mountains, northwestern china, were collected and examined using multilocus sequence typing (mlst) method. the results showed that 35 (17.8%) samples were positive for tested parasites, including cryptosporidium spp. (3.0%), g. intestinalis (2.0%), and e. bieneusi (12.7%). cryptosporidium spp. were d ...201526323837
counteraction of tetherin antiviral activity by two closely related sivs differing by the presence of a vpu different primate lentiviruses, three proteins (vpu, env and nef) have been shown to have anti-tetherin activities. sivden is a primate lentivirus harbored by a cercopithecus denti (c. denti) whose genome code for a vpu gene. we have compared the activity of hiv-1 vpu and of sivden vpu on tetherin proteins from humans, from c. denti and from cercopithecus neglectus (c. neglectus), a monkey species that is naturally infected by sivdeb, a virus closely related to sivden but which does not encod ...201222530020
social complexity parallels vocal complexity: a comparison of three non-human primate factors play a key role in the structuring of vocal repertoires at the individual level, notably in non-human primates. some authors suggested that, at the species level too, social life may have driven the evolution of communicative complexity, but this has rarely been empirically tested. here, we use a comparative approach to address this issue. we investigated vocal variability, at both the call type and the repertoire levels, in three forest-dwelling species of cercopithecinae present ...201323847565
manual laterality and strategy use for a coordinated bimanual task requiring precise and power grip in guenons and mangabeys.bimanual tasks have been repeatedly shown to elicit manual asymmetries supposed to reflect hemispheric specialization. and yet, a coordinated bimanual task, the box task, appears to be inefficient in detecting biases of hand preferences. the box task involves two sequential actions requiring a precise grip, lift the lid of a box and grasp a small item inside the box (while holding the lid). in the present study, we compared manual laterality exhibited for the classic bimanual box task and for a ...201323776065
dilated cardiomyopathy in a de brazza's monkey (cercopithecus neglectus).cardiomyopathies have been reported in many primates. they may result from an inflammatory response to an infectious agent, nutritional deficiency, familial-genetic inheritance or toxic agents, but in many cases they are idiopathic.201424611814
molecular prevalence and subtypes of blastocystis sp. in primates in northern china.blastocystis sp. is a common enteric protist that colonizes humans and a wide range of animals. although some studies have reported incidences of blastocystis sp. in humans and animals in china, there are limited data available concerning the prevalence among people and non-human primates. the aims of the present study were to determine the prevalence, subtype distribution and genetic characteristics of blastocystis sp. in primates, and to investigate the potential for zoonotic transmission betw ...202032445593
where's the cookie? the ability of monkeys to track object transpositions.object permanence is the ability to represent mentally an object and follow its position even when it has disappeared from view. according to piaget's 6-stage scale of the sensorimotor period of development, it seems that object permanence appears in stage 4 and fully develops in stage 6. in this study, we investigated the ability of some species of monkeys (i.e. pig-tailed macaque, lion-tailed macaque, celebes crested macaque, barbary macaque, de brazza's monkey, l'hoest's monkey, allen's swamp ...201829858974
census, habitat preference, and polyspecific associations of six monkeys in the lomako forest, zaire.this paper reports preliminary data on a number of poorly known cercopithecids inhabiting the lomako forest, zaire. data include those on density, biomass, group size, the relationship between group type (mono vs. polyspecific) and forest type (mixed primary, secondary, monodominant primary, and swamp), and vertical stratification. species examined are colobus angolensis, cercocebus aterrimus, cercopithecus wolfi, cercopithecus ascanius, cercopithecus neglectus, and allenopithecus nigroviridis. ...199431936961
which are the features of the tube task that make it so efficient in detecting manual asymmetries? an investigation in two cercopithecine species (cercopithecus neglectus and cercocebus torquatus).in the last decade, the tube task has been repeatedly shown to be highly efficient in detecting manual asymmetries that are strong hand preferences reflecting hemispheric specialization, in non human primates. the tube task was thus classified as a high-level task, presumably because it involves bimanual coordination. however, this task also requires a precise action made by digit(s), which may also be a crucial feature in eliciting manual asymmetries. in the present study, we compared hand pref ...201323772799
de brazza's monkeys (cercopithecus neglectus) in kenya: census, distribution, and conservation.the population of de brazza's monkeys (cercopithecus neglectus) in kenya, east africa, was surveyed from may to september of 1983 to estimate its numbers, distribution, and conservation status. a small number of de brazza's monkeys are protected within saiwa national park; however, the vast majority of the population is endangered because they are restricted to small, isolated pockets of forests amid expanding farmland within the trans-nzoia area of western kenya. a few animals are found on the ...198531986800
sexual dimorphism, mating system, and effect of phylogeny in de brazza's monkey (cercopithecus neglectus).de brazza's monkey (cercopithecus neglectus), like other guenons, shows marked sexual dimorphism in an array of features. while strong sexual dimorphism is generally associated with a polygynous mating system, populations of de brazza's monkeys in gabon are reportedly monogamous. an explanation of this unique phenomenon is offered here. patterns of sexual dimorphism are examined for morphology, growth and development, behavior, and ecology, and field and captive studies on the social organizatio ...198731973478
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