pathogenicity of sporotrichum pruninosum and cladosporium oxysporum, isolated from the bronchial secretions of a patient, for laboratory this study we have demonstrated the occurrence of sporotrichum pruinosum and cladosporium oxysporum in the bronchial secretions of a patient with a presumptive diagnosis of tuberculosis. this observation coupled with the ability of both fungi to cause infection and elicit tissue responses in experimentally infected mice supported a probable etiologic relationship with the patient which could not be confirmed in the absence of histologic evidence. in vitro some antimycotics were tested against ...19921640976
case report. cutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by cladosporium oxysporum.the case of a 66-year-old woman with cushing syndrome and a 1-year history of papulo-nodular lesions on the right leg is reported. biopsy revealed septate hyphae and yeast-like cells in granulomatous dermo-hypodermal lesions. culture of biopsy fragments on sabouraud glucose agar without cycloheximide produced colonies that were olive green on top and greenish black underneath. on the basis of microscope findings and scanning electron microscopy observation of fragments of colonies, a diagnosis o ...199910394859
antifungal biflavones from cupressocyparis leylandii.from the leaves of cupressocyparis leylandii (cupressaceae) cupressuflavone, 4-o-methylcupressuflavone, amentoflavone, 7-o-methylamentoflavone, 4-o-methylamentoflavone and hinokiflavone were isolated. 1h- and 13c-nmr data for 4-o-methylcupressuflavone are given for the first time. the biflavones from cultivar varieties of c. leylandii (naylor's blue, castlewellan gold) were chromatographicaly (hplc) compared. the antifungal activity of cupressuflavone and 4-o-methylcupressuflavone against altern ...199910532874
antifungal activity of biflavones from taxus baccata and ginkgo biloba.bilobetin and 4'''-o-methylamentoflavone were isolated and identified in the needles of taxus baccata, for the first time in this species. the antifungal activity of biflavones from t. baccata and ginkgo biloba, namely amentoflavone, 7-o-methylamentoflavone, bilobetin, ginkgetin, sciadopitysin and 2,3-dihydrosciadopitysin towards the fungi alternaria alternata, fusarium culmorum, cladosporium oxysporum was determined employing computer-aided image analysis couplet to a microscope. bilobetin exhi ...200312622229
effects of sawdust pollution on the germination of fungal spores in lagos lagoon.four fungi, aspergillus flavus, aspergillus giganteus, cladosporium oxysporum a and trichoderma aureoviride, isolated from lagos lagoon, were tested for spore germination in aqueous sawdust extract of different hardwood species (khaya ivorensis, mitragyna ciliata and triplochiton scleroxylon). extracts of m. ciliata were inhibitory to spore germination especially at higher concentrations. germ tubes of spores decreased in length with increase in extract concentration for c. oxysporum and t. aure ...198715092784
bioremediation of endosulfan using aspergillus terreus and cladosporium oxysporum. 200516400595
cutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by caldosporium oxysporum and its treatment with potassium iodide.human infections due to cladosporium oxysporum are rarely known. this case report describes cutaneous phaeohyphomycosis cause by c. oxysporum in a 30-year-old female. lesions presented as multiple coalescing ulcers on the left foot. diagnosis was based on histology and recovery of the fungus in culture. the patient was successfully treated with potassium iodide.200616830425
species and ecological diversity within the cladosporium cladosporioides complex (davidiellaceae, capnodiales).the genus cladosporium is one of the largest genera of dematiaceous hyphomycetes, and is characterised by a coronate scar structure, conidia in acropetal chains and davidiella teleomorphs. based on morphology and dna phylogeny, the species complexes of c. herbarum and c. sphaerospermum have been resolved, resulting in the elucidation of numerous new taxa. in the present study, more than 200 isolates belonging to the c. cladosporioides complex were examined and phylogenetically analysed on the ba ...201020877444
infection of the sunagoke moss panels with fungal pathogens hampers sustainable greening in urban environments.drought and heat tolerance of the sunagoke moss (racomitrium japonicum) and the low thermal conductivity of the dry moss tissue offer novel greening and insulation possibilities of roofs and walls to mitigate the heat island phenomenon in urban environments. however, damage may appear in the moss panels under humid conditions in japan. in this study we characterized fungi associated with the damaged areas of the sunagoke moss panels. fungi were identified by morphology and internal transcribed s ...201121624641
analysis of fungal contamination and disinfection of toothbrushes.the aim of this study is to determine the fungal species in the toothbrushes of residents of a neighborhood on the east side of teresina - pi, and to assess the efficiency of a disinfection method based on 2% sodium hypochlorite. fifty toothbrushes were divided into two groups: group a comprised 30 toothbrushes used by the residents and group b (control group) 20 new toothbrushes. fungal evaluation was conducted in sabouraud culture medium containing chloramphenicol and chromagar candida. later ...201122010412
the presence of fungi on contact electrical stimulation electrodes and ultrasound transducers in physiotherapy evaluate the presence of fungi on contact electrodes and ultrasound transducers from physiotherapy clinics.201122051582
fungi in a changing world: growth rates will be elevated, but spore production may decrease in future climates.very little is known about the impact of climate change on fungi and especially on spore production. fungal spores can be allergenic, thus being important for human health. the aim of this study was to investigate how climate change influences the responsive ability of fungi by simulating differing environmental regimes. fungal species with high spore allergenic potential and atmospheric abundance were grown and experimentally examined under a variety of temperatures and different nutrient avail ...201525414142
rye grains and the soil derived from under the organic and conventional rye crops as a potential source of biological agents causing respiratory diseases in farmers. 201324494000
does spore count matter in fungal allergy?: the role of allergenic fungal species.fungi have been known to be important aeroallergens for hundreds of years. most studies have focused on total fungal concentration; however, the concentration of specific allergenic fungi may be more important on an individual basis.201627334778
utilizing metal tolerance potential of soil fungus for efficient synthesis of gold nanoparticles with superior catalytic activity for degradation of rhodamine recent years, the surging demand of nanomaterials has boosted unprecedented expansion of research for the development of high yielding and sustainable synthesis methods which can deliver nanomaterials with desired characteristics. unlike the well-established physico-chemical methods which have various limitations, biological methods inspired by mimicking natural biomineralization processes have great potential for nanoparticle synthesis. an eco-friendly and sustainable biological method that ...201627567934
identification and control of moulds responsible for black spot spoilage in dry-cured ham.the aims of this work were to identify moulds responsible for black spot spoilage in the drying and cellar stages of dry-cured ham processing and evaluate the effectiveness of preventive actions for controlling this alteration. four mould strains isolated from spoiled hams were identified by morphological characteristics and the its and β-tubulin sequencing. two of them were cladosporium oxysporum, one was c. cladosporioides and the remaining one was c. herbarum. these spoiling strains reproduce ...201627468139
production and partial characterization of an alkaline xylanase from a novel fungus cladosporium oxysporum.a new fungus cladosporium oxysporum gq-3 producing extracellular xylanase was isolated from decaying agricultural waste and identified based on the morphology and comparison of internal transcribed spacer (its) rdna gene sequence. c. oxysporum produced maximum xylanase activity of 55.92 u/ml with wheat bran as a substrate and nh4cl as a nitrogen source. mg(2+) improved c. oxysporum xylanase production. partially purified xylanase exhibited maximum activity at 50°c and ph 8.0, respectively, and s ...201627213150
anti-proliferative effect of fungal taxol extracted from cladosporium oxysporum against human pathogenic bacteria and human colon cancer cell line hct 15.cladosporium oxysporum a new taxol producing endophytic fungus was identified and production of taxol were characterized using uv-visible spectroscopy (uv-vis), high-performance liquid chromatography (hplc), infrared (ir) nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (nmr ((13)c and (1)h)) and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (lc-ms). the taxol biosynthetic gene (dbat) was evaluated for new taxol producing fungus. antibacterial activity against six different human pathogenic bacteria was done b ...201525544183
characterisation and detection of spoilage mould responsible for black spot in dry-cured fermented sausages.moulds responsible for black spot spoilage of dry-cured fermented sausages were characterised. for this purpose, samples were taken from those dry-cured fermented sausages which showed black spot alteration. most of the mould strains were first tentatively identified as penicillium spp. due to their morphological characteristics in different culture conditions, with one strain as cladosporium sp. the cladosporium strain was the only one which provoked blackening in culture media. this strain was ...201525460138
fungal taxol extracted from cladosporium oxysporum induces apoptosis in t47d human breast cancer cell line.the present study concerns molecular mechanisms involved in induction of apoptosis by a fungal taxol extracted from the fungus cladosporium oxysporum in t47d human breast cancer cells.201425169499
[microscopic fungi in the air of film documents depositories].microscopic fungi of the studied 5 film documents depositories in kyiv are presented by 14 species of 8 genera of the division ascomycota (chaetomium sp.) and the group anamorphic fungi (13 species 7 genera). among the isolated species there are generally accepted active destructors of various products and materials, in particular of a cine-film (a. niger, a. versicolor, representatives of genus penicillium) and species which are potentially dangerous for the human health (a. fumigatus, a. niger ...201222830197
unilateral cervical lymphadenopathy due to cladosporium oxysporum: a case report and review of the literature.phaeohyphomycosis is a fungal infection caused by dermatiacae group of fungi, by cladosporium spp. the term phaeohyphomycosis was introduced by ajello et al. in 1974 to designate infections by brown pigmented filamentous fungi. cladosporium oxysporum is a very rare etiological agent in humans. phaeohyphomycosis of the cervical lymph node in an immunocompetent individual is a very rare clinical entity. to the best of our knowledge we report the first case of phaeohyphomycosis caused by cladospori ...201729209546
microbiota of the ground air layers in natural and industrial zones of the kola arctic.the fungi and bacteria number, as well as the species composition of the fungi in the ground air layer in the european arctic region of russia, primarily in the tundra (the rybachy peninsula), in the subzone of the northern taiga (the pasvik state nature reserve) and in the industrial areas (the copper-nickel plant "pechenganickel," the kandalaksha aluminum plant) have been studied. one hundred and ninety-two atmosphere air samples of various ecosystems have been analyzed. the sample collection ...201729125395
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