arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculation enhances survival rates and growth of micropropagated plantlets of echinacea an attempt to induce positive effects on the acclimatization of in vitro propagated echinacea pallida, four arbuscular mycorrhizal (am) fungi, glomus mosseae, gigaspora ramisporophora, scutellospora fulgida and entrophospora colombiana were selected to aid the soil adaptation process. fungal inocula affected the survival of e. pallida plantlets ranging from 83 % to 92 %, depending on the am species and also contrasting with 58 % survival of the non-inoculated plantlets. growth and development ...200312898430
taxonomic revision transferring species in kuklospora to acaulospora (glomeromycota) and a description of acaulospora colliculosa sp. nov. from field collected a phylogenetic study of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal species in acaulospora (acaulosporaceae, glomeromycota) we discovered that species classified in genus kuklospora, a supposed sister clade of acaulospora, did not partition as a monophyletic clade. species in these two genera can be distinguished only by the position of the spore relative to a precursor structure, the sporiferous saccule, as either within (entrophosporoid) or laterally (acaulosporoid) on the saccule subtending hypha. subse ...201020943549
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