on the effect of glucono-delta-lactone on the yeast pichia polymorpha.investigation has been made into the action of glucono-delta-lactone on living cells of pichia polymorpha in relation to the uptake of d-(u-14c)glucose, and the incorporation of (2-14c) uracil and l-(u-14c) threonine into rna and protein respectively. other factors such as the action of glucono-delta-lactone on cell morphology and on enzymic synthesis have also been studied. the action of this compound on beta-glucanase has been found to take place in the hydrolytic power and not in the synthesi ...1976962468
beta-glucanases of the yeast pichia polymorpha.fractionation of proteins secreted into the culture medium by intact cells and protoplasts of pichia polymorpha showing enzyme activity against laminarin, pustulan or p-nitrophenyl-beta-d-glucopyranoside has been performed, and the results compared with those obtained with cell-free extracts and lysed protoplasts. fractionation with deae sephadex a50 has proved to be the best method, yielding at least three fractions which hydrolyse laminarin. one of these fractions was active on both laminarin ...19751156103
synthesis of beta-glucanase and other extracellular proteins by cells and protoplasts of the yeast pichia polymorpha: effect of 2-deoxy-d-glucose.the synthesis of beta-glucanase either by cells or by protoplasts of the yeast pichia polymorpha has been found to occur in the presence of 2-deoxy-d-glucose in the growth medium. on the other hand, the synthesis of typical extracellular proteins such as invertase and acid phosphatase is strongly affected by the presence of the drug. the degree of inhibition is, however, directly related to the 2-deoxy-d-glucose concentration.19751190960
fluid-phase endocytosis in yeasts other than saccharomyces cerevisiae.a fitc-dextran internalization assay with saccharomyces cerevisiae as positive control was used to determine whether fluid-phase endocytosis is a general characteristic of yeasts. schizosaccharomyces pombe, pichia polymorpha, kluyveromyces phaseolosporus, yarrowia lipolytica and candida albicans were clearly positive, whereas results obtained with debaryomyces marama were inconclusive. in all cases internalized fitc-dextran was found to be localized in the vacuoles and the process was always tim ...19901696233
fermentation and aerobic metabolism of cellodextrins by yeasts.the fermentation and aerobic metabolism of cellodextrins by 14 yeast species or strains was monitored. when grown aerobically, candida wickerhamii, c. guilliermondii, and c. molischiana metabolized cellodextrins of degree of polymerization 3 to 6. c. wickerhamii and c. molischiana also fermented these substrates, while c. guilliermondii fermented only cellodextrins of degree of polymerization less than or equal to 3. debaryomyces polymorphus, pichia guilliermondii, clavispora lusitaniae, and one ...19912039228
hydrocarbon emulsification by candida tropicalis and debaryomyces polymorphus.potentiality of c. tropicalis and d. polymorphus, to produce surface active compounds (bioemulsifiers/biosurfactants) during shake cultivation on hexadecane and oily waste was studied. better emulsification activity, specific towards aromatic hydrocarbons, was observed with c. tropicalis culture broth. emulsification activity of culture broth was quite stable and was unaffected by change in ph and by increasing the concentration of nacl up to 5%. the activity was marginally affected by heating i ...19892606530
[isolation, purification and some properties of cytochrome c from pichia polymorpha]. 19675619868
lytic action of beta-(1-3)-glucanase on yeast cells.candida utilis, saccharomyces cerevisiae, s. fragilis, pichia polymorpha, and hansenula anomala yeast cells, harvested in the early logarithmic phase, were attacked with purified beta(1-3)-glucanase from micromonospora chalcea, which resulted in the liberation of protoplasts. the treated cells were observed under the electron microscope before the protoplasts were liberated. differences in the cell walls of the enzyme-treated and untreated cells were observed. the action of the glucanase was als ...19676027993
formation and properties of l-glutaminase and l-asparaginase activities in pichia ascogenous yeast with high potentialities for l-glutaminase and l-asparaginase formation was isolated from egyptian soils by the application of the culture enrichment method. the organism, identified as pichia polymorpha, was obtained through the enrichment of soil samples with a simple medium containing 0.5% l-glutaminase as a major carbon and nitrogen source at low ph values. the amidase activities were produced constitutively on a variety of media irrespective of the presence of their subs ...19806164254
amylase activity in pichia polymorpha. 19826184292
inulinase activity of pichia polymorpha. 19817030010
organic growth factor requirements of some yeasts.some sporogenous yeasts (brettanomyces bruxellensis, debaryomyces hansenii, hansenula ciferrii, hansenula polymorpha, pichia polymorpha, saccharomycopsis guttulata, and saccharomyces chevalieri), isolated from various fruits have been examined for their organic growth factor requisites. h. ciferrii was completely deficient in thiamine, biotin, inositol, riboflavin, niacin, and partially deficient in pantothenic acid. it required an external supply of 0.1-1.0 ppm thiamine, 0.01-0.1 ppm biotin, 10 ...19807242379
chemical and enzymic analyses of pichia polymorpha cell walls.conventional techniques of chemical analysis have shown that the cell walls of the yeast pichia polymorpha, at early stationary growth phase, consisted of carbohydrate (about 85%), protein (8%), and lipid (7%). glucose and mannose were the only neutral sugars and glucosamine the sole amino sugar present among the cell wall components. paper and gas-liquid chromatographies of acid hydrolysates of purified cell walls and cell wall fractions proved that mannan and alkali-insoluble glucans, in that ...19807407703
characterization of yeasts associated with portuguese pork-based products.yeasts from pork-based products, such as country-cured hams and several types of bacon, were studied. contamination levels ranged from 10(3)-10(9) cfu/g of fat. identification using a simplified method (sim) showed that the predominant species were debaryomyces hansenii, cryptococcus laurentii, cryptococcus humicolus, debaryomyces polymorphus and pichia guilliermondii. lipolytic activity was observed in 24 out of 29 of the isolated strains and was not a determinant for attaining high levels of c ...19979310855
2-hydroxy-5-(ethanolamino)-3-(10'-z-pentadecenyl)-1,4-benzoquinone, new microbial phase ii metabolite of maesanin.the use of microbial models for biotransformation of the natural benzoquinone, maesanin (1), resulted in the isolation of an ethanolamine conjugate (5) from the culture broth of debaryomyces polymorphus atcc 20280. metabolite 5 was characterized as 2-hydroxy-5-(ethanolamino)-3-(10'-z-pentadecenyl)-1,4-benzoq uinone. the production of 5 represents a new type of phase ii conjugation reaction in microbial systems. the results of preliminary mammalian metabolism of 1 in rats were inconclusive.200010705473
decolorization of synthetic dyes and production of manganese-dependent peroxidase by new fungal isolates.two yeasts, debaryomyces polymorphus, candida tropicalis, and two filamentous fungi, umbelopsis isabellina, penicillium geastrivorus, could completely decolorize 100 mg reactive black 5 (rb 5) l-1 within 16-48 h. manganese-dependent peroxidase (mnp) activities between 60 and 424 u l-1 were detected in culture supernatants of three of these organisms indicating the color removal by enzymatic biodegradation but with p. geastrivorus there was no ligninolytic enzyme activity in its culture and the d ...200312882171
a wide-range integrative yeast expression vector system based on arxula adeninivorans-derived arxula adeninivorans integration vector was applied to a range of alternative yeast species including saccharomyces cerevisiae, debaryomyces hansenii, debaryomyces polymorphus, hansenula polymorpha and pichia pastoris. the vector harbours a conserved a. adeninivorans-derived 25s rdna sequence for targeting, the a. adeninivorans-derived tef1 promoter for expression control of the reporter sequence, and the escherichia coli-derived hph gene conferring resistance against hygromycin b for selecti ...200415175929
differential detection of debaryomyces hansenii isolated from intermediate-moisture foods by pcr-rflp of the igs region of rdna.the amplification by pcr of the intergenic spacer region (igs) of rdna followed by restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) analysis was evaluated as a potential method for the identification of debaryomyces hansenii among other yeast species that frequently contaminate intermediate-moisture foods (imfs). for a first rapid differentiation at the species level, the determination of the igs-pcr fragment size was found to be a useful approach. the digestion of this region with the enzymes hh ...200515691750
dna typing methods for differentiation of yeasts related to dry-cured meat products.rflp analysis of the its and 18s rdna, rapd-pcr using mini- and microsatellite primers and rflp analysis of mitochondrial dna were examined to discriminate yeasts related to dry-cured meat products at species and strain level. seven species and 35 strains of yeasts usually found in dry-cured meat products were tested. rflp analysis of the its1-5.8s rdna-its2 and 18s rdna did not allow the separation at species level of all of the species tested. rapd with a m13 primer was found to be useful for ...200616257467
pcr-rflp analysis of the igs region of rdna: a useful tool for the practical discrimination between species of the genus debaryomyces.the amplification by pcr of the intergenic spacer region (igs) of rdna followed by restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) analysis was evaluated as a potential method for discriminating the 16 species belonging to the genus debaryomyces. the digestion of this region with some or all the enzymes used in this study (hapii, hhai and mboi) produced species-specific patterns that permitted differentiation of the species in the genus. with the exception of debaryomyces vanrijiae, the techniqu ...200616838194
moulds and yeasts in fruit salads and fruit juices.thirty-eight fruit salad samples including cantaloupe, citrus fruits, honeydew, pineapple, cut strawberries and mixed fruit salads, and 65 pasteurized fruit juice samples (apple, carrot, grapefruit, grape and orange juices, apple cider, and soy milk) were purchased from local supermarkets in the washington, dc area and tested for fungal contamination. the majority of fruit salad samples (97%) were contaminated with yeasts at levels ranging from <2.0 to 9.72 log10 of colony forming units per gram ...200616943069
[moulds and yeasts in bottled water and soft drinks].some damaged cartons of soft drinks and carbonated water were analyzed to detect the microorganisms that caused the damage. the contaminants of sugar used in the production of one of the drinks were also studied. the methods of déak & beuchat and pitt & hocking were used for the identification of yeasts and moulds, respectively. the agents of the spoilage of soft drinks were debaryomyces hansenii, debaryomyces polymorphus, galactomyces geotrichum, metschnikowia pulcherrima, mucor circinelloides, ...200617037258
isolation of an inulinase derepressed mutant of pichia polymorpha for the production of fructose.pichia polymorpha has inulinase activity and could be used for the production of fructose syrup from inulin. the application of immobilized p. polymorpha whole cells for the continuous hydrolysis of inulin is, however, limited since the biosynthesis of this enzyme system is repressed by the reaction products, dextrose and fructose. a derepressed mutant hyperproducer of inulinase was isolated after treatment with ems followed by a selection step with deoxyglucose.198418551698
effects of glucose on the decolorization of reactive black 5 by yeast isolates.the cometabolic roles of glucose were investigated in decolorization of an azo dye, reactive black 5, by yeast isolates, debaryomyces polymorphus and candida tropicalis. the results indicated that the dye degradation by the two yeasts was highly associated with the yeast growth process and glucose presence in the medium. color removal of 200 mg dye/l was increased from 76.4% to 92.7% within 60 h to 100% within 18-24 h with the increase of glucose from 5 to 10 g/l, although the activity of mangan ...200818572531
microbiological studies of ethnic meat products of the eastern himalayas.native microorganisms from some ethnic meat products of the eastern himalayas such as lang kargyong, yak kargyong, faak kargyong, lang satchu, yak satchu and suka ko masu were isolated and characterized. the bacterial isolates included lactobacillus sake, lactobacillus curvatus, lactobacillus divergens, lactobacillus carnis, lactobacillus sanfrancisco, lactobacillus plantarum, lactobacillus casei, lactobacillus brevis, enterococcus faecium, leuconostoc mesenteroides, pediococcus pentosaceous, ba ...201020416835
yeasts associated with the infrabuccal pocket and colonies of the carpenter ant camponotus vicinus.after scanning electron microscopy indicated that the infrabuccal pockets of carpenter ants (camponotus vicinus) contained numerous yeast-like cells, yeast associations were examined in six colonies of carpenter ants from two locations in benton county in western oregon. samples from the infrabuccal-pocket contents and worker ant exoskeletons, interior galleries of each colony, and detritus and soil around the colonies were plated on yeast-extract/ malt-extract agar augmented with 1 m hydrochlor ...200421148849
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