antimicrobial effects of finnish plant extracts containing flavonoids and other phenolic compounds.plant phenolics, especially dietary flavonoids, are currently of growing interest owing to their supposed functional properties in promoting human health. antimicrobial screening of 13 phenolic substances and 29 extracts prepared from finnish plant materials against selected microbes was conducted in this study. the tests were carried out using diffusion methods with four to nine microbial species (aspergillus niger, bacillus subtilis, candida albicans, escherichia coli, micrococcus luteus, pseu ...200010857921
transgenic peas (pisum sativum) expressing polygalacturonase inhibiting protein from raspberry (rubus idaeus) and stilbene synthase from grape (vitis vinifera).the pea (pisum sativum l.) varieties baroness (united kingdome) and baccara (france) were transformed via agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated gene transfer with pgptv binary vectors containing the bar gene in combination with two different antifungal genes coding for polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein (pgip) from raspberry (rubus idaeus l.) driven by a double 35s promoter, or the stilbene synthase (vst1) from grape (vitis vinifera l.) driven by its own elicitor-inducible promoter. transgenic li ...200616802117
a study of ethylene in apple, red raspberry, and cherry.high ethylene levels were associated with flower abscission in apple (malus sylvestris) and cherry (prunus avium and prunus cerasus), "june drop" of immature cherries, and harvest drop of apple and red raspberry (rubus idaeus). however, an increase in ethylene content was not associated with june drop of apples and harvest drop of cherries. during the period of fruit ripening on the plant, the largest increases in ethylene occurred in apple flesh and red raspberry receptacular tissue. ethylene r ...197216658013
acarological diagnostic research at the diagnostic centre for plants during the period 2004-2006.during the period 2004-2006, 1691 samples of different origin were examined at the diagnostic centre for plants. we received 1046 samples of imported plant material for detection and identification of quarantine organisms. more than 200 samples were checked on mites and insects to get a phytosanitary certificate for export and 391 samples were investigated for diagnostic reason. the berlese-funnel and dissecting microscopy technique were used to separate mites from the samples. for identificatio ...200718399474
effect of topical application of raspberry ketone on dermal production of insulin-like growth factor-i in mice and on hair growth and skin elasticity in humans.sensory neurons release calcitonin gene-related peptide (cgrp) on activation. we recently reported that topical application of capsaicin increases facial skin elasticity and promotes hair growth by increasing dermal insulin-like growth factor-i (igf-i) production through activation of sensory neurons in mice and humans. raspberry ketone (rk), a major aromatic compound contained in red raspberries (rubus idaeus), has a structure similar to that of capsaicin. thus, it is possible that rk activates ...200818321745
[antibacterial activity of polyphenolic compounds isolated from plants of geraniaceae and rosaceae families].polyphenolic compounds present in extracts of plants belonging to the families geraniaceae (blood-red cranesbill, wood cranesbill, meadow cranesbill, and alfilaria) and rosaceae (red raspberry, european dewberry, and tormentil) have been tested for their activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria of the genera azotobacter, bacillus, and pseudomonas. the bacteriostatic activity exhibited some species-related features and depended on the polarity of the extracting agent. the bacteri ...200718173115
molecular and biochemical characterization of benzalacetone synthase and chalcone synthase genes and their proteins from raspberry (rubus idaeus l.).two new members of the polyketide synthase (pks) gene family (ripks4 and ripks5) were cloned from raspberry fruits (rubus idaeus l., cv royalty) and expressed in escherichia coli. characterization of the recombinant enzyme products indicated that ripks4 is a bifunctional polyketide synthase producing both 4-hydroxybenzalacetone and naringenin chalcone. the recombinant ripks4 protein, like the native protein from raspberry fruits [w. borejsza-wysocki, g. hrazdina, plant physiol. 1996;110: 791-799 ...200818068110
identification and characterization of raspberry mottle virus, a novel member of the closteroviridae.raspberry mosaic is one of the most important viral diseases of raspberry. four virus and virus-like agents, two of which are poorly characterized, have been implicated in the disease complex based on symptom development in rubus indicators. three novel viruses were identified in a red raspberry plant that caused typical raspberry mosaic symptoms when grafted onto indicators. this communication focuses on one of these viruses, raspberry mottle virus (rmov), a new member of the family closterovir ...200717448559
wild vascular plants gathered for consumption in the polish countryside: a review.this paper is an ethnobotanical review of wild edible plants gathered for consumption from the end of the 18th century to the present day, within the present borders of poland.200717433114
in-vitro mutagenic potential and effect on permeability of co-administered drugs across caco-2 cell monolayers of rubus idaeus and its fortified fractions.this study investigated the mutagenic, anti-mutagenic and cytotoxic effects of acetone extract of raspberry, rubus idaeus l. (v. ottawa) rosaceae, and the isolated and characterized ellagitannin and anthocyanin fractions thereof, suitable for food applications. the studied raspberry extract and fractions did not show any mutagenic effects determined in the miniaturized ames test and were not cytotoxic to caco-2 cells at the used concentrations. however, the anti-mutagenic properties were changed ...200617132218
chemical compositions, antioxidant capacities, and antiproliferative activities of selected fruit seed flours.seed flours from black raspberry, red raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, pinot noir grape, and chardonnay grape were examined for their total fat content, fatty acid composition, total phenolic content (tpc), total anthocyanin content (tac), radical scavenging capacities against the peroxyl (orac) and stable dpph radicals, chelating capacity against fe(2+), and antiproliferative activities using the ht-29 colon cancer cell line. significant levels of fat were detected in the fruit seed flours and ...200616719495
comparison of sugar, acids, and volatile composition in raspberry bushy dwarf virus-resistant transgenic raspberries and the wild type 'meeker' (rubus idaeus l.).raspberry bushy dwarf virus (rbdv) causes a significant reduction in yield and quality in raspberry and raspberry-blackberry hybrid. genetic modifications were made to 'meeker' red raspberries to impart rbdv resistance. the rbdv-resistant transgenic and wild type 'meeker' plants were grown in oregon and washington, and the fruits were harvested in the 2004 and 2005 growing seasons. year-to-year and site-to-site variations were observed for the degrees brix and titratable acidity, with oregon ras ...200818598047
anti-obese action of raspberry ketone.raspberry ketone (4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one; rk) is a major aromatic compound of red raspberry (rubus idaeus). the structure of rk is similar to the structures of capsaicin and synephrine, compounds known to exert anti-obese actions and alter the lipid metabolism. the present study was performed to clarify whether rk helps prevent obesity and activate lipid metabolism in rodents. to test the effect on obesity, our group designed the following in vivo experiments: 1) mice were fed a high-fa ...200515862604
strawberry necrotic shock virus is a distinct virus and not a strain of tobacco streak virus.fragaria (strawberry) and rubus species (blackberry, wild blackberry, red raspberry and black raspberry) were thought to be infected with distinct isolates of tobacco streak virus (tsv). employing serology and nucleic acid hybridization it has been shown that these isolates form a cluster distinct from other strains of tsv. in this study we have cloned and sequenced the complete rna 3 of an isolate of tsv from strawberry (fragaria) as well as the coat protein (cp) gene of 14 additional isolates ...200415669110
avoidance of nonhost plants by a bark beetle, pityogenes bidentatus, in a forest of odors.the bark beetle, pityogenes bidentatus (coleoptera: scolytidae), searches in mixed conifer and deciduous forests of northern europe for suitable branches of its host, scots pine ( pinus sylvestris). we tested whether odors from several diverse nonhost trees and plants common in the habitat (e.g., mountain ash, sorbus aucuparia; oak, quercus robur; alder buckthorn, frangula alnus; blueberry, vaccinium myrtillus; raspberry, rubus idaeus; and grass, deschampsia flexuosa) would reduce the attraction ...200415146267
the defh9-iaam auxin-synthesizing gene increases plant fecundity and fruit production in strawberry and raspberry.the defh9-iaam gene fusion which is expressed specifically in placenta/ovules and promotes auxin-synthesis confers parthenocarpic fruit development to eggplant, tomato and tobacco. transgenic defh9-iaam eggplants and tomatoes show increased fruit production due mainly to an improved fruit set. however, the weight of the fruits is also frequently increased.200415113427
molecular evidence for multiple infections of a new subgroup of wolbachia in the european raspberry beetle byturus tomentosus.wolbachia, a group of maternally inherited intracellular parasitic bacteria, alter host reproduction, including the induction of thelytokous parthenogenesis, feminization of genetic males, son killing and, most commonly, the induction of cytoplasmic incompatibility (ci), in a diverse array of arthropods. ci can result in infertility and has attracted attention because of its potential in biological control and as an agent in speciation. although there has been some analysis of overall infection ...200010652077
carrier herbal medicine: traditional and contemporary plant use.the carrier, an athapaskan-speaking people of northcentral british columbia, occupy the sub-boreal spruce forests of the central interior. this report, which is based on field study, documents some traditional and contemporary knowledge of the medicinal use of plants by the carrier people. important medicinal plants include: abies lasiocarpa, alnus incana, arctostaphylos uva-ursi, artemisia frigida, fragaria virginiana, juniperus communis, picea glauca, pinus contorta, populus tremuloides, rubus ...19968735452
raspberry ketone increases both lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation in 3t3-l1 adipocytes.raspberry ketone (rk) is a natural phenolic compound of the red raspberry. the dietary administration of rk to male mice has been reported to prevent high-fat diet-induced elevation in body weight and to increase lipolysis in white adipocytes. to elucidate a possible mechanism for the antiobesity action of rk, its effects on the expression and the secretion of adiponectin, lipolysis, and fatty acid oxidation in 3t3-l1 were investigated. treatment with 10 µm of rk increased lipolysis significantl ...201020425690
[proteo-polysaccharidic turbidity in depectinized raspberry juice].a revertible turbidity happens in the depectinized red raspberry juice under refrigeration. its analysis is carried out: --chemically: total sugar determination by anthrone methol, galacturonic acid determination by carbazol, total nitrogen determination according to berthelot's coloured reaction (automated analysis) -- physically: calcium, potassium and magnesium determinations by atomic absorption. -- chromatographically: sugar separation and determination by hplc. m. w. determination of the d ...1978754586
berry fruits: compositional elements, biochemical activities, and the impact of their intake on human health, performance, and overwhelming body of research has now firmly established that the dietary intake of berry fruits has a positive and profound impact on human health, performance, and disease. berry fruits, which are commercially cultivated and commonly consumed in fresh and processed forms in north america, include blackberry ( rubus spp.), black raspberry ( rubus occidentalis), blueberry ( vaccinium corymbosum), cranberry (i.e., the american cranberry, vaccinium macrocarpon, distinct from the european cranbe ...200818211023
a dietary supplement for female sexual dysfunction, avlimil, stimulates the growth of estrogen-dependent breast tumors (mcf-7) implanted in ovariectomized athymic nude mice.avlimil, a dietary supplement advertised to ameliorate female sexual dysfunction, is a mixture of eleven herbal components, and some herbal constituents of avlimil (including black cohosh, licorice, red raspberry, red clover and kudzu) contain phenolic compounds, which are suggested to have estrogenic, anti-estrogenic, or androgenic potential for relieving menopausal symptoms. we hypothesize that avlimil could modulate the growth of estrogen receptor positive human breast cancer (mcf-7) cells in ...200817919800
gene flow analysis demonstrates that phytophthora fragariae var. rubi constitutes a distinct species, phytophthora rubi comb. nov.isozyme analysis and cytochrome oxidase sequences were used to examine whether differentiation of p. fragariae var. fragariae and p. fragariae var. rubi at the variety level is justified. in isozyme studies six strains of both p. fragariae varieties were analyzed with malate dehydrogenase (mdh), glucose phosphate isomerase (gpi), aconitase (aco), isocitrate dehydrogenase (idh) and phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (pgd), comprising altogether seven putative loci. five unique alleles (mdh-1(a), mdh- ...200717682774
the antihypertensive effect of ethyl acetate extract from red raspberry fruit in hypertensive evaluate the antihypertensive effect of xinjiang red raspberry fruit ethyl acetate extract (eer) on spontaneously hypertensive rats (shr) and its possible mechanism from antioxidant perspective.201121472074
blackberry, black raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, red raspberry, and strawberry extracts inhibit growth and stimulate apoptosis of human cancer cells in vitro.berry fruits are widely consumed in our diet and have attracted much attention due to their potential human health benefits. berries contain a diverse range of phytochemicals with biological properties such as antioxidant, anticancer, anti-neurodegerative, and anti-inflammatory activities. in the current study, extracts of six popularly consumed berries--blackberry, black raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, red raspberry and strawberry--were evaluated for their phenolic constituents using high perf ...200617147415
relaxant activity of raspberry (rubus idaeus) leaf extract in guinea-pig ileum in vitro.tea made from the leaves of rubus idaeus l. (raspberry) has been used for centuries as a folk medicine to treat wounds, diarrhoea, colic pain and as a uterine relaxant. extracts of dried raspberry leaves prepared with different solvents, (n-hexane, ethyl acetate, chloroform and methanol) were tested in vitro for relaxant activity on transmurally stimulated guinea-pig ileum. the methanol (meoh) extract exhibited the largest response and also indicated that the active compounds are of a relatively ...200212410549
aromatic polyketide synthases (purification, characterization, and antibody development to benzalacetone synthase from raspberry fruits).p-hydroxyphenylbutan-2-one, the characteristic aroma compound of raspberries (rubus idaeus l.), is synthesized from p-coumaryl-coenzyme a and malonyl-coenzyme a in a two-step reaction sequence that is catalyzed by benzalacetone synthase and benzalacetone reductase (w. borejsza-wysocki and g. hrazdina [1994] phytochemistry 35: 623-628). benzalacetone synthase condenses one malonate with p-coumarate to form the pathway intermediate p-hydroxyphenylbut-3-ene-2-one (p-hydroxybenzalacetone) in a react ...199612226219
the bioactive potential of red raspberry (rubus idaeus l.) leaves in exhibiting cytotoxic and cytoprotective activity on human laryngeal carcinoma and colon adenocarcinoma.abstract in this article, the bioactive potential of red raspberry leaves, a by-product of this widely spread plant, mostly valued for its antioxidant-rich fruits, was determined. the polyphenolic profile and antioxidative properties of red raspberry leaf extract were determined and examined for potential biological activity. cytotoxic effect, antioxidative/prooxidative effect, and effect on total glutathione concentration were determined in human laryngeal carcinoma (hep2) and colon adenocarc ...201122082102
molecular and biochemical characterization of three aromatic polyketide synthase genes from rubus idaeus.three polyketide synthase genes (pks1, pks2, pks3) from cell suspension cultures of raspberry (rubus idaeus l. cv. royalty) were characterized. they showed high similarity in both their nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences. all three proteins contain the amino acid residues identified in previous work as essential for chalcone synthase (chs) function. enzyme activities were investigated after heterologous expression in escherichia coli. ripks1 is a typical naringenin chs that synthesizes ...200111437245
chemical composition and biological activity of rubus idaeus shoots--a traditional herbal remedy of eastern europe.the young shoots of rubus idaeus are traditionally used as a herbal remedy in common cold, fever and flu-like infections yet there is no research concerning this plant material. the aim of the study was to evaluate the chemical composition and biological properties of raspberry shoots from 11 cultivar varieties.201425496130
antioxidant properties of raspberry seed extracts on micronucleus distribution in peripheral blood lymphocytes.this study addresses in vitro effects of raspberry (rubus idaeus) seed extracts (rse) on the frequency of micronuclei. we evaluated the effects of three different extracts (50%, 80%, and 100% methanol) in doses of 1.4, 4.2, and 8.4 microg/ml, per 5 ml culture using cytochalasin-b micronucleus (cbmn) assay in peripheral human lymphocytes. the frequency of mn was scored in binucleated (bn) cells. the nuclear proliferation index was also calculated. the distribution of polyphenolic compounds in rse ...200919748543
[evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of extracts from siberian plants].experimental investigations have shown that water-alcohol extracts from plants containing alkaloids (aconitum baikalense, aconitum septentrionale, delphinium elatum l., conium maculatum) and salicylic acid (filipendula ulmaria, salix viminalis, fragaria vesca, rubus idaeus) inhibited the development of main symptoms of inflammation, viz. exudation, pain, fever, to the same extent as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents. the substances studied in this work may be used to develop new efficient p ...200920017405
the antimicrobial activity of fruits from some cultivar varieties of rubus idaeus and rubus occidentalis.raspberries, derived from different cultivar varieties, are a popular ingredient of everyday diet, and their biological activity is a point of interest for researchers. the ethanol-water extracts from four varieties of red (rubus idaeus'ljulin', 'veten', 'poranna rosa') and black (rubus occidentalis'litacz') raspberries were evaluated in the range of their antimicrobial properties as well as phenolic content - sanguiin h-6, free ellagic acid and anthocyanins. the antimicrobial assay was performe ...201425131001
fresh raspberry phytochemical extract inhibits hepatic lesion in a wistar rat model.abstract:201021108811
ellagitannins, flavonoids, and other phenolics in red raspberries and their contribution to antioxidant capacity and vasorelaxation properties.analysis of extracts of glen ample raspberries (rubus idaeus l.) by gradient, reverse phase hplc with diode array and tandem mass spectrometry identified eleven anthocyanins, including cyanidin-3-sophoroside, cyanidin-3-(2(g)-glucosylrutinoside), cyanidin-3-glucoside, cyanidin-3-rutinoside, pelargonidin-3-sophoroside, pelargonidin-3-(2(g)-glucosylrutinoside), and pelargonidin-3-glucoside. significant quantities of an ellagitannin, sanguiin h-6, with an m(r) of 1870 were detected along with lower ...200212188628
characterization of a cdna encoding metallothionein 3 from cotton (gossypium hirsutum l.).a cdna encoding metallothionein (mt) was isolated from a library constructed with poly a(+) rna purified from 48 h etiolated cotton (gossypium hirsutum l.) cotyledons. this cdna encodes a deduced protein with 63 residues and a molecular weight of 6.3 kda. the protein has 10 cysteines of which 4 are within the cxxcxcxxxxxc amino-terminus motif and six are within the cxcxxxcxcxxcxc carboxyl-terminus motif characteristic of the type iii mt (mt3). the cotton mt3 protein sequence is 76.2, 69.8, 66.7, ...200516147860
in vitro antiviral activity of a series of wild berry fruit extracts against representatives of picorna-, orthomyxo- and paramyxoviridae.wild berry species are known to exhibit a wide range of pharmacological activities. they have long been traditionally applied for their antiseptic, antimicrobial, cardioprotective and antioxidant properties. the aim of the present study is to reveal the potential for selective antiviral activity of total methanol extracts, as well as that of the anthocyanins and the non-anthocyanins from the following wild berries picked in bulgaria: strawberry (fragaria vesca l.) and raspberry (rubus idaeus l.) ...201424660461
plant phenolics affect oxidation of tryptophan.the effect of berry phenolics such as anthocyanins, ellagitannins, and proanthocyanidins from raspberry (rubus idaeus), black currant (ribes nigrum), and cranberry (vaccinium oxycoccus) and byproducts of deoiling processes rich in phenolics such as rapeseed (brassica rapa l.), camelina (camelina sativa), and soy (glycine max l.) as well as scots pine bark (pinus sylvestris) was investigated in an h2o2-oxidized tryptophan (trp) solution. the oxidation of trp was analyzed with high-performance liq ...200818646765
the use of collagenase to improve the detection of plant viruses in vector nematodes by rt-pcr.tomato ringspot virus (torsv), tobacco ringspot virus (trsv) and tobacco rattle virus (trv) are transmitted to healthy plants by viruliferous nematodes in the soil. a method was developed for extraction of genomic viral rna from virus particles carried within nematodes and a sensitive nested rt-pcr detection assay. the procedure has been adapted to microscale for handling multiple samples. this assay is effective for detection of torsv or trsv in xiphinema americanum or trv in paratrichodorus al ...200918992280
seasonal monitoring for drosophila suzukii (diptera: drosophilidae) in california commercial raspberries.native to southeast asia, drosophila suzukii (matsumura) prefer to oviposit on ripe fruit and have become an important pest of california raspberries (rubus idaeus l.) since their detection in santa cruz county, ca, in 2008. preliminary management guidelines included d. suzukii monitoring recommendations, though there was little available information on seasonal occurrence and potential lures for use in raspberries. to address this issue, we trapped adult d. suzukii weekly for 2 yr (including bo ...201424865227
where does the border lie: locally grown plants used for making tea for recreation and/or healing, 1970s-1990s estonia.traditional use of local wild and cultivated plants for making recreational tea in estonia often borders with the medicinal use of the same plants.201323994468
prevention of oxidative dna damage by bioactive berry components.the hormone 17ss-estradiol (e(2)) causes oxidative dna damage via redox cycling of its metabolites such as 4-hydroxy estradiol (4e(2)). in this study, aci rats (8 wk old) were fed either ain-93m diet or diets supplemented with 0.5% each of mixed berries (strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and red and black raspberry), blueberry alone (bb; 2.5%), or ellagic acid (ea; 400 ppm) from 2 wk prior to and up to 12 wk of e(2) treatment. the liver dna was analyzed for the presence of 8-oxo-7,8-dihydroguan ...200819003579
complete sequence and genetic characterization of raspberry latent virus, a novel member of the family reoviridae.a new virus isolated from red raspberry plants and detected in the main production areas in northern washington state, usa and british columbia, canada was fully sequenced and found to be a novel member of the family reoviridae. the virus was designated as raspberry latent virus (rplv) based on the fact that it is symptomless when present in single infections in several rubus virus indicators and commercial raspberry cultivars. rplv genome is 26,128 nucleotides (nt) divided into 10 dsrna segment ...201021144872
dietary berries and ellagic acid prevent oxidative dna damage and modulate expression of dna repair genes.dna damage is a pre-requisite for the initiation of cancer and agents that reduce this damage are useful in cancer prevention. in this study, we evaluated the ability of whole berries and berry phytochemical, ellagic acid to reduce endogenous oxidative dna damage. ellagic acid was selected based on >95% inhibition of 8-oxodeoxyguosine (8-oxodg) and other unidentified oxidative dna adducts induced by 4-hydroxy-17ss-estradiol and cucl(2) in vitro. inhibition of the latter occurred at lower concent ...200819325752
medicinal plants used in british columbia, canada for reproductive health in 2003, semi-structured interviews were conducted in british columbia, canada with participants obtained using a purposive sample on the ethnoveterinary remedies used for animals. twenty-nine participants provided the information in this paper on the ethnoveterinary remedies used for reproductive health in dogs and cats. the plants used for pregnancy support and milk production in pets were raspberry-leaf (rubus idaeus), motherwort (leonurus cardiaca), flaxseed (linum usitatissimum) and ginger ...200919482367
improved recovery of cryotherapy-treated shoot tips following thermotherapy of in vitro-grown stock shoots of raspberry (rubus idaeus l.).raspberry bushy dwarf virus (rbdv) can be efficiently eradicated from raspberry plants (rubus idaeus) by a procedure combining thermotherapy and cryotherapy. however, the bottleneck of this procedure is that, following thermotherapy, cryopreserved shoot tips become chlorotic during regrowth and eventually die after several subcultures. in addition, survival of heat-treated stock shoots and recovery of cryopreserved shoot tips following thermotherapy are low. the present study focused towards imp ...200919750241
effect of application timing of oxamyl in nonbearing raspberry for pratylenchus penetrans 2012, the washington raspberry (rubus idaeus) industry received a special local needs (sln) 24(c) label to apply vydate l(®) (active ingredient oxamyl) to nonbearing raspberry for the management of pratylenchus penetrans. this is a new use pattern of this nematicide for raspberry growers; therefore, research was conducted to identify the optimum spring application timing of oxamyl for the suppression of p. penetrans. three on-farm trials in each of 2012 and 2013 were established in washington ...201627765991
[technology of production and biological activity of toothpaste from rubus idaeus].composition and the technology of manufacturing of toothpaste from extract of blackberry with anti-inflammatory activity have been developed. toothpaste contains the following ingredients (g): blackberry extract - 3.0 5.0 7.0 aluminum hydroxide - 30,0 glycerin - 10,0 sodim carboxymethylcellulose - 1,5 sodium laurilsulfate - 2,0 calcium glycerophosphate - 1,5 sodium monofluorophosphate - 1.0 titanium dioxide - 1,0 perfume - 1,0 sorbit - 1,0 purified water to 100 ml. toothpaste containing 3%, 5% a ...200919801745
distribution and longevity of pratylenchus penetrans in the red raspberry production of the major constraints on the production of red raspberries in the pacific northwest is the presence of the root-lesion nematode pratylenchus penetrans. current management of this nematode relies heavily on preplant soil fumigation; however, regulations have made the practice more difficult and expensive. additional issues with soil fumigation include lack of efficacy at deeper soil depths and potential inability to penetrate raspberry root material that remains in the field during fumigat ...201628154430
efficient genetic transformation of red raspberry, rubus ideaus l.we have developed an efficient transformation system for red raspberry (rubus ideaus l.) using agrobacterium mediated gene transfer. using this system we have successfully introduced a gene that encodes an enzyme, s-adenosylmethionine hydrolase (samase), in raspberry cultivars meeker (mk), chilliwack (ch) and canby (cy). leaf and petiole expiants were inoculated with disarmed agrobacterium tumefaciens strain eha 105 carrying either of two binary vectors, pag1452 or pag1552, encoding gene sequenc ...199524185514
effect of edible coatings with essential oils on the quality of red raspberries over shelf-life.the objective of the present work was to develop strategies for increasing the shelf-life of red raspberries (rubus idaeus l.), by preventing microorganism growth.201727220662
combined thermotherapy and cryotherapy for efficient virus eradication: relation of virus distribution, subcellular changes, cell survival and viral rna degradation in shoot tips.accumulation of viruses in vegetatively propagated plants causes heavy yield losses. therefore, supply of virus-free planting materials is pivotal to sustainable crop production. in previous studies, raspberry bushy dwarf virus (rbdv) was difficult to eradicate from raspberry (rubus idaeus) using the conventional means of meristem tip culture. as shown in the present study, it was probably because this pollen-transmitted virus efficiently invades leaf primordia and all meristematic tissues excep ...200818705855
effects in rats of maternal exposure to raspberry leaf and its constituents on the activity of cytochrome p450 enzymes in the offspring.the goal of our study was to determine whether maternal exposure to red raspberry leaf (rrl) and its constituents can permanently alter biotransformation of fluorogenic substrates by cytochrome p450 (cyp) in the livers of male and female offspring. nulliparous female rats received vehicle, raspberry leaf, kaempferol, quercetin, or ellagic acid orally once breeding had been confirmed until parturition. hepatic microsomes were prepared from animals at birth (postnatal day 1 [pnd1]), weaning (pnd21 ...201021115944
effect of bead nutrient composition on regrowth of stored vitro-derived encapsulated microcuttings of different woody species.aseptic encapsulation in a sodium-alginate bead containing different nutritive solutions of microcuttings (uninodal explants excised from micropropagated shoots) of 10 different genotypes from four different woody species (actinidia deliciosa, kiwifruit, cv hayward and tomuri; malus spp,, apple, rootstock m. 26 and cv starkspur red and wellspur; olea europea, olive, cv canino, moraiolo, ascolana tenera and dolce agogia; rubus idaeus, raspberry, selection 1401) was investigated. the aim of the st ...20159972499
soil acidification and vegetation changes in deciduous forest in southern sweden.thirtyfour deciduous forest sites in southern sweden, originally studied in 1949-1970, were resampled in 1984/85. the average ph change in the humus layer was-0.78 and-0.23 in soils originally studied 30-35 and 15-20 years ago, respectively. cover changes in the field layer were measured and related to ph changes. the number of species had increased in spite of ph decreases, reaching a maximum at ph 4.0-5.0, while the total cover of the field layer was unchanged.two groups of species showed no c ...198628311918
opportunities and challenges in application of forward osmosis in food processing and preservation technologies must maintain the fresh-like characteristics of food while providing an acceptable and convenient shelf life as well as assuring safety and nutritional value. besides, the consumers' demand for the highest quality convenience foods in terms of natural flavor and taste, free from additives and preservatives necessitated the development of a number of membrane-based non-thermal approaches to the concentration of liquid foods, of which forward osmosis h ...201625036521
prophylaxis and therapeutic effects of raspberry (rubus idaeus) on renal stone formation in balb/c mice.purpose: to evaluate the prophylactic potential of herbal decoction from rubus idaeus, a medicinal plant widely used in the middle east to treat kidney stones, by assessing the effect of administration in experimentally induced calcium oxalate (caox) nephrolithiasis in mice. materials and methods: this study was based on administration of glyoxylate and/or herbal treatments simultaneously for 12 days, followed by histological and biochemical tests. group i was used as a negative control. group i ...201121557843
environmental and seasonal influences on red raspberry anthocyanin antioxidant contents and identification of quantitative traits loci (qtl).consumption of raspberries promotes human health through intake of pharmaceutically active antioxidants, including cyanidin and pelargonidin anthocyanins; products of flavonoid metabolism and also pigments conferring colour to fruit. raspberry anthocyanin contents could be enhanced for nutritional health and quality benefits utilising dna polymorphisms in modern marker assisted breeding. the objective was to elucidate factors determining anthocyanin production in these fruits. hplc quantified ei ...200919156716
investigating preference-performance relationships in aboveground-belowground life cycles: a laboratory and field study with the vine weevil (otiorhynchus sulcatus).the preference-performance hypothesis has principally considered insect herbivores with aboveground lifecycles, although the hypothesis could be equally relevant to insects with life stages occurring both aboveground and belowground. moreover, most studies have focussed on either laboratory or field experiments, with little attempt to relate the two. in this study, the preference-performance hypothesis was examined in an aboveground-belowground context in the laboratory using the vine weevil (ot ...201221867576
nonsense mutation inside anthocyanidin synthase gene controls pigmentation in yellow raspberry (rubus idaeus l.).yellow raspberry fruits have reduced anthocyanin contents and offer unique possibility to study the genetics of pigment biosynthesis in this important soft fruit. anthocyanidin synthase (ans) catalyzes the conversion of leucoanthocyanidin to anthocyanidin, a key committed step in biosynthesis of anthocyanins. molecular analysis of the ans gene enabled to identify an inactive ans allele in a yellow fruit raspberry ("anne"). a 5 bp insertion in the coding region was identified and designated as an ...201628066458
comparison of diagnostic techniques for the detection and differentiation of cherry leaf roll virus strains for quarantine purposes.some strains of cherry leaf roll virus (clrv) are considered as quarantine pests in new zealand. clrv was detected in seven plant host species: actinidia chinensis, hydrangea macrophylla, malus domestica, plantago major, ribes rubrum, rubus idaeus and rumex sp. collected from new zealand between 2005 and 2012. biological, serological and molecular techniques were compared for the detection and differentiation of clrv isolates. the biological analysis revealed differences in symptomatology and di ...201627129669
antioxidant properties and neuroprotective capacity of strawberry tree fruit (arbutus unedo).berries contain significant amounts of phytochemicals, including polyphenols, which are reported to reduce cancer risk, coronary heart disease and other degenerative diseases. these effects are mainly attributed to the antioxidant capacity of polyphenols found in berries. strawberry tree (arbutus unedo) berries are used in folk medicine but seldom eaten as fresh fruits. their phenolic profile and antioxidant capacity reveal a high potential, but they are not well characterized as a "health promo ...201022254017
[abundance of larvae and nymphs of the taiga tick ixodes persuicatus (acari: ixodidae) on small mammals in the cut-over lands of the middle taiga subzone of karelia].data of long-term investigations (1998-2004) on the abundance of the taiga tick larvae and nymphs in the cut-over lands of different age in the middle taiga subzone of karelia (62 degrees 04's; 33 degrees 55'w) are presented. the investigation was carried out on three model cut-over lands of different age: 1) "young" cut-over land; age of cut-over in the beginning of investigation is 7 years; betula-deschampsia cespitosa-agrostis tenuis; 2) "middle" cut-over land; age of cut-over is 12 years; sa ...200919807045
characterization of red raspberry (rubus idaeus l.) genotypes for their physicochemical properties.the worldwide tendency for growing more small fruits, including raspberries, shows permanent increase because this group of fruits has a relatively higher content of bioactive nutrients. to study the health benefits of red raspberry fruits, 11 preselected wild-grown and 1 well-known cultivar, heritage, were evaluated for some of their physicochemical properties such as fruit weight, total antioxidant capacity (measured by beta-carotene bleaching and frap assays), total phenolics, ascorbic acid, ...200919895463
anti-inflammatory effects of polyphenolic-enriched red raspberry extract in an antigen-induced arthritis rat model.the red raspberry ( rubus idaeus ) fruit contains bioactive polyphenols including anthocyanins and ellagitannins with reported anti-inflammatory properties. this study sought to investigate the cartilage-protecting and anti-inflammatory effects of a polyphenolic-enriched red raspberry extract (rre; standardized to total polyphenol, anthocyanin, and ellagitannin contents) using (1) an in vitro bovine nasal explant cell culture model and (2) an in vivo adjuvant-induced arthritis rat model. rre con ...201122111586
the phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene family in raspberry. structure, expression, and raspberry (rubus idaeus), development of fruit color and flavor are critically dependent on products of the phenylpropanoid pathway. to determine how these metabolic functions are integrated with the fruit ripening program, we are examining the properties and expression of key genes in the pathway. here, we report that l- phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (pal) is encoded in raspberry by a family of two genes (ripal1 and ripal2). ripal1 shares 88% amino acid sequence similarity to ripal2, but phylo ...200111553751
the effects of commercial preparations of red raspberry leaf on the contractility of the rat's uterus in vitro.we investigated the direct effects of various commercially available preparations of red raspberry leaf (rrl) on the in vitro contractility of uteri collected from diethylstilbestrol (des)-treated nonpregnant (np) and late pregnant rats. in des-treated np rats, rrl tea and capsule caused weak contractions. neither preparation affected the ability of oxytocin to initiate contractions; however, both partially inhibited preexisting oxytocin-driven contractions at the highest concentration tested. r ...201020220111
fermentative behavior of saccharomyces strains during microvinification of raspberry juice (rubus idaeus l.).sixteen different strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae and saccharomyces bayanus were evaluated in the production of raspberry fruit wine. raspberry juice sugar concentrations were adjusted to 16° brix with a sucrose solution, and batch fermentations were performed at 22 °c. various kinetic parameters, such as the conversion factors of the substrates into ethanol (y(p/s)), biomass (y(x/s)), glycerol (y(g/s)) and acetic acid (y(ac/s)), the volumetric productivity of ethanol (q(p)), the biomass pro ...201020828848
ellagitannins from rubus berries for the control of gastric inflammation: in vitro and in vivo studies.ellagitannins have shown anti-inflammatory and anti-helicobacter pylori properties; however, their anti-inflammatory activity at gastric level was not previously investigated. the aim of this research was to evaluate the effects of ellagitannins from rubus berries on gastric inflammation. ellagitannin enriched extracts (ets) were prepared from rubus fruticosus l. (blackberry) and rubus idaeus l. (raspberry). the anti-inflammatory activity was tested on gastric cell line ags stimulated by tnf-α a ...201323940786
exclusion netting delays and reduces drosophila suzukii (diptera: drosophilidae) infestation in raspberries.drosophila suzukii (matsumura) (diptera: drosophilidae) is a new frugivorous pest of raspberries and other soft fruits in north america, causing infestation of fruit at harvest time. control of this pest has primarily been through the application of broad-spectrum insecticides to prevent oviposition and larval development, and there is an urgent need for alternative approaches. over two growing seasons, we compared d. suzukii control in a research planting with insecticide and exclusion treatmen ...027417641
antioxidant, antimicrobial and neutrophil-modulating activities of herb extracts.the present study provides a comprehensive data on the antioxidant, antimicrobial and neutrophil-modulating activities of extracts from six medicinal plants--blackberry (rubus fruticosus) leaves, chokeberry (aronia melanocarpa) leaves, hawthorn (crataegus monogyna) leaves, lady's mantle (alchemilla glabra) aerial parts, meadowsweet (filipendula ulmaria) aerial parts and raspberry (rubus idaeus) leaves. in order to analyze the antioxidant activity of the herbs, several methods (orac, trap, horac ...201424945135
field evaluation of an oviposition deterrent for management of spotted-wing drosophila, drosophila suzukii, and potential nontarget effects.spotted-wing drosophila, drosophila suzukii matsumura (diptera: drosophilidae), is a polyphagous, invasive pest of small fruits. current management relies heavily on chemical insecticides, and an effective oviposition deterrent could contribute to alternative management approaches that reduce the need for these chemical insecticides. a novel deployment method for repelling drosophila suzukii, thereby reducing d. suzukii oviposition in fall-bearing red raspberry, was evaluated in the field. infes ...027247303
a comparison of the composition of epicuticular wax from red raspberry (rubus idaeus l.) and hawthorn (crataegus monogyna jacq.) flowers.epicuticular waxes have been characterised from the flowers of raspberry and hawthorn, on both of which adult raspberry beetles (byturus tomentosus) can feed. the flower wax from both species had similar alkane profiles and also contained long-chain alcohols, aldehydes and fatty acids. the range of the carbon numbers detected for these classes of compounds was broadly similar in both but the relative amounts of each differed between species. raspberry flower wax also contained fatty acid methyl ...200011065285
ozone influence on native vegetation in the jizerske hory mts. of the czech republic: results based on ozone exposure and ozone-induced visible symptoms.ozone levels in the jizerske hory mts. measured at 13 sites by diffusive samplers during the 2006 and 2007 vegetation seasons are presented. a significant ozone gradient (5.4 ppb in 2006 and 4.0 ppb in 2007) per 100 m difference in altitude between 370 and 1,100 m a.s.l. was recorded. high-resolution maps of phytotoxic potential were developed. the aot40 threshold (5 ppm h) was exceeded over the entire area with the highest levels exceeding this threshold by 12 times in the upper portions of the ...201121374050
role of human gut microbiota metabolism in the anti-inflammatory effect of traditionally used ellagitannin-rich plant materials.ellagitannin-rich plant materials are widely used in traditional medicine as effective, internally used anti-inflammatory agents. due to the not well-established bioavailability of ellagitannins, the mechanisms of observed therapeutic effects following oral administration still remain unclear. the aim of the study was to evaluate if selected ellagitannin-rich plant materials could be the source of bioavailable gut microbiota metabolites, i.e. urolithins, together with determination of the anti-i ...201424969824
impacts of the use of nonnative commercial bumble bees for pollinator supplementation in raspberry.evidence for pollinator declines has led to concern that inadequate pollination services may limit crop yields. the global trade in commercial bumble bee (bombus spp.) colonies provides pollination services for both glasshouse and open-field crops. for example, in the united kingdom, commercial colonies of nonnative subspecies of the bumble bee bombus terrestris l. imported from mainland europe are widely used for the pollination of raspberries, rubus idaeus l. the extent to which these commerci ...201121404847
the influence of rubus idaeus and rubus caesius leaf extracts on platelet aggregation in whole blood. cross-talk of platelets and neutrophils.recently, polyphenols have gained attention as potential natural cardioprotective therapeutics, due to their antiplatelet, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant activity. species belonging to the genus rubus sp. have been reported to be a source of polyphenolic compounds with antioxidative proprieties and beneficial biological activities. this study investigates the effects of leaf extracts obtained from red raspberry (rubus idaeus l.) and european dewberry (rubus caesius l.) on the reactivity of ...201626836594
in vitro antioxidant activities and polyphenol contents of seven commercially available fruits.fruits are considered one of the richest sources of natural antioxidants. their consumption has been linked to the prevention of oxidative stress-induced diseases.201727695265
diet-consumer nitrogen isotope fractionation for prolonged fasting arthropods.nitrogen acquisition for cellular metabolism during diapause is a primary concern for herbivorous arthropods. analyses of naturally occurring stable isotopes of nitrogen help elucidate the mechanism. relevant articles have cited (58 times up to mid-june 2011) anomalously elevated δ(15)n (per mil deviation of (15)n/(14)n, relative to atmospheric nitrogen=0 ‰) values (diet-consumer nitrogen isotope fractionation; up to 12 ‰) for a prolonged fasting raspberry beetle (byturus tomentosus degeer (cole ...201122166153
characterisation of the aroma profiles of different honeys and corresponding flowers using solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry/olfactometry.the aroma profiles of thirteen different honey samples from four botanical origins: heather (calluna vulgaris), raspberry (rubus idaeus), rape (brassica napus), alder buckthorn (frangula alnus) and the blossoms of the four corresponding flowers were investigated to find odour-active compounds exclusively representing specific honeys based on odour-active compounds from the blossoms. gas-chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) and gas-chromatography-olfactometry were used to determine and identi ...201525236195
traditional alcoholic beverages and their value in the local culture of the alta valle del reno, a mountain borderland between tuscany and emilia-romagna (italy).traditional alcoholic beverages (tabs) have only received marginal attention from researchers and ethnobotanists so far, especially in italy. this work is focused on plant-based tabs in the alta valle del reno, a mountainous area on the border between tuscany and emilia-romagna regions. the aims of our study were to document local knowledge about tabs and to analyze and discuss the distribution of related knowledge within the investigated communities.201627333772
seasonal phenology of amphorophora agathonica (hemiptera: aphididae) and spread of viruses in red raspberry in washington.amphorophora agathonica (hottes) is the primary vector of aphid-transmitted viruses in red raspberry in the pacific northwest region of the united states. to better understand the biology of the aphid, we estimated the lower developmental threshold and studied the seasonal activity of a. agathonica in commercial fields in northern washington state. in addition, we monitored the spread of raspberry viruses (raspberry latent virus and raspberry leaf mottle virus, rlmv) to determine how rapidly fie ...201424763099
enzymatic profile of 'willamette' raspberry leaf and fruit affected by prohexadione-ca and young canes removal treatments.the influence of growth regulator prohexadione-ca (proca) concurrently with young canes removal on the modification of photosynthetic pigments content and antioxidant enzymes (peroxidase, pod; catalase, cat; polyphenol oxidase, ppo; superoxide dismutase, sod) activities in leaves and fruits of raspberry (rubus idaeus l.) cultivar 'willamette' was studied. proca increased while canes removal decreased chlorophylls and carotenoids content compared to control. pod, cat, and ppo activities in leaves ...028581737
trienylfuranol a and trienylfuranone a-b: metabolites isolated from an endophytic fungus, hypoxylon submoniticulosum, in the raspberry rubus idaeus.a strain of hypoxylon submonticulosum was isolated as an endophyte from a surface-sterilized leaf of a cultivated raspberry (rubus idaeus). the liquid culture extract displayed growth inhibition activity against saccharomyces cerevisiae using a disc diffusion assay. the extract's major component was identified as a new natural product, trienylfuranol a (1s,2s,4r)-1-((1'e,3'e)-hexa-1',3',5'-trienyl)-tetrahydro-4-methylfuran-2-ol (1), by high-resolution lc-ms and 1d and 2d nmr spectroscopy. two ad ...201728246381
robust manipulations of pest insect behavior using repellents and practical application for integrated pest agricultural settings, examples of effective control strategies using repellent chemicals in integrated pest management (ipm) are relatively scarce compared to those using attractants. this may be partly due to a poor understanding of how repellents affect insect behavior once they are deployed. here we attempt to identify potential hallmarks of repellent stimuli that are robust enough for practical use in the field. we explore the literature for success stories using repellents in ipm and we ...201728981656
rubus idaeus inhibits migration and invasion of human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells by suppression of mmp-2 through modulation of the erk1/2 pathway.nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc) is characterized by a high incidence of metastasis in the neck lymph nodes, resulting in a poor prognosis and posing challenges for treatment. in this study, we investigated the in vitro antimetastatic properties of rubus idaeus extract (rie) on human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells. hone-1, npc-39 and npc-bm cells were subjected to rie treatment, and effects on the migration and invasion of tumor cells were analyzed. the results showed that rie suppressed the migra ...201728946771
measurement of ripening of raspberries (rubus idaeus l) by near infrared and colorimetric imaging techniques.this work includes the evaluation of 168 samples of raspberries 'glen lyon', representing whole maturation period, by colorimetric and near infrared imaging techniques, as well as the quantification of total phenols, total anthocyanins and antioxidant activity by chemical methods. samples showed significant differences depending on the maturation stage using cielab colour parameters and total anthocyanins content. the application of partial least squares regression allowed predicting the chemica ...201728928519
the composition of potentially bioactive triterpenoid glycosides in red raspberry is influenced by tissue, extraction procedure and genotype.the beneficial effects of consumption of berry fruits on a range of chronic diseases has been attributed (at least in part) to the presence of unique phytochemicals. recently, we identified novel ursolic acid-based triterpenoid glycosides (ttpns) in raspberry fruit and demonstrated their survival in human ileal fluids after feeding which confirmed their colon-availability in vivo. in this paper, in vitro digestion studies demonstrated that certain ttpns were stable under gastrointestinal conditi ...201728884768
evaluating a push-pull strategy for management of drosophila suzukii matsumura in red raspberry.drosophila suzukii matsumura is a serious pest of small fruits that lays its eggs in growing fruit. current management strategies rely on an unsustainable schedule of foliar applications of chemical insecticides. alternative approaches to suppressing oviposition are under investigation, such as attract-and-kill and the use of oviposition deterrents. here, we evaluated two behavioral control approaches in combination as a push-pull strategy using laboratory and field assays.201828714131
agrobacterium arsenijevicii sp. nov., isolated from crown gall tumors on raspberry and cherry plum.two plant-tumorigenic strains kfb 330(t) and kfb 335 isolated from galls on raspberry (rubus idaeus) in serbia, and a non-pathogenic strain al51.1 recovered from a cherry plum (prunus cerasifera) tumor in poland, were genotypically and phenotypically characterized. phylogenetic reconstruction based on 16s rdna placed them within the genus agrobacterium, with a. nepotum as their closest relative. multilocus sequence analysis (mlsa) based on the partial sequences of atpd, glna, gyrb, reca and rpob ...201526117193
urolithins attenuate lps-induced neuroinflammation in bv2microglia via mapk, akt, and nf-κb signaling pathways.emerging data suggest that urolithins, gut microbiota metabolites of ellagitannins, contribute toward multiple health benefits attributed to ellagitannin-rich foods, including walnuts, red raspberry, strawberry, and pomegranate. however, there is limited data on whether the potential neuroprotective effects of these ellagitannin-rich foods are mediated by urolithins. herein, we evaluated the potential mechanisms of antineuroinflammatory effects of urolithins (urolithins a, b, and c; 8-methyl-o-u ...201829336147
ellagitannins from rubus idaeus l. exert geno- and cytotoxic effects against human colon adenocarcinoma cell line caco-2.ellagitannins possess several biological activities, including anticancer properties. the goal of the present study was to investigate the cyto- and genotoxic activities of a red raspberry ellagitannin preparation (rep) in the concentration range of 2.5-160 μg/ml, as well as that of the main individual raspberry ellagitannins, sanguiin h-6 (sh-6, 12.8-256 μm) and lambertianin c (lc, 9.3-378 μm), against human colon adenocarcinoma cell line caco-2. the ellagitannin concentrations used in the stud ...201728301143
evaluation of colour parameters and antioxidant activities of fruit wines.the evaluation of oenological colorimetric indexes, cielab parameters, total phenols and antioxidant activities has been studied in different fruit wines made from black mulberry, blackberry, quince, apple, apricot, melon, red raspberry, bilberry, sour cherry and strawberry. the highest value of antioxidant activities and total phenolic contents were determined in bilberry, blackberry and black mulberry wines (61.80%, 1161 mg/l gallic acid equivalents; 60.00%, 1232 mg/l gallic acid equivalents; ...200916849114
mitigation by sodium nitroprusside of the effects of salinity on the morpho-physiological and biochemical characteristics of rubus idaeus under in vitro conditions.this study examined the changes brought about by sodium nitroprusside (snp) in the effects of salinity on the morpho-physiological and biochemical characteristics of rubus idaeus var. danehdrosht. raspberry shoot-tip explants were cultured on murashige and skoog medium supplemented with a growth regulator that combined benzyleadenine (1 mg/l), indol-3-butyric acetic acid (0.2 mg/l), snp (0, 50 and 100 µm) and sodium chloride (0, 50 and 100 mm). the results showed that salinity stress significant ...201728250585
antioxidant capacities and anthocyanin characteristics of the black-red wild berries obtained in northeast china.various edible berries widely accessible in nature in northeast china are poorly exploited. the compositions and contents of anthocyanins in black (padus maackii, padus avium, lonicera caerulea, and ribes nigrum) and red (ribes rubrum, sambucus williamsii, rubus idaeus, and ribes procumbens) wild berries in northeast china were firstly characterized by hplc-dad/esi-ms(2). twenty-three anthocyanins were detected and identified. cyanidin glycosides were dominant in both berries. six anthocyanins w ...201626988488
isolation of high molecular weight dna suitable for bac library construction from woody perennial soft-fruit species.we have developed a novel nuclei extraction method that allows for the extraction of high molecular weight dna from leaves of woody perennial soft-fruit species that contain high levels of carbohydrates and polyphenolics. the method utilizes a modified buffer system including 4% (w/v) polyvinylpyrrolidone (pvp)-10 and a combination of nylon filters and percoll gradients to purify nuclei extracts prior to embedding in agarose plugs. the effectiveness of the method was demonstrated on leaves of re ...200515679088
discovery of a-type procyanidin dimers in yellow raspberries by untargeted metabolomics and correlation based data analysis.raspberries are becoming increasingly popular due to their reported health beneficial properties. despite the presence of only trace amounts of anthocyanins, yellow varieties seems to show similar or better effects in comparison to conventional raspberries.201627547172
inhibition of protein and lipid oxidation in liposomes by berry phenolics.the antioxidant activity of berry phenolics (at concentrations of 1.4, 4.2, and 8.4 mug of purified extracts/ml of liposome sample) such as anthocyanins, ellagitannins, and proanthocyanidins from raspberry (rubus idaeus), bilberry (vaccinium myrtillus), lingonberry (vaccinium vitis-idaea), and black currant (ribes nigrum) was investigated in a lactalbumin-liposome system. the extent of protein oxidation was measured by determining the loss of tryptophan fluorescence and formation of protein carb ...200415563229
the genome of black raspberry (rubus occidentalis).black raspberry (rubus occidentalis) is an important specialty fruit crop in the us pacific northwest that can hybridize with the globally commercialized red raspberry (r. idaeus). here we report a 243 mb draft genome of black raspberry that will serve as a useful reference for the rosaceae and rubus fruit crops (raspberry, blackberry, and their hybrids). the black raspberry genome is largely collinear to the diploid woodland strawberry (fragaria vesca) with a conserved karyotype and few notable ...201627228578
antioxidant activity of isolated ellagitannins from red raspberries and cloudberries.ellagitannins from red raspberries (rubus idaeus) and cloudberries (rubus chamaemorus) were isolated by using column chromatography and preparative hplc. the berry phenolic isolates consisted of 80% (cloudberry) and of 60% (raspberry) of ellagitannins, with raspberries also containing anthocyanins. the main ellagitannins of both raspberries and cloudberries were identified by esi-ms to consist of the dimeric sanguiin h-6 and the trimeric lambertianin c. monomeric ellagitannins such as casuaricti ...201222229937
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