minor metabolism a xanthene dye by african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse).in a continuation of our previous report (adekunle, 1978), we have carried out a comparative study on the metabolism of eosin (2, 4, 5, 7-tetrabromofluorescein), a xanthene, in 2 mammalian species, the albino rat (rattus norvegicus) and the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse). the latter shows a minor metabolism of this dye compared with the former. the findings are discussed in relation to the disposition of erythrosine bs (tetraiodofluorescein) reported by other workers.197995515
[value of cricetomys gambianus in the study of experimental trypanosomiasis from trypanosoma gambiense. methods for mass preparation of antigen and purification of serum exoantigen].methods for mass preparation of crude antigen and exoantigen of trypanosoma gambiense from experimentally infected cricetomys gambianus are described. the size of this animal and the hyperparasitism obtained make it a remarkable source of trypanosomian antigens.1978150933
primary structure of the alpha-chains of the haemoglobins of the gambia rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse). 19902276480
axenic isolation of giardia strains from primates and rodents.during the examination of animals at the poznan zoological gardens, attempts were made to isolate giardia strains. using an in vitro excystation procedure, eight samples of cysts from animals with asymptomatic giardiasis were inoculated on bi-s-33 medium. the ease of isolation and axenization of giardia was surprising; five axenic isolates of giardia, belonging to the g. duodenalis morphological group, were established from primates (slow loris, lesser slow loris and siamang) and from rodents (g ...19902343527
prevalence of ife virus infection in wild rodents and birds from zaria, hundred eighty-three wild rodents and 38 wild birds trapped near zaria were screened for virus and complement fixing (cf) antibody to ife virus. virus was not isolated but cf antibody was detected in 8% cricetomys gambianus and 31% arvicanthis niloticus tested. the presence of ife virus has been documented now in three ecological zones of nigeria.19873682093
serological characteristics of coagulase-positive staphylococci isolated from man and animals.a simplified method allowed staphylococcus aureus, staph. intermedius and coagulase-positive staph. hyicus subsp. hyicus isolated from humans, dogs, monkey, sheep, poultry, rabbits, giant rats (cricetomys gambianus) and other animals to be serotyped. the nine coagulase-positive staphylococcal strains of human origin possessed thermolabile and thermostable agglutinogens. two strains of staph. intermedius of human and canine origins examined had agglutinogen k1k2. the three staph. aureus strains i ...19853997688
[study of serum proteins of cricetomys gambianus waterhouse in polyacrylamide-agarose gel]. 19694259198
characostomum howelli n.sp. (nematoda: strongylidae) from the giant african rat cricetomys gambianus and other helminths from tanzania. 19734751390
[a new coccidium, eimeria moreli n. sp. (protozoa: eimeriidae) of the gambia rat (cricetomys gambianus]. 19664958626
the behaviour of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse). 19675627212
a comparative study on the biliary excretion of aflatoxin b1 in the albino rat (rattus norvegicus) and the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse). 19806104558
hepatic capillariasis in african giant rats (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse). 19846530723
antibody to hepatitis b virus surface and core antigens in gambia pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus).sera from 108 cricetomys gambianus (gambia pouched rat) were investigated for hbv and hav serum markers. 42.6% of them evidenced anti-hbs and 12.0% anti-hbc. hbs ag was never detected. the most probable hypothesis is that these animals were infected with a new virus related to hbv.19827184516
observations on the food habits of some african habits of four common species of african rodents: the giant rat (cricetomys gambianus), the black house rat (rattus rattus), the multimammate rat (mastomys natalensis) and the pygmy mouse (mus minutoides) were studied on the basis of stomach content analysis, habitat sampling and experimental trials with caged animals. vegetable items (especially grass, grains and tubers) formed the bulk of the food of all the species. oil-palm nuts and kernels were also common in the guts of c. gambianus a ...19807323341
[a new rickettsiale of gambia rats (cricetomys gambianus) in senegal : grahamella kaniae n. sp. (bartonellacae)].giant rat (cricetomys gambianus waterh) is a big rodent very common in west africa. its burrow is bordering upon huts and lofts in the african villages. omnivorous, it is more or less a commensal of the man. the blood of 20 adults male and female specimens captured in the sine saloum (fatik) and presqu'ille du cap vert (dakar) regions was examined (peripheric blood smears). in 60 p. 100 (12/20) of hemograms, an intraerythrocytic organism of the genus grahamella brumpt 1911 was observed. rod-shap ...19817346907
observations on african giant rats (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse) experimentally infected with salivarian trypanosomes. 19817348597
host feeding preference of phlebotomus guggisbergi, a vector of leishmania tropica in kenya.recently the sandfly phlebotomus guggisbergi was found to be a vector of leishmania tropica causing cutaneous leishmaniasis in the laikipia focus, kenya, but extensive searches have shed no light on the identity of the rural reservoir host(s). in order to discover more about the biology of the vector, a host feeding preference study was conducted on wild sandflies in their natural cave environment over a 6-month period. solid state army miniature (ssam) traps, without light bulb, were suspended ...19938369555
sensory quality ratings, consumption pattern and preference for some selected meat types in nigeria.sensory quality attributes, consumption pattern and preference for some selected nigerian meat types (beef, goat meat, mutton, grasscutter (thryonomys swinderianus raptorum), african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus--water house) were investigated. sensory quality scores were carried out using a panel of thirty carefully screened consumers, based on a 9-point hedonic scale: while consumer consumption pattern and preference were assessed through a field survey of 120 randomly selected respondents ...19968833178
size-dependent morphology of the conductive bronchial tree in four species of myomorph rodents.size-dependent structural patterns in the conductive bronchial tree of four species of myomorph rodents of different body weight were determined by lung casts. the lungs of the harvest mouse, micromys minutus, body weight 5-7 g, the house mouse, mus musculus, body weight 35-45 g, the brown rat, rattus norvegicus, body weight 200-400 g, and the african giant pouched rat, cricetomys gambianus, body weight 1,200-1,800 g, were inflated to 20 cm h2o, frozen, freeze-dried, hardened, and filled with si ...19968916429
[serological study of rickettsia infections in niamey, niger].rickettsioses is a possible alternative to presumptive diagnosis of malaria. a serologic study was carried out in 1994 to determine the prevalence of rickettsioses in children under 5 years of age from three different areas of niamey, niger. indirect immunofluorescent assays using the micromethod were performed with antigens for rickettsia conori, rickettsia mooseri, and coxiella burneti. results were read from a positive threshold of 1/160 up to 1/640. out of a randomized population of 177 chil ...19979304008
[interepidemic supervision of the leishmania focus of keur moussa (thies, senegal)].a supervision of the focus of human cutaneous leishmaniasis of keur moussa has been carried out in 1988-1989 and in 1991-1992. among the 13 species gathering the 10,144 phlebotomine sandflies trapped, two belong to genus phlebotomus, the others to genus sergentomyia. phlebotomus duboscqi, that has been found out by deded et al. in 1980 as the vector of this leishmaniasis in senegal, is the most represented species after sergentomyia schwetzi, with respectively 32.3 and 28.5% of the found during ...19989754297
the epithelium of the vesicular gland of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse): histology and ultrastructure.the epithelium of the vesicular gland of the african giant rat was studied by the light and electron microscopes. the gland is compound tubuloalveolar, lined by a columnar epithelium, the apical surface of which is covered by a few short microvilli. the epithelial cells are the principal and basal cells. the principal cells have an abundance of rough surfaced endoplasmic reticulum (rer), which are often arranged in whorls. basal cells are few, being wedged between adjacent principal cells in the ...199710895235
two new species of nippostrongylinae (nematoda, trichostrongylina) parasites of cricetomys gambianus and arvicanthis niloticus (muridae) from senegal.two new nippostrongylinae (heligmosomoidea, heligmonellidae) originating from senegal are described. heligmonina bioccai n. sp., a parasite of cricetomys gambianus (cricetomyinae) found in the surroundings of dakar and neoheligmonella bai n. sp., a parasite of arvicanthis niloticus (murinae) from the province of richard toll. h. bioccai n. sp. is related to h. hybomysi (durette-desset, 1966) a parasite of hybomys univittatus from the central african republic by some characteristics of the caudal ...200212404816
identification of trypanosomes in wild animals from southern cameroon using the polymerase chain reaction (pcr).one possible explanation of the maintenance of many historical foci of sleeping sickness in central africa could be the existence of a wild animal reservoir. in this study, pcr was used to detect the different trypanosome species present in wild animal captured by hunters in the southern forest belt of cameroon (bipindi). trypanosomes were also detected by a parasitological method (quantitative buffy coat: qbc). parasite could not be isolated in culture medium (kit for in vitro isolation: kivi). ...200212514949
[gambian giant pouched rat and prairie dogs: monkeypox outbreak in america]. 200312899166
[receptivity of criceomys gambianus (gambia rat) to trypanosoma gambiense]. 195713523902
[study of the corticotropic cells under various experimental conditions in the gambian rat (cricetomys gambianus)]. 196414139434
the ultrastructure of the epididymis of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse). 198917103627
cestode cysts in two african giant pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus).multiple cestode cysts identified as taenia serialis were present in the bodies of two wild-caught african giant pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus) at necropsy. this rodent species can be an intermediate host for this parasite. exotic rodents kept as pets in the united states may be affected.200517315463
first detection of mycobacteria in african rodents and insectivores, using stratified pool screening.with the rising number of patients with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)/aids in developing countries, the control of mycobacteria is of growing importance. previous studies have shown that rodents and insectivores are carriers of mycobacteria. however, it is not clear how widespread mycobacteria are in these animals and what their role is in spreading them. therefore, the prevalence of mycobacteria in rodents and insectivores was studied in and around morogoro, tanzania. live rodents were tra ...200818065608
hyperzincaemia in a pet african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse, 1840).presented is an african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus) following zinc ingestion. the sick rat was lethargic, withdrawn, had soft, mucus-impregnated faeces and diahorrea, foot twitching and icterus. comparative age, sex and body weight (b.wt.)-matched analyses were made with a healthy giant rat. twelve-hourly urine volume (uv), haematocrit (hct), urinary glucose, plasma zinc and alkaline phosphatase (alp) were performed over an 8-week period. full blood counts were performed and differential wb ...200718237041
care, husbandry and diseases of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus).the african giant rat lives up to 14 years in captivity, reaching maximum body weights of approximately 2.80 kg in bucks and 1.39 kg in does. in britain, the african giant rat is increasingly becoming a popular exotic pet. a survey was conducted on 41 licensed pet shops in the uk. the range of ages of giant rat presented for sale, single price per rat, paired prices (buck and doe) and transport costs were 4-12 weeks, pounds sterling 320-pounds sterling 370, pounds sterling 352.50-400.00 includin ...200818846849
african pouched rats for the detection of pulmonary tuberculosis in sputum samples.resource-limited settings in sub-saharan african countries.200919460250
on skrjabinotaenia cricetomydis n.sp. (cestoda: anoplocephalata) from the gambian pouched rat, nigeria. 196113907929
the immunohistochemical localization of desmin and smooth muscle actin in the ovary of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus) during the oestrous cycle.the aim of this study was to describe the distribution of smooth muscle actin and desmin immunopositive cells in the ovary of the giant rat. in addition, the study describes the morphological changes in the ovary of this species during the oestrous cycle. healthy secondary and tertiary follicles dominated the ovary during pro-oestrus and oestrus. the theca externa of the tertiary follicles was immunopositive for smooth muscle actin, but immunonegative for desmin. oestrus was also characterized b ...201019958343
helminths of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse) in zaria, nigeria. 19846399392
diversity and spatial distribution of vectors and hosts of t. brucei gambiense in forest zones of, southern cameroon: epidemiological and vector distribution of trypanosoma brucei gambiense was studied in relation to habitat types and seasons. six (19.35%) of the 31 mammal species recorded in bipindi were reservoir hosts. cercopithecus nictitans was confined to the undisturbed forest and the low intensive shifting cultivation zones, while cephalophus monticola, cephalophus dorsalis, cricetomys gambianus, atherurus africanus and nandinia binotata occurred in all the habitat types. as for vectors of human african trypanosom ...201020067756
sexual dimorphism in the whole brain and brainstem morphometry in the african giant pouched rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse 1840).the study was conducted to evaluate the sexual dimorphism in the morphometric parameters of the whole brain and the brainstem in adult captive african giant pouched rats. twenty-nine brain samples, comprising 15 females and 14 males, were utilized. following brain extraction by standard procedures, the mean values of the weights, lengths, diameters, and volumes of the intact brains and the brainstem structures were compared in male and female rats using quantitative analytical statistical method ...201020512755
chronic heart failure due to severe endocardiosis in a gambian giant pouched rat (cricetomys gambianus).a 1.5-yr-old captive male gambian giant pouched rat (cricetomys gambianus) died after suffering from anorexia, weakness, and dyspnea for 3 wk. thoracic radiographs of thorax and abdomen and computed tomography showed a severe biventricular enlargement of the heart and a moderate hepatomegaly. necropsy revealed a severe, bilateral hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and dilation of the right ventricle due to multifocal bilateral, valvular endocardiosis of all atrioventricular valves and acute hepatic con ...201020722267
susceptibility of laboratory and domestic animals to experimental infection with potiskum virus.the biological characteristics of potiskum virus, a hitherto undescribed virus isolated in nigeria from the liver of a giant rat (cricetomys gambianus), were studied by experimental infections of laboratory and domestic animals. the laboratory animal hosts used included mice, rats, rabbits and chicks. suckling and weaning mice succumbed to fatal infection when infected with potiskum virus by intracerebral or intraperitoneal routes. infected mice had high titres of virus and mild histopathologica ...19892558278
performance of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse) on commercial rations and varying dietary protein levels.the growth performance of 24 weanling giant rats was studied in 2 experiments of 30 weeks duration with commercial livestock rations and graded levels of protein. daily average liveweight gain was 5.1-7.3 g, food consumption 26.9-36.3 g on 6 diets. food intake, growth rate and food efficiency ratio were very similar using the different commercial diets. growth performance improved as the dietary protein level was raised from 10 to 13%, but a further increase to 16% did not result in greater grow ...1978672175
microstereological and histochemical studies of the salivary glands of the giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse).the histology and histochemistry of the parotid, submandibular and sublingual glands were studied. the submandibular gland contained only serous acini as in the guinea pig, but unlike in many other mammals. the parotid gland contained only serous acini while the sublingual gland was mixed, mucous acini being the predominant secretory tissue interspersed by a few serous acini. serous demilunes also commonly formed caps on the mucous acini. the ducts of the gland contributed over 30% of the volume ...19836356761
[electrophysiologic study of differences in sensitivity to acetylcholine and adrenergic substances of the heart of pangolins (manis tricuspis rafinesque) and gambia rats (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse)]. 19705432433
influence of protein source and level on the utilization of proximate nutrients by the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse).16 african giant rats received in four groups over a period of 28 days a diet with a crude protein content of 20% based on groundnut cake (diet 1), palmkernel cake (diet 2), and a diet with a crude protein content of 17% based on palmkernel cake (diet 3), or 24% crude protein based on groundnut cake (diet 4). the best results were obtained by diet 2 with 12.3 g liveweight gain per day and 2.1 g feed/g liveweight gain. diets 2 and 3 had a significantly higher liveweight gain per gram protein util ...19873300628
prevalence and diversity of bartonella species in commensal rodents and ectoparasites from nigeria, west africa.bartonellae are fastidious bacteria causing persistent bacteremia in humans and a wide variety of animals. in recent years there is an increasing interest in mammalian bartonelloses in general and in rodent bartonelloses in particular. to date, no studies investigating the presence of bartonella spp. in rodents and ectoparasites from nigeria were carried out.201323738028
bartonella species in invasive rats and indigenous rodents from uganda.the presence of bartonellae in invasive rats (rattus rattus) and indigenous rodents (arvicanthis niloticus and cricetomys gambianus) from two districts in uganda, arua and zombo, was examined by pcr detection and culture. blood from a total of 228 r. rattus, 31 a. niloticus, and 5 c. gambianus was screened using genus-specific primers targeting the 16s-23s intergenic spacer region. furthermore, rodent blood was plated on brain heart infusion blood agar, and isolates were verified as bartonella s ...201424575846
[liver capillariasis (calodium hepaticum) in rodents from ituri (drc) and dakar (senegal)].human hepatic capillariosis due to calodium hepaticum is rarely described in africa, probably because of the lack of diagnosis tools. however, it is known that the animal reservoir is made up of rodents. during a study performed on 24 black rats (rattus rattus) trapped in rethy (congodr) and 20 gambian pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus) in dakar (senegal), macroscopic and histological hepatic lesions of capillariosis were found in 8 of these rodents (3 in rethy and 5 in dakar). these results le ...201424363019
calbindin localization in african giant rat kidney (cricetomys gambianus).cricetomys gambianus are rodents living in savanna and follow area. they can live with restricted drinking water eating fresh food. therefore their kidney may have some adaptive mechanisms for ion/water homeostasis compared to usual laboratory rats. in this study we have looked for calbindin, an intracellular calcium binding protein previously found in distal convoluted tubules from all mammalian species that have been studied and able to increase, in vitro, ca2+ reabsorption. we have shown by u ...19968898853
effect of varying dietary crude protein levels on the performance and nutrient utilization by the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse). 19863798977
rodent-borne trypanosoma from cities and villages of niger and nigeria: a special role for the invasive genus rattus?although they are known to sometimes infect humans, atypical trypanosomes are very poorly documented, especially in africa where one lethal case has yet been described. here we conducted a survey of rodent-borne trypanosoma in 19 towns and villages of niger and nigeria, with a special emphasis on niamey, the capital city of niger. the 1,298 rodents that were captured yielded 189 qpcr-positive animals from 14 localities, thus corresponding to a 14.6% overall prevalence. rats, especially black rat ...201728373037
[serologic diagnosis of human african trypanosomiasis caused by trypanosoma brucei gambiense. 1--production and use of rough antigens in elisa and latex agglutination tests].the extraction of rough antigens (ag) from trypanosomes came across a major problem getting of a high number of parasites. moreover several technics for the extraction of rough antigens are described. some of them are sophisticated and time consuming. aiming the obtention of a large number of ag for this study, inoculation of trypanosomes into cricetomys gambianus and affinity chromatography of blood allow to collect of large number of trypanosomes. this new technique leads to the extraction of ...19969053046
paneth cells of african giant rats (cricetomys gambianus).the ultrastructure of paneth cells of african giant rats (cricetomys gambianus), which were captured on the savanna in western africa, was studied. the paneth cells of cricetomys were clustered at the bottom of crypts of the small intestine, but not of the colon. in the normal state, paneth cells had a few secretory granules showing high electron density. small clear vesicles which are a characteristic in laboratory albino rats were not conspicuous. vacuolated paneth cells and secreted materials ...19947879593
[a new rickettsiale (ehrlichiae) in leukocytes of the blood of gambia rats (cricetomys gambianus) in senegal : cytoecetes kamtchoulii n. sp].among 20 hemograms (peripheric blood smears) carried out upon some adults male and female giant rats, (cricetomys gambianus) captured in the dakar region, two (10 p. 100) are infected by one rickettsiale of the ehrlichiae tribe and of the cytoecetes genus tyzzer, 1938. polymorphonuclear neutrophil leukocytes and monocytes, more or less 1/25, and monocytes, more or less 1/40, of the systemic circulation are infected by "elementary bodies" (diameter : 0.1 to 0.3 mu) included in the cell protoplasm ...19817346908
toxic (pb, cd, hg) and essential (fe, cu, zn, mn) metal content of liver tissue of some domestic and bush animals in ghana.accumulation of toxic metals in liver, a rich natural source of essential elements, can present health risks to regular consumers of liver. a total of 35 fresh liver samples of cow, sheep, goat, pig, grass-cutter (thryonomys swinderianus), giant rat (cricetomys gambianus), red deer (cervus elaphus), chicken and antelope (antilocapra americana) were obtained from three different markets in accra and kumasi, ghana. samples were analyzed using atomic absorption spectrometry and an automatic mercury ...200824784805
morphological characterization of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse) brain across age groups: gross features of cortices.this experiment was designed to investigate the morphological characterization of the brain cortices of african giant rats, agr (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse) across age groups as related to function. a total of 15 male agr were used for this study comprising of 5 neonates, 5 juveniles and 5 adults. brains were described as having typical rodent features; the falx cerebri, the dura modification of interest, was partly inserted between the lobes of the olfactory bulb and extended towards the ...201728262849
thermoregulation in the largest african cricetid, the giant rat cricetomys gambianus.1. thermoregulation, metabolism and minimum conductance in africa's largest cricetid, cricetomys gambianus (1870.9 +/- 194.2 g), were investigated. 2. a mean minimal resting metabolic rate of 0.61 +/- 0.09 ml o2/g/hr (139% of that predicted), a minimal conductance of 0.04 +/- 0.01 ml o2/g/degrees c/hr (195% of that predicted), a thermoneutral zone from 21 to 34 degrees c and a mean body temperature of 35.6 +/- 1.1 degree c below an ambient temperature of 20 degrees c were found. 3. it was conclu ...19882899489
diurnal, seasonal, and sex patterns of heart rate in grip-restrained african giant rats (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse).this study was carried out to determine heart rate (hr) values, including diurnal, seasonal, and sex patterns, in the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse). hr was measured using stethoscope in grip-restrained african giant rats of either sex (103 bucks and 98 does), live-trapped from a tropical savannah, and caged individually in the laboratory during the harmattan (cold-dry), hot-dry, and rainy seasons over a 3-year period. the hr fluctuated between 90 and 210 beats per minute ( ...201526471756
the structure of the epididymis of the giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse): histological, histochemical and microstereological studies.the structure of the ductus epididymidis of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse) was studied by means of histological (paraffin and plastic-embedded tissues) and histochemical techniques. five distinct zones (i-v) were detected along the epididymal duct on the basis of epithelial height and cytological composition and structure. the so-called apical cells, which have been observed in some species of animals, were not seen in the initial segment of the duct. clear or light cel ...19882855329
astrocyte morphology, heterogeneity, and density in the developing african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus).astrocyte morphologies and heterogeneity were described in male african giant rats (agr; cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse) across three age groups (five neonates, five juveniles, and five adults) using silver impregnation method and immunohistochemistry against glial fibrillary acidic protein. immunopositive cell signaling, cell size and population were least in neonates, followed by adults and juveniles, respectively. in neonates, astrocyte processes were mostly detected within the glia limitan ...201526074782
some aspects of the neurocraniometry of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse).sixteen african giant rats (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse), consisting of 8 male and 8 female rats, were used to determine neurocranial measurements of the skulls. the mean neurocranial volume was 5.06 + or - 0.05 ml, neurocranial length was 3.33 + or - 0.08 cm, and the neurocranial height and index were 1.39 + or - + or - 0.04 cm and 41.74%, respectively. the mean whole skull length and height were 6.32 + or - 0.06 cm and 2.98 + or - 0.05 cm, respectively. the skull without the mandible was 1 ...200919950071
immunohistochemical localization of the progesterone and oestrogen alpha receptors in the uterine horns of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus).the present study investigated the immunolocalization of the progesterone and oestrogen alpha receptors in the uterine horns of the african giant rat during the oestrous cycle. the progesterone and oestrogen alpha receptors were demonstrated in various cellular constituents of the endometrium, myometrium and perimetrium. the intensity of progesterone and oestrogen alpha receptor immunostaining in the endometrial and myometrial layers of the uterine horns varied during the oestrous cycle. the int ...200919694646
[ecology of stomoxyine fulies (diptera: muscidae) in gabon. ii. blood meals analysis a nd epidemiologic consequences].to determine the origin of stomoxyine fly bloodmeals (diptera: muscidae) in gabon, 1,021 flies belonging to seven different species of stomoxys were captured and dissected in the area of makokou. in total, 798 were not blood-fed and 223 bloodmeals could be gathered on filter paper. the identification of the origin of these meals was made by amplification of mitochondrial cytb gene, then heteroduplex technique by using the gambian rat (cricetomys gambianus) as driver. samples of fauna, collected ...200819202770
[monkey-pox, a model of emergent then reemergent disease].the recent emergence of monkey pox in the united states of america highlights the problem (known for other infectious agents) of dissemination of pathogens outside their endemic area, and of subsequent global threats of variable gravity according to agents. it is a real emergency since monkey pox had been confined to africa for several decades, where small epidemics occurred from time to time, monkey pox is a "miniature smallpox" which, in africa, evolves on an endemic (zoonotic) mode with, as r ...200415617321
serological and molecular characterization of leptospira serovar kenya from captive african giant pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus) from morogoro tanzania.two identical leptospiral isolates coded sh9 and sh25 obtained from the urine of captive african giant pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus), destined for use as biodetector of antipersonnel landmines were typed as serovar kenya using cross-agglutination absorption test and dna fingerprinting with the insertion element sequences is1533 and is1500 derived primers. the two isolates were previously characterized using cultural and serological-microagglutination test as pathogenic leptospires of the s ...200415145455
potential attractants for detecting and removing invading gambian giant pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus).native to africa, gambian giant pouched rats (gambian rats; cricetomys gambianus waterh.) are a threatening invasive species on a florida island, grassy key. gambian giant pouched rats shifted from a domestic pet to invading species after suspected release from a pet breeder. because of the large size of gambian rats (weighing up to 2.8 kg), they pose a serious threat to native species (particularly nesting species) and agricultural crops, especially if gambian rats invade mainland florida. also ...201020013871
calcium binding proteins immunohistochemistry and identification of neurons in the mammalian pineal gland of the african giant rat: cricetomys gambianus.the presence of true neurons in the rodent pineal gland is still a matter of controversy. in this work, by using immunohistochemistry with five antibodies against calcium-binding proteins (calbindin-d28k, calretinin, calmodulin, neurocalcin and s-100 beta) and cricetomys gambianus, a rodent belonging to muridae family living in africa, we were able to illustrate the presence of neurons in the pineal gland. anti-calbindin-d28k and anti-calretinin labelled neurons belonging to two neural ganglia. ...199910378117
interstitial tissue in the testis of the giant rat, cricetomys gambianus.besides leydig cells macrophages form considerable part of the interstitial tissue in the giant rat, cricetomys gambianus. leydig cells contain bundles of usually six to twelve parallel tubes with walls of longitudinal layers alternating with circular layers of microfilaments. polyribosomes, both free and membrane bound, are concentrated around or inside the tubes. the tubes may enclose mitochondria and microperoxisomes as well. the light cytosol of the macrophages is dotted with electron-dense ...19989851062
absence of short-wavelength sensitive cones in the retinae of seals (carnivora) and african giant rats (rodentia).most non-primate mammals have two types of cone: short-wavelength sensitive (s) and middle-to-long-wavelength sensitive (m/l) cones. in two species of african giant rats, cricetomys gambianus and c. emini, and in two species of earless seals, phoca hispida and p. vitulina, the retinal cone types and cone distributions were assessed with antibodies specific for the m/l-cone opsin and the s-cone opsin, respectively. all four species were found to completely lack s-cones, while m/l-cones were prese ...19989767389
urban market gardening and rodent-borne pathogenic leptospira in arid zones: a case study in niamey, niger.leptospirosis essentially affects human following contact with rodent urine-contaminated water. as such, it was mainly found associated with rice culture, recreational activities and flooding. this is also the reason why it has mainly been investigated in temperate as well as warm and humid regions, while arid zones have been only very occasionally monitored for this disease. in particular, data for west african countries are extremely scarce. here, we took advantage of an extensive survey of ur ...201526437456
laboratory investigations of african pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus) as a potential reservoir host species for monkeypox virus.monkeypox is a zoonotic disease endemic to central and western africa, where it is a major public health concern. although monkeypox virus (mpxv) and monkeypox disease in humans have been well characterized, little is known about its natural history, or its maintenance in animal populations of sylvatic reservoir(s). in 2003, several species of rodents imported from ghana were involved in a monkeypox outbreak in the united states with individuals of three african rodent genera (cricetomys, graphi ...201526517724
successful experimental infections of a human volunteer and mongolian gerbils with giardia of animal origin.a human volunteer and mongolian gerbils were shown to be susceptible to infection with giardia from a gambian giant pouched rat. the course of infection and the pattern of cyst excretion, as well as the number of cysts in gerbils which were given the same inocula of giardia, differed from the course of infection in humans. the latent period in gerbils was longer and the gerbils continually excreted numerous cysts, whereas excretion of cysts, in smaller numbers, by the volunteer was intermittent. ...19947974691
collection and utilization of animal carcasses associated with zoonotic disease in tshuapa district, the democratic republic of the congo, 2012.the collection and consumption of animal carcasses is a common activity in forested areas of the congo river basin and creates sustainability, conservation, and health concerns. residents of the tshuapa district reported collecting the remains of 5,878 animals from >30 species when surveyed about their wildlife consumption habits. carcasses were discovered in varying degrees of decomposition and were often consumed at home or sold in local markets. the most commonly collected animals were cricet ...201525932665
the cycle of the seminiferous epithelium of the domesticated giant rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse).spermiogenesis and the stages of the seminiferous epithelium in the testis of the giant rat were studied in domesticated animals. 19 steps of spermiogenesis on the basis of the development of the acrosomic system and flagellum were observed, and the cycle of the seminiferous epithelium can be divided into 14 stages. although the developing spermatids and spermatozoa of the giant rat differed structurally from those of the albino rat, the general trend of development and the cellular content of t ...19807405535
effects of schedules of reinforcement on pouched rats' performance in urban search-and-rescue training.standard operating procedures have been developed to train cricetomys to locate humans in collapsed structures and return to the release point on command. the present study demonstrated that the schedule of reinforcement for target location influences the rats' performance. rats required more time to locate targets when no reinforcement was arranged for target location but less time to return to the release point. these findings suggest that training conditions should be based on the priority as ...201626567926
macroscopic anatomy of the lower respiratory system in a nocturnal burrowing rodent: african giant pouched rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse 1840).cricetomys gambianus is a rat that lives principally in burrows, coming out at night in search of food. the design and structure of the lower respiratory system reflects its oxygen and metabolic demand which can be attributed to its habitat. a morphological and morphometric investigation of its lower respiratory system was undertaken to document the normal anatomical features and assess its morpho-functional paradigm. specifically, an anatomical detail of the lungs and conductive airway was desc ...201021091764
diagnosis of tuberculosis by trained african giant pouched rats and confounding impact of pathogens and microflora of the respiratory tract.trained african giant-pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus) can detect mycobacterium tuberculosis and show potential for the diagnosis of tuberculosis (tb). however, rats' ability to discriminate between clinical sputum containing other mycobacterium spp. and nonmycobacterial species of the respiratory tract is unknown. it is also unknown whether nonmycobacterial species produce odor similar to m. tuberculosis and thereby cause the detection of smear-negative sputum. sputum samples from 289 subjec ...201122135255
Ability of Cricetomys rats to detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis and discriminate it from other microorganisms.Trained African giant pouched rats (Cricetomys gambianus) have potential for diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB). These rats target volatile compounds of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) that cause TB. Mtb and nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) species are related to Nocardia and Rhodococcus spp., which are also acid-fast bacilli and can be misdiagnosed as Mtb in smear microscopy. Diagnostic performance of C. gambianus on in vitro-cultured mycobacterial and related pulmonary microbes is unknown. This ...201122197664
the relation of growth performance to dietary oil source in african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse).an experiment is described in which palm-oil, groundnut oil, cottonseed oil and soybean oil were each fed as a 5% dietary supplement to the african giant rat (agr). 4 agr were fed each diet from 6-12 weeks of age. the groundnut oil-based diet supported the best liveweight gain of 4.23 g/day, while agr fed the cottonseed oil diet lost an average weight of 1.42 g/day during the 6-week study. the efficiency of feed utilization was similar for agr fed on palm-oil and soybean oil diets, but this was ...19853839035
comparative morphometric analysis of the gastrointestinal tract of the captive greater cane rat (thryonomys swinderianus) and african giant pouched rat (cricetomys gambianus).the greater cane rats (thryonomys swinderianus) and african giant pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus) are among the largest rodents in africa, undergoing domestications for meat and research purposes. the aim of this study was to explore whether there are any quantitative anatomical gastrointestinal adaptations associated with their omnivorous or herbivorous diets. in the african giant rat, the mean gastrointestinal tract length and colon width of the males were significantly higher than their f ...201526738259
further assessment of monkeypox virus infection in gambian pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus) using in vivo bioluminescent imaging.monkeypox is a zoonosis clinically similar to smallpox in humans. recent evidence has shown a potential risk of increased incidence in central africa. despite attempts to isolate the virus from wild rodents and other small mammals, no reservoir host has been identified. in 2003, monkeypox virus (mpxv) was accidentally introduced into the u.s. via the pet trade and was associated with the gambian pouched rat (cricetomys gambianus). therefore, we investigated the potential reservoir competence of ...201526517839
histology and ultrastructure of the uterus of african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse) during oestrous cycle.this study describes histology and ultrastructure of uterus in the african giant rat during oestrous cycle. endometrial histology displayed glandular mucosa consisting of lamina epithelialis and lamina propria mucosae. its epithelium varied between simple and pseudostratified columnar. the myometrium consisted of inner circular and outer longitudinal smooth muscles with medium sized arteries and veins in-between. the perimetrium contained simple squamous epithelium. endometrial ultrastructures w ...201526339811
biometric and morphologic studies of the female reproductive organs of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus: waterhouse).different segments of the reproductive tract of 100 adult, non-pregnant, female african giant rats (agr) were carefully examined, weighed, and measured. the ovaries were observed to be small, pinkish, and kidney-shaped. the uterus of the agr was found to be uterus duplex. the live weight of the agr was 999.7 ± 16.86 g. the weight, length, and width of the ovary were 0.095 ± 0.003 g, 0.750 ± 0.01 cm, and 0.01± 0.02 cm, respectively. the length of the oviduct, uterus, and vagina/vestibule were 4.4 ...201021120807
using trained pouched rats to detect land mines: another victory for operant conditioning.we used giant african pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus) as land mine-detection animals in mozambique because they have an excellent sense of smell, weigh too little to activate mines, and are native to sub-saharan africa, and therefore are resistant to local parasites and diseases. in 2009 the rats searched 93,400 m(2) of land, finding 41 mines and 54 other explosive devices. humans with metal detectors found no additional mines. on average, the rats emitted 0.33 false alarm for every 100 m(2) ...201121709791
spinal cord studies in the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse).the african giant rat, agr, is known for advantageous behavioural patterns among which are cognition and dexterous locomotion. this study investigated the morphological, morphometric and possible functional aspects of the agr spinal cord (sc) anatomy. ten adult (5 males and 5 females) agr were used to determine the gross and histological features of the sc which were typically of rodent features. the mean sc weight and length given as 2.50±0.24g and 15.87±0.24cm respectively for the male and 2.3 ...201527506167
[androgenic activity of the adrenal cortex of cricetomys gambianus]. 196013738670
[study of the vaginal cycle of cricetomys gambianus]. 195914435505
[histochemical study of the adrenal cortex of cricetomys gambianus]. 195914435504
[acarina captured in the middle congo on cricetomys gambianus waterhouse: andreacarus petersi radford 1952 and a. zumpti n. sp. (acarina, laelaptidae)]. 200613363126
training pouched rats to find people.giant african pouched rats equipped with video cameras may be a tenable option for locating living humans trapped under debris from collapsed structures. in the present study, 5 pouched rats were trained to contact human targets in a simulated collapsed building and to return to the release point after hearing a signal to do so. during test sessions, each rat located human targets more often than it located similar-sized inanimate targets on which it had not previously been trained and spent mor ...201525451685
giant african pouched rats (cricetomys gambianus) that work on tilled soil accurately detect land mines.pouched rats were employed as mine-detection animals in a quality-control application where they searched for mines in areas previously processed by a mechanical tiller. the rats located 58 mines and fragments in this 28,050-m(2) area with a false indication rate of 0.4 responses per 100 m(2) . humans with metal detectors found no mines that were not located by the rats. these findings indicate that pouched rats can accurately detect land mines in disturbed soil and suggest that they can play mu ...201525962550
functional morphology of the brain of the african giant pouched rat (cricetomys gambianus) waterhouse, 1840).a gross morphological study of the brain of the african giant pouched rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse, 1840) was undertaken in order to document its normal features and assess the structure-function paradigm. the study was conducted by direct observation of 29 adult african giant pouched rats' brains. in the telencephalon, the cerebral cortex was devoid of prominent gyri and sulci, but the large olfactory bulb and tract relaying impulses to the olfactory cortex were very prominent. the larg ...201424832847
mastomys natalensis, cricetomys gambianus and taterillus sp. were found pcr positive for leishmania major in burkina faso, west africa.ouagadougou, the capital city of burkina faso, was recognized as a focus of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniosis in april 2000. leishmania major was the only strain isolated in this focus. we conducted a prospective study to detect l. major in rodents, animals which are described as reservoir of the parasite. rodents were caught in five city areas from november 2005 to october 2006. giemsa stained smears were realized from the cutaneous lesions when present after macroscopic examination of external ...202032592548
comparative morphometric analysis of lungs of the semifossorial giant pouched rat (cricetomys gambianus) and the subterranean nigerian mole rat (cryptomys foxi).lungs of the rodent species, the african giant pouched rat (cricetomys gambianus) and the nigerian mole rat (cryptomys foxi) were investigated. significant morphometric differences exist between the two species. the volume of the lung per unit body mass was 2.7 times larger; the respiratory surface area 3.4 times greater; the volume of the pulmonary capillary blood 2 times more; the harmonic mean thickness of the blood-gas (tissue) barrier (τht) ~29% thinner and; the total pulmonary morphometric ...202032251351
ultrastructural features of vagina at different phases of the oestrous cycle in the female african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse).the ultrastructures of the vagina at various stages of the oestrous cycle in female african giant rats (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse) were described in the present study. at mid-proestrus, late proestrus (lp)/early estrus (ee) and mid-estrus (me) as well as late metestrus (lm)/early diestrus (ed) and mid-diestrus (md), complex interface of epithelium and lamina propria were observed. cells of the stratum basale formed finger-like extensions into the underlying lamina propria and tips of the e ...201424737725
landmine-detection rats: an evaluation of reinforcement procedures under simulated operational conditions.because the location of landmines is initially unknown, it is impossible to arrange differential reinforcement for accurate detection of landmines by pouched rats working on actual minefields. therefore, provision must be made for maintenance of accurate responses by an alternative reinforcement strategy. the present experiment evaluated a procedure in which a plastic bag containing 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (tnt), the active ingredient in most landmines, was placed in contact with the ground in a d ...201424676627
functional morphology of the brain of the african giant pouched rat (<i>cricetomys gambianus</i> waterhouse, 1840).a gross morphological study of the brain of the african giant pouched rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse, 1840) was undertaken in order to document its normal features and assess the structure-function paradigm. the study was conducted by direct observation of 29 adult african giant pouched rats' brains. in the telencephalon, the cerebral cortex was devoid of prominent gyri and sulci, but the large olfactory bulb and tract relaying impulses to the olfactory cortex were very prominent. the larg ...201428235275
adult neurogenesis in the african giant rat (cricetomysgambianus, waterhouse).african giant rats (agr) are large nocturnal rodents with well-developed olfactory abilities uniquely linked to cognition. the post natal proliferation of neurons (adult neurogenesis), is thought to play an important role in spatial memory and learning. eighteen brains of the african giant rats (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse) belonging to three age groups (neonates n = 6, juveniles n = 6 and adults n = 6) were examined by immunohistochemistry, using antibodies for proliferating cells (ki-67), ...201424577632
the olfactory bulb structure of african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus, waterhouse 1840) i: cytoarchitecture.the olfactory system typically consists of two parallel systems: the main olfactory system and the accessory olfactory system. the main olfactory bulb (mob) acts as the initial processing site for volatile chemical stimuli and receives input from the olfactory receptor cells located in the olfactory epithelium. the african giant rat is reputed to have abilities to detect landmines and tuberculosis samples by sniffing. this study therefore is a preliminary study on the histological and immunohist ...201424469950
the vertebral column, ribs, and sternum of the african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus waterhouse).examined bones were obtained from eight adult african giant rats, cricetomys gambianus waterhouse. animals used had an average body mass of 730.00 ± 41.91 gm and body length of 67.20 ± 0.05 cm. the vertebral formula was found to be c7, t13, l6, s4, ca31-36. the lowest and highest points of the cervicothoracic curvature were at c5 and t2, respectively. the spinous process of the axis was the largest in the cervical group while others were sharp and pointed. the greatest diameter of the vertebral ...201324288518
the effect of unilateral vasectomy on testosterone and testicular parameters in the adult male african giant rat (cricetomys gambianus).the effects of vasectomy on spermatogenesis and reproductive parameters are recognized to be specie-dependent with marked differences in levels of perturbations observed.201324235953
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