isolation and properties of reovirus from cattle in an outbreak of acute respiratory disease.a cytopathogenic virus was isolated in the primary culture of bovine kidney cells from a nasal swab of affected calves in an outbreak of acute respiratory disease in japan in 1971. it agglutinated human type o erythrocytes and produced cytoplasmic inclusion bodies. viral replication was inhibited by 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine, indicating that the viral nucleic acid was rna. the virus was resistant to ether, chloroform, sodium deoxycholate, and acid, and passed readily through sartorius' membrane fil ...1976181678
separation and properties of enterovirus and reovirus recovered from a fecal sample of calf with april, 1971, a disease with pyrexia and diarrhea as main symptoms broke out collectively among calves. fecal samples were collected from calves involved and inoculated into bovine kidney (bk) cell cultures. as a result, the diarrheal feces of one calf were suspected to contain two agents simultaneously. one agent (c-121 e strain) was isolated from the primary infected bk cell culture fluid by terminal dilution passages. it had been predominant in replication and shown a cytopathic effect whic ...1976181679
isolation of a subgroup two adenovirus from calf with weak calf syndrome.a viral agent, designated id-1, was isolated from the buffy coat of a calf suffering from weak calf syndrome. the virus replicated on bovine salivary gland cells and caused cytopathic effect within four days after infection-cytopathic effect was characterized by rounding and clumping of cells. stained preparations of infected monolayers revealed multiple intranuclear inclusions. the agent was found to be resistant to chloroform, ether, trypsin, sodium desoxycholate, oxytetracycline and a ph rang ...1976187293
isolation of bovine adenovirus type 7 from calves with pneumonia and enteritis.bovine adenovirus type 7 was isolated from a 10-month-old calf with fibrinopurulent pneumonia and from 2 newborn calves with pneumoenteritis. the viruses were isolated on calf lung and adrenal gland cell cultures and were identified as serotype 7 by immunoelectron microscopy and serum-neutralization tests.1978219735
nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequence of the bovine adenovirus type 7 proteinase. 19902216744
restriction analysis and homology studies of the bovine adenovirus 7 genome.we located the cleavage sites for restriction endonucleases ecori, hindiii, and bamhi on the genome of bovine adenovirus 7. cross-hybridization at reduced stringency revealed two regions of homology shared by the dna of human adenovirus 2 and bovine adenoviruses 7 and 3. these regions correspond to the hexon and the iva2 protein genes of the human adenovirus. another region of homology shared only by the human adenovirus and bovine adenovirus 7 corresponded to the penton or the polypeptide iiia ...19846088811
antiviral effects of bovine interferons on bovine respiratory tract viruses.the antiviral effects of bovine interferons on the replication of bovine respiratory tract viruses were studied. bovine turbinate monolayer cultures were treated with bovine interferons and challenged with several bovine herpesvirus 1 strains, bovine viral diarrhea virus, parainfluenza type 3 virus, goat respiratory syncytial virus, bovine respiratory syncytial virus, bovine adenovirus type 7, or vesicular stomatitis virus. treatment with bovine interferons reduced viral yield for each of these ...19846201505
a seroepidemiologic survey of three pronghorn (antilocapra americana) populations in southeastern idaho, 1975-1977.sera from 104 adult and 42 fawn pronghorn antelope (antilocapra americana) from southeastern idaho were tested against selected livestock pathogens. the numbers positive/numbers tested (% positive) were as follows: bovine virus diarrhea - adults 2/102 (2), fawns 0/41 (0);; infectious bovine rhinotracheitis - adults 27/101 (27), fawns 9/42 (22); parainfluenza 3 - adults 79/104 (76), fawns 22/42 (52); bovine adenovirus 7 - adults 42/103 (41), fawns 20/48 (48); bovine adenovirus 3 - adults 11/32 (3 ...19806246285
prevalence of bovine herpesvirus-1, parainfluenza-3, bovine rotavirus, bovine viral diarrhea, bovine adenovirus-7, bovine leukemia virus and bluetongue virus antibodies in cattle in mexico. 19836316006
a sixth species of ovine adenovirus isolated from lambs in new zealand.two adenoviruses (wv419/75 and wv757/75), isolated from lambs in new zealand were compared using neutralisation tests with the five recognised ovine adenovirus species, nine bovine and four porcine adenoviruses. wv419/75 did not cross-react with any of the viruses tested and represents a new ovine adenovirus species (oav-6). wv757/75 cross-reacted with bovine adenovirus type 7 (bav-7) with a homologous to heterologous titre ratio of 16 in one direction only, and also showed a substantial one-way ...19827165512
restriction endonuclease analysis of bovine herpesvirus type 1 isolates from calves with fatal encephalitis: comparison with vaccine virus.meningo-encephalitis in feedlot cattle sporadically occurred in the tokachi area in northern japan. the calves had been vaccinated intranasally with a mixed live-vaccine (infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus, bovine viral diarrhea-mucosal disease virus, and parainfluenza 3 virus) for which intramuscular inoculation was indicated. two additional live vaccines, bovine adenovirus type 7 and bovine respiratory syncytical virus, had been inoculated simultaneously. eleven isolates of bovine herpesv ...19957548427
effect of heparin on hemagglutination by pseudorabies virus.heparin inhibited hemagglutination (ha) by pseudorabies virus (prv), but not ha by akabane virus, bovine adenovirus type 7, fukuoka virus, getah virus, japanese encephalitis virus, and parainfluenza virus type 3 belonging to the families bunyaviridae, adenoviridae, rhabdoviridae, togaviridae, flavivi-idae, and paramyxoviridae, respectively. the minimal inhibitory concentration of heparin required to inhibit 8 ha u of prv ranged from 0.005 to 0.01 u/ml. mouse erythrocytes failed to combine with t ...19938381261
nucleotide and amino acid sequence analysis of the porcine adenovirus 23k protein.the genomic location of the viral encoded protease (23k) of porcine adenovirus serotype 3 (pav3) was determined and the appropriate fragment cloned and sequenced. an open reading frame (orf) coding for a polypeptide of 203 amino acids and a calculated molecular weight of 23.3 kda was found. the orf was situated in a position similar to that of the human adenovirus 23k, that is, between a putative stop codon for the hexon gene and the polyadenylation signal, aataaa, for the late region 3. amino a ...19968912929
close phylogenetic relationship between egg drop syndrome virus, bovine adenovirus serotype 7, and ovine adenovirus strain 287.a cloned egg drop syndrome (eds) virus genomic dna fragment containing the protease gene has been identified and the complete nucleotide sequence of the protease and partial nucleotide sequence of the hexon genes has been determined. phylogenetic analysis of the protease gene has revealed eds virus to be genetically more closely related to bovine adenovirus type 7 (bav-7) and ovine adenovirus isolate 287 (oav287) than either of these two viruses are to other members of the genus mastadenovirus o ...19979123875
genetic organization and sequence analysis of pviii, fiber and early region 4 of bovine adenovirus type 7.the dna sequence of 8,810 nucleotides at the right end of bovine adenovirus type 7 (bav7) genome was determined and compared with similar regions of other adenoviruses. this genomic region of bav7 consists of sequences encoding partial 33k, pviii, fiber, putative early region 4 (e4) proteins and other unassigned proteins. however, bav7 e3 region is not present in the expected location between pviii and fiber as bav7 intergenic region between pviii and fiber genes is only 183 nucleotides. the pre ...200212206309
viral and bacterial pathogens in bovine respiratory disease in finland.pathogens causing bovine respiratory tract disease in finland were investigated. eighteen cattle herds with bovine respiratory disease were included. five diseased calves from each farm were chosen for closer examination and tracheobronchial lavage. blood samples were taken from the calves at the time of the investigation and from 86 calves 3-4 weeks later. in addition, 6-10 blood samples from animals of different ages were collected from each herd, resulting in 169 samples. serum samples were t ...200415663079
association of bovine respiratory disease with clinical status and acute phase proteins in calves.eighty-four calves with respiratory disease from 18 herds in different parts of finland were chosen for a study evaluating the capacity of different respiratory pathogens to cause changes in different acute phase protein concentrations, white blood cell (wbc) count and clinical signs. the selected acute phase proteins were fibrinogen, haptoglobin, serum amyloid-a, lipopolysaccharide binding protein and alpha1-acid glycoprotein. from each calf, a paired blood sample was obtained for serological s ...200717258318
evaluation of the pathogenic potential of cervid adenovirus in calves.four 3-month-old jersey calves and three 3-month-old holstein calves were inoculated with cervid adenovirus and monitored for clinical signs until necropsied between 10 and 42 days postinoculation. the neonatal jersey calves had received colostrum, and the holstein calves were colostrum deprived. preinoculation and postinoculation serum samples were tested for antibodies to the cervid adenovirus, bovine adenovirus type 6, bovine adenovirus type 7, and goat adenovirus type 1. virus isolation was ...200818182505
development of a one-run real-time pcr detection system for pathogens associated with bovine respiratory disease complex.bovine respiratory disease complex (brdc) is frequently found in cattle worldwide. the etiology of brdc is complicated by infections with multiple pathogens, making identification of the causal pathogen difficult. here, we developed a detection system by applying taqman real-time pcr (dembo respiratory-pcr) to screen a broad range of microbes associated with brdc in a single run. we selected 16 bovine respiratory pathogens (bovine viral diarrhea virus, bovine coronavirus, bovine parainfluenza vi ...201728070089
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