hepatozoon species (adeleorina: hepatozoidae) of african bufonids, with morphological description and molecular diagnosis of hepatozoon ixoxo sp. nov. parasitising three amietophrynus species (anura: bufonidae).haemogregarines comprise a large group of apicomplexan blood parasites. in 1996 all anuran haemogregarines still in the genus haemogregarina danilewsky, 1885 were reassigned to the genus hepatozoon miller, 1908. most (11/15, 73%) african anuran hepatozoon species have been recorded from the family bufonidae, however, all these are recorded from only two host species, amietophrynus mauritanicus (schlegel, 1841) and amietophrynus regularis (reuss, 1833) from northern and central africa. to the aut ...201425526644
effects of insecticide formulations used in cotton cultivation in west africa on the development of flat-backed toad tadpoles (amietophrynus maculatus).in the west african savanna zone, traditional subsistence farming increasingly shifts to cash crop farming and in particular to cotton cultivation, which is accompanied by application of pesticides. increasing use of pesticides by smallholder farmers is suspected to have negative effects on non-target organisms. in this study, possible pesticide impact on the development of tadpoles was investigated. two insecticide formulations used in cotton cultivation in benin were compared: cotofan® (active ...201525192667
designation and description of a neotype of sclerophrys maculata (hallowell, 1854), and reinstatement of s. pusilla (mertens, 1937) (amphibia: anura: bufonidae).molecular analysis indicates that african material previously referred to amietophrynus maculatus (hallowell, 1854; now sclerophrys maculata), is divisible into two distinct clades: a western clade from cameroon westwards and an eastern clade from central african republic eastwards, and uganda southwards to south africa, extending to angola-namibia. preliminary morphological and bioacoustic data support this division. the two clades are recognised here as two separate species. the western specie ...201627394575
testicular myxosporidiasis in the flat-backed toad, bufo maculatus (amphibia: bufonidae), from cameroon, africa.macroscopic cysts measuring less than or equal to 860 x 500 microns were found in the testes of a flat-backed toad, bufo maculatus, collected in cameroon, west africa. on histologic examination, the cysts contained numerous spores of a myxobolus sp. (myxozoa: myxobolidae). spores in fixed tissues measured 9.2 microns long, 8.9 microns wide, and 4.0 microns thick; the range of values for length, width, and thickness were 8.8 to 9.6 microns, 8.6 to 9.4 microns, 3.6 to 4.4 microns, respectively (n ...19921602591
the influence of climate on the distribution of monogeneans of anurans in nigeria.investigations undertaken on the monogeneans of amphibians in nigeria have shown that host ecology has an influence on the distribution of these monogeneans. amphibians from humid environments of the rainforest, a freshwater swamp and mangrove harboured no monogeneans, whereas those occurring in drier conditions in the savannah-mosaic and guinea savannah yielded five species of polystomatid parasites: polystoma prudhoei from bufo regularis, polystoma galamensis from rana galamensis, eupolystoma ...200415153280
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