a novel subgroup 16srvii-d phytoplasma identified in association with erigeron witches' broom.erigeron sp. plants showing symptoms of witches' broom and stunting were found near orchards of passion fruit in são paulo state, brazil. these symptoms were indicative of infection by phytoplasmas. thus, the aim of this study was to detect and identify possible phytoplasmas associated with diseased plants. total dna was extracted from symptomatic and asymptomatic plants and used in nested pcr conducted with the primer pairs p1/tint and r16f2n/16r2. amplification of genomic fragments of 1.2 kb f ...201525911533
herbal drug quality and phytochemical composition of hypericum perforatum l. affected by ash yellows phytoplasma infection.qualitative/quantitative phytochemical variations were observed in dried flowering tops of cultivated hypericum perforatum l. cv. zorzi infected by phytoplasmas of the "ash yellows" class, identified by direct and nested polymerase chain reaction (pcr); this is the first report of ribosomial group 16srvii phytoplasmas in st. john's wort. methanolic extracts of healthy and infected plants were separated by reversed phase high-performance liquid chromatography to quantify naphthodianthrones and fl ...200515713006
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