the renin-angiotensin system and drinking behavior. 1975732
transfer of drugs across the ruminal wall in goats.the rates at which pentobarbital, salicylate, antipyrine, and quinine were transferred from the rumen of intact, conscious goats were measured. the rates at which the same drugs diffused from the blood plasma (under conditions of constant drug concentration) into the ruminal solution were also evaluated. these compounds were absorbed by simple diffusion, and the rates of transfer were a function of ph of the intraruminal solution. the diffusion of drugs from plasma into the reticulorumen allowed ...1975934
water metabolism in the llama. 19751179
effect of liver failure on the ventilatory response to hypoxia in man and the goat.1. the ventilatory responses to transient and steady-state hypoxia were measured in ten patients with hepatic cirrhosis and in ten healthy control subjects. successive measurements of these responses were also obtained in six goats before and after the experimental production of liver failure. changes in the effect of steady-state hypoxia on the ventilatory response to hypercapnia were evaluated by successive studies in another goat. 2. in spite of a respiratory alkalosis during liver failure, t ...19762406
igm-mediated, t cell-independent suppression of humoral immunity.the immunological unreactive state occurring in (t,g)-a-l nonresponder mice after secondary antigen challenge was investigated. syngeneic igm anti-(t,g)-a-l antibody-containing plasma, transferred at the time of the time of primary challenge, induced persistent suppression of autologous specific antibody production. removal of plasma igm with goat anti-mu antisera removed the ability of the plasma to supress. the induction and maintenance of the suppressed state were not different in thymectomiz ...19763607
a kinetic concepto of lipid transport in ruminants.summarization of the literature shows a strong correlation between dietary fatty acid intake and total lipid concentration in plasma in lactating cows whereas total milk fat secreted is related to neither of these. in the process of plasma triglyceride removal, chylomicra and very low density lipoproteins are converted to low density lipoproteins. limited kinetic data indicate that the fractional removal rates for chulomicra and very low density lipoproteins are rapid in lactating cows whereas f ...19764477
comparative study of the optimum ph value of serum alkaline phosphatase in various species of farm animals.investigations were carried out on the alkaline phosphatase in the sera of cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens, the ph value of the buffer used being 9.0-9.8-10.0-10.2-10.6 and 11.0, and the method applied--that of richterich. the ph value at which the serum alkaline phosphatase in the various farm animals and birds was most active was found to vary to a large extent. optimal values for the enzyme's activity usually range as follows: cattle, 10.2; pigs and goats, 10.0; sheep,--10.2; ...19755802
values of acid-base equilibrium in the blood of various species of domestic means of the astrup equilibration method the values of the acid-base balance of the blood were determined in 104 cows, 99 horses, 100 pigs, 15 sheep, 20 goats, and in 101 dogs. the ph values of the blood, the partial pressure of co2, the base excess, the base buffer, the standard bicarbonate, the actual bicarbonate, and the total co2 were processed statistically and are presented in tables.19767040
studies on the properties of acid erythrocyte phosphatase in sheep and the isoenzymes of sheep and goat acid erythrocyte phosphatase.ovine erythrocytic acid phosphatase showed two peaks of activity at ph 5.0 and 5.7 in acetate buffer with p-nitrophenylphosphate as substrate. the enzyme was only slightly inhibited by fluoride and l-phenylalanine, but high concentrations of urea strongly inhibited it. activity of the enzyme was greater in goat erythrocytes than in sheep. by means of starch electrophoresis, three isoenzymes belonging to nine types were separated from the ovine enzymes, while three isoenzymes of five types were p ...19757216
utilization of volatile fatty acids in ruminants. 8. acetate activation in mammary tissue. 19769435
effect of oxygen saturation on h+ and cl- distribution across the red cell membrane in human and ruminant blood.alterations of red cell ph (phc) and distribution ratios of h+ (gammah+) and cl (gammacl-) between plasma and red blood cells with oxygenation of blood were studied in human blood (audult and fetal) and ruminant blood (bovine, goat and sheep). the experiments were carried out at a plasma ph of 7.0 to 7.7 and at 37 degrees c. in human blood phc of fully oxygenated blood was 0.035 ph lower than that of fully deoxygenated blood in all ranges of plasma ph studied. in ruminant blood, however, the dif ...197611446
the evolution of plants and animals under domestication: the contribution of studies at the molecular level.protein molecules are essential catalysts in life processes and also form much of the substance of living material. their three dimensional structures determine their biological function. their biosynthesis is primarily determined by arrays of nucleic acid macromolecules (dna and rna), and the amino acid sequences that constitute their long spatially organized peptide-chain molecules reflect at one remove this dna coding system, and thus record a step-by-step history of some of the viable geneti ...197611513
changes in the blood pictureof the red goat of maradi as a function of its gastrointestinal parasitism.numerous "chèvres de maradi" are bred in republique du niger (cap. niamey), 2 - 10(+6) numbered in 1973. this rustic ruminant is often very parasitized by intestinal nematodes and sporozoa. the most frequent genera are bunostomum (55%), trichostrongylus (40%), strongyloides (27%), oesophagostomum and haemonchus (20%), sometimes moniezia or stilesia, coccidiosis being endemic and very pathogenic, eimeria (70%). polyparasitism is a "modus vivendi" between the host and these various parasites. all ...197611658
isolation and characterization of low and high affinity goat antibodies directed to single antigenic sites on human hemoglobin. 197613037
mouse lymphocytes with and without surface immunoglobulin: preparative scale separation in polystyrene tissue culture dishes coated with specifically purified anti-immunoglobulin.mouse spleen cells could be preparatively separated into immunoglobulin positive (ig+) and immunoglobulin-netative (ig-)populations by incubating as many as 2 x 10(8) cells per 100 mm diameter petri plate coated with specifically purified goat anti-mouse immunoglobulin. the non-adherent population was 95% or more ig-, and possessed graft versus host and cytotoxic effector activities, as would be expected for t cells. they could also give a mixed lymphocyte reaction and generate cytotoxic effecto ...197715036
arrhythmic doses of epinephrine and dopamine during halothane, enflurane, methoxyflurane, and fluroxene anesthesia in goats.the cardiac arrhythmicity of epinephrine and dopamine was compared in awake goats and during approximate equivalent levels of halothane, enflurane, methoxyflurane, and fluroxene anesthesia. the arrhythmic threshold dose for epinephrine and dopamine was significantly (p less than 0.05) reduced during halothane anesthesia when compared to values determined in awake animals. enflurane anesthesia had no significant affect on the arrhythmic threshold dose for either catecholamine. however, methoxyflu ...197715472
formation of glutamine and activities of glutamine synthetase in goats. 197717029
the pharmacology of experimental myopathies. 197717357
effects of increased intracranial pressure on pulmonary vascular resistance of fetal and neonatal goats.the effects of increased intracranial pressure on the pulmonary circulation were investigated in fetal and neonatal goats. pulmonary vascular resistance and systemic arterial pressure increased with elevation of intracranial pressure in neonatal animals. alpha-adrenergic blockade completely eliminated both of these responses. the response of the fetal pulmonary circulation was unlike that seen in the postnatal animal. although there was a slight elevation of pulmonary vascular resistance initial ...197718019
new techniques to measure blood cholinesterase activity in domesticated animals.a macromethod and a semimicromethod were developed to measure erythrocyte acetylcholinesterase activity in cattle, sheep, goats, horses, dogs, and swine, and to measure plasma cholinesterase activity in horses, dogs, and swine. comparison of the 2 methods with erythrocytes of sheep, cattle, goats, and horses indicated both methods gave similar results. they can be done in a shorter time and are more sensitive than michel's method. normal deltaph values per minutes, with standard deviations for b ...197718075
distribution of beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase, hyaluronoglucosaminidase and acrosin in buffalo and goat spermatozoa.the distribution of beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase, hyaluronoglucosaminidase and acrosin in buffalo and goat sperm acrosomes was studied. the three hydrolases were found to occur in soluble and bound forms. in the bound form, they were associated with the denuded sperm and were maximally solubilized at ph 3.0. the possible role of beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase in fertilization is discussed.197718396
nature of the rabbit acrosome reaction-inducing activity of follicular fluid.follicular fluid samples from rabbits, cats, pigs, women and cows had acrosome reaction-inducing activity (aria) on rabbit spermatozoa as determined by differential staining after incubation with these fluids. activity was retained after dialysis and at least 50% was found to be labile when heated to 56 degrees c for as little as 20 min. the induction of the acrosome reaction by bovine follicular fluid showed a dependence on the concentration of follicular fluid and spermatozoa and on calcium io ...197718603
fusiform erythrocytes in angora goats resembling sickle cells: influence of temperature, ph, and oxygenation on cell shape. 197718973
reaction of selenium with immunoglobulin molecules.radioactive selenite reacts with purified human and goat immunoglobulins at acidic and neutral ph. the antigenic properties of the immunoglobulins are retained during the selenium labelling as shown by immunoelectrophoresis and autoradiography. pepsin digests of 75se-labelled igg possess 75se both in the (fab')2 fraction and in the low molecular weight peptides derived from the fc domains. alpha-1-acid glycoprotein, ribonuclease, and lysozyme are also labelled by this procedure. enhancement of 7 ...197719084
cerebral blood flow and vascular reactivity after removal of the superior cervical sympathetic ganglion in the goat. 197719161
studies on the physico-chemical properties of alhagain.the protease isolated jawasee shrub was found to hydrolyze egg albumin, casein, haemoglobin and gelatin optimally near neutral ph. fibrin, bovin serum albumin, skin albumin and skin mucoids were hydrolyzed at slightly alkaline ph, while skin globulins were hydrolyzed at slightly acidic ph. the enzyme had no effect of fibrous collagen. the optimum conditions for the hydrolysis of 50 mg of egg albumin were found to be 50 mg of alhagain at ph 6.0 and 45 degrees c for 30 minutes. a km value of 4.4 x ...197721147
adsorption of horseradish peroxidase, ovomucoid and anti-immunoglobulin to colloidal gold for the indirect detection of concanavalin a, wheat germ agglutinin and goat anti-human immunoglobulin g on cell surfaces at the electron microscopic level: a new method, theory and application.a method is described for the adsorption of selected macromolecules to colloidal gold which is then used as an electron dense marker for the indirect detection of specific cell surface molecules. membrane bound concanavalin a, which binds specific sugars on horseradish peroxidase, and wheat germ agglutinin, which binds specific sugars on ovomucoid are detected indirectly with gold labeled horseradish peroxidase and ovomucoid, respectively. goat anti-human igm on blood lymphocytes is detected wit ...197721217
acid elution of blood group antibodies from intact erythrocytes.human igm and igg antibodies against blood group antigens (a, b, d, c, c, e, e, fya, k), autoantibodies and mouse igm and igg antibodies against sheep erythrocytes have been eluted from intact human and sheep red cells by glycine-hcl buffer, ph 3.0. the yield of human antibodies was higher with acid than with heat and ether elution, and the contamination of hemoglobin in the eluate was negligible. the acid elution method is very simple and rapid and, therefore, highly suitable for experimental a ...197721486
a change in the internal affinity of lk goat red-cell sodium pumps induced by high ph.the k inhibition of ouabain-sensitive atpase activity of lk goat red cell membranes is greatly reduced at high ph. this effect is reversible, and specific, since the apparent affinities for atp, ouabain or external k do not alter. anti-l-treated membranes show a similar alkali-induced affinity change, but have a lower ph optimum.197721689
preparation of 125i polypeptide hormones for radioimmunoassay using glucose oxidase with latoperoxidase. 197722011
establishment of the hosts of bloodsucking mosquitoes in abkhazia. 3. fertility of females of mass mosquito species feeding on warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals. 197722029
acid-base and metabolic factors: state of the art. 197823252
is brain ecf h+ an important drive to breathe in man? 197823255
some clinical aspects of caprine reproduction.several clinical reproductive problems in the female dairy goat are considered, including estrus detection, artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, abortions, and periparturient difficulties. sexual behavior of the buck, onset of puberty, techniques for semen collection and evaluation, the production of teaser animals, and methods of castration are also discussed. recognition of the intersex goat, which may have a masculine, feminine, or intermediate phenotype, is necessary in herds where ...197824527
cytochemical demonstration of esterases in peripheral blood leukocytes.cytochemical methods for alpha naphthyl acetate esterase and chloroacetate esterase have been used to identify human monocytes and granulocytes. in this study, a standard procedure for staining alpha naphthyl acetate and chloroacetate esterase activities was modified by extending the range of ph of the incubation mixture and the duration of staining and was applied to cat, dog, goat, guinea pig, hamster, human, pig, rabbit, rat, and sheep leukocytes. the results for both enzymes showed (1) incub ...197825603
the electrical potential difference and impedance between csf and blood in unanesthetized man.the electrical potential difference (pd) between cerebrospinal fluid (csf) and blood has been studied extensively in animals. to obtain data from man the pd and impedance were recorded from the lumbar subarachnoid space of thirteen unanaesthetized patients with a presumably normal blood--brain barrier. the spontaneous pd ranged from 1 mv to 5 mv, csf positive to blood. hyperventilation and co2-inhalation changed the pd with a mean slope of deltapd/deltapha of --4.16 mv/ph. the csf-blood pd in un ...197826966
seroepidemiological investigations in domestic ruminants from egypt, somalia and jordan for the demonstration of complement fixing antibodies against rickettsia and chlamydia (author's transl).1450 random serum samples of domestic ruminants from egypt, somalia and jordan were investigated for complement fixing antibodies against rickettsia and chlamydia. between 1.5 and 3.4% of the samples from the animals investigated had antibodies against the rmsf-group of rickettsia, with exception of the sera from somalian cattle and sheep from jordan. antibodies against rickettsia of the typhus-group were found in 4 cattle and 1 goat from jordan and 2 sheep from egypt; by agglutination test with ...197828651
redistribution of hydrogen ion and chloride, and water shift across the red cell membrane of human and ruminant blood with changes in oxygen saturation. 197830065
on the heterogeneity of catalase from goat liver. purification and characterization. 197832178
studies on the glycosidases of semen: purification and properties of alpha-d-mannopyranosidase from goat seminal plasma.alpha d-mannosidase activity in goat semen was observed to be distributed in sperm and seminal plasma. in sperm the enzyme, present in soluble and bound forms, was located within the acrosome. the bound enzyme was associated with the denuded sperm. seminal plasma alpha-mannosidase was purified 100-fold and the final preparation was shown to be homogeneous by polyacrylamide and sds gel electrophoresis and on isoelectric focusing. the molecular weight of the enzyme, determined by gel filtration an ...197832482
localization of the site of adenylylation of glutamine synthetase by electron microscopy of an enzyme-antibody complex.antibodies to the nucleosidel,n(6)-ethenoadenosine have been used to localize the site of adenylylation of the glutamine synthetase [l-glutamate:ammonia ligase (adp-forming), ec] of escherichia coli. antibodies were induced in rabbits by injection of a bovine albumin-ethenoadenosine conjugate. the resulting antisera strongly bound ethenoadenosine, its 5'-nucleotide, or protein conjugates of the nucleoside; little or no crossreaction was seen to adenosine, amp, or the protein carrier. eth ...197832536
[changes in mammary tissue lipid metabolism in the goats during the first 2 months of lactation].5 french alpine goats were studied after normal or premature parturition. mammary tissue acetyl-c oa carboxylase, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, malic enzyme and lipoprotein lipase (lpl) activities varied in parallel with milk fat secretion from the 3rd to the 9th week of lactation. variations of mammary lpl activity and of long chain fatty acid secretion were positively highly correlated during that period. in goats with normal parturition, lipogenic activities seemed to reach a maximum lev ...197832969
proceedings of the international embryo transfer society. fifth annual conference - 14-16 january, 1979. 197933864
repulsive van der waals forces. i. complete dissociation of antigen-antibody complexes by means of negative van der waals forces. 197933892
simultaneous localization of lhrh and catecholamines in rat hypothalamus.the pap unlabelled antibody enzyme method of sternberger was used for the histochemical demonstration of lhrh and the catecholamine synthesizing enzyme, tyrosine hydroxylase (th) in the hypothalamus of the adult male and pregnant female rat. the sections for light and electron microscopy were serially treated with normal goat serum, lhrh antiserum and/or th antiserum, goat anti-rabbit igg, pap complex and 3,3'-diaminobenzidine (dab) or 4-cl-1-naphtol. lhrh-positive cell bodies were discernible i ...197935506
synthesis of two classes of antibody, gammam and gammag or gammam and gammaa, by identical cells. amplification of the antibody response to pneumococcal polysaccharide type iii.class-specific plaque-forming cell (pfc) (gammam, gamma1, gamma2, and gammaa) responses to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide (sss-iii) were studied in balb/c x c57bl/6f1 (cbf1) mice with and without induction of an allogeneic effect. gamma1, gamma2, and gammaa pfc were detected in two ways: (a) with the sequential development of the assay slides, first for direct (gammam)pfc followed by incubation with class-specific antiimmunoglobulin and complement for the development of additional gamma1, ...197936442
improvement of the glucose oxidase immunoenzyme technic. use of a tetrazolium whose formazan is stable without heavey metal chelation.glucose oxidase immunoenzymatic localization provides a simple way to show antigens in mammalian tissues, with no need for the quenching of endogenous nonspecific staining. the method is useful for the demonstration of many antigens in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues. improvement of this technic by the use of p-nitro blue tetrazolium chloride (nbt) as the disclosing reagent provides a stable, finely grained localization not possible with the previously used thiazolyl blue (mtt). the de ...197936746
biochemical processes involved in ferrihemoglobin formation by monohydroxyaniline derivatives in erythrocytes of birds and mammals. 197937027
lipid metabolism in the mammary gland of ruminant animals. 197938463
in vitro binding of trypanosoma congolense to erythrocytes.trypanosoma congolense broden, an intravascular parasite, binds to vessel walls and erythrocytes of infected hosts. in an attempt to characterize t. congolense adhesion to host cells, an in vitro assay was devised. it was shown in the in vitro experiments that t. congolense binds to bovine, sheep, and goat erythrocytes, but not always to erythrocytes of rats, mice, rabbits, horses or humans. only the anterior part of live trypanosomes adheres to erythrocytes, and the attachment site on the trypa ...197939167
an evaluation of a continuous tissue ph monitor in the fetal and neonatal goat.the validity of continuous tissue ph measurements was established in the fetal and neonatal goat model. simultaneous determinations of tissue, arterial, and venous ph were done during alterations in acid-base status. a highly significant correlation was found between tissue and blood ph levels (r = 0.89, p less than 0.001). these data confirm the accuracy of the tissue ph instrumentation in predicting core blood ph status and support the potential usefulness of the instrumentation in perinatal m ...197939453
antigen-antibody interactions and the anomalous kinetics of arylsulfatase a.antibodies against homogeneous rabbit liver arylsulfatase a (aryl-sulfatase sulfohydrolase, ec were produced in a goat and the effects of these antibodies on the kinetic parameters of the enzyme have been studied. the results indicate that the binding of antibody to the enzyme does not alter the enzyme active site, since km and -ki values are unaffected. however, a small reduction in the enzyme activity was observed as the result of a reduction of v in the enzyme-antibody complex. the b ...197939607
[the effect of large burns in ruminants on the edibility of meat].the effect of non-contact burns was studied on a model of a slaughter ruminant. the study included the examination of the penetration of germs into the blood stream and into the meat and of the main changes characterizing the ripening of the obtained meat. the tests were conducted with two groups of animals, killed 1) at the beginning of the development of the infection process in the burn, 2) in a health state in which the prognosis was unfavourable quo ad vitam. it was found on the basis of ha ...197940336
humoral factor that specifically regulates factor x levels in rabbits (coagulopoietin-x).a heat-stable humoral substance (coagulopoietin-x) is present in rabbits partially depleted of factor x, which is capable of raising factor x levels when injected into recipient rabbits. rabbits were partially depleted of factor x by slow infusion of a globulin fraction of goat anti-rabbit factor x antibody. this resulted in the reduction of factor x to 40--50% of normal at 1 h and 60--70% of normal at 6 h. no effect was noted on levels of factors ii, v, or vii. plasma from these animals, when i ...197941003
jos virus infection in domestic animals and primates. pathogenicity and immunological studies.three species of domestic animals (rabbits, sheep and goats) and two species of primates erythrocebus patas monkeys and baboon (papio anubis) were infected with jos virus. none of the infected animals developed viraemia or overt clinical disease. complement-fixing and neutralising antibodies were demonstrated in sera of infected animals.197941441
simple purification of goat igg1 and igg2 subclasses by chromatography on protein a-sepharose at various ph. 197942614
composition of cerebral fluids in goats adapted to high altitude.we explored the ionic composition of cerebral interstitial fluid (cisf) in six unanesthetized goats at sea level (sl) and again after 5 days at a simulated high altitude (ha) of 4,300 m. by measuring net transependymal fluxes of hco3-, cl-, and lactate during ventriculocisternal perfusions with lactate-free artificial cerebrospinal fluid (csf) with various [hco3-] and [cl-], we determined [hco3-] and [cl-] in the inflowing perfusate that produced zero flux, which are estimates of the concentrati ...197942634
ph gradient elution of human igg1, igg2 and igg4 from protein a-sepharose.pooled human serum having a normal igg subclass content was chromatographed on a column of protein a-sepharose. the immunoglobulins that bound to the column at ph 7.0 were eluted with a ph gradient generated by 3 equal volumes of citrate/phosphate buffer at ph 5.0, 4.5 and 2.2. the elution pattern consisted of two major overlapping peaks centered 0.4 ph units apart in the ph gradient; on average the first peak centered at ph 4.7, and the second centered at ph 4.3. upon second passage of each com ...197942659
[seroepidemiologic studies on reovirus infections of man, domestic and wild animals in tanzania (author's transl)].2238 sera of bovines, 95 of goats, 251 of antelopes (various species), 143 of zebras and 11 of warthogs collected in tanzania as well as 811 sera of men and females of the city and the region of dar es salaam were tested for haemagglutination inhibiting antibodies (ab) to reovirus serotypes (st) 1, 2 and 3. ab to st 1 resp. 2 could be detected in 24--39% of bovines, goats, antelopes and zebras, and in warthogs to 64%. in human beings the positive percentage was 60%. ab to st 3 were most prevalen ...197943091
[enzyme immunoassay for the detection and identification of dengue viruses from infected mosquitoes (author's transl)].the authors deal with a "double sandwich" enzyme immunoassay for the detection and identification of dengue viruses 1, 2 and 4. they use ground glass-beads (7 mm diameter) coated with human heterospecific anti-dengue antibodies, to bind viruses obtained from infected mosquitoes (toxorhynchites amboinensis). the mouse antibodies bound to the viruses coated on the beads are revealed by anti-mouse 7s immunoglobulins labelled with peroxydase. the method is practical, sensitive and confident. the sta ...197943691
quantitative estimation of ammonia absorption by goats fed high starch diets with urea supplement. 197943697
central chemical regulation of respiration in term newborn.the role of the medullary h+-sensitive chemoreceptors on the drive of breathing was studied in 10 unanesthetized newborn animals (8 lambs and 2 kids). the experiment consisted of sequential measurements of ventilation (ve) during a progressive change in the arterial ph (pha) and in the ph of the cisternal cerebrospinal fluid (phcsf), induced by intravenous infusion of hydrochloric acid (hcl) followed after an 8-h steady state of acidosis by rapid bicarbonate [hco3-] infusion. it is shown that a ...197943860
the rift valley fever epizootic in egypt 1977-78. 2. ecological and entomological studies.epidemiological factors related to the introduction, spread and maintenance of rift valley fever (rvf) virus were studied during the 1977-78 epizootic in egypt, culex pipiens is the most ubiquitous and prevalent mosquito species in the nile valley and delta. isolation of rvf virus from unengorged c. pipiens, and demonstration of laboratory transmission of the virus by this species, strongly implicate it as the chief vector in egypt. virus transmission to man also occurs by contamination when han ...197944038
detection of anticapsular antibodies to bacteroides asaccharolyticus in serum from rabbits and humans by use of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.a sensitive serologic test, the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa), was used to detect serum igg antibodies directed specifically to a capsular antigen of bacteroides asaccharolyticus (previously known as bacteroides melaninogenicus subspecies asaccharolyticus). anticapsular igg was measured in 30 specimens of rabbit serum after the animals were immunized with whole b. asaccharolyticus, the two subspecies of b. melaninogenicus, and several other bacterial species. species-specific anticap ...197944309
pathogenicity of ureaplasmas for animals and man.since their original isolation from the genital tract of man, ureaplasmas, previously termed t-strain mycoplasmas, have been isolated from a variety of animal species. under experimental conditions they have been shown to cause mastitis in cattle, goats and mice, and observations made on naturally-occurring bovine pneumonia, as well as the results of experimental inoculation, suggest that ureaplasmas are responsible for a portion of bovine cuffing pneumonia. ureaplasmas have been isolated from t ...197944609
responses of pulmonary and systemic circulations of perinatal goats to prostaglandin f2 alpha. 197944688
the complement system in bullous pemphigoid. ii. immunofluorescent evidence for both classical and alternate-pathway activation. 197545850
serological analysis of human deoxyribonucleic acid polymerases. preparation and properties of antiserum to deoxyribonucleic acid polymerase i from human lymphoid cells.the preparation and properties of an antiserum to human dna polymerase i (6 to 8 s) are described. care was taken in the purification of the antigen to remove certain other dna polymerases found in human cells. an incubation of antigen and antiserum lasting about 48 hours is necessary to achieve maximal inhibition. about 1 mug of the antipolymerase immunoglobulin g, prepared in rats, neutralizes 60% of the activity present in 54 ng of the enzyme. tritrations varying both antiserum and enzyme dem ...197546229
dissociation of the immunologic release of histamine and slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis from human lung using cytochalasins a and b-1.cytochalasins a and b at low doses resulted in enhancement of the antigen-induced and anti-ige-mediated release of histamine from human lung fragments in vitro. both compounds appeared to effect a dose-dependent inhibition of the antigen-induced release of slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis. although the effects observed with cytochalasin b were at least partially reversible, the effects of cytochalasin a could not be readily reversed. the cytochalasins appeared to be more effective when pre ...197546240
identification of a colon-specific antigen (csa) in normal and neoplastic antigen has been isolated from a human signet-ring cell carcinoma serially growing in hamsters, gw-39, by saline, pca, or phenol extraction, and has been found immunologically identical to a similarly extracted substance in normal human or hamster colon. no other hamster or human tissues or cells were found to contain this antigen, for which reason we have termed it colon-specific antigen, or csa. csa has been found to be distinct from the major blood group-specific antigens and from othercol ...197546258
complement-mediated release of histamine from human leukocytes.activation of either the alternative or classical pathway of complement generated a factor which induced release of histamine from both non-allergic and allergic human basophils. this factor probably is derived from the complement system since 1) its formation was associated with loss of c3 activity in human serum, 2) chemotactic factor, probably also a complement product, was generated simultaneously, 3) heat inactivation blocked its formation, 4) anti-c3 and anti-c5 blocked formation of the fa ...197546261
identification of actin-like proteins in alcoholic hyaline by immunofluorescence.immunofluorescence studies on human liver from alcoholic patients demonstrate that alcoholic hyaline (mallory body) binds immune sera containing anti-actin antibodies. these findings, establishing that alcoholic hyaline is endowed with contractile proteins, strongly support the actin microfilament nature of the mallory body.197546331
alcian blue-tartrazine; a simple differential stain for the fundic gland cells of mammalian stomach. 197546639
nephropathy associated with sickle cell anemia: an autologous immune complex nephritis. i. studies on nature of glomerular-bound antibody and antigen identification in a patient with sickle cell disease and immune deposit glomerulonephritis.the nature of the glomerular-bound antibody and the putative antigen was investigated in one of the patients with sickle cell disease and immune deposit membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis by immunohistologic and glomerular antibody elution. renal proximal tubular epithelial antigen was localized in association with immunoglobulins g (igg), m (igm), clq fraction of the first component of complement (clq) and the third component of complement (c3) in a granular pattern along the glomerular b ...197546705
superficial antigens of campylobacter (vibrio) fetus: characterization of antiphagocytic component.a glycoprotein responsible for the antiphagocytic properties of campylobacter fetus has been identified by comparing cells of a wild-type strain with those of a mutant lacking this substance. the antiphagocytic component is demonstrable through electron microscopy as a discrete, negatively charged structure on the periphery of the cell. clt is readily removed from the cell by mild extraction procedures and contributes to the inagglutinability in o antiserum normally displayed by c. fetus. cells ...197546843
half-lives of two types of rat homocytotropic antibodies in circulation and in the skin.the half-lives of two classes of rat immunoglobulins with homocytotropic properties, i.e., ige and igg2a, in the circulating blood and in the skin were studied. the catabolism of both normal (reaginic) and pathological (myeloma) ige proteins in circulation was found to be extremely rapid with a half-life of 12 h. in contrast, the half-life of ige antibody in the homologous skin was calculated to be 7.4 days. on the other hand, the half-life of igg2a in circulation was about 5 days regardless of ...197546847
studies in immunodermatology. vi. if studies of autoantibodies to the stratum corneum and of in vivo fixed igg in stratum corneum of psoriatic lesions.indirect immunofluorescent (if) tests on sections of normal human skin reveal the presence of antibodies to the stratum corneum in most normal human sera. sera absorbed with hyperkeratotic scales gave negative reactions. these reactions appeared to correspond to those of the stratum corneum antibodies which were first detected by krough and tonder by immune adherence, though this remains to be documented since the conjugate alone stained the stratum granulosum in a pattern comparable to that of ...197546852
dimeric and monomeric forms of hl-a antigens solubilized by detergent. 197546886
presence of thymic antigen on rabbit basophils.a goat heteroantiserum specific for a rabbit thymus lymphocyte antigen (rtla) reacted with rabbit basophils resulting in the release of histamine. this activity was equally absorbed out by thymocytes or basophils. absorption with either of these cell types also resulted in equal loss of thymocytotoxicity. no effect in either system occurred after absorption with either granulocytes or rabbit fibroblasts. these results could not be explained by the presence of immune complexes or aggregated globu ...197546897
role of the eosinophil in the allergic reactions. i. edi-an eosinophil-derived inhibitor of histamine inhibitor of histamine release was found to be associated with the human eosinophilic leukocyte. this eosinophil-derived inhibitor (edi) was released from eosinophil-rich fractions upon sonication or interaction with immune reactants (specific allergens or anti-ige). edi was found to exert its inhibitory action at the target cell level by increasing the intracellular levels of cyclic-amp. preliminary electron microscopic studies show the presence of ige on the eosinophilic leukocyte and it is ...197546900
evidence for specific suppression in the maintenance of immunologic tolerance.specific suppressor cells have been demonstrated in mice tolerant to the thymus-dependent antigen hgg. transfer of normal thymocytes, normal spleen cells, or immune spleen cells into these tolerant mice did not restore immunocompetence to hgg. furthermore, the transfer of tolerant spleen cells into normal recipients abrogated the response of these recipients to subsequent challenge with immunogenic hgg. spleen cells removed from mice 5, 8, or 11 wk after the induction of tolerance specifically s ...197546917
allotypic suppression in rabbits: competition for target cell receptors between isologous and heterologous antibody and between native antibody and antibody fragments.neonatal injection with various foreign proteins (normal goat serum, human cohn fraction ii, human albumin) caused a stimulation of immunoglobulin synthesis. this effect was not antigen-specific and did not constitute a conventional antibody response directed against the injected substance. when this stimulatory effect of foreign protein was minimized, the heterologous (goat) anti-rabbit allotype antibody and rabbit antibody f(ab') 2 fragments not only failed to induce suppression but also compe ...197547358
a hemolytic plaque assay for the detection of direct and indirect antibody-forming cells to keyhole limpet hemocyanin.a procedure is described for the in vitro enumeration of individual lymphoid cells producing antibody against keyhole limpet hemocyanin (klh) by a modification of the hemolytic plaque technique. optimal conditions for the coupling of klh to sheep erythrocytes by chromic chloride are described. plaque-forming cells are detected in a liquid monolayer slide chamber assay system. the kinetics of the in vivo primary and secondary pfc responses of both rabbit popliteal lymph node cells and mouse splee ...197547369
immunological and electrophoretical approaches to macroamylase analysis.the characteristics of abnormally large-size amylase (macroamylase) of the three patients were studied. amylase isoenzyme patterns of the three macroamylase samples of agar gel electrophoresis were different from the normal one: a post-beta-globulin or middle-ganna-globulin zone was found in macroamylase, while a fast-gamma, and a pre-gamma-globulin or both zones is found in normal amylase. with gel chromatography at ph 3.4, macroamylase dissociated to normalsized amylase. the electrophoretic pa ...197547791
antihistamine blockade of the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. ii. possible role of antigen-antibody complexes in the pathogenesis of the syndrome.antihistamine can prevent the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in the rabbit. the mechanism underlying this experimental observation has not been elucidated. our experiments were directed at the question of whether antigen-antibody complexes are a factor in the development of the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. the results do not support the theory that antigen-antibody complexes play a role in the pathogenesis of this syndrome.197547816
testis antigens of man and some other primates.rabbit antisera raised aginst testis preparations of human, chimpanzee, rhesus monkey, and baboon origin were used to study testis-specific antigens within and among the four primate species. antisera were absorbed with serum, liver, kidney, and spleen preparations of the respective species against which they had been produced. immunoelectrophoretic analysis of testis extracts, using the absorbed antisera, indicated the following minimum numbers of testis-specific antigens for each species: man, ...197547818
hepatitis b core antigen. detection of antibody by radioimmunoprecipitation.radioactive cores were prepared from concentrated dane particles by dna polymerase reaction followed by cscl density gradient centrifugation. two radioactive peaks were obtained: one peak with an average density of 1.36 g/cm-3 in cscl contained cores that possessed full serologic reactivity; the other peak, with a density of 1.28 to 1.32 g/cm-3, contained cores associated with globulin. a double antibody immunoprecipitation test was developed, using the radioactive heavy cores as a source of ant ...197547880
immunology of the prostate. 197548210
antibodies reactive with cell surface carbohydrates.normal and immune sera from various animal species were fractionated on columns of sepharose covalently coupled with the glycoprotein fetuin. elution of the material bound to fetuin yielded low but reproducible amounts of protein, ranging from 0.02 to 0.2% of the protein mass of the input sera. this material has been identified by immunoelectrophoresis in agar and by zone electrophoresis on cellulose acetate as immunoglobulin. the ig fractions bound and agglutinated erythrocytes of various speci ...197548249
glomerular antigen complexes associated with transitional cell immunofluorescent pattern consistent with glomerular complexes of tumor antigen bound to igm antibody has been observed in a patient without clinical or pathologic evidence of renal disease. the findings support the thesis that tumors may shed antigen capable of eliciting an immune response which may or may not be associated with clinically evident glomerulopathy.197548285
induction of resistance to antibody-mediated cytotoxicity. h-2, ia, and ig antigens are independent entities in the membrane of mouse lymphocytes.mouse spleen or thymus lymphocytes incubated with monospecific h-2 or ia alloantisera and then coated with a xenogeneic antimouse ig serum become specifically resistant to the alloantiserum (and complement) they have been incubated with. this so called "lysostrip method" was used to investigate the molecular interrelationships of antigens in the mouse lymphocyte membrane. the results of this investigation confirm that h-2k and h-2d antigens are carried by two distinct populations of molecules. t ...197547892
comparative studies of thyroid function in mammals. 197548491
lactoglobulins (goat) in the immunofluorescence staining of parainfluenza virus type 2 in l-132 cells.instillation of parainfluenza virus type 2 in the mammary gland of the goat resulted in the appearance of specific and high titered antibodies in the milk. the globulin fraction of the milk was separated and conjugated with fluorescein isothiocyanate. these conjugated antibodies could be successfully used in the specific staining of the homologous virus in infected l-132 cells. therefore, milk from such immunized animals represents a rich and convenient source of specific antibodies for use in i ...197549216
specific fetal serum proteins of thirteen mammalian species. 197549249
isolation of mammalian type c rna virus cross-reactive antigen and antibody by immuno-affinity chromatography. 197549291
human antibodies to bovine alpha-globulin.antibodies to bovine gamma-globulin (anti-bgg antibodies) were detectable by a radio-immunoassay in 70% of healthy blood donors but, generally, the titres were low. significantly increased concentrations of anti-bgg antibodies were found in patients lacking iga but not in patients with allergic disorders. the anti-bgg antibodies were shown to give rise to falsely high ige values in the radio-immunosorbent test for ige determination (rist) when a sheep anti-ige antiserum was used. furthermore, fa ...197549305
distribution of labeled antibiotics in different components of milk following intramammary and intramuscular crossover trials, four lactating goats were given intramammary infusions and intramuscular injections of radioactivelabeled benzylpenicillin, spiramycin, chloramphenicol, dihydrostreptomycin, and tetracycline. milk was collected after each treatment and the antibiotic contents in whole milk, skim milk, and whey were determined microbiologically and radiochemically and in cream and casein by radiochemical assay methods. uptake of antibiotics by cream and casein was highly dependent on drug con ...197549365
serodiagnostic application of immunohistoperoxidase reactions on antigen-coupled agarose beads.agarose beads to which antigens were covalently bound were subjected to indirect immunohistoperoxidase procedures. for detection and titration of serum antibodies against bovine gamma globulin (bgg) this method appeared to be specific and sensitive. one advantage is that no special instruments are needed. as an example of diagnostic applicability the system was successfully used for demonstration of antibodies in human serum containing antibodies against the trematode schistosoma mansoni. at the ...197549378
molecular relationship between private and public h-2 antigens as determined by antigen redistribution method.molecular relationship of public h-2 antigens 1, 5, 6, 8, 11, 13, 25, and 28 to private antigens controlled by k and d regions was studied using the technique of antibody-induced resistance to complement-mediated cytotoxicity. the results indicate physical association in the cell membrane between h-2 antigens 1 and 23 of h-2-a, 8 and 31 of h-2-d, 11 and 17 of h-2-q, 13 and 30 of h-2-q, 25 and 23 of h-2-k, and 28 and 31 of h-2-g. these results are in agreement with genetic mapping placing the d ...197549386
[autoantibodies against heartmuscle sarcolemma in sera of patients with an idiopathic cardiomyopathy (author's transl)].68 patients with clinical and hemodynamical diagnosis of idiopathic cardiomyopathy (cm) were analysed for antibody in their sera using an immunofluorescence sandwich technique after titration of the sera in tissue sections. 60 of these patients had antibodies against heart muscle sarcolemma with titers up to 1:64. out of these, the antibodies in 9 sera could be absorbed with group a streptococci. the antibodies reacted in no case with striated or smooth muscle sarcolemma. the 25 patients with an ...197549452
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