foot-and-mouth disease: detection of antibodies in cattle sera by blocking elisa.a blocking elisa was developed for the detection of antibodies to foot-and-mouth disease virus sat1, sat2 and sat3 and for the quantification of antibodies on a single dilution of serum. the avidin-biotin system was used. the test was compared with the liquid-phase elisa executed at the world reference laboratory for foot-and-mouth disease. it was found to have favourable logistics and combined high specificity with high sensitivity. the quantitative test using a single dilution of serum was res ...19921333673
relationship between plaque size and the immunising ability of the foot-and-mouth disease virus sat 1 nig 10/75. 19816277283
infectious diseases of economic importance: molecular biological characteristics of foot-and-mouth disease viruses collected in tanzania from 1967 to 2009.foot-and-mouth disease (fmd) is endemic in tanzania. since the first reports in 1954, fmd has caused significant economic losses in the country due to mortality and morbidity of livestock and costs associated with controlling the disease. the aim of this study was to review the serotype and genetic relationships of the fmd virus (fmdv) recovered from outbreaks in tanzania, and compare them with viruses detected from elsewhere in the sub-saharan region. at the world reference laboratory for foot- ...201223327397
validation of two real-time rt-pcr methods for foot-and-mouth disease diagnosis: rna-extraction, matrix effect, uncertainty of measurement and precision.real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rrt-pcr) assays are being used routinely for diagnosing foot-and-mouth disease virus (fmdv). although most laboratories determine analytical and diagnostic sensitivity and specificity, a thorough validation in terms of establishing optimal rna-extraction conditions, matrix effect, uncertainty of measurement and precision is not performed or reported generally. in this study, different rna-extraction procedures were compared for two fmdv ...200919447138
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