pneumococcal type-associated variability in alternate complement pathway activation.opsonization of streptococcus pneumoniae may be mediated by the alternate complement pathway. to study the importance of this interaction to human disease, complement consumption by pneumococci of various serotypes was measured in humwn serum chelated with ethyleneglycoltraacetic acid, a substance that blocks the classic but not the alternate complement pathwway. serotype i, in contrast to all other types studied, lacked ability to consume complement in this system. the ability for serotypes iii ...1975329
in vitro studies on human ovarian contractility (author's transl). 1975266
an evaluation of factors affecting the in vitro bioassay for erythropoietin.two main aspects of the in vitro mouse foetal liver cell assay for erythroid stimulating factor (esf) in human sera have been investigated. the haem extraction process has been shown to give specific and quantitative recovery of 59fe labelled haem from haemoglobin thus confirming that the material assayed in human sera is stimulating the synthesis of this protein. the extraction procedure can be simplified considerably by prior mixing of the reagents without significantly influencing the results ...1975250
the effect of environmental ph upon acid hydrolase activities of cultured human diploid fibroblasts. 1975248
identification of chloride-binding sites in hemoglobin by nuclear-magnetic-resonance quadrupole-relaxation studies of hemoglobin digests.35cl minus-nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) studies indicate that various digests of human hemoglobin with carboxypeptidase a and b, or a combination of the two, may be used for the identification of chloride binding sites. all the digestion products contain, like hemoglobin itself, at least two classes of binding sites, one of high, the others of low affinity. the ph dependence of the excess linewidth of the 35cl minus nmr signal indicates that in the simple digests with either carboxypeptidase ...1975236
human and monkey prolactin and growth hormone: separation of polymorphic forms by isoelectric focusing.the feasibility of using isoelectric focusing for the separation of primate pituitary growth hormone from prolactin and for the characterization of polymorphic forms of these hormones was explored. in a ph 3--10 gradient, extracts of both human and cynomolgus monkey pituitaries were each resolved into 4 growth hormone components and at least 3 prolactin components, as shown by radioimmunoassay. in narrower gradients (of 2--3 ph units) greater resolution was achieved; the principal growth hormone ...1975227
charge properties of human pituitary and amniotic fluid prolactins.the apparent isoelectric points (pi) in isoelectric focusing (if) of human pituitary and amniotic fluid prolactin (hprl), both non-iodinated and iodinated, were determined. unresolved mixtures of pituitary hprl isohormones e and f, and of at least five isohormones found in amniotic fluid, and plasma hprl exhibit an average pi value of 6.5 - 6.7. transient state ph values observed or previously reported for hprl components range from ph 5.9 to 6.8 after correction to standard conditions. at ph 8. ...1975226
effect of ph on substrate and inhibitor kinetic constants of human liver alanine aminopeptidase. evidence for two ionizable active center groups.the presence of at least two ionizable active center groups has been detected by a study of the effect of ph upon catalysis of hydrolysis of l-alanyl-beta-naphthylamide by human liver alanine aminopeptidase and upon the inhibition of hydrolysis by inhibitors and substrate analogs. octanoic acid, octylamine, and peptide inhibitors have been found to be competitive inhibitors and are therefore thought to bind the active center. l-phe was previously shown to bind the active center since it was foun ...197538
effect of human erythrocyte stromata on complement activation.stroma from either normal or pnh-like red cells is capable of inhibiting, to some extent, lysis in the sucrose test and enhancing lysis in the acidified-serum test. the same opposing effects are displayed by the exclusion peaks from sephadex g-200 obtained from each stroma preparation, suggesting that the same factor could be responsible for both activities. stromata and peaks also induce lysis of pnh-like cells in unacidified serum, indicating activation of complement through the alternate path ...197533
studies on the action of an anticholinergic agent in combination with a tranquilizer on gastric juice secretion in man.a double-blind study with intra-individual comparisons was carried out to investigate the effects of 15 mg of (8r)-3alpha-hydroxy-8-isopropyl-1alphah-tropanium bromide(+/-)-tropate (sch 1000), 15 mg sch 1000 + 10 mg oxazepam, 10 mg oxazepam and placebo with oral administration in randomized sequence on gastric juice volume, amount of acid, concentration and ph values in 12 healthy volunteers. the secretion parameters were measured during a 1-h basal period and a 2-h stimulation period. the gastr ...197526
the selective eosinophil chemotactic activity of histamine.histamine diphosphate was shown to selectively attract human eosinophils from mixed granulocyte populations when over 20% eosinophils were used in a modified boyden chamber chemotactic assay system. this effect of histamine is abolished by incubation with diamine oxidase (histaminase) and was generated by decarboxylation of l-histidine. a linear dose dependent increase in eosinophil migration was observed between 3 x 10(-7) m and 1.25 x 10(-6) m, while higher concentrations of histamine inhibite ...1975450
hydrolysis of the hen egg vitelline membrane by cock sperm acrosin and other enzymes.a technique utilizing pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin and human chorionic gonadotropin treatment of hens (gallus domesticus), followed by manual ovulation of the excised follicles, was developed to obtain a large number of mature ova. the intact ova were used to test whether acrosin, partially purified from the spermatozoa of the cock (gallus domesticus), partially purified rabbit testicular acrosin and commercial preparations of several hydrolytic enzymes could dissolve the inner vitelline m ...1975454
inhibition of aldehyde reductase isoenzymes in human and rat brain. 197518
rapid radioimmunoassay for guanosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate using tritiated ligand.a radioimmunoassay procedure for guanosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cgmp) is described. the procedure is based on competitive binding between 3hcgmp and non-radioactive cgmp, with separation of bound and unbound cgmp by millipore filtration. the binding reaction showed very high specificity to cgmp, had a broad ph optimum, and reached equilibrium within a short time. a simple procedure for the pruification of assay samples using dowex ag 50w-x2 resin is also described. cgmp contents in urine ...1975374
studies on thyroid hormone-binding proteins. i. the subunit structure of human thyroxine-binding globulin and its interaction with ligands.thyroxine-binding globulin was isolated from human plasma by ammonium sulfate fractionation, chromatographic separations on diethylaminoethyl-sephadex, gel chromatography, and two different electrophoretic procedures. the highly purified was homogeneous when subjected to polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, ultracentrifugation analyses, and immunochemical determinations. the weight average molecular weight as determined by sedimentation equilibrium ultracentrifugations was 54,000 and by sedimenta ...1975388
structural studies of two ovalbumin glycopeptides in relation to the endo-beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase specificity.heterogeneities of the two ovalbumin glycopeptides, (man)5(glcnac)2asn and (man)6(glcnac)2asn, were revealed by borate paper electrophoresis of oligosaccharide alcohols obtained from the glycopeptides by endo-beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase h digestion and nab3h4 reduction. the structures of the major components of the oligosaccharides were determined by the combination of methylation analysis, acetolysis, and alpha-mannosidase digestion. based on the results, the whole structures of the major comp ...1975389
hemoglobin deer lodge (beta 2 his replaced by arg). consequences of altering the 2,3-diphosphoglycerate binding site.hemoglobin deer lodge is an abnormal human hemoglobin with arginine substituted for histidine at the beta 2 position. x-ray crystallography of normal human hemoglobin has shown that the beta 2 residue is normally part of the binding site for 2,3-diphosphoglycerate. the substitution of arginine for histidine at beta 2 affects both the kinetics and equilibria of ligand binding. when stripped of anions, hb deer lodge has an increased oxygen affinity and a decreased degree of cooperativity relative ...1975393
patterns of fatty acid release from endogenous substrates by human platelet homogenates and membranes.we describe a method for measuring the release of fatty acids from endogenous substrates of human platelet homogenates and membranes. the method depends on the availability of lipids whose fatty acids are odd-chained and therefore suitable as internal reference compounds that, at the time of lipid extraction, can be added to an incubation to permit subsequent quantification of the content of free fatty acids or fatty acids esterified to specific lipids. we found four types of lipolytic activitie ...1975394
localization of nadh oxidase on the surface of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes by a new cytochemical method.the ultrastructural localization of nadh oxidase, a possible enzyme in the increased oxidative activity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (pmn) during phagocytosis, was studied. a new cytochemical technique for the localization of h2o2, a product of nadh oxidase activity, was developed. cerous ions, in the presence of peroxide, form an electron-dense precipitate. resting and phagocytically stimulated pmn were exposed to cerous ions at ph 7.5 to demonstrate sites of nadh-dependent, cyanide-insensit ...1975407
defective lysosomal enzyme secretion in kidneys of chediak-higashi (beige) mice.the beige mouse is an animal model for the human chediak-higashi syndrome, a disease characterized by giant lysosomes in most cell types. in mice, treatment with androgenic hormones causes a 20-50-fold elevation in at least one kidney lysosomal enzyme, beta-glucuronidase. beige mice treated with androgen had significantly higher kidney beta-glucuronidase, beta-galactosidase, and n-acetyl-beta-d-glucosaminidase (hexosaminidase) levels than normal mice. other androgen-inducible enzymes and enzyme ...1975408
effect of pharmacological agents on human keratinocyte mitosis in vitro. ii. inhibition by catecholamines.catecholamines produce mitotic inhibition in primary cell cultures of human keratinocytes probably via a block in the g2 part of the cell cycle. epinephrine produced significant mitotic inhibition (49%) at a concentration as low as 4.5 x 10(-10) m, while its analog, isoproterenol, produced 47% inhibition at 1 x 10(-10) m. norepinephrine elicited a 49% inhibitory response at 1 x 10(-8) m. one other catecholamine, dopamine, caused a 53% decrease in mitosis at 1 x 10(-6) m. other structurally relat ...1975410
arterial catecholamines in hypoxic exercise in man.1. we measured the minute ventilation and arterial blood catecholamine concentrations in four normal men standing and at two levels of moderate treadmill exercise breathing 14% oxygen or air. 2. minute ventilation was significantly higher during hypoxic exercise than during normoxic exercise at an oxygen uptake of 1500 ml/min. 3. arterial plasma noradrenaline during hypoxic exercise at an oxygen uptake of 1500 ml/min was significantly greater than at rest. 4. arterial plasma noradrenaline during ...1975171
anaerobic glycolysis in normal human erythrocytes incubated in vitro with sodium salicylate.1. some effects of sodium salicylate upon anaerobic glycolysis have been studied in normal human erythrocytes incubated for up to 6 h at 37 degrees c in autologous sera. 2. both glucose consumption and lactate production were stimulated by concentrations of salicylate up to 60 mmol/l but at the highest concentration used (90 mmol/l) an initial stimulus was followed by inhibition of glycolysis. 3. losses occurred of adenosine 5'-triphosphate (atp), adenosine 5'-diphosphate (adp) and adenosine 5'- ...1975170
measurement of total alkaline phosphatase activity in human serum. 1975163
relation between fluorescence and circular dichroism of the complex of the fluorescence probe 4-dimethylaminochalcone with serum albumin.the fluorescence probe(4-dimethylaminochalcone; dmh) was noncovalently linked to human serum albumin (hsa). the variation of ph was due to serum albumin structural changes, which was determined in terms of dmh and hsa fluorescence and cd spectra. considerable changes of fluorescence and cd spectra were observed at ph 8 and 10, where there is ionization of two more recently titrated tyrosin residues. it is assumed that these two tyrosine residues are in binding region and quench the fluorescence ...197594
membrane-bound enzymes. iii. protease activity in leucocytes in relation to erythrocyte membranes.protease activity was detected in membranes of human bovine erythrocytes prepared by the conventional procedures which include washing and removal of the "buffy layer". the enzyme was extracted by 0.75 m kcns or (nh4)2so4 and was activated by 0.4 to 0.5 m of the same salts. colored, particulate hide powder-azure, membrane fractions and soluble proteins such as hemoglobin, casein or albumin were susceptible to hydrolysis by the membraneous protease. partial purification of the enzyme was accompl ...197592
the oxygen affinity of haemoglobin tak, a variant with an elongated beta chain.the oxygen affinity was investigated of purified hb tak, a human haemoglobin variant with elongated beta-chains. a very low p50 value was found which was not influenced by the addition of 2,3 diphosphoglycerate. the n value was 1, indicating non-cooperativity. the oxygen equilibrium curve of the whole blood haemolysate containing hbs a and tak was close to that of hb a at the top of the curve, while the bottom of the curve greatly deviated from the latter, indicative of small if any interaction ...197588
n-terminal spin label studies of hemoglobin, ligand and ph dependence.human hemoglobin was spin labeled with 4-isothiocanato-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-piperdinooxyl, which is known to bind specifically to the n-terminal alpha-amino groups of proteins and slightly to the reactive sulfhydryl groups. electron spin resonance (esr) analysis indicated a partially resolved five-line spectrum, suggesting that the label was attached to at least two different binding sites. using specific blocking reagents prior to spin labeling, the two binding sites were attributed to the sulfh ...197581
the binding of organic phosphates to human methaemoglobin a. perturbation of the polymerization of proteins by effectors.theory is presented relating to the binding of an effector to two states of a protein acceptor coexisting in equilibrium. the problem is treated in terms of the four possible cases which specify relations between numbers of binding sites and intrinsic binding constants relevant to the acceptor states. it is shown that a distinction between these cases may be possible on the basis of the form of a plot of unbound effector concentration versus the constituent equilibrium coefficient which may be c ...197580
specificity studies on alpha-mannosidases using oligosaccharides from mannosidosis urine as substrates.oligosaccharides containing terminal non-reducing alpha(1 leads to 2)-, alpha(1 leads to 3)-, and alpha(1 leads to 6)-linked mannose residues, isolated from human and bovine mannosidosis urines were used as substrates to test the specificities of acidic alpha-mannosidases isolated from human and bovine liver. the enzymes released all the alpha-linked mannose residues from each oligosaccharide and were most effective on the smallest substrate. enzyme a in each case was less active on the oligosac ...197570
phospholipase a2 as a probe of phospholipid distribution in erythrocyte membranes. factors influencing the apparent specificity of the reaction.the action of snake venom phospholipases a2 in intact human erythrocytes was investigated in detail. the basis phospholipase from agkistrodon halys blomhifii was found to induce both hydrolysis of membrane phospholipids and total cell hemolysis under certain experimental conditions. the hydrolytic action of the basic enzyme was found to consist of two sequential events: (a) hydrolysis of 70% of the total cell ph osphatidylcholine without any evident hemolysis; and (b) complete hydrolysis of the ...197554
human brain and placental choline acetyltransferase: purification and properties.choline acetyltransferase (ec catalyzes the biosynthesis of acetylcholine according to the following chemical equation: acetyl-coa + choline in equilibrium to acetylcholine + coa. in addition to nervous tissue, primate placenta is the only other animal source which contains appreciable acetylcholine and its biosynthetic enzyme. human brain caudate nucleus and human placental choline acetyltransferase were purified to electrophoretic homogeneity using ion-exchange and blue dextran-sephar ...197540
experimental diarrhea in cynomolgus monkeys by oral administration with clostridium perfringens type a viable cells or enterotoxin.purified c. perfringens type a enterotoxin fed orally in an amount of 5 mg caused both vomiting and diarrhea in the monkey only when the gastric juice had been neutralized. exposure of enterotoxin to ph 4.0 or below rapidly destroyed the activity. all three monkeys receiving sodium bicarbonate and 2.4 x 10(10) viable cells grown in ds medium developed diarrhea, and only one of them vomited once. the diarrhea lasted for 13, 18 and 19 hr. the symptoms were similar to those reported in human cases ...1975525
conditions for production, and some characteristics, of mycobacterial growth inhibitory factor produced by spleen cells from mice immunized with viable cells of the attenuated h37ra strain of mycobacterium tuberculosis.mycobacterial growth inhibitory factor (mycoif), found in supernatant fluids of mouse spleen cell cultures that have been stimulated in vitro with homologous antigen, inhibited the intracellular multiplication of virulent tubercle bacilli within normal mouse peritoneal macrophages in vitro. antigenically stimulated h37ra-immunized mouse spleen cells required 72 h of incubation to produce supernatant fluids that would cause intracellular inhibition. supernatant fluids from 48-h mouse spleen cell ...1975330
the women don't know how to talk in mexico. 1975335
parotid secretion and its pharmacologically induced variants (author's transl).the secretion of alpha-amylase and electrolytes by the parotid gland is now well understood and similarities exist in this respect between man and animals. many modern drugs influence parotid secretion and morphology, and these are discussed.1975350
effect on aging on plasma renin and aldosterone in normal man.the influence of aging on the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system was evaluated by comparing young (20 to 30 yr) with elderly (62 to 70 yr) healthy subjects. despite comparable body sodium-fluid balance in the two age groups, serum renin concentration, plasma renin activity and aldosterone concentrations were lower in the elderly. the age-related decreases in circulating renin and aldosterone concentrations were slight while subjects were supine and receiving normal sodium intake; when upright ...1975538
binding of digitoxin to human serum albumin: influence of ionic strength and ionic medium on the digitoxin-albumin complex formation. 1975887
epidemiologic investigations of the 1969 epidemic of venezuelan encephalitis in epizoodemic of venezuelan equine encephalitis (vee), subtype i variant b, occurred in ecuador during the rainy and hot season of 1969. in this paper, a general description of the epidemic is given and virus isolations from humans are reported. a serologic survey was performed in order to determine the extension of the epidemic along the coastal zone of the country. it is not clear whether the higher antibody rate in older people was because they were at greater risk of infection or was the re ...1975906
improvement of renin determination in human plasma using a commonly available renin standard in a radioimmunological method.a new method for the measurement of renin in human plasma is described. the method is based on the introduction of the internationally available renin standard of the medical research council (mrc) london, as a calibration system. thus, some principal disadvantages of methods expressing results in renin reaction velocity (angiotensin generation rate) only are avoided. both renins, unknown and standard, react with a sheep substrate preparation and are handled identically throughout the whole proc ...1975541
regional study of acid hydrolases and lysosomal membrane properties in the normal human brain at various ages.acid hydrolases and lysosomal membrane properties were studied at various ages in the normal human brain. in csf and four brain regions, the inferior olive, the cerebellar cortex, the caudate nucleus and the frontal cortex were thus beta-galactosidase, beta-glucosidase, alpha-mannosidase, hexosaminidase and acid phosphatase biochemically quantitated at ages varying between 2 and 89 years of age. also the membrane latency for acid phosphatase was studied in these regions. no major regional quanti ...1975561
computer experience and further developments in the respiratory function laboratory (author's transl).reported is on satisfactory results obtained with a small-size computer consisting of punching and scanning device, as well as plain writing machine in the respiratory function laboratory. developed in on- as well as off-line processing by an own technical staff, a diagnostic and teaching program was established for all respiratory function routine methods with the advantages of a large number of cases examined, elimination of sources of error, considerable supply of data and information, automa ...1975594
the challenge of hew. 1975596
regional cerebral circulation in man and its regulation. 1975608
purification of human red cell glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase by affinity chromatography.human glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase associated with nadph was efficiently bound with agarose-bound nadp, whereas the enzyme associated with nadp was poorly bound with agarose-bound nadp. after the elimination of haemoglobin from haemolyzate by treatment with deae-cellulose, the enzyme was converted into the nadph-bound form and was applied on an affinity column. the enzyme was specifically eluted from the column by nadp in the elution buffer. a homogeneous enzyme preparation was obtained in ...1975416
simultaneous determination of propranolol and 4-hydroxypropranolol in plasma by mass fragmentography.a quantitative method for the simultaneous determination of propranolol and its active metabolite 4-hydroxypropranolol in human plasma is described. plasma samples are extracted at ph 9.6 with ethyl acetate after the addition of sodium bisulphite and the internal standard oxprenolol. the extracts are derivatized with trifluoroacetic anhydride before separation on a gas chromatograph--mass spectrometer. detection and quantitation of the trifluoroacetyl derivatives are made by single-ion monitorin ...1975417
amino acid analysis by ion-exchange chromatography using a lithium elution gradient. influence of methanol concentration and sample ph.the separation of amino acids has been achieved on a short column of chromo-beads c2 resin, with a lithium gradient-elution system. the analysis took 8 h. the separation of asparagine and glutamine from glutamic acid was highly dependent on the sample ph and on the methanol concentration in the first buffer of the gradient. the method has been applied to analysis of human plasma and granulocytes for amino acids.1975419
determination of 3-(5-tetrazolyl) thioxanthone 10,10-dioxide in human plasma, urine and faeces.a gas chromatographic method is described for assay of 3-(5-tetrazolyl) thioxanthone 10,10-dioxide (bw 59c) in human plasma, urine and faeces. after extraction into 1,2-dichloroethane from alkaline medium the compound is converted to the heptafluorobutyrate derivative which is injected into a gas chromatograph and measured using a 63ni electron capture detector. the assay produces a linear calibration curve over the range 0-30 mug/ml when the internal standard method is used. reproducibility is ...1975420
some effects of low ph on chloride exchange in human red blood order to test the range of ph values over which the titratable carried model for inorganic anion exchange is valid, chloride self-exchange across human red blood cells was examined between ph 4.75 and 5.7 at 0 decrees c. it was found that chloride self-exchange flux had a minimum near ph 5 and increased again with further increase in hydrogen ion activity. the arrhenius activation energy for chloride exchange was greatly reduced at low ph values. the chloride flux at ph 5.1 did not show the s ...1975459
a study of the histidine residues of human carbonic anhydrase c using 270 mhz proton magnetic resonance. 1975511
amp-deaminase of human skeletal muscle. divalent metal cations and catalytic activity. 19751005
nature and possible origin of human serum ribonuclease. 19751008
carcinogenic n-nitro-dimethylamine from the reaction of the analgesic amidopyrine and nitrite extracted from foodstuffs.the reaction of the analgesic amidopyrine (100 mg) with nitrite extracted from cured meats and from spinach in varying degrees of spoilage was studied. unde physiological conditions the carcinogenic dimethylnitrosamine was formed at milligram levels at nitrite concentrations as low as 4 mg (in 175 ml extracted from 100 g boiled ham). the rate of decrease in concentration in the human stomach after ingestion of amidopyrine and of nitrite contained in boiled ham or in a broth from boiled ham was a ...1975861
bone marrow transplantation in man.bone marrow transplantation is emerging as a viable therapeutic approach to a number of diseases that are usually or uniformly fatal. we review here recent experiences in bone marrow transplantation in man at ucla and in various other institutions throughout the world. we examine marrow transplantation in immunodeficiency diseases, acute leukemia, and aplastic anemia and consider the problems of infection in the transplant recipients. the applications of tissue typing to marrow transplantation a ...1975937
the virus hypothesis in systemic lupus erythematosus.type-c viruses are currently the prime etiologic candidates in systemic lupus erythematosus. on the basis of knowledge gained from studies of experimental and human models of chronic viral disease, there are possible pathogenetic roles of a virus in systemic lupus erythematosus. experimental attempts at implicating specific viruses have been predominantly negative, but evidence for enhanced type-c-virus expression has recently been reported.1975938
dehydroascorbate uptake and reduction by human blood neutrophils, erythrocytes, and lymphocytes. 1975943
the membrane transport of ascorbic acid.a system for measuring the rate of transport of dehydroascorbate into human red blood cells shows michaelis-menten type kinetics with substrate inhibition at levels above 150 mum dha. the addition of sugars impairs this transport in the diminishing hierarchy d-glucose, d-mannose, d-xylose, d-galactose, l-lyxose, d-araboascorbate, l-sorbose and 2-deoxy-d-ribose. the effect of glucose on transport of ascorbate is marked at physiological levels. transport of dha is accelerated by copper ion and all ...1975944
a hepatoma-associated alkaline phosphatase, the kasahara isozyme, compared with one of the isozymes of fl amnion was found that a human hepatoma-associated alp (orthophosphoric monoester phosphohydrolase, e.c. shared electrophoretic mobility, inactivation by urea, inhibition by inorganic phosphate, ethylenediaminetetraacetate, and amino acids (l-phenylalanine, l-leucine and l-homoarginine), heat stability, sensitivity to neuraminidase, ph optimum, km value, and antigen site with fast moving alp isozymes of fl cell strain derived from human amniotic membrane. however, 40-week-old fresh amniotic ...1975948
gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase. a sensitive indicator of renal ischaemic injury in experimental animals and renal homograft rejection in man.the sites of ischaemic injury within the kidney are reviewed and the diagnostic value of measurements of plasma and urinary enzymes in renal ischaemic injury and in renal homotransplant rejection in experimental animals and man is examined. gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (gamma-gt) is an enzyme primarily located in the brush border of the proximal convoluted tubule of the kidney. its unique localization in the cells most easily damaged by ischaemia and its ease of assay provide the rationale for ...1975949
urinary acidification in renal allografts.urinary acid excretion was measured in 35 human renal allograft recipients during the first few days after the onset of diuresis and two months after transplantation. in 16 out of 17 rejection episodes an early significant decrease of renal total net h+ excretion was observed. this urinary acidification impairment preceded the serum creatinine increase. only few patients showed variations in blood ph and c1-. the acidification defect may be due to the ischaemic changes of rejection. early impair ...1975666
graft versus host reaction. an ultrastructural study.graft versus host reaction (gvh) following leukocytic transfusions occurred in a 34-year-old man with a generalized lymphosarcoma. histologic and ultrastructural studies were performed, with special reference to dyskeratotic cells scattered in the epidermis. these cells are usually considered to be a constant and important feature of gvh reaction. dense aggregation of tonofilaments, including cytoplasmic organelles and loss of desmosomes, were seen in dyskeratotic cells. several intracellular de ...1975972
separation of deoxyribonucleases (dnases) of normal human stratum corneum and psoriatic scales by micro-disc-electrophoresis.normal stratum corneum and psoriatic scales were homogenized and a differential centrifugation was performed. the dnase activity of the individual fractions was investigated by micro-dis-electrophoresis. at ph 5 only in the 600xg pellet and 105.000xg supernatant of normal keratin dnase activity could be observed. however, all psoriatic fractions showed distinct enzyme activities. at ph 7.4 little psoriatic dnase activity could only be demonstrated in the 105.000xg supernatant. except from the 15 ...1975974
protection of lethally irradiated mice with allogeneic fetal liver cells: influence of irradiation dose on immunologic reconstitution.after lethal irradiation long-lived, immunologically vigorous c3hf mice were produced by treatment with syngeneic fetal liver cells or syngeneic newborn or adult spleen cells. treatment of lethally irradiated mice with syngeneic or allogeneic newborn thymus cells or allogeneic newborn or adult spleen cells regularly led to fatal secondary disease or graft-versus-host reactions. treatment of the lethally irradiated mice with fetal liver cells regularly yielded long-lived, immunologically vigorous ...1975673
ontogeny of immunity in humans. 19751167
purification of folate binding factor in normal umbilical cord serum.human umbilical cord serum was found to contain both free folate and folate complexed to a high-molecular weight factor. the complexed folate was bound to a very high affinity binder and was present in concentrations equivalent to as much as 60 ng of 5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid per ml of serum. acidification of the serum caused disassociation of the folate-binder complex. released folates were separated from binder by sephadex gel filtration, zonal centrifugation through sucrose gradients, or a ...1975676
the renal elimination of procainamide.the question of ph or flow dependence for the renal elimination of procainamide (pca) was studied under 4 conditions in each of 4 subjects. each subject received 500 mg of pca intravenously at weekly intervals while in a state of (1) acid load (nh4cl) and water deprivation, (2) acid load and water excess, (3) alkali load (nahco3) and water deprivation, and (4) alkali load and water excess. plasma and urine were collected at frequent intervals for pca and n-acetyl pca (napa) analysis. urine flow ...19761171
hemodynamic action of talinolol (cordanum, 02-115), a new beta-receptor blocking substance, in man. 1975696
effects of thienodiazepine derivatives on human sleep as compared to those of benzodiazepine derivatives.the effects of new thienodiazepine derivatives, such as clotiazepam and y-7131, on normal human sleep were investigated on 5 subjects and compared to those of benzodiazepine derivatives, such as diazepam and nitrazepam. rem sleep was significantly decreased only with 2 mg of y-7131 and rebound elevation of rem sleep did not follow in recovery 1 and 2 nights. by using partial differential rem deprivation which was designed by us, there was also no rebound elevation of rem sleep noted in recovery ...1975709
effect of two weeks' treatment with thioridazine, chlorpromazine, sulpiride and bromazepam, alone or in combination with alcohol, on learning and memory in man.forty paid healthy male students participated in two subacute experiments of 6 weeks each. in the first trial 20 of them received bromazepam, thioridazine, and placebo double blind cross over for 2 weeks each, and in the second trial the active agents administered to the other 20 participants were chlorpromazine and sulpiride. the tests used were paired associate learning with nonsense syllables and digit memory span. before testing the subjects took either an alcoholic or a nonalcoholic bitter ...1975710
receptors for insulin, nsila-s, and growth hormone: applications to disease states in man. 1975744
colorimetric determination of 5-aminosalicylic acid and its n-acetylated metabolite on urine and feces.a simple and convenient colorimetric method is described for the quantitative determination of 5-aminosalicylic acid (5-asa) and n-acetyl-5-asa in urine and feces after oral administration of salicylazosulfa-pyridine (sasp), the drug of choice in the treatment of ulcerative colitis. n-acetyl-5-asa is extracted directly from the acidified biological specimen, deacetylated, and the liberated 5-asa subjected to a modified bratton-marshall reaction. the 5-asa present in the specimen must be acetylat ...1975747
biochemical and biophysical changes in guinea pigs after acute head injury.animal experiments were set up mainly to derive additional diagnostic data from the study of biochemical changes after acute head injury. in standardized experiments guinea pigs were subjected in groups of 20 to three identical head injuries, each of either 1.0 j or 1.5 j intensity. the trauma was likely to result in a concussion or contusion syndrome similar to that found in man; 40 animals served as controls. during the 60 min after injury observation and measurement of body functions did not ...1975749
first apparent dissociation constant of carbonic acid, pk'1, of plasma and erythrocytes.the first apparent dissociation constant of carbonic acid, pk'1, of plasma and red cells was determined on venous blood of ten healthy, adult, male, human subjects. ph and pco2 of plasma and red cells were analyzed electrometrically and a micromanometric method was used for the determination of total carbon dioxide content. erythrocyte carbamino hemoglobin levels were estimated and used for the correction of erythrocyte pk'1. each blood sample was subjected to the following regimen before centri ...1975752
molecular biology of human plasminogen. i. physiochemical properties and microheterogeneity. 1975806
the catalytic mechanism of carbonic anhydrase. hydrogen-isotope effects on the kinetic parameters of the human c isoenzyme.1. the steady-state kinetics of the interconversion of co2 and hco3 catalyzed by human carbonic anhydrase c was studied using 1h2o and 2h2o as solvents. the ph-independent parts of the parameters k(cat) and km are 3-4 times larger in 1h2o than in 2h2o for both directions of the reaction, while the ratios k(cat)/km show much smaller isotope effects. with either co2 or hco3 as substrate the major ph dependence is observed in k(cat), while km appears independent of ph. the pka value characterizing ...19751249
alkaline phosphatases in human feces, intestinal mucosa and bile, and the occurrence of 5'-nucleotidase in feces (author's transl).alkaline phosphatase (ec in extracts of human feces resembles alkaline phosphatase in extracts of duodenal mucosa, except for its electrophoretic mobility in starch gel. it is very probable that the normal feces alkaline phosphatase derives from intestinal mucosa. gall bladder alkaline phosphatase, which is markedly different, has not been found in normal feces. some patients with acute viral hepatitis or protozoasis excrete an alkaline phosphatase which resembles gall bladder alkaline ...1975858
subcellular distribution of phosphatases, proteinases, and ribonucleases in normal human stratum corneum and psoriatic scales.the subcellular distribution of phosphatases, proteinases, and ribonucleases of normal human stratum corneum and psoriatic scales was determined after differential centrifugation. all psoriatic enzymes showed much increased activities as compared to the normal stratum corneum enzymes. the highest activities of alkaline phosphatase from psoriatic scales could be detected in the nuclear fraction. the main activities of all other tested phosphatases and proteinases were present in the cytoplasmatic ...1975975
microbiol growth in lipid emulsions used in parenteral nutrition.parenteral nutrition via central venous catheterization is associated with serious risks, especially that of sepsis. lipid emulsion (intralipidsweden), which may be administered peripherally, was evaluated for its potential to support microbial growth. washed cultures of staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans, and three species of gram-negative rods were all capable of multiplying in the emulsion at room temperature. variations in inoculum size did not affect the growth rate. studies comparing ...1975982
propoxyphene and norpropoxyphene tissue concentrations in fatalities associated with propoxyphene hydrochloride and propoxyphene napsylate.propoxyphene and its major metabolite norpropoxyphene have been determined in blood and liver in 29 cases of death in which propoxyphene, either as the hydrochloride or as the napsylate salt, was involved. the use of propoxyphene napsylate (darvon-n) contributed to the deaths of 4 persons, 3 of whom were former heroin addicts receiving large amounts of this drug in connection with propoxyphene substitution programs. in the majority of cases the norpropoxyphene blood concentrations exceed the pro ...1975983
flavoxate and 3-methylflavone-8-carboxylic acid. assay methods in blood and urine, plasma-red cells repartition and stability.the following assay methods for pharmacokinetic studies on flavoxate (f) and on its main metabolite, i.e. 3-methylflavone-8-carboxylic acid (a), are described. 1. spectrophotometry for the assay of f and of a in plasma, 2. tlc-spectrodensitometry and glc for the assay of a in urine after acid hydrolysis, 3. tlc-spectrodensitometry for determining the f : a ratio in plasma or in urine. it was found that f hydrolyzes into a. this process depends on the ph and on the medium. in water, at ph 5.0, f ...19751048
comparative studies of parasympatholytic drugs on stomach (double blind test) and analysis of relation between gastric form and tonus.effects of 3 kinds of parasympatholytic drugs (timepidiumbromide, hyoscine-n-butylbromide and prifinium-bromide) and placebo (physiological saline solution) on the gastrointestinal tract were evaluated roentgenographically by double blind technique in a total of 101 male human subjects. the results may briefly be summarized as follows: 1. there were significant differences on hypotonic rate being one of the indexes of the gastric tonus between timepidium-bromide and placebo. the effects of 3 exp ...19751052
the purification and characterization of the low molecular weight human folate binding protein using affinity chromatography.the low molecular weight folate binding protein (fabp) has been purified 1000-fold to a specific activity of 7.2 gamma g of pteroylglutamic acid (pga) bound per mg of protein. this purified fabp represents two protein bands that bind pga on polyacrylamide disc gel electrophoreis, elutes from deae-cellulose in 0.001 m phosphate buffer, stains positive with pas, elutes from concanavalin a sepharose affinity columns with methyl alpha-mannoside, and shows three major peaks (pl =6.8, 7.5, 8.2) by iso ...19751084
human liver acid phosphatases.human liver contains three chromatographically distinct forms of non-specific acid phosphatase (ec acid phosphatases i, ii and iii have molecular weights of greater than 200 000, of 107 000, and of 13 400, respectively. following partial purification, isoenzyme ii was obtained as a single activity band, as assessed by activity staining with p-nitrophenyl phosphate and alpha-naphthyl phosphate on polyacrylamide gels run at several ph values. with 50mm p-nitrophenyl phosphate as a substr ...19751336
inhibition of human liver beta-galactosidases and beta-glucosidase by n-bromoacetyl-beta-d-galactosylamine.n-bromoacetyl-beta-d-galactosylamine is an irreversible inhibitor of the 'acid' and the 'neutral' beta-galactosidases (beta-d-galactoside galactohydrolase, ec of human liver. the inactivation of acid beta-galactosidase appears to involve a group with a pka = 4.5. the inhibition of neutral beta-galactosidase only occurs above ph 8.0. both enzymes are protected against inhibition by the presence of substrates, suggesting that the inhibitor reacts with the active site of the enzymes. othe ...19751095
subunit composition of human blood group mn antigens. 19751341
studies on an activator of the (ca2+ plus mg2+)-atpase of human erythrocyte membranes.1. an activator of the (ca2+ plus mg2+)-stimulated atpase present in the human erythrocytes (membrane) has been isolated in soluble form from hemolysates of these cells. partial purification has been achieved through use of carboxymethyl-sephadex chromatography. the resulting activator fraction contained no hemoglobin and only 0.3% of the total adenylate kinase activity of the cell. 2. whereas the activator was released from erythrocytes subjected to hemolysis in 20 miosm buffer at ph 7.6 or at ...19761098
the inhibition of the motility of human spermatozoa by various pharmacologic agents. 19751117
the specificity of heterophil antibodies in patients and healthy donors with no or minimal signs of infectious mononucleosis.over several years sera were collected from 14 heterophil-positive students or patients who did not fulfill minimal hematologic criteria for infectious mononucleosis (i.m.) the specificity of these heterophil reactions for i.m. was investigated by determining antibodies to epstein-barr virus-determined antigens, i.e., to viral capsid antigens (vca), early antigens (ea), and ebv-associated nuclear antigens (ebna). on the basis of detectable anti-ea and/or the early absence and late emergence of a ...19761126
differential production of interferon and lymphotoxin by human tonsil lymphocytes. 19751152
quantitative fractionation of alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes according to their thermostability.continuous monitoring of heat denaturation of a mixture of alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes at 60 degrees c and ph 7.5 permits the simultaneous direct identification and quantitation of three isoenzymes: the placental isoenzyme, the l-phenylalanine-sensitive intestinal isoenzyme, and the liver isoenzyme (hepatocytic). the isoenzyme that is principally of bone origin cannot be identified as such without the help of other diagnostic aids and the patient's medical history. all human tissues contain ...19761158
properties of beta-glucuronidase activity in human synovial fluid.the purpose of the present study was to evaluate the properties of beta-glucuronidase (ec in human synovial fluid. it was shown to have a ph requirement of 5.0 and a km value of about 8.0 - 10(-3) m using phenolphthalein beta-glucuronide as the substrate. at low substrate concentration an endogenous inhibitor is demonstrable. the inhibition is of the competitive type and is removed by proteolytic digestion of synovial fluid, whereas hyaluronidase digestion and addition either of triton ...19751163
fluroxene toxicity induced by phenobarbital.because of reports of fluroxene toxicity in man, the effect of phenobarbital treatment on the toxicity and metabolism of fluroxene was studied in 9 rhesus monkeys. six monkeys that were exposed to a mean calculated alveolar fluroxene concentration of 5.8% for 4-hr periods up to a total of 16 hr showed no evidence of toxicity. two animals were sacrificed after a single 4-hr exposure to obtain control measures of fluroxene metabolites in tissues. four monkeys that had previously survived received ...19751168
inhibition of the antibacterial activity of gentamicin by urine.urinary levels of antibiotics determine the outcome of treatment of most urinary tract infections. the antibacterial effect of gentamicin against escherichia coli and pseudomonas aeruginosa in urine was studied. with use of urinary constituents in concentrations normally found in human urine, it was shown that urine has an inhibitory effect that is dependent upon the acidity and total osmolality of the urine, as well as upon the presence of individual solutes. up to 40 times as much gentamicin m ...19761450
identification and urinary excretion of p-chlorophenoxyacetamide, a metabolite of iproclozide, in humans.the presence of p-chlorophenoxyacetamide was detected in the urine of man receiving iproclozide 1-(p-chlorophenoxyacetyl)-2-isopropylhydrazine. this new metabolite was identified by combined gas-liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and by comparison with the synthetic compound. an appropriate procedure for the extraction and quantitation of p-chlorophenoxyacetamide by gas-liquid chromatography on a 5% ov-225-packed column with the 2-butyl analog of iproclozide as an internal standard, has bee ...19751217
physiological disposition and metabolism of 5-(2',4'-difluorophenyl)salicyclic acid, a new salicylate.5-(2'4'-difluorophenyl) carboxy-14csalicyclic acid (mk-647) was quickly and completely absorbed in rats, dogs, and man. peak levels of plasma radioactivity occurred in 1-2 hr after oral administration. the dose was 10 mg/kg in rats and dogs, and 50 or 500 mg in man. most of the drug in plasma was intact mk-647 which was extensively bound to plasma protein. in man the peak concentration following the 500-mg dose was approximately 10 times that after the lower dose, which suggests that absorption ...19751220
spironolactone metabolism in man studied by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.gas chromatography-mass spectrometry was used to identify metabolites of spironolactone in human blood and urine. in three healthy men about 20% of the radioactivity was excreted in the urine within 24 hr after an oral dose of 20-3hspironolactone (200 mg + 200 muci). about half of this radioactivity was extracted with chloroform at ph 3 and from this extract four stable metabolites were isolated by use of column and thin-layer chromatography. two of these were the previously identified metabolit ...19751221
the meaning of the leydig cell in relation to the etiology of cryptorchidism: an experimental electron-microscopic our electron-microscopic studies of testicular biopsies, both normal and cryptorchid, we found a simple atrophy of the leydig cell in the cryptorchid testis. based on experiments by raynaud1,2 and jean3 on pregnant mice, we tried to find the reason for changes in the leydig cell relating to the etiology of cryptorchidism. we found on electron microscopic study of testes in the offspring of pregnant mice treated with estrogen the same atrophy of the leydig cell as we see in human cryptorchidis ...19761483
n-hydroxyamobarbital: the second major metabolite of amobarbital in man.after oral administration of 14c-labeled amobarbital to healthy subjects, most of the radioactivity was recovered in urine and only 4-5% in feces over a period of 6 days. no unchanged amobarbital was excreted. two major metabolites were found and isolated. one was 3'-hydroxyamobarbital, which has been previously identified by maynert. the second could be identified as n-hydroxyamobarbital on the basis of its spectral and chemical properties.19751222
model of an ecological system closed as regards gas metabolism and with a periodically working autotrophic component. i. conditions for stability of the atmospheric system.the paper describes a semi-closed ecological system consisting of a man and a photosynthetic autotrophic component. the conditions required to maintain the stability of the atmosphere in the system are described as applied to two alternating modes of the function of the autotrophic component. these conditions express equal quantities of oxygen and carbon dioxide consumed and produced by the components of the system during any time period the length of which is the duration of the cycle of the sy ...19751576
composition of the volatile compounds in human sweat and urine. 19751584
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