purification and characterization of the cfa/i antigen of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli.the fimbral colonization factor antigen cfa/i of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli was purified and characterized. the initial purification step was release of these fimbriae from the bacterial cells by homogenization with a waring blender. common fimbriae and flagellar antigen were avoided by careful control of growth conditions and the use of a nonmotile (h-) mutant of the prototype strain h-10407 (o78:h11). the essential purification steps were membrane filtration (millipore corp.), ammonium s ...197939896
fimbrial colonization factor cfa/1 protein from human enteropathogenic escherichia coli strains. purification, characterization and n-terminal sequence. 197942558
antigenicity of carcinogen and viral induced sarcomas in inbred and random bred guinea pigs.a tumor specific transplantation antigen (tsta) has been detected in a methylcholanthrene (mca) induced guinea pig tumor. it was possible to induce resistance to rechallenge with the tumor by immunization with irradiated cells in cfa. in contrast, the same technique failed to detect tsta in two viral (kirsten strain mouse sarcoma virus, ki-msv) induced guinea pig tumors; these results are similar to observations made with mouse ki-msv-induced tumors. transplantation studies with these tumors in ...197550348
immunologic activity of myelin basic protein in strain 2 and strain 13 guinea pigs.the resistance of strain 2 guinea pigs to experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) induced by inoculation with whole cns tissue in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) has been confirmed. the resistance is even more pronounced when myelin basic protein (bp) is used in attempts to induce eae. strain 2 guinea pigs are also resistant to an immunization schedule (multiple injections with bp in ifa followed by a single injection of bp in cfa) known to induce significant levels of antibody in suscept ...197550359
the antibody responses to myelin basic protein (bp) in lewis rats: the effects of bordetella pertussis.a time-course study was made of the systemic humoral immune response of lewis rats to myelin basic protein (bp) as influenced by the dosage of ancillary pertussis adjuvant. peak activities were observed 5 to 7 weeks after injection. when injected proximal to bp and mycobacterium butyricum in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa), bordetella pertussis at the level of 4 billion organisms doubled the antibody-binding activity of rat sera for 125i-labeled bp as compared to activities obtained with 0, 2, ...197551876
experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) in mice. i. induction of eae with mouse spinal cord homogenate and myelin basic protein.the condition of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) induction was investigated in several mice strains. sjl and c3h/he strains were found to be susceptible. a single immunization with mouse spinal cord, complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) and pertussis vaccine produced clinical signs of eae in sjl and c3h/he strains after 11 to 18 days. isogenic spinal cord produced eae in c3h/he strain. a single immunization with myelin basic protein from bovine spinal cord in cfa and pertussis vaccine ...197557253
protection against experimental allergic encephalomyelitis with peptides derived from myelin basic protein: presence of intact encephalitogenic site is essential.experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) is a cell-mediated autoimmune response directed toward a component of central nervous system (cns) tissue, myelin basic protein (bp). injection of animals with either whole cns tissue or purified bp in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) induces severe and usually fatal disease. preimmunization of animals with bp in incomplete freund's adjuvant (ifa) prevents eae. we have examined the relative abilities of whole guinea pig bp and its fragments to protec ...197658930
studies on the encephalitogenic effects of purified preparations of human and bovine oligodendrocytes.bulk-isolated human and bovine oligodendroglia, practically free from myelin, have been used in attempts to elicit an autoimmune response which has been compared with acute experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae). for these experiments, a total of 20 hartley guinea pigs, 33 lewis rats and 16 rabbits have been studied. animals were inoculated with a range of doses of purified preparations of both human and bovine oligodendroglial cells in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) and compared with o ...197764280
experimental cell-mediated interstitial nephritis induced with exogenous antigens.the capacity of intrarenal injections of bovine gamma-globulin (bgg) to elicit hypersensitivity reactions was studied in guinea pigs immunized with dnp bgg or bgg immune complexes in cfa or in rats immunized with bgg in cfa. in guinea pigs it was found that heat-aggregated bgg elicited inflammatory reactions in the renal cortex, whereas soluble bgg did not. in rats only aggregated bgg was used, and this was found to be effective. the reactions were characterized by a predominantly mononuclear ce ...197765431
[studies on the significance of antigen in the 6-mercapopurine-influenced humoral antibody response in guinea pigs].the mechanism of suppression of humoral immune response to dinitrophenylated bovine gamma globulin (dnp23-bgg), human serum albumin (hsa), and trinitrophenylated sheep red blood cells (tnp-srbc) by 6-mercaptopurine (6-mp) was studied in guinea pigs. following the intradermal application of the antigens emulsified in complete (cfa) or incomplete freund's adjuvant (ifa) each test animal was given 6-mp, 10 mg/kg/day for 7 days. this treatment resulted in a significant suppression of the anti bgg an ...197669376
studies of sperm antigenicity. 6. in vivo and in vitro cellular reactivity in guinea pigs sensitized with fractions of guinea pig spermatozoa.normal guinea pig spermatozoa cells were homogenized by a french pressure cell. three soluble and three insoluble fractions were obtained by ultrascentrifugation and (emulsified in cfa) were used for guinea pig sensitization. the following were observed: 1) all fractions were immunogenic except one; 2) in vivo and in vitro delayed hypersensitivity was elicited in animals immunized with these fractions; 3) two distinctive histopathologic lesions were observed in the testes of sensitized animals: ...197769611
immune ascites in the guinea pig: specificity of cells and antibody in an induced peritoneal exudate.strain 2 guinea pigs, immunized with lys10-lys(dnp) in cfa and repeatedly injected intraperitoneally with adjuvant, developed ascites. the fluid was harvested over 8 months in total amounts up to 2 liters per animal and contained substantial amounts of cells and antibody which reacted with the immunizing antigen and related peptides. the antibody was of the igg and iga classes and showed restricted heterogeneity. among synthetic dnp-oligopeptides, both the cells, studied by antigen-stimulated th ...197770481
evidence for multiple cell surface chicken fetal-leukemic antigens (cfa) in the developing chick and other avian species.chicken fetal antigen (cfa), a membrane antigen present on fetal chicken red blood cells is lost with chicken development, and reappears on the red blood cells of leukemic chickens. seven avian species were found to possess cfa. a species hierarchy comparing the quantitative expression of cfa has been established. the levels of cfa expression with development are compared in the chicken and japanese quail. specific adsorptions of r-anti-cfa with avian red blood cells revealed the existence of mu ...197772784
t cell tolerance in the chicken. i. parameters affecting tolerance induction to human gamma-globulin in agammaglobulinemic and normal chickens.t cell-mediated delayed hypersensitivity (dh) to human gamma-globulin (hgg) can be induced in chickens by subcutaneous injection of the antigen in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa). in the present work, it has been demonstrated that specific tolerance of the cells mediating this dh can readily be induced in both normal and bursectomized (bx) fp strain chickens by simple i.v. injection of soluble antigen, regardless of the presence of antibody production to the tolerogen. a significant degree of t ...197875920
[studies on antigenspecific immunosuppression: influence of 6-mercaptopurine-bgg-conjugates on bgg binding cells (author's transl)].the rosette forming cell (rfc) response of different lymphoid organs (spleen, lymph node, peripheral blood) of guinea pigs was examined by immunocytoadherence. the method has been adapted to work with the soluble antigen bgg. the number of antigen binding cells following immunization with bgg in cfa reached the highest level on day 6 in ln. popliteus and on the 10th day in spleen and peripheral blood. it is shown that the highest level of antigen binding cells appears generally before the maximu ...197776446
adherent cell function in murine t lymphocyte antigen recognition. i. a. macrophage-dependent t cell proliferation assay in the mouse.the data in this report describe a t cell proliferation assay with nylon wool column-purified murine lymph node lymphocyte from animals immunized by footpad injection of antigen in cfa. it was found that the in vitro immune response of sensitized t cells to soluble protein antigens was functionally dependent on the presence of adherent cells, more specifically macrophages, at all concentrations of in vitro antigen challenge. the response was due to t cells in that cytotoxic treatment of the immu ...197877884
new surface-associated heat-labile colonization factor antigen (cfa/ii) produced by enterotoxigenic escherichia coli of serogroups o6 and o8.enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (etec) belonging to serogroups o6 and o8 do not possess the h-10407-type colonization factor antigen (cfa/i). however, these frequently isolated etec were found to possess a second and distinct heat-labile surface-associated colonization factor antigen, termed cfa/ii. whereas cfa/i mediates mannose-resistant hemagglutination of human group a erythrocytes, cfa/ii does not. cfa/ii mediates mannose-resistant hemagglutination of bovine erythrocytes, and mannose-resis ...197880383
autoimmunity in multiple slcerosis: do we have an experimental model?experimental autoimmunity of the cns has been well characterized--the antigen has been identified, effector cell specificity has been defined, and the relationship between cellular sensitization and antibody production has been partially clarified. in the guinea pig, experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) is induced by one injection of myelin basic protein in complete freund's adjuvant (bp/cfa). if bp/cfa is preceded by repeated injections of basic protein in incomplete freund's adjuvant ...197880941
clearance of myelin basic protein from blood of normal and eae rabbits.the rate of clearance of porcine myelin basic protein (mbp) from plasma of rabbits was determined following intravenous injection of 20 mg mbp. the mbp level in the plasma was measured by a 2-site immunoradiometric assay with specific antibody to guinea pig mbp produced in rabbits. plasma mbp-antibody levels were determined by competitive binding radioimmune assay (ria). unsensitized and those sensitized with complete freund's adjuvant (cfa), with porcine mbp in cfa, and with whole porcine spina ...197880944
expression of an onco-developmental antegen among avian species.rabbit antisera directed against an onco-developmental antigen on chicken red blood cells have been serologically dissected through specific adsorptions. it is now possible to detect 13 antigenic determinants with the fractionated antisera. the onco-developmental antigen referred to as chicken fetal-leukemic antigen (cfa) is fetal-specific in the white leghorn chicken, being present on the embryonic but not adult peripheral red blood cells of non-being present on the embryonic but not adult peri ...197881263
studies of immunosuppression by cobra venom factor. i. on early igg and igm responses to sheep erythrocytes and dnp-protein conjugates.the immunosuppressive activity of cvf was evaluated in mice immunized with sheep erythrocytes and dinitrophenylated proteins. serum antibody levels to these immunogens were estimated in activity units and on a weight basis for igg. igm as well as igg antibody responses were diminished in mice pretreated with cvf. however, when soluble immunogens were incorporated in cfa the suppressive effect associated with cvf was inapparent. it is suggested that c depletion per se may not fully account for th ...197881862
genetic control of the immune response to insulin: its dependence upon a macrophage mediated selection of distinct antigenic sites.the immune response to insulin, in both mouse and guinea pig , is under control of h-linked immune response genes. when immunized with either pork or beef insulin to cfa, both strain 2 and 13 guinea pigs respond by antigen-specific lymphocyte proliferation and synthesis of specific antibody. the specificity of the elicited antibodies are indistinguishable between these inbred strains. by contrast, strain 2 t cells recognize a distinct region of the a chain alpha loop consisting of amino acids re ...197882390
effects of cyclophosphamide on the expression and induction of delayed hypersensitivity.erythematous delayed reactions without induration, presumably assigned to jones-mote type, were characterized by the resistance to treatment with cyclophosphamide (cy) before elicitation or immunization in guinea pigs immunized with bgg in ifa or cfa. cy-treatment before elicitation converted delayed erythematous reactions from negative to positive at late intervals after immunization with bgg in ifa. such a treatment augmented erythematous delayed reactions in animals immunized with bgg in cfa, ...197885240
chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. correlation of circulating lymphocyte fluctuations with disease activity in suppressed and unsuppressed animals.groups of juvenile strain 13 guinea pigs sensitized for chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) with isogeneic central nervous system (cns) tissue in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) were either left to develop late-onset chronic eae (unsuppressed), or given a series of injections of bovine myelin basic protein (mbp) in incomplete freund's adjuvant (ifa) to suppress the disease. all unsuppressed animals developed disease and all suppressed animals remained healthy over a ...197986602
termination of natural tolerance to alpha-foetoprotein in rats: study of cell-mediated immunity in the macrophage migration inhibition test.immunization of rats with mouse alpha-foetoprotein has been earlier shown to induce the antibody response to self afp or rats. in this work a single injection of afpm resulted in termination of natural tolerance of effector t-cells to afpr, as shown by the macrophage migration inhibition test using peritoneal exudate cells from immunized animals. a significant reaction was elicited by both afpm and afpr in the course of primary, secondary and third immunization with afpm. pronounced mmi reaction ...197988377
fine specificity of regulatory t cells. ii. suppressor and helper t cells are induced by different regions of hen egg-white lysozyme in a genetically nonresponder mouse strain.we have examined the ability of two purified peptide fragments derived from hen (chicken) egg-white lysozyme (hel); n-terminal, co-terminal peptide (a.a. 1--17:cys 6--cys 127:120--129) and mixed disulfide lii peptide (lii) (a.a. 13--105) to induce antigen-specific suppression or help in b10 (h-2b) nonresponder and b10.a (h-2a) responder mice. an anti-hel primary in vitro antibody response can be obtained in either strain by stimulation with hel coupled to erythrocytes (rbc). preimmunization with ...197988500
determinant selection and macrophage function in genetic control of the immune response.the immune response to insulin, in both mouse and guinea pig, is under control of h-linked immune response genes. when immunized with either pork or beef insulin in cfa, both strain 2 and 13 guinea pigs respond by antigen-specific lymphocyte proliferation and synthesis of specific antibody. the specificities of the elicited antibodies and indistinguishable between these inbred strains. by constrast, strain 2 t cells recognized a distinct region of the a chain alpha loop consisting of amino acid ...197889077
the effect of cop 1, a synthetic polypeptide, on chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in guinea pigs.cop 1, a synthetic polypeptide, was evaluated for its effect on a chronic relapsing form of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae). pretreatment of juvenile strain 13 guinea pigs with cop 1 in incomplete freund's adjuvant (ifa) which were subsequently challenged with guinea pig spinal cord in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) had a marked effect in delaying or preventing the appearance of clinical signs of eae. administration of cop 1 on appearance of clinical signs of eae prevented progre ...197990129
demonstration of chicken fetal antigen (cfa) on normal splenic lymphocytes, marek's disease lymphoblastoid cell lines and other neoplasms.chicken fetal antigen (cfa) was detected on normal splenic lymphocytes and a direct relationship was observed between the percentage of cfa-positive cells and the age of the donor. the fetal antigen was also detected on lymphoblastoid tumor cells and cell lines induced by known avian oncogenic viruses (marek's disease virus and avian leukosis virus), and on spontaneously occurring adenocarcinoma cells. the fetal antigen appears to be distinct from marek's disease tumor-associated surface antigen ...197990665
inhibition of specific immune responses by feeding protein antigens. iv. evidence for tolerance and specific active suppression of cell-mediated immune responses to ovalbumin.we studied the effect of a single intragastric administration of ovalbumin (ova) on the subsequent development of ova-specific cell-mediated immune (cmi) responses in bdf1 mice. in animals fed ova 7 days before subcutaneous sensitization with ova-cfa, we observed a concomitant dose-dependent decrease in both the humoral and cmi responses specific for ova. the cmi tolerance was found to be antigen-specific when assayed in vivo by ear swelling or in vitro by an antigen-induced t cell proliferation ...197990707
mechanisms in the pathogenesis of post-infectious vaccinia virus encephalomyelitis in the mouse.after intracranial replication of a neurotropic strain of vaccinia in mouse brain, analysis of the purified virus preparation reveals the presence of at least one host protein on the virus which was identified as the myelin basic protein. vaccinia virus elstree, a dermotropic virus may substitute for complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) in inducing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae). guinea pigs challenged with virus-myelin emulsions without cfa developed clinical and histological signs o ...197993731
genetic regulation of cfa expression in interspecific avian hybrids and somatic cell hybrids.chicken fetal-leukemic antigen (cfa) is an oncodevelopmental antigen present on embryonic and neonatal chicken peripheral red blood cells (rbcs) but is not restricted to fetal stages of development in other avian species. crosses between white leghorn chickens and japanese quail resulted in adult hybrids whose peripheral rbcs were positive for cfa. of the four cfa determinants normally found in adult quail rbcs, only two were present on quail-chicken hybrid rbcs. adult quail--chicken hybrid rbcs ...197994262
[the induction and disappearance of complement-fixing antibodies in the blood serum of experimental animals under the antigenic action of trichomonas vaginalis, t. hominis and t. tenax].for studying the dynamics of induction and disappearing of complement-fixing antibodies (cfa) specific to trichomonas vaginalis, t. hominis and t. tenax we have immunized rabbits intravenously with live individuals of the protozoa as well as intravenously, intramuscularly and subcutaneously with individuals killed at 56 degrees c. each method of immunization was carried out by 5 inoculations with intervals of 10 days. for carrying out quantitative complement fixation we have taken blood from the ...197995819
delayed hypersensitivy and experimental interstitial pneumonitis.the effects of prior sensitization with killed h37ra tubercle bacilli on the pulmonary reaction to intravenous (iv) challenge with complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) have been studied and were compared to reactions in nonsensitized cfa-challenged controls. rabbits that died within 24 hours of challenge demonstrated acute arteritis prior to granuloma formation. sensitized rabbits had a greater number of exudative cells in the pulmonary lavage fluid and a larger volume of parenchymal infiltrate than ...197899116
studies on delayed hypersensitivity to protein antigen. induction of delayed hypersensitivity by chemically modified was shown in our previous paper that mice primed with chemically modified bacterial alpha-amylase (baa), which was neither cross-reactive with anti-baa antibody nor able to induce a humoral anti-baa response, developed enhanced responses to a subsequent challenge with native baa and that the magnitude of the immunological memory was closely related to the priming dose of modified baa. this paper describes the experimental conditions for induction of delayed hypersensitivity (dh) by modified b ...197899645
cell-mediated hypersensitivity in guinea-pigs infected with toxoplasms gondii.this investigation demonstrated delayed hypersensitivity by macrophage migration inhibition (mmi) and skin-testing (st) at 4, 8, 12, and 17 weeks and by lymphocyte transformation (lt) at 4, 12, and 17 weeks after infection of guinea-pigs (gp) with toxoplasma gondii (c-37 strain). mmi and lt were both most pronounced at 4 and 17 weeks post-infection. gp immunized with toxoplasmin in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) demonstrated positive blast transformation and st, but gp immunized with phosphate ...1976134544
treatment of autologous immune complex glomerulonephritis with vasoactive amine antagonists.aic nephritis produced in rats by a single injection of fxia in cfa was treated by agents with known antihistamine and antiserotonin activity. the effect of this drug regimen in altering the deposition of ag-ab complexes in the glomerulus was assessed by light, immunofluorescent, and electron microscopy. the vasoactive amine antagonists chlortrimeton, vistaril, azatadine, and sansert, when given singly or in combinations which completely abrogated histamine and serotonin-induced skin wheal forma ...1977143501
quantitative studies on cell-mediated immunity in the pleural cavity of guinea-pigs.intrapleural injection of ppd into cfa-sensitised guinea-pigs produced a reaction having many of the characteristics of classical delayed hypersensitivity. quantitative investigations of the time course of this reaction showed that it was typified by an initial delay in the onset of increased vascular permeability, which reached its peak between 12 and 18 hr. the cellular response in the pleural cavity followed a similar pattern, attaining maximum levels between 18 and 24 hr. mononuclear cells d ...1975178847
hypergammaglobulinemia in chickens congenitally infected with an avian leukosis virus.significantly elevated (2- to 5-fold higher than controls) serum levels of igg were found in chickens congenitally infected with f42 strain of avian leukosis (alv-f42) a subgroup a avian leukosis virus (alv). a further increase in igg levels in congenitally infected birds was found to be induced by injection of influenza virus in complete freund's adjuvant(cfa). serum immunoglobulin m (igm) levels were not significantly elevated in alv congenitally infected chickens except in those animals that ...1976185293
hormone independent in vitro erythroid colony formation by mouse bone marrow cells.b.m. cells of rlv-infected balb/c mice can proliferate in methylcellulose in the absence of e.p., while normal b.m. cells cannot (12). not only the more primitive bfu-e shows hormone-independency (18). this phenomenon is in favour of the view that the rauscher virus induced erythroblastosis is a true neoplasia although transplantation experiments failed so far. the experiments in which transformation in vitro of b.m. cells by rlv is established (19) show that the cfu-e can serve as a target for ...1976188723
correlation of exposure to various respiratory pathogens with farmer's lung disease.complement-fixing antibodies (cfa) to a panel of microorganisms commonly associated with respiratory disease were measured in a number of agricultural populations. the panel included mycoplasma pneumoniae, influenza viruses a and b, parainfluenza virus types 1, 2, and 3, adenovirus, and respiratory syncytial virus. the agricultural populations were grouped according to a clinical history of farmer's lung disease (fld) and the presence of antibodies to the thermophilic actinomycetes (ta). farmers ...1977197136
histochemical studies on the ebv-determined nuclear antigen (ebna).the ebv-determined nuclear antigen (ebna) was studied with regard to several histochemical properties. proteolytic enzymes destroyed ebna staining. rnase dnase and hyaluronidase had no effect on the number of ebna positive cells. intensive treatment with dnase weakened the chromosomal fluorescence of ebna, whereas the staining of interphase nuclei was relatively enzyme resistant. when ebv-associated soluble complement-fixing antigen of raji cells (cfa-r) was added to methanolacetic acid-fixed ch ...1977200290
regulation of ige antibody production by serum molecules. vi: preliminary biochemical and immunological characterization of serum molecules active in suppressing ige antibody production.molecules present in the serum and ascites fluids of low ige responder mice previously inoculated with complete freund's adjuvant have been analyzed in terms of certain biochemical and immunological characteristics. these studies demonstrate that the active molecules, termed "suppressive factors of allergy" (sfa), are (1) nondialyzable, (2) not associated with low-density or high-density lipoproteins, (3) heat stable, (4) precipitable by ammonium sulfate, and (5) approximately 150,000 daltons in ...1979262448
relation of a cross-reactive idiotype to genetic control of the immune response.antibodies elicited in strain a mice by immunization with keyhole limpet hemocyanin-p-azophenylarsonate (klh-ar) produce anti-ar antibodies, some of which share a cross-reactive idiotype (cri); in general, 20 to 70% of the antihapten antibody population carries the idiotype. large amounts of antibody can be produced by the induction of ascitic fluids, using a 9:1 ratio of complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) to antigen. antibodies with the cri can be isolated by isoelectric focusing from selected mi ...1977300060
regulation of antibody response in different immunoglobulin classes. ii. induction of in vitro ige antibody response in murine spleen cells and demonstration of a possible involvement of distinct t-helper cells in ige and igg antibody vitro induction of anti-dnp ige as well as igg1, igg2a antibody responses was shown in murine spleen cell culture. spleen cells primed three times with 1 mug of dnp-oa or dnp-asc produced significant amounts of anti-dnp ige as well as igg antibodies by the in vitro stimulation with dnp-oa or dnp-asc, respectively. collaboration between dnp-primed b cells and carrier-primed t cells was required for the induction of both ige and igg antibodies with dnp-coupled t-dependent antigen. carrier-speci ...1977300389
pathogenesis of experimental allergic orchitis. iii. t lymphocyte requirement in local adoptive transfer by peritoneal exudate experimental allergic orchitis (eao), a lesion characterized by mononuclear invasion of seminiferous tubules can be adoptively transferred within 1 to 4 days by testicular injection of peritoneal exudate cells (pec) from syngeneic strain 13 guinea pigs (gp) immunized with homologous testicular antigens in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa). this study examined the role of t lymphocytes, macrophages, and polymorphonuclear neutrophils (pmn) in the adoptive transfer. guinea pig pec contained 7% t ...1977300759
[influence of cyclophosphamide on the production of experimentale autoimmune encephalomyelitis (author's transl)].the aim of the so carried out experiments is to establish whether the created disbalance between t- and b-lymphocyte populations influences the final stages of a cell-mediated reaction in vivo. the chosen model was one of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (eae). guinea pigs were given a single challenge (intradermally in the hind foot-pads) of 70 microgram myelin basic protein (mbp)--isolated from bovine spinal cord--in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa). another group of animals was treat ...1978307938
chronic permeability of the central nervous system to mononuclear cells in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in the lewis order to assess whether experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae), a putative animal model for multiple sclerosis (ms), is an ongoing chronic disorder, we have studied the permeability of spinal cords of lewis rats with eae to 3h-uridine- or 3h-thymidine-labeled lymphoid cells obtained from thymuses of naive donors or from draining lymph nodes of donors injected with guinea pig spinal cord + complete fruend's adjuvant (cfa), guinea pig myelin basic protein + cfa, or with cfa alone. during ...1978308523
macrophage requirements of ppd-induced blastogenic factor production by t and b lymphocytes in the attempt has been made to characterize the cell type which releases blastogenic factor(s) (bf) on purified protein derivative (ppd) stimulation in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa)-sensitized guinea-pig system and, further, to examine whether macrophages (mphi) are required for antigen activation of t or b lymphocytes to produce this lymphokine. both t and b lymphocyte populations from guinea-pigs 2-3 weeks after cfa sensitization (early-stage t and b cells) failed to produce significant amount ...1979312527
acute hypersensitivity pneumonitis: serial changes in lung lymphocyte subopulations after exposure to antigen.the earliest lesion in hypersensitivity penumonitis is an acute inflammatory alveolitis characterized by parenchymal hemorrhage and accumulations of polymorphonuclear leukocytes within the lung. in many instances, this initial lesion is replaced by a more chronic alveolitis, with development of mononuclear cell interstitial infiltrate, granuloma formation, and interstitial fibrosis. to help define the mechanisms by which the early polymorphonuclear leukocyte alveolitis of acute hypersensitivity ...1979315742
induction of autoimmunity in good and poor responder mice with mouse thyroglobulin and lipopolysaccharide.the administration of soluble mouse thyroglobulin (mtg) in conjunction with bacterial lipopolysaccharide (lps) led to the termination of natural tolerance to mtg in mice. the extent of autoimmunity correlated with responsiveness to mtg, previously shown by the injection of mtg in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) to be dependent upon the h-2 haplotype. in good responder (h-2k) mice given mtg either with lps or in cfa, high antibody levels to mtg and extensive mononuclear cell infiltration ...1977323406
functional, structural, and antigenic similarities of guinea pig anti-phosphorylcholine antibodies.the humoral immune response to pc was measured in guinea pigs. pc-vaccine stimulated igm and igg2, but little igg1, anti-pc -antibodies. no memory was induced and immunization in cfa produced tolerance. pc-klh, on the other hand, stimulated igm, igg2, and igg1 anti-pc antibodies with carrier-specific memory. hapten inhibition of plaque formation showed uniform binding patterns with minor, but significant, differences between antipc-vaccine and anti-pc-klh antibodies. the antibodies were characte ...1977325132
streptococcal-induced cell-mediated-immune destruction of cardiac myofibers in vitro.we have demonstrated that t lymphocytes from the spleens of adult guinea pigs sensitized to group a streptococcal antigens are cytotoxic for cultured fetal guinea pig heart cells. lymphocyte cytotoxicity, measured by 51cr release from target cells, was stimulated by sensitization in vivo with group a whole cells, cell walls, and purified protoplast membranes emulsified with complete freund's adjuvant (cfa). sensitization with group c streptococcal antigens in cfa or cfa alone produced lymphocyte ...1977327015
adjuvant protection against bacterial infection in granulocytopenic mice.the hypothesis that the induction of nonspecific resistance to infection by immunostimulation prior to drug-induced granulocytopenia would afford increased protection to subsequent bacterial challenge was tested in a murine model of infection with pseudomonas aeruginosa or staphylococcus aureus in mice rendered granulocytopenic with cyclophosphamide. prior intraperitoneal immunostimulation of mice with complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) or mycobacterium bovis (bacille calmette-guèrin; bcg) increas ...1977328788
hemagglutination of human group a erythrocytes by enterotoxigenic escherichia coli isolated from adults with diarrhea: correlation with colonization factor.enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (etec) of several different serotypes isolated from adults with diarrhea and known to possess the colonization factor antigen (cfa) were found to cause mannose-resistant hemagglutination (ha) of human group a erythrocytes. cfa-negative e. coli isolated during the same study did not possess the mannose-resistant hemagglutinin, although some non-etec, cfa-negative isolates did exhibit mannose-sensitive ha activity. the mannoseresistant hemagglutinin of etec was fou ...1977336541
effects of 2.6-4.0 ghz microwave radiation on e-coli b.the effects of 2.6-4.0 ghz microwave radiation on living e. coli b bacteria were studied using measurement of the colony forming ability (cfa) of the cells and alterations in the molecular structure determined by comparing the infrared spectrum of irradiated and unirradiated cell cultures. at absorbed power levels of 20 mw in 1 ml of cellular suspensions (i.e., a specific absorption rate of 20 w/kg) for 10-12 hour exposures, no effects were observed on either the molecular structure or the cfa f ...1977336894
adjuvant properties of micropolyspora faeni.the adjuvant properties of micropolyspora faeni, an important source of antigenic material in the production of farmer's lung, were evaluated by comparing antibody- and cell-mediated immune responses of rabbits to bovine serum albumin (bsa) incorporated in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa), incomplete freund's adjuvant (ifa) and incomplete freund's adjuvant with 5-10 mg/ml homogenized m. faeni (mfa). rabbits immunized with bsa in cfa or mfa developed significantly increased antigen-induced macrop ...1977338504
detection and characterization of colonization factor of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli isolated from adults with diarrhea.the fimbriate colonization factor antigen (cea) of escherichia coli strain h-1047 was isolated and used to prepare anti-cfa antiserum. enterotoxigenic e. coli (etec) isolated from 29 adults with diarrhea acquired in mexico were examined for cfa by using this serum. retrospectively, it was found that etec possessing the h-10407-type cfa were isolated from 25 (86%) of these diarrhea cases as compared with 2 of 11 (18%) from asymptomatic controls from whom etec had been isolated. cfa was found one. ...1978344221
differences in serological responses and excretion patterns of volunteers challenged with enterotoxigenic escherichia coli with and without the colonization factor antigen.double-blind studies were performed to compare the virulence of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli with and without the fimbriate colonization factor antigen (cfa), using young healthy adults (mean age, 23 years) as volunteers. in the first study one group of volunteers ingested 1 x 10(6) e. coli h-10407, the cfa-positive strain, and another group ingested 1 x 10(6) e. coli h-10407-p, the cfa-negative spontaneous derivative of strain h-10407. the second study was similar except that the test strai ...1978346488
increased bone marrow production of granulocytes and mononuclear phagocytes induced by mycobacterial adjuvants: improved recovery of leukopoiesis in mice after cyclophosphamide treatment.the effects of complete freund adjuvant (cfa) or mycobacterium bovis bcg on leukopoiesis and on leukopoietic recovery from cyclophosphamide treatment in mice was studied. cfa injected subcutaneously or intraperitoneally resulted in increased blood granulocyte and monocyte counts, increased numbers of bone marrow granulocyte and mononuclear phagocyte progenitors, and increased hematopoietic colony-stimulating factor in the serum. furthermore, the quantitative cellular response within 24 h to an i ...1978352938
stimuli for the production and control of ige in hooded lister rats ige responses may be induced by administration of antigen together with one of a number of adjuvants. the primary ige response may subsequently be enhanced either specifically by a further exposure to antigen (booster response) or non-specifically by infection with helminth parasites (potentiated response). in the latter case the enhanced response is associated with a great increase in total serum ige. the primary response itself is not significantly influenced by variation ...1978360512
bovine serum albumin (bsa) nephritis in rats. i. experimental model.proliferative glomerulonephritis with proteinuria was induced in wistar rats by bovine serum albumin (bsa). rats were first immunized with 1 mg or 2.5 mg of bsa and complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) and eight weeks later 1 mg of bsa were given intravenously six times a week for four weeks. immunofluorescence revealed granular deposits of igg, c3, and bsa in the mesangial area with or without deposition of the same components along the capillary wall. evaluation of the circulating antibody disclos ...1978367054
hemagglutination patterns of enterotoxigenic and enteropathogenic escherichia coli determined with human, bovine, chicken, and guinea pig erythrocytes in the presence and absence of mannose.a hemagglutination (ha)-typing system has been developed for the presumptive identification of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (etec) possessing the colonization factor antigens (cfa) cfa/i or cfa/ii. e. coli isolates are grown on cfa agar and tested for mannose-sensitive (ms) or mannose-resistant (mr) ha of human, bovine, chicken, and guinea pig erythrocytes. cfa/i-positive etec exhibit mrha with human, bovine, and chicken erythrocytes, but no ha with guinea pig erythrocytes. cfa/ii-positive e ...1979370014
induction of autoimmunity to antigens of the glomerular basement membrane in inbred brown-norway rats.induction of autoimmune antibodies against antigens of glomerular basement membrane (gbm) was studied in nine inbred strains of rats each with a different major histocompatibility complex h-1. brown-norway (bn) (h-1n), lewis (h-1(1)), pvg/c (h-1c), as2 (h-1f), avn (h-1a), bd v (h-1d), da (h-1a) and f344 (h-1(1)) rats were immunized with bovine gbm and freund's complete adjuvent (cfa). a pronounced linear deposition of host igg (igg1 and igg2a) along the gbm was found in bn rats. no deposition of ...1979374260
serologic responses to somatic o and colonization-factor antigens of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli in improve the retrospective diagnoses of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (etec) as a cause of travelers' diarrhea, as well as to determine the presence of colonization-factor antigens in these infections, a study of serologic responses to antigens of etec was done. paired sera from 60 united states students in cholula, puebla, mexico, were analyzed for rises in titer of antibody to heat-labile toxin, eight somatic antigen o serogroups associated with etec, and two colonization-factor antigens, ...1979379245
cyclopropane fatty acid synthase of escherichia coli. stabilization, purification, and interaction with phospholipid vesicles.the cyclopropane fatty acid (cfa) synthase of escherichia coli catalyzes the methylenation of the unsaturated moieties of phospholipids in a phospholipid bilayer. the methylene donor is s-adenosyl-l-methionine. the enzyme is loosely associated with the inner membrane of the bacterium and binds to and is stabilized by phospholipid vesicles. the enzyme has been purified over 500-fold by flotation with phospholipid vesicles and appears to be a monomeric protein having a molecular weight of about 90 ...1979380648
delayed hypersensitivity reactions in guinea-pigs using cotton pellets; demonstration of macrophage migration inhibition activity in the cell free exudate.subcutaneous implantation of cotton pellets containing ppd into cfa sensitised guinea-pigs produced a reaction of having many characteristics of the delayed hypersensitivity (dh) reaction, together with less conspicuous features of a non-immunological response. the time course of the cellular response in the reaction showed a slow onset, attaining maximum levels between 18 and 24 hr. mononuclear cells dominated the reaction from 18 to 48 hr. in animals treated with als the reaction diminished to ...1979381610
disturbed fat absorption following infectious gastroenteritis in children.fat absorption was studied in 10 patients recovering from an episode of acute infectious gastroenteritis who failed to gain weight despite adequate caloric intake. three patients restudied after clinical improvement and three other infants with failure to thrive, unrelated to gastrointestinal problems, served as control subjects. fat balance studies during the ingestion of a formula containing long-chain fatty acids demonstrated significant degrees of steatorrhea in patients (mean cfa 70.6 +/- 1 ...1979381617
hemagglutination by escherichia coli in septicemia and urinary tract infections.the agglutination of erythrocytes from various animal species by escherichia coli was studied. the 405 strains of e. coli were isolated from urine in patients with urinary tract infections, from blood in septicemic patients, or from feces in persons without intestinal or urinary disorders. in urinary tract infections, d-mannose-resistant agglutination (mrha) of human erythrocytes was the most common finding (23% of the strains). the highest frequency of mannose-sensitive hemagglutination (msha) ...1979393716
inhibition by polyunsaturated phospholipids of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in the guinea pig.this paper reports the effect of polyunsaturated phospholipids (lipostabil, nattermann, cologne) on the severity of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) in guinea pigs. a dose of 100 mg/kg of lipostabil solution, containing about 50 mg of unsaturated fatty acids (ufa), was inoculated i.v. beginning on the 3rd day after sensitization with 100 microgram of basic protein (bp) in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa). a series of 7--14 daily injections either completely inhibited eae or reduced ...1979430098
macrophage-lymphocyte clusters in the immune response to soluble protein antigen in vitro. vii. genetically restricted and nonrestricted physical interactions.we have assessed the genetic restrictions on physical interactions between macrophages and central lymphocytes and between central and peripheral lymphocytes in antigen-specific macrophage-lymphocyte clusters with respect to i-region differences of inbred strains 2 and 13 guinea pigs. when using lymphocytes from guinea pigs immunized with dnp-ova or dnp-gl in cfa, the antigen-specific interaction between central lymphocyte and macrophage requires that both cells be derived from animals syngenei ...1979448102
regulation of ige antibody production by serum molecules. iv. complete freund's adjuvant induces both enhancing and suppressive activities detectable in the serum of low and high responder mice.two biologically active serum molecules manifesting precisely opposite biologic effects, both of which are selective for ige antibody synthesis, can be detected in the serum and ascites fluids of cfa-immune mice. one activity, described previously, is suppressive and hence termed suppressive factor of allergy (sfa); the other, reported for the first time herein, is enhancing and has been termed enhancing factor of allergy (efa). the ability to detect one vs the other activity requires certain sp ...1979448123
anti-arthritic effect of bee venom.bee venom, administered subcutaneously, suppressed the development of carrageenan-induced paw edema and adjuvant arthritis in the rat in a dose-related manner. a single dose of bee venom administered subcutaneously the day before or on the day of injection of complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) effectively suppressed the development of polyarthritis. this suppressive effect decreased progressively as dosing was delayed. bee venom was found to be most effective when mixed and injected (sub-plantar) ...1979474306
comparison of protein and dna synthesis assays of guinea pig spleen lymphocytes after stimulation with influenza virus antigen and phytohemagglutinin.two in vitro-methods for demonstration of cell-mediated immune response are compared: protein and dna synthesis for detection of in vitro influenza virus antigen- and mitogen-induced lymphocyte stimulation. guinea pig spleen lymphocytes sensitized with influenza virus antigen were tested in a microadaptation of the lymphocyte transformation test using 14c- or 3h-leucine and 3h-thymidine. as a positive control for t-cell stimulation pha-induced lymphocyte stimulation was measured. the following r ...1979510459
intraperitoneal systemic anaphylaxis in the mouse. i. age-dependence of fatal anaphylactic shock.following the i.p. challenge of a shocking dose of bsa from 9 days up to 133 days after the s.c. injection of bsa in cfa, fatal anaphylaxis was induced regularly in female icr mice that had been given the immunizing antigen when 8 weeks old. these immunized mice provided an antiserum to bsa that had the capacity to transfer fatal shock to normal recipient mice at a minimum ab-n dose of 8 microgram when the i.p. route for challenge was employed. the optimal dose-range of antigen and antibody in o ...1979512371
immune response to isolated oligodendrocytes.oligodendrocytes were isolated from bovine white matter and were injected with complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) into experimental animals. indirect immunofluorescence studies using fluoresceinated goat anti-rabbit or anti-guinea pig immunoglobulin (garig; gagpig) showed that rabbit and guinea pig anti-oligodendrocyte (rao, gpao) sera reacted specifically with the surface of isolated oligodendrocytes in suspension, as well as with oligodendroglia in bovine and human brain sections, and in mouse c ...1979521826
intestinal response of sheep to intraperitoneal immunization.the aim of the present study was to develop an immunization procedure which centrally stimulated the iga system of sheep with the release of antibody-containing cells (acc) of the iga class into intestinal lymph. it was found that intraperitoneal injection of ovalbumin resulted in a substantial output of acc in intestinal lymph. acc of the iga class reached a peak 8--9 days after intraperitoneal injection when they comprised 1.4% of cells in lymph. acc of the igm and igg1 classes comprised 3.5 a ...1979572819
c. parvum skin testing antigen: study on guinea pig model.a skin-testing antigen produced from c. parvum has been developed for exploring cell-mediated immunity and specially c. parvum specific cell-mediated immunity by delayed cutaneous hypersensitivity (dch) reaction. the dch antigen and the techniques of intradermal injection and multiple puncture are described. dch reactions are carried out in c. parvum specifically sensitized guinea pigs: sensitization procedure and adjuvant (ifa and cfa) effects are reported. measures of dch reactions for differe ...1977608551
suppression of reaginic antibody formation in guinea pigs by anti-idiotypic antibodies.syngeneic immunization of strain 2 and strain 13 guinea pigs with purified antibodies against benzyl-penicilloyl bovine igg (bpo-bgg) produces anti-idiotypic antibodies which specifically inhibit antigen-induced t cell proliferation in vitro. in sensitized guinea pigs, passive administration (either intravenously or subcutaneously in complete freund's adjuvant [cfa] of these anti-idiotypic antibodies has a reversible suppressive effect on igg and igm responses. in addition, preimmunization with ...1978701661
immunopathogenesis of autoimmune tubulointerstitial nephritis. i. demonstration of differential susceptibility in strain ii and strain xiii guinea pigs.autoimmune tubulointerstitial nephritis (tn) was induced in strain xiii and hartley but not strain ii guinea pigs after immunization with rabbit tubular basement membranes (tbm) in cfa. strain xiii guinea pigs developed extensive autoimmune tn associated with high anti-tbm (atbm) antibody titers and linear deposits of igg along renal cortical tbm after immunization with 10 mug to 10 mg of tbm. in addition, autoimmune tn was passively transferred to strain xiii animals by the i.p. injection of at ...1976765397
studies on mechanisms of immobilization of mononuclear cells in the delayed hypersensitivity (dh) reaction.migration inhibitory (mi) activity in exudates, and 'migration' and 'inhibition of migration' of exudate cells was investigated in the delayed hypersensitivity (dh) reaction induced by intrapleural injection of ppd into complete freund's adjuvant(cfa)-sensitized guinea-pigs. during the initial reaction (6-hour), two types of antigen-dependent mi activity were detected in serum and cell free exudate. one was a high molecular weight material associated with immunoglobulin, and the other was a low ...1976782206
effects of androstenes, 5alpha-androstanes, 5beta-androstanes, oestrenes and oestratrienes on serum gonadotrophin levels and ventral prostate weights in gonadectomized, adult male rats.the morphologic and metabolic effect of a single intracutaneous injection of homologous endocrine pancreas in freund's complete adjuvant (cfa) was studied in 100 mice and compared with control groups which had been (1) immunized with murine insulin in cfa, (2) injected with cfa alone, or had (3) received no treatment. there were no differences between the control groups as regards the morphology of the pancreatic islets, and the glucose tolerance was normal. mice immunized with islet homogenate ...1976785923
morphology of experimental, organ-specific insulitis of the mouse pancreas.the morphologic and metabolic effect of a single intracutaneous injection of homologous endocrine pancreas in freund's complete adjuvant (cfa) was studied in 100 mice and compared with control groups which had been (1) immunized with murine insulin in cfa, (2) injected with cfa alone, or had (3) received no treatment. there were no differences between the control groups as regards the morphology of the pancreatic islets, and the glucose tolerance was normal. mice immunized with islet homogenate ...1976785924
dissociation of mif activity and in vitro lymphocyte transformation in the development of experimental allergic thyroiditis in guinea pigs.macrophage migration inhibitory factor (mif) activity and in vitro lymphocyte transformation to homologous thyroid antigen were compared in cultures of lymph node cells obtained from 123 guinea pigs at weekly intervals after a single injection of homologous thyroid extracts in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa). mif activity was not detectable at the early stage of immunization but became manifest 2 and 3 weeks after sensitization and a high level was maintained during 4-7 weeks. on the other hand ...1976790649
distribution of plaque-forming cells in the mouse for a protein antigen. evidence for highly active parathymic lymph nodes following intraperitoneal injection of hen lysozyme.the distribution of plaque-forming cells (pfc) throughout the lymphoid system of cba mice was followed with time after a primary intraperitoneal injection of hen egg white lysozyme emulsified in freund's complete adjuvant (hel-cfa) and after a secondary soluble injection. throughout the primary response (predominantly igg) and during the first week of the secondary response (exclusively igg), the highest density of pfc was found in the draining parathymic lymph nodes, followed by the local splee ...1976800396
induction of antibodies to nuclear antigens in rabbits by immunization with hydralazine-human serum albumin conjugates.the antihypertensive drug hydralazine can induce in man a syndrome similar to spontaneous systemic lupus erythematosus (sle). the pathogenesis of this drug-induced syndrome is not understood. in this investigation, five groups of rabbits were studied: group i, 10 rabbits hyperimmunized with hydralazine conjugated to human serum albumin (hsa) in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa); group ii, four rabbits with hsa in cfa; group iii, four rabbits with cfa alone; group iv, five rabbits with hydralazine ...1975808562
immunological characteristics of the armadillo, dasypus sabanicola.the immunological responses of the armadillo are of interest because of its susceptibility to generalized lepromatoid infection with mycobacterium leprae. in this study, specimens of dasypus sabanicola were found to have a typical mammalian distribution of lymphoid cells in thymus, spleen, lymph nodes and blood. their complement was active in bactercidal, protozoan immobilization and haemolytic systems. blood lymphocytes responded to phytohaemagglutinin and to pokeweed mitogen. sensitization wit ...1976825337
cuta neous basophil responses in neonatal guinea pigs: active immunization, hapten specific transfer with small amounts of serum, and preferential elicitation with phytohemagglutinin skin testing.previous studies have demonstrated a failure to elicit delayed hypersensitivity skin responses in neonatal guinea pigs despite apparent immunologic competence of their lymphocytes and monocytes. the ability of neonatal guinea pigs to manifest cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity (cbh) responses was examined. neonates were competent to express macroscopic and microscopic aspects of these delayed reactions. strong cutaneous basophil responses were elicited in newborns (0 to 2 days old) in a hapten- ...1977845431
suppression of acute and chronic experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in strain 13 guinea pigs. a clinical and pathological inbred strain 13 guinea pigs develop an acute, fatal form of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) about 2 weeks after a single injection of isologous spinal cord in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa), but similarly injected juveniles develop a delayed, rarely fatal chronic form. thirty-seven sensitised adult strain 13 animals were separated into 2 groups. one group was permitted to develop acute eae. the other group was injected intramuscularly with 1 mg of guinea pig or bovine myel ...1977845617
relation between delayed skin reactivity and macrophage migration inhibition or lymphocyte transformation in tuberculin-type hypersensitivity and jones-mote hypersensitivity.precise time-course studies on delayed skin reaction, lymphocyte transformation and macrophage migration inhibition were carried out from day 3 to 270 and from day 3 to 120, respectively, in guinea pigs immunized with bovine gamma-globulin (bgg) in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) and those immunized with bgg in incomplete freund's adjuvant (ifa). a) delayed skin reactions could be elicited for a long period of time after immunization with bgg in cfa in the presence of prominent antibody product ...1977859455
morphology of delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions in the guinea pig cornea.guinea pigs sensitized with several soluble protein antigens in incomplete freund's adjuvant (ifa) and tested at 5 to 7 days developed basophil-rich corneal reactions characterized by minimal edema and fibrin deposition. these lesions resembled the skin reactions of cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity (cbh) in their immunization requirements, time course, and character, but differed in that basophils were relatively less frequent and eosinophils and neutrophils more numerous in ocular than in cu ...1977870560
antibody-mediated basophil accumulations in cutaneous hypersensitivity reactions of guinea pigs.cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity (cbh) was studied in guinea pigs by using simplified histologic techniques. animals immunized with oxazolone or picryl conjugates of keyhole limpet hemocyanin (klh) emulsified with complete (cfa) or incomplete freund's adjunvant (ifa) were found to have hapten-specific cutaneous basophil reactions when skin tested at 1 week with oxazolone or picryl chloride contant painting or intradermal injection of oxazolone or picryl-conjugated human serum albumin, respect ...1976932424
a method for producing anti-dna antibodies in ascitic fluid of mice.immunological methods for the production of antibodies to dna in ascitic fluid of ddy, a/he, and c57b1/6 mice were investigated. relatively large volumes of ascitic fluid containing antibodies for dna in high concentration were obtainable after seven injections of denatured ssdna-mbsa complexes emulsified with cfa into peritoneal cavities of ddy mice. the quantity of anti-ascitic fluid from 4 to 5 ddy mice was equivalent to that of antiserum from one rabbit. ddy mice accumulation of ascites is m ...1976932438
the effect of levamisole on adjuvant arthritis in the rat.levamisole (lev), an immunostimulatory agent, was studied for its effect on adjuvant disease of the rat. the drug was administered continuously according to three schedules: (a) seven days prior to immunization with complete freund's adjuvant (cfa); (b) simultaneously with cfa; or (c) 14 days after cfa. control animals received cfa alone, lev alone, or were sham treated with saline. three weekly evaluations were made, recording the general condition, weight curves, joint scores, and volume of hi ...1976950633
induction of cellular and humoral immunological responsiveness to a soluble cercarial antigen preparation from schistosoma mansoni.the development of immunological responsiveness to a soluble cercarial antigenic preparation (cap) from schistosoma mansoni was analyzed in inbred cba/j mice infected with cercariae, one or multiple times, or sensitized using cap. repeated exposure to 75 cercariae at three weekly intervals (3x-75) or subcutaneous administration of 20 mug of cap (cap/complete freund adjuvant [cfa]) stimulated the development of specific anti-cap lymph node cell blastogenesis. the degree of responsiveness was depe ...1976971960
analysis of the intradermal response against a soluble cercarial antigenic preparation from schistosoma mansoni.intradermal testing was performed with a soluble cercarial antigenic preparation (cap) from schistosoma mansoni cercariae in cba/j mice multiply infected with s. mansoni or sensitized with cap. both an early (5-h) response and a late (24- to 48-h) reaction to cap, as measured by increase in dermal thickness, was elicited after injection of antigen into the ears of either multiply infected (3x-75) or cap-sensitized (cap/complete freund adjuvant [cfa]) mice. histopathological examination showed th ...1976971961
the effect of halofenate or halofenate free acid on human, rat and guinea pig platelet aggregation.halofenate free acid (hfa), the major metabolite of the hypolipemic agent halofenate, blocked the secondary phase of human platelet aggregation induced by adp, epinephrine, or thrombin; higher concentrations of clofibrate free acid (cfa) were required to produce similar inhibitory effects on platelet aggregation. hfa and cfa inhibited collagen-induced aggregation of human, rat, or guinea pig platelets. halofenate orally administered to rats caused inhibition of collagen-induced aggregation when ...1976989636
immunopathogenesis of autoimmune tubulointerstitial nephritis. ii. role of an immune response gene linked to the major histocompatibility complex.immunization of strain xiii guinea pigs with rabbit renal tubular basement membranes (tbm) in cfa consistently results in severe autoimmune tubulointerstitial nephritis (tn). strain ii guinea pigs similarly immunized do not develop this disease. f1 guinea pigs were found to be intermediate between inbred strain ii and xiii animals with regard to extent of autoimmune tn and anti-tbm antibody production. the f1 x ii backcrosses segregated into two groups with regard to antibody production and dise ...1976993586
role of cellular density, in vitro, in anti-tumor activity of cfa-treated and immunized cells.incorporation of tritiated deoxythymidine (3hdt) into dna was used to measure growth, in vitro, of p815 tumor cells admixed with spleen and peritoneal effector cells. at a high tumor cell density ((1x10(5) cells per dish), using anti-theta and anti-macrophage sera, t-cells and macrophages from the peritoneum of immunized mice could be identified as cells possessing anti-tumor activity. a nonspecific inhibition by normal effector cells, which occurred at the high tumor cell density, did not occur ...19761008014
the immune response of brown trout (salmo trutta l.) to injection with soluble antigens.the immune response of brown trout (salmo trutta) to horse serum and keyhole limpet haemocyanin was studied. intraperitoneal and intramuscular injections were used, with and without adjuvant, in 209 fish. complement-fixing antibodies (cfa) and precipitins were produced to both antigens. cfa were detected after 8 days to haemocyanin and after 13 days to horse serum. maximum cfa titres to a single intraperitoneal injection of horse serum or haemocyanin were reached at 44 and 43-46 days respectivel ...19761022141
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