development of the timor filaria in aedes togoi: preliminary observations.developmental stages of the timor filaria recovered from experimentally infected aedes togoi mosquitoes are described. mosquitoes were dissected and examined for larvae beginning 1 1/2 days and continuing daily for 9 days after they had fed on a carrier on the island of flores, indonesia. timor microfilariae develop rapidly to third-stage larvae within the thoracic muscles of a. togoi: the first molt occurs at 3 1/2 days, the second molt as early as 5 1/2 days, and infective forms are found at 6 ...197612255
intranuclear inclusions in mammotrophs of the mongolian gerbil: effect of low doses of estradiol benzoate and a study of females before weaning.the effect of dose of estrogen on induction of intranuclear inclusions was studied in mammotrophs of the mongolian gerbil. the number of inclusions per high power field increased significantly with 0-5 and 1-0 mug/day of estradiol benzoate but not with the 0-05 mug dose. a form of inclusion was seen in young female gerbils before weaning which suggests that inclusions arise from the cytoplasm. intranuclear inclusions develop soon after weaning of gerbils (0-06 +/- 0-01 vs. 0-19 +/- 0-03 for youn ...1975174242
effect of partial thyroidectomy, propylthiouracil or thyroxine on estrogen-induced intranuclear inclusions in mammotrophs of the mongolian gerbil.partial thyroidectomy caused a significant increase in the number of intranuclear inclusions per field (2-83 +/- 0-10 inclusions as compared with 0-15 +/- 0-03 inclusions for sham-controls). the inclusions occurred exclusively within mammotrophs. thyrotrophs were stimulated: an increased cell size, numerous secretory granules, an enlarged golgi apparatus and hypertrophic rough endoplasmic reticulum. propylthiouracil caused similar ultrastructural changes although sighificantly fewer inclusions w ...1975174241
chemotherapy of experimental echinococcus granulosus infection. trials in cf1 mice and jirds (meriones unguiculatus).mice and jirds with experimental secondary hydatidosis (echinococus granulous) were treated at various post-infection periods with eight different drugs; iodinized oil of thymol, ethyl-n-dimethyl ether of thymol fumarate, chloroguanide, rifampin, pentamidine isethionate, amphotericin b, suramin, and methotrexate. in initial experiments with methotrexate, mice treated after 99 days of infection had significantly fewer infections at necropsy than did controls (33% and 100%, respecitively). however ...1975163063
changes in the activity of acetylcholinesterase from the brain of the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus) with age. 197938050
weak mixed lymphocyte culture response in the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus).a study was made to determine whether the mixed lymphocyte culture test could detect histocompatibility differences between two strains of the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus. a semi-micro mixed lymphocyte culture was developed using 6 x 10(5) stimulating and responding cells per 0.12 ml culture volume at a ratio of 1:1. a culture period of 120 hours was found to be optimal. although a weak allogeneic response was demonstrated with the uclp:(mon) strain responding to stimulating cells fr ...1977140271
lactate dehydrogenase isozymes of mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculates--v. kinetics of the oxidation of lactate reaction. 1975238785
effect of progesterone on formation of estrogen-induced intranuclear inclusions in mammotrophs of the mongolian gerbil. 1976183426
the influence of diazepam and thiouracil upon the carcinogenic effect of diethylnitrosamine in gerbils.n-diethylnitrosamine (den) was simultaneously administered with diazepam (dzp) or thiouracil (tu) once weekly for life to gerbils (meriones unguiculatus). additional dzp or tu treatment increased significantly average survival time and inhibited the development of cholangiocarcinomas, although cholangiomas were still observed in these groups. tumor type and incidence in the nasal cavities were not influenced by dzp or tu. however, in comparison to den alone tumor latencies were prolonged.1978211744
naturally-occurring neoplasms in the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus.10 spontaneous tumours were observed. several had not been previously reported for this species and 1 occurred in the youngest gerbil yet reported to have a spontaneous tumour. 7 of the 10 tumours originated from the female reproductive tract.1979233315
[studies of the activity of various dehydrogenases in the desert rat (meriones unguiculati) nephrons].researches about the activity of some dehydrogenases in the nephrons of desert rats (meriones unguiculati).--our desert rats meriones unguiculati (mongolian gerbils) show--also when held under the same experimental conditions as our other laboratory rodents (wistar rats and white mice)--a somewhat different enzyme histchemical behaviour of these nephrons. the essential difference in the meriones is that their distal convolutions display on the whole stronger enzyme activities compared as well wi ...1977211745
weak graft-versus-host response in the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus). 197723452
[respiratory activity in the ascorbate-cytochrome c system of the horn of ammon cortex neurons of mongolian gerbil (meriones unquiculatus) in experimental brain icshemia]. 1977196237
hydrovarium in a mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus). 1978250335
fat accumulation in tha adrenal gland: effect of oestradiol benzoate on the zona reticularis of the mongolian gerbil adrenal gland.oestrogen promotes accumulation of abundant lipid droplets in the zona reticularis of the mongolian gerbil. lipid was observed in zona reticularis parenchymal cells but droplets were especially numerous in macrophages. enlargement of lipid droplets was facilitated by an envelopment with lysosomal membranes. focal areas or entire parenchymal cells may then undergo degeneration and necrosis and be incorporated into large macrophages recognizable by distinct areas of lipid-containing material as we ...1975174051
brain amines and spontaneous epileptic seizures in the mongolian gerbil.the seizure sensitive (wjl)uc) strain of mongolian gerbils has been used to investigate the effects of drugs that modify central monoamine activity on spontaneous epileptiform seizures. increasing central norepinephrine and dopamine levels significantly reduced the severity of the seizures and the importance of dopamine was further demonstrated by the protection from seizures after administration of the dopaminergic agonist apomorphine. these data indicate that a search for differences in region ...1976180544
effect of dose of estradiol and age of animals on intranuclear inclusions in mammotrophs of the mongolian gerbil.intranuclear inclusions have been examined in mammotrophs of the mongolian gerbil. no inclusions were identified in nuclei of newborn females, although inclusions were seen in the pituitary gland of young mature females. the number of inclusions in retired breeders was similar to that in young females. estradiol benzoate increased the number of inclusions, although 10 mug/day for 5 or 14 days induced more inclusions than 5 or 100 mug for 14 days; significantly fewer inclusions were seen with the ...1975174373
[the ventral gland of the male gerbil (meriones unguiculatus, gerbillidae) ii. variations of histo-enzymatical features under testosterone influence (author's transl)]. 1975184733
[the effect of castration on the mast cells of the ventral gland of male gerbils (meriones unguiculatus, gerbillidae)].the number of labrocytes increases in male gerbil ventral gland connective tissue, as castration makes epithelial structures enter a resting stage. inversely, labrocytes number decreases when testosterone injection to castrate males initiates epithelial activity. these variations of mast cells number are not a consequence of changes in gland volume, which only act upon epithelial tissues and do not modify "connective tissue compartment".1975129253
[the effect of bilateral ischemia on energy metabolites and cyclic nucleotides in cerebral cortex of the mongolian gerbil (author's transl)]. 197875518
the effect of dimethyl sulfoxide (dmso) on cerebral infarction in the mongolian gerbil. 1977268770
the pathology of the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus): a review.both naturally occurring disease processes and experimental models of human disease in the mongolian gerbil were reviewed. the gerbil was highly susceptible to cerebral infarction following unilateral ligation of one common carotid artery and was useful in studies of the pathogenesis of stroke. spontaneous epileptiform seizures mimicked those of human idiopathic epilepsy, and both seizure-sensitive and resistant strains have been bred. perhaps because of its more efficient nephron, the gerbil ac ...197992595
light and electron microscopic histochemistry of the serous secretory granules in the salivary glandular cells of the mongolian gerbil (mongolian meridianus) and rhesus monkey (macaca irus). 197771867
susceptibility of gerbils (meriones unguiculatus) to weekly subcutaneous and single intravenous injections of n-diethylnitrosamine.weekly s.c. (24, 12, and 6 mg/kg b.w.) or a single i.v. (100 or 50 mg/kg b.w.) injections of n-diethylnitrosamine (den) to gerbils (meriones unguiculatus) resulted in tumours of the respiratory tract and liver. carcinomata of the nasal olfactory region or respiratory-olfactory mucosal junction were most common; papillomata of the tracheobronchial system and adenomata or carcinomata of the lungs appeared in significantly lower incidences. the neoplasms of the liver were of cholangiocellular and i ...1975125013
composition of the ventral gland-pad sebum from the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus.the chemical composition of the gland-pad sebum of gerbils of both sexes is analysed using gas-liquid chromatographical and mass spectroscopical techniques and compared with the lipids from distal skin areas. cholesterol esters, with (omega-1)-methyl-substituted fatty acids as acidic constituents, were shown to occur in the gland-pad sebum of both sexes in high concentrations, whereas cholesta-3,5-diene could be detected in the males only.1977145112
succinate dehydrogenase activity in the developing molar of the mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus.the distribution of succinate dehydrogenase in the odontogenic tissues in the mongolian gerbil, ranging in age from 18 days prenatal to 8 days postnatal, was studied. activity levels were designated negative, trace, slight, moderate, strong and very, dependent upon visual observations. the results indicated increased levels of activity as the tissue layers differentiated from the lamina stage through early apposition. the cell layer displaying the most succinate dehydrogenase activity was the am ...197657953
the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus) as a model for the study of the epilepsies: eeg records of seizures.eeg recordings have been made from freely moving, seizure sensitive gerbils during seizures of varying severity. the localization of seizure activity in various brain areas and the generalization of this activity could be correlated with the observed motor manifestations. paroxysmal observed motor manifestations. paroxysmal bursting has also been recorded in the parietal cortex of a xeizure sensitive animal in which no concomitant peripheral motor activity was evident. these observations strengt ...197550185
calcified inclusions in the superficial pineal gland of the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus.a histological and histochemical study of the pineal gland of neonatal, juvenile and adult gerbils is described. calcified inclusions appear within pinealocytes in the superficial pineal about the third week of age, and the incidence of inclusions increased with age until, by the eleventh week, they are found in all animals. the inclusions contain an organic matrix composed of a carbohydrate, probably an acid mucopolysaccharide, complexed to protein. calcification does not occur in the deep pine ...197660037
a histochemical study of aldehyde fuchsin-positive material and "high-esterase cells" in the pineal gland of the mongolian gerbil.the pineal gland of the mongolian gerbil consists of a superficial gland, stalk and deep pineal. the deep pineal differentiates postnatally. histochemical studies of the superficial pineal gland indicate that it may be involved in the secretion of protein. presumptive secretory material visualized by aldehyde fuchsin (af) and chrome hematoxylin was observed along the course of blood vessels and among the pinealocytes. the distribution and texture of the af-positive material was distinctive. it d ...197767802
mast cells of the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus). morphology, histamine content and role of calcium in the histamine release process.the fine structure, histamine conten;, and role of calcium in the histamine release process were studied in peritoneal mast cells of the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus). stereological methods were applied to obtain quantitative data on their structure. the findings were compared with results obtained from the same type of cells in the rat. the gerbil mast cells were smaller in size (mean volume 242 micrometer3 vs 684 micrometer3 in the rat), and the nuclei were also smaller (55 micromet ...197881358
further observations on spontaneous neoplasms in the mongolian gerbil, meriones hundred sixty mongolian gerbils, meriones unguiculatus, were examined for the presence of naturally occurring lesions. the first recognized cases of cecal adenocarcinoma, testicular teratoma, and sebaceous gland pad carcinoma were found. neoplasms previously reported from the gerbil and also seen in the present study included ovarian theca lutein and granulosa lutein cell tumors, sebaceous gland pad adenoma, cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma, and renal and splenic hemangi ...1978210328
attempts to infect jirds (meriones unguiculatus) with wuchereria bancrofti, onchocerca volvulus, loa loa loa and mansonella ozzardi. 1977267662
comparison of the activities of some dehydrogenases in the juxtaglomerular complex of kidneys of wistar rats and desert rats (meriones unguiculati).the authors compared the enzyme histochemical activities of some dehydrogenases in the macula densa, the goormaghtigh cells and the epithelioid (or juxtaglomerular cells in the kidneys of desert rodents (mongolian gerbils) with those of the wistar rats. the macula cells (table 1), which in the wistar rats are clearly distinct from the non specific epithelial cells of the distal convolution, show, in the desert rats, noticeable fluctuations. their enzyme histochemical reactions are often weaker t ...197721152
selective induction of melanomas in gerbils (meriones unguiculatus) following postnatal administration of n-ethyl-n-nitrosourea.following a single ip injection (50 mg/kg) of n-ethyl-n-nitrosourea (enu) on postnatal day 7 or 20, 9 of 21 gerbils (43%) developed a total of 15 cutaneous melanomas. the mean survival time of tumor-bearing animals was 909 +/- 212 (sd) days. neoplasms were preferentially located at sites with little hair and with high content of pigment cells (feet, ears, tail, or snout). histologic studies on newborn gerbils indicated that enu-induced malignant transformation occurred in differentiated melanocy ...1978278863
the effect of para-chlorophenylalanine on behavioral thermoregulation in the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus). 197943796
the blood-brain barrier to horseradish peroxidase under normal and experimental conditions.this review paper deals with the transport of the protein tracer horseradish peroxidase across cerebral vessels under normal and various experimental conditions. electronmicroscopical investigations have revealed that, under normal conditions, a minor vesicular transfer of intravenously injected peroxidase occurs across the endothelium in segments of arterioles, capillaries and venules, especially in arterioles with a diameter about 15-30 mu. this normally occurring vesicular transport is suscep ...1977333857
on the hydroxylation of fluoran to form fluorescein by three species of gerbillinae (meriones unguiculatus. m. libycus and gerbillus pyramidum). 197943795
attempts to infect meriones unguiculatus and mastomys natalensis with wuchereria bancrofti from west africa.44 male and female meriones unguiculatus and 13 male mastomys natalensis were inoculated with infective stage larvae of wuchereria bancrofti from west africa and dissected between 16 and 360 days after inoculation. fourth stage larvae of w. bancrofti were recovered in meriones until the 90th day p.i. and in mastomys until the 175th day p.i. the longest larva obtained from meriones measured 9.5 mm and from mastomys 6.5 mm.1979395744
[thymectomy in the gerbil (meriones unguiculatus). technique in newborn and 17 and 34 day-old animals]. 1977404787
septal lesions and hyperdipsia in the mongolian gerbil. 1979441162
[osteological findings in the thorax of the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus (milne-edwards, 1867), compared to the thorax of the syrian golden hamster, mesocricetus auratus (waterhouse, 1840), and to the laboratory mouse, mus musculus (linné, 1758)]. 1979433469
[electron-microscopic studies of the synapses in cerebral ischemia in mongolian hamsters (meriones unguiculatus)]. 1979440561
transplantable tumor cell line derived from a spontaneous fibrosarcoma in a gerbil.a cultured tumor cell line was derived from a spontaneous fibrosarcoma in a gerbil (meriones unguiculatus). the cell line consistently produced large tumors with a high incidence of metastases in gerbils of all ages and in both sexes.1979286129
hemolytic assay of complement and its components from syrian hamster (mesocricetus auratus) and mongolian gerbil (mariones unguiculatus).syrian hamster sera may be assayed for hemolytic complement (c) activity by standard procedures with sensitized sheep erythrocytes as used for human sera, but mongolian gerbil sera had higher complement titers when tested with sensitized guinea pig erythrocytes as target cells. the optimal conditions for in vitro testing of hamster c were ph 7.3, ionic strength 0.15, and presence of 1 micrometer of mg2+ and 0.3 micrometer ca2+. for gerbil c the optimum ph was 8, ionic strength 0.074, and the sam ...197828965
adrenal cortex in retired breeder mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus) and golden hamsters (mesocricetus auratus).alterations occur predominantly in cells of the zona reticularis in retired breeder mongllian gerbils and golden hamsters. in gerbils, the size and number of lipid droplets increased and numerous large lipid-lysosomal complexes were observed in zona reticularis parenchymal cells or in macrophages, which were more numerous than in younger animals. abundant lipofuchsin pigment was observed in zona reticularis parenchymal cells, and mitochondria contained electron-opaque inclusions. in the hamster, ...1979453320
the anthelmintic effects of flubendazole on brugia pahangi.the anthelmintic effects of flubendazole (methyl [5-(4-fluorobenzoyl)-1-h-benzimidazol-2-yl] carbamate) (janssen pharmaceutica) were evaluated in jirds (meriones unguiculatus) and cats (felis cattus) infected with brugia pahangi. flubendazole was macrofilaricidal at 5 x 2.5 mg/kg and 1 x 25 mg/kg in jirds and 1 x 100 mg/kg in cats when administered by subcutaneous injection. it also killed developing larvae in jirds. it was not microfilaricidal.1979538808
temperature acclimation in the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus): biochemical and organ weight changes.1. adult mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus) were acclimated to 5 +/- 1, 24 +/- 1 and 34 +/- 1 degrees c for 6-8 weeks. 2. body weights of temperature acclimated gerbils did not differ significantly from controls. organ wt/body wt ratios of liver, kidney and heart increased in cold-acclimated and decreased in heat-acclimated gerbils. adrenal wt/body wt ratio increased in the cold and was unchanged in the heat. relative weights of brain, spleen, lungs, brown fat and ovaries + uterus did not ...1977318267
[osteological findings in the skeleton of the shoulder of the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus (milne-edwards, 1867) compared to the shoulder of the syrian golden hamster, mesocricetus auratus (waterhouse, 1840) and that of the laboratory mouse, mus musculus (linné, 1758)]. 1979442847
histochemical analysis of mucosubstances and cytochemical studies of the golgi region and the secretory granules of the normal gerbil gallbladder principal cells.the mucosubstances of the gallbladder epithelium of the mongolian gerbil have been analyzed histochemically. the results indicated that they are composed of carboxylated and sulfated glycoproteins. a closer study of the principal cell structure with ultrastructural and cytochemical technique localized the glycoproteins to the glycocalyx, lysosomes, golgi complexes, immature and mature secretory granules and basement membrane. acid phosphatase activity was found in the lysosomes, immature granule ...1979442957
ultrasounds and maternal behavior in the mongolian gerbil. 1979456755
effects of alcohol and caffeine on wheel running activity in the mongolian gerbil.this study investigated the effects of various doses of alcohol (0.8, 1.6, 2.4 g/kg) and caffeine (5, 10, 15, 20 mg/kg) on wheel running activity in 180 male and female adult mongolian gerbils. animals were tested for two 10-min trials 48 hours apart. thirty min prior to trial 2, injections were administered intraperitoneally. the results indicate that low doses of both alcohol and caffeine increase and higher doses of alcohol decrease wheel running activity in gerbils of both sexes. these resul ...1979450946
[anatomy of the pelvic and hindlimb bones of the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus (milne-edwards, 1867) as compared to those of the syrian hamster, mesocricetus auratus (waterhouse, 1840) and the laboratory mouse, mus musculus (linné, 1758)]. 1979484073
quantitative aspects of the development of mosquito transmitted brugia malayi and brugia pahangi and their distribution in jirds, meriones unguiculatus.twenty-two jirds, meriones unguiculatus, were exposed to the bites of 2250 females of aedes aegypti carrying an estimated total of 2464 larvae of brugia malayi, and 13 jirds were offered for blood feeding to 1450 mosquitoes infected with about 4460 larvae of brugia pahangi. on necropsy of the jirds, four months after feeding of the mosquitoes, a total of 88 adult filariae of b. malayi and 143 of b. pahangi were recovered in 20 and 13 jirds respectively. the majority of the adult filariae was obt ...1979483379
the tight epithelium of the mongolian gerbil subcommissural organ as revealed by freeze-fracturing.examination of neonatal mongolian gerbil subcommissural organ (sco) by freeze-fracture electron microscopy reveals that the epithelial layer (the ependyma) possesses distinctive and very complex tight junctions which connect the apical portions of adjacent ependymal cells. the tight junction network of the mongolian gerbil is more extensive neonatally than in the adult, and is in general, more conspicuous than in other animal species. the consistent finding of such very complex tight junctions a ...1979490192
cerebrovascular abnormalities associated with seizure susceptibility in the mongolian gerbil. 1979487077
vaginal opening in the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus: normal data and the influence of social factors.mean age at vaginal opening was 41 days, range 33-53 days. bodyweight at weaning and age at vaginal opening were negatively correlated, but there was no relationship between bodyweight and age at vaginal opening. the presence of a male before vaginal opening did not accelerate either the time of its occurrence or first conception. the vaginas of females caged singly from weaning opened earlier than in those kept in groups of 2 or 3.1979480901
[experimental infection of mice, gerbils, and rats with mycoplasms from canine pericardium and cardial value (author's transl)].mycoplasms isolated from heart valves (a. laidlawii (a 42 hzbtl)) and pericardium (m. canis (a 56 hzkl)) of dogs were investigated for infectivity of rats, mice and gerbils (meriones unguiculatus). in mice the species m. spumans (pg 13), m. maculosum (pg 15), m. edwardii (pg 24) and m. molare (h 542) were investigated too. the mycoplasmas were inoculated by oral, subcutaneous, intravenous and intraperitoneal route. intraperitoneally the mycoplasmas were given without and with complete and incomp ...1977595971
the uptake in vitro of dyes, monosaccharides and amino acids by the filarial worm brugia pahangi.the uptake in vitro of various substances by brugia pahangi was investigated using infective larvae obtained from aedes aegypti and worms removed from meriones unguiculatus at 2, 3, 10, 20 and 90 days post-infection. worms incubated in growth medium 199 containing 1% trypan blue possessed demonstrable dye in the oral orifice, the anterior oesophageal lumen and the external openings of the vulva and the cloaca or anus but the dye was not found in the gut lumen even after incubation for 24 h. no u ...1979481911
in vivo and in vitro binding of [3h]estradiol in brain and pituitary of mongolian gerbils, meriones unguiculatus. 1979488677
aldehyde dehydrogenase of the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus.the aldehyde dehydrogenase (aldehyde:nad(p) oxidoreductase e.c. and phenotype in several tissues of the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus, has been established. the tissue distribution of gerbil aldehyde dehydrogenase is similar to that of the rat, with liver possessing the majority of the aldehyde dehydrognease activity. male kidney and testis possess significantly more activity than female kidney and ovary. the substrate and co-enzyme specificity of gerbil liver aldehyd ...1979469473
rodent hearing: apparatus for behavioral measurements with ultrasounds.for frequencies from 4 to 80 khz, the acoustic reliability, behavioral reliability and overall performance of an open platform were entirely satisfactory in measurements of "absolute" auditory thresholds (using a reward operant procedure) in rattus norvegicus. equal satisfaction was provided by a rodent-holder in measurements of preyer reflex thresholds over a similar frequency range in r. norvegicus, mus musculus, clethrionomys glareolus, meriones unguiculatus and sigmodon hispidus.1979515213
the reproductive tract of the male spiny mouse (acomys cahirinus) and coagulation studies with other species.the testes of the spiny mice showed asymmetry, the left being significantly heavier than the right (p = 0.025). histological studies indicated that spermatozoa were first present in the testes of animals 35--45 days of age but the maturation of the accessory glands, especially the lateral prostates and coagulating glands, occurred later. the highest fructose concentration in the adult was in the lateral prostates (126.97 +/- 22.23 mg fructose/100 g, n = 5) and coagulating glands (99.38 +/- 17.65 ...1979513000
increased susceptibility to infection with brugia pahangi in aged female jirds (meriones unguiculatus).female mongolian jirds, meriones unguiculatus, from 5 age groups of 2, 12, 16, 21, and 28 months, were infected with brugia pahangi. infections were followed for 125 days by weekly bleedings beginning 55 days postinoculation. jirds were then killed and adult parasites recovered. results showed a significant shortening of the prepatent period in the 12-, 21-, and 28-month-old groups. the proportion of gravid female worms did not vary significantly among the 5 groups. similarly, the ratio of femal ...1978627948
the pineal gland of the gerbil, meriones unguiculatus. iii. morphometric analysis and fluorescence histochemistry in the intact and sympathetically denervated pineal gland.morphometric analytical procedures were employed to study the pineal gland of the mongolian gerbil following superior cervical ganglionectomy (scgx). the purpose of this study was to define the effects of sympathetic denervation on the morphology of the gland at two time periods, 0500 and 1900 h (one hour before lights-on and lights-off, respectively). fluorescence histochemistry was employed to determine catecholamine and indoleamine content in intact and denervated pineal glands. after scgx, t ...1979527018
the pineal gland of the gerbil, meriones unguiculatus. ii. morphometric analysis over a 24-hour means of morphometric analytical procedures, a diurnal rhythm in the cellular volume of gerbil pinealocytes was determined. this rhythm has been attributed primarily to a change in the cytoplasmic volume of the pinealocytes which is low during the daylight hours and increases to reach a peak during the middle of the dark period. at the ultrastructural level, six cytoplasmic components of the pinealocytes were found to exhibit a rhythm: free cytoplasm, smooth endoplasmic reticulum (ser), rough ...1979527024
comparative thermoregulatory effects of opioids in the rat and the mongolian gerbil. 1979515093
exteroceptive factors and pregnancy block in the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus.a series of experiments based on 150 newly mated, uni- and multi-parous mongolian gerbils provided no evidence for the existence of pregnancy blocking due to a strangle male effect. the reduced level of fertility observed was attributed to stressful factors at critical times in the pregnancy. treatment with 10 i.u. pmsg on the day following mating interrupted pregnancy and the majority of females mated again within 4 days.1979513030
effects of dietary caloric density on feeding behavior in mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus). 1977613342
response of free and esterified plasma cholesterol levels in the mongolian gerbil to the fatty acid composition of dietary lipid. 1979529998
role of cutaneous feedback in ventral rubbing in the male mongolian gerbil. 1977613354
effect of superior cervical ganglionectomy on monoamine content in the epithalamic area of the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus): a fluorescence histochemical study.extirpation of the superior cervical ganglion was performed in a series of mongolian gerbils. one or two weeks after the ganglionectomy the animals were injected with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. subsequently perfusion fixation was performed using the glyoxylic acid-paraformaldehydr-magnesium method (lorén et al., 1976) for fluorescence histochemical investigation of the monoamines of the pineal complex. in the ganglionectomized animals all of the blue-fluorescent sympathetic fibers in the pin ...1979527008
nematospiroides dubius: the course of primary and challenge infections in the jird, meriones unguiculatus. 1977557417
[hematologic and clinical chemical normal ranges of the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus)]. 1979532396
evidence for immunodepression of syrian hamsters and mongolian jirds by dipetalonema viteae infections. 1976557249
effects of spiperone on self-stimulation and other activities of the mongolian gerbil.1 self-stimulation to lever pressing and capacitance probe touching was obtained in mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus) from electrode placements within the medial forebrain bundle. 2 lever pressing was more sensitive to the decremental effects of a central depressant, pentobarbitone, than capacitance probe touching, suggesting its greater responsiveness to disturbances of motor function. 3 spiperone (0.005 to 0.05 mg/kg) attenuated capacitance probe touching and lever pressing equally, a ...1978565659
certain efferent cortical fiber pathways of the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus).three areas of responsive cortex were demonstrated by electrical stimulation in the gerbil. low voltage stimulation of frontal areas yielded a sequential pattern of discrete contralateral movements. proceeding from a rostroventral to a caudodorsal position facial movements were obtained followed by upper extremity, trunk and lower extremity movements. this area includes primary motor cortex (area 4) in the gerbil. a comparable rostrocaudal motor pattern was obtained by stimulation above the rhin ...1979536583
amphetamine effects on stimulus-elicited investigation in the mongolian gerbil. 1978570274
amphetamine-induced stereotypy in the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus). 1978567975
effects of sustained-release testosterone on marking behavior in the mongolian gerbil.utilizing subcutaneous silastic implants containing testosterone the effect of sustained low-level release of testosterone on marking behavior in castrated mongolian gerbils was determined. castration resulted in a decrease in marking frequency from 38 +/- 4 to 4 +/- 1. sustained release of 6 micrograms testosterone per day from implants did not stimulate marking behavior. daily release of 11 micrograms increased marking 550% after one week. release of 17 micrograms per day was required to resto ...1979523537
further studies on capillaria philippinensis: development of the parasite in the mongolian gerbil.capillaria philippinensis larvae from the digestive tract of a northern luzon freshwater fish (hypselotris bipartita) experimentally exposed to embryonated eggs, were given by stomach tube to mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus). the larvae developed into adults within 10 to 11 days and female worms produced larvae within 13 to 14 days. these larvae developed into second generation adults by days 22 to 24 and the second generation females produced eggs that were present in the feces of the ...1978565396
pericapsular smooth muscle cells in renal corpuscles of the mongolian gerbil.during the course of a systematic investigation of the renal corpuscles in various desert rodents (meriones unguiculati, meriones shawii, psammomys obesus, and dipodymis), a thickened bowman's capsule was observed light microscopically in some kidneys of adult meriones unguiculati (mongolian gerbil). electron microscopic studies show that this unusual finding may depend on the presence of one or two layers of typical smooth muscle cells adjacent to the outer surface of the basal lamina. in the k ...1979572742
syphacia obvelata in the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus): natural occurrence and experimental adult from a research colony and a litter of 5-week-old mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus) from a pet store were found to have pinworms identified as syphacia obvelata. the infected gerbils were allowed to cohabitate with uninfected gerbils. similarly, infected gerbils were caged with uninfected mice and infected mice with uninfected gerbils. results of these studies showed that syphacia obvelata can be transmitted from gerbil to gerbil, gerbil to mouse, and mouse to gerbil.1978564989
in vitro effects of aflatoxin b1 on the uptake of 14c-orotic acid into kidney, liver and muscle tissue of the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus. 1979497455
acquisition of schedule-induced polydipsia in the mongolian gerbil. 1978569876
penetration of the zona-free or intact eggs by foreign spermatozoa and the fertilization of deer mouse eggs in vitro.zona-free eggs were introduced to fresh or preincubated sperm suspensions and the penetration of eggs by foreign spermatozoa was examined, as evidenced by enlargement of the sperm head and formation of the male pronucleus. it was found that zona-free hamster eggs can be penetrated by guinea-pig, deer mouse and rabbit spermatozoa but zona-free rat, mouse and rabbit eggs cannot be penetrated by guinea-pig spermatozoa. furthermore, zona-free rat and mouse eggs cannot be penetrated by spermatozoa fr ...1978624928
[early ischemic changes in the brain in mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus) following unilateral ligation of the common carotid artery]. 1977600387
development of the squamosomandibular articulation in the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus). ii. succinate dehydrogenase activity.succinate dehydrogenase activity has been studied, according to the method of nachlas et al. (1957), in the developing tissues forming the squamosomandibular articulation in the mongolian gerbil from its inception through the sixty postnatal day. increased activity was observed in the chondroblasts, osteoblasts and mesenchymal tissues of the developing articulation. the chondroclasts of the developing mandibular condyle displayed intense reaction as did the osteoclasts of the developing bony art ...1979511591
animal models for screening hypolipidemic drugs. ii. response to nicotinic acid in the mongolian gerbil. short communication. 1978636682
innervation of the pineal gland in the mongolian gerbil (meriones unguiculatus). a fluorescence microscopical study.the innervation of the pineal gland in the mongolian gerbil, meriones unguiculatus, was investigated light microscopically by the falck-hillarp fluorescence technique and by conventional light microscopy. the pineal gland displayed a superficial portion just beneath the confluens sinuum and a deep part (lamina intercalaris) connected by a slender pineal stalk, which contained pinealocytes. the superficial part of the pineal gland consisted of dark-stained pinealocytes arranged in lobules, and se ...1978630594
studies on diabetic syndrome and influences of long-term tolbutamide administration in mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus).sixty-seven mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus), which seem to resemble the sand rats in the manifestation of diabetic syndrome, were used for observations on the development of diabetic process and on the effect of the long term administration of tolbutamide on it. the mean blood glucose (158.2 +/- 14.7 mg/100 ml), mean serum nefa (0.70 +/- 0.34 meq/l) and mean serum iri (68.9 +/- 10.2 muu/ml) in mongolian gerbils were relatively higher than those in rats. diabetes-like processes found in ...1977590200
[impairment of cerebral microcirculation in mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus) following unilateral common carotid artery ligation]. 1978733012
comparison of ketamine and pentobarbital anesthesia in the mongolian gerbil.the clinical course of pentobarbital and ketamine anesthesia are compared following a single injection of each and as anesthesia for carotid ligation in the mongolian gerbil. induction time to pinprick insensitivity was found to be the same for each agent; however, ketamine allowed earlier emergence and, moreover, observation of peripheral motor activity during the operative procedure.1978666083
succinic dehydrogenase activity during palate formation in the mongolian gerbil.the palatal shelf epithelium of the mongolian gerbil was examined for succinic dehydrogenase activity prior to, during and the after palatal fusion (days 18-20 post coitus). enzyme activity was present during all stages examined, and was noted even in the epithelial pearls of fused palates. the presence of sdh activity in these epithelial pearls lends support to the theory 'epithelial stretching', and questions the theory of 'programmed cell death' in relation to the loss of the epithelium along ...1978632209
noise-induced threshold shift and cochlear pathology in the mongolian gerbil.groups of six mongolian gerbils were exposed to two-octave (1414-5656 hz) band noise for 1 h at 100, 110, and 120 db spl. threshold shift at several frequencies was measured 0.5, 3, 6, and 12 h, and 1-28 days after exposure. final thresholds were determined at least two months postexposure. extensive threshold shift was observed in all groups 0.5 h after exposure (ts0.5h). where threshold shift increased in the initial hours after exposure, such increases were correlated with eventual permanent ...1978649873
the cellular blood picture of the mongolian gerbil throughout the first year of life: a longitudinal study.the mongolian gerbil was subjected to a longitudinal study of its cellular blood picture throughout its first year of life. this laboratory rodent initiates its neonatal period with an erythrocytic macrocytosis, a subadult red cell count and panleukocytosis, followed by a transient leukopenia. the adult blood picture is attained by 8 weeks with an erythrocyte count of 8.5--9.0 x 10(6) rbc/mm3 and a leukocyte level of 10--12 x 10(3) cells/mm3. the erythrocytes are microcytic (approximately 53 mu3 ...1978658176
splenomegaly in jirds (meriones unguiculatus) infected with brugia malavi (nematoda: filarioidea) and related species. 1978677362
effects of level of acoustic stimulation on locomotor activity in the gerbil.two experiments dealt with the behavioral responsiveness of the mongolian gerbil to the onset, offset, and intensity of auditory stimulation. in experiment i, the presence of background noise, relative to a condition of silence, was found to facilitate rate of shuttle activity in the gerbil. also, both incremental and decremental shifts in noise intensity produced immediate increases and decreases, respectively, in activity level. experiment ii revealed that the relationship between shuttle-acti ...1978742662
effects of aldactazide and doca injections on saline preference in gerbils (meriones unguiculatus). 1978697693
effects of met5-enkephalin and naloxone on spontaneous seizures in the mongolian gerbil. 1978693518
the mongolian gerbil as a model for chronic lead toxicity. 1975805166
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