effect of etafenone on total and regional myocardial blood flow.the distribution of blood flow to the subendocardial, medium and subepicardial layers of the left ventricular free wall was studied in anaesthetized dogs under normoxic (a), hypoxic (b) conditions and under pharmacologically induced (etafenone) coronary vasodilation (c). regional myocardial blood flow was determined by means of the particle distribution method. in normoxia a transmural gradient of flow was observed, with the subendocardial layers receiving a significantly higher flow rate compar ...197523
myosin from arterial smooth muscle: isolation following actin depolymerization.the contractile proteins from arterial smooth muscle are highly soluble, and can be extracted at i = 0.05. however, they can be precipitated by a prolonged dialysis at ph 6 to give an actomyosin with a high, although variable, actin:myosin ratio. the sedimentation behavior of this actomyosin at high ionic strength was examined as a function of ph, protein concentration and composition by preparative ultracentrifugation. comparisons with synthetic skeletal muscle actomyosins of similar compositio ...197585
proceedings: the effects of glucagon on the hepatic arterial vasculature of the dog: an inhibition of the effects of vasoconstrictor agents. 1975113
proceedings: evaluation of narcotic and narcotic antagonist analgesic drugs in the dog dental pulp stimulation test. 1975121
cardiac output response to altered acid-base status during diethyl ether anaesthesia.the effects of acid-base changes on cardiac output during diethyl ether anaesthesia were studied in 25 mongrel dogs prepared by surgically implanting a plastic encased non-ferrous core electromagnetic probe on the ascending aorta. the findings are: (1) metabolic acidaemia produced only slight decrease in cardiac output but a more marked fall became evident with decreasing ph(2) respiratory acidaemia led to a slight rise in cardiac output. (3) respiratory alkalaemia decreased cardiac output. (4) ...1975132
influence of hematocrit, blood gas tensions, and ph on pressure-flow relations in the isolated canine isolated perfused canine lung preparation in which determinants of vascular caliber could be individually controlled was developed. the relation of pulmonary arterial (pa), venous (pv), and alveolar (pa) pressures was such that pa greater than pa greater than pv throughout the whole lung. the addition of isoprenaline to the perfusate abolished vascular reactivity. once stability was reached, vascular cross-sectional area remained acceptably constant for 2.25 hours as judged by normalized cond ...1975154
interaction of the chemoreflex and the pulmonary inflation reflex in the regulation of coronary circulation in conscious dogs.the interaction of chemoreflex and pulmonary inflation reflex control of the coronary circulation was examined in conscious dogs by comparing the responses to chemoreflex stimulation (intracarotid injection of nicotine) when ventilation was allowed to increase with those when ventilation was controlled. the responses were also compared with those elicited by both forced mechanical and spontaneous hyperinflation. when the heart rate was constant, intracarotidly administered nicotine induced an in ...1975155
comparison of contractile performance of canine atrial and ventricular muscles.this study compared the contractile performance of a canine right atrial trabecula with that of a macroscopically indistinguishable trabecula isolated from the right ventricular apex. the heart was removed from nine mongrel puppies weighing 6-8 kg and placed in krebs-ringer's bicarbonate solution. the bathing solution contained only 1.25 mmoles of ca2+ and was bubbled with a 95% o2-5% co2 gas mixture. each atrial trabecula was specially selected from the right atrial appendage. histologically, t ...1975158
effects of graded infusions of monomethylmethacrylate on coagulation, blood lipids, respiration and circulation. an experimental study in 4 dogs injected intravenously (i.v.) with 125i labeled fibrinogen, 51cr labeled platelets and 99mtc labeled albumin, and subjected to successively increasing amounts of i.v. infused monomethylmethacrylate, doses corresponding to the amounts released into the blood stream following implantation of acrylic cement during total hip replacements did not affect the clotting mechanism, did not cause trapping of platelets and fibrin in the lungs, did not generate fat emboli, and did not cause depress ...1975168
influence of ph and hypoxia on the success of defibrillation.clinical impressions about the problem of defibrillation during states of acid-base imbalance and hypoxia have been influenced by studies involving the effect of these derangements on the ventricular fibrillation threshold. based on body weight, energy requirements for defibrillation in normal dogs were compared to requirements in dogs subjected to commonly encountered acid-base disturbances and severe hypoxemia. no significant differences were found. seventy-five percent of all animals in the s ...1975210
the metabolic fate of securinine. 1975219
monoamine oxidase (xxxvi). characteristics of benzylamine oxidase in the dog serum.enzymic properties of monoamine oxidase (mao) in dog serum were studied and the following results were obtained. some of enzymic properties of mao in dog serum differed from that of mitochondrial mao. when dog serum was fractionated by ammonium sulfate, proteins were concentrated in two fractions, such as 25 approximately 33% and 67 approximately 80% of saturated ammonium sulfate fraction, while mao activity was concentrated in 40 approximately 50% of saturated ammonium sulfate fraction. the rea ...1975280
studies on low volume priming heart lung bypass (author's transl).this report concerns the feasibility of low volume priming extracorporeal circulation. through this study, the bubble oxygenator with zuhdi's heat exchange was used. moderate hypothermia with surface cooling and hemodilution perfusion with 5 per cent d/w was evaluated in 32 mongrel dogs and 16 clinical open heart cases. the results obtained here were as follow: 1) body temperature reduction by surface cooling before bypass provided more even cooling than did core cooling by low flow partial bypa ...1975292
studies on extracorporeal circulation with large volume hemodilution using lactate ringer's solution and low molecular weight dextran: alterations of acid-base balance associated with intentional hemodilution (author's transl).twenty mongrel dogs, weighing between 7.5 and 13.0 kg were used to investigate the percentage limits permissible for hemodilution using a double-helical reservoir heart-lung machine which has a 1,100 ml of priming volume. in both 40 and 50 per cent groups of intentional hemodilution by 30 minute extracorporeal circulation, remarkable anemia was inevitable and recovery was extremely slow, especially in the 50 per cent dilution group. in both 40 and 50 per cent groups of intentional hemodilutions ...1975293
local control of pulmonary resistance and lung compliance in the canine lung.local control of pulmonary resistance and lung compliance was studied in the in situ left lower lobe of the canine lung. recirculation of blood through the lobe while the pco2 of the ventilatory gas was varied resulted in an increase in resistance and a decrease in compliance only when the pulmonary venous ph was greater than 7.42. alternating sodium bicarbonate and lactic acid infusion while alveolar pco2 was maintained below 5 mmhg demonstrated the dependence of the hypocapnic response on the ...1975353
metabolism of dog gastric mucosa. nucleotide levels in parietal cells.adenine and pyridine nucleotide levels as well as those of phosphate, phosphocreatine, lactate, pyruvate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, acetoacetate, glucose, and glycogen were measured in histologically defined parietal and mucous cell sections of biopsies of dog gastric mucosa at rest, and in various secretory states. as a result of stimulation of secretion, there appeared to be no change in adenine nucleotide levels, or phosphocreatine, but there was a rise in inorganic phosphate and a fall in phosph ...1975381
physiological basis of host susceptibility of florida mosquitoes to dirofilaria immitis. 1975441
experimental study of hypothermia--with special reference to changes in cerebrospinal fluid gases and lactate during perfusion cooling and circulatory arrest. 1975443
experimental evaluation of the spasmogenicity of dopamine on the basilar artery.arteriograms of the basilar artery reveal that dopamine given intracisternally to dogs can generate cerebral vasospasm. this finding supports a recent hypothesis of others that dopamine may play a role in the pathogenesis of vasospasm, especially since many substances are known which fail to produce such spasm. compared to blood or prostaglandin e2, however, the spasm induced by dopamine was delayed in onset, less in incidence, and usually less intense. possible explanations for such experimenta ...1976472
characteristics of gastric inhibition by acidification of oxyntic gland area.1. gastric acid responses to the test meals were measured in the heidenhain pouch, gastric and pancreatic fistula dogs, using the intragastric titration method, and monitoring the rate at which a solution of 1-0 n-naoh had to be added to maintain the ph of the gastric content constant at pre-selected values ranging from 5-0 to 1-0. in this way the ph profile of the gastric acid and pepsin responses to a liver extract meal kept in the heidenhain pouch or gastric fistula as well as to exogenous st ...1975491
n-isopropyl derivatives of dopamine and 5,6-dihydroxy-2-aminotetralin.secondary and tertiary amino homologs of the title compounds have been prepared, bearing an n-isopropyl group. in peripheral evaluation, certain members of the series exhibited beta-adrenergic agonist effects of lower activity than isoproterenol. n-methyl-n-isopropyl-5,6-dihydroxytetralin exhibited marked properties consistent with its being an alpha agonist, and it is concluded that introduction of considerable bulk about the nitrogen of a catecholamine does not a priori destroy alpha-agonist e ...1975497
effect of peripheral counterpulsation on the body of an animal with intact heart.the effect of lasting peripheral counterpulsation upon the haemodynamics and the main biochemical factors of the blood was studied in 14 dogs with intact hearts. in cases of significant tachycardia counterpulsation in a 1:2 regimen results in only a partial reduction of the resistance to the cardiac output. this does not always permit to prevent the formation of the phenomenon of an elevated myocardial contractility. the haemodynamic conditions are most optimal in a 1:1 regimen of counterpulsati ...1975534
dilution acidosis and contraction alkalosis: review of a concept. 1975536
modification of angiotensin-mediated tubulo-glomerular feedback by extracellular volume. 1975539
immune mechanisms in uremia.there is both clinical and experimental evidence that cellular and humoral immunity are suppressed in patients with renal insufficiency: observations in organ transplantation and in vitro stimulation of lymphocytes from uraemic patients, investigations of acute and late hypersensitivity reactions, the immune response after active immunization as well as changes of immunoglobulins and lymphatic organs in uraemia are discussed in the paper. the underlying mechanisms are complex and not yet fully u ...1975540
extracellular volume expansion after ethanol in dogs. 1975548
further studies on the pharmacology of a false cholinergic transmitter, (2-hydroxyethyl) methyldiethylammonium (diethylcholine). 1975569
investigation into some imidazoline compounds, with respect to peripheral alpha-adrenoceptor stimulation and depression of cardiovascular centers.peripheral alpha-adrenoceptor stimulation was tested by means of hypertensive effects of the drugs following i.v. injection in spinal rats. naphazoline (np), oxymetazoline (om), st 91-2-(2,6-diethylphenylimino)-2-imidazolidine--and st 1697--2-(2-ethyl, 6-methylphenylimino)-2-imidazolidine--were 3 to 5 times more potent in tthis respect thatn clonidine (clon) whereas st 363--2-(2,4-dichlorophenylimino)-2-imidazolidine--and xylazine (xy) exerted only approx. 1/20 the effect of that of clonidine. s ...1975628
some effects of ammonium salts on renal histology and function in the dog.nh4cl was infused into the left renal artery of anesthetized dogs at 50-125 mum/kg/min for up to 110 min. renal blood flow declined early then increased to supra-control levels during infusion. kidneys perfused at 125 mum/kg/min for 90 min showed patchy to confluent mixtures of cortical necrosis and tubular necrosis. experimental kidneys invariably showed lower urine osmolality than contralateral controls 48 h after perfusion. kidneys with necrosis showed depressed creatinine clearance as well. ...1976632
carbon dioxide response curves during hypothermia.the responsiveness of the medullary chemoreceptors, measured by the ventilatory response to hypercapnia given in an hyperoxic gas mixture in intact anesthetized dogs has been evaluated during normothermia and at two levels of hypothermia. the response was studied in: 1) 20 dogs during normothermia, 2) 10 of these dogs at a blood temperature of 32-33 degrees c, and 3) in the other 10 dogs during deeper hypothermia (28-29 degrees c). the ventilatory response to co2 decreased while blood temperatur ...1975652
the pharmacology of (+/-)-1-(4-cyclohexylureido-phenoxy)-2-hydroxy-3-tert-butylaminopropane (talinolol, cordanum, 02-115). 1975688
studies on the action of talinolol (cordanum, 02-115) on the coronary blood circulation. 1975689
study on the chronic toxicity of 1-(4-cyclohexylureidophenoxy)-2-hydroxy-3-tert-butylaminopropane(talinolol, cordanum, 02-115) in the rat and the beagle. 1975691
the pharmacokinetics of 1-(4-cyclohexylureidophenoxy)-2-hydroxy-3-tert-butylaminopropane (talinolol, cordanum, 02-115). 1. blood levels in dogs. 1975694
the renin-angiotensin system and drinking behavior. 1975732
total brain ischaemia in dogs: cerebral physiological and metabolic changes after 15 minutes of circulatory arrest.cross-clamping of the ascending aorta in dogs for 15 min produced severe neurological deficit, observed for up to 20 h. immediately after restoration of the circulation, the intracranial pressure in the cisterna magna increased transiently to a mean peak of 22.8 torr (sd +/- 1.7) because of a compensatory increase in systemic arterial pressure, without a fall in cerebral perfusion pressure. the intracranial pressure returned to control values 15-30 min after ischaemia and showed no secondary ris ...1975750
identification of the gastroduodenal junction by potential difference measurements. 1975788
gastric emptying of liquids after different vagotomies and pyloroplasty.gastric emptying of five liquid meals which differ in their physicochemical properties have been measured in control dogs and dogs that have received a heinecke-mikulicz pyloroplasty alone, proximal gastric vagotomy without drainage, selective gastric vagotomy and pyloroplasty and truncal vagotomy and pyloroplasty. the first two phases of emptying have been computed by the method of least squares to obtain a logarithmic-linear pattern and are expressed as relative rates: the initial post-ingesti ...1976800
pancreatic enzyme response with an elemental diet.elemental diets can maintain or slightly improve the nutritional status without a major stimulatory effect on the pancreas. six dogs were maintained with a regular chow diet, switched to an elemental diet and, subsequently, returned to a chow diet. cannulation of the pancreatic duct through a duodenal cutaneous fistula revealed the enzyme response to be decreased in a dog maintained with an elemental diet, with no or only a slight weight gain. return to a regular diet resulted in a return of pan ...1976801
maldescensus testis in the dog. 1975818
lactate and pyruvate concentrations, and acid-base balance of cerebrospinal fluid in experimentally induced intracerebral and subarachnoid hemorrhage in dogs.the effect of blood injected into either subarachnoid space or subcortical brain tissue upon lactate and pyruvate concentrations as well as acid-base balance of cerebrospinal fluid (csf) was studied in the anesthetized dog. csf lactate and lactate/pyruvate ratio (l/p ratio) increased progressively following the intracranial injection of blood and reached the maximum level at six hours after injection. these changes were significantly greater in animals with intracerebral hematoma than in those w ...1975822
marrow grafts between canine littermates showing one-way nonstimulation in mixed leukocyte culture. 1975824
engraftment of allogeneic dog bone marrow.resistance to allogeneic bone-marrow grafts (ar) was found to occur in many species, including the dog. the i.v. administration of silica particles suppressed ar in vivo in this species. genetic studies provide suggestive evidence for the existence of a previously unrecognized system or systems in the canine major histocompatibility complex controlling ar.1975825
induction of tolerance to third-party donor organs in canine radiation chimeras. 1975826
certain aspects of regulation of cerebral blood flow. 1975846
experimental ulcer. 1975855
acetylcholinesterase in atopic skin in relation to the b blockade model of atopy. 1975857
physiologic mechanisms of goal-directed movements. 1975865
sex as a factor in metabolism, toxicity, and efficacy of pharmacodynamic and chemotherapeutic agents. 1975901
effect of amphetamine-type psychostimulants on brain metabolism. 1975902
electrophysiology and pharmacology of cardiac arrhythmias. ix. cardiac electrophysiologic effects of beta adrenergic receptro stimulation and blockade. part c. 1975903
effects of autonomic neurohumors on transmembrane potentials of atrial plateau fibers.isolated canine atrial plateau fibers were treated with acetylcholine or norepinephrine to note the effects on the transmembrane potential. acetylcholine, 1.0 or 2.0 mug/ml, consistently reduced the slope of inherent phase 4 depolarization. increases in maximum diastolic potential and rising velocity occurred along with a decrease in overshoot. the plateau phase disappeared. pretreatment with atropine, 1.0 mug/ml, prevented these responses, and alone this drug had no discernible effect. norepine ...1975912
interstitial fluid pressure and alkaline gastric secretion.the interstitial fluid pressure of the submucosa of the gastric fundus was monitored by means of guyton's capsules in dogs anesthetized with pentobarbital. the intracapsular pressure (icp) was measured during secretion produced by: a) hypertonic solutions placed inside the stomach; b) arterial hypertension (200 mmhg) applied during intra-arterial infusion of histamine, and c) intra-arterial infusion of acetylcholine. the first procedure did not modify the icp. on the other hand, whenever interst ...1975913
preservation of hypoxic pulmonary pressor response in canine pneumococcal determine the role of hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction in pneumococcal pneumonia, hemodynamic measurements were made in 16 dogs before, and within 36 hours after, intrapulmonary administration of type iii pneumococcus. ten dogs with one lobe or more of pneumonia increased their pulmonary vascular resistances and slightly decreased their arterial o2 tensions. hypoxia increased and hyperoxia decreased their pulmonary vascular resistances. during o2 breathing, arterial po2 was less during than ...1975935
the virus hypothesis in systemic lupus erythematosus.type-c viruses are currently the prime etiologic candidates in systemic lupus erythematosus. on the basis of knowledge gained from studies of experimental and human models of chronic viral disease, there are possible pathogenetic roles of a virus in systemic lupus erythematosus. experimental attempts at implicating specific viruses have been predominantly negative, but evidence for enhanced type-c-virus expression has recently been reported.1975938
gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase. a sensitive indicator of renal ischaemic injury in experimental animals and renal homograft rejection in man.the sites of ischaemic injury within the kidney are reviewed and the diagnostic value of measurements of plasma and urinary enzymes in renal ischaemic injury and in renal homotransplant rejection in experimental animals and man is examined. gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (gamma-gt) is an enzyme primarily located in the brush border of the proximal convoluted tubule of the kidney. its unique localization in the cells most easily damaged by ischaemia and its ease of assay provide the rationale for ...1975949
acidic antiinflammatory agents--correlations of some physical, pharmacological and clinical data.fifteen acidic antiinflammatory agents, for which some clinical data have previously been published, have been examined for their potency in the carrageenan-induced rat foot edema test, and for their acidity (pka) and partition coefficients. published serum half-life data and daily clinical (anti-arthritic) dose have been tabulated for these drugs and correlations between these various parameters are discussed. the rat foot edema carrageenan test has proved to be a fairly reliable predictor of c ...19751042
proceedings: cerebral blood flow during arterial hypoxia. 19751045
flavoxate and 3-methylflavone-8-carboxylic acid. assay methods in blood and urine, plasma-red cells repartition and stability.the following assay methods for pharmacokinetic studies on flavoxate (f) and on its main metabolite, i.e. 3-methylflavone-8-carboxylic acid (a), are described. 1. spectrophotometry for the assay of f and of a in plasma, 2. tlc-spectrodensitometry and glc for the assay of a in urine after acid hydrolysis, 3. tlc-spectrodensitometry for determining the f : a ratio in plasma or in urine. it was found that f hydrolyzes into a. this process depends on the ph and on the medium. in water, at ph 5.0, f ...19751048
on the pharmacology of 9,10-dihydro-10-(1-methyl-4-piperidylidene)-9-anthrol (wa 335), a histamine and serotonin antagonist (author's transl).the substance 9,10-dihydro-10-(1-methyl-4-piperidylidene)-9-anthrol (wa 335) was examined for its antagonistic effects against histamine and serotonin, for its atropine-like properties as well as for a series of other qualities in comparison with cyproheptadine and pimethixene. the anti-histamine and anti-serotonin activities of compound wa 335 on the smooth muscle and the capillary do not only exceed that of cyproheptadine but also that of pimethixene. wa 335 shows an extremely strong binding t ...19751049
antiarrhythmic, haemodynamic and metabolic effects of 3alpha-amino-5alpha-androstan-2beta-ol-17-one hydrochloride in greyhounds following acute coronary artery ligation.1 the antiarrhythmic, haemodynamic and metabolic effects of a new amino steroid, org6001, have been investigated in experimental acute myocardial infarction in anaesthetized greyhounds. 2 org6001 administered either intravenously (2-10 mg/kg) or orally (50 mg/kg) significantly reduced the incidence of ventricular ectopic beats in the first 30 min after ligation of the left anterior descending coronary artery. 3 in dogs pretreated with org6001, metabolic changes indicative of myocardial ischaemi ...19751133
mj 9022: correlation between neuroleptic potential and stereotypy. 19751208
tissue metabolites of trifluorperazine, fluphenazine, prochlorperazine, and perphenazine. kinetics in chronic treatment.repeated oral treatment of male rats with piperazine-substituted phenothiazine drugs in doses of 25 mg/kg or more daily led to an accumulation of metabolites containing an ethylenediamine group instead of the piperazine ring. these products of ring degradation with and without removal of the n-alkyl group were found, together with the parent drugs and their n-dealkylated metabolites, in liver, lung, kidney, and spleen, as well as in brain when high doses were administered. after termination of t ...19751218
comparative biotransformation of triflubazam in rats, dogs, and monkeys.the biotransformation of 14c-triflubazam (orf 8063; 1-methyl-5-phenyl-7-trifluoromethyl-1h-1,5-benzodiazepin-2-4-3h,5h-dione) was investigated in rats, dogs, and monkeys. urinary metabolites, representing 65, 74, and 87%, respectively, of the total urinary radioactivity excreted by these three species, were isolated by preparative layer chromatography and characterized by various spectral techniques including gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, solid probe mass spectrometry, polarimetry, and i ...19751219
physiological disposition and metabolism of 5-(2',4'-difluorophenyl)salicyclic acid, a new salicylate.5-(2'4'-difluorophenyl) carboxy-14csalicyclic acid (mk-647) was quickly and completely absorbed in rats, dogs, and man. peak levels of plasma radioactivity occurred in 1-2 hr after oral administration. the dose was 10 mg/kg in rats and dogs, and 50 or 500 mg in man. most of the drug in plasma was intact mk-647 which was extensively bound to plasma protein. in man the peak concentration following the 500-mg dose was approximately 10 times that after the lower dose, which suggests that absorption ...19751220
review: allergic dermatoses in the dog. 19761239
indices of intraduodenal ph-ography in dogs. 19751294
comparison of amino acids bathing the oxyntic gland area in the stimulation of gastric secretion.this study was undertaken to compare the ability of l- and d-isomers of amino acids bathing the oxyntic gland area to stimulate acid secretion in conscious dogs with heidenhain pouch (hp), gastric fistula (gf) and pancreatic fistula (pf). acid outputs from hp were determined by an intragastric titration method when amino acid solutions were perfused into hp at various concentrations, ph values, and distention pressures. only l-isomers of all natural amino acids were found to stimulate acid secre ...19761322
specific ion-exchange chromatography and fluorimetric assay for urinary 3-o-methyldopamine.a technique for the selective extraction of 3-o-methyldopamine, normetanephrine and metanephrine from a single urine sample has been investigated. after hydrolysis of the conjugates, the diluted mixture is passed through a dowex 50w-x2 column and the methoxylated amines are eluted by means of concentrated ammonia. the eluate, containing metanephrine, normetanephrine and 3-o-methyldopamine is evaporated, and a solution of the residue in borate buffer is fractionated under strictly controlled cond ...19761415
effect of pga1, pge2, diazoxide on myocardial contractile force.experiments were conducted in anesthetized dogs comparing the effects of pga1, pge2, and diazoxide on myocardial contractile force (mc). the three agents were given in successive bolus injections intravenously in equidepressor doses and myocardial contractile force was measured by means of a strain-gauge arch sutured onto the right ventricle. the drugs were administered before and during ganglionic (hexamethonium) and beta-blockade (practolol). both pga1, and pge2 caused a marked rise in mc, 24 ...19761454
phenylbutazone-warfarin interaction in the dog.the administration of phenylbutazone together with warfarin to dogs resulted in an elevation of the free fraction of warfarin in the plasma from 2-6 to 8-0% thus providing direct support for the notion that phenylbutazone induced inhibition of warfarin binding to plasma proteins. this inhibition as evaluated by a kinetic method was accompanied by a two-fold decrease in the plasma half-life of warfarin from 18-4 h in control animals to 9-6 h in phenylbutazone-treated animals. marked increases in ...19751491
metabolism of delta1-tetrahydrocannabinol by the isolated perfused dog lung. comparison with in vitro liver metabolism.the metabolism of (-)-delta1-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta1-thc) has been studied in the isolated perfused dog lung. after intravascular administration of 3h-delta1-thc there was an overall biotransformation of 12%. two major metabolites were isolated and identified as 3'-hydroxy-delta1-thc and 4'-hydroxy-delta1-thc. 7-hydroxy-delta1-thc was also present together with small amounts of 6alpha-hydroxy-delta1-thc and 6beta-hydroxy-delta1-thc. an in vitro experiment using a dog liver microsomal prepar ...19751493
the use of kanamycin in equilibrium dialysis at 37 degrees. 19751497
the temperature dependence of 8-3hadenosine labelling of the perfused bovine and canine adrenal gland. 19751498
elementary osmotic pump.the elementary osmotic pump is a new delivery system for drugs or other active agents; it delivers the agent by an osmotic process at a controlled rate. control resides in the: (a) water permeation characteristics of a semipermeable membrane surrounding the formulated agent, and (b) osmotic properties of the formulation. in its simplest embodiment, the system is constructed by coating an osmotically activie solid agent with the rate-controlling, semipermeable membrane. this membrane contains an ...19751510
sympathetic cardiovascular effects of experimental strychnine poisoning in dogs.the cardiovascular effects of intravenously administered strychnine were studied in anesthetized and paralyzed dogs. administration of strychnine in cumulative doses of up to 0.1 to 0.2 mg/kg caused significant pressor, as well as positive inotropic and chronotropic, effects on the heart which were abolished by adrenergic blocking agents. the cardiovascular responses possibly were elicited by a central mechanism in contrast to the peripheral inhibitory action of strychnine on the sympathetic sys ...19761516
mechanism of action of pentagastrin and acetylcholine on the longitudinal muscle of the canine antrum.1. electrical and mechanical activities of the longtitudinal muscle of the dog antrum were recorded with the double sucrose-gap technique. 2. the muscle exhibited spontaneous action potentials which consisted of a spike-like potential which, after a brief and partial repolarization, was followed by a negative-going, plateau-type potential. in 97% of the preparations, no tension changes were produced by spontaneous action potentials. 3. tetrodotoxin, atropine, alpha- and beta-adrenoceptor antagon ...19751520
the atpase activity of cardiac myosin from failing and hypertropied hearts. 19751537
enzymic deacetylation of carcinogenic arylacetamides by tissue microsomes of the dog and other species.the relative ability of arylacetamide deacetylase enzyme systems of dog liver to carry out the deacetylation of the carcinogens, 4-acetylaminobiphenyl, 2-acetylaminofluorene, and 2-acetylaminaphthalene, was examined. the arylacetamides were incubated with unfortified dog liver microsomes, and enzyme activity (nmol arylamine/mg protein/hr) was estimated by colorimetric quantitation of the resulting arylamines. the dog liver enzyme system displayed characteristics similar to those described for th ...19761550
sodium bicarbonate administration during cardiac arrest. effect on arterial ph pco2, and osmolality.arterial ph, pco2, and osmolality were determined serially during cardiac resuscitation in patients and in dogs, with and without administration of sodium bicarbonate. these studies demonstrate that (1) in the absence of preexisting acidosis, severe acidosis can be prevented by adequate ventilation alone; (2) sodium bicarbonate administration results in a significant rise in arterial pco2, which parallels the rise in ph despite adequate ventilation; (3) during prolonged cardiac and resuscitation ...19761554
effects of cyanide and doxapram during hypothermia.the ventilatory responses, blood gases and acid-base status to intravenous injections of kcn and doxapram hydrochloride were studied in anesthetized dogs during normothermia and at two levels of hypothermia. in the normothermic animal, kcn evoked significant elevations of minute and alveolar ventilations. for the mildly hypothermic (32-33 degrees c) dog, minute and alveolar ventilations were proportionally greater than for normothermia. bolus infusions of kcn to deeply hypothermic dogs (28-29 de ...19751709
effects of cyanide and doxapram during panting.the ventilatory responses, blood gases and acid-base status to intravenous injections of kcn and doxapram hydrochloride were studied in anesthetized dogs during normothermia and thermally induced panting. in the normothermic animal, kcn evoked elevation of ve (154.7%), vt (70.1%), f (48.3%, pao2 (12.1%) and ph (0.098 units), while paco2 diminished by 9.7 mm hg. during panting, kcn infusions resulted in increases of ve (24.5%), vt (46.6%), pao2 (3.9%) and ph (0.034 units), while f decreased (10.1 ...19751710
cyclic-amp and pancreatic bicarbonate secretion in response to secretin in anesthetized dogs given secretin intravenously in doses doubling every 60 min and ranging from 0.5 to 8 units per kg body weight per hr, cyclic-amp levels in pancreatic tissue rose continuously, whereas dna concentrations were slightly decreased. bicarbonate concentrations and bicarbonate outputs, cyclic-amp tissue concentrations and bicarbonate outputs, as well as cyclic-amp tissue concentrations and juice outputs, were significantly correlated. in conscious pancreatic fistula dogs, there wa ...19751797
effects of inhalation anesthetics on cardiac function and metabolism in the intact healthy, closed-chest dogs, dose-dependent depression of ventricular function was produced by the anesthetics halothane, methoxyflurane, and fluroxene, as evidence by decreases in left venticular stroke volume, stroke work, dp/dt, and an increased enddiastolic pressure. myocardial blood flow and oxygen consumption decreased concomitantly and were correlated with aortic blood pressure decreases. there was no change in myocardial lactate extraction with halothane and methoxyflurane, suggesting ...19751833
internal chemoreceptors. chemical regulation of respiration. 19751835
direct revascularization of acute myocardial infarction by implantation of left internal mammary artery into infarcted left ventricular myocardium.this is a preliminary report. clearly, the internal mammary artery implanted into the infarcted anterolateral portion of the wall of the left ventricle has been of help in decreasing the size of the infarction and in maintaining the life of the dogs and normal function six hours after a large left ventricular wall myocardial infarction had been created. more animals need to be studied at the end of six hours, eight hours, and ten hours after implantation. more studies are needed to learn if liga ...19751865
fluorocarbons and general metabolism in the rat, rabbit, and dog. 19751870
the mechanism of action and treatment of palytoxin poisoning. 19751871
hemodynamic effects of aerosol propellants. ii. pulmonary circulation in the dog.the inhalation of trichlorofluoromethane (fc11), dichlorotetrafluoroethane (fc114) and dichlorodifluoromethane (fc12) caused a reduction in mean aortic blood pressure but only fc11 and fc114 caused a reduction in mean pulmonary arterial pressure. the primary cause of the fall is a decrease in pulmonary blood flow. when blood flow to a lobe is kept constant and the adrenergic alpha receptors are blocked by injection of phentolamine, the inhalation of fc11 caused vasodilation. in the intact circul ...19751873
a pharmacologic analysis of preparatory mechanisms of stereotyped activity in dogs with elaborated rhythmic and mozaic stereotypes of secretory and motor situational conditioned reflexes specific features were revealed in the action of some neurotropic drugs (amizyl, amedine, diphacil, pediphene, chlorpromazine and sodium oxybutyrate) on preparatory (latent) conditions of excitation and inhibition, appearing in the stabilized systems of reflexes. pharmacological analysis has pointed to the predominantly cholinergic nature of preparatory and trigger mechanisms of alimen ...19751913
serum gastrin concentration before and after parietal cell vagotomy in man and dog.serum gastrin concentrations were measured during fasting and after feeding in duodenal ulcer patients and in dogs before and after parietal cell vagotomy (pcv). postoperatively, fasting serum gastrin concentrations increased significantly in man and insignificantly higher in dog. after feeding, serum gastrin reached higher values postoperatively in both man and dog. the percentage rise in food-stimulated serum gastrin after pcv was higher in dog than in man.19751957
effect of bulbar acidification on basal secretion of acid and gastrin in dog.dogs were provided with mucosal septal pouches of the stomach and of the duodenal bulb. in some dogs a drainage gastric cannula was inserted into the most dependent portion of the stomach. in dogs which were found to secrete acid spontaneously during a control period at the start of each experiment, the bulbar puches were perfused with 0.1 m hc1 for 5-120 min. bulbar acidification rapidly and profoundly reduced the basal acid output. in dogs which did not secrete acid spontaneously during the co ...19751971
classification and biological distribution of histamine receptor sub-types.the distribution and classification of histamine receptors in mammalian and avian tissues have been summarized in tables 1-4. it is evident that histamine receptors are present on a number of morphologically distinct cell types and the proportion of cells bearing h1- and h2-receptors varies not only with the species but also with the cell source. the pharmacological receptors mediating mepyramine-sensitive histamine responses have been defined as h1-receptors. receptors mediating mepyramine-resi ...19751979
effect of sodium nitrate loading on electrolyte transport by the renal tubule.effects of sodium nitrate were compared with sodium chloride loading on transport of electrolytes by the nephron. maximal levels of free water clearance/clomerular filtration rate (ch2o/gfr) averaged 8.4% with nitrate loading and 14.4% with saline loading. since ethacrynic acid and chlorothiazide exert their major natriuretic effect in the distal nephron, the increment in na ad cl reabsorbed beyond the proximal tubule. the administration of these agents resulted in an increase in fractional sodi ...19752016
coronary vascular and myocardial responses to carotid body stimulation in the dog.coronary vascular and myocardial responses to selective hypoxic and/or hypercapnic carotid chemoreceptor stimulation were investigated in constantly ventilated, pentobarbital or urethan-chloralose anesthetized dogs. bilaterally isolated carotid chemoreceptors were perfused with autologous blood of varying o2 and co2 tensions via an extracorporeal lung circuit. systemic gas tensions were unchanged. effects of carotid chemoreceptor stimulation on coronary vascular resistance, left ventricular dp/d ...19752017
the influence of oxyhemoglobin affinity on tissue oxygen an intact animal or patient, any shift in oxyhemoglobin affinity is inevitably associated with concurrent fluctuation in numerous other determinants of oxygen delivery. for this reason, the influence of hemoglobin affinity for oxygen on tissue oxygen consumption has been incompletely evaluated. the purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of oxyhemoglobin affinity as the sole variable of oxygen delivery in an isolated perfused canine hindlimb. a membrane lung system which allowe ...19762111
comparative evaluation of a new disposable rotating membrane oxygenator with bubble oxygenator.the comparative in vivo performance of adult-size bubble and rotating membrane oxygenators was evaluated during closed-chest cardiopulmonary bypass for six hours in two groups of dogs. the results show that the rotating membrane oxygenator is efficient in oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer with minimal trauma to blood, while platelet destruction and hemolysis were marked with the bubble oxygenator. cerebral, cardiac, and respiratory complications were frequent with the bubble oxygenator and abse ...19762114
effects of isoprenaline and phenylephrine on plasma potassium: role of the liver.a dog liver preparation in situ was used. intravenous infusion of isoprenaline caused a decrease of plasma potassium levels, which was preceded, in some of the animals infused with higher doses, by a rise in plasma potassium. propranolol abolished both these effects of isoprenaline, whereas phentolamine was devoided of effects. liver potassium was not affected by isoprenaline infusions. phenylephrine caused release of potassium from the liver; this effect was blocked by phentolamine, but not by ...19752116
therapeutic implications of gentamicin accumulation in severly diseased kidneys.we evaluated the influence of severe disease in human kidneys (12 patients) on gentamicin sulfate accumulation characteristics in such tissue and compared the results with intrarenal tissue concentration data derived from the study of healthy dogs (54 kidneys) during variation in hydration and urinary ph. our results indicate that, in the management of pyelonephritis complicating preexisting renal disease, if the minimal inhibitory gentamicin concentration for an infecting organism is greater th ...19762129
effects of altering monoamine metabolism on the adrenocortical response to hypoxia.anesthetized dogs, which had been prepared with lumboadrenal vein cannulae, were intravenously infused with monoamine axidase (alphaeta), tryptophan hydroxylase (pcpa) or tyrosine hydroxylase (alphamt) inhibitors 30 min prior to exposure to 10% oxygen at ground level. these studies were designed to ascertain the role of the neurotransmitters, serotonin and norepinephrine, in the adrenocortical response to hypoxia. in normoxic animals, alphaeta decreased basal cortisol secretion and increased sys ...19752152
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