colletotrichum dematium keratitis. 200415623980
mycodiversity on a dead stem of the giant hogweed--heracleum mantegazzianum sommer et levier.during our investigations on microfungi in the ruhr area we were able to find the remarkable mycodiversity of different genera and species on dead stems of heracleum mantegazzianum, a neophyt for the european flora. altemaria alternata ( keissl., camarosporium spec., cladosporium herbarum (pers.) link, colletotrichum dematium (pers. ex fr.) gove, dactylella armandii yadv., dasyscyphus mollissimus (lasch.) dennis, dendryphion comosum wallr., endophragmia hyalosperma (corda) morgan-jones & ...200415756828
keratitis due to colletotrichum dematium--a case report.colletotrichum dematium has been rarely reported from india before. the present case, a farmer, developed peripheral corneal ulcer five days following trauma with plant. at presentation his visual acuity was 6/60 (unaided) and 6/24p with pinhole. slit lamp and fluorescent stain examination revealed paracentral corneal ulcer with irregular margins, stromal infiltration and multiple epithelial defects. microbiological examination of corneal samples confirmed the initial diagnosis of fungal corneal ...200515928425
keratitis due to colletotrichum dematium. 200516100435
plant growth-promoting pseudomonas sp. strains reduce natural occurrence of anthracnose in soybean (glycine max l.) in central himalayan region.biological control is an accepted important component of current plant disease management strategies. introduction of bacterized seeds carrying bacterial isolates with proven growth-promotion capabilities and antagonistic characteristics offer a valid alternative to chemical protectants. root colonization of disease-susceptible (ps 1024) and moderately resistant (ps1042) varieties of soyabean (glycine max l) by fluorescent pseudomonad (flps) strains grp3, pen-4, prs1, and wrs-24 was studied in r ...200616604418
voriconazole and fungal keratitis: a report of two treatment failures.two cases of fungal keratitis, one caused by fusarium oxysporum and the other by colletotrichum dematium, that failed treatment with topical voriconazole 1% are presented. these cases are noteworthy in that topical voriconazole was unable to eradicate the corneal infection in both cases, despite relatively low mic90 tested for each species of 8 and 1 microg/ml, respectively.200617238810
fungal endophthalmitis: fourteen years' experience from a centre in india.background:: as fungal endophthalmitis is an emerging challenge, the study was carried out to determine the prevalence and the spectrum of fungal agents causing endophthalmitis from a single center, to identify the risk factors, and to correlate clinical course of illness with the agents involved. methods:: the microbiological and clinical records of all fungal endophthalmitis diagnosed during january 1992 through december 2005 at a tertiary center in india were reviewed retrospectively. during ...200818791488
fungal endophthalmitis: fourteen years' experience from a center in fungal endophthalmitis is an emerging challenge, the study was carried out to determine the prevalence and the spectrum of fungal agents causing endophthalmitis from a single center, to identify the risk factors, and to correlate clinical course of illness with the agents involved.200819009680
effect of light conditions on the resistance of current-year fagus crenata seedlings against fungal pathogens causing damping-off in a natural beech forest: fungus isolation and histological and chemical resistance.forest gap dynamics affects light intensity on the forest floor, which in turn may influence defense and survival of tree seedlings. current-year fagus crenata seedlings show high mortality under the canopy caused by damping-off. in contrast, they survive pathogen attacks in gaps. however, defense mechanisms against damping-off have not been fully understood. in order to determine the resistance factors that affect mortality in current-year seedlings, we compared seedling survival and chemical a ...200919774414
colonization of morus alba l. by the plant-growth-promoting and antagonistic bacterium burkholderia cepacia strain lu10-1.anthracnose, caused by colletotrichum dematium, is a serious threat to the production and quality of mulberry leaves in susceptible varieties. control of the disease has been a major problem in mulberry cultivation. some strains of burkholderia cepacia were reported to be useful antagonists of plant pests and could increase the yields of several crop plants. although b. cepacia lu10-1 is an endophytic bacterium obtained from mulberry leaves, it has not been deployed to control c. dematium infect ...201020854669
occurrence and characterization of colletotrichum dematium (fr.) grove.colletotrichum dematium was isolated from caraway for the first time in poland in 2005. isolations of this fungus were repeated in 2006 and 2007. the cultures of fungus were obtained from superficially disinfected leaves, root necks, roots, stems and umbels. the isolates were identified on culture media: pda and malt agar with addition of pieces of caraway stems and on the base of macro and microscopic structures. studies on the biotic effect between c. dematium and other species of phyllosphere ...201021033583
two antifungal active triterpenoid saponins from the seeds of lathyrus plants.two novel triterpenoid glycosides have been isolated from butanolic seeds extract of two varieties of lathyrus plants, i.e. lathyrus ratan and lathyrus aphaca. their structures were elucidated as 3-o-[β-d-glucuronopyranosyl-(1 → 4)-α-l-arabinopyranosyl-(1 → 2)-α-l-arabinopyranosyl]-olean-11,13(18)-dien-28-oic acid (1) and 3-o-{β-d-xylopyranosyl-(1  →  2)-β-d-glcopyranosyl-(1 → 4)-[β-d-glucopyranosyl-(1 → 2)]-β-d-xylopyranosyl}-2,16α-dihydroxy-4-hydroxymethyl urs-12-en-28-oic acid (2) on the basi ...201121899482
molecular phylogeny, diversity, and bioprospecting of endophytic fungi associated with wild ethnomedicinal north american plant echinacea purpurea (asteraceae).the endophytic fungal community associated with the ethnomedicinal plant echinacea purpurea was investigated as well as its potential for providing antifungal compounds against plant pathogenic fungi. a total of 233 endophytic fungal isolates were obtained and classified into 42 different taxa of 16 genera, of which alternaria alternata, colletotrichum dematium, and stagonosporopsis sp. 2 are the most frequent colonizers. the extracts of 29 endophytic fungi displayed activities against important ...201627273012
pathogen-induced systemic resistance in ipomoea purpurea.infection of ipomoea purpurea by anthracnose, the disease caused by the fungal pathogen colletotrichum dematium, increases resistance to subsequent infections on previously uninfected leaves. fungal isolates varied in their levels of virulence but not in the extent to which they induced resistance. induced resistance was equally effective against all isolates tested. plant lines varied in the baseline level of resistance expressed in newly emerging leaves. in some lines, new leaves were poorly d ...199528306893
effects of biosurfactants, mannosylerythritol lipids, on the hydrophobicity of solid surfaces and infection behaviours of plant pathogenic investigate the effects of mannosylerythritol lipids (mels) on the hydrophobicity of solid surfaces, their suppressive activity against the early infection behaviours of several phytopathogenic fungal conidia, and their suppressive activity against disease occurrences on fungal host plant leaves.201525898775
systematic analysis of the anticancer agent taxol-producing capacity in colletotrichum species and use of the species for taxol production.paclitaxel (taxol) has long been used as a potent anticancer agent for the treatment of many cancers. ever since the fungal species taxomyces andreanae was first shown to produce taxol in 1993, many endophytic fungal species have been recognized as taxol accumulators. in this study, we analyzed the taxol-producing capacity of different colletotrichum spp. to determine the distribution of a taxol biosynthetic gene within this genus. distribution of the taxadiene synthase (ts) gene, which cyclizes ...201627433121
colletotrichum dematium produces phytotoxins in anthracnose lesions of mulberry leaves.abstract colletotrichum dematium, the causal agent of mulberry anthracnose, was examined to produce phytotoxins in vitro and in planta. raw and autoclaved mulberry leaves infected with the fungus, as well as the fungus incubated with several solid or liquid media, were extracted with acetone. extracts obtained from the fungus grown on raw and autoclaved mulberry leaves caused brown necrotic lesions on susceptible mulberry leaves when they were placed (10 mul) on the wounded adaxial surface. wher ...200018944621
antimicrobial activity of culture filtrate of bacillus amyloliquefaciens rc-2 isolated from mulberry leaves.abstract a potential antagonist, bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain rc-2, against colletotrichum dematium, mulberry anthracnose fungus, was obtained from healthy mulberry leaves by in vitro and in vivo screening techniques. application of culture filtrate of rc-2 inhibited disease on mulberry leaves, indicating that suppression was due to antifungal compounds in the filtrate. development of mulberry anthracnose on mulberry leaves was inhibited only when the culture filtrate was applied before fun ...200118944392
fungal endophthalmitis complicating subconjunctival injection of triamcinolone acetonide in anterior scleritis.fungal endophthalmitis following subconjunctival triamcinolone acetonide in anterior scleritis is a rare complication. two patients with anterior scleritis, who received subconjunctival injection of triamcinolone developed fungal endophthalmitis. both patients were positive by smear and polymerase chain reaction for 28s ribosomal rna gene for fungus. colletotrichum dematium was identified in one patient. both patients responded well to pars plana vitrectomy and antifungal therapy.200617416964
growth promoting influence of siderophore-producing pseudomonas strains grp3a and prs9 in maize (zea mays l.) under iron limiting conditions.maize seeds were bacterized with siderophore-producing pseudomonads with the goal to develop a system suitable for better iron uptake under iron-stressed conditions. siderophore production was compared in fluorescent pseudomonas spp. grp3a, prs9 and p. chlororaphis atcc 9446 in standard succinate (ssm) and citrate (scm) media. succinate was better suited for siderophore production, however, deferration of media resulted in increased siderophore production in all the strains. maximum siderophore ...200314521234
mulberry anthracnose antagonists (iturins) produced by bacillus amyloliquefaciens rc-2.bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain rc-2 produced seven antifungal compounds (1-7) secreted into the culture filtrate. these compounds inhibited the development of mulberry anthracnose caused by the fungus, colletotrichum dematium. chemical structural analyses by nmr and fab-ms revealed that all these compounds were iturins (cyclic peptides with the following sequence: l-asn --> d-tyr --> d-asn --> l-gln --> l-pro --> d-asn --> l-ser --> d-beta-amino acid -->) and compounds 1-6 are identical to it ...200212423891
biodegradation of fluoranthene by soil fungi.a selection of 39 strains of micromycetes known as good degraders of polychlorinated aromatic compounds, mostly isolated from soil and belonging to various taxonomic groups, have been investigated for fluoranthene degradation. toxicity assays, first evaluated on solid medium mea, have not shown any toxicity of fluoranthene (1-100 mg.l-1) towards fungi. whereas, consumption assays on a solid synthetic medium showed a toxicity at 100 mg.l-1. the degradation of fluoranthene (10 mg.l-1) was then inv ...199910230046
phylogeny and systematics of 18 colletotrichum species based on ribosomal dna spacer sequences.the potential use of the ribosomal dna internal transcribed spacer (its) sequences in understanding the phylogeny and systematics of colletotrichum species has been evaluated. sequence data from a limited number of isolates revealed that in colletotrichum species the its 1 region (50.3% variable sites) shows a greater degree of intra- and inter-specific divergence than its 2 (12.4% variable sites). nucleotide sequences of the its 1 region from 93 isolates representing 18 colletotrichum species w ...19968674999
high-efficiency transformation and selective tolerance against biotic and abiotic stress in mulberry, morus indica cv. k2, by constitutive and inducible expression of tobacco osmotin.osmotin and osmotin-like proteins are stress proteins belonging to the plant pr-5 group of proteins induced in several plant species in response to various types of biotic and abiotic stresses. we report here the overexpression of tobacco osmotin in transgenic mulberry plants under the control of a constitutive promoter (camv 35s) as well as a stress-inducible rd29a promoter. southern analysis of the transgenic plants revealed the stable integration of the introduced genes in the transformants. ...201120549349
colutellin a, an immunosuppressive peptide from colletotrichum dematium.colletotrichum dematium is an endophytic fungus recovered from a pteromischum sp. growing in a tropical forest in costa rica. this fungus makes a novel peptide antimycotic, colutellin a, with a mic of 3.6 microg ml(-1) (48 h) against botrytis cinerea and sclerotinia sclerotiorum. collutellin a has a mass of 1127.7 da and contains residues of ile, val, ser, n-methyl-val and beta-aminoisobutryic acid in nominal molar ratios of 3 : 2 : 1 : 1 : 1, respectively. independent lines of evidence suggest ...200818599825
fungal degradation of fluorene.a selection of 30 strains of micromycetes known as good degraders of polychlorinated aromatic compounds, mostly isolated from soil and belonging to various taxonomic groups, have been investigated to degrade fluorene. toxicity assays, first evaluated on solid media, have shown high growth inhibition at concentrations above 0.001 g l-1 only towards 23% of strains. degradation of fluorene (0.005 g l-1) was then investigated in liquid synthetic medium for 2 days and evaluated by hplc. among the 30 ...200010665449
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