simple sequence repeat markers for the endangered species clianthus puniceus and c. maximus (fabaceae). 201525606358
rhizobia with 16s rrna and nifh similar to mesorhizobium huakuii but novel reca, glnii, noda and nodc genes are symbionts of new zealand zealand became geographically isolated about 80 million years ago and this separation gave rise to a unique native flora including four genera of legume, carmichaelia, clianthus and montigena in the carmichaelinae clade, tribe galegeae, and sophora, tribe sophoreae, sub-family papilionoideae. ten bacterial strains isolated from nz carmichaelinae growing in natural ecosystems grouped close to the mesorhizobium huakuii type strain in relation to their 16s rrna and nifh gene sequences. however, ...201223118889
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