comparison of the cell envelope proteins of micrococcus cryophilus with those of neisseria dnd branhamella an attempt to elucidate the relation between micrococcus cryophilus, neisseria caviae, neisseria ovis, and branhamella catarrhalis, fractions derived from outer membranes of a strain of each organism were examined for protein composition by sds - polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. micrococcus cryophilus outer membrane protein showed extensive similarities to that of n. ovis and contained a heat-modifiable protein which behaved almost identically with the corresponding bands previously shown ...19761260534
branhamella catarrhalis. new methods of bacterial diagnosis.a total of 176 strains identified as branhamella catarrhalis were isolated from various clinical specimens, mainly sputum (71), pharynx (49), eye (24), nose (11), ear (6) and tracheal aspirate (7). b. catarrhalis appeared as gram-negative cocci in white colonies which were oxidase- and catalase-positive and which did not produce acidification of sugars. the 3 related species, neisseria caviae, n. ovis and n. cuniculi were also white but the 'true asaccharolytic neisseria' studied presented a yel ...19862874008
a note on hydrolysis of tributyrin by branhamella and neisseria.sixty-three strains of branhamella and neisseria were tested by two methods for their ability to hydrolyse glycerol tributyrate. after the conventional plate test, gas liquid chromatographical (glc) analysis of the agar medium was carried out to detect the hydrolysis product, butyric acid, and other volatile fatty acids. all strains of branhamella catarrhalis, neisseria caviae, n. cuniculi and n. ovis but no other neisseria spp. gave positive results with the conventional test. with glc, however ...19873624107
analysis of deoxyribonucleic acid of neisseria caviae and other neisseria.lamacchia, elizabeth h. (university of maryland, college park), and michael j. pelczar, jr. analyses of deoxyribonucleic acid of neisseria caviae and other neisseria. j. bacteriol. 91:514-516. 1966.-the base composition of deoxyribonucleate preparations extracted from 11 strains of neisseria caviae, expressed in terms of mole per cent guanine plus cytosine ranged from 47.7 to 50.4, with an average of 49.2. this compared closely with the values obtained for dna from two strains of n. perflava, wh ...19665935338
relatedness of three species of "false neisseriae," neisseria caviae, neisseria cuniculi, and neisseria ovis, by dna-dna hybridizations and fatty acid analysis.dna-dna hybridization was used to determine the levels of genomic relatedness of the three species of "false neisseriae," neisseria caviae, neisseria cuniculi, and neisseria ovis. the reference strains of these species exhibited high levels of intraspecies relatedness (93 to 100% for n. caviae, 79 to 100% for n. cuniculi, and 68 to 100% for n. ovis) but low levels of interspecific relatedness (less than 34%) to each other and to various species belonging to the beta subclass of the proteobacteri ...19938494736
neisseria caviae nov spec. 195313069449
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