pcr primers that allow intergeneric differentiation of ascomycetes and their application to verticillium spp.a pair of conserved pcr primers, designated nms1 and nms2, that amplify a region in the mitochondrial small rrna gene region were designed for fungi belonging to the class ascomycetes. these primers were tested with members of eight fungal genera (aspergillus, fusarium, magnaporthe, mycospharella, neurospora, saccharomyces, sclerotinia, verticillium) and 10 verticillium species (verticillium albo-atrum, verticillium chlamydosporium, verticillium cinnebarium, verticillium dahliae, verticillium fu ...19947811072
phylogenetic analysis of verticillium species based on nuclear and mitochondrial sequences.three different genes were sequenced from isolates of five plant-pathogenic verticillium species, verticillium albo-atrum, verticillium dahliae, verticillium longisporum, verticillium nigrescens, and verticillium tricorpus. the sequences covered parts of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene ( cob), the mitochondrial small subunit rrna gene ( rns) and the nuclear its2 region. when the sequences were combined, the five species clustered in five monophyletic groups, with v. nigrescens distantly rela ...200415138663
[cloning of dna probes for detection and identification of pathogenic fungi verticillium dahliae i verticillium tricorpus]. 19969026717
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