specific activation of human t lymphocytes by robinia pseudoacacia seeds' lectin. 1977301439
[poisoning of 9 horses by the bark of the locust tree (robinia pseudoacacia)]. 19695813869
effects of a water soluble extract of robinia pseudoacacia leaves on uterine smooth muscle. 19676069311
adoptive transfer of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis with lectin-activated spleen cells.adoptive transfer of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) was achieved in lewis rats using spleen cells incubated in vitro with various lectins. when stimulated with concanavalin a (con a), its derivative succinyl-con a, lens culinaris or pisum sativum agglutinin, spleen cells obtained from rats immunized with encephalitogenic emulsion could transfer eae to normal syngeneic recipients. in contrast, spleen cells stimulated with phaseolus vulgaris, robinia pseudoacacia or wisteria floribu ...19846085110
decrease in human lymphocyte surface glycoconjugates in leukemia as demonstrated by lectin binding.qualitative variations in the glycoconjugates which make up the lectin receptor sites on the membranes of leukemic lymphocytes, compared with those of normal cells, have been studied by the use of three tritiated lectins: robinia pseudoacacia lectin, concanavalin a and ricinus communis (var. sanquineus) agglutinin (rca 120). the binding specificity of these lectins has been demonstrated using specific determinants: alpha-methylmannoside and galactose for concanavalin a and ricinus communis agglu ...19836616430
differences of glycoconjugates exposed on hypernephroma and normal kidney cells.we analyzed the outer cell membranes of normal kidney cells, hypernephroma cells, nude mouse transplants of hypernephroma tissue, and cell lines derived from hypernephroma using horseradish peroxidase-coupled lectins of different specificity, in order to investigate their binding to cryostat sections or the cell surfaces of suspended single cells. we showed that hypernephroma cells express higher amounts of receptors for robinia pseudoacacia lectin, soy bean lectin and phaseolus vulgaris lectin ...19827176041
agglutination of "streptococcus milleri" by lectins.the agglutination of 218 clinical isolates and three atcc type strains of "streptococcus milleri" was tested with 25 different lectins from plants and fungi. an agglutination reaction with one or more lectins was observed with 42 isolates when the cells were untreated. after trypsinisation of the bacteria, 109 strains yielded a positive reaction and after boiling the bacterial cells at ph2, 218 isolates were agglutinated. as an overall result of our experiments with untreated, trypsinised and bo ...19948006940
expression of cdna for a bark lectin of robinia in transgenic tobacco plants.a cdna encoding a bark lectin of robinia pseudoacacia was introduced into tobacco plants. the expression of the lectin cdna under control of the 35s promoter was confirmed by western blot analysis and a hemagglutination assay of extracts of transgenic plants. western blot analysis revealed that the subunit of the lectin from tobacco had a molecular mass of 29 kda. the sequence of nine amino acids from the n-terminus of the lectin from transgenic tobacco plants was identical to that of the bark l ...19958543018
studies by site-directed mutagenesis of the carbohydrate-binding properties of a bark lectin from robinia pseudoacacia.a bark lectin, rbl, from robinia pseudoacacia (black locust), binds galactose-related sugars specifically. recombinant rbl (rrbl) with a histidine tag was expressed in escherichia coli, purified and characterized. rrbl agglutinated rabbit erythrocytes and the hemagglutination was inhibited by galactose and related sugars. to elucidate the mechanism of the binding of carbohydrate by rbl, 16 mutant rrbls were produced by site-directed mutagenesis. the analysis of the mutants indicated that residue ...19979091320
[poisoning of horses by the bark of the false acacia (robinia pseudoacacia)].the present study describes the poisoning due to robinia pseudoacacia in two horses. one of the horses showed mainly intestinal symptoms such as decreased intestinal motility and obstipation of the pelvic flexure. in the second animal central nervous symptoms were predominant. it showed intermittent phases of somnolence alternating with phases of excitation and head pressing. in addition mydriasis and a lacking menace response could be observed. sensation to the head and the spinal reflexes were ...19979297233
preparation of monospecific polyclonal antibodies against sambucus nigra lectin related protein, a glycosylated plant protein.a simple, but highly efficient, method was developed for the purification of monospecific antibodies against the plant glycoprotein sambucus nigra lectin related protein. in a first step, the antiserum is purified by affinity chromatography on a column with the immobilized antigen. to deplete the affinity-purified antiserum from aspecific cross-reacting antibodies directed against the glycan part of the glycoprotein, a second affinity chromatography on an unrelated plant glycoprotein, in casu th ...200111513087
in vitro interaction of the truffle terfezia terfezioides with robinia pseudoacacia and helianthemum ovatum.the type of the in vitro root interactions of terfezia terfezioides with the plants robinia pseudoacacia and helianthemum ovatum was investigated including detailed anatomical and ultrastructural characterization. no difference in growth was detected at different phosphate concentrations on agar synthetic medium between the inoculated and control plants during a short-time cultivation. the fungal colonization of the roots increased with higher phosphate level in both plant species, but was alway ...200312879749
regeneration of herbicide-tolerant black locust transgenic plants by saat.a protocol based on saat (sonication-assisted agrobacterium-mediated transformation) has been developed to obtain herbicide-resistant transgenic black locust (robinia pseudoacacia l.) plants. cotyledon explants were co-cultivated with agrobacterium agl1 strain carrying the ptab16 plasmid (bar and gusa genes). the effects of bacterial concentration (od550 of 0.3, 0.6, 0.8) and method of infection (sonication vs immersion) on bacterial delivery were determined by assaying cotyledons for transient ...200414767606
genetic transformation of robinia pseudoacacia by agrobacterium tumefaciens.transgenic robinia pseudoacacia plants were obtained by agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated gene transfer. agrobacterium strain lba4404 harbouring a binary vector that contained the chimeric neomycin phosphotransferase ii (nptii) and beta-glucuronidase (gus) genes was co-cultivated with hypocotyl segments of in vitro raised seedlings of robinia. parameters important for high efficiency regeneration and transformation rates included type of explant, pre-conditioning of explants and appropriate len ...200315255607
antibacterial activity of seed proteins of robinia pseudoacacia.a low molecular weight cationic peptide was isolated from robinia pseudoacacia seed and tested in vitro against seven bacteria (corynebacterium michiganense, staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis, erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora, pseudomonas syringae pv syringae, xanthomonas campestris pv campestris, and escherichia coli). the peptide inhibited the growth of the tested strains. the effective concentrations required for 50% inhibition of bacterial growth ranged between 20 and 120 microg m ...200515664465
[sensitization to castanea sativa pollen and pollinosis in northern extremadura (spain)].castanea sativa pollen allergy has generally been considered to be uncommon and clinically insignificant. in our geographical area (plasencia, cáceres, spain) castanea sativa pollen is a major pollen.200515946627
[effects of forest vegetation on runoff and sediment production on sloping lands of loess area].based on the 1985 - 2003 fixed-position data in 9 runoff plots of caijiachuan watershed in the jixian county of shanxi province in loess area, this paper discussed the relationships between vegetation and runoff and sediment production on sloping lands of loess area. the results showed that natural-secondary forest had better function in soil and water conservation than artifical robinia pseudoacacia forest, with runoff and sediment produced 65% - 82% and 23% - 92%, respectively. multiple regres ...200516355770
in situ biomonitoring of the genotoxic effects of mixed industrial emissions using the tradescantia micronucleus and pollen abortion tests with wild life plants: demonstration of the efficacy of emission controls in an eastern european city.aim of the study was to monitor changes of genotoxic activity of urban air caused by an incinerator and a petrochemical plant in tradescantia micronucleus (trad-mcn) and pollen fertility assays with wild plants (chelidonium majus, clematis vitalba, cichorium intybus, linaria vulgaris, robinia pseudoacacia). while in the first sampling period (1997-2000) significantly (on average 80%) more mn were found at the polluted site in comparison to controls from a rural area, no significant effects were ...200716815607
[characteristics of robinia pseudoacacia water physiological ecology under different habitats in north shaanxi gully areas of loess plateau].with locust (robinia pseudoacacia), the main tree species in afforestation, as test material, this paper studied the characteristics of its water physiological ecology and productivity under four habitats, i. e. , sunny, shady, semi-sunny and semi-shady hillsides, in the north shaanxi gully areas of loess plateau. the mean water content in 0 - 500 cm soil layer was 8.87% (shady), 8.06% (semi-shady), 7.62% (semi-sunny), and 6.96% (sunny), respectively. there was a significant discrepancy between ...200516252853
[mechanism analysis of optimized model of conversion from farmland to forestland in the hill-gully sub-region of loess plateau].conversion from farmland to forestland program (cff) is one of the six great ecological forest programs in china. this study covered the cff model area of the hilly-gully sub-region of loess plateau, and introduced system dynamics and other latest theories and methodologies. based on the analysis of five modules including that of the site observation of field stations and extensive investigations, and over 10000 original data obtained in the fields of natural science, social science and economic ...200415669481
accumulation of sulfur and heavy metals in soil and tree leaves sampled from the surroundings of tuncbilek thermal power this study, the quantities of sulfur and heavy metals, resulting from the tuncbilek thermal power plant (tpp) in turkey, have been assessed in tree leaves and soil samples within a 10 km radius of the plant. leaves of salix alba l., populus tremula l., robinia pseudoacacia l., quercus infectoria l., pinus nigra arn. ssp. pallasiana (lamb) holmboe. trees have been used with the aim of determining how far the gas and particles emitted from the tpp are carried, and for assessment of environmenta ...200415488593
acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase inhibitory activity of some turkish medicinal plants.the chloroform:medianol (1:1) extracts of a number of the plant species belonging to eight families, namely corydalis solida (l.) swartz subsp. solida and glaucium corniculatum (l.) j. h. rudolph (papaveraceae), rhododendron ponticum l. subsp. ponticum and rhododendron luteum sweet. (ericaceae), buxus sempervirens l. (buxaceae), vicia faba l. (fabaceae), robinia pseudoacacia l. (caeselpiniaceae), tribulus terrestris l. and zygophyllum fabago l. (zygophyllaceae), lycopodium clavatum l. (lycopodia ...200415036468
functional characterization of allantoinase genes from arabidopsis and a nonureide-type legume black locust.the availability of nitrogen is a limiting factor for plant growth in most soils. allantoin and its degradation derivatives are a group of soil heterocyclic nitrogen compounds that play an essential role in the assimilation, metabolism, transport, and storage of nitrogen in plants. allantoinase is a key enzyme for biogenesis and degradation of these ureide compounds. here, we describe the isolation of two functional allantoinase genes, ataln (arabidopsis allantoinase) and rpaln (robinia pseudoac ...200414976234
response of five temperate deciduous tree species to water stress.gas exchange, tissue water relations, and leaf/root dry weight ratios were compared among young, container-grown plants of five temperate-zone, deciduous tree species (acer negundo l., betula papyrifera marsh, malus baccata borkh, robinia pseudoacacia l., and ulmus parvifolia jacq.) under well-watered and water-stressed conditions. there was a small decrease (mean reduction of 0.22 mpa across species) in the water potential at which turgor was lost (psi(tlp)) in response to water stress. the psi ...199014972935
canker and wilt of black locust (robinia pseudoacacia l.) caused by fusarium species.from the pathological material of black locust trees showing symptoms of wilting of the foliage or canker of the bark the following fusarium species were isolated: fusarium avenaceum (fr.) sacc., fusarium lateritium nees., fusarium semitectum berk. & rav., fusarium solani (mart.) sacc., fusarium sulphureum schlecht. (syn.: fusarium sambucinum fuckel f. 6 wollenw.) the results of the provocation infections of one-year-old black locust seedlings showed that all of the species--except fusarium sola ...200212109155
studies on the root associations of the truffle terfezia terfezioides.the paper contains an overview of the results of the studies made on the truffle terfezia terfezioides, particularly the investigations related to the associations of this fungus with plants. twelve plant species originated from a natural habitat of the fungus were supposed to be connected with t. terfezioides based on the anatomy of the endogenous fungal structures in their roots. aseptic experiments were carried out on modified mmn substrates with different phosphate concentrations to study th ...200212109150
mesorhizobium gobiense sp. nov. and mesorhizobium tarimense sp. nov., isolated from wild legumes growing in desert soils of xinjiang, china.twenty-four mesorhizobium strains were isolated from desert soils in the xinjiang region of china and were characterized by a polyphasic approach. these strains grouped into three clusters in igs-rflp, sds-page analysis of whole-cell proteins and box-pcr analysis, corresponding to genomic species v, vi and vii as found in a previous study. the results were supported by sequencing analyses of rrs, igs, atpd and reca genes. genospecies vii was most related to mesorhizobium septentrionale, while ge ...200818984702
[distribution patterns of root systems of main planting tree species in weibei loess plateau].the vertical patterns of root systems of pinus tabulaeformis, robinia pseudoacacia, platycladus orientalis, pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, pinus armandi, prunus armeniacia var. ansu planted in the weibei loess plateau were studied with soil auger. site conditions had a significant effect on the vertical root distribution of r. pseudoacacia, of which, soil moisture is the key factor. soil species and soil structure also had great effect on the distribution. p. tabulaeformis had a maximum rootin ...200011766584
phylogenetic diversity of rhizobial strains nodulating robinia pseudoacacia l.lack of knowledge exists regarding the diversity of rhizobial strains nodulating black locust (robinia pseudoacacia l.), which is a neophytic tree species widely distributed in europe. seventeen rhizobial strains isolated from nodules of black locust at a german location were examined by phenotypic characterization and 16s rdna analysis. the isolates were classified in nine 16s rdna genotypes using a set of seven endonucleases. based on rflp analysis and sequencing, the strains were shown to bel ...200011065378
purification and characterization of an alpha-glucosidase from rhizobium sp. (robinia pseudoacacia l.) strain usda 4280.a novel alpha-glucosidase with an apparent subunit mass of 59 +/- 0. 5 kda was purified from protein extracts of rhizobium sp. strain usda 4280, a nodulating strain of black locust (robinia pseudoacacia l), and characterized. after purification to homogeneity (475-fold; yield, 18%) by ammonium sulfate precipitation, cation-exchange chromatography, hydrophobic chromatography, dye chromatography, and gel filtration, this enzyme had a pi of 4.75 +/- 0.05. the enzyme activity was optimal at ph 6.0 t ...199910388682
purification and characterization of robinia pseudoacacia seed lectins. a re-investigation.two lectins, rpa 1 and rpa 3, were purified from robinia pseudoacacia seeds. these two lectins differ in their physicochemical and biological properties. by analytical ultracentrifugation the mr values of rpa 1 and rpa 3 were estimated to be 59,000 and 105,000 respectively. from sds/polyacrylamide-gel-electrophoresis data it was estimated that rpa 1 consisted of two subunits of mr 34,000, and rpa 3 of two types of subunits (mr 30,500 and 29,000). rpa 1 and rpa 3 were found to be glycoproteins of ...19863800899
in vitro anticancer potential of tree extracts from the walloon region forest.forty-eight extracts from 16 common belgian trees from the walloon region forest were evaluated for in vitro growth inhibitory activity against the human lovo colon cancer, pc3 prostate cancer, and u373 glioblastoma cell lines. our study was performed with the aim of selecting plant candidates in order to later isolate new anticancer compounds from an easily affordable tree material. extracts from alnus glutinosa (stem bark), carpinus betulus (leaves and stem bark), castanea sativa (stem bark), ...200919579185
modifications of lectin binding on human leukemic cells after neuraminidase treatment.cell surface modifications after vibrio cholerae neuraminidase treatment were investigated using three different tritiated lectins: concanavalin a, ricinus sanguineus agglutinin (r.s.a.) and robinia pseudoacacia lectin. lectin binding measurements were performed on untreated and enzyme treated cells. the cells used were from chronic and acute leukemic donors. after neuraminidase treatment, a significant increase in the number of receptor sites, from 1 to 3 times, was found in all cases tested an ...1978276384
stimulation of 2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase in human lymphocytes by robinia pseudoacacia lectin.2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase (cnp) activity was studied in human peripheral blood lymphocytes. incubation of human lymphocytes with optimum mitogenic concentrations of robinia pseudoacacia lectin produced an increase in cnp activity. this increase was not detected before 24 h of incubation. furthermore, whereas unfractionated lymphocytes exhibited activation of cnp, this was not observed in b and t cell subpopulations.19863017454
studies on the interaction of dopamine beta-hydroxylase from various sources with phytohaemagglutinins.1. bovine adrenal medulla dopamine beta-hydroxylase, a glycoprotein with terminal mannose residues in carbohydrate moiety, did not precipitate with any lectins tested except concanavalin a. after digestion with neuraminidase, the enzyme was shown to interact with ricin, and a good correlation was found between the amount of liberated sialic acids and the extent of agglutination. this finding show either that more than one type of carbohydrate unit occurs on the protein or that three are multibra ...19751183043
activation of human b lymphocytes induced by robinia pseudoacacia lectin in the presence of t cells.robinia pseudoacacia seed lectin is a potent human lymphocyte activator which is capable of activating pure t cells but not pure b lymphocytes. however, when b and t cells were cultured together, the thymidine incorporation was found to be higher than that expected from b- or t-cell cultures alone. killing of t cells by anti-human-t-lymphocyte antigen (htla) serum and complement at the time of thymidine incorporation was found to be unable to suppress completely the thymidine uptake whereas trea ...1978309432
diversity among rhizobia effective with robinia pseudoacacia l.the diversity of rhizobia that form symbioses with roots of black locust (robinia pseudoacacia l.), an economically important leguminous tree species, was examined by inoculating seedling root zones with samples of soil collected from the united states, canada, and china. bacteria were isolated from nodules, subcultured, and verified to be rhizobia. the 186 isolates varied significantly in their resistance to antibiotics and nacl, their growth on different carbohydrates, and their effect on the ...199216348730
mesorhizobium robiniae sp. nov., isolated from root nodules of robinia pseudoacacia.previously, five rhizobial strains isolated from root nodules of robinia pseudoacacia were assigned to the same genospecies on the basis of identical 16s rrna gene sequences and phylogenetic analyses of the noda, nodc and nifh genes, in which the five isolates formed a well-supported group that excluded other sequences found in public databases. in this study, the 16s rrna gene sequence similarities between the isolates and mesorhizobium mediterraneum upm-ca36(t) and mesorhizobium temperatum sdw ...201020008111
aeroallergens sensitization in an allergic paediatric population of cova da beira, portugal.cova da beira is an interior central region of portugal, with a population of 93,000 inhabitants. the first pollen counts performed in portugal revealed the highest values of the country in this area. the aim of this study was to assess the aeroallergens sensitization in an allergic population, according to the age groups. in a 5 year period (1995-2000) 1790 consecutive outpatients were observed for suspected allergic symptoms. we included in this study all the 557 paediatric (< or = 15 years ol ...200516045856
long-term co2 enrichment of a forest ecosystem: implications for forest regeneration and succession.the composition and successional status of a forest affect carbon storage and net ecosystem productivity, yet it remains unclear whether elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide (co2) will impact rates and trajectories of forest succession. we examined how co2 enrichment (+200 microl co2/l air differential) affects forest succession through growth and survivorship of tree seedlings, as part of the duke forest free-air co2 enrichment (face) experiment in north carolina, usa. we planted 2352 seedlings ...200717555228
molecular cloning of two classes of em-like proteins from the seeds of the leguminous tree robinia check for the presence of em-like proteins in seeds of the leguminous tree robinia pseudoacacia l. (black locust), a cdna library constructed from mrna isolated from developing seeds was screened using radiolabeled cdna encoding the em protein from vigna radiata as a probe. sequence analysis of the identified cdna clones revealed two classes of em proteins in robinia. the nucleotide sequence data for each class have been submitted to genbank/embl data library and are available under the acces ...199614871674
effect of orally and intraperitoneally administered plant lectins on food consumption of rats.a panel of orally administered lectins (100 mg/kg b.w.) of different binding specificities was tested for suppression of voluntary food consumption in prefasted rats. pha isolectins (phaseolus vulgaris) and rpa-i (robinia pseudoacacia) were found to exert a marked and significant effect, but two other gut-binding lectins, i.e. sba (glycine max) and wga (triticum vulgar) and several non-binding lectins were ineffective. in cannulated rats pha infused into the duodenum induced food suppression, i. ...200312903908
nodulation in black locust by the gammaproteobacteria pseudomonas sp. and the betaproteobacteria burkholderia sp.nodulation abilities of bacteria in the subclasses gammaproteobacteria and betaproteobacteria on black locust (robinia pseudoacacia) were tested. pseudomonas sp., burkholderia sp., klebsiella sp., and paenibacillus sp. were isolated from surface-sterilized black locust nodules, but their nodulation ability is unknown. the aims of this study were to determine if these bacteria are symbiotic. the species and genera of the strains were determined by rflp analysis and dna sequencing of 16s rrna gene ...201020542651
[study on thinning to robinia pseudoacacia forest on the loess plateau].radiation, temperature and soil moisture in the forests, the biodiversity and productivity of understory plants, and the growth of trees among 3 thinned 9-year-old robinia pseudoacacia forests (735, 1110, and 1480 and non-thinning forest (2220 were analyzed comparatively. the results showed that thinning could improve growing condition of trees and understory plants, so that the biodiversity and biomass of understory plants an ...200211962307
in vitro study of the comparative behaviour of a human acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line and a reference normal cell line towards the effects of a mitogenic in vitro study of the behaviour of a human acute lymphoblastoid leukemia cell line (reh) towards the action of a mitogenic lectin of robinia pseudoacacia was carried out. the results were compared with those a reference cell line (lhn13) established from normal human lymphocytes. in both cell lines, the lectin induces agglutination (measured by counting the number of aggregates as well as the number of cells in each aggregate) and decrease of growth (measured by counting the number of cells a ...19853866637
bioactive flavonoids from the black locust tree, robinia pseudoacacia.five flavonoids, acacetin ( 1 ), secundiflorol i ( 2 ), mucronulatol ( 3 ), isomucronulatol ( 4 ), and isovestitol ( 5 ) were isolated, with the fractionation being guided by the brine shrimp lethality test (bst), from the ethanolic extract of the whole plant of robinia pseudoacacia (fabaceae). the structures of 1 - 5 were identified by spectral analyses. compounds 2 - 5 are, for the first time, reported from this species. corrections have been made for the previous literature assignments of the ...200021214467
a rare ingestion of the black locust tree.the black locust (robinia pseudoacacia) tree contain toxalbumins, robin and phasin, that exert their toxic effects by inhibition of protein synthesis. despite the potential dangers of black locust intoxication, reports of human toxicity after ingestion are rare. we report the first human intoxication of black locust bark in north america in over one hundred years.200415083944
a simple method for measuring acetylene reduction of intact, nodulated black locust seedlings.a simple method is described for measuring acetylene (c(2)h(2)) reduction of nodulated black locust (robinia pseudoacacia l.) seedlings. the c(2)h(2) reduction chamber consists of a standard plant pot sealed at one end with a stopper having holes for the seedling and a gas inlet port, and sealed at the other end with a stoppered collar with a gas port. the chamber temperature is regulated by circulating water at a controlled temperature through a copper coil surrounding the plant pot. a pump rec ...199114972842
distribution of ectomycorrhizal and pathogenic fungi in soil along a vegetational change from japanese black pine (pinus thunbergii) to black locust (robinia pseudoacacia).the nitrogen-fixing tree black locust (robinia pseudoacacia l.) seems to affect ectomycorrhizal (ecm) colonization and disease severity of japanese black pine (pinus thunbergii parl.) seedlings. we examined the effect of black locust on the distribution of ecm and pathogenic fungi in soil. dna was extracted from soil at depths of 0-5 and 5-10 cm, collected from the border between a japanese black pine- and a black locust-dominated forest, and the distribution of these fungi was investigated by d ...200919015894
[effects of vegetation restoration on soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen in hilly areas of loess plateau].aimed to explore the effects of different vegetations and of the years of vegetation restoration on soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen, a comparative study was conducted, with the 5 year old robinia pseudoacacia, hippophae reamnoide and prunus armeniaca plantations and the 5, 15 and 25 years old r. pseudoacacia plantation in the yangjuangou catchment of yanan city of shaanxi province, a typical hilly area of the loess plateau, as test objects. the results showed that among the three 5-ye ...200919449564
potential tree species for use in the restoration of unsanitary landfills.given that they represent the most economical option for disposing of refuse, waste landfills are widespread in urban areas. however, landfills generate air and water pollution and require restoration for landscape development. a number of unsanitary waste landfills have caused severe environmental problems in developing countries. this study aimed to investigate the colonization status of different tree species on waste landfills to assess their potential for restoring unsanitary landfills in s ...200516132448
does ectomycorrhizal fungal community structure vary along a japanese black pine (pinus thunbergii) to black locust (robinia pseudoacacia) gradient?in this study we examined the role of the nitrogen-fixing tree, robinia pseudoacacia (black locust), in ectomycorrhizal (ecm) formation and ecm community of pinus thunbergii (japanese black pine) seedlings. two 200 m(2) experimental plots were established at the border between a japanese black pine- and a black locust-dominated area in a coastal forest. the ecm fungal community of pine seedlings was examined by pcr-rflp and sequence analysis. we analyzed the relationship between ecm formation, e ...200717204079
survey of microfungi in the landschaftspark duisburg-nord (germany).during an excursion in the landschaftspark duisburg-nord in 2009 and 2010 we were able to collect and identify more than 100 specimens of microfungi on different parts of cultivated and wild plant species. we found parasitic and saprophytic microfungi on trees, bushes and herbaceous plants. some of them have been observed only rarely until now. most of the collected microfungi species belong to the classes of ascomycetes, basidiomycetes and deuteromycetes - for example leptosphaeria modesta (des ...201122702187
morphology and general characteristics of bacteriophages infectious to robinia pseudoacacia mesorhizobia.four phages infectious to mesorhizobium strains were identified in soil samples taken from local robinia pseudoacacia stands. based on their polyhedral heads and short noncontractile tails, three of the phages, mlo30, mam12, and mam20, were assigned to group c of bradley's classification, the podoviridae family, while phage mlo1, with its elongated hexagonal head and a long flexible tail represented subgroup b2 bacteriophages, the siphoviridae family. the phages were homogeneous in respect of th ...201020204638
[photosynthetic characteristics of five arbor species in shenyang urban area].by using li-6400 infrared gas analyzer, this paper studied the diurnal and seasonal variations of the photosynthetic rate of main arbor species (populus alba x p. berolinensis, salix matsudana, ulmus pumila, robinia pseudoacacia and prunus davidiana) in shenyang urban area. the correlations between net photosynthetic rate and environmental factors (photosynthetic active radiation, temperature, and stomatal conductance) were assessed by multivariate regression analysis, and related equations were ...200717974233
physiological and proteomic responses of diploid and tetraploid black locust (robinia pseudoacacia l.) subjected to salt stress.tetraploid black locust (robinia pseudoacacia l.) is adaptable to salt stress. here, we compared morphological, physiological, ultrastructural, and proteomic traits of leaves in tetraploid black locust and its diploid relatives under salt stress. the results showed that diploid (2×) plants suffered from greater negative effects than those of tetraploid (4×) plants. after salt treatment, plant growth was inhibited, photosynthesis was reduced, reactive oxygen species, malondialdehyde content, and ...201324129170
draft genome sequence of plant growth-promoting rhizobium mesorhizobium amorphae, isolated from zinc-lead mine, we describe the draft genome sequence of mesorhizobium amorphae strain ccnwgs0123, isolated from nodules of robinia pseudoacacia growing on zinc-lead mine tailings. a large number of metal(loid) resistance genes, as well as genes reported to promote plant growth, were identified, presenting a great future potential for aiding phytoremediation in metal(loid)-contaminated soil.201222247533
chemical composition and natural durability of juvenile and mature heartwood of robinia pseudoacacia l.the aim of this study was to characterize the properties of juvenile and mature heartwood of robinia pseudoacacia l. (black locust). the content, the composition, and subcellular localization of heartwood extractives were studied in 14 old-grown trees from forest sites in germany and hungary, as well as in 16 younger trees of four clone types. heartwood extractives (methanol and acetone extraction) were analysed by hplc-chromatography. uv microspectrophotometry was used to localize the extractiv ...201121779654
uses of plant lectins in bioscience and research directions in the last decade have led to major developments in the uses of plant lectins in bioscience and biomedicine. major advances have been made in our understanding how lectins in the diet can act on the gastrointestinal tract and the physiological consequences of their actions, and how they can modulate body- and organ metabolism, the immune system and the gut microflora. particularly striking progress has been made in unravelling the effects, often beneficial, of both orall ...200817981618
rhizobium multihospitium sp. nov., isolated from multiple legume species native of xinjiang, china.thirty-one rhizobial strains isolated from nodules of legumes native of xinjiang, china, were characterized. these strains were classified as belonging to the genus rhizobium based on amplified 16s rdna restriction analysis (ardra). the strains were distinguished from recognized rhizobium species using analysis of 16s-23s rdna intergenic spacers (igs-rflp), sds-page analysis of whole proteins and box-pcr; the test strains always formed a distinct cluster with patterns that were quite different f ...200818599718
streptomyces samsunensis sp. nov., a member of the streptomyces violaceusniger clade isolated from the rhizosphere of robinia pseudoacacia.the taxonomic position of a streptomyces isolate, strain m1463(t), recovered from the rhizosphere of robinia pseudoacacia was established in a polyphasic study. the organism had chemical and morphological markers that were consistent with its classification in the streptomyces violaceusniger clade. this assignment was confirmed by 16s rrna gene sequence data, which also showed that the strain formed a distinct subclade together with streptomyces malaysiensis dsm 41697(t). however, the two strain ...201020656824
[dynamic changes of soil moisture in loess hilly and gully region under effects of different yearly precipitation patterns].based on field determinations, the dynamic changes of soil moisture in dry farmland, robinia pseudoacacia forestland, hippophae shrubland and bothriochloa ischaemum grassland in loess hilly and gully region under effects of different yearly precipitation patterns were analyzed. the results showed that yearly precipitation pattern had definite effects on the seasonal variation and profile distribution of soil moisture. in normal year, soil moisture in dry farmland had a gentle seasonal variation; ...200818808014
endophytic colonisation of bacillus subtilis in the roots of robinia pseudoacacia l.the endophytic colonisation of bacillus subtilis strain gxjm08, isolated from roots of podocarpus imbricatus b1. enum. p1. jav., in roots of the leguminous plant robinia pseudoacacia l. was investigated. ultrastructure observations showed that b. subtilis caused morphological changes in the root hair and colonised the plant through infected root hairs. the structure of the infection thread was similar to that of rhizobia, but the structure of infected cells was different. b. subtilis is also dif ...201121972966
invasive robinia pseudoacacia in china is nodulated by mesorhizobium and sinorhizobium species that share similar nodulation genes with native american symbionts.the aim of this work is to describe the diversity of potentially symbiotic bacteria associated with the invasive introduced legume robinia pseudoacacia in china. thirty-three isolates from 33 separate trees and nodules were characterized using restriction length fragment polymorphism and sequencing of 16s rrna, noda, nodc and nifh genes. their 16s rrna gene patterns and sequences placed them in three clades: 85% of isolates were related to the mesorhizobium mediterraneum/temperatum group, wherea ...200919416352
mesorhizobium soli sp. nov., a novel species isolated from the rhizosphere of robinia pseudoacacia l. in south korea by using a modified culture method.strain nhi-8(t) was isolated from a forest soil sample, collected in south korea, by using a modified culture method. comparative analysis of its nearly full-length 16s rrna gene sequence showed that strain nhi-8(t) belongs to the genus mesorhizobium and to be closely related to mesorhizobium chacoense pr5(t) (97.32 %). the levels of dna-dna relatedness between strain nhi-8(t) and reference type strains of the genus mesorhizobium were 32.28-53.65 %. sds-page of total soluble proteins and the seq ...201525980835
paenibacillus enshidis sp. nov., isolated from the nodules of robinia pseudoacacia l.a gram-positive, motile, endospore-forming, rod-shaped bacterium, designated rp-207(t), was isolated from the nodules of robinia pseudoacacia l. plants planted in enshi district, hubei, pr china. phylogenetic analyses based on the 16s rrna gene sequence showed that the novel strain was affiliated to the genus paenibacillus, with its closest relatives being paenibacillus xylanilyticus xil14(t) (95.6%), paenibacillus peoriae dsm8320(t) (95.3%) and paenibacillus polymyxa dsm 36(t) (95.3%). the dna ...201526063444
immune enhancement of taishan robinia pseudoacacia polysaccharide on recombinant proteus mirabilis ompa in chickens.this study was conducted to evaluate the effects of taishan robinia pseudoacacia polysaccharide (trpps) on immune responses of chickens immunized with proteus mirabilis outer membrane protein a (ompa) recombinant protein vaccine. ompa was expressed in pichia pastoris and mixed with trpps. 360 chickens were randomly divided into six groups. groups i to iv were treated with ompa which contained trpps of three different dosages, freund's adjuvant, respectively. groups v and vi were treated with pur ...201425000334
phenotypic, genomic and phylogenetic characteristics of rhizobia isolated from root nodules of robinia pseudoacacia (black locust) growing in poland and japan.rhizobial strains, rescued from the root nodules of robinia pseudoacacia growing in japan and poland, were characterized for the phenotypic properties, genomic diversity as well as phylogeny and compared with the reference strains representing different species and genera of nodule bacteria. they had a moderately slow growth rate, a low tolerance to antibiotics, a moderate resistance to nacl and produced acid in yeast mannitol agar. cluster analysis based on the phenotypic features divided all b ...200919669127
[characterization of soil microbial community function and structure in rhizosphere of typical tree species and the meaning for environmental indication in the loess plateau].determination of the soil microbial community structure in rhizosphere of typical tree species in the loess plateau can be of great theoretical significance for correctly assessing the characteristics of soil ecological rehabilitation of the loess plateau. in this study,spore density analysis, microbial cultivation and biolog were employed to evaluate the amf spore density and soil microbial community diversity under four tree species with vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae in ecological rehabilit ...200919799313
environmental friendly alkaline sulfite anthra quinone-methonal (asam) pulping with rumex crispus plant extract of woody materials.asam with rumex crispus extract organosolv pulping was developed by using 1,5-dihydroxy-3-methoxy-7-methyl-anthraquinone from rumex crispus root, instead of anthraquinone. asam was also produced as a control pulping. both pulps were made by handsheets from fast growing p. deltoides clone (samsun p. clone), robinia pseudoacacia l. and pinus pinaster grown in turkey for wood fibrous raw materials. the mechanical consisting tensile, bursting and tear values and optical values of asam handsheets yel ...201223734463
[time lag characteristics of stem sap flow of common tree species during their growth season in beijing downtown].from april to september in 2008, the stem sap flow velocity (js) of several common tree species (ginkgo biloba, aesculus chinensis, magnolia denudata, robinia pseudoacacia, pinus tabulaeformis and cedrus deodara) in beijing was measured by thermal dissipation method. crosscorrelation analysis was used to estimate the time lag between the stem sap flow and the driving factors of canopy transpiration among the tree species. the js of the six tree species was significantly correlated with the total ...200920030130
[photosynthetic physiological adaptabilities of pinus tabulaeformis and robinia pseudoacacia in the loess plateau].with yangling, yongshou, fuxian, ansai, mizhi and shenmu, the s ix counties from the south to the north in the loess plateau as study sites, this paper studied thoe photosynthetic charac teristics and leaf traits of pinus tabulaeformis and robinia pseudoacacia. the results showed that among the six sites, there were significant differences in the photosynthetic rate (pn), photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency (pnue), water use efficiency (wue), leaf mass per area (lma), nitrogen content (nmass) ...200717396493
multilocus sequence analysis of bosea species and the description of bosea lupini sp. nov., bosea lathyri sp. nov., and bosea robiniae sp. nov. isolated from legumes in flanders (belgium).gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria were isolated from lupinus polyphyllus, lathyrus latifolius and robinia pseudoacacia root nodules. based on the 16s rrna gene phylogeny, they were closely related to bosea species (100 - 97%), belonging to the alphaproteobacteria class and bradyrhizobiaceae family. the closest relative for lmg 26383t, lmg 26379t and lmg 26381t were respectively, bosea thiooxidans (99.6%), bosea eneae (98.3%) and bosea minatitlanensis (99.0%). chemotaxonomic data, including the ...201122155761
robinia pseudoacacia in poland and japan is nodulated by mesorhizobium amorphae strains.robinia pseudoacacia microsymbionts from plants growing in poland and japan were evaluated for phylogeny and taxonomic position by genomic approach. based on the comparative analyses of atpd (368 bp) and dnak (573 bp) gene sequences as well as 16s rdna restriction analysis (rflp-16s rdna), r. pseudoacacia microsymbionts were identified as mesorhizobium strains. in dnak and atpd gene phylograms r. pseudoacacia nodulators formed robust, monophyletic clusters with mesorhizobium species with the nuc ...201020087765
circular dichroism and conformational transition of dolichos biflorus and robinia pseudoacacia lectins.the conformation of the lectins from dolichos biflorus and robinia pseudoacacia was studied by means of circular dichroism (cd). it was found that n-acetyl-d-galactosamine induced significant changes in the near-ultraviolet cd spectrum of dolichos lectin but was ineffective with the lectin from robinia. tyrosine and tryptophan chromophores were chiefly involved in this saccharide-lectin interaction. the far-ultraviolet cd spectra indicated that both lectins have a significant content of the plea ...19891138924
genome sequence and mutational analysis of plant-growth-promoting bacterium agrobacterium tumefaciens ccnwgs0286 isolated from a zinc-lead mine tailing.the plant-growth-promoting bacterium agrobacterium tumefaciens ccnwgs0286, isolated from the nodules of robinia pseudoacacia growing in zinc-lead mine tailings, both displayed high metal resistance and enhanced the growth of robinia plants in a metal-contaminated environment. our goal was to determine whether bacterial metal resistance or the capacity to produce phytohormones had a larger impact on the growth of host plants under zinc stress. eight zinc-sensitive mutants and one zinc-sensitive m ...201222636006
assessment of the soil organic carbon sink in a project for the conversion of farmland to forestland: a case study in zichang county, shaanxi, china.the conversion of farmland to forestland not only changes the ecological environment but also enriches the soil with organic matter and affects the global carbon cycle. this paper reviews the influence of land use changes on the soil organic carbon sink to determine whether the chinese "grain-for-green" (conversion of farmland to forestland) project increased the rate of soc content during its implementation between 1999 and 2010 in the hilly and gully areas of the loess plateau in north-central ...201424736591
short communication: viability of culture organisms in honey-enriched acidophilus-bifidus-thermophilus (abt)-type fermented camel milk.the aim of this research was to monitor the survival during refrigerated storage of lactobacillus acidophilus la-5 (a), bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis bb-12 (b), and streptococcus thermophilus chcc 742/2130 (t) in cultured dairy foods made from camel and, for comparison, cow milks supplemented with black locust (robinia pseudoacacia l.) honey and fermented by an acidophilus-bifidus-thermophilus (abt)-type culture. two liters of dromedary camel milk and 2 l of cow milk were heated to 90 °c ...201425151879
quantification of seed oil from species with varying oil content using supercritical fluid extraction.the quantity and composition of seed oil affects seed viability and storability and hence the value of a species as a resource for nutrition and plant conservation. supercritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide (sfe-co2) offers a rapid, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional solvent extraction.200818473329
establishment success of coexisting native and exotic trees under an experimental gradient of irradiance and soil moisture.the exotic trees ailanthus altissima, robinia pseudoacacia, acer negundo and elaeagnus angustifolia coexist with the native trees fraxinus angustifolia and ulmus minor in river banks of central spain. similarly, the exotic trees acacia dealbata and eucalyptus globulus co-occur with the natives quercus pyrenaica and pinus pinaster in northwest spain. we aimed to identify the environmental conditions that favour or hamper the establishment success of these species. in spring 2008, seeds of the stu ...201121842417
insight into the evolutionary history of symbiotic genes of robinia pseudoacacia rhizobia deriving from poland and japan.the phylogeny of symbiotic genes of robinia pseudoacacia (black locust) rhizobia derived from poland and japan was studied by comparative sequence analysis of noda, nodc, nodh, and nifh loci. in phylogenetic trees, black locust symbionts formed a branch of their own suggesting that the spread and maintenance of symbiotic genes within robinia pseudoacacia rhizobia occurred through vertical transmission. there was 99-100% sequence similarity for noda genes of robinia pseudoacacia nodulators, 97-98 ...201020306024
bactericidal effect of extracts and metabolites of robinia pseudoacacia l. on streptococcus mutans and porphyromonas gingivalis causing dental plaque and periodontal inflammatory diseases.the mouth cavity hosts many types of anaerobic bacteria, including streptococcus mutans and porphyromonas gingivalis, which cause periodontal inflammatory diseases and dental caries. the present study was conducted to evaluate the antibacterial potential of extracts of robinia pseudoacacia and its different fractions, as well as some of its natural compounds against oral pathogens and a nonpathogenic reference bacteria, escherichia coli. the antibacterial activity of the crude extract and the so ...201525856062
copper tolerance mechanisms of mesorhizobium amorphae and its role in aiding phytostabilization by robinia pseudoacacia in copper contaminated soil.the legume-rhizobium symbiosis has been proposed as an important system for phytoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soils due to its beneficial activity of symbiotic nitrogen fixation. however, little is known about metal resistant mechanism of rhizobia and the role of metal resistance determinants in phytoremediation. in this study, copper resistance mechanisms were investigated for a multiple metal resistant plant growth promoting rhizobium, mesorhizobium amorphae 186. three categories of ...201525594414
profiling of differentially expressed genes in roots of robinia pseudoacacia during nodule development using suppressive subtractive hybridization.legume-rhizobium symbiosis is a complex process that is regulated in the host plant cell through gene expression network. many nodulin genes that are upregulated during different stages of nodulation have been identified in leguminous herbs. however, no nodulin genes in woody legume trees, such as black locust (robinia pseudoacacia), have yet been reported.201323776436
[dynamic changes of robinia pseudoacacia sap flow in hilly-gully region of loess plateau].from april 14 to october 10, 2009, the dynamic changes of robinia pseudoacacia sap flow in the hilly-gully region of loess plateau were measured with thermal dissipation probe. meantime, the photosynthetic active radiation (par), air temperature, relative air humidity, water vapor pressure deficit (vpd), wind speed, and rainfall were monitored. the diurnal variation of the sap flow velocity (sfv) displayed a single-peak curve, but the pattern varied among different months. in april, the sap flow ...201020873607
[soil organic carbon storage changes with land reclamation under vegetation reconstruction on opencast coal mine dump].vegetation reconstruction was an effective solution to reclaim the opencast coal mine dump which was formed in the process of mining. to understand the impact of the vegetation reconstruction patterns' on the mine soil organic carbon (soc) storage was essential for selecting the methods of vegetation restoration and also important for accurately estimating the potential of the soil carbon sequestration. the study area was on the heidaigou opencast coal mine, which was 15 years reclaimed coal min ...201425693392
in vitro screening of plant lectins and tropical plant extracts for anthelmintic properties.lectins are plant secondary metabolites (psm) found in many forages and which may confer anthelmintic properties to gastrointestinal parasites through disrupting the development of parasitic larvae throughout its life cycle. in experiment 1, the ability of the plant lectins jacalin (jac), concanavalin a (con a), phytohemagglutinin e2l2 (pha-e2l2), phytohemagglutinin l4 (pha-l4), phytohemagglutinin e3l (pha-e3l), kidney bean albumin (kba), robinia pseudoacacia agglutinin (rpa), maackia amurensis ...201122130336
characterization of phages virulent for robinia pseudoacacia rhizobia.three lytic phages (phirp1, phirp2, and phirp3) specific for robinia pseudoacacia rhizobia were isolated from the soil under black locust. they were characterized by their morphology, host range, and some other properties including dna molecular weights. studied phages have been found to belong to siphoviridae family that comprises viruses with long, and noncontractile tails. they had broad host ranges and effectively lysed not only robinia pseudoacacia microsymbionts but also different mesorhiz ...200919459003
distribution of bacterial species in soil with a vegetational change from japanese black pine (pinus thunbergii) to black locust (robinia pseudoacacia).the effects of a nitrogen-fixing tree, black locust (robinia pseudoacacia), on the distribution of bacterial species were examined in a japanese black pine (pinus thunbergii) and black locust-dominated area. dna was extracted from the soil at depths of 0-5 and 5-10 cm, collected at the border between a japanese black pine-dominated forest and a black locust-dominated forest, and the distribution of bacterial species was investigated by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (dgge). the bacteria ...200921566380
survival and growth of hardwoods in brown versus gray sandstone on a surface mine in west virginia.surface mining in west virginia removes the eastern deciduous forest and reclaiming the mined land to a productive forest must consider soil depth, soil physical and chemical properties, soil compaction, ground cover competition, and tree species selection. our objective was to evaluate tree survival and growth in weathered brown sandstone and in unweathered gray sandstone. brown and gray sandstone are often substituted when insufficient native topsoil is available for replacement. three 2.8-ha ...200919643747
laetirobin from the parasitic growth of laetiporus sulphureus on robinia pseudoacacia.(+/-)-laetirobin (1) was isolated as a cytostatic lead from laetiporus sulphureus growing parasitically on the black locust tree, robinia pseudoacacia, by virtue of a reverse-immunoaffinity system. using an lc/ms procedure, milligram quantities of (+/-)-laetirobin (1) were obtained, and the structure of 1 was elucidated by x-ray crystallography and confirmed by nmr spectroscopy. preliminary cellular studies indicated that (+/-)-laetirobin (1) rapidly enters in tumor cells, blocks cell division a ...200919842686
volatiles from a rare acer spp. honey sample from croatia.a rare sample of maple (acer spp.) honey from croatia was analysed. ultrasonic solvent extraction (use) using: 1) pentane, 2) diethyl ether, 3) a mixture of pentane and diethyl ether (1:2 v/v) and 4) dichloromethane as solvents was applied. all the extracts were analysed by gc and gc/ms. the most representative extracts were 3) and 4). syringaldehyde was the most striking compound, being dominant in the extracts 2), 3) and 4) with percentages 34.5%, 33.1% and 35.9%, respectively. in comparison t ...201020657377
do david and goliath play the same game? explanation of the abundance of rare and frequent invasive alien plants in urban woodlands in warsaw, poland.invasive alien plants occur in numbers differing by orders of magnitude at subsequent invasion stages. effective sampling and quantifying niches of rare invasive plants are quite problematic. the aim of this paper is an estimation of the influence of invasive plants frequency on the explanation of their local abundance. we attempted to achieve it through: (1) assessment of occurrence of self-regenerating invasive plants in urban woodlands, (2) comparison of random forest modelling results for fr ...201627992516
foliar damage beyond species distributions is partly explained by distance dependent interactions with natural enemies.plant distributions are expected to shift in response to climate change, and range expansion dynamics will be shaped by the performance of individuals at the colonizing front. these plants will encounter new biotic communities beyond their range edges, and the net outcome of these encounters could profoundly affect colonization success. however, little is known about how biotic interactions vary across range edges and this has hindered efforts to predict changes in species distributions in respo ...201627859086
drought enhances symbiotic dinitrogen fixation and competitive ability of a temperate forest tree.general circulation models project more intense and frequent droughts over the next century, but many questions remain about how terrestrial ecosystems will respond. of particular importance, is to understand how drought will alter the species composition of regenerating temperate forests wherein symbiotic dinitrogen (n2)-fixing plants play a critical role. in experimental mesocosms we manipulated soil moisture to study the effect of drought on the physiology, growth and competitive interactions ...201424337710
anthelmintic effect of plant extracts containing condensed and hydrolyzable tannins on caenorhabditis elegans, and their antioxidant capacity.although tannin-rich forages are known to increase protein uptake and to reduce gastrointestinal nematode infections in grazing ruminants, most published research involves forages with condensed tannins (ct), while published literature lacks information on the anthelmintic capacity, nutritional benefits, and antioxidant capacity of alternative forages containing hydrolyzable tannins (ht). we evaluated the anthelmintic activity and the antioxidant capacity of plant extracts containing either most ...201323102761
[prevention and control of invaded plant phytolacca americana in sandy coastal shelter forests].the invasion of phytolacca americana has produced serious damage to the coastal shelter forests in china. in order to search for the effective measures for controlling the growth of p. americana, several plots in the robinia pseudoacacia forest invaded by p. americana to the relatively same extent were installed, and the measures of physical control (mowing and root cutting) and chemical control (spraying herbicides) were adopted to control the invasion of p. americana, taking the site with good ...201222803465
diversity of rhizobia associated with leguminous trees growing in south korea.this study was carried out to examine the diversity of 34 isolates collected from 11 species of leguminous trees growing in south korea. phylogenetic relationships between these 34 isolates and reference strains of the azorhizobium, bradyrhizobium, mesorhizobium, rhizobium and ensifer/sinorhizobium were analysed by using 16s rrna gene sequences. twenty-one isolates were related to mesorhizobium, four isolates to rhizobium, and nine isolates to bradyrhizobium. but none of isolates were related to ...201322733456
[effects of mixed decomposition of populus simonii and other tree species leaf litters on soil properties in loess plateau].in this study, the leaf litters of populus simonii and other 11 tree species were put into soil separately or in mixture after grinding, and incubated in laboratory to analyze the effects of their decomposition on soil properties and the interactions between the litters decomposition. the decomposition of each kind of the leaf litters in soil increased the soil urease, dehydrogenase, and phosphatase activities and the soil organic matter and available n contents markedly, but had greater differe ...201222720599
improvement and transcriptome analysis of root architecture by overexpression of fraxinus pennsylvanica dreb2a transcription factor in robinia pseudoacacia l. 'idaho'.transcription factors play a key role to enable plants to cope with abiotic stresses. dreb2 regulates the expression of several stress-inducible genes and constitutes major hubs in the water stress signalling webs. we cloned and characterized a novel gene encoding the fpdreb2a transcription factor from fraxinus pennsylvanica, and a yeast activity assay confirmed its dre binding and transcription activation. overexpression of fpdreb2a in r. pseudoacacia showed enhanced resistance to drought stres ...201626806173
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