[comparative study of the immunochemical and electrophoretic properties of the constituents of egg white from chicken, stork, marabou, and egyptian goose eggs]. 195214935718
phylogenetic analysis of influenza a viruses (h6n8, h1n8, h4n2, h9n2, h10n7) isolated from wild birds, ducks, and ostriches in south africa from 2007 to 2009.influenza a strains emerging from wild birds are a constant threat to south africa's valuable ostrich industry. in 2004 and again in 2006, low pathogenicity avian influenza h5n2 strains introduced from a wild bird reservoir mutated in ostriches to high pathogenicity avian influenza (hpai), with serious economic consequences and export bans imposed by the european union. although no outbreaks of notifiable avian influenza have occurred in south africa since 2006, the h9n2 virus caused a localized ...201020521652
corynebacterium heidelbergense sp. nov., isolated from the preen glands of egyptian geese (alopochen aegyptiacus).two strains (pedersolit and girotti) of a new species of bacteria were isolated from the preen glands of wild egyptian geese (alopochen aegyptiacus) from the river neckar in southern germany in two subsequent years. the strains were lipophilic, fastidious, gram-positive rods and belonged to the genus corynebacterium. phylogenetically, the isolates were most closely related to corynebacterium falsenii dsm 44353t which has been found to be associated with birds before. 16s rrna gene sequence simil ...201829958724
effect of feed form and dietary protein level on growth performance and carcass characteristics of growing geese.the present study aimed to investigate the influence of feed form and the level of dietary crude protein (cp) on the growth performance and carcass traits of growing geese. a total of 180 egyptian geese (1 wk old) were randomly divided into 9 groups (20 chicks per group). each group was subdivided into five replicates, with 4 birds per replicate. a 3 × 3 factorial experiment was performed with 3 types of diets (pellets, crumble, and mash) and 3 levels of dietary cp (22%, 20%, and 18% during the ...201930325437
effect of dietary protein and tsaa levels on performance, carcass traits, meat composition and some blood components of egyptian geese during the rearing period.the present study was performed to investigate the effect of dietary levels of protein, total sulfur amino acids (tsaa), methionine and cystine (m + c) and their interaction on the performance, carcass characteristics, blood components and meat quality of egyptian geese. a total number of 144 geese at twelve weeks of age were randomly divided into 9 groups (16 birds/each group), each group of birds was sub-divided into 4 replicates, each of 4 birds. there was a significant increase in the bodywe ...202032218190
consequences of varying dietary crude protein and metabolizable energy levels on growth performance, carcass characteristics and biochemical parameters of growing geese.this research aimed to investigate the effect of varying dietary crude protein (cp) and metabolizable energy (me) quantity on growth, carcass characteristics, biochemical blood parameters and molecular aspects of growing geese. overall, a total of 180 egyptian goslings were used in a 2 × 3 factorial design. two levels of cp (18% and 16%) and three levels of me (3000, 2900 and 2800 kcal/kg diet) were employed. growth traits showed no significant differences as a result of different cp or me level ...202032921256
hardware disease in an egyptian goose. 1979256382
amino acid sequence of egyptian goose egg-white lysozyme and effects of amino acid substitution on the enzymatic activity.the amino acid sequence of egyptian goose lysozyme (egl) from egg-white and its enzymatic properties were analyzed. the established sequence had the highest similarity to wood duck lysozyme (wdl) with five amino acid substitutions, and had eighteen substitutions difference from hen egg-white lysozyme (hel). tyr34 and gly37 were found at subsites e and f of the active site when compared with hel. the experimental time-course characteristics of egl against the n-acetylglucosamine pentamer substrat ...201222484934
effect of different managerial systems on productive and reproductive traits, blood plasma hormones and serum biochemical constituents of geese.a flock of 117, 10-month-old egyptian geese consisting of 90 females and 27 males were utilized in this investigation. birds were randomly divided into three equal groups, each made up of three replicates of 10 females and 3 males each. the first group was kept under a pasture system (ps) and allowed to swim in water ducts during the daytime (ps) and kept inside the house during the night. the second group of birds were kept in confinement in a house and fed ad libitum on a commercial feed (inte ...201222717032
a framework for testing assumptions about foraging scales, body mass, and niche separation using telemetry data.ecological theory predicts that if animals with very similar dietary requirements inhabit the same landscape, then they should avoid niche overlap by either exploiting food resources at different times or foraging at different spatial scales. similarly, it is often assumed that animals that fall in different body mass modes and share the same body plan will use landscapes at different spatial scales. we developed a new methodological framework for understanding the scaling of foraging (i.e. the ...201728770066
exploring the environmental drivers of waterfowl movement in arid landscapes using first-passage time analysis.the movement patterns of many southern african waterfowl are typified by nomadism, which is thought to be a response to unpredictable changes in resource distributions. nomadism and the related movement choices that waterfowl make in arid environments are, however, poorly understood. tracking multiple individuals across wide spatiotemporal gradients offers one approach to elucidating the cues and mechanisms underpinning movement decisions. we used first-passage time (fpt) to analyse high spatial ...201627042310
aspects of the nutritional value of cooked egyptian goose (alopochen aegyptiacus) meat compared with other well-known fowl species.there is no scientific research regarding egyptian goose (alopochen aegyptiacus) meat; therefore, a chemical analysis to establish the nutritional characteristics of the breast portion is described. meat from guinea fowl, pekin duck, ostrich, and broiler chicken were used as a reference. the high intramuscular fat content of egyptian goose meat (5.6 g/100 g) may be linked to the fact that this species relies on fat for heat insulation and buoyancy. egyptian goose meat is very high in polyunsatur ...201324135611
the effect of season, sex, and portion on the carcass characteristics, ph, color, and proximate composition of egyptian goose (alopochen aegyptiacus) meat.the carcass yield, physical characteristics, and proximate composition of egyptian geese (alopochen aegyptiacus), a southern african gamebird species, have been studied. a total of 69 geese were harvested during 2 seasons: summer (n = 36) and winter (n = 33). this total group of geese consisted of 27 female birds and 42 male birds. sex alone affected (p ≤ 0.05) the live and carcass weights, and the average muscle weight (g) of each portion was higher for the male fowl. the data does not indicate ...201324235240
post mortem rigor development in the egyptian goose (alopochen aegyptiacus) breast muscle (pectoralis): factors which may affect the tenderness.baseline research on the toughness of egyptian goose meat is required. this study therefore investigates the post mortem ph and temperature decline (15 min-4 h 15 min post mortem) in the pectoralis muscle (breast portion) of this gamebird species. it also explores the enzyme activity of the ca(2+)-dependent protease (calpain system) and the lysosomal cathepsins during the rigor mortis period.201625641020
the fatty acid, amino acid, and mineral composition of egyptian goose meat as affected by season, gender, and portion.with the current absence of scientific information on the nutritive aspects it is essential to investigate the fatty acid, mineral, and amino acid composition of egyptian geese as well as the factors of influence. the forage vs. grain based diets of egyptian geese during certain periods of the yr leads to variation in the content of the key fatty acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, and α-linolenic acid. the differences in these fatty acids results in variation between the n-6/n-3 ratios of ...201525810407
the influence of post-mortem conditioning on the tenderness of egyptian goose (alopochen aegyptiacus) breast meat (m. pectoralis major).egyptian goose breast meat has been found to be very tough compared to the meat of other well-known fowl species. in attempting to clarify the toughness of the meat, the physical and biochemical changes during post-mortem conditioning (14 days) was investigated.201626183427
the influence of season on the sensory profile of egyptian goose (alopochen aegyptiacus) meat.the feeding activities of egyptian geese are becoming a problem for crop farmers in south africa. their grain-based diet during the harvesting season compared to the diet during the rest of the year may have an influence on the meat quality, especially the sensory profile. descriptive sensory analysis, physical measurements, and the proximate composition were used to investigate these effects. season was a major influential factor with the meat from summer associating with sweet-oily-duck and be ...201627143770
is multiple nest building an adequate strategy to cope with inter-species nest usurpation?black sparrowhawks (accipiter melanoleucus) recently colonised the cape peninsula, south africa, where the species faces competition for their nest sites from egyptian geese (alopochen aegyptiaca) which frequently usurp black sparrowhawk nests. in this paper, we test the hypothesis that multiple nest building by black sparrowhawks is a strategy to cope with this competitor, based on a 14-year long term data set.201627150363
sex determination in 58 bird species and evaluation of chd gene as a universal molecular marker in bird sexing.the aim of this research was to test the chd gene (chromo helicase dna-binding gene) as a universal molecular marker for sexing birds of relatively distant species. the chd gene corresponds to the aim because of its high degree of conservation and different lengths in z and w chromosomes due to different intron sizes. dna was isolated from feathers and the amplification of the chd gene was performed with the following sets of polymerase chain reaction (pcr) primers: 2550f/2718r and p2/p8. sex de ...201522553188
antibody response and viral shedding profile of egyptian geese (alopochen aegyptiacus) infected with low pathogenicity h7n1 and h6n8 avian influenza viruses.egyptian geese (alopochen aegypticus), a duck species endemic to sub-saharan africa and occasionally implicated in the transmission of avian influenza viruses (aiv) to farmed ostriches, were experimentally infected with low pathogenicity h7n1 and h6n8 viruses to assess viral shedding and immune profiles. following the first infection with h7n1 virus, high titers of virus were shed from both the tracheae and cloacae for at least 7 days postinfection, and tracheal shedding lasting until day 14. al ...201222856191
full genomic sequence of an african avian paramyxovirus type 4 strain isolated from a wild duck.a random amplification/deep sequencing approach was applied to determine the complete genomic sequence of an avian paramyxovirus type 4 (apmv-4) strain isolated from a wild duck in south africa in 2010. this sequence represents the fourth full genome of apmv-4 in public sequence databases and the first for the african continent. a total of 87,402,081 illumina paired-end reads were obtained of which 47,338,867 (54.16 %) mapped to the reference genome eu877976. the entire genomic sequence of 15,05 ...201222918714
variations by sex in anatomical and morphological features of the tongue of egyptian goose (alopochen aegyptiacus).tongue specimens were collected from 18 healthy adult egyptian geese (alopochen aegyptiacus) of both sexes. we measured and analyzed the whole, anterior, middle and posterior length and width of the tongue parts. the dorsal mucosal surface of each tongue was investigated by sem. the length of whole tongue, widths at anterior and middle ends of its root showed significant differences between sexes. by gross morphology, the tongue showed 3 parts (anterior, middle and posterior). the anterior part ...201019494477
risk factors for seropositivity to h5 avian influenza virus in ostrich farms in the western cape province, south a 2005 serological survey, carried out in response to an outbreak of h5n2 avian influenza (ai) in ostriches in the eastern cape province, 16.3% of ostrich farms in the western cape province of south africa were found to be seropositive to h5 ai virus. we subsequently carried out a questionnaire-based census survey on all available registered western cape ostrich farms that still existed at the end of 2005 (367 farms, of which 82 were seropositive), in order to identify risk factors associated ...200818486977
avian paramyxoviruses serotype 3 isolated from captive birds in israel: clinical signs, pathology, and antigenic characterization.thirteen ha agents were isolated in israel from captive flamingoes (phoenicopterus ruber), egyptian geese (alopochen aegyptiacus) belonging to order anseriformes, and ibis (guara rubra) belonging to order ciconiiformes. the isolation was done from postmortem materials in three cases of severe respiratory disease with high mortality. the isolates were examined serologically and identified as belonging to the serotype 3 of avian paramyxoviruses (apmv-3). the isolates were more close antigenically ...19989645338
sensory profiling of egyptian goose (alopochen aegyptiacus) sensory profile information is available for egyptian goose (alopochen aegyptiacus) meat. the aim of this study was to conduct descriptive analysis in order to establish the sensory attributes of the breast portion of this species. meat from guineafowl, pekin duck, ostrich and broiler chicken were used as reference species. egyptian goose meat had a very intense game aroma, game flavour and metallic aftertaste, mainly attributable to the muscle's high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids ...201430011648
site selection by geese in a suburban european and north american cities geese are among the most common and most visible large herbivores. as such, their presence and behaviour often conflict with the desires of the human residents. fouling, noise, aggression and health concerns are all cited as reasons that there are "too many". lethal control is often used for population management; however, this raises questions about whether this is a sustainable strategy to resolve the conflict between humans and geese when, paradoxically, ...202033024625
plasmodium (novyella) nucleophilum from an egyptian goose in são paulo zoo, brazil: microscopic confirmation and molecular characterization.plasmodium (novyella) nucleophilum was identified using microscopy and pcr, in an egyptian goose (alopochen aegyptiacus) that died in são paulo zoo, brazil. this parasite is characterized by elongated gametocytes, small meronts with scant cytoplasm, less than eight merozoites and mainly for having all the stages appressed to the nuclei of infected erythrocytes. additionally, plasmodium (haemamoeba) sp. was identified by microscopy in the same blood sample. the latter parasite lacks nucleophilic ...201324533348
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