salmonella phage psp3, another member of the p2-like phage group. 19921566584
salmonella phage psp3, another member of the p2-like phage group.freshly isolated dna of phage psp3, whose morphology closely resembles that of phage p2, contained both circular and linear molecules about 31 kb in length. linear psp3 dna molecules possess single-stranded cohesive termini (cos). sequencing of the fragment anticipated to contain cos revealed a 19-base sequence identical to cos of phage 186. of the 107 bp to the right of cos, 94 were identical in 186 dna (88% similarity), and of the 370 bp to the left, 229 were identical (62% similarity). cos fl ...19911962462
bacteriophage psp3 and phir73 activator proteins: analysis of promoter specificities.transcription from the late promoters of bacteriophage p2 and its satellite phage p4 is activated by a unique class of small, zinc-binding proteins. using plasmid expression systems, we compared activators from two p2-like (helper) phages with those encoded by two satellite phages. the helper phage activators have more activity on the p4 phage sid promoter. in contrast, the satellite phage activators function better on the four late p2 promoters and on the p4 late leftward promoter. we purified ...19968824611
bacteriophage psp3 and phi r73 activator proteins: analysis of promoter specificities.the effect of plasmid pkm101 on the survival of escherichia coli ab1157, growing in minimal medium, in the presence of a 4-quinolone dna gyrase inhibitor was investigated. the presence of this plasmid decreased susceptibility to the quinolone ciprofloxacin, whereas mucab genes present in a multicopy plasmid did not. the same effect of pkm101 was detected in a reca430 mutant, confirming that it was not really related to the sos response. in contrast, when survival assays were performed under amin ...19968824598
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