septicaemia caused by rahnella aquatilis in an immunocompromised patient. 19883143591
bacteraemia caused by rahnella aquatilis: report of two cases and review.rahnella aquatilis, a rare gram-negative rod, usually found in fresh water, was isolated from blood of a diabetic patient and a patient with laryngeal carcinoma. both recovered from the infection after treatment with parenteral antibiotics including gentamicin.19957784821
a novel strategy for the isolation of luxi homologues: evidence for the widespread distribution of a luxr:luxi superfamily in enteric bacteria.the pheromone n-(3-oxohexanoyl)-l-homoserine lactone (ohhl) regulates expression of bioluminescence in the marine bacterium vibrio fischeri, the production of carbapenem antibiotic in erwinia carotovora and exoenzymes in both e. carotovora and pseudomonas aeruginosa. a characteristic feature of this regulatory mechanism in v. fischeri is that it is cell density-dependent, reflecting the need to accumulate sufficient pheromone to trigger the induction of gene expression. using a lux plasmid-based ...19937968529
catheter-related rahnella aquatilis bacteremia in a pediatric bone marrow transplant recipient.rahnella aquatilis, a rarely encountered member of the family enterobacteriaceae, was twice isolated from the blood of a pediatric bone marrow transplant recipient. this is the first report of a pediatric case of r. aquatilis bacteremia, and it was probably related to inappropriate handling of a hickman catheter.19938349773
rahnella aquatilis bacteremia in an hiv-infected intravenous drug abuser.rahnella aquatilis, an unusual enteric gram-negative rod, was isolated from three of four blood cultures of an hiv-infected intravenous drug abuser. the outcome was favorable after a 14-day course with ciprofloxacin. the identification of r. aquatilis isolates is discussed and a synopsis of the previously published antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of this microorganism is given.19958565419
biochemical characteristics of enterobacter agglomerans and related strains found in buckwheat seeds.thirty strains of bacteria were randomly isolated and identified from buckwheat seeds. the phenotypic characteristics of these strains agree well with those of the enterobacter agglomerans-erwinia herbicola complex. on the basis of the difference in indole production and gas production from d-glucose, the isolates were divided into 3 phenotypic groups, viz. i, ii and iii. twenty two strains were in phenotypic group 1, which is negative for indole production and gas production from d-glucose, and ...19968854178
[the biological properties of adsorbed and nonadsorbed oh-agglutinating sera for the identification of rahnella aquatilis bacteria].the paper presents the production technology of rabbit hyperimmune adsorbed and unadsorbed oh-agglutinating sera for rahnella aquatilis bacteria identification. results are reported for such biological characteristics of the new preparations as their specificity and agglutination activity (titer). it is shown that cultures r. aquatilis atcc 33989 and atcc 33071 possess marked immunogenic properties and e.cloaceae 1903 strain has good absorptional ones, that enables one to employ them for product ...19979172867
[bacteriological diagnosis of diseases caused by rahnella aquatilis]. 19979377012
identification of bacterial isolates obtained from intestinal contents associated with 12,000-year-old mastodon remains.mastodon (mammut americanum) remains unearthed during excavation of ancient sediments usually consist only of skeletal material, due to postmortem decomposition of soft tissues by microorganisms. two recent excavations of skeletal remains in anoxic sediments in ohio and michigan, however, have uncovered organic masses which appear to be remnants of the small and large intestines, respectively. macrobotanical examinations of the composition of these masses revealed assemblages of plant material r ...19989464403
a major outer membrane protein of rahnella aquatilis functions as a porin and root adhesin.a 38-kda major outer membrane protein (omp) was isolated from the nitrogen-fixing enterobacterium rahnella aquatilis cf3. this protein exists as a stable trimer in the presence of 2% sodium dodecyl sulfate at temperatures below 60 degrees c. single channel experiments showed that this major omp of r. aquatilis cf3 is able to form pores in the planar lipid membrane. two oligonucleotides encoding the n-terminal portion of the 38-kda omp and c-terminal portion of ompc were used to amplify the 38-kd ...19989473046
expression of genes from rahnella aquatilis that are necessary for mineral phosphate solubilization in escherichia coli.rahnella aquatilis is a gram-negative bacterium that can fix atmospheric nitrogen and also has the ability to solubilize mineral phosphate. we have cloned the genes that confer the mineral phosphate solubilizing (mps) trait from this organism by mobilizing a cosmid library of r. aquatilis into escherichia coli hb101. a 7.0-kb ecori fragment from a cosmid, when transferred into e. coli strains hb101 and dh5 alpha, conferred the ability to solubilize hydroxyapatite and the production of gluconic a ...19989485602
evaluation of the role of carnobacterium piscicola in spoilage of vacuum- and modified-atmosphere-packed cold-smoked salmon stored at 5 degrees c.the microflora on spoiled cold-smoked salmon often consists of a mixture of lactic acid bacteria (lab) and gram-negative bacteria. to elucidate the role of the different groups, a storage trial was carried out in which nisin and co2 were used for the selective inhibition of the two bacterial groups. the shelf-life of vacuum-packed cold-smoked salmon, recorded by sensory evaluation, was four weeks at 5 degrees c and the microflora was composed of lab (10(6)-10(7) cfu/g) with an associate gram-neg ...19989553794
enterobacteriaceae found in high numbers in fish, minced meat and pasteurised milk or cream and the presence of toxin encoding genes.enterobacteriaceae were found in high numbers after storage at 7 degrees c in 6% of consumers packs of pasteurised milk or cream, in 31% of retailed fish and in 100% of retail packs of minced meat. seventy two fresh-water fishes, 40 packs of minced meat and 430 milk packs were sampled. one hundred and eighty four isolates were randomly picked from tryptone glucose extract (tge) agar (30 degrees c for 3d) or violet red bile glucose (vrbg) agar (37 degrees c for 1d). in minced meat, serratia lique ...19989562874
appearance of fosfomycin resistant rahnella aquatilis clinically isolated in japan.among recent clinical isolates in japan, strain cu264 was discovered which formed unusual colonies. this strain was identified as rahnella aquatilis which is usually found in water. the antibiotic susceptibilities against tetracycline, carbenicillin, chloramphenicol, streptomycin, kanamycin, gentamicin, sulphonamide, neomycin, fosfomycin, rifampicin, norfloxacin and nalidixic acid, were investigated. the result demonstrated that the strain was highly resistant to fosfomycin only. it was further ...19989872000
exopolysaccharide-producing bacteria from sugar beets.six hundred microorganisms were isolated from sugar beets collected from different parts of finland to study their slime production. a total of 170 of them produced exopolysaccharides, of which 35% were heteropolysaccharides. the yield of heteropolysaccharides from sucrose was lower than that of dextrans. five isolates, which were chosen for closer study, were identified as leuconostoc mesenteroides (two species), rahnella aquatilis (two species), and enterobacter amnigenus.19999925632
the phylogenetic position of serratia, buttiauxella and some other genera of the family enterobacteriaceae.the phylogenetic relationships of the type strains of 38 species from 15 genera of the family enterobacteriaceae were investigated by comparative 16s rdna analysis. several sequences of strains from the genera citrobacter, erwinia, pantoea, proteus, rahnella and serratia, analysed in this study, have been analysed previously. however, as the sequences of this study differ slightly from the published ones, they were included in the analysis. of the 23 enterobacterial genera included in an overvie ...199910555323
rahnella aquatilis sepsis in an immunocompetent adult.rahnella aquatilis, a rare enteric gram-negative rod which is infrequently isolated in immunocompromised patients, was isolated as a causative organism of sepsis in a 26-year-old immunocompetent male patient. the contaminated intravenous fluid was confirmed to be the source of the organism.199910565953
synthesis of methyl beta-d-fructoside catalyzed by levansucrase from rahnella aquatilis.methyl beta-d-fructoside(mf) was formed from sucrose and methanol by a transfructosylation reaction using recombinant levansucrase from rahnella aquatilis. the increase in the yield of mf formation was achieved by increasing methanol concentration. the enzyme stability at higher concentrations of methanol was maintained by lowering the reaction temperature. the optimum temperature and sucrose concentration for mf formation was 10 degrees c and 50 gl(-1) respectively and the yield of mf was 70%.200011064046
identification by 16s ribosomal rna gene sequencing of an enterobacteriaceae species with ambiguous biochemical profile from a renal transplant recipient.traditional ways of identification of bacteria by phenotypic characteristics cannot be used for non-cultivable organisms and organisms with unusual biochemical profiles. in this study, an enterobacteriaceae was isolated in pure growth from the mid-stream urine of a 67-year old renal transplant recipient with urinary tract infection. conventional biochemical tests did not reveal a pattern resembling any known member of the enterobacteriaceae family. the vitek system (gni+) showed that it was 18% ...200111248520
comparison of methods for determining the numbers and species distribution of coliform bacteria in well water samples.enumeration of coliform bacteria and escherichia coli is the most widely used method in the estimation of hygienic quality of drinking water. the yield of target bacteria and the species composition of different populations of coliform bacteria may depend on the method.three methods were compared.200111412314
identity and antibiotic susceptibility of enterobacterial flora of salad vegetables.the enterobacterial flora from carrots (organic and non-organic) and salad vegetables has been identified and antibiotic susceptibilities determined. pseudomonas fluorescens and pantoea (formerly enterobacter) agglomerans were the species most commonly found; the former was usually resistant to at least six of the antibiotics under test. rahnella aquatilis (often producing beta-lactamase) was also found in carrots. there were no clear differences in flora from organic and non-organic carrots. th ...200111463532
differences in attachment of salmonella enterica serovars and escherichia coli o157:h7 to alfalfa sprouts.numerous salmonella enterica and escherichia coli o157:h7 outbreaks have been associated with contaminated sprouts. we examined how s. enterica serovars, e. coli serotypes, and nonpathogenic bacteria isolated from alfalfa sprouts grow on and adhere to alfalfa sprouts. growth on and adherence to sprouts were not significantly different among different serovars of s. enterica, but all s. enterica serovars grew on and adhered to alfalfa sprouts significantly better than e. coli o157:h7. e. coli o15 ...200212324317
identification of a chromosome-borne expanded-spectrum class a beta-lactamase from erwinia persicina.from whole-cell dna of an enterobacterial erwinia persicina reference strain that displayed a penicillinase-related antibiotic-resistant phenotype, a beta-lactamase gene was cloned and expressed in escherichia coli. it encoded a clavulanic-acid-inhibited ambler class a beta-lactamase, erp-1, with a pi value of 8.1 and a relative molecular mass of ca. 28 kda. erp-1 shared 45 to 50% amino acid identity with the most closely related enzymes, the chromosomally encoded enzymes from citrobacter koseri ...200212384342
characterization of five phyllosphere bacteria isolated from rosa rugosa leaves, and their phenotypic and metabolic properties.five gram-negative bacteria, all of which were enterobacteriaceae, were isolated from the phyllosphere of green or senescing leaves of rosa rugosa, and their phenotypic and physiological characteristics were examined. partial 16s rdna sequences led to identification of these isolates as pantoea agglomerans, klebsiella terrigena, erwinia rhapontici, and two strains of rahnella aquatilis. interestingly, these phyllosphere bacteria had certain phenotypic and physiological convergences, while they s ...200212506991
culture-independent identification of pathogenic bacteria and polymicrobial infections in the genitourinary tract of renal transplant recipients.renal transplant recipients are predisposed to urinary tract infections caused by both common uropathogens and opportunistic bacteria resulting frequently in significant polymicrobial infections. in this study, a culture-independent 16s rrna-based approach was established to identify unusual, fastidious, or anaerobic bacteria and to investigate bacterial diversity in urinary tract specimens. similarly sized amplicons encompassing the v6 to v8 region of the 16s rrna were analyzed with denaturing ...200314662931
dna based classification of food associated enterobacteriaceae previously identified by biolog gn microplates.enterobacteriaceae are frequently isolated from food products and it is essential to have methods for correct identification for both food hygiene and epidemiology reasons. phenotypic methods are not always sufficient and have to be supplemented by dna based methods. in the present study, 70 strains of enterobacteriaceae derived from milk, fish and meat that had previously been identified by biolog gn microplates were genomically classified together with 15 representative type strains of species ...200415046311
characterization of two antagonistic strains of rahnella aquatilis isolated from soil in an attempt to obtain biological control agents for controlling bacterial spot of cucumber, over 250 bacterial strains were isolated from agricultural soil samples, collected from different localities in giza governorate (egypt) and screened for in vitro antibiosis towards xanthomonas campestris. only 2 strains showed antagonistic activity. they and their culture filtrates restricted the growth of a number of g- and g(+)-indicator bacteria. on chrome azurol s agar, both strains exhibited a mar ...200315058195
[species of enterobacteria new to medicine].the paper presents main biological characteristics of six new species of enterobacteria, which may cause a number of infectious processes in man: moellerella wisconsensis, koserella trabulsii. leclercia adecarboxylata. escherichia fergusonii. rahnella aquatilis, enterobacter asburiae. the characteristics presented allow the bacteriologists of the laboratory of health services to isolate and to identify the above-mentioned enterobacteria.19969044705
rahnella aquatilis, an unusual gram-negative rod isolated from the bronchial washing of a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.rahnella aquatilis, a rare enteric gram-negative rod which is usually found in fresh water, was isolated from the bronchial washing of a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. although few clinical isolates have been reported, this is the second isolation of r. aquatilis from a human in north carolina. a case report and discussion of r. aquatilis is presented.19892768455
[characteristics of structure components of rahnella aquatilis lipopolysaccharides].lps have been isolated from 6 strains of rahnella aquatilis, their separate structure components have been obtained: lipid a, o-specific polysaccharide shain (ops) and core oligosaccharide. 3-oxytetradecanoic (31.7%) and tetradecanoic (17.8%) acids are dominating fatty acids of the lipid a. the core oligosaccharide of most investigated strains includes galactose and glucose, some of them include arabinose and ribose. glucose, mannose and galactose are dominating monosaccharides in the compositio ...200415515896
[rahnella aquatilis, a new member of the enterobacteriaceae (author's transl)].a dna-dna hybridization study was carried out to determine the taxonomic position of a new group of enterobacteria (group h2) previously studied by numerical taxonomy. all the strains of this group revealed relatively high reassociation binding ratios with the centrotype; 82% of the strains of the group showed more than 69% of reassociation with the centrotype. in spite of numerical taxonomy conclusions, there was no genetic relationship with the species enterobacter cloacae (higher reassociatio ...1979484990
[study on bacteremia due to community-acquired infection in infants and children without underlying diseases].between july 1988 and june 1998, 22 pediatric patients without underlying diseases were diagnosed as bacteremia caused by community-acquired infection in asahikawa kosei hospital. the age range of the patients was from 7 days to 4 years. their diseases were meningitis in 6, urinary tract infection in 6, respiratory tract infection in 4, skin infection in 2, and unknown origin in 4. the causative organisms were escherichia coli in 7, haemophilus influenzae in 4, streptococcus pneumoniae in 4, sta ...19989884506
molecular cloning of a gene encoding the thermoactive levansucrase from rrahnella aquatilis and its growth phase-dependent expression in eescherichia coli.a levansucrase gene (lsra) from rahnella aquatilis atcc33071 was isolated from a genomic library and the nucleotide sequence of the lsra structural gene was determined. lsra is composed of 1248 bp and encodes 415 amino acid residues with a calculated molecular mass of 45.9 kda. although the amino acid sequence of lsra gene showed good conservation with the sequences of reported levansucrases and of the conserved regions thought to be implicated in the enzyme activity, comparison of the deduced a ...200010936661
rahnella aquatilis bacteremia from a suspected urinary source.a 76-year-old male with prostatic hyperplasia presented with acute pyelonephritis. blood cultures yielded rahnella aquatilis. treatment with intravenous followed by oral levofloxacin resulted in cure. important characteristics of this organism include its biochemical similarities to enterobacter agglomerans, its apparent ability to cause bacteremia from a renal focus, and its response to quinolone therapy.200515872303
gram-negative bacteria from the camel tick hyalomma dromedarii (ixodidae) and the chicken tick argas persicus (argasidae) and their antibiotic sensitivities.a total of nine species of gram-negative bacteria were isolated from organs and haemolymph of the hard tick hyalomma (hyalomma) dromedarii and the soft tick argas (persicargas) persicus. four species namely serratia liquefaciens, stenotrophomonas maltophilia, klebsiella ornithinolytica and aeromonas hydrophila were isolated from h. dromedarii and five species namely rahnella aquatilis, pseudomonas fluorescens, enterobacter cloacae, chryseomonas luteola and chryseobacterium meningosepticum were i ...200515880998
[new enterobacteriaceae found in medical bacteriology moellerella wisconsensis, koserella trabulsii, leclercia adecarboxylata, escherichia fergusonii, enterobacter asbutiae, rahnella aquatilis].characteristics of 6 "new" enterobacteriaceae species, occasionally isolated from human sources: moellerella wisconsensis, koserella trabulsii, leclercia adecarboxylata, escherichia fergusonii, rahnella aquatilis, enterobacter asburiae are described and compared with those of closely related species.19892742218
production of a novel exopolysaccharide by rahnella aquatilis.a bacterium tomakomai b-1 that was isolated from the activated sludge of a treatment process for wastewater of the pulp industry was found to produce soluble and insoluble exopolysaccharides (epss) when grown aerobically in a medium containing sucrose as the sole carbon source. the sugar component of soluble epss consisted of rhamnose, mannose, galactose, glucose, mannuronic acid, galacturonic acid and glucuronic acid, and that of insoluble epss consisted of rhamnose, mannose, galactose, glucose ...199916232447
biochemical-genetic characterization of the chromosomally encoded extended-spectrum class a beta-lactamase from rahnella aquatilis.from whole-cell dna of a clinical isolate of the enterobacterial species rahnella aquatilis, a beta-lactamase gene was cloned that encoded a chromosomally encoded ambler class a enzyme, rahn-1. rahn-1, with a pi of 7.2, shares 76, 73, and 71% amino acid identity with the extended-spectrum beta-lactamase of chromosomal origin from serratia fonticola and with the plasmid-mediated beta-lactamases ctx-m-2 and ctx-m-1, respectively. the hydrolysis spectrum of the clavulanic acid-inhibited rahn-1 was ...200111557504
clinical and microbiological characteristics of rahnella aquatilis strains isolated from children.we report the microbiological characteristics of two rahnella aquatilis strains isolated in the faeces of two patients with acute gastroenteritis, one of whom is an aids patient. the biochemical behaviour was studied with different automated identification systems, and the few clinical cases to be found in the literature were reviewed. of the nine strains isolated in clinical samples, two were obtained from blood cultures, two from respiratory samples, one from urine, one from a burn wound, one ...19968890004
the efficacy of electrolysed oxidising water for inactivating spoilage microorganisms in process water and on minimally processed vegetables.the efficacy of electrolysed oxidising water (eow) for inactivating spoilage microorganisms in process water and on minimally processed vegetables was investigated. the direct effect of eow on three important spoilage bacteria namely; pseudomonas fluorescens, pantoea agglomerans or rahnella aquatilis was determined by inoculating tap water or "artificial process water" with approximately 8 log cfu/ml pure culture and electrolysing the resultant solutions. the three bacteria were each reduced to ...200616504328
changes in the spoilage-related microbiota of beef during refrigerated storage under different packaging conditions.the microbial spoilage of beef was monitored during storage at 5 degrees c under three different conditions of modified-atmosphere packaging (map): (i) air (map1), (ii) 60% o2 and 40% co2 (map2), and (iii) 20% o2 and 40% co2 (map3). pseudomonas, enterobacteriaceae, brochothrix thermosphacta, and lactic acid bacteria were monitored by viable counts and pcr-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (dgge) analysis during 14 days of storage. moreover, headspace gas composition, weight loss, and beef ...200616820458
volatile metabolite production of spoilage micro-organisms on a mixed-lettuce agar during storage at 7 degrees c in air and low oxygen atmosphere.this paper describes the volatile metabolite production of spoilage bacteria (pantoea agglomerans and rahnella aquatilis) and spoilage yeasts (pichia fermentans and cryptococcus laurentii), previously isolated from mixed lettuce, on a simulation medium of shredded mixed lettuce (mixed-lettuce agar) both under air conditions and modified atmosphere (ma)-conditions at 7 degrees c. these latter conditions simulated the equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging, which is used to extend the shelf-lif ...200616860421
urinary tract infection due to rahnella aquatilis in a renal transplant patient.rahnella aquatilis is an unusual gram-negative rod belonging to the family enterobacteriaceae. it inhabits fresh water and is rarely isolated from clinical specimens. we report the case of a urinary tract infection caused by this organism in a renal transplant patient.19921452665
biological control of postharvest spoilage caused by penicillium expansum and botrytis cinerea in apple by using the bacterium rahnella aquatilis.the epiphytic bacterium rahnella aquatilis, isolated from fruit and leaves of apples, was tested for antagonistic properties against penicillium expansum and botrytis cinerea on red delicious apple fruit. in "in vitro" assays, this bacterium inhibited completely the germination of p. expansum and b. cinerea spores, but it needed direct contact with the spores to do it. however the putative mechanism seemed be different for the two pathogens. the bacterium did not produce extracellular antibiotic ...200717007950
rahnella aquatilis bacteremia in a patient with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia.rahnella aquatilis infections are rare. we report the case of a 46-y-old african-american male with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia who had r. aquatilis bacteremia after beginning reinduction chemotherapy. he was treated for 4 weeks with piperacillin-tazobactam and gentamicin. he recovered from the infection and had an allogenic bone marrow transplant a month later.200111450870
[the biological properties of rahnella aquatilis strains isolated in different regions].biological properties (morphological, tinctorial, cultural, biochemical, serological, genetic) of 25 rahnella aquatilis strains, 21 of them being isolated in the territory of ukraine and russia, have been studied with results presented. the research data will allow specialists to isolate these microorganisms from biotic and abiotic objects of the environment and to differentiate them from other representatives of enterobacteriaceae.19989785799
infective endocarditis caused by an unusual gram-negative rod, rahnella 11-month-old girl with congenital heart disease developed infective endocarditis. blood cultures revealed an unusual gram-negative rod, rahnella aquatilis. the patient was successfully treated with a combination of netilmicin and ceftazidime. this is the first case report of infective endocarditis caused by this organism. r. aquatilis should be recognized as a clinical pathogen capable of causing life-threatening infection in children and adults.19968833496
surgical wound infection caused by rahnella aquatilis.rahnella aquatilis is a water-residing gram-negative rod, a member of the family enterobacteriaceae, isolated rarely from clinical specimens of immunocompromised patients. a case of a surgical wound infection caused by r. aquatilis in a patient who underwent a prosthetic surgical intervention is reported. the presence of inducible beta-lactamase was suggested by the disk induction test and the conventional agar dilution assay. literature on r. aquatilis infections in humans is reviewed.19947852561
rahnella aquatilis, a potential contaminant in lager beer breweries.the species rahnella aquatilis has been isolated mostly from water, soil, and, in a few cases, from human clinical specimens; little is known about its ecological role. the application of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of soluble proteins, dna-dna hybridizations and api 20 e systems has shown that rahnella aquatilis might also be encountered as a contaminant in lager beer breweries.19911863529
molecular characterization of the growth phase-dependent expression of the lsra gene, encoding levansucrase of rahnella aquatilis.expression of the lsra gene from rahnella aquatilis, encoding levansucrase, is tightly regulated by the growth phase of the host cell; low-level expression was observed in the early phase of cell growth, but expression was significantly stimulated in the late phase. northern blot analysis revealed that regulation occurred at the level of transcription. the promoter region was identified by primer extension analysis. two opposite genetic elements that participate in the regulation of lsra express ...200212374819
formation of guaiacol in chocolate milk by the psychrotrophic bacterium rahnella aquatilis.the aim of this study was to identify the causative agent of a smoky/phenolic taint in refrigerated full cream chocolate milk.200111696092
six cases of sepsis caused by pantoea agglomerans in a teaching hospital.pantoea agglomerans is an environmental organism which may seldom cause opportunistic infections. here we report on a 6 case outbreak in a teaching hospital. within three months . agglomerans was isolated from blood cultures of 5 patients from oncology and 1 patient from icu departments. p. agglomerans was in pure culture in 5 cases, while in the last one rahnella aquatilis and candida famata were also isolated. therefore, p. agglomerans is able to produce nosocomial infections in patients with ...200919382678
refolding and purification of zymomonas mobilis levansucrase produced as inclusion bodies in fed-batch culture of recombinant escherichia coli.zymomonas mobilis levansucrase was overproduced by the fed-batch culture of recombinant escherichia coli harboring a novel expression system that is constitutively expressed by the promoter from the rahnella aquatilis levansucrase gene. most of the levansucrase was produced as inclusion bodies in the bacterial cytoplasm, accounting for approximately 20% of the total cellular protein. refolding after complete denaturation by high concentrations of urea or guanidine hydrochloride was not successfu ...200010733894
two new rahnella genomospecies that cannot be phenotypically differentiated from rahnella aquatilis.fifty-one rahnella aquatilis and r. aquatilis-like strains from water, snails and human sources were characterized by routine biochemical tests, carbon source utilization tests, dna relatedness (hydroxyapatite method) and 16s rrna sequencing. the results of the genetic methods indicated that the strains comprised three closely related species within the genus rahnella. it was not possible to differentiate r. aquatilis from the two newly recognized species. the new species were therefore given th ...19989542084
antitumor activity of levan polysaccharides from selected microorganisms.levans were isolated from the cultures of gluconoacetobacter xylinus (g-levan; mw = 40,000), microbacterium laevaniformans (m; mw = 710,000), rahnella aquatilis (r; mw = 380,000), and zymomonas mobilis (z; mw = 570,000). the levans were composed mainly of fructose residues when analyzed by tlc and hplc, and their main backbones were beta-(2,6)-linkages with beta-(2,1)-branches by gc-ms and nmr. in the in vitro antitumor activity test of the levans against eight different tumor cell lines, relati ...200415178007
role of yersinia intermedia and pseudomonas putida in the development of a fruity off-flavour in pasteurized milk.analysis by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry of pasteurized milk with a fruity (pineapple like) off odour and a sour, rancid and soapy taste indicated the presence of concentrations at microg/ml levels of ethyl butanoate, ethyl hexanoate, ethyl octanoate, ethyl decanoate, octanoic acid, decanoic acid and dodecanoic acid. the off-odour and taste were attributed to the presence of these compounds in the milk. microbiological examination confirmed that the milk was also contaminated with a seri ...200011131069
[isolation and characterization of rahnella aquatilis lipopolysaccharides].lipopolysaccharides (lps) of six strains of rahnella aquatilis isolated from freshwater reservoirs, plant rhizosphere, and from patient have been investigated. it was shown, that lps of type strain was characterized by the presence of rhamnose and mannose as predominant monosaccharides, while lps of the rest strains contained galactose and fucose. the glucosamine content was insignificant (0.42-1.0%) in lps of all strains studied. it was shown by double immunodiffusion in agar, immunoelectrophor ...200415208851
natural antibiotic susceptibility of rahnella aquatilis and r. aquatilis-related strains.a database is described of the natural susceptibilities of 70 rahnella strains to 71 antibiotics. mic values were determined by a microdilution procedure and evaluated by a table calculation program. rahnella aquatilis and r. aquatilis-related strains were naturally resistant to amoxycillin, ticarcillin, fosfomycin and to antibiotics to which other species of enterobacteriaceae are also intrinsically resistant, i.e. macrolides (except azithromycin), benzylpenicillin, oxacillin, rifampicin, fusid ...200010768513
an analysis of wilderness water in kings canyon, sequoia, and yosemite national parks for coliform and pathologic determine the prevalence of coliform and potentially pathogenic bacteria in remote backcountry alpine lakes and streams of national parks in the sierra nevada mountains.200415636373
production of biogenic amines "in vitro" in relation to the growth phase by enterobacteriaceae species isolated from traditional sausages.histidine, lysine, ornithine and tyrosine decarboxylase activities were tested in 79 strains of enterobacteriaceae (41 of hafnia alvei, 17 of serratia liquefaciens, 5 of enterobacter cloacae, 4 of citrobacter braakii, 2 of proteus vulgaris, 2 of proteus mirabilis, 2 of providencia stuartii, 2 of klebsiella terrigena, 1 of rahnella aquatilis, 1 of salmonella arizonae, 1 of citrobacter youngae and 1 of escherichia coli) isolated from botillo, a spanish traditional sausage. in general, the strains ...201020673614
occurrence of gram-negative bacteria in hens' eggs depending on their source and storage conditions.the aim of this study was to analyse the qualitative composition of gram-negative microbes, mainly of the family enterobacteriaceae, including pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella, in the albumens and yolks and on the shells of hens' eggs, depending on their source and on the temperature and duration of their storage. a total of 375 table eggs were studied, from a large-scale poultry farm, a small-scale poultry farm and a supermarket. each group was divided into 5 subgroups according to the te ...201021033566
bacterial and fungal communities of wilted italian ryegrass silage inoculated with and without lactobacillus rhamnosus or lactobacillus understand the effects of lactic acid bacteria (lab) inoculation on fermentation products, aerobic stability and microbial communities of silage.201121204884
extended-spectrum beta-lactamase gene sequences in gram-negative saprophytes on retail organic and nonorganic spinach.a substantial proportion of infections caused by drug-resistant gram-negative bacteria (gnb) in community and health care settings are recognized to be caused by evolutionarily related gnb strains. their global spread has been suggested to occur due to human activities, such as food trade and travel. these multidrug-resistant gnb pathogens often harbor mobile drug resistance genes that are highly conserved in their sequences. because they appear across different gnb species, these genes may have ...201121216903
coliform and pathologic bacteria in sierra nevada national forest wilderness area lakes and analyze backcountry-area water quality in us department of agriculture forest service-designated wilderness areas for the presence of coliform and potentially pathogenic bacteria.200415636374
levansucrase of rahnella aquatilis atcc33071. gene cloning, expression, and levan formation. 19989928133
structure of the o-polysaccharide of the lipopolysaccharide of rahnella aquatilis 1-95.the o-polysaccharide was isolated by mild acid hydrolysis of the lipopolysaccharide of rahnella aquatilis 1-95 and studied by sugar and methylation analyses along with 1h and 13c nmr spectroscopy, including noesy and 1h,13c hsqc experiments for linkage and sequence analysis. the following structure of the branched trisaccharide repeating unit of the o-polysaccharide was established: [carbohydrate structure: see text].200415220091
comparison of specificity and sensitivity of immunochemical and molecular techniques for determination of clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis.detection of clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (cmm), causing bacterial canker of tomato, was verified using pta-elisa and ifas with pabs of neogen europe ltd. (uk), and with published and also laboratory-generated pcr primers from the cmm tomatinase gene. the specificity of this technique was determined with 15 plant-pathogenic and 4 common, saprophytic bacteria. with ifas, crossreactions were found for pantoea dispersa, p. agglomerans and rahnella aquatilis, and with pta-elisa for ...201020526836
[characterization of the lipopolysaccharide from rahnella aquatilis 1-95].the lipopolysaccharide from the freshwater bacterium rahnella aquatilis 1-95 has been isolated and investigated for the first time. the structural components of the lipopolysaccharide molecule: lipid a, core oligosaccharide, and o-specific polysaccharide were isolated by mild acidic hydrolysis. in lipid a, 3-hydroxytetradecanoic and tetradecanoic acids were found to be the predominant fatty acids. in the core oligosaccharide, galactose, arabinose, fucose, and an unidentified component were shown ...200516211849
two epidemiologically related cases of rahnella aquatilis bacteremia.rahnella aquatilis was isolated from the blood cultures of two patients who were in different units of the same hospital. both isolates were susceptible to aminoglycosides, fluoroquinolones, cotrimoxazole, piperacillin, third generation cephalosporins and amoxicillin-clavulanate, but resistant to amoxicillin, ticarcillin, and first generation cephalosporins. the synergistic activity of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid suggested the presence of a beta-lactamase, confirmed by a positive nitrocefin ...19989721965
effects of ensiling fermentation and aerobic deterioration on the bacterial community in italian ryegrass, guinea grass, and whole-crop maize silages stored at high moisture content.the effects of storage period and aerobic deterioration on the bacterial community were examined in italian ryegrass (ir), guinea grass (gg), and whole-crop maize (wm) silages. direct-cut forages were stored in a laboratory silo for 3, 7, 14, 28, 56, and 120 d without any additives; live counts, content of fermentation products, and characteristics of the bacterial community were determined. 2,3-butanediol, acetic acid, and lactic acid were the dominant fermentation products in the ir, gg, and w ...201325049913
[isolation of rahnella aquatilis in the tracheostomy exudate from a patient with laryngeal cancer]. 200010974779
[biological activity of native and modified lipopolysaccharides rahnella aquatilis].the results of the comparative toxicity studies of native lipopolysaccharide (lps) of rahnella aquatilis 96u037 and that modified by tin complexes indicates that, due to the modification of lps by tin complex with benzoylhydrazone of 4-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde, a decrease of its toxicity was observed that led to disappearance of the pyrogenic effect. all obtained derivatives lost completely the antigenic activity both in homologous and heterologous systems which may indicate to the interaction ...201122308745
[chemical characterisation of structural components of rahnella aquatilis lipopolysaccharides].the studies of lipopolysaccharides (lps) of eight rahnella aquatilis strains, isolated from different sources have shown that they contain both s- and r-types of molecules. this fact is evidenced by the presence of high-molecular fraction of o-specific polysaccharides (o-ps) and low-molecular fraction of core oligosaccharides. the predominant monosaccharides of core oligosaccharides were glucose, galactose. the presence of only one high-molecular fraction o-ps was a characteristic feature of all ...201020364711
an efficient plasmid vector for constitutive high-level expression of foreign genes in escherichia coli.the levansucrase gene (lsra) from rahnella aquatilis was strongly expressed in a constitutive manner in escherichia coli when cloned into a pbluescript ks-based prl1cp plasmid vector. the native promoter upstream of lsra and the lacz promoter cooperatively enhanced the expression of lsra to a level that was comparable to that of the t7 promoter, which is used in commercial pet expression vector system. a putative rho-independent transcription termination signal downstream of lsra was crucial for ...200919214389
isolation and structure elucidation of two different polysaccharides from the lipopolysaccharide of rahnella aquatilis 33071t.two different polysaccharides were obtained by mild acid degradation of the lipopolysaccharide of rahnella aquatilis 33071(t). these were studied by sugar and methylation analyses along with 1d and 2d (1)h and (13)c nmr spectroscopy. the following structures were established for the polysaccharides: -->4)-alpha-d-rhap-(1-->3)-alpha-d-rhap-(1-->3)beta-d-galp-(1-->3)-alpha-d-manp-(1-->2)-alpha-d-manp-(1--> beta-d-glcp-(1-->3)-alpha-d-galp-(1-->4)-alpha-d-glcpa-(1-->2). the former structure is new, ...200919442965
culture-dependent and -independent methods to investigate the predominant microorganisms associated with wet processed coffee.the fermentation process of yunnan arabica coffee is a typical wet fermentation. its excellent quality is closely related to microbes in the process of fermentation. the purpose of this study was to isolate and identify the microorganisms in the wet method of coffee processing in yunnan province, china. microbial community structure and dominant bacterial species were evaluated by traditional cultivated separation method and pcr-dgge technology, and were further analyzed in combination with the ...201627113591
structures of two putative o-specific polysaccharides from the rahnella aquatilis 3-95 lipopolysaccharide.two polysaccharide preparations (opsi and opsii) were obtained by mild acid degradation of the lipopolysaccharide of rahnella aquatilis 3-95. studies by chemical methods and 1h and 13c nmr spectroscopy showed that opsi is a linear alpha-d-mannan having a trisaccharide repeat and opsii is a approximately 2:1 mixture of the same mannan and an alpha-d-glucan:200616313891
[glycopolymers of microorganisms: molecular relationship between structure, function, and biological activity].the results of the department of biochemistry investigations during the recent 5 years are presented. for the first time the structures of o-specific polysaccharides of lipopolysaccharides of representatives of enterobacteriaceae new genus--rahnella aquatilis have been established. the structures are represented by linear or branched mono-, tri- and hexasaccharides. as well as in other enterobacteriaceae representatives only one hydrohylated acid--3-hydroxytetradecanoic has been established in l ...200818663920
extended spectrum ß-lactamase- and constitutively ampc-producing enterobacteriaceae on fresh produce and in the agricultural environment.the attribution of fresh produce to the overall community-associated exposure of humans to esbl- or ampc-producing bacteria is currently unknown. to address this issue, the prevalence of esbl- and ampc-producing enterobacteriaceae on fresh produce produced in the netherlands was determined. seven vegetable types that are consumed raw were selected: blanched celery, bunched carrots, chicory, endive, iceberg lettuce, mushrooms, and radish. the vegetables were mostly obtained from supermarkets. to ...201424211774
etude taxonomique de souches appartenant ou apparentées au genre erwinia, groupe herbicola, et à l'espece enterobacter agglomerans.the classification of 169 strains related to the species enterobacter agglomerans or erwinia berbicola has been carried out by numerical procedure. the taxonomic position of the strains is discussed in relation to the species enterobacter sakazakii, rahnella aquatilis, escherichia adecarboxylata. five principal groups can be defined. the ent. agglomerans or e. herbicola species can be divided into 15 subgroups. some of the ent. agglomerans strains are phenotypically related to the ent. sakazakii ...198323194595
disruption of gene pqqa or pqqb reduces plant growth promotion activity and biocontrol of crown gall disease by rahnella aquatilis hx2.rahnella aquatilis strain hx2 has the ability to promote maize growth and suppress sunflower crown gall disease caused by agrobacterium vitis, a. tumefaciens, and a. rhizogenes. pyrroloquinoline quinone (pqq), a cofactor of aldose and alcohol dehydrogenases, is required for the synthesis of an antibacterial substance, gluconic acid, by hx2. mutants of hx2 unable to produce pqq were obtained by in-frame deletion of either the pqqa or pqqb gene. in this study, we report the independent functions o ...201425502691
infection caused by rahnella aquatilis.the authors report a case of a 27-year-old african american woman with sickle cell disease who developed septic shock caused by a rahnella aquatilis infection associated with a peripherally inserted central venous catheter. the infection was treated successfully with ciprofloxacin. r aquatilis is a gram-negative rod, first isolated from freshwater in 1976, which has been linked to human disease in rare instances, most commonly in immunosuppressed individuals. in addition to this case report, the ...201020545014
role of metal resistant plant growth promoting bacteria in ameliorating fly ash to the growth of brassica this study, we have shown that the plant growth promoting bacterial strain nbri k24 and strain nbri k3 from fly ash (fa) contaminated soil reduce the toxicity of ni and cr in brassica juncea (indian mustard) and promote plant growth under pot culture experiments. isolated strains nbri k24 and nbri k3 were characterized based on the 16s rdna sequencing and identified as enterobacter aerogenes and rahnella aquatilis respectively. both the strains were siderophore producing and found capable of ...200919487076
freezing and freeze-drying of the bacterium rahnella aquatilis bnm 0523: study of protecting agents, rehydration media and freezing temperatures.the aim of the present study was to evaluate and compare freezing and freeze-drying treatments for conserving rahnella aquatilis (bnm 0523) with the goal to achieve an adequate commercial formulation of this biocontrol agent.201121913947
[biological activity of native and modified lipopolysaccharides of rahnella aquatilis].modified lipopolysaccharide (lps) preparations: dephosphorylated and n,o-dcacylated ones of six strains of rahnella aquatilis have been obtained. it has been shown that the modified lps, in contrast to native ones, have lost completely their toxicity and pathogenicity. this can evidence for the participation of both acyl, and phosphoryl groups in biological activity of lps of r. aquatilis.200415765868
structure of the o-specific polysaccharide of the lipopolysaccharide of rahnella aquatilis 95 u003.the o-polysaccharide of rahnella aquatilis 95 u003 was obtained by mild acid degradation of the lipopolysaccharide and studied by sugar and methylation analyses, smith degradation and (1)h and (13)c nmr spectroscopy, including 2d (1)h,(1)h cosy, tocsy, roesy, h-detected (1)h,(13)c hsqc and hmqc-tocsy experiments. the o-polysaccharide was found to have a branched hexasaccharide repeating unit of the following structure: [carbohydrate structure: see text]200818674754
mutations that disrupt either the pqq or the gdh gene of rahnella aquatilis abolish the production of an antibacterial substance and result in reduced biological control of grapevine crown gall.rahnella aquatilis hx2, a biocontrol agent for grapevine crown gall caused by agrobacterium vitis, produces an antibacterial substance that inhibits the growth of a. vitis in vitro. in this study, we show that mh15 and mh16, two tn5-induced mutants of hx2, have lost their abilities to inhibit a. vitis and have reduced biocontrol activities; they grow in logarithmic phase at a rate similar to that of the wild type and have single tn5 insertions. they are also impaired in producing pyrroloquinolin ...200919734331
gut-associated bacteria throughout the life cycle of the bark beetle dendroctonus rhizophagus thomas and bright (curculionidae: scolytinae) and their cellulolytic activities.dendroctonus rhizophagus thomas and bright (curculionidae: scolytinae) is an endemic economically important insect of the sierra madre occidental in mexico. this bark beetle has an atypical behavior within the genus because just one beetle couple colonizes and kills seedlings and young trees of 11 pine species. in this work, the bacteria associated with the dendroctonus rhizophagus gut were analyzed by culture-dependent and culture-independent methods. analysis of 16s rrna sequences amplified di ...201222234511
isolation and characterization of cold-adapted strains producing beta-galactosidase.beta-galactosidase is extensively employed in the manufacture of dairy products, including lactose-reduced milk. here, we have isolated two gram-negative and rod-shaped coldadapted bacteria, bs 1 and hs 39. these strains were able to break down lactose at low temperatures. although two isolates were found to grow well at 10 degrees , the bs 1 strain was unable to grow at 37 degrees . another strain, hs-39, evidenced retarded growth at 37 degrees . the biochemical characteristics and the results ...200616953174
[chemical characteristics and endotoxic activity of the lipopolysaccharide of rahnella aquatilis 2-95].the lipopolysaccharide (lps) from a new enterobacteriaceae species, rahnella aquatilis 2-95, was isolated and investigated. the structural components of the lps molecule, namely, lipid a, core oligosaccharide, and o-specific polysaccharide, were obtained by mild acid hydrolysis. in lipid a, 3-oxytetradecanoic and tetradecanoic acids were found to be the predominant fatty acids. the major monosaccharides of the core oligosaccharide were galactose, arabinose, fucose, rhamnose, and an unidentified ...200818683651
potential of bulb-associated bacteria for biocontrol of hyacinth soft rot caused by dickeya zeae.dickeya zeae is a pectinolytic bacterium responsible for soft rot disease in flower bulb crops. in this study, the possibility of controlling soft rot disease in hyacinth by using antagonistic bacteria isolated from hyacinth bulbs was explored.200919054227
diversity and community structure of culturable arsenic-resistant bacteria across a soil arsenic gradient at an abandoned tungsten-tin mining area.we studied the bacterial diversity at a single location (the terrubias mine; salamanca province, spain) with a gradient of soil as contamination to test if increasing levels of as would (1) change the preponderant groups of arsenic-resistant bacteria and (2) increase the tolerance thresholds to arsenite [as(iii)] and arsenate [as(v)] of such bacteria. we studied the genetic and taxonomic diversity of culturable arsenic-resistant bacteria by pcr fingerprinting techniques and 16s rrna gene sequenc ...201121724233
atrazine degradation by aerobic microorganisms isolated from the rhizosphere of sweet flag (acorus calamus l.).in presented study the capability of microorganisms isolated from the rhizosphere of sweet flag (acorus calamus) to the atrazine degradation was assessed. following isolation of the microorganisms counts of psychrophilic bacteria, mesophilic bacteria and fungi were determined. isolated microorganisms were screened in terms of their ability to decompose a triazine herbicide, atrazine. our results demonstrate that within the rhizosphere of sweet flag there were 3.8x10(7) cfu of psychrophilic bacte ...200817594524
exploring new strains of dye-decolorizing bacteria.this study unveiled a new strategy to explore new indigenous strains with excellent decolorization capabilities from freshwaters and seawaters. two new bacterial decolorizers dx2b and sh7b, which have the capability to decolorize textile dyes, were isolated from cross-strait taiwan and china. according to pcr-augmented 16s rrna gene analyses for strain identification, >99% of nucleotide sequences in isolated strains were identical to type strains rahnella aquatilis, acinetobacter guillouiae, mic ...201122178338
inoculation of lens culinaris with pb-resistant bacteria shows potential for phytostabilization.phytoremediation comprises a set of plant and microbe-based technologies for remediation of soil heavy metal contamination. in this work, four pb-resistant bacteria (agrobacterium tumefaciens, rahnella aquatilis, and two pseudomonas sp.) were selected among a collection of isolates from root nodule of lens culinaris. they had a high degree of bioaccumulation ability in nutrient medium containing 2 mm pb, and the maximum pb accumulation of whole cell was found after 48-h incubation. these pb-resi ...201525185494
rahn-2, a chromosomal extended-spectrum class a beta-lactamase from rahnella aquatilis.rahnella aquatilis is an environmental enterobacterial species with a chromosomal bla(rahn-1) gene encoding extended-spectrum class a beta-lactamase rahn-1. we describe the diversity of bla(rahn) genes from two groups of strains, g1 and g2, isolated from raw fruits and vegetables, and the new class a beta-lactamase rahn-2.201020511369
aerobic bacterial community of american cockroach periplaneta americana,a step toward finding suitable paratransgenesis candidates.cockroaches mechanically spread pathogenic agents, however, little is known about their gut microbiota. identification of midgut microbial community helps targeting novel biological control strategies such as paratransgenesis. here the bacterial microbiota of periplaneta americana midgut, were identified and evaluated for finding proper paratransgenesis candidate.201426114142
biological control of bacterial spot of tomato caused by xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria by rahnella aquatilis.xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria strain 2 was isolated from infected tomato seedlings grown in open field in egypt. this strain produced irregular yellow-necrotic areas on tomato leaves and spotting of the stem. in an attempt to control this disease biologically, four experiments were conducted and tomato seedlings were pretreated, before the pathogen, with either of two antagonistic strains of rahnella aquatilis through leaves, roots, soil or seeds. in all experiments, seedlings pretreate ...200516255138
universal and species-specific bacterial 'fungiphiles' in the mycospheres of different basidiomycetous previous work, several bacterial groups that show a response to fruiting bodies (the mycosphere) of the ectomycorrhizal fungus laccaria proxima were identified. we here extend this work to a broader range of fungal fruiting bodies sampled at two occasions. pcr-dgge analyses showed clear effects of the mycosphere of diverse fungi on the total bacterial and pseudomonas communities in comparison with those in the corresponding bulk soil. the diversities of the pseudomonas communities increased d ...200919196267
identification of effective pb resistant bacteria isolated from lens culinaris growing in lead contaminated soils.soil bacteria are a new phytoremediation system for the removal of heavy metals from soils. in this study, fifteen soil bacteria were isolated from root nodules of lentil growing in heavy metals contaminated soils, particularly by lead. molecular characterization of the collection showed a large diversity, including agrobacterium tumefaciens, rahnella aquatilis, pseudomonas, and rhizobium sp. these soil bacteria had a wide range of tolerance to heavy metals. among them, strains of a. tumefaciens ...201524740715
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