cytotoxicity of two new ribosome-inactivating proteins, cinnamomin and camphorin, to carcinoma cells.cinnamomin (two-chain) and camphorin (single-chain), two novel ribosome-inactivating proteins (rips) purified from the seeds of cinnamomum camphora, produced inhibitory effects in cultured carcinoma cells. the ic50 of cinnamomin to the human hepatocarcinoma cell-line 7721 and the melanoma cell-line m21 were 18.8 nmol and 11.7 nmol respectively. the ic50 of camphorin to the human hepatocarcinoma cell-line 7721 was 59 nmol, whereas the melanoma cell-line m21 was not susceptible to camphorin. furth ...19968888568
large-scale preparation of two new ribosome-inactivating proteins--cinnamomin and camphorin from the seeds of cinnamomum improved method for large-scale preparation of cinnamomin and camphorin from the seeds of cinnamomum camphora has been developed. cinnamomin is a type ii ribosome-inactivating protein (rip), while camphorin is a type i rip. cinnamomin was purified by a single step of acid-treated sepharose 4b affinity chromatography instead of gel filtration. camphorin was purified by anion-exchange chromatography and gel filtration successively from the eluant not retained by the affinity column. using this ...19979179286
substrate-structure dependence of ribotoxins on cleaving rna in c. camphora ribosome.cinnamomin, a type ii ribosome-inactivating protein (rip) isolated from the seeds of camphora tree (cinnamomum camphora), could not inactivate its own (autologous) ribosome. among five rips (cinnamomin a-chain, ricin a-chain, trichosanthin, gelonin, and soporin-s6) tested, only saporin-s6 could cleave the n-glycosidic bond of rna in c. camphora ribosome to release a specific rna fragment (r-fragment) after treatment with aniline, which was shorter than that from rat liver ribosome. the amount of ...200111405275
evaluation of ophthacare eye drops--a herbal formulation in the management of various ophthalmic open prospective multicentre clinical trial was conducted in patients suffering from various ophthalmic disorders namely, conjunctivitis, conjunctival xerosis (dry eye), acute dacryocystitis, degenerative conditions (pterygium or pinguecula) and postoperative cataract patients with a herbal eye drop preparation (ophthacare) containing basic principles of different herbs which have been conventionally used in the ayurvedic system of medicine since time immemorial. these include carum copticum, ...200111746845
structural studies of an eukaryotic cambialistic superoxide dismutase purified from the mature seeds of camphor iron-superoxide dismutase (sod) was purified and characterized from the mature seeds of camphor tree (cinnamomum camphora). the ultraviolet and visible absorption spectra of camphor fe-sod showed patterns typical of cambialistic fe-sods. the inductively coupled plasma assay indicated that there was 0.5-1 atom of fe(2+) per camphor fe-sod subunit. the cdna of camphor fe-sod, including the coding region and the 3' noncoding region, was obtained by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction ...200212147259
cytotoxicity and gene induction by some essential oils in the yeast saccharomyces order to get an insight into the possible genotoxicity of essential oils (eos) used in traditional pharmacological applications we tested five different oils extracted from the medicinal plants origanum compactum, coriandrum sativum, artemisia herba alba, cinnamomum camphora (ravintsara aromatica) and helichrysum italicum (calendula officinalis) for genotoxic effects using the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae. clear cytotoxic effects were observed in the diploid yeast strain d7, with the cells ...200515975845
promotion of hyphal growth and underlying chemical changes in antrodia camphorata by host factors from cinnamomum camphora.the aim of this research was to investigate the hyphal growth-promoting factors (hgfs) of antrodia camphorata from the host-related species, cinnamomum camphora (cc) and the underlying chemical produced. the hgf was identified in the polysaccharide fraction of cc at levels ranging from 80 to 320 mg l(-1), and it maximally stimulated growth to 5.50 g l(-1) during a 14-day culture period compared to that of the control of 2.88 g l(-1). we also investigated the nature and chemical composition of th ...200616219379
compound salvia pellet, a traditional chinese medicine, for the treatment of chronic stable angina pectoris compared with nitrates: a meta-analysis.compound salvia pellet (csp), consisting of active herbal ingredients extracted from danshen (salvia miltiorrhiza), sanqi (panax notoginseng), and borneol (cinnamomum camphora), is taken most frequently by patients with angina pectoris in china. to determine the efficacy and safety of csp for the treatment of stable angina pectoris (sap), a meta-analysis was undertaken.200616369479
antigenotoxic effects of three essential oils in diploid yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) after treatments with uvc radiation, 8-mop plus uva and mms.essential oils (eos) extracted from medicinal plants such as origanum compactum, artemisia herba alba and cinnamomum camphora are known for their beneficial effects in humans. the present study was undertaken to investigate their possible antigenotoxic effects in an eukaryotic cell system, the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae. the eos alone showed some cytotoxicity and cytoplasmic petite mutations, i.e. mitochondrial damage, but they were unable to induce nuclear genetic events. in combination wit ...200616678471
characteristics of sewage sludge and distribution of heavy metal in plants with amendment of sewage order to better understand land application of sewage sludge, the characterization of heavy metals and organic pollutants were investigated in three different sewage sludges in shanghai city, china. it was found that the total concentrations of cd in all of sewage sludge and total concentrations of zn in jinshan sewage sludge, as well as those of zn, cu, and ni in taopu sludge are higher than chinese regulation limit of pollutants for sludge to be used in agriculture. leachability of hg in al ...200617294948
anticandidial activity of some essential oils of a mega biodiversity hotspot in india.six essential oils viz. eucalyptus citriodora, cymbopogon citratus, callistemon lanceolatus, cinnamomum camphora, citrus limon, tagetes petula, as well as two standard antibiotics, miconazole and clotrimazole, were tested in vitro for their anticandidial activity. all these essential oils exhibited higher activity than the two synthetic antibiotics. highest zone of inhibition was recorded in e. citriodora (8.50 mm microl-1) followed by c. lanceolatus (5.63 mm microl-1) establishing their promisi ...200717305775
repellence of the red bud borer resseliella oculiperda from grafted apple trees by impregnation of rubber budding strips with essential oils.the red bud borer resseliella oculiperda (rübs.) is a pest insect of apple trees when rootstocks are grafted with scion buds by 'shield budding'. the female midges are attracted to the wounds of the grafted buds where they lay their eggs. the larvae feed on the cambium and destroy the buds completely or partially, leading to bad union of the buds with the rootstocks. budding strips are used very often by growers to bind scion buds to rootstocks. these strips cannot prevent midges from reaching t ...200717421054
study of the antifungal activity of acinetobacter baumannii lch001 in vitro and identification of its antifungal acinetobacter strain, given the code name lch001 and having the potential to be an endophytic antagonist, has been isolated from healthy stems of the plant cinnamomum camphora (l.) presl, guided by an in vitro screening technique. the bacterium inhibited the growth of several phytopathogenic fungi such as cryphonectria parasitica, glomerella glycines, phytophthora capsici, fusarium graminearum, botrytis cinerea, and rhizoctonia solani. biochemical, physiological, and 16s rdna sequence analysi ...200717534613
[identification of host plants of the avocado borer, stenoma catenifer walsingham (lepidoptera: elachistidae) in rio grande do sul].fruits of nectandra megapotamica mez and cinnamomum camphora (l.) (lauraceae) were collected in rio grande do sul, brazil, in 2004. species of five families of insects were found inside the fruits: two fly species (diptera: drosophilidae: drosophila spp.), six beetle species, heilipus sp., conotrachelus sp. (curculionidae), hypothenemus sp. (scolytidae) and three species of carpophilus (nitidulidae), and moths (lepidoptera: elachistidae). the moth especimes were identified as stenoma catenifer w ...200818641908
lousicidal, ovicidal and repellent efficacy of some essential oils against lice and flies infesting water buffaloes in egypt.the lousicidal and repellent effects of five essential oils were investigated for the first time against the buffalo louse, haematopinus tuberculatus, and flies infesting water buffaloes in qalyubia governorate, egypt. for the in vitro studies, filter paper contact bioassays were used to test the oils and their lethal activities were compared with that of d-phenothrin. four minutes post-treatment, the median lethal concentration, lc50, values were 2.74, 7.28, 12.35, 18.67 and 22.79% for camphor ...200919596520
crows break off live camphor twigs: an avian disturbance effect on plants.birds are usually considered beneficial partners for plants, acting as predators on herbivorous insects, pollinators and seed dispersal agents. however, in an urban area of central japan, birds break off large quantities of live camphor tree (cinnamomum camphora) twigs in winter. this loss of vegetative parts was examined quantitatively to estimate the impact on the trees. i also observed bird foraging behaviour to determine the species involved and the possible reasons underlying this destructi ...200919796368
a method of detecting carbonyl compounds in tree leaves in china.background, aim, and scope: carbonyl compounds have been paid more and more attention because some carbonyl species have been proven to be carcinogenic or a risk for human health. plant leaves are both an important emission source and an important sink of carbonyl compounds. but the research on carbonyl compounds from plant leaves is very scarce. in order to make an approach to the emission mechanism of plant leaves, a new method was established to extract carbonyl compounds from fresh plant lea ...201020016999
mapping urban forest tree species using ikonos imagery: preliminary results.a stepwise masking system with high-resolution ikonos imagery was developed to identify and map urban forest tree species/groups in the city of tampa, florida, usa. the eight species/groups consist of sand live oak (quercus geminata), laurel oak (quercus laurifolia), live oak (quercus virginiana), magnolia (magnolia grandiflora), pine (species group), palm (species group), camphor (cinnamomum camphora), and red maple (acer rubrum). the system was implemented with soil-adjusted vegetation index ( ...201120140503
volatiles from steam-distilled leaves of some plant species from madagascar and new zealand and evaluation of their biological activity.steam-distilled aerial parts of ravensara aromatica and cinnamomum camphora from madagascar and leptospermum scoparium from new zealand have been subjected to qualitative and quantitative analysis by means of gc techniques. this allowed the elucidation of conflicting data present in the available literature for these species. also, the biological activity in vitro was evaluated by measuring mics and gizs.201021213986
patent literature on mosquito repellent inventions which contain plant essential oils--a review.bites bites of mosquitoes belonging to the genera anopheles meigen, aedes meigen, culex l. and haemagogus l. are a general nuisance and are responsible for the transmission of important tropical diseases such as malaria, hemorrhagic dengue and yellow fevers and filariasis (elephantiasis). plants are traditional sources of mosquito repelling essential oils (eos), glyceridic oils and repellent and synergistic chemicals. a chemical abstracts search on mosquito repellent inventions containing plant- ...201121328177
[effects of tourism disturbance on plant diversity in qingshan lake scenic area of zhejiang province].from may 2007 to june 2008, an investigation was made on the changes of plant community in qingshan lake scenic area of zhejiang province under the effects of tourism disturbance. with the increase of tourism disturbance, the importance value of the plants was mainly fastened on a few species such as pinus hwangshanensis, apt to decrease for tree and shrub species and to increase for herb species, and the individuals of the plants increased. the values of richness index (d) and diversity index ( ...201121608239
Toxicity of essential and non-essential oils against the chewing louse, Bovicola (Werneckiella) ocellatus.The toxicity of six plant essential oils to the chewing louse, Bovicola (Werneckiella) ocellatus collected from donkeys, was examined in laboratory bioassays. The oils examined were: tea-tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), peppermint (Mentha piperita), eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus Labillardiere), clove bud (Eugenia caryophyllata) and camphor (Cinnamomum camphora). All except camphor oil showed high levels of toxicity, with significant dose-dependent mortality and ...201122177577
evaluation of antibacterial activity of some traditionally used medicinal plants against human pathogenic bacteria.the worldwide increase of multidrug resistance in both community- and health-care associated bacterial infections has impaired the current antimicrobial therapy, warranting the search for other alternatives. we aimed to find the in vitro antibacterial activity of ethanolic extracts of 16 different traditionally used medicinal plants of nepal against 13 clinical and 2 reference bacterial species using microbroth dilution method. the evaluated plants species were found to exert a range of in vitro ...201525738151
synthesis of medium chain length fatty acid ethyl esters in engineered escherichia coli using endogenously produced medium chain fatty acids.microbial biosynthesis of fatty acid-derived biofuels from renewable carbon sources has attracted significant attention in recent years. free fatty acids (ffas) can be used as precursors for the production of micro-diesel. the expression of codon optimized two plants (umbellularia californica and cinnamomum camphora) medium-chain acyl-acyl carrier protein (acp) thioesterase genes (ucfatb and ccfatb) in escherichia coli resulted in a very high level of extractable medium-chain-specific hydrolytic ...201323769314
screening the antifungal activity of essential oils against decay fungi from palmyrah leaf handicrafts.the whitish tender leaves of palmyrah are used for making handicrafts. the problem with these articles is discolouration with time and become more brittle due to fungal attack. this could be prevented by some protective coating. instead of expensive and harmful chemicals we decided to test natural plant essential oils to control fungal attack. palmyrah leaf article decay fungi were isolated from two different sites of jaffna peninsula. in this investigation antifungal activity of different plant ...201425287894
bioactivities and compositional analyses of cinnamomum essential oils from nepal: c. camphora, c. tamala, and c. glaucescens.this work examines the biological activity of essential oils of cinnamomum camphora leaves, c. glaucescens fruit, and c. tamala root from nepal. the oils were screened for phytotoxic activity against lettuce and perennial ryegrass, brine shrimp lethality, and antibacterial, antifungal, cytotoxic, insecticidal, and nematicidal activities. c. camphora leaf essential oil was phytotoxic to lettuce, antifungal to aspergillus niger, and insecticidal, particularly toward midge and butterfly larvae, fru ...201324555298
genomic and metabolic traits endow bacillus velezensis cc09 with a potential biocontrol agent in control of wheat powdery mildew disease.bacillus velezensis cc09, which was isolated from healthy leaves of cinnamomum camphora and previously identified as bacillus amyloliquefaciens cc09, shows great potential as a new biocontrol agent, in control of many phytopathogenic diseases. to extend our understanding of the potential antifungal capacities, we did a whole genome analysis of strain cc09. result shows that strain cc09 has a relatively large genome size (4.17mb) with an average gc content of 46.1%, and 4021 predicted genes. thir ...201728164794
synthesis of customized petroleum-replica fuel molecules by targeted modification of free fatty acid pools in escherichia coli.biofuels are the most immediate, practical solution for mitigating dependence on fossil hydrocarbons, but current biofuels (alcohols and biodiesels) require significant downstream processing and are not fully compatible with modern, mass-market internal combustion engines. rather, the ideal biofuels are structurally and chemically identical to the fossil fuels they seek to replace (i.e., aliphatic n- and iso-alkanes and -alkenes of various chain lengths). here we report on production of such pet ...201323610415
investigating the therapeutic potential of herbal leads against drug resistant listeria monocytogenes by computational virtual screening and in vitro assays.listeria monocytogenes, a gram-positive opportunistic food-borne pathogen, naturally resistant to many antibiotics and acquired resistance may be a concern in the nearer future. hence, there is a scope for screening of novel therapeutic agents and drug targets, toward the treatment of fatal listeria infections. the seca homologs, seca1 and seca2 are the essential components of the general secretion (sec) pathway, a specialised protein export system, present in l. monocytogenes. this study evalua ...201525562366
effects of some dietary crude plant extracts on the growth and gonadal maturity of nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) and their resistance to streptococcus agalactiae infection.a 90-day feeding trial was conducted on the growth performance, feeding efficacy, body indices, various hematological and plasma biochemical parameters, and histopathological examination of the gonads from male and female nile tilapia fingerlings when fed different crude plant extracts from cinnamomum camphora, euphorbia hirta, azadirachta indica, or carica papaya at 2 g kg(-1) compared to a control diet. this was followed by a 14-day challenge to streptococcus agalactiae. all treatments were tr ...201626643907
effect of tree species and end seal on attractiveness and utility of cut bolts to the redbay ambrosia beetle and granulate ambrosia beetle (coleoptera: curculionidae: scolytinae).the redbay ambrosia beetle, xyleborus glabratus eichhoff, is a non-native invasive pest and vector of the fungus that causes laurel wilt disease in certain trees of the family lauraceae. this study assessed the relative attractiveness and suitability of cut bolts of several tree species to x. glabratus. in 2009, female x. glabratus were equally attracted to traps baited with swampbay (persea palustris (rafinesque) sargent) and camphortree (cinnamomum camphora (l.) j. presl), which were more attr ...201222606816
repellency of aromatic medicinal plant extracts and a steam distillate to aedes aegypti.the repellent activity of methanol extracts from 23 aromatic medicinal plant species and a steam distillate against female blood-starved aedes aegypti was examined in the laboratory by skin test and compared with that of n,n-diethyl-m-toluamide (deet). responses varied according to plant species. at a dose of 0.1 mg/cm2, the repellency of extracts of cinnamomum cassia bark (91%), nardostachys chinensis rhizome (81%), paeonia suffruticosa root bark (80%), and cinnamomum camphora steam distillate ...200415264623
repellent and insecticidal activities of essential oils from artemisia princeps and cinnamomum camphora and their effect on seed germination of wheat and broad bean.repellent and insecticidal activities of essential oils extracted from leaves of artemisia princeps pamp and seeds of cinnamomum camphora (l.) presl. against storage pests sitophillus oryzae l. and bruchus rugimanus bohem were investigated. results showed that the two individual oils displayed good, but their mixture (1:1) exhibited much better repellent activities at concentrations from 250 to 1000 microg g(-1) and insecticidal actions at concentrations 1000 microg g(-1) against the test beetle ...200616230008
[evaluation of three-dimensional flammability of eight forest fuels based on thermogravimetric analysis in nanchang region, china].pyrolysis characteristics of litter of eight tree species in nanchang were studied based on thermogarvimetric analysis results. three components of flammability of the eight species, i.e. ignitibility, combustibility and sustainability, were evaluated by pyrolysis parameters obtained from the analysis. results showed that the eight species could be grouped into two categories: the first one included camellia oleifera and cinnamomum camphora, which were highly ignitable but low combustible and su ...201527112002
[inhibition of decomposing leaf litter of cinnamomum camphora on growth of capsicum annu- um and the alleviation effect of nitrogen application].effects of decomposing leaf litter of cinnamomum camphora on growth, physiological and phenological traits of capsicum annuum, and modification of these effects by nitrogen application were investigated using a pot experiment. c. camphora leaf litter was applied at rate of 0, 25, 50 100 g per pot, resulting into four treatments, i.e., ck (the control), l25, l50, and l100. nitrogen application was firstly performed on the 39th d of decomposition (3.0 g urea was added to each pot six times). leaf ...201526094461
a reconfigured kennedy pathway which promotes efficient accumulation of medium chain fatty acids in leaf oils.medium chain fatty acids (mcfa, c6-14 fatty acids) are an ideal feedstock for biodiesel and broader oleochemicals. in recent decades, several studies have used transgenic engineering to produce mcfa in seeds oils, though these modifications result in unbalance membrane lipid profiles that impair oil yields and agronomic performance. given the ability to engineer non-seed organs to produce oils, we have previously demonstrated that mcfa profiles can be produced in leaves, but this also results in ...201728301719
how interacting fungal species and mineral nitrogen inputs affect transfer of nitrogen from litter via arbuscular mycorrhizal the karst landscape, widespread in the world including southern china, soil nutrient supply is strongly constrained. in such environments, arbuscular mycorrhizal (am) fungi may facilitate plant nutrient uptake. however, the possible role of different am fungal species, and their interactions, especially in transferring nitrogen (n) from litter to plant, is poorly understood. we conducted two microcosm experiments to investigate the role that two karst soil am fungi, glomus etunicatum and glom ...201728258426
changes in radiocesium contamination from fukushima in foliar parts of 10 common tree species in japan between 2011 and 2013.yearly changes in radiocesium ((137)cs) contamination, primarily due to the fukushima accident of march 2011, were observed in the foliar parts of 10 common woody species in japan (chamaecyparis obtusa, cedrus deodara, pinus densiflora, cryptomeria japonica, phyllostachys pubescens, cinnamomum camphora, metasequoia glyptostroboides, prunus × yedoensis, acer buergerianum, and aesculus hippocastanum). the samples were obtained from abiko (approximately 200 km ssw of the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear ...201425261868
antifungal activity of plant extracts against colletotrichum lagenarium, the causal agent of anthracnose in cucumber.colletotrichum lagenarium is an important plant-pathogenic fungus that causes anthracnose of cucumber, a disease that is widespread under both greenhouse and field cultivation. to find a promising method for the control of this disease, extracts of eight plants from china were screened in the study presented here.201222246784
[responses of tree-ring width of cinnamomum camphora to climate change in dagangshan forest area of jiangxi province].by using arstan software to wipe off the growth trend of tree-ring width and transform the series into index form, the tree chronology of cinnamomum camphora in dagangshan forest area of jiangxi province was built, and the responses of the tree-ring width of c. camphora to climate change in study area were studied. the results showed that the built tree chronology included abundant environmental climatic information, which could be used in dendrochronological research. in study area, the tree-ri ...200919449568
fungal contamination of raw materials of some herbal drugs and recommendation of cinnamomum camphora oil as herbal fungitoxicant.the paper explores fungal infection and aflatoxin b1 contamination of six medicinal plant samples viz. adhatoda vasica nees, asparagus racemosus linn., evolvulus alsinoides linn., glycyrrhiza glabra linn., plumbago zeylanica linn. and terminalia chebula retz. a total of 858 fungal isolates were detected from the raw materials. maximum number of fungal isolates was detected from a. racemosus (228). the genus aspergillus was found to be the most dominant genus causing infection to most of the raw ...200818322727
application of near-infrared spectroscopy in quality control and determination of adulteration of african essential evaluation has been made of the potential of near-infrared (nir) technologies in the assessment of essential oil components and in the identification of individual essential oils. the results showed that cross-validation models are able to predict accurately almost all of the components of essential oils. in different cinnamon (cinnamomum zeylanicum) and clove (syzygium aromaticum) essential oils, which showed a similar composition, 23 components (representing 97.8-99.9% of the oil) were accu ...200616634289
structural studies of the glycopeptides of b-chain of cinnamomin--a type ii ribosome-inactivating protein by nuclear magnetic resonance.cinnamomin is a plant type ii ribosome-inactivating protein (rip) isolated from the seeds of cinnamomum camphora. it consists of two nonidentical polypeptide chains (a- and b-chain) held together through one disulfide linkage. its a- and b-chain contain 0.3% and 3.9% sugars respectively. the b-chain of cinnamomin was digested by pronase e and then the liberated glycopeptides were separated from non-glycopeptides by gel filtration chromatography on a bio-gel p-4 column. three crude glycopeptides ...200011443276
simultaneous existence of two types of ribosome-inactivating proteins in the seeds of cinnamonum camphora--characterization of the enzymatic activities of these cytotoxic proteins.two types of ribosome-inactivating proteins (rips), camphorin and cinnamomin, have been purified from the seeds of cinnamomum camphora. camphorin is a type i rip with a molecular mass of 23 kda. cinnamomin is a type ii rip having three isoforms, its molecular mass is around 61 kda. the a- and b-chain derived from cinnamomin isoforms have similar mobilities in sds-polyacrylamide gel. camphorin and cinnamomin are both glycoproteins. in phylogenesis, it is particularly significant to find the simul ...19957548157
the chemical composition of essential oils from cinnamomum camphora and their insecticidal activity against the stored product investigate the chemical composition and insecticidal activity of the essential oils of certain chinese medicinal herbs and spices, the essential oils were extracted from the stem barks, leaves, and fruits of cinnamomum camphora (l.) presl, which were found to possess strong fumigant toxicity against tribolium castaneum and lasioderma serricorne adults. the essential oils of the plants were extracted by the method of steam distillation using a clavenger apparatus. their composition was determ ...201627827929
de novo comparative transcriptome analysis provides new insights into sucrose induced somatic embryogenesis in camphor tree (cinnamomum camphora l.).somatic embryogenesis is a notable illustration of cell totipotency, by which somatic cells undergo dedifferentiation and then differentiate into somatic embryos. our previous work demonstrated that pretreatment of immature zygotic embryos with 0.5 m sucrose solution for 72 h efficiently induced somatic embryo initiation in camphor tree. to better understand the molecular basis of somatic embryogenesis induced by osmotic stress, de novo transcriptome sequencing of three tissues of camphor tree ( ...201626727885
descriptions of five new eriophyoid mite species of the diptilomiopidae (acari: trombidiformes: eriophyoidea) from zhejiang province, china.five new eriophyoid mite species from zhejiang province, china are described and illustrated: diptacus coreanus sp. nov. from litsea coreana h. lév. (lauraceae), neorhynacus camphoratus sp. nov. from cinnamomum camphora (l.) j. presl (lauraceae),  rhinotergum boehmerius sp. nov. from boehmeria gracilis c.h. wright (urticaceae), rhyncaphytoptus cathayensis sp. nov from carya cathayensis sarg. (juglandaceae) and rhyncaphytoptus lanceolatus sp. nov. from cunnighamia lanceolata (lamb.) hook (cupress ...201526624103
feeding stimulants for larvae of graphium sarpedon nipponum (lepidoptera: papilionidae) from cinnamomum camphora.the feeding response of larvae of the swallowtail butterfly, graphium sarpedon nipponum (lepidoptera: papilionidae), is elicited by a methanolic extract from camphor tree (cinnamomum camphora) leaves. based on bioassay-guided fractionation, three compounds, isolated from the methanolic extract of fresh leaves of the camphor tree, were revealed to be involved in a multi-component system of feeding stimulants. structures of these feeding stimulants were identified as sucrose, 5-o-caffeoylquinic ac ...201526181048
mixed forest plantations can efficiently filter rainfall deposits of sulfur and chlorine in western china.forest filtering is a well-known and efficient method for diminishing atmospheric pollutant (such as so4(2)(-) and cl(-)) inputs to soil and water; however, the filtering efficiencies of forests vary depending on the regional vegetation and climate. the rainy area of west china has suffered from heavy rainfall and human activity, which has potentially resulted in large amounts of sulfur and chlorine deposition, but little information is available regarding the filtering effects of typical planta ...201728134356
ice propagation in plants visualized at the tissue level by infrared differential thermal analysis (idta).we studied ice propagation in stems and leaves of various angiosperm deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs and gymnosperms by differential thermal analysis (dta) of thermal images captured with a digital infrared camera. this so-called infrared dta (idta) technique should elucidate the smallest freezing exotherms in plant tissues. after intrinsic ice nucleation in the stem, ice spread into the leaves. on the leaf lamina, it was possible to differentiate between initial freezing in the veins a ...200717938098
can the fatty acid selectivity of plant lipases be predicted from the composition of the seed triglyceride?to address the question can the fatty acid selectivity of plant lipases be predicted from the composition of the seed triglyceride, we have characterised the selectivity of lipases from a wide range of oilseeds with diverse fatty acid compositions. for this study, a novel hydrolysis assay using a fully randomised oil, was developed. from some seed sources (e.g. cinnamomum camphora), lipases show high preference for particular fatty acids, whilst from others (e.g. brassica napus, theobroma cacao8 ...199910521705
patchy stomatal behavior in broad-leaved trees grown in different habitats.effects of heterogeneity in stomatal behavior on gas-exchange characteristics of leaves from four tree species growing in different climates, including temperate, tropical monsoon and tropical rain forest, were investigated by combining gas-exchange measurements and the pressure-infiltration method. field observations indicated linear relationships between whole-leaf conductance and the ratio of infiltrated to non-infiltrated leaf area (open stomata area) in dipterocarpus sublamellatus foxw. and ...200617169896
[effect of plant alcohol extracts on vegetable aphids and their parasitoids].the repelling and controlling effect of alcohol extracts from 8 common plant species on 3 major vegetable aphids (myzus persicae, aphis gossypii and lipaphis erysimi) were studied in the laboratory, and the effect on their parasitoid was also studied. the results showed that the test 8 plant species had some effects on 3 aphids. the plant alcohol extracts from tephrosia vogelli and cinnamomum camphora had the most effect. the deterrent rate on myzus persicae, aphis gossypii and lipaphis erysimi ...200312827881
[mollusicidal effects of some species of plants in hilly and mountainous areas].to valuate the mollusicidal effects of some plants cultivated in the hilly and mountainous areas on oncomelania hupensis and screen the plants against o. hupensis snails.201324024443
lipozyme rm im-catalyzed acidolysis of cinnamomum camphora seed oil with oleic acid to produce human milk fat substitutes enriched in medium-chain fatty the present study, a human milk fat substitute (hmfs) enriched in medium-chain fatty acids (mcfas) was synthesized through acidolysis reaction from cinnamomum camphora seed oil (ccso) with oleic acid in a solvent-free system. a commercial immobilized lipase, lipozyme rm im, from rhizomucor miehei, was facilitated as a biocatalyst. effects of different reaction conditions, including substrate molar ratio, enzyme concentration, reaction temperature, and reaction time were investigated using res ...201425298236
north american lauraceae: terpenoid emissions, relative attraction and boring preferences of redbay ambrosia beetle, xyleborus glabratus (coleoptera: curculionidae: scolytinae).the invasive redbay ambrosia beetle, xyleborus glabratus, is the primary vector of raffaelea lauricola, a symbiotic fungus and the etiologic agent of laurel wilt. this lethal disease has caused severe mortality of redbay (persea borbonia) and swampbay (p. palustris) trees in the southeastern usa, threatens avocado (p. americana) production in florida, and has potential to impact additional new world species. to date, all north american hosts of x. glabratus and suscepts of laurel wilt are member ...201425007073
comparing avocado, swamp bay, and camphortree as hosts of raffaelea lauricola using a green fluorescent protein (gfp)-labeled strain of the pathogen.raffaelea lauricola, a fungal symbiont of the ambrosia beetle xyleborus glabratus, causes laurel wilt in members of the lauraceae plant family. north american species in the family, such as avocado (persea americana) and swamp bay (p. palustris), are particularly susceptible to laurel wilt, whereas the asian camphortree (cinnamomum camphora) is relatively tolerant. to determine whether susceptibility is related to pathogen colonization, a green fluorescent protein-labeled strain of r. lauricola ...201727602540
effect of wood hardness and secondary compounds on feeding preference of odontotermes formosanus (isoptera: termitidae).odontotermes formosanus (shiraki) (isoptera: termitidae) is one of the most destructive plant pests in china, which control relies mainly on baits strategies. baits made from the wood of eight different tree species were used to study the feeding preference of this termite, and conversely wood protection strategies of the tree species. three bait types were used to identify wood protection strategies: solid wood (physical and chemical protection), crude flour (chemical protection) made from grou ...201121735905
[study on antiinflammatory effect of different chemotype of cinnamomum camphora on rat arthritis model induced by freund's adjuvant].to study the antiinflammatory effects of naphtha from different chemotypes of cinnamomum camphora and natural borneol on the rat arthritis model induced by freund's adjuvant.200920353012
diffusion of polybrominated diphenyl ether (pbde) from an e-waste recycling area to the surrounding regions in southeast china.using cinnamomum camphora (c. camphora) leaves as biomonitors, we investigated that the diffusion of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (pbdes) from an e-waste recycling area to the surrounding regions. variance in sigma(32)pbdes concentrations (0.46-399.93 ng g(-1) dry weight) in the leaves showed that pbdes from the e-waste recycling area diffused into the surrounding regions, and resulted in a halo of pbdes contamination, at least 74 km in radius. the attenuation of sigma(32)pbdes in the diffusin ...200919665753
mesophyll freezing and effects of freeze dehydration visualized by simultaneous measurement of idta and differential imaging chlorophyll fluorescence.infrared differential thermal analysis (idta) and differential imaging chlorophyll fluorescence (dif) were employed simultaneously to study the two-dimensional pattern of ice propagation in leaves and mesophyll freeze dehydration as detected by a significant increase of basic chlorophyll fluorescence (f(0)). idta and dif technique gave different insights into the freezing process of leaves that was highly species-specific. idta clearly visualized the freezing process consisting of an initial fas ...200818761699
spatial distribution and source apportionment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) in camphor (cinnamomum camphora) tree bark from southern jiangsu, china.the concentrations and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) were investigated in camphor tree bark from southern jiangsu, china. tree bark samples were collected in august 2012. the σ15pahs concentrations were ranged from 6.18 to 1560 ng g(-1)dry weight (dw), with an average value of 407 ng g(-1)dw. generally, the concentrations of pahs in the suburban areas were the highest, followed by urban and rural areas. principal component analysis and diagnostic ratios results showed that v ...201424480428
contact and fumigant toxicity of oriental medicinal plant extracts against dermanyssus gallinae (acari: dermanyssidae).the acaricidal activity of methanolic extracts from 40 oriental medicinal plant species and a steam distillate of cinnamomum camphora towards poultry house-collected adult dermanyssus gallinae de geer was examined using direct contact and vapour phase toxicity bioassays. results were compared with those of 15 acaricides currently used. in filter paper contact toxicity bioassays using adult d. gallinae, c. camphora steam distillate (0.0051 mgcm(-2)) was the most toxic material, followed by extrac ...200717289270
seasonal fluctuations and temperature dependence of leaf gas exchange parameters of co-occurring evergreen and deciduous trees in a temperate broad-leaved forest.seasonal fluctuations in leaf gas exchange parameters were investigated in three evergreen (quercus glauca thunb., cinnamomum camphora sieb. and castanopsis cuspidata schottky) and one deciduous (quercus serrata thunb.) co-occurring, dominant tree species in a temperate broad-leaved forest. dark respiration rate (rn), maximum carboxylation rate (vcmax) and stomatal coefficient (m), the ratio of stomatal conductance to net assimilation rate after adjustment to the vapor pressure deficit and inter ...200616740493
camphor tree seed kernel oil reduces body fat deposition and improves blood lipids in rats.the total and positional fatty acid composition in camphor tree (cinnamomum camphora) seed kernel oil (cko) were analyzed, and for the first time, the effect of cko on body fat deposition and blood lipids in rats was studied. the major fatty acids in cko were determined to be decanoic acid (c10:0, 51.49%) and dodecanoic acid (c12:0, 40.08%), and uniformly distributed at sn-1, 3, and sn-2 positions in triglyceride (tg). rats were randomly divided into control, cko, lard, and soybean oil groups. a ...201526130050
camphor--a fumigant during the black death and a coveted fragrant wood in ancient egypt and babylon--a review.the fragrant camphor tree (cinnamomum camphora) and its products, such as camphor oil, have been coveted since ancient times. having a rich history of traditional use, it was particularly used as a fumigant during the era of the black death and considered as a valuable ingredient in both perfume and embalming fluid. camphor has been widely used as a fragrance in cosmetics, as a food flavourant, as a common ingredient in household cleaners, as well as in topically applied analgesics and rubefacie ...201323666009
an efficient protocol for plantlet regeneration via direct organogenesis by using nodal segments from embryo-cultured seedlings of cinnamomum camphora l.a simple and efficient plantlet regeneration protocol via direct organogenesis was established for camphor tree (cinnamomum camphora l.). stem segments with one node (sn explants) from embryo-cultured seedlings (ec seedlings) were used as explants. murashige and skoog (ms) medium supplemented with 0.5 mg/l 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and 2.0 mg/l 6-benzyladenine was used to induce cotyledonary embryo germination. this medium was also used for ec seedlings propagation and adventitious bud ind ...201525962170
ultrastructural studies on the natural leaf senescence of cinnamomum camphora.the process of natural leaf senescence of cinnamomum camphora (c. camphora)-a commercial tree in asia, was investigated, focusing on changes in cellular ultrastructure, epicuticular wax, and stoma. the changes to mesophyll cells in a senescing leaf predominantly include degradation of the following cellular components: cytoplasm, the central vacuole, small vacuoles, and vesicles with a diameter smaller than 400 nm, which are involved in the degradation of chloroplasts. the sequence of change in ...201323292543
acaricidal activity of compounds from cinnamomum camphora (l.) presl against the carmine spider mite, tetranychus cinnabarinus.tetranychus cinnabarinus (boisduval) is one of the most important, highly polyphagous pests of a wide range of field and greenhouse crops throughout the world. the control of this mite is still based primarily on the use of synthetic chemical pesticides. in this study, we screened eight plant extracts from china and evaluated the natural compounds showing acaricidal properties from the plant extract, considering their potential use as an alternative to synthetic pesticides.201525612070
[spectroscopic analysis of the decay resistance of wood treated with extracts from the xylem of cinnamomum camphora with xrd and ftir approaches].four kinds of extracts from the xylem of c. camphora, acq and camphor were selected to make wood preservatives for laboratory toxicity test of wood preservatives for decay fungus. the results showed that the treated blocks with 4% acq and 10% methanol extracts could meet the demand of degree i of preservation and showed strong resistance to brown-rot fungus at tack. the wood treated with 4% camphor extracts, 10% ethyl acetate extracts, and 10% acetone extracts reached the demand of degree ii and ...201425208421
extraction of heavy metals from contaminated soil by cinnamomum camphora.83 acres of rice paddy fields in taoyuan county, taiwan, were polluted by cadmium (cd), chromium (cr) and copper (cu) through a nearby irrigation channel, and rice plantation was ceased in 1987. camphor trees (cinnamomum camphora) have been planted in 2 acre of the above fields since 1991. heavy metal accumulation of roots, leaves, branches and heartwood of camphor trees were analyzed during 20-year afforestation. averaged cd contents of the roots were found larger than the ones of the branches, ...201425204813
alpha-terpineol promotes triterpenoid production of antrodia cinnamomea in submerged culture.antrodia cinnamomea is a medicinal mushroom producing potent bioactive triterpenoids. however, triterpenoids of a. cinnamomea in submerged culture are much less than those in fruiting bodies. here we evaluated effects of different extracts from a host-related species, cinnamomum camphora, on the mycelial growth and triterpenoid production of a. cinnamomea in submerged culture. the hot water extract of the stem showed the strongest promotion of the mycelial growth. the petroleum ether extract of ...201425053476
removal of malachite green dye from wastewater by different organic acid-modified natural adsorbent: kinetics, equilibriums, mechanisms, practical application, and disposal of dye-loaded adsorbent.natural adsorbent (cinnamomum camphora sawdust) modified by organic acid (oxalic acid, citric acid, and tartaric acid) was investigated as a potential adsorbent for the removal of hazardous malachite green (mg) dye in aqueous media in a batch process. the extent of mg adsorption onto modified sawdust increased with increasing organic acid concentrations, ph, contact time, and temperature but decreased with increasing adsorbent dosage and ionic strength. kinetic study indicated that the pseudo-se ...201425028314
pahs uptake and translocation in cinnamomum camphora leaves from shanghai, china.foliage uptake and inner-leaf translocation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) by cinnamomum camphora from different urbanized areas were comparatively investigated in this study. spatial and seasonal variations of ∑16pahs in leaves were observed, likely due to the diversity of leaf wax contents sampled in different seasons and locations. a negative correlation between the wax contents and ∑16pahs concentrations in the cuticular wax was observed. the low values of tff-m (translocation fa ...201727639472
cinnamomum camphora seed kernel oil improves lipid metabolism and enhances β3-adrenergic receptor expression in diet-induced obese rats.the effects of dietary cinnamomum camphora seed kernel oil (ccsko) containing medium-chain triacylglycerols on lipid metabolism and mrna and protein expression of β-3 adrenergic receptor in adipose tissue were studied in diet-induced obese rats. high fat food-induced obese rats were randomly divided into ccsko group, lard group, soybean oil (soy) group and naturally restoring group (n = 10). rats fed with low fat food were used as a normal control group. significant decreases in body mass and ab ...201627068065
indicating atmospheric sulfur by means of s-isotope in leaves of the plane, osmanthus and camphor trees.foliar δ(34)s values of three soil-growing plant species (platanus orientalis l., osmanthus fragrans l. and cinnamomum camphora) have been analyzed to indicate atmospheric sulfur. the foliar δ(34)s values of the three plant species averaged -3.11±1.94‰, similar to those of both soil sulfur (-3.73±1.04‰) and rainwater sulfate (-3.07±2.74‰). this may indicate that little isotopic fractionation had taken place in the process of sulfur uptake by root or leaves. the δ(34)s values changed little in th ...201222243850
development of microsatellite markers for cinnamomum camphora (lauraceae).cinnamomum camphora is an evergreen tree distributed in southern japan, taiwan, and southeastern china. because of its vast utilization and cultivation, the natural distribution area of this species has been controversial.201222223691
impact of elevated o3 on visible foliar symptom, growth and biomass of cinnamomum camphora seedlings under different nitrogen loads.the effects of elevated ozone (o(3)) and enhanced nitrogen (n) on the growth and biomass of cinnamomum camphora, a subtropical evergreen broad-leaved tree species, were investigated. the seedlings, supplied with n (nh(4)no(3) solution) at 0, 30 and 60 kg ha(-1) year(-1) (simplified as n0, n30, n60, respectively), were exposed to ambient (aa) or elevated o(3) (aa + 60 nmol mol(-1) and aa + 120 nmol mol(-1), designated as aa + 60 and aa + 120, respectively) for the 2009 and 2010 growing seasons. s ...201121853164
non-stomatal limitation to photosynthesis in cinnamomum camphora seedings exposed to elevated o3.ozone (o3) is the most phytotoxic air pollutant for global forests, with decreased photosynthesis widely regarded as one of its most common effects. however, controversy exists concerning the mechanism that underlies the depressing effects of o3 on co2 assimilation. in the present study, seedlings of cinnamomum camphora, a subtropical evergreen tree species that has rarely been studied, were exposed to ambient air (aa), ambient air plus 60 [ppb] o3 (aa+60), or ambient air plus 120 [ppb] o3 (aa+1 ...201424892748
[levels and possible sources of organochlorine pesticides (ocps) in camphor (cinnamomum camphora) tree bark from southern jiangsu, china].thirty-three camphor tree bark samples were collected from southern jiangsu in august 2012. they were analyzed for organochlorine pesticides (ocps), including hexachlorobenzene (hcb), ddts (o,p'-dde, p,p'-dde, o,p'-ddd, p,p'-ddd, o,p'-ddt and p,p'-ddt), trans-chlordane and cis-chlordane. the concentrations of hcb, sigma6 ddts and sigma chlordanes ranged (dw) from 0.31 ng x g(-1) to 1.81 ng x g(-1), 0.40 ng x g(-1) to 17.3 ng x g(-1) and n. d. to 1.03 ng x g(-1), respectively. due to the high vol ...201424881411
[transcriptome analysis for leaves of five chemical types in cinnamomum camphora].camphor tree (cinnamomum camphora) is a representative species in lauraceae family, and can be subdivided into five types: linalool, camphor, cineol, iso-nerolidol and borneol. in this paper, the leaves transcriptomes of cinnamomum camphora were sequenced with the platform of illumina hiseq™ 2000. based on the go (gene ontology), cog (clusters of orthologous groups), and kegg (kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes) database, the function classification, pathway annotation, and the coding seque ...201424846919
transient proliferation of proanthocyanidin-accumulating cells on the epidermal apex contributes to highly aluminum-resistant root elongation in camphor tree.aluminum (al) is a harmful element that rapidly inhibits the elongation of plant roots in acidic soils. the release of organic anions explains al resistance in annual crops, but the mechanisms that are responsible for superior al resistance in some woody plants remain unclear. we examined cell properties at the surface layer of the root apex in the camphor tree (cinnamomum camphora) to understand its high al resistance mechanism. exposure to 500 μm al for 8 d, more than 20-fold higher concentrat ...201121045123
volatile attractants for the common bluebottle, graphium sarpedon nipponum, from the host, cinnamomum camphora.floral scent has been shown to elicit behavioral responses by butterflies which forage for flowers after receiving appropriate signals. in comparison with investigations about the role of floral scent, those of foliar odor are, however, very few. in this study, the foliar volatiles of cinnamomum camphora (lauraceae), which had been collected by air entrainment, exhibited activities toward graphium sarpedon nipponum (papilionidae) in both electrophysiological and behavioral tests. the volatiles w ...201020944433
effects of 60-day no2 fumigation on growth, oxidative stress and antioxidative response in cinnamomum camphora study the oxidative stress and antioxidative response of cinnamomum camphora seedlings exposed to nitrogen dioxide (no(2)) fumigation.201020205305
[effects of understory removal on soil labile organic carbon pool in a cinnamomum camphora plantation].taking a 48-year-old cinnamomum camphora plantation in the eastern area of our subtropics as test object, this paper studied the labile organic carbon contents and their ratios to the total organic carbon (toc) in 0-60 cm soil layer under effects of understory removal (ur). as compared with no understory removal (ck), the soil toc and easily-oxidized carbon (eoc) contents under ur decreased, with a decrement of 4.8% - 34.1% and 27.1% - 36.2%, respectively, and the toc and eoc contents had a sign ...201324697049
the effect of camphor on sex hormones levels in some traditional therapies, it has been claimed that camphor (a crystalline ketone obtained from cinnamomum camphora) would be a suppressor of sexual behaviors and sex hormones. this study evaluated the effects of camphor on sex hormones, like luteinizing hormone (lh), follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh) and testosterone. in this experimental study, 56 male rats were divided into 5 groups, including control (n=12), sham (n=11) and three treatment groups (n=11) in three different doses. the sha ...201424567939
[fine root biomass and carbon storage in surface soil of cinnamomum camphora plantation in rainy area of west china].fine root in forest ecosystems plays an important role in global c cycle. in this study, a measurement was made on the fine root biomass and carbon storage in the surface soil (0-30 cm) of a 31 year-old cinnamomum camphora plantation in the rainy area of west china in november, 2010-december, 2011. the total biomass and carbon storage of the fine roots (living and dead) in the surface soil were 1592.29 kg x hm(-2) and 660.68 kg c x hm(-2), in which, living fine roots accounted for 91.1% and 91.8 ...201324483067
gc×gc-tofms analysis of essential oils composition from leaves, twigs and seeds of cinnamomum camphora l. presl and their insecticidal and repellent activities.interest in essential oils with pesticidal activity against insects and pests is growing. in this study, essential oils from different parts (leaves, twigs and seeds) of cinnamomum camphora l. presl were investigated for their chemical composition, and insecticidal and repellent activities against the cotton aphid. the essential oils, obtained by hydrodistillation, were analyzed by gc×gc-tofms. a total of 96 components were identified in the essential oils and the main constituents found in the ...201627043503
traffic-related heavy metals uptake by wild plants grow along two main highways in hunan province, china: effects of soil factors, accumulation ability, and biological indication potential.this study was performed to investigate pollution of traffic-related heavy metals (hms-zn, pb, cu, cr, and cd) in roadside soils and their uptake by wild plants growing along highways in hunan province, china. for this, we analyzed the concentration and chemical fractionation of hms in soils and plants. soil samples were collected with different depths in the profile and different distances from highway edge. and leaves and barks of six high-frequency plants were collected. results of the modifi ...201627026539
cinnamomum camphora seed kernel oil ameliorates oxidative stress and inflammation in diet-induced obese rats.cinnamomum camphora seed kernel oil (ccsko) was found to reduce body fat deposition and improve blood lipid in both healthy and obese rats. the study was aimed to investigate the antioxidative stress and anti-inflammatory effects of ccsko in high-fat-diet-induced obese rats. the obese rats were treated with ccsko, lard, and soybean oil, respectively, for 12 wk. the level of total antioxidant capacity (t-aoc), activities of superoxide dismutase (sod), glutathione peroxidase, and catalase, and lev ...201627003858
hydraulic conductivity, photosynthesis and leaf water balance in six evergreen woody species from fall to confirm that freeze-thaw embolism is a primary stress for evergreen woody species in winter, hydraulic conductivity, photosynthesis and leaf water potential were measured during fall and winter in trees growing in a cool temperate zone (nikko) and in a warm temperate zone (tokyo). we examined two evergreen conifers that naturally occur in the cool temperate zone (abies firma siebold & zucc. and abies homolepis siebold & zucc.), and four evergreen broad-leaved woody species that are restricted ...200515631978
[seasonal release characteristics of ca, mg and mn of foliar litter of six tree species in subtropical evergreen broadleaved forest].seasonal release dynamics of ca, mg and mn during decomposition of foliar litter of pinus massoniana, cryptomeria fortunei, cunninghamia lanceolata, cinnamomum camphora, toona ciliate, and quercus acutissima were investigated in subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest employing the method of litterbag. after one-year decomposition, the release rates of ca, mg and mn in foliar litter of the studied tree species ranged from -13.8% to 92.3%, from 4.0% to 64.8%, and from 41.6% to 81.1%, respective ...201526995897
camphor-mediated synthesis of carbon nanoparticles, graphitic shell encapsulated carbon nanocubes and carbon dots for bioimaging.a green method for an efficient synthesis of water-soluble carbon nanoparticles (cnps), graphitic shell encapsulated carbon nanocubes (cncs), carbon dots (cds) using camphor (cinnamomum camphora) is demonstrated. here, we describe a competent molecular fusion and fission route for step-wise synthesis of cds. camphor on acidification and carbonization forms cnps, which on alkaline hydrolysis form cncs that are encapsulated by thick graphitic layers and on further reduction by sodium borohydride y ...201626905737
enzymatic production of zero-trans plastic fat rich in α-linolenic acid and medium-chain fatty acids from highly hydrogenated soybean oil, cinnamomum camphora seed oil, and perilla oil by lipozyme tl the present study, zero-trans α-linolenic acid (ala) and medium-chain fatty acids (mcfa)-enriched plastic fats were synthesized through enzymatic interesterification reactions from highly hydrogenated soybean oil (hso), cinnamomum camphora seed oil (ccso), and perilla oil (po). the reactions were performed by incubating the blending mixtures of hso, ccso, and po at different weight ratios (60:40:100, 70:30:100, 80:20:100) using 10% (total weight of substrate) of lipozyme tl im at 65 °c for 8 ...201323350869
central effects of camphor on gnrh and sexual hormones in male persian traditional medicine is believed that camphor (a crystalline ketone obtained from cinnamomum camphora) is a suppressor of sexual behaviors. this study examined the central effects of camphor on sexual hormones (lh, fsh and testosterone) and gnrh plasma levels in male rat. male wistar rats weighing 250-260gr were selected and divided into control (no treatment), sham (icv injection of etoh 10%) and treatment (icv injection of camphor in three doses 4, 20, 40 µg/ 10µl in alcohol) groups ...201224551777
effectiveness and mechanisms of hydrogen sulfide adsorption by camphor-derived biochar.the characteristics and mechanisms of hydrogen sulfide (h2s) adsorption on a biochar through pyrolysis at various temperatures (100 to 500 degrees c) were investigated. the biochar used in the current study was derived from the camphor tree (cinnamomum camphora). the samples were ground and sieved to produceparticle sizes of 0.4 mm to 1.25 mm, 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm, and <0.3 mm. the h2s breakthrough capacity was measured using a laboratory-designed test. the surface properties of the biochar were cha ...201222916434
linalool, derived from cinnamomum camphora (l.) presl leaf extracts, possesses molluscicidal activity against oncomelania hupensis and inhibits infection of schistosoma japonicum.schistosomiasis japonicum remains a considerable economic and public health concern in china, the philippines and indonesia. currently available measures to control the unique intermediate host oncomelania hupensis are frequently associated with severe side effects. previous studies have demonstrated that linalool-rich extracts from various plants exhibited promising biological activities including cytotoxic, anti-microbial and anti-parasitic properties.201425174934
[variation characteristics of fine particulate matter pm2.5 concentration in three urban recreational forests in hui mountain of wuxi city, jiangsu province of east china].it is of significance to understand the controlling effects of urban forest on atmospheric fine particulate matter pm2.5 pollution. this paper monitored the variations of atmospheric pm2.5 concentrations in three typical urban recreational forests (cinnamomum camphora, pinus elliotii, and quercus variabilis ) in the hui mountain of wuxi city during the day time (5:00 am-19:00 pm) in autumn and winter, 2011 and in spring and summer, 2012. the meteorological factors were observed simultaneously. t ...201324417105
[effects of nitrogen addition on red soil microbes in the cinnamomum camphora plantation].in order to investigate the effects of nitrogen addition on the red soil microbial communities in cinnamomum camphora plantation, three treatments of nitrogen addition were designated as control (n0: 0 g x m(-2)), low nitrogen (n1: 5 g x m(-2)) and high nitrogen (n2 :15 g x m(-2)). soil microbial numbers, microbial biomass carbon (c), biomass n and microbial community functional diversity were analyzed using the methods of plate counting, chloroform fumigation and biolog system, respectively. th ...201324191573
[leaf micro-morphology and features in adsorbing air suspended particulate matter and accumulating heavy metals in seven trees species].the purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between tree leaf micro-morphology and features in adsorbing air suspended particulate matter and accumulating heavy metals. seven tree species, including ginkgo biloba, at heavy traffic density site in huainan were selected to analyze the frequency of air particulate matter retained by leaves, the particle amount of different sizes per unit leaf area retained by leaves and its related micro-morphology structure, and the relationship betwe ...201323947057
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