analysis of the triple gene block and coat protein sequences of two strains of kalanchoë latent carlavirus.a region of the kalanchoë latent carlavirus (klv) genome, containing the coding capacity for the triple gene block and the coat protein, was cloned and sequenced for two isolates, the one infecting chenopodium quinoa systemically whereas the other infects c. quinoa locally. the sequence confirmed the classification of klv as a carlavirus. there was the highest identity in the amino acid sequences to the carlaviruses potato rough dwarf virus, lily latent virus, lily symptomless virus, blueberry s ...200111450944
genetic variability of blueberry scorch virus isolates from highbush blueberry in new york state.the genetic variability of blueberry scorch virus (blscv) isolates from new york was determined within a portion of the rna-dependent rna polymerase gene and the triple gene block and coat protein (cp) genes. phylogenetic analysis of 19 new york isolates and other isolates for which sequence information is available in genbank revealed two distinct clades, regardless of the coding region analyzed, and limited variability within (0.029 ± 0.007) and between (0.183 ± 0.032) phylogroups. recombinati ...201525809019
molecular characterization of two distinct strains of blueberry scorch virus (blscv) in northern italy.during blueberry scorch virus (blscv) surveys of highbush blueberries in italy between 2005 and 2010, we initially discovered infected orchards only in piedmont. since 2009, however, three infected orchards have also been found in trentino, where a new host species, vaccinium ashei, was found to be infected by blscv. molecular characterization of isolates during the study period suggests that two very distinct epidemics are now present in italy: the piedmont isolates belong to a new blscv strain ...201121584717
characterization of hydrangea chlorotic mottle virus, a new member of the genus isolate of the tentative carlavirus species hydrangea chlorotic mottle virus (hdcmv) was found in new zealand (nz) in 2007. the host range, serological properties and complete genome sequence of this isolate were determined in this study. while the nz isolate shared 98% nucleotide sequence identity with the us isolate of hdcmv, differences in titre and host range were found. the hdcmv-nz genome sequence of 8,433 nt possessed a typical carlavirus organisation with six open reading frames. hdcm ...201019894019
identification of sugarcane striate mosaic-associated virus by partial characterization of its double-stranded rna.abstract sugarcane striate mosaic (scsm)-affected sugarcane leaves contain a disease-associated 9-kilobase (kb) double-stranded rna (dsrna), usually together with 6- and 2.6-kb dsrnas. the purified 9-kb dsrna was amplified by the randomly primed polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and cloned. the nucleotide sequences of three separate regions, representing about 2.55 kb (28%) of the dsrna sequence, were found to have significant similarities to viruses in the genera capillo-, carla-, fovea-, potex-, ...199918944730
transmission, field spread, cultivar response, and impact on yield in highbush blueberry infected with blueberry scorch virus.scorch disease caused by blueberry scorch virus (blsv) spreads rapidly and radially from foci of infection. healthy potted blueberry plants became infected when placed next to diseased field bushes from early may through mid-august. the aphid fimbriaphis fimbriata, collected from infected field bushes, transmitted blsv to healthy blueberry plants in controlled tests and was regarded as the most important means by which bushes in commercial fields became infected. the rate of spread in the symp-t ...200018944552
primary and secondary parasitoids (hymenoptera) of aphids (hemiptera: aphididae) on blueberry and other vaccinium in the pacific northwest.blueberry scorch virus, a commercially important carlavirus in highbush blueberry, vaccinium corymbosum l., is vectored by aphids (hemiptera: aphididae). we surveyed the aphids, primary parasitoids (hymenoptera: aphelinidae, braconidae), and associated secondary parasitoids (hymenoptera: charipidae, megaspilidae, pteromalidae) on highbush blueberry and other vaccinium in the pacific northwest from 1995 to 2006, with samples concentrated in 2005 and 2006, to lay the groundwork for augmentative bi ...200818419919
the complete nucleotide sequence of passiflora latent virus and its phylogenetic relationship to other carlaviruses.a virus identified as passiflora latent virus (plv) was isolated from passion fruit plants. particle morphology, host range and serological properties suggested that this virus belongs to the genus carlavirus. the complete genomic sequence of plv was determined by sequencing overlapping cdna fragments. the genome consisted of 8386 nt, excluding the poly (a) tail and contained six open reading frames, typical of carlaviruses. the overall similarities of the predicted amino acid sequence of plv to ...200716932981
complete nucleotide sequence and molecular probing of potato virus s genome.complete genomes of three isolates of potato virus s (pvs) were cloned and sequenced. the pvs orf-1 was characterized for the first time. it encodes a putative replication protein (rpt) that shares the highest homology (about 52%) with that of blueberry scorch virus (blscv). orf-1 motifs, characteristic for carlaviruses were found for methyltransferase (mtr), helicase (hel) and rna-dependent rna polymerase (rdrp). the complete sequence of pvs genome enabled to develop an immunocapture rt-pcr pro ...200516178517
occurrence and sequences of lily mottle virus and lily symptomless virus in plants grown from imported bulbs in zhejiang province, china.degenerate primers were used to amplify virus sequences from imported lilies in zhejiang province, china. two viruses, lily mottle virus (lmov, genus potyvirus) and lily symptomless virus (lsv, genus carlavirus) were detected, purified and completely sequenced from a mixed infection in a plant raised from bulbs imported from the netherlands. the sequence of lmov was 9644 nt long and encoded a polyprotein of 3095 amino acids with a calculated m(r) of 351.0 kda that had only 45.1-54.4% identity to ...200314648295
nucleotide sequence analysis of the 3'-terminal region of two korean isolates of lily symptomless carlavirus and expression of the coat protein in e. coli.the 3'-terminal regions of the genomic rnas of two korean isolates of the lily symptomless carlavirus (lsv), lsv-ko and lsv-kii, were cloned and their nucleotide sequences were determined. the nucleotide sequence analysis and protein analysis by the western blot revealed that e. coli expressed a 32-kda protein that is the viral coat protein (cp) for the lsv. the two korean strains share 98.4% and 98.3% sequence identities at the nucleotide and amino acid levels, respectively. the cp gene of lsv- ...199910420996
the complete nucleotide sequence of the genome rna of lily symptomless virus and its comparison with that of other carlaviruses.the complete genomic nucleotide sequence and genome structure of lily symptomless virus (lsv), a lily-infecting carlavirus, have been obtained. the genome of the korean strain of lsv, lsv-kr, was 8394 nucleotides long and contained six open reading frames (orfs) coding for proteins of mr 220 kda (1948 aa), 25 kda (228 aa), 12 kda (106 aa), 7 kda (64 aa), 32 kda (291 aa) and 16 kda (140 aa) from the 5' to 3' end, respectively, which is typical of carlaviruses. genetic heterogeneity was observed i ...200314551817
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