isolation of malignant catarrhal fever virus from a european bison (bos bonasus) in a zoological garden. 1979400522
[ectoparasites of the bison bonasus (l.) in the białowieza forest]. 1977898994
the sweat glands and hair follicles of different species of bovidae.measurements were made of hairs and sweat glands in the skins of a number of different bovidae. the principal differences between the bovinae and the one member of the cephalophinae (the duiker) studied were in the dimensions of the skin and its component organs and in hair density; secondary hairs were not present, although in the american bison small primary follicles which appeared to provide a woolly undercoat were seen. in contrast, secondary hair follicles were found in the skins of all th ...19751164257
basic properties of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex isolated from aurochs heart.the purified aurochs (bison bonasus, european bison) heart pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (pdc) has a set of subunits typical of mammalian pdc. pdc from aurochs heart contains firmly bound tiamine pyrophosphate in the amount providing over 50% of the maximal activity of the complex. the apparent value for activation energy of pdc is 60 kj/mol. the michaelis constant values for aurochs heart pdc are 22.4 +/- 1.0, 3.3 +/- 0.1 and 24.4 +/- 3.6 microm for pyruvate, coa and nad, accordingly. acetyl-c ...19947732764
serum lysozyme level in the european bison, bison bonasus (l.).from 168 european bison divided into four groups (group 1, 0-3-year-old males; group 2, 0-3-year-old females; group 3, mature bulls, over 2 years old; group 4, mature cows, over 3 years old) the serum lysozyme level was studied. the mean lysozyme level varied from 3.91 micrograms/ml in young males (group 1) to 4.02 micrograms/ml in young females (group 2) and mature bulls (group 3); the range was from 2.10 to 6.40 micrograms/ml (only in a few animals). statistically significant differences betwe ...19957858945
[blood group polymorphism in bison (bison bonasus)].polymorphism of nine blood group systems was studied in three reproductive lines of auroch (european bison bison bonasus), belovezhskaya, caucasian-belovezhskaya, and gornaya. all blood group systems analyzed were polymorphic; 50 out of the 57 antigens tested were detected. the number of detected blood group antigens in aurochs is comparable to that in breeds of domestic cattle. however, intrapopulation diversity, estimated with the mu test, is significantly higher in cattle than in aurochs. the ...19957896131
haemoglobins and transferrins of european bison and their cattle hybrids. 19676033342
isolation and amino acid sequence of insulins and c-peptides of european bison (bison bonasus) and fox (alopex lagopus).insulins and c-peptides were extracted and purified from bison and fox pancreatic glands. the insulins were reduced and pyridylethylated, and the derived a- and b-chains separated by hplc. amino acid sequence determinations of the pyridylethylated a- and b-chains proved bisontine insulin to be identical to bovine insulin and fox insulin to be identical to dog and porcine insulin. bisontine c-peptide proved to be identical to bovine c-peptide. the isolated fox c-peptide comprises 23 amino acid re ...19873319921
seasonal changes in the red blood cell system in the european bison, bison bonasus l.1. in 195 european bisons divided into four groups (group 1, 0-3 year-old males; group 2, 0-3 year-old females; group 3, mature bulls, over 3 years old; group 4, mature cows, over 3 years old) seasonal changes in red blood cell number and diameter, haemoglobin level, haematocrit value, index f, mch, mchc and mcv were studied. 2. seasonal cyclicity was found only in red blood cell diameters in all groups. 3. in young males the cyclicity was found in mchc and in mcv only. 4. in young females the c ...19892565780
acid-base values in the blood of the european bison bison bonasus (l.). 19892561892
[c-cells in the thyroid gland and in the remainder of the ultimobranchial body of bison].c cells of the thyroid gland of 85 european bison, 43 males and 42 females, of age ranging from 1 month to 25 years were examined. for the identification of the c cells by grimelius silver impregnation, toluidine blue, pseudoisocyanin and azur a stainings were employed. in the thyroid of the bison the c cells in the central region were distributed denser than in the peripheral region. they may particularly appear in great numbers in the interior of ultimobranchial (ub) remnants; in these cases, ...19938363040
some regulatory properties of the 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex from european bison heart.basic regulatory properties of the 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex (ogdc) isolated and purified from the heart muscle of european bison (bison bonasus) were studied. kinetic studies have shown that in the absence of phosphate ions ogdc exhibits kinetic attributes of negative cooperativity with respect to 2-oxoglutarate. adp and phosphate lower s0.5 value of ogdc for 2-oxoglutarate without changing the maximum reaction rate. nadh inhibits ogdc versus both 2-oxoglutarate and nad+. moreover, b ...19958588486
the wisent (bison bonasus, bovidae) as an intermediate host of three sarcocystis species (apicomplexa: sarcocystidae) of cattle.sarocysts were found in muscle tissue of a wisent (bison bonasus) which was born and kept in germany. light microscopic and tem examination revealed all the three named species known from cattle: sarcocystis cruzi ("thin-walled", with longer hair-like villar protrusions of the primary cyst wall); s. hirsuta ("thick-walled", with tongue-like protrusions of the cyst wall arising with very short and narrow stalklets from the surface of the cyst and containing rows of electron-dense granules in the ...19947927061
influence of environmental factors on the deep and skin temperature in the european bison, bison bonasus (l.).1. in 43 european bison divided into three groups (group a, 3-8-month-old calves; group b, 18-month-7-year-old young bison; group c, 12-24-year-old bison) the rectal, humerus region and abdomen region temperatures were measured. 2. the experiments were carried out in winter months, from mid-december to mid-march. 3. the mean rectal temperatures changed from 38.55 degrees c in calves to 38.15 degrees c in the oldest bison. 4. the mean temperatures of the humerus region changed from 20.69 degrees ...19937906624
pathomorphological studies in european bison (bison bonasus linnaeus, 1758) with seropositive reaction to coxiella burnetii.comprehensive serological and histopathological examinations of 47 free living european bison (bison bonasus linnaeus, 1758) were performed. of these animals, 36 were serologically positive due to coxiella burnetii, which confirmed the presence of q fever epizootic foci in this population of wild animals in poland. the presence of multiple foci of mononuclear cells typical for q fever was a consistent finding in all tissues of the majority of c. burnetii seropositive animals under study. pathomo ...19947740862
prevalence of antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in european bison (bison bonasus) from białowieza primeval estimate the prevalence of antibodies to borrelia burgdorferi in european bison from białowieza primeval forest, a total of 79 serum samples were collected from april 1989 until december 1994. specific antibodies to b. burgdorferi antigen were assayed using inhibition elisa. borrelia antibodies were possibly present in 16.4% of examined bisons (inhibition between 20 and 30%). however, higher level of antibodies, over 30% of inhibition, was found only in two animals: no. 382 and no. 273 (2.5% ...19968673795
the types of neurons in the claustrum of bison bonasus: nissl and golgi study.the nissl staining and golgi impregnation methods has been used to characterize the types of neurons in the claustrum of bison bonasus. two fairly divergent subpopulations of cells can be distinguished by means of golgi preparation technique. the first group--comprising the bulk of claustral neurons--is composed of only one type of large, efferent nerve cells with long axons and dendrites covered with spines. the somata and initial portion of dendritic processes are devoid of spines. the second ...19947542623
the types of neurons in the neostriatum of bison bonasus. nissl and golgi study.the caudate nucleus and the putamen of bison bonasus have been investigated. the golgi procedure and nissl stain had been used to reveal their cellular organization. in the golgi preparation striatal neurons belong to the two fairly divergent main groups in which several types of cells can be distinguished. the first class, comprising the bulk of neuronal population, consists of only one type of efferent cells with the long axons. the spines cover dendrites except its proximal portion. the secon ...19947533743
genotyping of bison bonasus kappa-casein gene following dna sequence amplification.dna isolated from 30 bison bonasus blood samples was used for amplification of a kappa-casein gene fragment to detect possible polymorphism. bovine kappa-caseins exist in a, b and e variants. in the european bison from poland, we have found only bb genotypes. sequencing of the polymerase chain reaction product revealed further polymorphisms typical for b. bonasus.19957486252
perkal's indices in the characteristics of the european bison's (bison bonasus l.) body. 19816981542
growth rate of selected parameters of the european bison skull (bison bonasus l.). 19806965652
serum proteins of the free-ranging european bison.the paper presents the values of total protein (tp) and protein fractions in the serum of 57 european bisons from the białowieza primeval forest, 47 of these animals being free-ranging and 10 living in enclosures. it was found that the amount of tp and amount of alpha 1- and gamma-globulin fractions are significantly lower in adult females than males. the amount of tp and gamma-globulin fraction increase significantly with age in all examined europeans bisons, whereas the amount of alpha 1- and ...19846150797
[comparative characteristics of dna polymorphism of the kappa-casein gene in representatives of the family bovidae].polymorphism of kappa-casein gene (alleles a and b) in belovezhsky and caucasian-belovezhsky european bisons, bisons and their hybrids, as well as in cattle, yaks, and yakut cattle was studied by pcr method, followed by restriction analysis. european bisons and yaks, being referred, correspondingly, to genera bison and bos of bovidae family, were stated to have a and b alleles, previously found in cattle (bos taurus). yakut cattle was shown to have a new rare f allele of kappa-casein gene with 7 ...19948045385
levels of conservation and variation of heterochromatin and nucleolus organizers in the bovidae.chromomycin a3 banding of the mitotic sets of 10 species of bovidae (cattle, wisent, yak, banteng, gaur, red buffalo, swamp buffalo, sheep, mufflon, and goat) serves to demarcate both centromeric constitutive heterochromatin and r-banding patterns capable of identifying all the chromosomes within a given complement. in all species significant amounts of chromomycin-bright heterochromatin are present at the centromeres of all autosomes, though there was a high degree of intra- and inter-individua ...19854092166
[intrinsic oxygen affinity of hemoglobins: the hemoglobin of bisons (bison bonasus,bovidae)].the hemoglobin from a european bison (bison bonasus) was analysed and the complete primary structures of the alpha i-, alpha ii-and beta-chains have been determined. the alpha i- and alpha ii-chains differ only at position alpha 19 (asp----gly). the beta-chains are homogeneous. the sequences are compared with the globin chains of bison bison and bovine and the polymorphism of the alpha-chains is discussed. on the basis of the primary structure it may be concluded that the hemoglobin of bison bon ...19863741621
[creation of a european bison sperm cryobank as a method for preserving the genetic polymorphism of the species].sperm was taken from one alive (by electroejaculation) and two dead (from epididymis tissue) wisent males, and was conserved by the method similar to that used to freeze sperm from cattle. spermatozoon mobility and acrosome conditions underwent no noticeable changes when kept under preservation. eight cows were fertilized with the sperm which had been kept in liquid nitrogen for three years. four of them had hybrid calves. we also made genetic analysis for bull-donors: on blood groups, isoenzyme ...19938119580
drawing pedigrees.the problem of drawing a pedigree in a clear and concise manner is discussed and a case is made for the adoption of the marriage node graph as the most appropriate format in which to depict highly looped pedigrees. a method for assigning suitable coordinates to marriages and individuals is then described. this involves use of simulated annealing to search for the clearest picture. the method is illustrated by two examples: the pedigree of przewalski's horse and that of the european bison.19883235879
[harboring of helminth parasites by the european bison (bison bonasus l.) and deer (cervidae) in the białowieza forest].parasitological autopsy of 31 european bison , 9 red-deer and 3 roe-deer was made in białowieza forest in the period 1983-1988. together 20 species of nematodes were found, from them as much as 18 in bison , 6 in red-deer and 8 in roe-deer . the highest intensity and 100% of extensity was shown by nematodes from subfamily ostertagiinae. four species of this subfamily (o. leptospicularis, o. kolchida, s. boehmi i s. mathevossiani) have been permanently adapted by bison from cervids, however two s ...19892633504
types of neurons in nucleus gracilis and nucleus cuneatus of the european bison.the study was carried out on the medullae oblongatae of four european bisons. preparations were made according to the nissl, klüver-barrera and golgi methods. nucleus gracilis and nucleus cuneatus of the european bison are formed of 4 types of neurons. type i--triangular cells. the perikaryon issues 3 dendrites bifurcating once or twice. the dendritic field is ball-shaped. a single thin axon emerges directly from the soma. tiny granules of the tigroidal substance are very densely distributed and ...19892607136
long-term viral serology of semi-free-living and captive ungulates.between 1973 and 1994, blood samples were collected at whipsnade wild animal park (uk) from three ungulate species kept in enclosures, including 28 european bison (bison bonasus), 37 scimitar-horned oryx (oryx dammah), and 49 père david's deer (elaphurus davidianus), and also from 144 semi-free-living chinese water deer (hydropotes inermis). these samples were tested for the presence of antibodies against three bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv)-like strains, three alpha-herpesvirus strains, enz ...19989732031
[malignant catarrhal fever in zoo ruminants].an outbreak of malignant catarrhal fever (mcf) in indian gauer (bos gaurus gaurus) and javan banteng (bos javanicus javanicus) occurred in the year 1964 and killed almost all animals of the groups of these species kept at the munich zoo at that time. in the consecutive years at highly irregular intervals cases of the head-and-eye-form of mcf occurred sporadically at the zoo in european and american bison (bison bonasus, b. bison' bison, b. bison athabascae), elk (alces alces), red deer (cervus e ...19989810608
levels of t4, t3 and cortisol in the blood serum of the european bison (bison bonasus) in the winter period.1. in the blood of 56 european bison, the levels of t4, t3, and the ratio of t3:t4 and cortisol were studied. 2. between december and march, the t4 level changed from about 53 to 83 ng/ml of blood serum but in april it increased to 90 ng/ml. 3. the level of t3 in this period was 0.817-1.475 ng/ml and in april it was 2.40-3.40 ng/ml. 4. the ratio of t3:t4 was 0.015-0.024 and in april it increased to 0.027-0.052. 5. the level of cortisol changed from 1.00 to 6.70 ng/ml and in april it was from 1.0 ...19892569374
[distribution of the kappa-casein gene alleles in the bison (bison bonasus) population].the polymerase chain reaction method, followed by restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis (pcr-rflp), was used to study the alleles of the kappa-casein gene in a sample of european bison (n = 38). on the basis of the distribution of the restriction sites, a new allele kappa-cng was revealed in the european bison, in addition to the kappa-cna allele represented in cattle. the nucleotide sequence of an exon 4 fragment of the kappa-cng allele was obtained. in the population of european bi ...19958601513
types of neurons in nucleus olivaris inferior of the european bison.the studies were carried out on the medullae oblongatae of four european bisons. preparations made by means of the golgi technique, as well as preparations stained by the klüver-barrera methods, were used. two types of neurons were distinguished in nucleus olivaris inferior of the european bison. type i (about 90% of neurons) are multipolar cells whose perikaryons measure from 25 to 40 microns. the multipolar cells generate 5-6 thick dendrites which next give off a number of branches. the dendri ...19882458411
[characteristics of microbial association in secretions of various mammalian sebaceous glands].the following secretions of mammalian skin glands were subjected to a microbiological survey: the middle-abdominal glands of great and mongolian gerbils, the preputial gland of musk deer, the perineal organ of african civet cat, the interdigital skin regions and interdigital glands of bison, european bison, european roe deer, and musk deer. all the secretions were found to contain microbial associations. the composition of bacterial species in the secretions and the quantity of microorganisms va ...19902263223
serologic survey for bovine pathogens in free-ranging european bison from poland.from 1980 to 1983, blood was taken from 60 selected european bison (bison bonasus) in poland. serum samples were tested for the presence of antibodies against brucella abortus, 14 serovars of leptospira interrogans, chlamydia spp., coxiella burnetti; foot and and mouth disease virus, bovine leukemia virus and bovine herpes virus-1. in addition, an attempt was made to isolate bovine herpes virus-1 from the prepuce of selected bulls. serological tests suggested chlamydial infection in 28 bison, su ...19912023316
[the polymorphism of proteins, rapd-pcr and issr-pcr markers in european and american bison and cattle].the comparative analysis of genetic differentiations between three species of bovinae--bos taurus, bison bonasus, bison bison with the use of different types of molecular-genetic markers--genetical-biochemical (35 loci) and dna markers (rapd-pcr, issr-pcr) was carried out. it was shown, that the evaluation of interspecies genetic interrelations was connected more with the determined molecular-genetic markers (loci), included in analysis, than with the marker's belonging to certain type (protein ...199910707408
seasonal cyclicity in carbohydrate metabolism parameters in the european bison, bison bonasus l.1. in 197 european bison divided into four groups (group 1, 0-3-year-old males; group 2, 0-3-year-old females; group 3, mature bulls, over 3 years old; group 4, mature cows, over 3 years old) seasonal changes in the level of lactic and pyruvic acids, glucose and alkaline reserve were studied. 2. seasonal cyclicity was found only in lactic acid levels in all groups. 3. in the pyruvic acid level cyclicity was found only in males. 4. in the glucose level cyclicity was found only in mature cows. 5. ...19901976484
[corticosteroid hormones in the blood and adrenals of the aurochs bison bonasus].using thin-layer chromatography, studies have been made on corticosteroids in the aurochs bison bonasus. hydrocortison, corticosteron, aldosteron, 11-dehydrocorticosteron and 11-deoxycorticosteron were found in the suprarenals. besides these hormones, the blood of the aurochs contains cortison, 17-oxy-11-deoxycorticosteron ("s" compounds) and unidentified fraction. compounds revealed in the blood of the aurochs were also found in the bison and ox. the ratio of hydrocortison to corticosteron toge ...1978665001
structure and topography of the nuclei of mamillary region in the bison bonasus.studies were carried out on the brains of two aurochs. the paraffin cross-sections 15 microns thick were stained according to nissl and klüver and barrera methods. in regio mamillaris were described two mamillary nuclei and two paramamillary nuclei. nucleus mamillaris lateralis and nucleus supramamillaris are uniform cellular bands while the nucleus mamillaris medialis and nucleus tuberomamillaris pars posterior consist of subdivisions. thopography of these centers in aurochs is similar to other ...19958606028
immunocytochemical study of parafollicular cells of the thyroid and ultimobranchial remnants of the european bison.the aim of the present study was to compare parafollicular cells in the bison thyroid and its ultimobranchial remnants. the thyroid of 26 european bisons was fixed in bouin's fluid, 5 microns thick paraffin sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin. azan or silver grimelius methods. for immunocytochemical analysis specific rabbit antisera were used against human calcitonin (ct), human calcitonin gene-related peptide (cgrp), bovine (b) or rat (r) neuron-specific enolase (nse), human synthe ...19979248580
[comparative characteristics of dna polymorphism for major histocompatibility complex loci dqb and drb in representatives of the bovidae family].using polymerase chain reaction (pcr) followed by restriction analysis, the polymorphism of major histocompatibility complex (mhc, bola) class ii drb and dqb genes was studied in belovezh, caucasian-belovezh, and mountain european bisons, european bison-bison hybrids, and bisons, as well as in some cattle breeds. an analysis of fragments of the second exon of drb gene and the regulatory region of dqb gene in the samples studied revealed a number of polymorphic genotypic variants in representativ ...19948188057
elements of acid-base balance in the european bison, bison bonasus (l.) in the winter period.1. in the blood of 65 european bison divided into four groups (group 1, 0-3-year-old males; group 2, 0-3-year-old females; group 3, mature bulls, over 3 years old; group 4, mature cows, over 3 years old) the values of ph, pco2, po2, base excess and bicarbonate level were studied. 2. the studies were carried out in winter months, from mid-december to mid-april. 3. no significant differences in parameters studied were found between young males and females. 4. all indices found in mature bulls and ...19921351444
necrobacillosis in free-living male european bison in the bialowieza primeval forest (poland) a chronic disease of the external genital organs has been observed in free-living male european bison (bison bonasus) since 1980. investigations on this disease started in the late 1980s. the most striking findings are necrotic and ulcerative lesions of the prepuce and penis of bison aged from 6 mo to >10 yr. histologic examination of tissue samples from the prepuce of six bison (9-mo- to 8-yr-old), and from the penis of two bison (3- and 8-yr-old), wer ...200010813606
[dna fingerprinting and genetic diversity of the european bison (bison bonasus), american bison (bison bison), and gray ukrainian cattle (bos taurus)].to describe genetic variability and population diversity in domesticated populations of american bison (bison bison), aurochs (bison bonasus), and gray ukrainian cattle (bos taurus) different variants of dna fingerprinting technique (utilizing the m13 phage dna, (ttaggg)4 synthetic oligonucleotide, and three arbitrary primers as hybridization probes) were used. several parameters characterizing polymorphism and genetic diversity levels in each population (species) were evaluated on the basis of ...200011094772
thiamine pyrophosphate as an effector of 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex from european bison heart.the purified 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex (ogdc) from the european bison heart was near saturated with endogenous bound thiamine pyrophosphate (tpp). exogenous tpp added to the full ogdc reaction medium decreased s0.5 for 2-oxoglutarate approximately 2.6-fold without any notable change in the maximum reaction rate. the tpp effect was observed in the presence of 1 mm adp which alone is a strong positive allosteric effector of ogdc. at an unsaturating 2-oxoglutarate concentration the a50 v ...19958653071
virologic investigations of free-living european bison (bison bonasus) from the bialowieza primeval forest, poland.we conducted virologic investigations on postmortem specimens from 261 free-living european bison (bison bonasus) from the bialowieza primeval forest, poland collected between 1990 and 2000. fifty-four of 94 males had balanoposthitis; none of the 167 female bison examined had reproductive tract lesions. peripheral blood, swabs, and various tissues were analyzed for bovine viruses as well as for viral dna by bovine herpesvirus 1 (bohv-1) and bovine herpesvirus 4 (bohv-4) specific polymerase chain ...200212238370
[polymorphism of biochemical markers in european bison (bison bonasus)].the data on 16 polymorphic systems (22 loci) of blood biochemical markers were studied in different breeding lines of european bison: lowland, lowland-caucasian, and mountain lines. polymorphism was revealed in three loci: pgm, idh, and tf. the average heterozygosity was 3.95%. statistically significant deviation from the hardy-weinberg equilibrium towards an excess of heterozygotes was revealed in the pgm-2 locus. this suggests certain processes that prevent the decrease of population genetical ...19968723630
neurons of the substantia nigra in the european bison.the studies were carried out on the mesencephalons of four european bisons with two different golgi procedures and stained according to the nissl and klüver-barrera methods. four types of neurons were distinguished in the substantia nigra of the european bison. type i are fusiform cells which are most numerous in pars compacta of sn. from each pole of the perikaryon originate 1-3 dendritic trunks. the axon arises from the base of dendritic trunk or directly from the lateral surface of the perika ...19958754972
demodex bisonianus sp. nov. (acari, demodicidae) a new parasite of the bison (bison bonasus l.).demodex bisonianus sp. nov. (acari, demodicidae) and its stages of development has been described. it was found in the meibomian glands of the bison bonasus l. from the puszcza białowieska (poland).19968755151
[polymorphism of the kappa-casein gene in populations of the subfamily bovinae].polymorphism of the 5'-untranslated region and exon 4 of kappa-casein (kappa-casein) gene was studied in yakutian and black pied cattle, yak, european bison, and buffalo by means of a polymerase chain reaction and subsequent restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis (pcr-rflp). in the species studied, restriction polymorphism by the endonucleases alui and bg/ii in the 5'-untranslated region of the gene is absent. four restriction endonucleases testing nucleotide substitutions in 136 codo ...19969119217
antibodies against mycoplasma bovigenitalium in free-living european bison (bison bonasus) with balanoposthitis.since 1980 severe chronic balanoposthitis has been observed in free-living european bison (bison bonasus) in the białowieza primeval forest (poland). sera of 50 bison with balanoposthitis and 48 clinically healthy male and 49 female bison were investigated for antibodies against mycoplasma bovis and m. bovigenitalium by western blot analysis. prevalence of antibodies against m. bovigenitalium was significantly higher in bison with balanoposthitis than in unaffected male bison. mycoplasma bovigen ...200212528443
variability of shape and ultrastructure of supporting cell nuclei (sertoli cells) in the european bison. 19969243922
[helminths in bison (bison bonasus l.) in poland]. 195813604245
the types of neurons of the somatic oculomotor nucleus in the european bison. nissl and golgi studies.the neuronal structure of the somatic oculomotor nucleus (son) was studied on the basis of nissl and golgi preparations, obtained from mesencephalons of 4 european bisons. we distinguished four types of neurons in the investigated nucleus: 1. the large multipolar nerve cells with 5-8 thick dendritic trunks and a thin axon which emerges directly from the soma. these are the most numerous neurons in the son. 2. the small multipolar neurons. these cells have 4-6 thick dendritic trunks. an axon aris ...19979635352
some red-cell antigens of bison bonasus as compared to red-cell antigens of domestic cattle. 196013813480
the morphology and cell structure of some nuclei in tuberal region of bison bonasus.the topography, shape and cell structure of the ventromedial, dorsomedial and infundibular nuclei in aurochs hypothalamus were studied on the basis of standard histological preparations. these nuclei are uniform cell bands. nucleus infundibularis is the longest centre in tuberal region and enter the mamillary area. its posterior part has maximum size. the ventromedial nucleus is outlined and developed best. it is typical ring-shaped in anterior half of its length. the dorsomedial nucleus is deve ...199810437307
[investigation of infusoria in contents of the gastrointestinal system in bison bonasus l..]. 195414376054
types of neurons in the nucleus ruber of the european bison. klüver-barrea and golgi studies.the studies were carried out on the mesencephalons of 4 european bison preparations were made by means of golgi impregnation and klüver-barrera method. three types of neurons were distinguished in the red nucleus: 1. large multipolar (perikaryons 70-105 microns) with 6-8 dendritic trunks which bifurcate twice and next give thin collaterals. 2. small multipolar neurons (perikaryons 30-40 microns). these cells send 4-6 thick dendritic trunks. most of the primary dendritic trunks bifurcate once. th ...199810437308
the neuronal structure of globus pallidus in bison bonasus: nissl and golgi study.the two subnuclei of globus pallidus have been investigated in the telencephalon of bison bonasus. the nissl and golgi procedures have been used to reveal their cellular organization. the golgi preparation suggests the existence of two fairly divergent cellular subpopulations. the first class comprising the bulk of pallidal neurons consists of large efferent cells with long thick infrequently branching dendrites. the morphology of their dendritic processes is very complex and variable even in th ...19958754473
immunolocalization of pthrp in prepubertal and pubertal testis of european bison.the present study deals with immunohistochemical localization of pthrp in prepubertal and pubertal testis of european bison. pthrp immunoreactivity was observed in germinal cells in the testis of both prepubertal and pubertal animals. in calves, pthrp was found in germinal cells, in seminiferous tubules lacking the lumen. the reaction was strong and regularly distributed within the cytoplasm. in adult animals, the reaction showed differentiation in spermatogenic cells. some cells were strongly a ...200212502189
the morphology of the hypoglossal canal and its size in relation to skull capacity in man and other mammal species.the hypoglossal canal is a permanent element of the human skull. as well as the hypoglossal nerve, the canal also contains the venous plexus and an arterial branch leading to the dura mater. it emerged from our earlier studies that the venous plexus is a dominant component in this canal. in the present work the morphology and dimensions of the canal were studied on macerated skulls of humans and animals (rhesus monkey, european bison, fox, dog, cat, hare and rat). the hypoglossal canal was found ...200415039894
[genetic characteristics and prognosis of the existence of the european bison free-living population created in the "orlovsky poles'e" national park].we present preliminary data on genetic aspects of preserving viability of the free-living population of european bison (bison bonasus l.) created in the orlovskoe poles'e national park.200415125253
molecular phylogeny of the tribe bovini (bovidae, bovinae) and the taxonomic status of the kouprey, bos sauveli urbain 1937.the kouprey is a very rare bovid species of the indochinese peninsula, and no living specimen has been described for a long time, suggesting that it is possibly extinct. its systematic position within the tribe bovini remains confused since the analyses of morphological characters have led to several conflicting hypotheses. some authors have also suggested that it could be a hybrid species produced by the crossing of the banteng with gaur, zebu, or water buffalo. here we performed a molecular ph ...200415522811
mitochondrial gene sequences and the molecular systematics of the artiodactyl subfamily bovinae.nucleotide sequence evolution of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit ii (coii) gene was used to examine the molecular phylogenetics and evolution of the bovinae, a subfamily within the mammalian order artiodactyla. the coii gene was sequenced in representatives of three bovine tribes (bovini, boselaphini, and tragelaphini) and the outgroup taxon capra (subfamily caprinae). although the phylogenetic analyses grouped bison as sister to bos, the genus bison was paraphyletic, with the ame ...19968812311
[parasitic arthropods of bison bonasus from the białowieza primeval forest].during the period 1991-1993, 61 bisons from the białowieza primaeval forest were examined. 8 species of ectoparasites were noted: bovicola sedecimdecembrii, lipoptena cervi, dermacentor reticulatus, ixodes ricinus, ixodes persulcatus, chorioptes bovis, psoroptes ovis, demodex bisonianus. the most frequent incidence noted was d. bisonianus, prevalence 52%, followed b. sedecimdecembrii--28%, i. ricinus--12% and l. cervi 8%.19968967085
estimation of accumulated dose of radiation by the method of esr-spectrometry of dental enamel of mammals.esr-spectrometry was used to investigate radiation-induced paramagnetic centers in enamel of mammals: carnivores (polar bear and fox), ungulates (reindeer, european bison, moose), and man. values at half the microwave power saturation of the radiation signal, p1/2, evaluated at room temperature, was found to range from 16 to 26 mw for animals and man. a new approach to discrimination of the radiation induced signal from the total esr spectrum of reindeer enamel is proposed. 'dose-response' depen ...19969022192
[sexual dimorphism of bison bonasus skeleton]. 195313068442
[the estimation of the degree of genetic divergence in bovidae by dna restrictase analysis].restrictase dna analysis was performed in seven species of bovidae family--european (belovezh) bison, belovezh-caucasian bison, european-american bison, mountain caucasian bison, american bison, domestic bull, and domestic sheep. dna was digested with mspi and taqi restriction endonucleases. the products obtained were end-labeled and electrophoretically separated in poliacrilamid gel. dna fragments consisting of highly repetitive genomic sequences were detected as a set of bands corresponding to ...19979411950
[heterochromatin and euchromatin regions in the chromosomes of various representatives of the subfamily bovinae].heterochromatin distribution was studied in three species of subfamily bovinae: bison (bison bison), european bison (bison bonasus), and gayal (bos frontalis). in all of the studied species, c- and cma3-banding and in situ hybridization with satellite dnaii (satdnaii) revealed the conservative distribution of heterochromatic regions in autosomes; sex chromosomes did not contain the classical constitutive heterochromatin. the y chromosome was the most variable element of the karyotypes of both bi ...19979445819
regulation of blood pressure in the european bison, bison bonasus (l.). 196113898600
the neuronal structure of paramamillary nuclei in bison bonasus: nissl and golgi pictures.the studies were carried out on the hypothalamus of bison bonasus aged 2 and 3 months. sections were made by means of bagiński's technique and nissl and klüver-barrera methods. four types of neurons were distinguished in the paramamillary nuclei: nucleus supramamillaris (sm) and nucleus tuberomammillaris pars posterior (tmp). type i, small and medium-size, triangular or fusiform cells, which have 2-3 slender, poorly ramified dendrites; typical leptodendritic neurons. type ii, medium size neurons ...19989835169
basic hematological values in some wild ruminants in captivity.analyses of hematological parameters were carried out on eight axis deer (cervus axis), 12 fallow deer (cervus dama), 16 red deer (cervus elaphus hippelaphus), three sambar (cervus unicolor), nine père david deer (elaphurus davidianus), 20 european bison (bison bonasus), seven nilgai (boselaphus tragocamelus), eight mouflon (ovis musimon), four white-bearded gnu (connochaetes taurinus) and six barbary sheep (ammotragus lervia). the following parameters were determined: packed cell volume, hemogl ...199910629960
arcanobacterium bialowiezense sp. nov. and arcanobacterium bonasi sp. nov., isolated from the prepuce of european bison bulls (bison bonasus) suffering from balanoposthitis, and emended description of the genus arcanobacterium collins et al. 1983.a taxonomic study was performed on 13 bacterial strains isolated from preputial swabs of european bison (bison bonasus) bulls suffering from balanoposthitis. the isolates were gram-positive, non-motile, facultatively anaerobic, diphtheroid-shaped cells. based on biochemical profiles and box-pcr-generated genomic fingerprints, the isolates were grouped into two clusters represented by four and nine strains, respectively. strains 1(w3/01)t and 2(w106/04)t, selected as representatives of the two cl ...200616585707
papillomatosis in a european bison.five european bison (bison bonasus) from three european zoos were shipped to the bukovské vrchy hills (slovakia) in june 2004 and kept together in an acclimatization enclosure. the european bison were released into the wild in december 2004. at that time, papillomas were found at the medial canthus of the left eye of a 12-yr-old female bison. cutaneous papillomatosis was confirmed histologically. negative stain transmission electron microscopic examination revealed papillomavirus in the papillom ...200616699157
[genetic diversity of the european bison herd from the prioksko-terrasny nature reserve].maintaining the existing genetic diversity in populations is one of the most important measures for species conservation. some components of this diversity in the bison population of the prioksko-terrasny nature reserve, including the level of preservation of the founder genetic diversity or the founder genomic equivalent (fge) of the current bison stock and the indices of similarity (mk) and genome uniqueness (gu), as well as their effects on viability of the animals from 1950-1995 were studied ...200010752035
comparative quantitative ultrastructural study of pinealocytes in eight mammalian species.objectives: the studies related to quantitative ultrastructural features of mammalian pinealocytes, especially in comparative aspects, are relatively rare. quantitative ultrastructural studies in many mammalian species are lacking. because of the existence of differences in diurnal melatonin profiles in various species it seemed interesting to compare the ultrastructure of pinealocytes in various mammalian species, both laboratory and domestic animals. material and methods: the pineal glands of ...200011455349
[is the parasite fauna of poland well recognized?].the studies of parasite fauna have in poland a long tradition. generally the helmint fauna of all groups of vertebrates was more or less examined and as much as over 100 species of monogenea, almost 400 digenea, over 250 cestoda, about 500 nematoda and 32 acanthocephala have been recorded. the best recognized are the helminths of fish (especially those of cyprinidae, esocidae, percidae and salmonidae), frogs examined in various regions of poland, some birds (especially connected with water envir ...200316888930
liver histological structure in adult european bison. bison bonasus (linnaeus, 1758).the histological structure of the liver in 12 european bison, 2-8 years old, was presented. the study of the hepatic lobule showed that in bison bonasus there were no connective septa around the hepatic lobules. on the hepatic lobule territory, solitary bile ducts, respectively solitary arterioles, were sometimes observed. every one of these vessels was isolated from the hepatic parenchyma by thick coats of collagen. in the adventitia of the hepatic sublobar vessels, capillaries of the vasa vaso ...200212416928
expansion of the asiatic parasite ashworthius sidemi (nematoda, trichostrongylidae) in wild ruminants in polish territory.the abomasa of 40 wild ruminants (18 red deer, 9 roe deer, 13 european bison) shot in the bieszczady mountains and another 8 european bison shot in bialowieza primeval forest, were examined for worms. ashworthius sidemi was found in all of the animals from the bieszczady mountains, and the intensity of infection was usually massive. in bialowieza forest few specimens of a. sidemi were noted among three bison. wild ruminants were infected by a. sidemi from june to september. the nematodes origina ...200312489006
normal vaginal micro flora of free-ranging european bison (bison bonasus). 200617071675
a new subspecies of the european bison, bison bonasus montanus ssp. nov. (bovidae, artiodactyla). 200011211514
an analysis of inbreeding in the european bison. 196017247924
mhc-drb3 variation in a free-living population of the european bison, bison bonasus.mhc genes play a crucial role in pathogen recognition and are the most polymorphic genes in vertebrates. loss of variation in these genes in bottlenecked species is thought to put their survival at risk. we examined variation at the mhc ii drb3 locus in the european bison, bison bonasus, a species that has undergone an extreme bottleneck: the current population originated from only 12 founders. we also tested for the association of drb3 genes with the incidence of posthitis, a disease affecting ...200717257111
complete genomes and phylogenetic positions of bovine papillomavirus type 8 and a variant type from a european bison.the dna of bovine papillomavirus (bpv) type 8 was extracted from papillomas on cattle kept in japan, and dna of bovine papillomavirus bpv-8-eb was extracted from a european bison (bison bonasus) born in italy and released into the wild in slovakia. the dna genomes of these bpvs were amplified using multiply primed rolling circle amplification and polymerase chain reaction, then characterized by direct sequencing method. the bpv-8 and bpv-8-eb genomes consisted of 7,791 base pairs (bp) and 7,773 ...200717265141
immunocytochemical localization of s-100 protein in the european bison testis and epididymis. 199910352969
seroprevalence of selected viral and bacterial pathogens in free-ranging european bison from the białowieza primeval forest (poland).blood was collected from bison that were selected between 1991 and 2001 for poor body condition, cachexia, lameness and balanoposthitis. sera were tested for antibodies to bovine herpes virus type 1 (bhv-1), bovine viral diarrhoea virus (bvdv), foot-and-mouth disease virus (fmdv), parainfluenza virus type 3 (pi-3), brucella abortus, chlamydophila abortus, coxiella burnetti, and leptospira interrogans. the results of serological tests showed a prevalence of low titers of a serological reaction to ...200717388020
paternally inherited markers in bovine hybrid populations.the genetic integrity of crossfertile bovine- or cattle-like species may be endangered by species hybridization. previously, amplified fragment length polymorphism, satellite fragment length polymorphism and microsatellite assays have been used to analyze the species composition of nuclear dna in taurine cattle, zebu, banteng and bison populations, while mitochondrial dna reveals the origin of the maternal lineages. here, we describe species-specific markers of the paternally transmitted y-chrom ...200314508501
[helminth fauna of free living european bison bison bonasus (l.) in bieszczady mountains (karpatian mountains, poland)].four free living european bison from białowieza/caucasus line shot in february 1997 within lutowiska forestry district in the bieszczady mountains were used in investigations. all examined animals were infected with helminths. there were found 10 species of parasites. five species of them ostertagia leptospicularis, o. kolchida, spiculopteragia boehmi, cooperia pectinata and ashworthius sidemi are thypical parasites of cervides, and from them were infected bison in bieszczady. in all necropsied ...200016886353
the occurrence of parasitic arthropods in two groups of european bison in the białowieza primeval forest.within 1992-2000, a total of 181 białowieza forest bison were examined from two winter herds. twelf parasitic arthropod species were observed, a high infestation being typical of demodex bisonianius, chorioptes bovis, ixodes ricinus, dermacentor reticulatus, and bisonicola sedecimdecembrii. the infestation in section 422 herd being higher for b. sedecimdecembrii, i. ricinus, d. reticulatus, ch. bovis. d. bisonianus was slightly more prevalent in the section 391 herd, the intensity being, however ...200116886430
phylogeny of bovine species based on aflp fingerprinting.the bovini species comprise both domestic and wild cattle species. published phylogenies of this tribe based on mitochondrial dna contain anomalies, while nuclear sequences show only low variation. we have used amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp) fingerprinting in order to detect variation in loci distributed over the nuclear genome. computer-assisted scoring of electrophoretic fingerprinting patterns yielded 361 markers, which provided sufficient redundancy to suppress stochastic effe ...200211813106
cellular localisation of the pregnancy-associated glycoprotein family (pags) in the synepitheliochorial placenta of the european bison.this paper describes the cellular immuno-localisation of the pag family in synepitheliochorial (cotyledonary) placenta of the european bison (eb). uteri were harvested from pregnant wild eb (n=4; 45-150 days post coitum-dpc); and additionally from cattle (30, 45 dpc) and pigs (42 dpc)--both domestic species were used as positive controls for cellular pag immunodetection. placentas were sectioned, fixed, dehydrated and subjected to double fluorescent immunohistochemistry (df-ihc) with the use of ...200817854806
[large grazers in the dutch wetland "de oostvaardersplassen." reaction to the "guide to large grazers" of the state secretary for agriculture, nature management and fisheries].the recently published 'guidelines large herbivores'from the secretary of state agriculture, nature management and fisheries are commented upon. these guidelines pay insufficient attention to the welfare of the animals used. only the management of domestic animals is discussed while the management of the deer, which form an integral part of the system is left open. the name of the veterinary guidance committee nature is questioned since it suggest an independent contribution of specialised veter ...200010896617
milkprotchip--a microarray of snps in candidate genes associated with milk protein biosynthesis--development and validation.milkprotchip is an oligonucleotide microarray based on the arrayed primer extension (apex) technique, allowing genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) in genes of interest for bovine milk protein biosynthesis. apex consists of a sequencing reaction primed by an oligonucleotide anchored with its 5'end to a glass slide and terminating one nucleotide before the polymorphic site. the extension with one fluorescently labeled dideoxy nucleotide complementary to the template reveals the po ...200515741664
the fate of a european bison herd. 189617735251
[increase of infection of european bison by nematodes setaria labiatopapillosa in białowie a forest].the aim of these studies was to determine the level of infection of european bison by nematodes belonging to the genus setaria.200718441881
[dna fingerprinting of individual species and intergeneric and interspecific hybrids of genera bos and bison, subfamily bovinae].genome fingerprinting with a hypervariable minisatellite sequence of phage m13 dna was used to study the genetic variation in individual species of the genera bos and bison (subfamily bovinae) and in their interspecific and intergeneric hybrids. dna fingerprints were obtained for domestic cow bos taurus primigenius, vatussy bos taurus macroceros, banteng bos javanicus, gaur bos gaurus, wisent bison bonasus, bison bison bison, and for the interspecific and intergeneric hybrids. compared with the ...200212018169
relationships among ecology, demography and diseases of european bison (bison bonasus).the bison population in the bialowieza forest in poland has now grown to approximately 300, while the herds in the belarusian part of the forest total about 240 bison. the first signs of a health problem in these herds appeared in 1980, when two cases of balanoposthitis were detected in two bulls (2 and 5 years of age). since 1980 research has been conducted to explain the cause of diseases, particularly balanoposthitis, and to monitor the health of bison in bialowieza forest. a total number of ...200314703870
epididymal cysts in european bison.we describe gross and histopathology of cysts found in the epididymis of the european bison (bison bonasus). the material was collected from 107, 3 mo to 20 yr old, free-ranging, culled males from the białowieza primeval forest (poland). epididymal cysts were observed in 65 (61%) of bison of varying ages. they were primarily in the head of epididymis and less often in the corpus or tail. the cysts contained opalescent fluid devoid of spermatozoa. they were lined by epithelium resembling that of ...200212238388
medieval remains from lithuania indicate loss of a mitochondrial haplotype in bison bonasus. 200616911223
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