anti-ischemia steroidal saponins from the seeds of allium fistulosum.six new furostanol saponins (1-6), named fistulosaponins a-f, three known furostanol saponins (7-9), and seven known aromatic compounds were isolated from seeds of welsh onion (allium fistulosum). the structures of these compounds were characterized by spectroscopic analyses including 2d nmr spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and acid hydrolysis. the protective effect of the saponins on hypoxia-induced human umbilical vein endothelial cell injury was evaluated.201020515043
increased carotenoid production in xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous g276 using plant extracts.the red yeast xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous (previously named phaffia rhodozyma) produces astaxanthin pigment among many carotenoids. the mutant x. dendrorhous g276 was isolated by chemical mutagenesis. the mutant produced about 2.0 mg of carotenoid per g of yeast cell dry weight and 8.0 mg/l of carotenoid after 5 days batch culture with ym media; in comparison, the parent strain produced 0.66 mg/g of yeast cell dry weight and a carotenoid concentration of 4.5 mg/l. we characterized the utilizat ...200717483797
complete assignment of structural genes involved in flavonoid biosynthesis influencing bulb color to individual chromosomes of the shallot (allium cepa l.).we analyzed japanese bunching onion (allium fistulosum l.) - shallot (allium cepa l. aggregatum group) alien chromosome addition lines in order to assign the genes involved in the flavonoid biosynthesis pathway to chromosomes of the shallot. two complete sets of alien monosomic additions (2n = 2x + 1 = 17) were used for determining the chromosomal locations of several partial sequences of candidate genes, chs, chi, f3h, dfr, and ans via analyses of pcr-based markers. the results of dna marker an ...200617038797
allium vegetable diet can reduce the exercise-induced oxidative stress but does not alter plasma cholesterol profile in rats.this study investigated the effect of allium vegetable intake on the antioxidative activity and on the plasma cholesterol profile during exercise in rats. ninety rats were fed either a control diet or a diet with added allium sativum (as), allium cepa (ac), allium fistulosum (af), or allium tuberosum (at) for 4 weeks and were then subdivided into three groups: before exercise (be), during exercise (de), and after exercise (ae). the de group was exercised on a treadmill for 1 h immediately before ...200616391468
application of inorganic element ratios to chemometrics for determination of the geographic origin of welsh onions.the composition of concentration ratios of 19 inorganic elements to mg (hereinafter referred to as 19-element/mg composition) was applied to chemometric techniques to determine the geographic origin (japan or china) of welsh onions (allium fistulosum l.). using a composition of element ratios has the advantage of simplified sample preparation, and it was possible to determine the geographic origin of a welsh onion within 2 days. the classical technique based on 20 element concentrations was also ...200415366824
[cloning and identification of telomere and internal origin of the endophytic streptomyces linear plasmid pyy8l from allium fistulosum].strain 36r-2-1b was isolated from allium fistulosum and identified as streptomyces spp., harboring an approximate 280 kb linear plasmid designated pyy8l.201020560346
effects of temperature on the immature development of the stone leek leafminer liriomyza chinensis (diptera: agromyzidae).the effect of nine constant temperatures (15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25, 27.5 30, 32.5, and 35 degrees c) on the development of the stone leek leafminer, liriomyza chinensis (kato), on japanese bunching onion, allium fistulosum l., was studied in the laboratory. developmental times for immature stages were inversely proportional to temperature between 15 and 30 degrees c but increased at 32.5 degrees c. total developmental times from egg to adult emergence decreased from 69.6 to 17.1 d for temperatures ...200717349114
antioxidant and anti-glycation activities correlates with phenolic composition of tropical medicinal determine the contribution of total phenolic content (tpc) in glycation inhibitory activity of common tropical medicinal food and spices with potential antioxidative properties.201323768830
bio-ethanol production from green onion by yeast in repeated batch.considered to be the cleanest liquid fuel, bio-ethanol can be a reliable alternative to fossil fuels. it is produced by fermentation of sugar components of plant materials. the common onions are considered to be a favorable source of fermentation products as they have high sugar contents as well as contain various nutrients. this study focused on the effective production of ethanol from green onion (allium fistulosum l.) by the yeast "saccharomyces cerevisiae" in repeated batch. the results show ...201324426132
in vitro evaluation method for screening of candidate prebiotic foods.the aim of this work was to develop a simple and rapid in vitro evaluation method for screening and discovery of uncharacterised and untapped prebiotic foods. using a nmr-based metabolomic approach coupled with multivariate statistical analysis, the metabolic profiles generated by intestinal microbiota after in vitro incubation with feces were examined. the viscous substances of japanese bunching onion (jbovs) were identified as one of the candidate prebiotic foods by this in vitro screening met ...201424444934
discovery of a new source of resistance to fusarium oxysporum, cause of fusarium wilt in allium fistulosum, located on chromosome 2 of allium cepa aggregatum group.this study was carried out to evaluate the antifungal effect of allium cepa aggregatum group (shallot) metabolites on fusarium oxysporum and to determine the shallot chromosome(s) related to fusarium wilt resistance using a complete set of eight allium fistulosum - shallot monosomic addition lines. the antifungal effects of hexane, butanol, and water extraction fractions from bulbs of shallot on 35 isolates of f. oxysporum were examined using the disc diffusion method. only hexane and butanol fr ...201223199574
furostanol saponins from the bulbs of welsh onion, allium fistulosum extensive phytochemical analysis of the polar extracts from bulbs of welsh onion allium fistulosum l. led to the isolation of nine saponins, four of them, named fistulosaponins g (1a/1b), h (2), i (3a/3b), and j (4), have never been reported previously. fistulosaponins g and i were isolated as a couple of isomers in equilibrium. on the basis of 2d nmr and mass spectrometry data, the structure of the novel compounds were elucidated as (25r)-26-[(β-d-glucopyranosyl)oxy]-3β,22β-dihydroxyfurost-5 ...201627852096
antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of commercial rice wine extracts of taiwanese allium fistulosum.the antioxidant and antibacterial activities of commercial rice wine extracts obtained from different plant parts of allium fistulosum were assayed. the results showed that commercial rice wine extracts of a. fistulosum contained 28.3-95.9 μl/ml allicin and exhibited significant antioxidant and antibacterial activities. the dpph radical scavenging capacity ranged from 90.2% to 52.1%, and the ic50 value ranged from 14.6 to 26.0 μg/ml. the total phenolic content of wine extracts was 56.4-198.9 mg ...201626213031
fumonisin b(1) production by fusarium proliferatum strains isolated from allium fistulosum plants and seeds in test the fumonisin b(1)-producing ability of fusarium proliferatum strains isolated from welsh onion (allium fistulosum) plants and seeds of commercial cultivars in japan and to examine the applicability of pcr-based assays to discriminate between fumonisin b(1)-producing and nonproducing isolates.200919416462
dynamics of phoxim residues in green onion and soil as influenced by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.organophosphorus pesticides in crops and soil pose a serious threat to public health and environment. arbuscular mycorrhizal (am) fungi may make a contribution to organophosphate degradation in soil and consequently decrease chemical residues in crops. a pot culture experiment was conducted to investigate the influences of glomus caledonium 90036 and acaulospora mellea zz on the dynamics of phoxim residues in green onion (allium fistulosum l.) and soil at different harvest dates after phoxim app ...201020870354
[chromosomal structure of the hybrids between allium cepa l. and allium fistulosum l. with relative resistance to downy mildew based on in situ hybridization].genomic in situ hybridization (gish) was used for a chromosomal composition study of the later generations of interspecific hybrids between a. cepa l. and a. fistulosum l., which are relatively resistant to downy mildew (peronosporosis). gish revealed that f2 hybrids, which did not produce seeds, were triploids (2n = 3x = 24) with 24 chromosomes and possessed in their compliments 16 chromosomes of a. fistulosum l. and eight chromosomes of a. cepa l. or eight chromosomes of a. fistulosum l. and 1 ...201425715446
random amplified polymorphic dna (rapd) markers for genetic analysis inallium.rapd analysis was applied to onion (allium cepa) and otherallium species in order to assess the degree of polymorphism within the genus and to investigate if this approach was suitable for genetic studies of onion. seven cultivars ofa. cepa, including shallot, and single cultivars of japanese bunching onion (a. fistulosum), chive (a. schoenoprasum), leek (a. ampeloprasum), and a wild relative of onion (a. roylei), were evaluated for variability using a set of 20 random 10-mer primers. seven out ...199324193598
screening and incorporation of rust resistance from allium cepa into bunching onion (allium fistulosum) via alien chromosome addition.bunching onion (allium fistulosum l.; 2n = 16), bulb onion (allium cepa l. common onion group), and shallot (allium cepa l. aggregatum group) cultivars were inoculated with rust fungus, puccinia allii, isolated from bunching onion. bulb onions and shallots are highly resistant to rust, suggesting they would serve as useful resources for breeding rust resistant bunching onions. to identify the a. cepa chromosome(s) related to rust resistance, a complete set of eight a. fistulosum - shallot monoso ...201526218854
phylogenetic relationships among cultivated allium species from restriction enzyme analysis of the chloroplast genome.the genus allium contains many economically important species, including the bulb onion, chive, garlic, japanese bunching onion, and leek. phylogenetic relationships among the cultivated alliums are not well understood, and taxonomic classifications are based on relatively few morphological characters. chloroplast dna is highly conserved and useful in determining phylogenetic relationships. the size of the chloroplast genome of allium cepa was estimated at 140 kb and restriction enzyme sites wer ...199124221436
snp-markers in allium species to facilitate introgression breeding in onion.within onion, allium cepa l., the availability of disease resistance is limited. the identification of sources of resistance in related species, such as allium roylei and allium fistulosum, was a first step towards the improvement of onion cultivars by breeding. snp markers linked to resistance and polymorphic between these related species and onion cultivars are a valuable tool to efficiently introgress disease resistance genes. in this paper we describe the identification and validation of snp ...201627576474
direct comparison between genomic constitution and flavonoid contents in allium multiple alien addition lines reveals chromosomal locations of genes related to biosynthesis from dihydrokaempferol to quercetin glucosides in scaly leaf of shallot (allium cepa l.).the extrachromosome 5a of shallot (allium cepa l., genomes aa) has an important role in flavonoid biosynthesis in the scaly leaf of allium fistulosum-shallot monosomic addition lines (ff+na). this study deals with the production and biochemical characterisation of a. fistulosum-shallot multiple alien addition lines carrying at least 5a to determine the chromosomal locations of genes for quercetin formation. the multiple alien additions were selected from the crossing between allotriploid ffa (fe ...200616411131
chemical assignment of structural isomers of sulfur-containing metabolites in garlic by liquid chromatography-fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance-mass spectrometry.the chemical assignment of metabolites is crucial to understanding the relation between food composition and biological activity.201626764333
[chromosomal organization of centromeric ty3/gypsy retrotransposons in allium cepa l. and allium fistulosum l].this is the first report on the presence of ty3/gypsy-like retrotransposons in the centromeric region of allium cepa and allium fistulosum. the paper identifies the putative ty3/gypsy centromeric retrotransposons (cr) among the dna sequences of a. cepa present in the ncbi database and evaluates their copy number in the genomes of allium cepa and allium fistulosum. the putative copy number of ty3/gypsy cr constituted about 26000 for a. cepa and about 7000 for a. fistulosum. the chromosomal organi ...201425715457
characterisation of some carla- and potyviruses from bulb crops in china. brief report.conserved carla- and potyvirus primers were used in rt-pcr to amplify virus fragments from garlic and other bulb crops in china and the fragments were subsequently sequenced and compared in phylogenetic analyses. garlic plants from henan, hubei, jiangsu, shangdong and yunnan provinces all contained at least one isolate each of garlic latent virus (genus carlavirus), onion yellow dwarf virus (oydv, genus potyvirus) and leek yellow stripe virus (lysv, genus potyvirus). the complete sequence of a z ...200211890533
growth promotion of rice seedlings by allelopathic polysaccharide from welsh onion.the underground portion of the welsh onion (allium fistulosum) was extracted and separated into seven fractions to purify allelopathic compounds that were found to promote the growth of rice seedlings (oryza sativa). the 80% (v/v) ethanol-insoluble fraction of the hot water extract showed the highest growth-promoting effect. purification by deae-cellulose chromatography gave four fractions, ad-1, 2, 3 and 4. ad-3 at 1000 ppm stimulated root and shoot growth by about 2.4 and 1.5 times over the re ...200111471727
establishment of a series of alien monosomic addition lines of japanese bunching onion (allium fistulosum l.) with extra chromosomes from shallot (a. cepa l. aggregatum group).forty one plants of alien monosomic addition lines of allium fistulosum l. with extra chromosomes from a. cepa l. aggregatum group (ff + na) were produced through the second backcross of amphidiploids between these two species to a. fistulosum. identification of the extra chromosomes in the 16 plants by elaborate karyotype analyses indicate that a complete series (eight different types) of the alien monosomic addition lines was established in allium for the first time in this study. chromosomal ...19969080683
isolation and characterization of new onionins a2 and a3 from allium cepa, and of onionins a1, a2, and a3 from allium this study, the new stable sulfur-containing compounds onionins a2 (1) and a3 (2) were isolated from the acetone extracts of the bulbs of allium cepa l. and identified as the stereoisomers of onionin a1 discovered in our previous study. their chemical structures, 3,4-dimethyl-5-(1e-propenyl)-tetrahydrothiophene-2-sulfenic acid-s-oxides, were characterized using various spectroscopic techniques. in addition, 1 and 2 together with onionin a1 were successfully isolated from the leaves of the wel ...201425366317
supplementation with japanese bunching onion (allium fistulosum l.) expressing a single alien chromosome from shallot increases the antioxidant activity of kamaboko fish jelly paste in vitro.kamaboko is a traditional type of processed seafood made from fish jelly paste that is unique to japan. we supplemented kamaboko with japanese bunching onion (allium fistulosum l.) with an alien monosome from shallot (allium cepa l. aggregatum group) and we measured in vitro the oxygen radical absorbance capacity (orac) value, an index of antioxidant activity. we also evaluated the results of sensory testing. the orac value of plain kamaboko was 166±14 μmol trolox equivalent (te)/100 g fresh wei ...201324648948
[genetic effects of root extracts of glycyrrhiza glabra l. on different test-systems].the antimutagenic and geroprotective activities of root extracts of glycyrrhiza glabra have been demonstrated both on plant test systems--allium fistulosum l., allium cepa l., vicia faba l. and on animals--vistar rats. the possibilities of the mobilization of glycyrrhiza glabra root extracts as antimutagenic agents are discussed.201323342648
modeling infection of spring onion by puccinia allii in response to temperature and leaf wetness.the influence of temperature and leaf wetness duration on infection of spring onion (japanese bunching onion) leaves by puccinia allii was examined in controlled-environment experiments. leaves of potted spring onion plants (allium fistulosum cv. yoshikura) were inoculated with urediniospores and exposed to 6.5, 10, 15, 22, or 27 h of wetness at 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 degrees c. the lesion that developed increased in density with increasing wetness duration. relative infection was modeled as a fun ...200919594314
anti-influenza a virus effects of fructan from welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.).a fructan that acts as an anti-influenza a virus substance was isolated from hot water extract of the green leafy part of a welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.). the structure of the fructan was characterised and elucidated by chemical and spectroscopic analyses. the fructan was composed of terminal (21.0%) and 2,1-linked β-d-fruf residues (65.3%) with 1,6-linked β-d-glcp residues (13.7%). the molecular weight of the polysaccharide and polydispersity was estimated to be 1.5×10(3) and 1.18, respect ...201223442670
bioavailability of selenium from selenium-enriched green onions (allium fistulosum) and chives (allium schoenoprasum) after 'in vitro' gastrointestinal digestion.three sample preparation methods--proteolysis to determine the initial species distribution, and an in vitro gastric and gastrointestinal digestion to assess the bioavailability of selenium--were applied to extract the selenium from selenized green onion and chive samples. ion exchange chromatography was coupled to a high-performance liquid chromatography-icp-ms system to analyze the selenium species of allium samples. the difference in the selenium accumulation capability of green onions and ch ...200717566890
exploring allium species as a source of potential medicinal has been shown that allium species may help to prevent tumor promotion, cardiovascular diseases and aging; all processes that are associated with free radicals. therefore the allium species of both cultivated species (allium nutans l., allium fistulosum l., allium vineale l., allium psekemense b. fedtsch, allium cepa l., allium sativum l.) and wild species (allium flavum l., allium sphaerocephalum l., allium atroviolaceum boiss, allium schenoprasum l., allium vineale l., allium ursinum l., al ...200616676298
central cell nuclear-cytoplasmic incongruity:a mechanism for segregation distortion in advanced backcross and selfed generations of (allium cepa l. x allium fistulosum l.) x a. cepa interspecific hybrid derivatives.a model is presented as an explanation for an anomaly observed in germination and establishment and isozyme segregation patterns in allium cepa x a. fistulosum f2bc3 populations generated in an introgression-breeding program. the f1bc3 parent of these populations was selected for its heterozygous pgi phenotype, pgi-1(2/3); pgi-1(2) was inherited from an a. cepa (ac) seed parent and pgi-1(3) from an a. fistulosum (af) pollen parent. germination and establishment was recorded for the f2bc3 progeny ...200515753603
effect of single alien chromosome from shallot (allium cepa l. aggregatum group) on carbohydrate production in leaf blade of bunching onion (a. fistulosum l.).we used a complete set of allium fistulosum - shallot (a. cepa aggregatum group) monosomic addition lines (ff+1a - ff+8a) to identify shallot chromosomes affecting the production of sugars. in the alien addition lines grown over two years in an experimental field at yamaguchi university (34 degrees n, 131 degrees e), shallot chromosomes 2a and 8a altered sugar contents in leaf-bunching onion (a. fistulosum). except for ff+2a, every monosomic addition accumulated non-reducing sugars in winter lea ...200415729002
molecular and biochemical identification of alien chromosome additions in shallot (allium cepa l. aggregatum group) carrying extra chromosome(s) of bunching onion (a. fistulosum l.).to develop the bunching onion (allium fistulosum l.; genomes, ff) chromosome-specific genetic markers for identifying extra chromosomes, eight shallot (a. cepa l. aggregatum group; genomes, aa)--a. fistulosum monosomic addition plants (aa+nf) and 62 shallot--a. fistulosum single-alien deletion plants (aaf-nf) were analyzed by 23 different chromosome-specific genetic markers of shallot. the eight monosomic addition plants consisted of one aa+2f, two aa+6f, and five aa+8f. of the 62 single-alien d ...200919420800
biochemical and genetic analysis of carbohydrate accumulation in allium cepa l.onion and shallot (allium cepa l.) exhibit wide variation in bulb fructan content, and the frc locus on chromosome 8 conditions much of this variation. to understand the biochemical basis of frc, we conducted biochemical and genetic analyses of allium fistulosum (ff)-shallot (a. cepa aggregatum group) alien monosomic addition lines (aals; ff+1a-ff+8a) and onion mapping populations. sucrose and fructan levels in leaves of ff+2a were significantly lower than in ff throughout the year, and the spri ...200818372295
waterlogging tolerance of welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.) enhanced by exogenous spermidine and spermine.soil flooding is a seasonal factor that negatively affects plant performance and crop yields. in order to investigate the effects of spermidine (spd) and spermine (spm) on the waterlogging stress, it was checked that the content of relative water content (rwc), proline, chlorophyll and malondialdehyde (mda), net photosynthesis, the rate of hydrogen peroxide (h(2)o(2)) and superoxide radicals (o(2)(-)) generation and the antioxidant enzyme activities of superoxide dismutase (sod) (ec, c ...200919356940
the identification and analysis of the sequences that allow the detection of allium cepa chromosomes by gish in the allodiploid a. allium wakegi, which is an allodiploid species between allium cepa and allium fistulosum, each genome can be clearly distinguished using genomic in situ hybridization (gish). genomic dna of a. cepa and a. fistulosum is differentiated both qualitatively and quantitatively. we wanted to isolate nucleotide sequences that give genome-specific signals on a. cepa chromosomes in gish experiments in a. wakegi. we isolated 23 clones that show gish-like signal patterns in fluorescence in situ hybridiza ...200212355208
dna base composition of allium genomes with different chromosome numbers.the present report examines whether the presence of an additional chromosome can be detected as modifying the nuclear dna amount and base composition of the cell, determined here by flow cytometry of interphasic nuclei, using four monosomic additions (chromosomes 3c, 4c, 7c and 8c transmitted from allium cepa to allium fistulosum l.). a. cepa differs significantly from a. fistulosum in genome size (2c dna = 33.2 pg in a. cepa and 23.3 pg in a. fistulosum) as well as in gc content (38.7% and 39.8 ...19979461399
similarities and relationships among populations of the bulb onion as estimated by nuclear rflps.random nuclear restriction fragment length polymorphisms (rflps) were used to assess similarities and relationships among open-pollinated (op) populations of the cultivated bulb onion (allium cepa). seventeen op populations and 2 inbreds of contrasting daylength response [termed by convention as long (ld) and short (sd) day], 1 shallot (a. cepa var. ascalonicum), and one cultivar of bunching onion (allium fistulosum) were examined with 104 cdna clones and two to four restriction enzymes. sixty ( ...199524173931
welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.) extracts alter vascular responses in rat aortae.welsh onion, a member of the genus allium, has been consumed for prevention of cardiovascular disorders. however, its underlying mechanisms are still unclear. we investigated whether welsh onion extracts (green or white portion, raw or boiled) can alter vascular responses in vitro in the thoracic aortae of sprague-dawley rats. the possible roles of endothelium-derived factors in the welsh onion extract-induced vascular responses were examined by applying various inhibitors, such as nomega-nitro- ...199910218719
production and characterization of alien chromosome additions in shallot (allium cepa l. aggregatum group) carrying extra chromosome(s) of japanese bunching onion (a. fistulosum l.).first and second backcrosses of amphidiploid hybrids (2n = 4x = 32, genomes aaff) between shallot (allium cepa aggregatum group) and a. fistulosum were conducted to produce a. cepa - a. fistulosum alien addition lines. when shallot (a. cepa aggregatum group) was used as a pollinator, the amphidiploids and allotriploids set germinable bc(1) and bc(2) seeds, respectively. the 237 bc(1) plants mainly consisted of 170 allotriploids (2n = 3x = 24, aaf) and 42 hypo-allotriploids possessing 23 chromoso ...200415599056
[number of aberrations per cell as a parameter of chromosome instability. 2. comparative analysis of the factors of different nature].the average number of aberrations per aberrant cell was concluded to carry out information on chromosome instability peculiarities induced by different mutagens as it was shown in our previous work. the purpose of the current study was to present comparative analysis of intercellular distribution of number of aberrations and their theoretical approximations. distribution of numbers of aberrations per cell in allium cepa l. and allium fistulosum l. root tip cells induced by different mutagenic fa ...200815098449
transmission of alien chromosomes from selfed progenies of a complete set of allium monosomic additions: the development of a reliable method for the maintenance of a monosomic addition set.selfed progeny of a complete set of allium fistulosum - allium cepa monosomic addition lines (2n = 2x + 1 = 17, ff+1a-ff+8a) were produced to examine the transmission rates of respective alien chromosomes. all eight types of the selfed monosomic additions set germinable seeds. the numbers of chromosomes (2n) in the seedlings were 16, 17, or 18. the eight extra chromosomes varied in transmission rate (%) from 9 (ff+2a) to 49 (ff+8a). the complete set of monosomic additions was reproduced successf ...200314663528
interspecific chromosomal rearrangements in monosomic addition lines of allium.monosomic alien addition lines (maals) are useful for assigning linkage groups to chromosomes. we examined whether the chromosomal rearrangements following the introduction of a single onion (allium cepa) chromosome into the allium fistulosum genome were produced by homeologous crossing over or by a nonreciprocal conversion event. among the monosomic lines available, 17 were studied by fluorescent genomic in situ hybridisation, using total a. cepa genomic dna as the probe and total a. fistulosum ...200111681618
genetic mapping of expressed sequences in onion and in silico comparisons with rice show scant colinearity.the poales (which include the grasses) and asparagales [which include onion (allium cepa l.) and other allium species] are the two most economically important monocot orders. enormous genomic resources have been developed for the grasses; however, their applicability to other major monocot groups, such as the asparagales, is unclear. expressed sequence tags (ests) from onion that showed significant similarities (80% similarity over at least 70% of the sequence) to single positions in the rice ge ...200516025250
anti-obesity activity of allium fistulosum l. extract by down-regulation of the expression of lipogenic genes in high-fat diet-induced obese mice.this study investigated the anti-obesity activity and underlying mechanism of a 70% ethanol extract from allium fistulosum l. (afe) in high-fat diet-induced obese mice. afe was orally administered to mice with the high-fat diet at a dose of 400 mg/kg/day for 6.5 weeks. afe treatment significantly reduced body weight and white adipose tissue (subcutaneous, epididymal and retroperitoneal) weight as well as adipocyte size compared to high-fat diet-induced control mice. afe also significantly decrea ...201121468588
the genome structure of allium cepa l. and allium fistulosum l. 20134772436
erratum: the biosynthesis of infrared-emitting quantum dots in allium fistulosum. 201626940776
[the dynamics of chromosomal instability of welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.): the influence of seed storage temperature].the age-related dynamics of chromosomal instability and germination capacity of welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.) seeds have been studied under two different storage temperatures during six years after harvesting. seeds that were kept at the room temperature (14-28 degrees c) during 6 years of storage have lost their germination capacity. the frequencies of aberrant anaphases grew from 2% on the first month of storage up to 80% on the 75th month of storage. the germination capacity of seeds kep ...200919140441
construction of ssr-based chromosome map in bunching onion (allium fistulosum).we have constructed a linkage map of bunching onion (allium fistulosum l., 2n = 16) using an f(2) population of 225 plants. the map consists of 17 linkage groups with 212 bunching onion ssr markers and 42 bulb onion (a. cepa l.) ssr, indel, caps or dcaps markers, covering 2,069 cm. this is the first report of a linkage map mainly based on ssr markers in the genus allium. with the 103 anchor markers [81 bunching onion ssrs, 11 bulb onion ssrs and 11 bulb onion non-ssrs (1 indel, 9 capss and 1 dca ...200818818898
the biosynthesis of infrared-emitting quantum dots in allium fistulosum.the development of simple routes to emissive solid-state materials is of paramount interest, and in this report we describe the biosynthesis of infrared emitting quantum dots in a living plant via a mutual antagonistic reaction. exposure of common allium fistulosum to mercury and tellurium salts under ambient conditions resulted in the expulsion of crystalline, non-passivated hgte quantum dots that exhibited emissive characteristics in the near-infrared spectral region, a wavelength range that i ...201626857581
two new bicyclic sulfoxides from welsh onion.newly identified bicyclic sulfoxides, welsonins a1 (1) and a2 (2), were isolated from acetone extracts of the bulbs of the welsh onion (allium fistulosum). in this study, the structures of 1 and 2, which are tetrahydrothiophene-s-oxide derivatives, were characterized by spectroscopic analysis. these compounds appeared to be derived from the coupling of 1-propenyl sulfenic acid and uronic acid. welsonin a1 (1) showed the potential to suppress tumor-cell proliferation by inhibiting the polarizatio ...201626676612
de novo assembly and characterization of the welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.) transcriptome using illumina technology.welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.) has long been cultivated as a vegetable and spice for its flavor and aroma. however, transcriptomic and genomic data for a. fistulosum remain scarce. the goal of this study was to generate transcript sequences for functional genomic analyses, and identify genes potentially involved in sulfur, selenium, and vitamin metabolism. in total, 53,378,674 high-quality reads were generated, and de novo assembly resulted in 103,286 contigs and 53,837 unigenes. the average ...201626515796
the nutritional composition and anti-obesity effects of an herbal mixed extract containing allium fistulosum and viola mandshurica in high-fat-diet-induced obese traditional oriental medicine, a. fistulosum and v. mandshurica are considered to be effective in promoting blood circulation. therefore, in this study, we investigated whether a solution containing both a. fistulosum and v. mandshurica (afe + vme) extracts has synergistic effects on the treatment of hyperlipidemia and obesity.201526474757
effects of cadmium on uptake and translocation of nutrient elements in different welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.) cultivars.the concentration of nutrient elements is an important quality characteristic of vegetables, and the variation in accumulation among cultivars can provide clues about the mechanism of low accumulation of heavy metals. pot-culture experiments were arranged under four cadmium (cd) treatments (ck, 1.0, 2.5 and 5.0mg/kg) to explore influences of cd on the accumulation of nutrient elements in 25 welsh onion cultivars. there were significant positive correlations (p<0.05) between cd and nutrient eleme ...201626471532
chromosomal location of a pollen fertility-restoring gene, rf, for cms in japanese bunching onion (allium fistulosum l.) possessing the cytoplasm of a. galanthum kar. et kir. revealed by genomic in situ a previous study, we developed cytoplasmic male sterile lines of allium fistulosum possessing the cytoplasm of a. galanthum, a wild species, by continuous backcrossing. furthermore, we reported the presence of a pollen fertility-restoring gene (rf) for cytoplasmic male sterility (cms) in a. fistulosum from segregation of pollen fertility of backcross progenies. in the present study, genomic in situ hybridization (gish), using genomic dna of a. galanthum as the probe dna and that of a. fistulo ...200515883793
talaromycolides a-c, novel phenyl-substituted phthalides isolated from the green chinese onion-derived fungus talaromyces pinophilus af-02.the green chinese onion (allium fistulosum l.), which is widely cultivated and has been naturalized in many places, is an important spice and vegetable in east and southeast asia. it is used to treat the common cold in china. in the ongoing search for antibacterial activity in fungi derived from natural, pungently scented vegetables, the secondary metabolites of talaromyces pinophilus af-02, which was isolated from the stem of the green chinese onion, were investigated. the genus talaromyces (tr ...201526466717
chemometric techniques on inorganic elements composition for the determination of the geographic origin of welsh onions.techniques to determine the producing country of welsh onions (allium fistulosum l.) were developed by using 216 samples from japan and from anchu shandgon, shanghai and amoy fjian in china. twelve elements (na, p, k, ca, mg. mn, fe, cu, zn, sr, ba, al, co, ni, rb, mo, cd, cs, la, ce, tl and pb) contained in welsh onions were determined. in order to determining whether welsh onions originate in japan or in china, linear discriminant analysis (lda) and soft independent modeling of class analogy ( ...200415171297
antifungal constituents from the seeds of allium fistulosum l.a new unsaturated fatty acid monoglyceride (1), glycerol mono-(e)-8,11,12-trihydroxy-9-octadecenoate, was isolated from the seeds of allium fistulosum l. along with five known compounds: tianshic acid (2), 4-(2-formyl-5-hydroxymethylpyrrol-1-yl) butyric acid (3), p-hydroxybenzoic acid (4), vanillic acid (5), and daucosterol (6). the structures of 1-3 were established by interpretation and full assignments of nmr spectroscopic data. both 1 and 2 were found to inhibit the growth of phytophtohora c ...200212381110
bioaccumulation of antimony and arsenic in vegetables and health risk assessment in the superlarge antimony-mining area, china.heavy metal pollution in soils caused by mining and smelting has attracted worldwide attention for its potential health risks to residents. this paper studies the concentrations and accumulations of sb and as in both soils and vegetables and the human health risks of sb and as in vegetables from xikuangshan (xks) sb mine, hunan, china. results showed that the soils were severely polluted by sb and as; sb and as have significant positive correlation. sb and as concentrations in vegetables were qu ...201526442167
[organization of the 378 bp satellite repeat in terminal heterochromatin of allium fistulosum].telomeres, dna-protein structures, are important elements of the eukaryotic chromosome. telomeric regions of the majority of higher plants contain heptanucleotides tttaggg arranged into a tandem repeat. however, some taxa have no such repeats. these are some species of lilies (lilium) and onions (allium). for example, terminal regions of chromosomes of spanish onion (allium fistulosum) contain satellite dna whose unit repeats are 380 bp in length, and the short arm of its chromosome 8 contains r ...200212174581
alpha-tocopherol content in 62 edible tropical plants.vitamin e was determined by the high-performance liquid chromatography (hplc) method. all the plants tested showed differences in their alpha-tocopherol content and the differences were significant (p < 0.05). the highest alpha-tocopherol content was in sauropus androgynus leaves (426.8 mg/kg edible portion), followed by citrus hystrix leaves (398.3 mg/kg), calamus scipronum (193.8 mg/kg), starfruit leaves averrhoa belimbi (168.3 mg/kg), red pepper capsicum annum (155.4 mg/kg), local celery apiu ...200111410015
[effects of different catch modes on soil enzyme activities and bacterial community in the rhizosphere of cucumber].effects of different catch modes on soil enzyme activities and bacterial community in the rhizosphere of cucumber (cucumis sativus) were analyzed by conventional chemical method, pcr-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (dgge) and real-time pcr methods. pot experiment was carried out in the greenhouse for three consecutive years with cucumber as the main crop, and scallion (allium fistulosum), wheat (triticum aestivum) and oilseed rape (brassica campestri) as catch crops. results showed that, ...201425876408
sequence of dna replication in allium fistulosum chromosomes during s-phase.bromodeoxyuridine pulse labelling and immunodetection were applied to synchronized allium fistulosum cells to study sequential changes in the chromosome replication pattern during s-phase. the replication patterns were classified into five main types depending on the location of the replication signals: (1) over the whole chromosomes; (2) at proximal and interstitial regions; (3) at proximal, interstitial and distal regions; (4) at interstitial and distal regions; and (5) at distal regions. the ...199810099874
evidence for nuclear-cytoplasmic incompatibility between allium fistulosum and a. f2 population (allium fistulosum x a. cepa) of 20plants, 10 bc1,[(a. fistulosum x a. cepa) x a. cepa], and 50 bc2 plants, [(a. fistulosum x a. cepa) x a. cepa] x a. cepa were studied cytogenetically and characterized for four isozyme alleles plus various morphological characteristics. all of the progenies were in a. fistulosum (the bunching onion) cytoplasm. in the f2 population we observed non-random chromosomal and allelic segregation, suppression of bulb onion allelic expression, and abnor ...199524174037
leaf-shape remodeling: programmed cell death in fistular leaves of allium fistulosum.some species of allium in liliaceae have fistular leaves. the fistular lamina of allium fistulosum undergoes a process from solid to hollow during development. the aims were to reveal the process of fistular leaf formation involved in programmed cell death (pcd) and to compare the cytological events in the execution of cell death to those in the unusual leaf perforations or plant aerenchyma formation. in this study, light and transmission electron microscopy were used to characterize the develop ...201525132341
chromosome characteristics and behavior differences in allium fistulosum l., a. cepa l, their f1 hybrid, and selected backcross progeny.mitotic and meiotic studies were performed on allium fistulosum, a. cepa, their f1 hybrid, and ten selected backcross (bc)1 plants [(a. fistulosum x a. cepa) x (a. cepa)]. each bc1 plant had at least one a. cepa isozyme allele (pgi, idh, or adh). chromosome morphology and behavior differed among plants. meiocytes were observed with one, two, or three bridges and/ or fragments, indicating at least three paracentric inversions between a. fistulosum and a. cepa. unusual crossing over and multivalen ...199424177931
isozyme analysis of progeny derived from (allium fistulosum ×allium cepa) ×allium cepa.relatively large quantities of seed were obtained from the interspecific backcross (a. fistulosum xa. cepa) ×a. cepa allowing, for the first time, an extensive study of the heritable traits exhibited by backcross progeny. two backcross populations, bc1034 and bc1040, distinguished by differenta. fistulosum parents, were characterized for the isozyme markersidh-1, adh-1, andpgi-1. statistical methods are described to calculate cell probabilities for a mixed population of f2 and bc1 progeny, using ...199124213178
biochemical analyses of the antioxidative activity and chemical ingredients in eight different allium alien monosomic addition lines.we measured the antioxidant contents and antioxidative activities in eight allium fistulosum-shallot monosomic addition lines (mal; ff+1a-ff+8a). the high antioxidative activity lines (ff+2a and ff+6a) showed high polyphenol accumulation. these additional chromosomes (2a and 6a) would therefore have anonymous genes related to the upregulation of polyphenol production, the antioxidative activities consequently being increased in these mals.201324317054
synaptonemal complex-associated centromeres and recombination nodules in plant meiocytes prepared by an improved surface-spreading improved method of preparing two-dimensional surface spreads of plant synaptonemal complexes (scs) is described. this technique produces clear preparations of scs and, in addition, consistently reveals both centromeres and recombination nodules (rns) in pta-stained preparations viewed by electron microscopy. a preliminary study of rn number and distribution in allium fistulosum indicates that they faithfully reflect the positions of cross-over exchange events as revealed by chiasmata.19846389162
[cytogenetic effects of 1,4-dihydropyridine in various test systems].cytogenetic effect of 1,4-dihydropyridine was studied in different test-systems. the preparation is shown to decrease the level of complete sex-chromosome losses in drosophila and chromosome aberration frequency in allium fistulosum seedlings. the preparation does not affect spontaneous mutability of bone marrow cells in mice, high doses of the preparation have no mutagenic potential. thus, 1,4-dihydropyridine shows antimutagenic activity reducing the chromosome mutation level in sex and somatic ...20126506216
dietary administration of scallion extract effectively inhibits colorectal tumor growth: cellular and molecular mechanisms in mice.colorectal cancer is a common malignancy and a leading cause of cancer death worldwide. diet is known to play an important role in the etiology of colon cancer and dietary chemoprevention is receiving increasing attention for prevention and/or alternative treatment of colon cancers. allium fistulosum l., commonly known as scallion, is popularly used as a spice or vegetable worldwide, and as a traditional medicine in asian cultures for treating a variety of diseases. in this study we evaluated th ...201223024755
[use of allium fistulosum l. seeds as a preliminary test for studying mutagenic factors in the environment (drugs)].the mutagenic activity was studied for the following 14 psychotropic drugs: aminazinum, fluphenazinum-decanoate, thioproperazinum, reserpinum, chlordiazepoxidum, diazepam, oxazepam, trioxazin, tavor, dipheninum, hexamidinum, benzonalum, carbamazepinum, ethosuximidium. it is shown that carbamazepinum, benzonalum, chlordiazepoxidum considerably increase the frequency of chromosome aberrations in the allium fistulosum l. cells. these drugs were selected for studying their mutagenic activity on the ...2008898274
[cytogenetic analysis of the action of new bifunctional alkylating compounds].the mutagenic activity of nitrogen mustard derivatives of aminovinylketones (np-130, np-161, np-163), aminovinylphosphoric acid (rvs-445, rvs-446, rvs-448, rvs-398) and ethylene imine derivatives of ethane sulphonic acid (ar, rj) was established for the first time in the experiments with allium fistulosum l. the mutagenic activity of aminovinylketones (np-130, np-160) was established for the first time in the experiments with crepis capillaris (l.) wallr. the effect of the compounds studied on t ...19751232037
phytotoxicity of lignanamides isolated from the seeds of hyoscyamus niger.bioassay-guided fractionation of phytotoxic extracts prepared from the seeds of hyoscyamus niger led to the isolation of three new lignanamides (1-3), along with six known lignanamides (4-9). the structures of the new compounds were determined by spectroscopic methods, including 1d and 2d nuclear magnetic resonance techniques, and high-resolution electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. the bioactivity analysis of the isolated compounds showed that compound 3 exhibited significant inhibition o ...201222280058
the effects of gelatin on aggregation of protoplasts from higher plants.aggregation of protoplasts of allium fistulosum l., brassica chinensis l. and daucus carota l. was induced in great frequency with gelatin and early products of gelatin degradation. the optimal gelatin concentration was 2-5%. the aggregated protoplasts fused into groups and cell walls were formed around them in culture.197324458819
mechanism of the sensitizing action of far red light with respect to chromosome aberrations induced by x-rays in seedlings of allium fistulosum. 19715163426
[radiation sensitivity and aging of seeds of allium fistulosum l]. 20015397847
health risk assessment of heavy metals for edible parts of vegetables grown in sewage-irrigated soils in suburbs of baoding city, china.with the long-term application of wastewater to vegetable production fields, there is concern about potential health risks of heavy metals contaminating the edible parts of vegetables grown in contaminated soils in the suburban areas of baoding city, china. the average concentration of elemental zn in sewage-irrigated soil was the highest (153.77 mg kg(-1)), followed by pb (38.35 mg kg(-1)), cu (35.06 mg kg(-1)), ni (29.81 mg kg(-1)), and cd (0.22 mg kg(-1)) which were significantly higher (p?<? ...201121769562
chromosomal location of rdna in allium: in situ hybridization using biotin- and fluorescein-labelled probe.a biotin- and fluorescein-labelled probe of helianthus argophyllus has been used to map specific repeated rdna sequences by in situ hybridization on mitotic chromosomes of alliwn cepa, allium fistulosum, a diploid interspecific (allium fistulosum x allium cepa) f1 hybrid, and a triploid interspecific (2 x = a. cepa, 1 x = a. fistulosum) shallot. hybridization sites were restricted to satellited and smallest pairs of chromosomes in both a. cepa and a. fistulosum. the number, size, and position of ...199224202586
introgression of allium fistulosum l. into allium cepa l.: cytogenetic evidence.a diploid allium cepa plant was recovered from the backcross of an interspecific triploid (2 x a. cepa + 1 x a. fistulosum) to an a. cepa diploid which exhibited both a. cepa and a. fistulosum adh-1 alleles. cytogenetic analyses revealed a recombinant sub-telocentric chromosome. the adh-1 locus is believed to be on the long arm of the sub-telocentric a. fistulosum chromosome 5. meiosis of the triploid progenitor gives strong evidence that recombination occurred. a. fistulosum chromosome 8 has be ...199024226129
[the cytological effects of lasers on shoots of allium fistulosum l]. 19695383642
[cytogenetic effect of laser radiation of wavelength 6328 a in sprouts of allium fistulosum l]. 19685747837
a gene for control of interstitial localization of chiasmata in allium fistulosum l. 193517748587
exploring the structural basis for selenium/mercury antagonism in allium fistulosum.while continuing efforts are devoted to studying the mutually protective effect of mercury and selenium in mammals, few studies have investigated the mercury-selenium antagonism in plants. in this study, we report the metabolic fate of mercury and selenium in allium fistulosum (green onion) after supplementation with sodium selenite and mercuric chloride. analysis of homogenized root extracts via capillary reversed phase chromatography coupled with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (c ...201222278221
the effect of cultivar, sowing date and transplant location in field on bolting of welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.).bolting reduces the quality and commercial yield of welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.) in production. however, seed production is directly dependent on flower induction and bolting. the welsh onion belongs to the green plant vernalisation type, specific seedling characteristics and sufficient accumulated time at low temperature are indispensible for the completion of its vernalisation process. only if these conditions for vernalisation are fulfilled, the plants will bolt in the following year. t ...201324199907
activation of immune responses in mice by an oral administration of bunching onion (allium fistulosum) mucus.bunching onion [allium fistulosum l. (liliaceae)] secretes mucus in the cavities of its green leaves. the effects of the mucus, which is consumed as food, were examined. the mucus augmented the production of tumor necrosis factor (tnf)-α and monocyte chemotactic protein (mcp)-1 from raw 264 cells and of interleukin (il)-12 from j774.1 cells; however, extracts from green leaves and white sheaths did not. an oral administration of this mucus to mice augmented the immune functions of peritoneal cel ...201324018671
identification of cadmium-excluding welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.) cultivars and their mechanisms of low cadmium accumulation.screening out cadmium (cd) excluding cultivars of a crop in agricultural production is an effective way to prohibit cd entering into food chain.201222203399
uv-b radiation impacts shoot tissue pigment composition in allium fistulosum l. cultigens.plants from the allium genus are valued worldwide for culinary flavor and medicinal attributes. in this study, 16 cultigens of bunching onion (allium fistulosum l.) were grown in a glasshouse under filtered uv radiation (control) or supplemental uv-b radiation [7.0  μ mol·m(-2) · s(-2) (2.68 w · m(-2))] to determine impacts on growth, physiological parameters, and nutritional quality. supplemental uv-b radiation influenced shoot tissue carotenoid concentrations in some, but not all, of the bunch ...201323606817
[cytotoxic influence of chlorophenols on the root meristem cells of onion batuna seeds (allium fistulosum l.)].chlorophenols are precursors to more dangerous toxicants dioxanes and are characterized wiht mutagenic and carcinogenic properties. mutagenicity and cytotoxicity of chemical substances can be studied using methods of plant biological testing under the influence of different pollutants. genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of pentachlorophenol and 3-chlorophenol solutions in root meristem cells of allium fistulosum (l.) were investigated. dose-dependent inhibition of onion seed germination under the i ...201323427611
effects of typheramide and alfrutamide found in allium species on cyclooxygenases and lipoxygenases.typheramide (n-caffeoyltyramine) and alfrutamide (n-feruloyltyramine) are phenylpropenoic acid amides found in plants. in this article, typheramide and alfrutamide were isolated from allium sativum (garlic) and allium fistulosum (green onion), their chemical structures were confirmed using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic methods, and the potential effects on cyclooxygenases (coxs) (cox 1 and 2) and lipoxygenases (loxs) (5- and 15-lox) were investigated. typheramide and alfrutamide inhib ...201121332401
direct determination of the chromosomal location of bunching onion and bulb onion markers using bunching onion-shallot monosomic additions and allotriploid-bunching onion single alien determine the chromosomal location of bunching onion (allium fistulosum l.) simple sequence repeats (ssrs) and bulb onion (a. cepa l.) expressed sequence tags (ests), we used a complete set of bunching onion-shallot monosomic addition lines and allotriploid bunching onion single alien deletion lines as testers. of a total of 2,159 markers (1,198 bunching onion ssrs, 324 bulb onion est-ssrs and 637 bulb onion est-derived non-ssrs), chromosomal locations were identified for 406 markers in a. fi ...201120938763
14c tebuconazole degradation in colombian soils.tebuconazole is a fungicide used on onion crops (allium fistulosum l) in colombia. persistence of pesticides in soils is characterized by the half-life (dt50), which is influenced by their chemical structure, the physical and chemical properties of the soil and the previous soil history. based on its structural and chemical properties, tebuconazole should be expected to be relatively persistent in soils. laboratory incubation studies were conducted to evaluate persistence and bond residues of 14 ...201021542480
tandem repeats of allium fistulosum associated with major chromosomal landmarks.tandem repeats are often associated with important chromosomal landmarks, such as centromeres, telomeres, subtelomeric, and other heterochromatic regions, and can be good candidates for molecular cytogenetic markers. tandem repeats present in many plant species demonstrate dramatic differences in unit length, proportion in the genome, and chromosomal organization. members of genus allium with their large genomes represent a challenging task for current genetics. using the next generation sequenc ...201728150039
allium fistulosum as a novel system to investigate mechanisms of freezing resistance.allium fistulosum was investigated as a novel model system to examine the mechanism of freezing resistance in cold hardy plants. the 250 × 50 × 90 µm average cell size and single epidermal cell layer system allowed direct observation of endoplasmic reticulum (er), functional group localization during acclimation, freezing and thawing on an individual cell basis in live intact tissues. cells increased freezing resistance from an lt50 of -11°c (non-acclimated) to -25°c under 2 weeks of cold acclim ...201323078395
transcriptome sequencing analyses between the cytoplasmic male sterile line and its maintainer line in welsh onion (allium fistulosum l.).cytoplasmic male sterility (cms) is important for exploiting heterosis in crop plants and also serves as a model for investigating nuclear-cytoplasmic interaction. the molecular mechanism of cytoplasmic male sterility and fertility restoration was investigated in several important economic crops but remains poorly understood in the welsh onion. therefore, we compared the differences between the cms line 64-2 and its maintainer line 64-1 using transcriptome sequencing with the aim of determining ...201627376286
tissue culture triggers chromosome alterations, amplification, and transposition of repeat sequences in allium fistulosum.structural alterations in nuclei and chromosomes of cells derived from callus culture of allium fistulosum have been studied with fluorescent in situ hybridization (fish) using 5s ribosomal dna (rdna), 45s rdna, and 375-bp repeat probes. a high frequency of chromosome abnormalities was found to be caused by the loss of telomere-located 375-bp repeats, chromosome fusion, and subsequent breakage-fusion-bridge cycles. products of chromosome fusions and monocentric and regularly shaped chromosomes s ...200717612612
relative mass defect filtering of high-resolution mass spectra for exploring minor selenium volatiles in selenium-enriched green this study, the presence of minor se-containing volatiles in se-enriched green onions (allium fistulosum) was investigated using the combination of high-resolution mass spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, and a simple relative mass defect-based algorithm to aid trace level analysis of unknown components. this confirmed the structures of volatiles reported previously, along with several unreported small molecular weight se-containing volatiles from plants, such as meses ...200717263309
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