[distribution and activities of hydrolytic enzymes in the apocrine glands of the domestic pig]. 1977192032
[improved demonstration of normal lymph nodes in lymphangiograms (author's transl)].lymphography with lipiodol ultra fluid was carried out in eight domestic pigs. the purpose of the experiment was to obtain even distribution of the oil in normal lymph nodes in order to improve its diagnostic value. this was attempted by changes in pressure, temperature and by the addition of benzopyrone. by increasing injection pressure from 0.4 to 0.8 atmospheres, using a pump, it was possible to show more of the lymphatic tissue. whether this would be possible in man is still not certain. the ...1976186372
[enzyme histochemical studies of the epidermis in the domestic pig]. 1975185828
factors influencing the lipolytic response of swine (sus domesticus) adipose tissue: ontogeny.swine adipose tissue was not responsive to glucagon at any age and only marginally to adrenocorticotropin (acth). the latter response could be greatly magnified and the sensitivity increased by addition of theophylline (theo). the maximal lipolytic activity (max) obtained with acth plus theo was minimal in the newborn, greatly increased in young animals, and reduced during the growing period; however, the sensitivity did not change. the max for theo (plus low epinephrine) yielded a pattern simil ...1976179622
polypeptides from serum low-density lipoproteins of pigs (sus domesticus).low-density lipoproteins floating between densities 1-006 and 1-063 g cm-3 were isolated by centrifugation of blood serum obtained from 24-h fasted pigs (sus domesticus). this lipoprotein fraction contained two components with sf 1-063 values of 3-4 and 2-3 at 20 degrees c when examined by analytical ultracentrifugation. delipidation of the lipoprotein yielded 15% recovery of soluble protein. chromatography on sephadex g100 in 8 m urea of these delipidation products yielded three fractions of d ...1976190989
growth and skeletal development of the pig.growth and skeletal development of the domestic pig (swedish landrace and yorkshire) are reported and the weight curve of males from birth to maturity included. other parameters were tooth development and growth of certain bones. it was concluded that daily weight gain increases rapidly to an age of about 5 months. sexual maturity is reached by both the male and female pig at about 5--6 months of age. at this time there is an inflection point on the weight curve. the period from 5--6 months to a ...1978233594
natural incidence of stomach worms in domestic swine from georgia & wisconsin. 1977244163
magnitude, direction and location of the resultant dipole moment of the pig heart.vectorcardiograms were obtained from 50 young domestic pigs using the nelson lead system. compensation for body size and shape is achieved and the resultant dipole moment magnitude reflects heart size. a strong relationship was found between heart size and maximum magnitude. dipole moment magnitude increased as four pigs increased from five to ten weeks of age. the dipole moment during qrs is considered in light of known pig heart excitation pattern. dipole locations during qrs, calculated by co ...1976131171
[first results of experimental animal studies on pervascular effects of indwelling intravasal catheters upon free tissue grafts. first communication (author's transl)].this is the first in a series of two papers reporting first results of studies made to set up a basic model of intraarterial perfusions in free tissue grafts. epidermal tissue grafts were obtained from thirty-two domestic pigs prior to slaughtering and pervascularly perfused for twelve to ninety-six hours. histological examinations showed that it is possible for tissue necrosis to be arrested as a prerequisite of subsequent in vivo experiments performed with the object of pervascularly supportin ...1979160152
[morphological changes in the pineal body of domestic swine (sus scrofa domesticus) depending on light].the cerebral epiphysis of twelve gilts, aged 6.5 months, was histologically, histochemically, and histometrically tested, after the animals had been kept permanently under artificial light, 100 lux, or in darkness, interrupted twice a day by two hours of lighting, over ten weeks altogether. the parenchymal cells of the epiphyses of the animals kept in darkness changed clearly from those of the other group with constant exposure to light. changes in the darkness animals included significant enlar ...197995245
detailed analysis of a reciprocal translocation (13q-; 14q+) in the domestic pig by g- and q-staining techniques. 197661957
influence of consecutive, physically exhaustive motor stress on domestic pigs and on the quality of pork. 197723739
the distribution of enzymes in the epidermis of the domestic cat.with the help of enzyme histochemical methods, the distribution and activities of several oxidative and hydrolytic enzymes in the epidermis of the densely-haired domestic cat have been studied. distinct oxidative enzyme activity could be demonstrated in all epidermal layers except the stratum corneum. among the hydrolytic enzymes investigated, strong reactions for non-specific esterases were visible especially in the str. granulosum and the basal lamellae of the str. corneum. positive reactions ...197722312
[dynamics and karyotyping of a population of wild boar with clear colored fur].the population of wild boars living in the wood of chize contains 25 % of animals having a clear coloured fur. chromosomal study of these, don't reveal any anomaly of number or structure of their chromosomes. this modification seems be due to a genic mutation and not to an eventual hybridization with domestic pigs.1977143995
natural history of autologous blood clot embolization in swine.previous studies of the natural history of embolized clots in dogs have demonstrated rapid lysis, presumably because the canine fibrinolytic system is very active. the fibrinolytic activity in swine, however, is similar to humans, and for this reason the pig was chosen for our study. the gluteal branches of the external iliac artery in nine domestic swine were embolized with either unmodified or modified (heat-formed, amicar) autologous clot. in addition, three pigs were embolized with unmodifie ...1976134002
isolation of yersinia enterocolitica serotype 0: 3 from captive monkeys and domestic pigs in zaire. 1978112929
acid-base status in the blood of domestic pigs during exhausting locomotor stress of small and medium intensity.twenty-two fattening pigs were stressed until their rectal temperatures had reached 42 degrees c. the means of stress included walking on moving conveyor belt at ambient temperatures between 22 degrees c and 27 degrees c and relative humidities between 69 and 98%, belt speeds of 0.7 m/s, 1.3 m/s or 0.7 m/s, and stimulation by means of a forcing rod. rectal temperature, respiratory frequency, lactic acid level in blood plasma, ph, as well as pco2 and base excess in the blood were measured prior t ...197721642
ontogenesis of catecholamines and some related enzymes in heart and spleen of swine (sus domesticus). 1975240637
fluoride concentration in tooth germs of permanent teeth of the domestic pig. 1978285648
incorporation of a dietary fluoride supplement into bone and developing teeth of the domestic pig. 1978285647
the effect of decreased growth rate on frequency and severity of osteochondrosis in pigs.rapid weight gain seems to be related to high incidence and severity of osteochondrosis. for this reason the effect of weight gain on osteochondrosis was investigated. in one experiment including 18 pigs, frequency and severity of osteochondrosis in pigs on a low caloric intake and in those on a high caloric intake (ad libitum feeding) were compared. in another experiment 8 pigs from 2 litters of pigs with a mainly wild hog ancestry were studied. these pigs had a much lower growth rate than mode ...1978233591
arbovirus infections in sarawak, october 1968-february 1970: getah virus isolations from mosquitoes.14 strains of getah virus were isolated from a variety of mosquito species collected in sarawak between october 1968 and february 1970. ten strains were isolated from c. tritaeniorhynchus 7 of them at k. tijirak. single strains were isolated from c. gelidus, c. pseudovishnui, m. bonneae/dives and aanopheles species. 6 of the isolates were obtained in october 1968 when japanese encephalitis, tembusu and sindbis viruses were also very active. the available evidence suggest that getah virus in sara ...1975238314
granular bodies and dense bodies in oogonia and oocytes of domestic pig (sus scrofa dom. l) embryos. 1979316791
an isoelectric focusing study of acid phosphohydrolases in liver lysosomes of higher vertebrates.1. the multiple forms of acid phosphohydrolases in liver lysosomes of sus scrofa domesticus and gallus gallus domesticus were studied by use of isoelectric focusing. 2. acid phosphatase was resolved into two forms in g. gallus domesticus and three forms in s. scrofa domesticus. especially, two forms of g. gallus domesticus were different from each other in their enzymatic properties. 3. the pi values of acid atpase agreed with those of acid phosphodiesterase in g. gallus domesticus. according to ...1979318407
ontogenic development of swine (sus domesticus) adipose tissue lipases.1. the in vitro activities of lipoprotein lipase (lpl) and hormone sensitive lipase (hsl) were examined in adipose tissue preparations from pigs 0-150 days of age. 2. the activities of both lpl and hsl increased 3- to 4-fold between birth and day 2 postpartum, remained at relatively high levels through weaning, and fell sharply in the oldest animals (150 days). 3. the decline in enzyme activities at older ages could partially be attributed to an increase in adipocyte size.1978318233
isolation of a new porcine enterovirus in the united states.a cytopathogenic virus isolated from an iowa farm pig with diarrhea was identified as a member of group 5 of the porcine enteroviruses. clinical signs observed in other pigs in the herd were diarrhea, debilitation and gauntness. morbidity and mortality rates were approximately 50% and 3% respectively.a group 5 porcine enterovirus had not been previously isolated in north america according to the western hemisphere committee on animal virus characterization.1977198077
course of antibiotic sensitivities in escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus from order to establish the evolution of resistance against the common antibiotics from the beginning of their use up to the present time, the sensitivity of escherichia coli isolated from the cecum of wild boars was determined. the mic's of e. coli from these animals in a zoological garden was examined for comparison. the samples from the wild boars were collected in five forests in the belgian ardennes. the mic's obtained (table 1) are comparable to the mean values given in the early literature ...1979397700
[histochemical investigation on the parenchyma cells of the epiphysis cerebri of cattle (bos taurus domesticus) and pig (sus scrofa domesticus) (author's transl)].the parenchyma cells of the pineal organ from 20 cattle (10 week-old female calfs, from one year to several years of age female and male cattle) and 14 pigs (8- to 9-month-old female pigs) were investigated with histochemical methods. carbohydrates are evident in a insignificant quantity. the content of lipids is very high, according to the age the quantity varying. proteins are evident, but only in small quantities. the content of ribonucleic acid is very high.1977415484
[mucosal changes in the bronchial system of the healthy swine (sus scrofa domestica l.)]. 1979420687
evolution of type c viral genes: preservation of ancestral murine type c viral sequences in pig cellular dna.domestic pigs (sus scrofa) and other members of the family suidae have multiple copies of type c viral gene sequences in the cellular dna of all their tissues. partially homologous viral gene sequences are also found in cellular dna of rodents, particularly muridae. the results lead to the conclusion that type c viral genes were introduced into the suidae lineage as a result of trans-species infection by an ancestral xenotropic murine virus. the rate of evolution of the virogene sequences in the ...1975172895
mononuclear cell infiltration of the aortic intima in domestic swine.the preparation of thick endothelial "häutchen" from microscopically lipid-free areas of the thoracic and abdominal aorta of 22 domestic pigs proved that there is a surprisingly frequent penetration of mononuclear blood cells into the subendothelial space. they are deposited on the intima in a diffuse or focal distribution as dense epi-, inter- and subendothelial cell infiltrates.1979446590
kidney worm infection in feral pigs in canada with transmission to domestic swine. 1978147726
[the pathogenesis of tracheal stenosis following thyroidectomy (author's transl)].the frequency of trachealmalacia or stenoses following operations for struma or recurrent struma initiated our study of the pathogenesis of such changes. this study revealed that mechanical factors, such as compression of the trachea and the like, had been reported in the literature as the causative factors. the present paper investigates to what extent disturbances in the blood supply of the trachea, particularly after ligature of the inferior thyroid artery during thyroidectomy, influence chan ...1979521335
isolation of san miguel sea lion virus from samples of an animal food product produced from northern fur seal (callorhinus ursinus) carcasses.a virus was isolated from california sea lions (zalophus californianus californianus) and northern fur seals (callorhinus ursinus) in 1972. it was later named san miguel sea lion virus (smsv). state and federal livestock disease control agencies became concerned, because smsv was found to be indistinguishable from vesicular exanthema of swine virus and to cause (in laboratory trials) clinical signs in swine similar to those produced by vesicular exanthema of swine virus. ground carcasses of nort ...1978629435
the role of adrenergic receptors in the motility of duodenum and choledochoduodenal junction in the pig.the role of adenergic receptors in the motility of duodenum and choledochoduodenal junction in the pig. acta physiol. pol., 1977, 28 (6): 521-528. the choldeochoduodenal junction in the vietnamese pig is functionally and anatomically a part of duodenal wall. in view of this, investigations were carried out for establishing the role of adrenergic receptors in the development of motor function of this part of the intestinal tract. the experiments were performed on domestic vietnamese pigs (sus scr ...1977612137
the consequences of early overnutrition for fat cell size and number: the pig as an experimental model for human obesity.(1) the objectives of these studies were: (a) to determine the period during which fat cells were being formed in different fat depots in the pig; (b) to discover whether total fat cell number could be affected by overfeeding from weaning or later in life, and (c) to examine the domestic pig as a model for human obesity studies especially as to the influence of the energy intake at different stages in life on fat cell size and number. (2) pigs were weaned at six weeks of age and allocated to one ...1977617328
the domestic pig as an experimental animal for studies on the nasal cycle.the resistance to air flow of each nasal passage in the anaesthetized pig was determined by pumping air through the nose and measuring pressure changes in nasal cannulae. a nasal cycle was observed in the marjority of the pigs. three types of change in nasal resistance were observed and their possible causes are discussed. section of the right cervical sympathetic nerve abolished the cyclic changes in nasal resistance of both nasal passages. the method described may prove useful in studying the ...1978665214
saturnine gout: lead-induced formation of guanine crystals.intravenous injection of a sublethal dose of lead acetate into a domestic pig resulted in a 4.5-fold increase of guanine in the urine, indicating an impairment in the conversion of guanine to xanthine. this impairment is probably due to the inhibition of guanine aminohydrolase (guanase), since the activity of this enzyme is inhibited by pb2+ (the inhibition constant being 3.0 x 10(-6)m). postmortem histological examination revealed concretions of crystalline material in the epiphyseal plate of t ...1978622568
sylvatic trichinosis in british columbia: potential threat to human health from an independent cycle.the results of a 3-year study of trichinosis in british columbia wild-life, based on the testing of more than 9,000 tissue specimens from a large variety of animal species, indicated that trichinosis is widespread among wild mammals in the southern and central parts of british columbia. this continuing survey has established that the disease is carried by at least 15 species of terrestrial mammals including 3 species of rodents. the finding of trichinella spiralis in ground squirrels and nonsyna ...1978635095
[production of hybrid wild and domestic swine with 2 chromosomal translocations]. 1978648316
a reciprocal translocation, t(6p+; 14q-), in the pig.a reciprocal translocation, identified as t(6p+; 14q-), is described in a 38,xx intersex pig. it is the fourth reciprocal translocation to be reported for this species, whereas robertsonian translocations, of frequent occurrence in cattle and sheep, are so far unknown in domestic pig breeds.1978690989
[reactions of the domestic pig to exhausting motor stress of middle intensity].the vo 2max value was established from twelve pigs, followed by checks of their responses to endurance stress (walk 0.7 m/sec, ambient temperatures between 22 degress c and 24 degrees c, relative humidities between 67 and 78 per cent). also measured were the rectal temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, haemoglobin level of the blood, haematocrit, mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration, plasma volume, blood volume, total haemoglobin, plasma glucose concentration and plasma lactid acid co ...1978666516
precautions in the application of immunohistochemical techniques to tissues of the pig hypothalamo-neurohypophysial system.immunohistochemical procedures were used to localize neurophysin in the hypothalamo-neurohypophysial axis of the domestic pig. the topographical distribution of neurophysin as revealed by the immunofluorescence "sandwich" technique was similar to that found when either the immunoglobulin-peroxidase bridge method or the peroxidase-labeled gamma-globulin technique was employed. however, application of the peroxidase-anti-peroxidase (pap) complex procedure resulted in nonspecific staining of the ma ...1977319165
chromosome marker in domestic pigs. c-band polymorphism. 1978689897
the nature and occurrence of the acrosome reaction in spermatozoa of the domestic pig, sus scrofa. 1978701195
chromosome markers in domestic pigs. a new c-band polymorphism. 1979437994
experimental infection of domestic pigs with the virus of peste des petits ruminants.pigs could be subclinically infected with pprv by inoculation or contact with infected goats. there was no evidence that the virus could spread to uninfected pigs or goats and pigs are not considered important in the epidemiology of pprv.1979462558
maternal starvation and progesterone secretion, litter size, and growth in the pig.the relationships of maternal nutrition and progesterone secretion to prenatal fetal loss and neonatal survival and growth were investigated in domesticated pigs that normally experience 40% fetal loss. yorkshire pigs were subjected to prolonged starvation (40 days; 0 kcal/day; water only) in either the middle third or last third of pregnancy and then gradually realimented to a full diet and allowed to advance to parturition; controls received a full diet (7,028 kcal/day) throughout gestation. p ...1979474753
wound healing. the effects of topical antimicrobial agents.the effect of four commonly used topical antimicrobial agents on the rate of reepithelialization of clean wounds was evaluated in white domestic pigs. neosporin ointment was found to significantly increase the rate of reepithelialization by 25%, while furacin significantly retarded the healing rate by 24%. pharmadine, a preparation containing povidone-iodine, did not affect the rate of healing. both silvadene and its vehicle significantly increased the rate of reepithelialization by 28% and 21%, ...1979507884
hematologic and myelogenous effects of inhaled benzene in the pig and the rat.four groups of 4 domestic pigs were exposed to 0, 20, 100, and 500 ppm benzene vapor 6 h/d, 5 d/wk, for 3 wk. two groups of 10 rats were exposed to 0 and 500 ppm: the exposed rats for 6 h/d, 5 d/wk, for 3 wk, the nonexposed rats for 6 h/d, 5 d. rats were killed within 72 h after exposure; values for pigs were obtained shortly after exposure and on final examination at 4-16 wk after exposure. pigs were evaluated for changes in white and red blood cell counts, hemoglobin level, lymphocyte count, p ...1979529338
[hemoglobins, xxi: sequence analysis of porcine hemoglobin (author's transl)].the hemoglobin of a bavarian domestic pig (suidae) was isolated. the chains were separated by countercurrent distribution, then cleaved with trypsin. the isolated peptides were sequenced with hydrophilic phenylisothiocyanate i and iv, or with a dimethylaminopropyne program in the sequenator. the sequences of the chains are given. some methodical aspects of automatic sequencing are discussed and the sequences of human porcine hemoglobin are compared. the role of adult pig haemoglobin as foetal he ...1978565742
[experimental studies on the course and the effects of pediculosis in domestic swine].weaned piglets, aged between six and eight weeks, underwent one single experimental infection, using few imaginal stages as well as second and third larval stages of haematopinus suis. louse populations of various densities developed on animals of the same litter under the same keeping and feeding conditions. no unambiguous reduction in body weight increase was observed throughout the two months of the experiment. even pigs with 2,107 or 2,135 adult lice and their larval stages were not affected ...1979547915
relations between spontaneous and induced arterial lesions in swine and arteriosclerosis in humans.the rabbit which for practical reasons is so frequently used for experimental arteriosclerosis considerably differs from humans in its metabolism, nourishment, and arterial wall responses to atherogenic noxae. in this respect, domestic pigs show more resemblance to the conditions in man, and they have recently been used for experimental research work in the field of atherosclerosis. our own investigations performed with a view to constructing an antherosclerosis model being as far as possible re ...1977598459
investigation of ultrastructure of the adenohypophysis in the domestic pig (sus scrofa domestica). part iii. capillary vessels of the pars anterior.the investigations were carried out on 34 hypophyses of pig embryo aged c. 46--79 days of fetal life. capillary vessels of the glandular part have the three-layer structure, and this structure is in general similar to the one of the capillaries of adult vertebrates. in the investigated stages of the fetal life the structure undergoes certain modifications; pores with septa (so called fenestra) occur in the cytoplasms of the endothelial cells, microvilli protruding to the lumen of the vessels dis ...1978744537
ultrastructure of the adenohypophysis in the domestic pig (sus scrofa domestica). part i: cells of the pars the hypophyses of 46-79 days old pig embryos three groups of cells were separated; one group constitute non-differentiated cells, second, cells becoming differentiated, and third, seven types of differentiated cells. probably three of these types are equivalent to the secretory cells sth, tsh, and fsh, and one type of them--to the cells described in the hypophysis of adult vertebrates as stellate cells or follicular cells. possibly only one type of the differentiated cells has the ability to ...1978744543
influence of maternal alloxan diabetes or insulin injections on fetal glycogen reserves, muscle and liver development of pigs (sus domesticus). 1978750558
[cytogenetic effect of the action of fotrin on domestic swine].the paper deals with in vivo studies of the cytogenetic effect of the photrin alkylating agent on the bone marrow cells of piglets. a high frequency of chromatid exchange output and non-random length localization of the individual chromosomes breaks are determined. the specific influence of chemical mutagens is discussed.1978741514
investigations of ultrastructure of the adenohypophysis in the domestic pig (sus scrofa domestica). part ii: "dark cells" in the pars anterior.the investigations were done on 34 hypophyses of the pig embryos aged c. 46-79 days of pregnancy. the name "dark cells" was given to one of the type of differentiated cells of the pars anterior which were characterized by intense electron density of the basic cytoplasm. the cells correspond to the "follicular cells" and the "stellate cells" described in many species of adult vertebrates. probably the dark cells have supporting function, as they originate a system of nets and tubular structures w ...1978744536
[the development of the adrenal cortex in pig (sus scrofa domestica). (a contribution on the development of the fetal interior zone of the adrenal cortex in pig) (author's transl)].the adrenals of pigs have been investigated histologically and histochemically during different periods of time pre- and postnatally. the pig (sus scrofa domestica) shows a proper fetal cortex in the prenatal development of the adrenal gland. this involves slowly during the last quarter of pregnancy. a weight reduction is not noted thereby. just before delivery the adrenal cortex of the pig has been subdivided into a zona arcuata and zona fasciculata. the zona reticularis develops only postnatal ...1978742704
physiological aspects of sperm transport in the domestic pig, sus scrofa. ii. regulation, survival and fate of cells. 1975764948
the skin of domestic mammals as a model for the human skin, with special reference to the domestic pig. 1978752456
vesicular exanthema of swine.vesicular exanthema of swine (ves) was first recognized in 1932. at the time, eradication measures and, later, quarantine procedures were instituted and extension of the disease to surrounding farms appeared to have been prevented. between 1932 and 1936, however, seemingly unrelated epizootics continued among swine herds being fed raw garbage. in 1936, ves disappeared only to reappear in 1939. the disease was contained within california until 1952, at which time it spread to all the major swine ...1976786969
cytological origin and points of exchange of a reciprocal chromosome translocation (1p-; 6q+) in the domestic pig. 1976789303
[spatial distribution of chromosomes in the nuclei of somatic cells. v. nonhomologous chromosomes of domestic swine]. 1978694997
coronary and transmural myocardial blood flow responses in awake domestic pigs. 1978696885
[progression and regression of diet-induced arterial changes in the domestic pig].under atherogenic diet in the pig changes of the intima developed in predisposed places of the arteries which have close relations to the atherogenesis in man. 4 months after the end of a 4-month atherogenic diet no decisive regression of lipid infiltrates could be established in spontaneous thickenings of the intima, however, signs of a lipid mobilisation.1978706493
the panniculus carnosus in the domestic pig.the panniculus carnosus arises from the superficial fascia of the midlateral back, inserts into the medial skin of the forelimb, and fuses ventrally with the contralateral cutaneous muscle. in the midback, forelimb, thigh, and groin the panniculus carnosus is lacking; there, superficial fascia alone is present. both the panniculus carnosus and the superficial fascia divide the panniculus adiposus into a superficial compact layer and a less compact deep layer. the firm attachment of the dermis to ...1977831245
transcatheter embolization with microfibrillar collagen in swine.transcatheter embolization of the gastrosplenic and renal arteries was performed in 7 domestic swine with suspensions of microfibrillar collagen (mfc), a recently developed topical hemostatic agent. embolized vessels remained occluded 2 days following embolization. recanalization occurred by 14 days, although some occlusion in distal vessel persisted at 3 months. pathologically a marked granulomatous arteritis was noted at 14 days which resolved by 3 months. gastric ulcers or infarcts were prese ...1978711395
pig-bel--a zoonosis?it is postulated that the combination of a very low protein diet, with low pancreatic tryptic activity, plus the continual consumption of sweet potato trypsin inhibitors leads to inadequate proteolysis when a meal containing meat contaminated with c. perfringens type c and its beta toxin is consumed. the necrotizing pathogenic process concluding as segmental gangrene is set in motion by toxin produced under altered dietary conditions first by motor paralysis via beta toxin, followed by villous a ...1978731766
[reactions of european wild boars (sus scrofa scrofa l.) to running stress. 1. behavior of respiratory and heart rate as well as the rectal temperature in standard tests of varying intensity and duration].eight wild boars, aged between twelve and six months and weighing between 81 kg and 39 kg, all kept on floor surfaces and diets used also for domestic pigs, were exposed on a horizontally operated belt to three locomotor stresses which differed by intensity and duration. the speeds were 78 m/min in tests a and c and 138 m/min in test b. the time was limited to ten minutes in test a and 40 minutes in test c, whereas in test b the animals were kept running their rectal temperature had gone up to 4 ...1977921480
percutaneous cardiac puncture in domestic pigs.blood sampling by percutaneous cardiac puncture was carried out in 69 domestic pigs. the procedure was shown to be safe and to produce reproducible data. the technique can be carried out without anaesthesia. repeated sampling is possible over minutes, hours or days, and a wide range of sample volumes can be achieved by this technique.1977921641
[spatial arrangement of chromosomes in somatic cell nuclei. iv. homologous chromosomes in guinea pigs and domestic pigs].space location of chromosomes in metaphasic cells was investigated using brains of 30 cavia cobaya and 30 sus scrofa, in norm and under x-ray treatment (500 r) and dipin action. conjugation of homologous chromosomes under normal conditions was determined, with a high rate reliability, to be equal to the 0.99 level of measuring, within the limits of the elaborated mathematical model. high rate of translocations of homologous chromosomes were discovered in animals subjected to the above mutagen tr ...1977919031
basic cardiovascular parameters in the underweight neonatal swine.some hematological and cardiovascular parameters of the underweight neonatal piglets have been compared with normal-weight 1 and 7-day-old swine (sus scrofa domestica). the underweight swine had a significantly lower leukocyte count, plasma protein level and blood glucose level, but a significantly higher plasma ldh level. heart rate and arterial blood pressure were significantly lower in the underweight group. based on the observed results it was postulated that the piglets born with a low body ...1978737236
mekong schistosomiasis. 4. a parasitological survey of wild rodents, domestic pigs and cattle on khong island, evidence of infection with the mekong schistosoma was found in 12 rattus exulans, 81 r. r. molliculus, and 10 bandicota savilei caught in the vicinity of and downstream from the schistosomiasis transmission focus on khong island, south laos, and examined by dissection and portal perfusion. likewise, no eggs of the mekong schistosoma were detected in faeces of 15 domestic pigs or 43 domestic cattle examined on khong island both by merthiolate-iodine-formalin concentration and by the hatching t ...19751166350
a surveillance of human influenza virus in swine in southern taiwan.from september 1970 to december 1971, samples were taken monthly from farm pigs, piglets and abattoir pigs in southern taiwan for virus isolations and serologic studies. a total of 10 strains of hemagglutinating agent were isolated in january and july 1971, following 2 epidemics of human influenza occurring in december 1970 and june 1971, respectively. three strains were antigenically confirmed as influenza a similar to a/hong kong/68 virus.1977885670
[in vitro incorporation of (33p)orthophosphate into the erythrocyte membrane phospholipids of newborn and adult domestic pigs].phosphate turnover of erythrocyte membrane phospholipids, judged by [33p] incorporation, was investigated with phosphatidylethanolamine, lecithin, sphingomyelin, phosphatidylserine, phosphatidylinositol, and phosphatidic acid in newborn and adult domestic pigs. a new micromethod is described in detail using between 10(9) to 10(10) cells, both for quantitative determination of phospholipids and tracer incorporation studies in erythrocyte membrane phospholipids. erythrocyte phospholipid values are ...1976998113
a transferrin variant tf i in crosses of the wild and domestic crosses of the wild pig (sus scrofa attila thomas) with the domestic pig a transferrin variant, tf i, was detected, electrophoretic mobility of which was slightly faster than the mobility of the variant tf a. from the results of starch gel electrophoresis, isolation, neuraminidase treatment, autoradiography, and genetic analysis of several families, it can be concluded that the tf i variant is genetically controlled by the allele tf1. thus the number of alleles in the transferrin system of th ...1976970675
[enzyme histochemical studies on the sebaceous glands of the domestic swine]. 1976999027
[effect of anemia on various reactions of domestic swine due to physical exertion. 4. changes of serum acid-base equilibrium].carbon dioxide tension, ph and the excess of base were determined in blood samples obtained from the posterior vena cava of six healthy and six anaemic pigs subjected to ten minutes of exercise on a belt moving at 78 m/min at 22-24 degrees c and relative humidity of 55-65%. the fall in these values during physical exertion was greater in anaemic than in healthy pigs. the roles of buffering capacity and rise in body temperature, and the relationship between blood lactic acid and base excess were ...19751190977
immunocytochemical study of the hypothalamo-neurohypophysial system. i. localization of neurosecretory neurons containing neurophysin-i and neurophysin-ii in the domestic pig.antibodies raised against porcine neurophysin-i and porcine neurophysin-ii using an injection regime in rabbits over a short time period, were used to localize neurophysin-i and neurophysin-ii in hypothalamic neurosecretory elements of the domestic pig. in transverse section, neurophysin-ii containing cells were more abundant in the dorsal medial region of the rostral supraoptic nucleus (son) as compared with the distribution of neurophysin-i neurons. the main bulk of the cells of the son were h ...1976793723
distribution of the dental lamina and deciduous tooth development in the mandible of the domestic pig.specimens of known age, weight, and crown-rump length were used to characterize the distribution of the dental lamina and deciduous tooth development in the mandible of the domestic pig.19751054333
long term follow-up of transcatheter embolization with autologous clot, oxycel and gelfoam in domestic swine.transcatheter embolization of the distal gastrosplenic artery as well as the distal right renal artery or one of its bifurcational branches was performed in 9 domestic swine. the animals were embolized with fresh autologous clot, oxycel or gelfoam in groups of 3. the embolic material was opacified with tantalum in several animals. at 4 months, none of the initial occlusions was sustained and recanalization without residuals was found in the left gastroepipolic artery with only one minor exceptio ...1977863632
on skin tension lines in the domestic pig. 1977834784
[experimental studies on the domestic pig about reconstruction of the injured organ of continence].in 12 domestic pigs, body weight ranging between 30 and 40 kg at operation, under general anesthesia the continence organ was paracoccygeally dissected on one side, and in 6 other animals bilaterally, and immediately thereafter reconstructed. the reconstruction was done paying regard to the fascial skeleton. in all cases the wounds healed primarily. the functional results were good, incontinence was not observed.1977871056
development of the adenohypophysis in the embryo of the domestic pig. 19751080726
measurement of placental blood flow in the pig and its relation to placental and fetal 12 pregnant sows (sus scrofa domestica), containing 144 live fetuses, placental blood flow was measured by the indicator fractionation technique using radioactive microspheres. in 8 of these litters, which contained 96 live fetuses, placental blood flow as obtained in absolute units. significant positive correlations were observed between placental blood flow and placental weight, between placental blood flow and fetal weight, and between placental weight and fetal weight. it is clear that th ...1977911966
demasculinizing effect of prenatal oestrogen on sexual behaviour in domestic pigs. 1977913360
evaluation of early myocardial ischemia with thallium-201 in the pig.thallium-201 was found to be a reliable agent for detecting decreased myocardial perfusion in domestic pigs 1-4 hours after acute coronary occlusion. substantial variation in myocardial-to-liver count ratios and diagnostic quality was observed in serial images performed in 3 normal pigs, although areas of 1-4 hours-old myocardial ischemia produced by acute circumflex coronary artery ligation in 6 pigs could be reliably detected by in vivo 201ti imaging. after intravenous 201ti administration, th ...1977910053
kinetic studies on the erythrocyte hexokinase of the domestic pig, sus scrofa. 19751122722
translocation heterozygosity in a malformed piglet and its normal littermates.a translocation with centric fusion between the nos. 13 and 17 acrocentric chromosomes was described in a malformed female piglet and three phenotypically normal littermates by the g-banding staining technique. since the translocation was heterozygous, the chromosome number was 37. the differences between the translocation of the present cases and those previously reported in the domestic swine species, as well as in some wild pigs, are mentioned.1977929432
uptake of carbon monoxide in blood of miniture pigs and other mammals.different affinities of blood for co were observed in in vivo and in vitro experiments. hamsters showed the greatest relative affinity (1.0), the corresponding value for rats was 0.8, for pigs 0.74 and for rabbits 0.58. the upward shift of the saturation curves was dependent on the rate of respiratory exchange per unit of body weight, e.g. the curves were less steep for pigs than for rabbits. after increased motor activity the equilibrium saturation of co in blood is reached more rapidly. from t ...19751124540
ontogenesis of enzyme systems deaminating different monoamines.1 a detailed investigation into the postnatal development of the activity of the enzyme monoamine oxidase (mao) in the rat and domestic pig was carried out. 2 mao activity was measured in littermate male rats aged between 3 and 122 days belonging to six breeding colonies. the tissues studied were three brain regions in which monoamines may play a role in neuronal transmission (septum, hypothalamus, corpus striatum) and, for comparison, in the cerebellum. liver, heart and adrenal glands were the ...1976938797
[effect of anemia on various reactions of the domestic swine due to physical exertion. i. initial values and characteristics of anemia].in six anaemic and six healthy pigs at rest the following values were determined:--rectal temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, haemoglobin (hb), haematocrit (hk), total haemoglobin (thb), plasma volume, blood volume, plasma osmolarity, lactic acid and glucose content of plasma, blood ph, carbon dioxide tension and base excess. there were significant differences between anaemic and normal pigs in hb, thb, relative thb, hk, mean cell haemoglobin concentration, lactic acid content; in the ecg ...19751190974
biphasic myelination and the fatty acid composition of cerebrosides and cholesterol esters in the developing central nervous system of the domestic pig. 1976965978
[effect of anemia on various reactions of the domestic swine due to physical exertion. 2. components of cardiovascular function and body temperature].the following measurements were made in six anaemic and six healthy pigs during and after physical exertion on a belt moving at 70 m/min for 10 minutes at environmental temperature of 22-24 degrees c and relative humidity of 55-65%:--rectal temperature (rt), heart rate, total haemoglobin, plasma volume (pv), blood volume (bv) and plasma osmolarity (po). the increase: in rt and po, heart rate during exercise, respiratory rate after exercise, and the fall in pv and bv during exercise as well as ch ...19751190975
[effect of anemia on various reactions of the domestic swine due to physical exertion. 3. changes in plasma glucose and lactic acid concentrations].six anaemic and six healthy pigs were exercised for ten minutes on a belt moving at 78 m/min. initial blood glucose values in healthy pigs averaged 71.2 mg/100 ml, and they changed very little during and after exercise. initial values were similar in anaemic pigs (70.7 mg/100 ml), but they increased continuously, during exercise, reaching a peak of 157.4 mg/100 ml one minute after the end of exercise. blood lactic acid increased from 1152 to 2463 mmol/litre in healthy pigs during the first minut ...19751190976
modification of ventricular fibrillation latency following coronary artery occlusion in the conscious pig.abrupt occlusion of the left anterior descending coronary artery was performed on 45 unanesthetized farm pigs in order to evaluate the relative effects on the latency to ventricular fibrillation (vfl) of 1) adaptation of the animals to the laboratory, and 2) beta-receptor blockade by propranolol. compared to control values, vfl was greatly lengthened (i.e., vf delayed or prevented) by adaptation (p smaller than 0.01), was shortened by large (2 mg/kg) doses of racemic propranolol in unadapted ani ...19751167816
fluoride incorporation into developing enamel of permanent teeth in the domestic pig. 19751066105
[evaluation of blood glucose concentration during exertion. 6. effect of anemia on the glucose regulation capacity of domestic swine in standardized running exercise].individual mean blood glucose values and the scatter of individual values were determined in six healthy and six anaemic pigs before, during and after ten minutes of exercise on a belt moving at 78 m/min (environmental temperature 22-24 degrees c, relative humidity 55-65%). the glucose regulatory capacity of anaemic pigs was inferior to that of healthy pigs. blood glucose regulation was related to haemoglobin content and to the increase in rectal temperature during exercise.19751190980
the distribution of enzymes in the skin of the domestic pig.on the basis of enzyme histochemical methods, the distribution and the activities of various enzymes in the skin of the domestic pig were investigated. the results are discussed in connection with the importance of the domestic pig as an experimental animal for dermatological research.1976966695
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