proceedings: the mechanism of "adrenaline reversal" in the anaesthetized cat and rabbit. 1975116
a study of the central effects of sympathomimetic drugs: eeg and behavioural investigations on clonidine and naphazoline. 1975637
possible involvement of gaba in the central actions of benzodiazepines. 1975720
the renin-angiotensin system and drinking behavior. 1975732
role of ph of the cerebrospinal fluid in the action of a vasodilator agent, no-shpa, on cerebral blood flow. 1975874
proceedings: ion activities on the surface of pial vessels following intravenous vasoactive drugs. 19751044
proceedings: cerebral blood flow during arterial hypoxia. 19751045
proceedings: regulation of the diameters of pial arteries in cats. 19751046
on the pharmacology of 9,10-dihydro-10-(1-methyl-4-piperidylidene)-9-anthrol (wa 335), a histamine and serotonin antagonist (author's transl).the substance 9,10-dihydro-10-(1-methyl-4-piperidylidene)-9-anthrol (wa 335) was examined for its antagonistic effects against histamine and serotonin, for its atropine-like properties as well as for a series of other qualities in comparison with cyproheptadine and pimethixene. the anti-histamine and anti-serotonin activities of compound wa 335 on the smooth muscle and the capillary do not only exceed that of cyproheptadine but also that of pimethixene. wa 335 shows an extremely strong binding t ...19751049
differences between the heavy chains of fast and slow muscle myosin. 19751286
further studies on the pharmacology of a false cholinergic transmitter, (2-hydroxyethyl) methyldiethylammonium (diethylcholine). 1975569
hyperexcitability in the neural substrate of emotional behavior in cats after alcohol withdrawal. evidence of a rapid development of alcohol dependence.substantial and prolonged withdrawal hyperexcitability in the neural substrate for affective defense was revealed by behavioral and electrophysiological measures in cats exposed to moderate to heavy doses of alcohol for periods ranging from 6 to 72 hours. the data are interpreted as indicating a rapid development of physical dependence on alcohol in this portion of the central nervous system.1975549
regulation of interrelation between pulmonary ventilation and acute experiments on 92 cats anesthetized with urethane and kept under controlled respiration the mechanism of tonic activity of the pulmonary vessels was studied in the presence of a decreased partial pressure of oxygen in the alveoli. the tonicity of the pulmonary vessels was recorded during autoperfusion of the vessels of the posterior lobe of the left lung by means of a perfusion pump. simultaneously, the pressure in the common carotid artery was recorded and the oxygen saturation of the ...1975535
n-isopropyl derivatives of dopamine and 5,6-dihydroxy-2-aminotetralin.secondary and tertiary amino homologs of the title compounds have been prepared, bearing an n-isopropyl group. in peripheral evaluation, certain members of the series exhibited beta-adrenergic agonist effects of lower activity than isoproterenol. n-methyl-n-isopropyl-5,6-dihydroxytetralin exhibited marked properties consistent with its being an alpha agonist, and it is concluded that introduction of considerable bulk about the nitrogen of a catecholamine does not a priori destroy alpha-agonist e ...1975497
internal chemoreceptors. chemical regulation of respiration. 19751835
effects of ph and pco2 on performance of ischemic myocardium.contractile performance of ischemic feline myocardium was evaluated under conditions of selective changes in perfusate in ph and pco2. a substantial increase in myocardial performance was noted when the pco2 was lowered at constant ph, and depression of performance was noted when the pco2 was increased at constant ph. perfusate acidosis at constant pco2 resulted in depression of performance and decreased performance only after 20 min of exposure. alkalosis did not increase performance and decrea ...19751832
effect of recurrent stress on postnatal increase of tyrosine hydroxylase.tyrosine hydroxylase is present at birth and reaches adult levels in the hypothalamus usually during the second month. recurrent stimulation of intrahypothalamic noradrenergic structures shortened this period of maturation in a statistically significant manner.19751799
the composition of tracheal mucus and the nervous control of its secretion in the cat. 19751789
properties of a toxin from the sea anemone stoichacis helianthus, including specific binding to sphingomyelin.stoichactis helianthus toxin, a protein derived presumably from the nematocysts, was purified to homogeneity. it has a molecular weight of about 16,000, an isoelectric ph of 9.8, and it contains approximately 3.7% carbohydrate. it is powerfully hemolytic for erythrocytes derived from a variety of animal species, those of the cat being the most sensitive and those of the guinea pig the most resistant. the toxin is lytic also for rabbit blood platelets, and it destroys cultured fibroblasts but is ...19761757
nonachlasine--a new drug for treatment of ischemic heart on the pharmacology of a new antianginal drug--nonachlasine--are presented. nonachlasine was found to increase the blood flow intensively and for long periods of time, increasing the oxygen reserve of the myocardium, thus increasing the cardiac output and the contractile function of the heart. the prevailing action of nonachlasine on the blood supply and the function of the myocardium seems to be the result of several mechanisms: decreasing resistance of the coronaries due to the activation ...19751569
classification and biological distribution of histamine receptor sub-types.the distribution and classification of histamine receptors in mammalian and avian tissues have been summarized in tables 1-4. it is evident that histamine receptors are present on a number of morphologically distinct cell types and the proportion of cells bearing h1- and h2-receptors varies not only with the species but also with the cell source. the pharmacological receptors mediating mepyramine-sensitive histamine responses have been defined as h1-receptors. receptors mediating mepyramine-resi ...19751979
neuronally-induced vasodilator response in the splanchnic region of the chloralosed cat. 19751504
an investigation of the mechanisms responsible for a reduction in capillary filtration coefficient in the innervated cat jejunum on intravenous infusion of histamine. 19751500
differences in the responses of taste receptors to organic and inorganic acids with changes in the concentration of bicarbonate in the solution.the thresholds of the ph for citric acid (ph=4.9) were found to exceed by 1.4 ph the thresholds for hc1 (3.5) at 1.2 mmol/1 bicarbonate in the solution. the reaction to citric acid was higher than to hc1 at equal ph. decreasing of bicarbonate from 1.2 mmol/1 to 0 reduced ph threshold only for sitric acid from 4.90 to 3.15. ph threshold for hc1 remained 3.5 the chorda tympani response to stimulation with solutions containing bicarbonate (1.2 mmol/1) was higher than in absence of bicarbonate. the ...19751293
regulation of local tissue po2 in the cerebral cortex of the cat.local po2 was measured in the cat cortex on adjacent sites with a platinum multiwire surface electrode both during steady state conditions and with varying arterial oxygen supply. concomitantly, po2 in the sinus sagittalis was recorded continuously through the vascular wall. under normoxia and steady state conditions local tissue po2 values varied between o torr and almost arterial levels of 85 torr in accordance with theoretical calculations. with increased arterial oxygen supply local tissue p ...19751292
possible structural-functional organization of the system of local cerebral blood flow regulation.rcbf under normal conditions in the rabbit, cat, and monkey brain was found to have a spontaneous periodicity while rcbf responses to afferent flicker stimulation usually revealed a double-phasic fluctuative pattern. this suggests that the rcbf regulatory system consists of not less than two regulatory chains with different time constants, and a feedback. the data on cerebral vascular responses to microapplication of mcsf solutions with various ph, potassium and catecholamines concentrations, su ...19751291
mechanics of vascular smooth muscle contraction. 19752488
dependence of the beta-adrenergic blocking action on the chemical structure in alylphenoxypropanolamine derivatives. 19752493
chemoreceptor: co2 and h+ as respiratory stimuli, and central chemoreceptor (author's transl). 19751837
effect of blood ph variations on the bronchodilator effects of salbutamol in cats. 19751867
dynamics of neuro-humoral reactions of resistant and capacitive vessels in the process of adaptation to high altitude conditions. reactions to electric stimulation of the sympathetic nerves. 2. (experimental study). 19751933
an experimental study of the spectrum of individual psychotropic activity of clozapine (leponex).an experimental analysis of the psychotropic activity of leponex (in a chronic experiment on ii cats) in conditions of a group interaction depicted that the preparation processes a definite tranquillizing and antipsychotic effect. in conditions of zoosocial interactions this drug promotes disappearance of neurotic reactions and a resocialization of animals in the zoosocial ierarchy. in tranquillizing doses the preparation has an antihypertensive effect and prevents the development of a long-term ...19751950
reactions of the arterial blood pressure in changed haemodynamic conditions and under the effect of bilateral carotid order to throw light on the problems related to the magnitude and the possibility of maintaining pressor response in the case of bilateral carotid occlusion (bco), acute experiments were carried out on heparinized cats in chloralose-urethane narcosis and spontaneous respiration. the perfusion pressure in a hind leg autoperfused with a roller pump with a constant flow and the arterial blood pressure were recorded electromanometrically. a study was made of the changes taking place under the eff ...19751967
on the mechanism of the relaxing adrenaline effect on cat jejunum.the effect of propranolol, phentolamine, papaverine, theophyline and ca++, administered in different combinations of their threshold doses, on the relaxing effect of adrenaline was studied on an isolated segment of proximal jejunum of male cats. it was established that phentolamine weakened the relaxing effect of adrenaline, while propranolol had no effect on it. papaverine potentiated the relaxinf effects of adrenaline both when administered alone and in combination with propranolol or with phe ...19751968
interplexiform cells of the mammalian retina and their comparison with catecholamine-containing retinal cells. 19752921
a method for the continuous study of net water transport in the feline small bowel.a new perfusion technique has been developed for the study of net water transport across the intestinal epithelium in vivo. the lumen of an isolated intestinal segment is steadily perfused with a solution of known composition in a closed perfusion system with a reservoir large enough to prevent recirculation. the intestinal segment may be enclosed in a plethysmorgraph. changes in the perfused volume is recorded by a volume transducer coupled to the recirculating system via a t-tube. if no motili ...19751970
study of the effects of alfatesin on cerebral blood flow in cats.the cerebral haemodynamic effects of ct 1341 also called alfatesin, an anaesthetic steroid, were studied in the cat by means of the xenon 133 isotopic clearance method to measure the cerebral blood flow. the injection or intravenous drip of alfatesin in animals whose arterio pco2 was kept unchanged induced a cerebral blood flow diminution, the importance of which was proportional to the injected dose. the cerebral blood flow fall was partly due to a cerebral arterio vasoconstriction evidenced by ...19752057
the catalytic mechanism of carbonic anhydrase. hydrogen-isotope effects on the kinetic parameters of the human c isoenzyme.1. the steady-state kinetics of the interconversion of co2 and hco3 catalyzed by human carbonic anhydrase c was studied using 1h2o and 2h2o as solvents. the ph-independent parts of the parameters k(cat) and km are 3-4 times larger in 1h2o than in 2h2o for both directions of the reaction, while the ratios k(cat)/km show much smaller isotope effects. with either co2 or hco3 as substrate the major ph dependence is observed in k(cat), while km appears independent of ph. the pka value characterizing ...19751249
differential effects of phenobarbital and pentobarbital on isolated nervous tissue.epileptiform after discharges evoked by repetitive electrical stimulation of chronically isolated cortical slabs (cat) were shortened by low doses of phenobarbital but not affected by hypnotic doses of pentobarbital. both pentobarbital and phenobarbital raised threshold and lowered spike amplitude in isolated sciatic nerves. the action of both drugs was increased by reducing na in the medium and by decreasing the ringer's ph. similar to the action of other general anesthetics, the axonal effect ...19751245
central action of wa-335-bs, a substance with peripheral antiserotonin and antihistaminic rats and mice the serotonin and histamine antagonistic drug 9,10-dihydro-10-(1-methyl-4-piperidylidene)-9-anthrol (wa 335-bs) caused stronger central sedative effects than did cyproheptadine. wa 335-bs also displayed stronger activity against reserpine- and central tremorine-induced effects than did cyproheptadine and it slightly enhanced d-amphetamine-induced effects: therefore it may have antidepressant properties. wa 335-bs proved to be very effective against isolation-induced aggression i ...19751050
the pharmacology of (+/-)-1-(4-cyclohexylureido-phenoxy)-2-hydroxy-3-tert-butylaminopropane (talinolol, cordanum, 02-115). 1975688
structure-activity relationship of phenoxyalkanolamine derivatives with selective beta 1-receptor blocking action. 1975687
investigation into some imidazoline compounds, with respect to peripheral alpha-adrenoceptor stimulation and depression of cardiovascular centers.peripheral alpha-adrenoceptor stimulation was tested by means of hypertensive effects of the drugs following i.v. injection in spinal rats. naphazoline (np), oxymetazoline (om), st 91-2-(2,6-diethylphenylimino)-2-imidazolidine--and st 1697--2-(2-ethyl, 6-methylphenylimino)-2-imidazolidine--were 3 to 5 times more potent in tthis respect thatn clonidine (clon) whereas st 363--2-(2,4-dichlorophenylimino)-2-imidazolidine--and xylazine (xy) exerted only approx. 1/20 the effect of that of clonidine. s ...1975628
relationship between enterotoxin accumulation and the quantity of pathogenic staphylococci in cooked meat. 19751905
dynamics of neuro-humoral reactions of resistant and capacitive vessels in the process of adaptation to conditions of high altitude. 1. reflective reactions (experimental study). 19751916
the metabolic fate of securinine. 1975219
combined effects of hypoxia and hypercapnia on the functional state of the respiratory center.experiments were conducted on cats under nembutal anesthesia; a study was made of pulse activity of bulbar respiratory neurons, electrical activity of the diaphragm and of the intercostal muscles; po2, pco2, ph, arterial blood oxygen saturation were determined in combined action of hypoxia and hypercapnia. when hypoxic gaseous mixture was given for respiration the developing hypocapnia disturbed the discharge rhythmic activity of the respiratory neurons, the respiration acquiring a pathological ...1975103
myosin from arterial smooth muscle: isolation following actin depolymerization.the contractile proteins from arterial smooth muscle are highly soluble, and can be extracted at i = 0.05. however, they can be precipitated by a prolonged dialysis at ph 6 to give an actomyosin with a high, although variable, actin:myosin ratio. the sedimentation behavior of this actomyosin at high ionic strength was examined as a function of ph, protein concentration and composition by preparative ultracentrifugation. comparisons with synthetic skeletal muscle actomyosins of similar compositio ...197585
experimental ulcer. 1975855
antagonistic effects of gaba and benzodiazepines on vestibular and cerebellar neurones. 19763742
cholinergic mechanisms in narcotic analgesics. 19753747
synthesis of angiotensin ii antagonists containing n- and o-methylated and other amino acid residues.1-n-methylisoasparagine,8-isoleucine- (i), 1-sarcosine,4-n-methyltyrosine,8-isoleucine- (ii), 1-sarcosine,5-n-methylisoleucine,8-isoleucine- (iii), 1-sarcosine,8-n-methylisoleucine- (iv), 1-sarcosine8k-n-methylisoleucine,8-n-methylisoleucine- (v), 1-sarcosine,8-o-methylthreonine- (vi), 1-sarcosine,8-methionine- (vii), and 1-sarcosine,8-serineangiotensin ii (viii), synthesized by merrifield's solid-phase procedure, possess respectively 0.8, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 0.0, 0.5, 3.7, and 0.7% pressor activity ...19762777
partial purification and characterization of post-proline cleaving enzyme: enzymatic inactivation of neurohypophyseal hormones by kidney preparations of various species.the inactivation of the neurohypophyseal hormones arginine vasopressin and oxytocin, both 14c-labelled in the c-terminal glycine residue, by enzymes present in kidney homogenates of various species has been investigated, and some of the enzymes responsible have been partially purified and characterized. the leu-gly peptide bond of oxytocin is generally most effectively cleaved by kidney homogenates, although with certain species enzymic activity hydrolyzing the pro-leu bond is significant. degra ...19762300
possible participation of potassium ions in the regulation of local cerebral blood flow.the microinjections of mock spinal fluid with various potassium concentrations into the cat and monkey brain tissue were made in acute and chronic experiments. the vascular reactions as studied with the microphotography and h-clearance method were found to be linearly related to the potassium concentrations within the range of 0--12 meq/1, being constrictory below 5 meq/1 and dilatory above that. an interaction between msf potassium and ph seems to be weak if any, since the slope of the potassiu ...19752506
the dynamics of the respiratory indices of arterial blood, cerebrospinal fluid and the tissue in the area of the bulbar respiratory center during hypoxia. 19752507
factors influencing nonspecific binding of glucocorticoids in myocardial tissue.myocardial slices from the left ventricle of cat hearts were incubated in krebs-henseleit buffer containing 10 mm glucose which were gassed with 95% o2 and 5% co2. tritiated dexamethasone (dexa 0.171 mm) or methylprednisolone (mp 0.805 mm) was added under varying conditions of temperature, ph, and in the presence of various metabolic inhibitors. glucocorticoid uptake by myocardial tissue was found to be temperature-dependent, plateauting after 60 min of incubation at 0.21 mumole of dexa/g of tis ...19763798
possibilities and limitations of uterine contraction inhibiting agents. 19762884
distribution of prostaglandin e 9-ketoreductase and nad+-dependent and nadp+-dependent 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase in the renal cortex and medulla of various species.regional distributions of pge 9-ketoreductase and 15-hydroxy-prostaglandin dehydrogenase were examined in the cytoplasmic fractions from the kidneys of seven species. all species contained an nadph-dependent reductase, as well as nad+- and nadp+-dependent dehydrogenases in both cortex and medulla. a previously unrecognized cytoplasmic nadh-dependent pge 9-ketoreductase was also detected in the cortex and medulla of rat and bovine kidney. total nad+- and nadp+-dependent dehydrogenase activity was ...19752961
comparison of the effects of depolarizing agents and neurotransmitters on regional cns cyclic gmp levels in various animals. 19764583
role of proximal duodenal mucosa in overall provisions for acid disposal in the upper gastrointestinal tract. 19752988
electrical events associated with the action of nicotine at the adrenergic nerve terminal.nicotine perfused through the coronary circulation of the isolated atropinized cat heart elicits antidromic activity in the cardiac sympathetic nerves. the pattern of discharge varies in a complex fashion with dose. at low concentrations, activity may last up to 10 min, whereas at high doses the antidromic response may last only a few seconds. sympathetic transmitter is released into the perfusion fluid. there is dissociation between the amount of transmitter that overflows from the heart and th ...19752124
the use of microchemical techniques for the identification of new transmitter molecules in neurons.the author reviews available microtechniques and results on cellular analysis of single neurons emphasizing the identification of putative neurotransmitter molecules. highly sensitive microquantitative methods for identification and assay of known and putative neurotransmitters have been developed within the last 15 years. several of the methods reported in the article fulfill the requirements of both specificity and sensitivity for exploring and measuring the level of transmitter molecules in s ...19754628
the rate of calcium uptake into sarcoplasmic reticulum of cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle. effects of cyclic amp-dependent protein kinase and phosphorylase b kinase.calcium transport into sarcoplasmic reticulum fragments isolated from dog cardiac and mixed skeletal muscle (quadriceps) and from mixed fast (tibialis), pure fast (caudofemoralis) and pure slow (soleus) skeletal muscles from the cat was studied. cyclic amp-dependent protein kinase and phosphorylase b kinase stimulated the rate of calcium transport although some variability was observed. a specific protein kinase inhibitor prevented the effect of protein kinase but not of phosphorylase b kinase. ...19762325
energy state of the cerebral cortex of the cat during hyperventilation (author's transl).average po2 and pco2, local blood flow and ph values in the cerebral cortex of the cat were measured during passive hyperventilation (arterial pco2 below 19 mm hg). at defined intervals tissue samples were taken for metabolite analysis. the object of the study was to correlate the data obtained on the brain surface with metabolic responses. immediately after the start of hyperventilation blood flow decreased, average cortical tissue pressures of o2 and co2 fell, and there was a simultaneous rise ...19754958
studies on fazadinium bromide (ah 8165): a new non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent.intravenous dose-response relationships were used to correlate neuromuscular paralysis with the effects of fazadinium (ah 8165) on autonomic mechanisms in anaesthetized cats and rhesus monkeys and with cardiovascular effects in man. in cats and monkeys neuromuscular paralysis of the twitch responses of the gastrocnemius muscle by fazadinium was accompanied by impairment of the vagally induced bradycardia, but cardiovascular disturbances were small. blockade of sympathetic mechanisms and hypotens ...19762378
inhibition of brain mitochondrial function and changes of tissue h+ and k+ concentration in hemorrhagic shock. 19752990
the role of the neurotransmitters in the epilepsies. 19753107
pharmacological properties of 2-(2-chloro-p-toluidino)-2-imidazoline-nitrate (tolonidine), a new antihypertensive agent. iii. action on the secretions of the digestive tract and on the central nervous system, acute toxicity.the pharmacological properties of 2-(2-chloro-p-toluidino)-2-imidazoline-nitrate (tolonidine) a new synthetic derivative of imidazoline are reported in a series of three successive articles. this compound has been shown to possess hypotensive and antihypertensive properties. after i.v. administration, the hypotensive phase was preceded by hypertension related to the potent direct alpha-sympatheticomimetic properties of the product. this pressor response, which was not seen after oral administrat ...19753186
sensitization and habituation of the plantar cushion reflex in cats.the plantar cushion reflex in cats was examined as a model system in a mammal for the study of the effects of repeated stimulation on neural transmission. effects of various frequencies and intensities of stimulation were similar to those seen in other reflex systems. for instance, for a fixed number of stimuli, habituation of the plantar cushion reflex was more marked at 10 hz than at 2.0 hz, and with 1.0 x threshold stimulation than with 5.0 x threshold stimulation. sensitization occurred at i ...19763265
pharmacology of methvin--a new ganglionic blocking preparation of short-term effect.methvin (vincanin chlormethylate) is an active ganglion blocking agent of a short-term action. as regards its gangliolytic action it is approximately 6 times superior to afronad. in test animals the drug produces a well-marked and short-term (easily controllable) hypotensive effect, without causing any histamine-like and direct vasodilation action. when used in relatively high doses methvin blocks the neuro-muscular conduction, potentiates the action of major muscle relaxants. a study of methvin ...19763433
responses of small intestine tissue chemoreceptors to change in the pco2, ph and (hco3-) in perfusion solutions.perfusion of the small intestine of anesthetized cats with a solution having excessive co2 and h+ concentration (pco2 60 mm hg; ph; 7.2; hco3- 25 mm) produced a threshold reflex increase in the blood pressure. the subsequent increase of pco2 to 380 mm hg and decrease of ph to 6.4 evoked a gradual raise of the blood pressure (8.0+/-0.6 mm hg) followed by the sharp increase of pressor reflexes amplitude within the range of ph 6.4--6.1. tissue receptors were found to be essentially sensitive to sol ...19763446
effect of metiamide on acid secretion from isolated kitten fundic mucosa.isolated kitten fundic mucosa demonstrates low rates of spontaneous acid secretion in vitro when bathed in krebs-henseleit solution, and responds consistently to histamine, pentagastrin, and acetylcholine placed in the bath. high rates of spontaneous secretion or secretion in response to histamine and pentagastrin were significantly inhibited by addition of metiamide (5 x 10(-3) m); but mucosa stimulated by constant addition of acetylcholine chloride (10(-4) m) was not inhibited by metiamide at ...19754205
sympatholytics. 19766238
comparative studies on the characterization of the beta-receptor stimulating properties of tetrahydropapaverolin. 19766239
pharmacological analysis of the adrenergic control of the cerebral circulation.the adrenergic control of the cerebral circulation was subjected to pharmacological analysis. the status of the cerebral circulation was assessed using radioisotope, electromagnetic and resistographic methods. eeg, ecg and arterial pressure were recorded. the acid-base equilibrium and oxygen tension were measured in the arterial blood and cerebrospinal fluid. the experiments showed that the sympathetic innervation plays an important role in controlling cerebral circulation and in the development ...19752821
effect of beta-adrenergic blockaders on the bioelectrical activity of the mesenchephalic reticular formation.the authors examined the beta-adrenergic structures in the mesencephalic formation (msf) in view of establishing their role on the activity of msf in view of establishing the in rols on the activity of msf itself and the relationship of the same formation with the cerebral cortex and the lymbic system. it was established that beta-adrenergic blockers after their local application in msf could inhibit its function. the data from the effect on the induced bioelectrical activity indicated also dimi ...19754291
the intrinsic, association and commissural connections of area 17 on the visual experimental neurohistological study has been made of the intrinsic connections of the cortex of area 17 of the monkey, of the commissural connections of the visual cortex of the cat and monkey and of the association fibres passing into area 17 of the cat. in light microscopic studies the axonal degeneration method of nauta has been used, and the site and mode of termination of the degenerating fibres has also been determined with the electron microscope...19752937
possible involvement of a transmitter different from norepinephrine in the residual responses to nerve stimulation of the cat nictitating membrane after pretreatment with reserpine.pretreatment with reserpine (0.3 or 3 mg/kg, 24 hours before the experiment) reduced the norepinephrine (ne) levels in the medial muscle of the cat nictitating membrane to approximately 2% of the control values. under these experimental conditions, the responses to postganglionic nerve stimulation were not abolished, reaching up to 50% of the maximum development of tension to exogenous sympathomimetic amines both in vivo and in vitro. in contrast to the responses to nerve stimulation obtained in ...19764607
a pharmacological analysis of neurally induced inhibition of carotid body chemoreceptor activity in cats.experiments were performed to determine the mechanism by which centrifugal impulses in the carotid sinus nerve (csn) reduce the frequency of impulse traffic in afferent chemoreceptor fibers from the carotid body in cats. recordings of chemoreceptor activity were made from single- or few-fiber preparations dissected off the csn, while the remainder of the csn was stimulated electrically to produce neurally induced inhibition of chemoreceptor activity. various drugs were injected either intravenou ...19764609
release of putative transmitters from the corpus striatum. 19754825
effect of narcotic analgesics on the cortical control process of impulse transmission in the afferent pathways of the sciatic nerve.the effect produced by narcotic analgetics with their intravenous administration on the process of cortical control over the transmission of impulses along specific routes of the sciatic nerve was studied. the conditioning stimulation of the cortex was effected by using a monopolar electrode through single electric impulses. the interval between conditioning and test (on sciatic nerve) impulses was of 80-120 ms. morphine (1-2 mg/kg), promedol (trimeperidin) (1-2 mg/kg) and phentanyl (100 gamma/k ...19766310
brain microvascular hemodynamic responses to induced seizures.arteriolar diameters and venular erythrocyte velocities in the small pial vessels on the surface of the cat brain were measured by tv methods during induced epileptic seizures through a cranial window. grand mal seizures maximally dilated arterioles and increased venular erythrocyte velocity up to 400%. high positive correlation existed between changes in csf hydrogen ion concentration and pial arteriolar diameter, suggesting metabolic regulation of cbf through csf/interstitial fluid hydrogen io ...19763870
spinal adrenergic mechanisms regulating sympathetic outflow to blood vessels.the role of descending spinal catecholamine (ca)-containing fibers in cardiovascular regulation was examined. monoamine-containing fibers were visualized by fluorescence histochemical methods at the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spinal segments. two major groups of descending ca-containing axons were located in the lateral funiculus at the midcervical spinal level. at the thoracolumbar spinal segments ca-containing terminals were concentrated mostly around cells of the intermediolateral nucleus ...19765205
the response of ca-mediated action potentials and contractile activity in mammalian ventricular myocardium towards alkalosis.alkalosis (ph 7.8) produced by reduction of co2 concentration augmented both upstroke velocity of ca action potentials and isometric contractile force of mammalian heart muscle. if the increase of ph to 7.8 was achieved by a raise of hco3 concentration (with simultaneous reduction of co2 concentration), the positive inotropic response was not accompanied by an augmented ca current. obviously, the well-known positive inotropic effect of alkalosis does not only depend upon the enhancement of trans ...19765279
certain characteristics of the infective agent of feline infectious peritonitis. 19763998
metiamide-treatment of brain oedema in animals exposed to 90yttrium irradiation. 19766680
myocardial substrate levels in vivo during hypoxia of various degrees and duration. 19755757
sympathomimetic bronchodilators and animal models for assessing their potential value in asthma. 19766741
modern views on the pathogenesis of fever and the mode of action of antipyretic drugs. 19766743
muscarinic stimulation of cardiac guanylate cyclase.right ventricular kitten papillary muscles were incubated with dibutyryl adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (db-camp) at varying concentrations from 1 x 10(-4) m to 1 x 10(-3) m. a positive inotropic effect was observed with all concentrations of db-camp. concomitant administration of 5 x 10(-4) m monobutyryl guanosine 3',5'-monophosphate and 1--2 x 10(-4) m db-camp did not produce an inotropic response. at the biochemical level cardiac guanyl cyclase activity is enhanced 2--3 times with acetylcholin ...19755759
reflex sympathetic tachycardia during intravenous infusions in chronic spinal cats.the reflex tachycardia elicited by rapid intravenous infusions of a blood substitute was studied in 21 chronic cats with spinal sections at c8. all animals could breath spontaneously. the day after section the average resting heart rate (hr) and arterial pressure (ap) were 109 beats/min and 98/67 mmhg, respectively. vagal blockade with atropine (0.5-0.7 mg/kg iv) was performed prior to each infusion, increasing the average hr to 127 beats/min. in 39 infusions in 21 cats the average increase in h ...19763115
effects of adrenergic blockade on adipose tissue lipolysis provoked in cats and humans by intravenous perfusion of intravenous infusion of isoprenaline (1 mug/kg/mn during 4 h) elicited a rise in serum free fatty acids (ffa) and glucose in anaesthetised cats. the effect reached a peak in 1 h and was then maintained at a plateau level for the remainder of the infusion. acebutolol and practolol (0,1-10 mg/kg, p.o.) were more potent in reducing the concentration of free fatty acids (ffa) than in lowering glucose. propranolol was roughly equipotent on ffa and glucose. in 6 fasted human volunteers, an intraven ...19753767
the local effect of ph changes in the cerebrospinal fluid on the ventrolateral areas of medulla oblongata and on the spinal cord surface on the activity of cardiac and vertebral sympathetic nerves.application of acid cerebrospinal fluid at ph 6.8 to the ventral surface of the medulla oblongata in cats increased the arterial blood pressure and the activity of the vertebral nerve and enhanced respiratory modulation of the vertebral and cardiac nerves. alkaline cerebrospinal fluid at ph 7.7 applied to the ventral surface of the medulla oblongata increased the arterial blood pressure without changes in the sympathetic nerve activity. when the spinal cord was superfussed with artificial acid c ...19765847
vagal reflexes in the bronchoconstriction occurring after induced intravascular platelet aggregation.intravascular platelet aggregation induced in cats by i.v. infusions of collagen caused a transient increase in pulmonary vascular resistance (pvr) and in non-elastic pulmonary resistance (rl), and a transient decrease in dynamic lung compliance (dyn cl). pvr,dyn cl and platelet aggregation after collagen infusions were unaffected by bilateral cervical vagotomy and atropinization, wheras these procedures reduced the post-infusion rise in rl by about 50 per cent. the administration of indomethaci ...19765852
anti-arrhythmic action of nadolol, a beta-adrenergic receptor blocking agent.the anti-arrhythmic action of 2,3-cis-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-5-(2-hydroxy-3-tert-butylamino)propoxy2,3-naphthalenediol (nadolol) was evaluated and compared with that of propranolol in several experimental models of cardiac arrhythmias. both nadolol and propranolol antagonized isoproterenol-induced tachycardia and ouabain-induced arrhythmias in cats, antagonized coronary artery ligation-induced ventricular fibrillation and suppressed ventricular ectopic activity during vagal stimulation in dogs. in c ...19763420
proceedings: the effects of ah 5158 on the overflow of transmitter and the uptake of (3h)-(--)-noradrenaline in the cat spleen. 19764184
method for measuring hepatic uptake of oxygen or other blood-borne substances in situ.a preparation is described by which hepatic arterial blood flow and portal venous blood flow can be accurately and continuously measured while simultaneously providing a method by which multiple blood samples can be taken from the hepatic artery, portal vein, and hepatic vein without disrupting hepatic hemodynamics or causing hemodilution. by this means hepatic uptake or release of blood-borne substances can be measured in situ and correlated with hemodynamic parameters. in 13 splenectomized cat ...19762578
species and phenobarbitone-induced differences in the kinetic constants of liver microsomal harmine o-demethylation.1. the apparent kinetic constants for the o-demethylation of harmine to harmol by 10 000 g supernatant fractions from livers of mice, rats, guinea-pigs, rabbits, cats and cows have been determined. the km values were 10-39 mum and vmax 0-25 and 1-65 nmol/mg protein/min. 2. optimal conditions of incubation time and nadp requirements differed between species. in all species except cat and cow the rate of o-demethylation of harmine was linear for 5 min, but in the latter species was linear for 15 m ...19767043
dynamics of the neurohumoral reactions of resistive and capacitive vessels in the process of adaptation to high altitude conditions. reactions to the intra-arterial administration of vasoactive substances. 19757084
central noradrenergic control of blood pressure. 19767183
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