virological studies of baboon (papio hamadryas) lymphoma: isolation and characterization of accordance with a memorandum of understanding in cancer research between scientists in the ussr and the usa, virological studies were performed on two baboons from the russian colony at the institute of experimental pathology and therapy at sukhumi where several cases of leukemia have been observed over the past few years. foamyvirus isolations were made from lymphoid cells of both of these monkeys, one of which had a confirmed case of lymphoma. the isolates were similar to each other serolog ...197658063
[nature of changes in the level of steroid hormones and their precursors in peripheral blood of papio monkeys under stress].the radioimmunological method was applied to determination of changes in the peripheral blood plasma level of 12 steroids in male papio hamadryas under immobilization and surgical stress. androgen content decreased, and the concentration of steroid hormone precursors and hydrocortisone blood plasma content rose in response to stress. these changes were in contraphase with the circadian steroid rhythms. the most objective and sensitive criteria of the stress situation evaluation were decrease of ...197896885
[cytoarchitectonics of ileocecal lymph nodes in newborn and sexually mature simians (pavian hamadrils)].cell composition of various components (cortical plateau, folliculi and cords) of ileocecal lymph nodes was studied in newborn, 1.5 and 2.5 months of age (2 animals) and in mature (3 animals) monkeys, papio hamadryas. in histological sections obtained at the level of hilus of the lymph node cellular elements were counted by means of morphometric grid of glagolev modifoed by s. b. stefanov. the data obtained were statistically treated. newborn and mature monkeys have their peculiar cytological pr ...197898135
[radioimmunologic method of determining 11 steroids in small samples of monkey blood plasma].a radioimmunological method is described for simultaneous estimation of hestagenes, estrogenes, androgenes and their precursors in small samples of blood plasma obtained from peripheric blood of hamadryads (papio hamadryas) and macaques (macaca rhesus). use of highly specific antisera and of chromatographic isolation of each steroid on columns with celite enabled to estimate the concentration of 11 steroids in 1.1 ml of blood plasma with high accuracy. standard curve and analysis of its linearit ...1979106544
[age and thymus morphology of pavian hamadrils].by different histological methods, 23 thymi have been studied in papio hamadryas of 5 age groups: fetuses, newborn, one-year-old, mature and old animals. by morphometric methods percentage of quantitative relations of the cortical and medullary substances, as well as their cell composition have been estimated. a rather great similarity in morphogenesis and age histology has been noted in human and monkey thymus. the character of histochemical reactions in thymus corpusculi supports the view on p ...1979111648
[experimental protective of fraction i of the plague microbe].the immunogenic properties of the freeze-dried preparation of fraction i tisolated from the culture of avirulent pasteurella pestis strain were studied in experiments on hamadryas baboons, guinea-pigs and white mice. the preparation was found to have a pronounced protective effect in hamadryas baboons and white mice, especially when the preparation was used in mixture with incomplete freund adjuvant. in hamadryas baboons resistance to infection was shown to correlate with hemagglutionation antib ...1979116458
[ileo-colonic lymph nodes in macaques and pavians of different ages].quantitative and qualitative alterations occurring in various structural components of the ileocolonic lymph nodes of papio hamadryas at the age of 3.5 months and 5 years and macaca rhesus at the age of 5 years were studied by means of mathematical methods. cellular composition was counted in every histological preparation per 1,000 cells in cortical plateau, in myelin cords, in follicles with light centers and in follicles without light centers. part (in %) of every cell variety was determined, ...1979116628
immunofluorescent and immunoelectron microscopic demonstration of primate heart muscle antigens cross-reactive with streptococcus pyogenes.the presence of antigens in heart muscles cross-reactive with antibodies against streptococcus pyogenes were examined in heart samples of seven primate species (chimpanzee, rhesus macaque, stump-tailed macaque, hamadryas baboon, capuchin monkey, green monkey and patas monkey). cross-reactive antigens were localized by means of the indirect immunofluorescent technique in nearly all samples tested. the fluorescence pattern was the same as found in the heart muscle of other mammals. using the indir ...1979116866
surface adhesive properties of baboon lymphocyte and derived lymphoblastoid cell lines.cell surface adhesiveness of lymphocytes isolated from the peripheral blood of papio hamadryas monkeys was compared to the adhesiveness of lymphoblastoid cell lines derived by transformation of these lymphocytes with herpesvirus papio. for the quantitative comparison of the cell surface adhesive properties, a recently developed latex particle adherence assay was utilized. it was found that cell surface adhesiveness of the suspension lines was substantially lower than that of their precursor lymp ...1979119650
hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle of the baboon (papio hamadryas).eleven unconjugated steroids were measured daily during a complete cycle in the peripheral plasma of 6 normally menstruating baboons (papio hamadryas) by means of a radioimmunoassay procedure and the levels were compared with those found previously in 17 normally menstruating women. the patterns of progesterone and 20alpha-dihydroprogesterone were very similar to those found in women throughout the entire menstrual cycle. however, the ratio of these steroids differed markedly from that found in ...1976132074
plasma levels of unconjugated steroids in male baboons (papio hamadryas) and rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta).in an attempt to find suitable animal models to aid in the study of the reproductive processes of the human male, plasma levels of unconjugated pregnenolone, 17-hydroxypregnenolone, dehydroepiandrosterone, 20alpha-dihydroprogesterone, 17-hydroxyprogesterone, androstenedione, testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, oestrone and oestradiol were measured in 18 male baboons and 10 male rhesus monkeys and the steroid levels were compared with those previously established in normospermic, middle-aged men. ...1976132836
anatomically orthogonal qrs electrocardiogram of the baboon (papio hamadryas) and the macaque (macaca mulatta). sex and species differences.peak amplitudes of the qrs complex were evaluated in 28 adult macaques (macaca mulatta) and 28 adult baboons (papio hamadryas), using two anatomically orthogonal lead systems. the anteroposterior (z) and the transversal (x) component of the cardiac electric field was smaller in females than in males. comparison of qrs amplitudes in baboons and macaques indicates that the loop of the spatial vectorcardiogram is situated further ventrally and to the right in the former. the relationship between ve ...1977140402
[demonstration by immunofluorescence of somatotropic cells and prolactin cells in the monkeys erythrocebus patas, cercopithecus aethiops and papio hamadryas].using antibodies against human sth and ovine prolactine, it is possible to identify somatotropic and prolactin cells in the pituitary anterior lobe of three species of monkeys: erythrocebus patas, cercopithecus aethiops and papio hamadryas. the somatotropic cells are numerous in both adult and infant male or female monkeys, especially in the lateral lobes of the pituitary gland. the prolactin cells can be distinguished in all pituitaries studied, regardless age or sex; indeed there are more nume ...1976140737
[demonstration by immunofluorescence of somatostatin cells in the islets of langerhans in 3 species of monkeys].indirect immunofluorescence technique with anti-somatostatin serum has allowed us to detect somatostatin containing cells in the langerhans' islets of three species of monkeys (macacus irus, papio hamadryas, cercopithecus aethiops). these cells are in close relationship with another cells, but occupy a more central position in the islets. thus, the distribution of somatostatin-containing cells in the monkey's endocrine pancreas has not a similar pattern as in rodent's pancreas; they have a compa ...1979160269
[immunofluorescence demonstration of somatostatin-containing cells in the digestive tract of the monkeys irus, macaca papio hamadryas and cercopithecus aethiops].indirect immunofluorescence technique with antisomatostatin serum has allowed us to detect somatostatin containing cells in the gastro-intestinal tract of three species of monkeys : macacus irus, papio hamadryas and cercopithecus aethiops. these cells are localized only in the stomach, in the duodenum, and in the jejunum-ileum. no somatostatin cells were encountered in the esophagus and in the colon. the maximum of somatostatin positive cells is localized in the duodenum, as well in the lieberkü ...1979161187
[preparation of suspension lymphoblastoid cell cultures, containing herpes-like viruses, from hematopoietic organs of hamadryas baboons with hematosarcoma]. 1975165924
cell surface antigens detected in cell lines established from lymphomatous papio hamadryas and macaca arctoides monkeys.cell surface antigens associated with bone marrow cell cultures from leukemic monkeys of species papio hamadryas and macacus arctoides were visualized by means of an indirect immunofluorescence method with sera from leukemic baboons. the same immune serum gave two types of immunofluorescence, depending on the origin of the target cells. fluorescence of the ring-reaction type was seen with papio hamadryas bone marrow cell cultures growing in suspension and containing the baboon herpesvirus, where ...1976185533
properties of a baboon lymphotropic herpesvirus related to epstein-barr virus.three lymphoblastoid cell lines were established from splenic lymphocytes of a lymphomatous baboon (papio hamadryas) by co-cultivation of the lymphocytes with x-irradiated cells of marmoset or baboon lymphoblastoid cell cultures; the baboon splenic lymphocytes failed to grow when cultured alone. a herpesvirus, associated with each cell line, was identified by immunofluorescence, molecular hybridization and electron microscopy. antigenic comparison with epstein-barr virus (ebv) showed that the ba ...1976186420
[effect of chlorimipramine on the so-called ponto-geniculo-occipitalactivity (pgo) in a primate, papio hamadryas (author's transl)].three hamadryas adult baboons (female) received 24 daily injections of chlorimipramine (1.7 mg/kg). the effects on sleep were nearly identical with the effects observed in man. pgo activity, recorded in the lateral geniculate nucleus, was much disturbed. the total number of pgo fell downward from the first recording. the number of pgo/min during paradoxial sleep was even more decreased. this fact suggests a selective influence of cl i on the mechanisms of pgo activity. is the particular effect o ...1977191866
[demonstration by immunofluorescence of adenohyphysis corticotropin and melanotropin cells in erythrocebus patas, cercopithecus aethiops and papio hamadryas].using antibodies against synthetic corticotropic hormones (1-24 acth and 17-39 acth), and melanotropic hormones (alpha-msh and beta-msh), it is possible to identify corticotropic and melanotropic cells in the adenohypophysis of three species of monkeys : erythrocebus patas, cercopithecus aethiops and papio hamadryas. the corticotropic cells are numerous in the anterior lobe in both the adult and infant male and female monkeys of these three species. the intermediate lobe reacts with antibodies a ...1977196718
nonhuman primates: laboratory animals of choice for neurophysiologic studies of sleep.a systematic study was made of several nonhuman primates to learn more about their relative usefulness for studies of sleep. species studied included the guinea baboon (papio papio), kenya or yellow baboon (p cynocephalus), olive baboon (p anubis), sacred baboon (p hamadryas), vervet monkey (cercopithecus aethiops), rhesus monkey (macaca mulatta), bonnet monkey (m radiata), crab-eating monkey (m fascicularis), patas monkey (erythrocebus patas), chimpanzee (pan troglodytes), mongoose lemur (lemur ...1977201798
further characterization of a herpesvirus-positive orang-utan cell line and comparative aspects of in vitro transformation with lymphotropic old world primate orang-utan (pongo pygmaeus) suspension line, cp81, was shown to lack myeloid markers of lysozyme activity an d phagocytosis but to be positive for lymphocytic n-alkaline phosphatase activity, and to release a b-cell-tropic herpesvirus. this herpesvirus, termed herpesvirus pongo, had 30--40% dna homology with ebv and was present at 2-3 genome copies per cp-81 cell. gibbon lymphocytes transformed by h. pongo, epstein-barr virus (ebv), and h. papio (of baboon, papio hamadryas, origin) were found ...1978208990
antibody responses to herpesvirus papio antigens in baboons with epstein-barr virus-related herpesvirus, termed herpesvirus papio (hvp), was isolated from baboons (papio hamadryas) at the institute of experimental pathology and therapy, sukhumi, ussr, where there is a continuing outbreak of lymphoma. in the present study sera from diseased baboons and from age- and sex-matched control animals were examined for antibodies to hvp antigens. results showed that animals with lymphoid disease had antibodies to hvp virus capsid, early, soluble, and nuclear antige ...1979216640
intracortical horizontal connections of neurons in cat and monkey motor cortex.the present paper deals with the study of the structure of horizontal neuron chains, one of the aspects of intracortical intraneuronal relationships. the motor cortex (field 4) of cats and lower monkeys (papio hamadryas and macacus rhesus s. m. mullata) was treated by the impregnating method of golgi--kopsh. the drawings of neurons from 90-micrometer sections were made by means of a camera lucida. three possible pathways of impulse transmission along neuron chains in a horizontal direction were ...1978216813
identification of the soluble hvp-associated antigen of the lymphoblastoid cell line established from lymphomatous baboon (papio hamadryas).a new technique (indirect double immunodiffusion) for detection of ebv-associated soluble antigen and corresponding antibodies has been developed. this technique includes three steps: 1) simple double immunodiffusion with extracts of raji cells (or other ebv-genome positive cells) and human sera containing antibodies against ebv-associated soluble antigen; 2) extensive washing and treatment with anti-human globulin; 3) extensive washing and treatment with tannic acid. using this test it was show ...1978219644
prevalence of antibodies to soluble antigen of epstein-barr virus-producing cells (p3hr-1) in the sera of hamadryas baboons of the high lymphoma incidence stock.soluble antigen of p3hr-1 cells (sa-p3hr-1) was identified in indirect double immunodiffusion enhanced with tannic acid using serum of a nasopharyngeal carcinoma patient containing high-titer antibodies to epstein-barr virus (ebv) antigens. sa-p3hr-1 was nonidentical to soluble antigen of raji cells. human and baboon sera containing antibodies to all the known antigen of ebv and hvp respectively were anti-sa-3hr-1-positive. human and baboon sera containing antibodies to all the known antigens of ...1979231520
[identification of mycoplasmas isolated from monkeys].the authors identified 15 strains of mycoplasmae isolated from papio hamadryas suffering from leukemia and from healthy macacus rhesus, a green monkey and saimiri. a study was made of their biochemical properties, antigenic properties in the reaction of growth depression with immune sera to a number of standard strains, and also the protein composition by electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel (epag). a number of mycoplasmae were identified as a. laidlawii, m. arthritidis--campo and m. cynomolgus ...1975235821
[characteristics of the ovarianc cycle in the baboon (papio hamadryas)].the dynamics of estradiol, estrone, 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone, progesterone and 20 alpha-dihydroprogesterone were investigated in the blood plasma of the pavian (papio, hamadryas) with regard to the menstrual cycle and in comparison with the human. furthermore results were presented about the basal temperature, the fern phenomenon and the development of the sex-skin in the pavian.1978349964
[microscopic structure of the mesenteric lymph nodes of monkeys].the structure and cytoarchitectonics of mesenterial lymph nodes were studied in thin histological sections by different methods. under study were 5 rhesus monkeys and 3 hamadryas baboons. the square surface of different structural elements of the nodes (the cortical and medullary substances, follicles, the connective tissue framework, sinuses) occupied by them in sections was calculated and the amount of cellular elements was determined (%). comparison of the data obtained in rhesus monkeys and ...1977404995
[cytological structure of the thymus gland in mature monkeys].histological sections of the thymus were studied morphometrically in 5 rhesus monkeys and 3 hamadryas baboons. the ratio of square surfaces of the cortical and cerebral substance, the percentage of hassall's corpuscles and cellular elements (lymphocytes, stromal elements, blasts etc.) were established in the organ. individual and species peculiarities of the structure of thymus elements were found. less amount of parenchyma and growth of the stroma in baboons and a greater mitotic complex in rhe ...1977405958
[comparative characteristics of corticosteroid metabolism in lower simians and man].corticosteroid metabolism has been investigated in macaca mulatta, papio hamadryas, cercopithecus aethiops, erithrocebus patas and man. similar character of corticosteroid metabolism in monkeys and man was found. significant interspecific differences with respect to quatitative and qualitative parameters of the metabolism of steroid hormones were found. in this respect m. mulatta and p. hamadryas are most similar to man as compared with other monkeys. these two species may be used as an adequate ...1977409003
[duration and intensity of postvaccinal immunity to plague in experimental animals].experiments were conducted on guinea pigs and papio hamadryas; it was shown that a reduction of the intensity of postvaccinal immunity occurred at various periods after a single vaccination. in inhalation method of immunization in guinea pigs it decreased in 6 months 135 times, in monkeys in one year--133 times. however, at the mentioned periods vaccination provided protection of 50% of the animals from infection with past. pestis in a dose constitutin 20 to 25 aerosol ld50 for nonimmunized anim ...1977409008
the chromosomal location of rdna in selected lower primates.hybridization in stiu was used to identify the chromosomes that carry rdna in representative lower primates, including the baboons, papio cynocephalus and papio hamadryas; the colobus monkey, colobus polykomos; the tree shrew, tupaia glis; the lemur, lemur fulvis; the saki, pithecia pithecia; the marmoset, saguinus nigricollis, and the spider monkey, ateles geoffroyi. the marker chromosome, common to the cercopithecines studied to date, carries the rdna in the baboons. another marker chromosome ...1977414888
[frequency of radiation-induced exchanges in easily identifiable monkey chromosomes].frequency of asymmetric exchanges of readily identifiable chromosomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 ad 20 was studied in primary kidney cell cultures of monkeys. macaca mulatta and papio hamadryas irradiated with 200 r of x-rays at g0. the chromosomes studied enter asymmetric exchange in accordance with their lengths of mitosis. the frequency of exchanges is independent of the quantity of late-replicating heterochromation in chromosomes. the radiosensitivity of chromosomes was identical in the two monkey spe ...1979552663
[lung tissue alterations following experimental infection of mice with acholeplasmae isolated from simians with hematosarcoma].this paper is devoted to the study of pathogenic acholeplasmae potencies. two strains of acholeplasmae isolated from the blood and organs of papio hamadryas suffering from hemoblastosis and a standard ach. laidlawii a. strain were subjected to the comparative study with the use of a "pulmonary model" in experiments on mice. morphological investigations showed affections of the pulmonary tissue characterized by stage-by-stage inflammatory-destructive changes analogous to the lesions found in "myc ...1978665035
chemotherapy of helminthiasis among wild mammals. iv. efficacy of flubendazole 5% (r17889) against trichuris trichiura infection of baboons, papio hamadryas l.flubendazole 5%, a parafluor analog of benzimidazole derivative, mebendazole, was found efficient in eliminating trichuris trichiura infection of baboons when administered orally at a dose rate of 27 to 50 mg of the active ingredient per kg body weight twice daily for five days. the drug was found safe, without toxic effects and its palatability was excellent.1978754549
possible ways viral leukemia spreads among the hamadryas baboons of the sukhumi monkey colony.leukemia virus transmission was studied during an outbreak of leukemia among the baboons of the sukhumi monkey colony. first, the possibility of "vertical" transmission of the virus was examined, as the papio stock in sukhumi was genetically homogeneous. "vertical" transmission of the virus from a common ancestor seems unlikely, since cases of leukemia were registered in animals descending from different families. however, there were cases of innate leukemia, when babies born from leukemic paren ...1975809037
hematologic, biochemical, and physiologic indices of the sacred baboon (papio hamadryas).hematologic, biochemical, and physiologic indices for a recently imported group of sacred baboons, papio hamadryas, were studied over a 6-week period. hematologic values were in agreement with results recorded for other species of baboons. blood biochemical data were consistent with findings previously reported for other baboons and for man except that alkaline phosphatase levels were higher than previously for other baboons but similar to those reported for man; lactic dehydrogenase levels were ...1977857092
high salt intake and blood pressure in lower primates (papio hamadryas).one year of increased salt intake in monkeys elevates mean blood pressure significantly. this effect is more marked in animals exposed just after birth. in animals exposed as adults, the response in males is more pronounced than in females, mainly due to a marked increase of pulse pressure. th hypertensive response was potentiated by reduction of renal mass, which caused gfr values (in terms of body weight) to decrease compared with intact salt-fed animals, in which gfr values were elevated abov ...1976931881
[preparation and comparative evaluation of experimental anthrax diagnostic sera in experiments on animals].the authors present the results of studies on obtaining and comparative assessment of experimental anthrax diagnostic sera in experiments on various animals. donkeys, sheep, horses, rabbits and monkeys (papio hamadryas) were immunized with the sti-i vaccine by a single scheme. the activity of the obtained sera was tested in the diffuse precipitation reaction by the amount of the detected antibodies and the titre. the most active sera were obtained from donkeys and sheep: their titre was 5.5 and ...19751124613
[functional dimorphism in satellite chromosomes in hamadryas baboons].dimorphism of satellite chromosomes observed in bone marrow of female as well as male papio hamadryas, and in continuous cultures of the monkey haemopoetic cells is described. most frequently the observed dimorphism is expressed in different lengths of satellite arms. the structural dimorphism of satellite chromosomes seen in macaca, papio and other genera may seem to originate from different degrees of functional activity of these chromosomes. the active homologue is longer since its satellite ...19751162740
the characterization of polar corticosteroids in the urine of the macaque monkey (macaca fascicularis) and the baboon (papio hamadryas).computerised gas chromatography-mass spectrometry was employed in the identification of polar corticosteroid metabolites excreted in the urine from the macaque monkey (macaca fascicularis) and the baboon (papio hamadryas). the following steroids were identified in significant amounts in the urine from both species: 3alpha,17alpha,20alpha, 21-tetrahydroxy-5beta-pregnan-11-one; 3alpha,17alpha,20beta,21-tetrahydroxy-5beta-pregnan-11-one; 5beta-pregnane-3alpha,11beta,17alpha,20alpha,21-pentol; 5beta ...19751173507
[effects of chronic surfagon administration on secretion of luteinizing hormone and morphofunctional state of the testes in papio hamadryas].the paper is concerned with the results of a study of the effects of chronic (12 weeks) subcutaneous infusion of surfagon (d-ala6, des-gly10-ethylamide of lh-rh, a daily dose of 3 micrograms/kg of body mass) using osmotic mini-pumps on hormonal function of the hypophyseogonadal system, spermatogenesis and testicular histology in experiments on papio hamadryas. prolonged infusion of surfagon through short-term transient activation of the hypophyseogonadal system was shown to cause inhibition of t ...19921308599
detection and characterization of t-cell leukemia virus-like proviral sequences in pbl and tissues of baboons by pcr.the "high lymphoma-prone" baboon stock (papio hamadryas) of the sukhumi primate center colony is characterized by a high prevalence of antibodies to the stlv-i/htlv-i type of retrovirus and a high manifestation of human atl-type (adult t-cell leukemia/lymphoma) malignancies (yakovleva et al., this symposium). this is in contrast to other primate colonies and wild monkeys, which have low seroprevalence and very few if any atl-type t-cell malignancies. to characterize the type of t-cell lymphoma r ...19921318468
[the comparative action of relanium and oxytocin on higher nervous activity in lower monkeys].effects of relanium and oxytocin on higher nervous activity was studied in four rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta) and two baboons (papio hamadryas). during observation of the animals in enclosure tranquilizing effect was seen only after relanium administration. under the same conditions oxytocin practically did not change the general behaviour pattern of monkeys. however, steady behavioural transformations were observed under the conditions of competitive food-procuring behaviour and during the op ...19921332292
[spontaneous and experimental hepatitis a in papio hamadryas].data on high susceptibility of papio hamadryas to hav are presented. for the first time, p. hamadryas were shown to be able to respond to both natural and experimental infection developing the features typical of hepatitis a: increased aminotransferase activity, virus shedding in feces, production of anti-hav igg and igm, histological liver lesions. an infection lingering for 3-4 months was observed, as well as a case of chronic experimental hepatitis a with relapse in 7 months of the disease. v ...19921335190
[stress-inducing behavioral changes and the functions of the neurohormonal systems in monkeys of different social ranks].as a result of intensive stressful stimuli hamadryas baboons developed, depending on their hierarchic status, depression-like states varying in severity. their development correlated with a drastic release of biogenic amines, activation of pituitary-adrenal system and inhibition of hormonal function of the gonads. it is shown that dominant and low-rank monkeys, in spite of the differences in their initial psychoemotional states and in the blood levels of mediators and hormones, demonstrated mark ...19921363277
baboon t cell lymphomas expressing the b cell-associated surface proteins cd40 and bgp95.papio hamadryas baboons in the sukhumi colony develop enzootic outbreaks of malignant lymphomas with an incidence of about 1.5% per year among adults of the high-risk stock. we investigated the surface phenotypes of cells from normal and lymphomatous animals using antibodies against human lymphocyte antigens. we found that more than 80% of the lymphomas that developed during the last 3 years were characterized histologically to be of the peripheral t cell type. generally, the lymphomatous cells ...19921383259
[relationship between functional activity of the adrenal glands and gonads in monkeys during puberty].testicular and adrenal cortex endocrine functions were simultaneously tested in pubertal baboons (papio hamadryas) during one year. concentrations of androgens (testosterone, 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone), corticosteroids (cortisol, progesterone, 17-hydroxyprogesterone, 17-hydroxypregnenolone) and aldosterone were determined in blood of the experimental monkeys by radioimmunoassay. it was shown that with increasing androgen (testosterone and dihydrotestosterone) levels in ...19921421246
[the opsonizing activity of the sera of hamadryas baboons immunized with a preparation of the outer membranes of francisella tularensis (based on data from the luminol-dependent luminescence method)].the opsonizing properties of sera obtained from hamadryas baboons immunized with the preparation of f. tularensis outer membranes (om) were studied with the use of luminol-dependent chemiluminescence (cl) of whole blood. the immunization of monkeys with the om preparation was shown to lead to the formation of functionally active antibodies possessing opsonizing properties with respect to virulent f. tularensis. immune sera obtained from the animals immunized with live vaccine and from those immu ...19921496878
a comparative study of natural killer cell activity, lymphoproliferation, and cell phenotypes in nonhuman primates.three different species of nonhuman primates (baboons [papio hamadryas], rhesus monkeys [macaca mulatta], and african green monkeys [cercopithecus aethiops]) were evaluated for their natural killer cell activity, and for the ability of their peripheral blood mononuclear cells to proliferate in response to known mitogens (concanavalin a, phytohemagglutinin, and pokeweed mitogen) and to react with a panel of mouse monoclonal antibodies directed against human leukocyte surface antigens. rhesus monk ...19921557864
[effect of corticoliberin and naloxone on the functional activity of the hypophyseal-gonadal system in monkeys].experiments were staged on male papio hamadryas for a study of crf and naloxone action on the time course of lh and testosterone in peripheral blood. lh was determined by a biological micromethod in vitro; acth, cortisol and testosterone were determined by radioimmunoassays. exogenous crf was shown to increase inhibitory action of acute "procedure" stress (frequent fixation of monkeys and venipuncture for taking blood samples) of the secretion of lh but not testosterone. opioid preceptor blockad ...19911658776
immunohistochemical study on the localization of the epitope defined by a human saliva-specific mouse monoclonal antibody (p4-5c).a novel mouse monoclonal antibody (p4-5c) has been developed which recognizes the core portion of the protein carrying abo(h) blood group antigens in human saliva. this proved to be specific for human saliva using immunochemical investigations such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, ouchterlony method and counter-immunoelectrophoresis. by light and electron microscope studies with immunohistochemical techniques using this human saliva-specific p4-5c as primary antibody, it was shown that p4-5 ...19911716968
microscopic anatomy of the baboon (papio hamadryas) adrenal medulla.adrenal medullas of 2 baboons perfused with formaldehyde/glutaraldehyde and tannic acid were studied by light and electron microscopy. tissues were postfixed in oso4. this procedure allows identification of noradrenaline cells on the basis of a selective reaction of glutaraldehyde with noradrenaline vesicles. as positive control for noradrenaline cells, similarly treated mouse adrenal medullas were also examined. light microscopic examination of thick sections of baboon medullas did not show nor ...19911810929
[the use of microdot immunoenzyme analysis with visual detection for the determination of tularemia antibodies].the possibility of using the micropoint enzyme immunoassay (eia) on a nitrocellulose membrane with the visual evaluation of results for the detection of tularemia igg antibodies in hamadryas baboons at the postvaccinal period has been studied. the sensitivity of this assay has been compared with that of the passive hemagglutination (pha) test, the microagglutination (ma) test and eia with the spectrophotometric evaluation of results in plates. as shown in this study, eia in the above-mentioned m ...19911872100
[experimental lassa fever in hamadryas baboons].intramuscular or aerogenic inoculation of baboons with lassa virus reproduced a severe form of the disease which clinically, pathoanatomically and virologically resembles the severe form of human lassa fever reported in the literature. the severity of monkey infection is demonstrated by rapid development of symptoms of general toxicity in the presence of fever, manifestations of hemorrhagic diathesis, high level of viremia and isolation of the causative agent from nasopharyngeal washings.19911882523
[the characteristics of the antibody response of animals immunized with components of the surface structures of francisella tularensis].antibody formation in animals immunized with one of the components of f. tularensis surface structures was studied. the time course of antibody formation in 20 hamadryas baboons was studied in the passive hemagglutination (pha) test, microagglutination (ma) test, and indirect enzyme immunoassay, used for the determination of igg, iga and igm antibodies. the character of antibody response in the animals immunized with components of f. tularensis surface structures (s-complex) and with live tulare ...19911950288
[comparative analysis of genomes of oncogenic b-lymphotropic herpesviruses reproducing in cell lines obtained from different monkey species].the aim of this work was to study genomes of b-lymphotropic oncogenic herpesviruses of macaca arctoides (hvma), papio hamadryas (hvp) and cercopithecus aethiops (hvgm). blot-hybridization detected inter- and intraspecific genome heterogeneity of investigated viruses in restriction sites ecor1, pst1 and hind111. virus-specific sequences in two-cell lines obtained from hvma-induced rabbit tumours can prove hvma a role in malignant tumour induction in rabbits.19901964615
infectivity of trypanosoma (trypanozoon) brucei gambiense for baboons (papio hamadryas, papio papio).in order to study sensitivity or resistance of t.b. gambiense to baboon serum, two species of baboons, p. hamadryas and p. papio were inoculated with t.b. gambiense clone litat 1.1. both species were receptive to infection but, parasitological and immunological parameters showed that p. papio was more trypanotolerant than p. hamadryas. the vat-specific trypanolysis test and the elisa, using moab for circulating antigen detection may be appropriate for the diagnosis of human trypanosomiasis due t ...19912042999
[the postvaccinal reaction in hamadryas baboons to the administration of attenuated strain 15 of the venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus].immunization of papio hamadryas with attenuated vee virus (strain 15) causes seroconversion in 100% of animals. postvaccinal reaction such as viremia and short-lasting fever occurs in response to the injection of 10(3) imd50 in about 30% of animals. cns lesion symptoms characterizing infection of papio hamadryas with natural trinidad strain do not occur in response to injection with attenuated strain.19912054507
production of baboon (papio hamadryas) monoclonal antibodies by herpesvirus papio immortalized baboon lymph node cells.baboon monoclonal antibodies specific for monomorphic determinants of baboon apolipoprotein b were produced from in vivo primed lymph node cells immortalized by herpesvirus papio (hvp). two cell lines from the immortalized cells were readily stabilized and grew rapidly. since epstein-barr virus (ebv) cannot be used to immortalize baboon or macaque cells, hvp expands the potential sources of monoclonal antibodies to include baboons, and is the immortalizing agent of choice for macaques as well.19902303734
highly polymorphic apolipoprotein a-iv locus in the baboon.apolipoprotein a-iv is found in mesenteric lymph chylomicrons, very low density lipoprotein particles, high density lipoprotein particles, and in the lipoprotein-free fraction of plasma. apolipoprotein a-iv is polymorphic in a variety of species including human, dog, and horse. efforts to estimate the impact of apolipoprotein a-iv structural variation on quantitative lipid levels in humans have been limited by the low frequency of the less common alleles. in the baboon, papio hamadryas anubis, w ...19902313197
antigenic properties of human and animal bloodstains studied by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) using various antisera against specific plasma proteins.antigenic properties of bloodstains of human and non-human primates as well as other animal bloodstains were investigated by the inhibition elisa using commercially available anti-human albumin (alb), alpha 2-macroglobulin (alpha 2-m), fibrinogen, transferrin, and immunoglobulin g. in general, chimpanzee bloodstains showed strong cross-reactions with these antisera, and the extent of the cross-reactions of other animal bloodstains decreased largely with the phylogenic order, i.e., agile gibbon ( ...19872448970
[the function of the hypophyseo-gonadal system in hamadryas baboons during the tonic infusion of a luliberin agonist--buserelin].the authors presented the results of a study of hormonal function of the hypophyseal-gonadal system in papio hamadryas males subjected to continuous infusion of buzereline (lh-rh agonist) at a daily dose of 3 micrograms/kg of body mass for 4-6 weeks with the help of subcutaneously implanted osmotic mini-pumps. a two-phasic response of the system to the drug was established. activation of the secretion of hypophyseal gonadotrophins and testicular androgens in the first days of buzereline infusion ...19892511570
disappearance of dextran 70,000 from plasma of hamadryas baboons.evans blue (eb), [131i]human albumin and [14c]dextran 70,000 were injected into three water repleted and water depleted hamadryas baboons, in order to evaluate the permeability of their capillary bed under these conditions. the rate of disappearance of dextran from the plasma is significantly higher than that of the other markers, despite its relatively high molecular weight. half-life values of eb and albumin in water depleted baboons were significantly higher than values in water repleted anim ...19852579765
renal function of baboons (papio hamadryas) with a remnant kidney, and impact of different protein assess progression of renal disease and the effects of protein intake in a species phylogenically close to man, 10 young adult baboons (papio hamadryas) were subjected to 20 to 30% infarction of the left kidney and, two months later, to right nephrectomy. they were then randomized to a synthetic diet containing either 8% or 25% protein. hemodynamic and metabolic measurements were obtained in awake animals every four months. baseline mean blood pressure, inulin clearance, protein and urea nitr ...19892636678
markers of htlv-i-related virus in hamadryas baboon lymphoma. 19872832275
[the immune structure and specific laboratory indices of acute hepatitis a in lower monkeys of the sukhumi nursery].the study of the rate of occurrence of hepatitis a (ha) markers among monkeys, both newly arriving and those born and living for long periods (aboriginals) in the sukhumi farm, was carried out. the rate of detection of antibody to hav (anti-hav) was shown to vary from 47% (papio hamadryas) to 100% (macaca arctoides and macaca fascicularis). the level of infection with hav varied among different groups of the same species: macaca rhesus from 30% to 96%, papio hamadryas from 0 to 82%. during a lon ...19882854676
a field study of infection with human t-cell leukemia virus among african primates.african non-human primates were surveyed seroepidemiologically for natural infection of human t-cell leukemia virus type i (atlv/htlv-i) or its closely related virus(es). materials from three genera (cercopithecus, papio, and theropithecus), four species (grivet monkey, anubis baboon, hamadryas baboon, and gelada), totalling 983 animals under natural conditions, were obtained in a field study in ethiopia. virus infection was determined by the indirect immunofluorescence test using htlv-i specifi ...19862873501
[effect of immobilization stress on the gonadotropic function of the hypophysis in male hamadryas baboons (papio hamadryas)].the plasma levels of luteinizing hormone (lh) and testosterone were studied in intact and castrated male baboons exposed to 2- and 10-hour periods of immobilization. presented data have shown that immobilization stress induced a marked decrease in lh concentration both in intact and castrated monkeys. changes in lh concentration positively correlated with plasma levels of testosterone only during the experimental procedures. during three days after immobilization there was a sharp dissociation i ...19892923985
renal effects of atrial natriuretic factor in primate.baboons (papio hamadryas) were infused intravenously with a nonhypotensive dose (0.1 microgram x min-1 x kg-1) of synthetic human atriopeptin iii (anf) for 60 min. throughout the infusion in intact animals, anf significantly increased glomerular filtration rate (gfr) (clearance of inulin) (p less than 0.001), and, to a lesser extent, total renal plasma flow (rpf) [clearance of p-aminohippurate (pah)] (p less than 0.02) and filtration fraction (p less than 0.02). concomitant increases in urinary ...19862947474
seroepizootiology of the herpesvirus papio (hvp) infection in healthy baboons (papio hamadryas) of high- and low-lymphoma risk populations.seroepizootiology of herpesvirus papio (hvp) infection was studied in three groups of healthy hamadryas baboons (papio hamadryas): the main sukhumi (high-lymphoma) stock, forest sukhumi (lymphoma-free) stock and newly imported wild animals. the prevalence to hvp infection, as judged by anti-vca-hvp positivity, was approximately the same in both sukhumi stocks (86% and 90% respectively) and it was significantly lower in the pooled group of newly imported baboons. it is interesting that prevalence ...19852988993
antibodies reacting with human t-lymphotropic retrovirus (htlv-i) or related antigens in lymphomatous and healthy hamadryas baboons.the sera of lymphomatous and healthy hamadryas baboons of the main, lymphoma-prone sukhumi stock were tested for antibodies reacting with htlv-i antigens in the indirect immunofluorescence test. antibodies of this specificity were found in all but one of 58 lymphomatous baboons and in 45% of 177 healthy ones. the prevalence of htlv-i reactive antibodies in lymphoma-free baboon populations (including 118 sukhumi "forest" stock animals and 195 baboons imported in 3 groups from ethiopia) was consis ...19852997045
[the effect of opiate receptor ligands on emotional cardiovascular reactions in lower primates].intravenous naloxone injection (0.1 mg/kg) facilitated blood pressure increase in response to conditioned sound stimulus followed by electrocutaneous shock in conscious chair-restrained baboons (papio hamadryas). naloxone at a dose of 1.0 mg/kg had an opposite effect and led to the decrease in blood pressure and heart rate in conditioned fear reflex. naloxone microinjections (50 microm) into the periventricular hypothalamus led to a significant diminution of blood pressure and heart rate increme ...19873032302
[development of the hormonal reaction to stress in the ontogenesis of the baboon papio hamadryas].the hormonal reaction of adrenal and gonadal glands of baboons at various ages was studied under 2 hr immobilization stress condition. concentrations of cortisol, 11-deoxycortisol, 17-hydroxypregnenolone, dehydroepiandrosterone and testosterone were determined by radioimmunoassay in the monkey blood plasma at different times during the stress reaction. a more pronounced reaction of adrenal cortex was shown in 1 year old baboons. the peak of cortisol level in immature monkeys under stress conditi ...19873039434
differences of superoxide production in blood leukocytes stimulated with thymol between human and non-human primates.thymol induced superoxide production (o2-) by blood leukocytes was examined in various primates including man. leukocytes of chimpanzee and hamadryas baboon cells showed only 35% of the maximal o2- production rate obtained in human cells, and those of the japanese monkey and orang-utan failed to respond. in contrast, when cells were stimulated with 12-o-tetradecanoyl phorbol acetate, no significant difference in the o2- production rate was observed between human and monkey cells except for chimp ...19873041150
[quantitative evaluation of a population of immunocompetent cells having a receptor for the anthrax protective antigen].studies of the number of immunocompetent cells with receptors to anthrax protective antigen in the blood of hamadryas baboons infected with bacillus anthracis carried out by the rosette-formation technique have shown a statistically significant increase in the number of these cells in the animals as early as 12 hrs after their infection.19873107286
hepatocystis in populations of baboons (papio hamadryas s.l.) of tanzania and ethiopia.bloodsmears from 119 yellow baboons (papio hamadryas cynocephalus) in six groups in mikumi national park, tanzania, and from 189 olive (p.h. anubis) hamadryas (p.h. hamadryas) and hybrid baboons in three groups in awash national park, ethiopia showed differing levels of infection with hepatocystis simiae. 0% to 42% in the tanzanian groups were carriers of the parasite but none of the ethiopian baboons was positive. the remarkable absence of h. simiae in the ethiopian baboons is believed to be re ...19883184165
case of disseminated african histoplasmosis in a adult red baboon (papio cynocephalus papio) had a severe disseminated case of african histoplasmosis (histoplasma capsulatum var. duboisii) with skin lesions from small pustules to ulcerative granulomas. osteolytic lesions were seen radiographically. treatment with ketoconazole for 6 months was unsuccessful.19883184166
zoonotic parasite infections of the arabian sacred baboon papio hamadryas arabicus thomas in asir province, saudi arabia.evidence of zoonotic parasite infection was recorded in the faeces of the arabian sacred baboon in human populated residential and non-residential areas in asir, southwestern saudi arabia. cysts of giardia intestinalis and entamoeba histolytica, and ova of hymenolepis nana, enterobius vermicularis, ascaris sp., trichuris sp., and a hookworm were encountered in 45 (about 39%) of 115 faecal samples examined. a higher rate of infection was observed in the residential areas. most of the parasites re ...19883232917
[circadian organization of hormonal function of the hypophyseo-ovarian system (experimental study of papio hamadryas monkeys)]. 19883239687
immunogenetic studies of maternal-fetal relationships: a review: why newborn rhesus monkeys don't get hemolytic disease.the discovery of the rh blood group factor in humans was made using the red blood cells of rhesus monkeys. because of its importance to human medicine and immunogenetics, this finding contributed greatly to the appreciation of the importance of nonhuman primates in research. it is now widely recognized that blood group incompatibility between mother and fetus can lead to differential fertility, fetal death, and hemolytic disease of the newborn (hdn). the blood group systems of several nonhuman p ...19873333354
hematocrits of free-ranging baboons: variation within and among populations.hematocrits among free-ranging baboons (papio hamadryas subsp.), from awash in ethiopia and mikumi in tanzania, varied by region, sex, age, and season of collection. tanzanian animals had higher mean values than ethiopian, and hematocrits were higher in the dry season. we discuss the comparability of field and laboratory data and possible reasons for the observed variation.19873430564
gene assignments and syntenic groups in the sacred baboon (papio hamadryas).eighteen genes were assigned to chromosomes in the sacred baboon, papio hamadryas, by their concordant segregation with the chromosomes in a set of baboon x chinese hamster somatic cell hybrids. acy1 was assigned to p. hamadryas chromosome 2 (pha 2); sod1 and mdh2 to pha 3; me1 and sod2 to pha 4; np, mpi, pkm2, and hexa to pha 7; pp to pha 9; ada and itpa to pha 10; ldhb and tpi1 to pha 11; mdh1 to pha 13; esd to pha 17; and gpi and pepd to pha 20. regional assignments were possible for acy1 (ph ...19873471391
genetics of primate lymphomas in a baboon (papio hamadryas) colony of sukhumi, ussr.a lymphoma outbreak occurred at the sukhumi center in the late 1960's, when 12 baboons were inoculated with blood from human leukemia patients. out of a total of 3219 animals, 218 contracted lymphoma and died. this outbreak appears to be primarily horizontal in transmission. genetic investigations reveal that: (1) inbreeding does not increase risk of lymphoma; (2) there is a weak association between the pgm2 locus and lymphoma; (3) based upon path analysis, there is evidence of a significant tra ...19873505887
search for cea-like molecules in polymorphonuclear leukocytes of non-human primates using monoclonal antibodies.the monoclonal anti-cea antibody zik-a42-a/c1 which reacts with nca of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes was found to bind also to polymorphonuclear blood leukocytes of the following non-human primates tested: hamadryas baboon (papio hamadryas), stump-tailed monkey (macaca arctoides), pig-tailed monkey (macaca nemestrina), and rhesus monkey (macaca mulata). no binding was observed to mononuclear blood leukocytes. it was concluded that non-human primates contain cea-like substances in their poly ...19863518651
[effect of luliberin on the secretion of luteinizing hormone as a function of the phase of menstrual cycle in intact and castrated female papio hamadryas].a comparative study of the lh time course in response to the administration of a standard dose of lh/rf was conducted in intact and castrated female papio hamadryas to find out the relationship between hypophyseal sensitivity to lh/rf action and the level of sex steroid hormones in the peripheral blood. a bioradioimmunoassay adapted for the monkey plasma was employed to measure the level of biologically active lh in the peripheral blood plasma. a stimulating effect of lh/rf on the hypophyseal lh ...19863543924
[dental enamel prisms of mesopithecus pentelicus wagner, 1839, compared with recent cercopithecids (primates: cercopithecidae)].the dental enamel prisms of cercopithecidae were examined by scanning electron microscopy. the main task of this study was to show the prism morphology representatives of different genera as well as their comparison with the fossil mesopithecus pentelicus wagner, 1839. the method used to show the enamel prisms was to etch the tooth surface with hydrochloric acid. in this way the outlines of the prisms were better contrasted for the descriptive morphology of the prisms than in etching with phosph ...19863557226
baboon (papio hamadryas) visual preferences for regions of the face.preferences for regions of the face were examined in four members of a hamadryas baboon (papio hamadryas) group. subjects were presented a series of photographic slides displaying various facial regions and combinations of regions of the dominant male in the group with the use of the method of paired comparison. an apparatus consisting of a two-slide screen/two-push-button arrangement permitted the baboons to control slide selection and viewing duration. both duration and frequency of slide acti ...19873691058
[effect of stress-inducing factors on monkey behavior. ii. hormonal indices and their relation to behavior in the modelling of emotional stress in hamadryas baboons].the behavioural and hormonal indexes of adult males papio hamadryas have been examined under condition of immobilized stress. the intercommunication between the hormonal status of the individual and its position in the hierarchical structure of the group is marked. the leader of the group possesses the mostly constant hormonal content during the different periods of the stress. the equal speed of reconstruction of hormonal concentration and behavioural indexes has been found. the different types ...19863697427
[chief patterns in the reproduction of papio hamadryas at the sukhumi monkey nursery]. 19863705729
[development of the endocrine function of the adrenals and gonads of papio hamadryas in postnatal ontogeny].the hormonal functions of suprarenal glands and gonads were studied in the sacred baboon males and females during different periods of postnatal development. this in view, the content of cortisol, 11-deoxycortisol, pregnenolone, progesterone, 17-oxypregnenolone, 17-oxyprogesterone, 20 alpha-dihydroprogesterone, estrone and estradiol was determined using the radioimmunoassay. the early activation of secretion of the suprarenal androgens, characteristic of the man, is absent during the sexual matu ...19863725295
[electric conductivity of the skin in humans and monkeys].the topographic and functional correlation of acupuncture skin zones on the limbs of humans (99 healthy subjects) and monkeys (64 adult hamadryas baboons and rhesus-monkeys) was compared by measuring the electric conductivity of the skin (ecs). the profile of the ecs was found to be an informative and sensitive integrated indicator of the functional state of the body and of the autonomic nervous system. the parameter ecs showed seasonal variations and relief differences with respect to the two p ...19863736009
[arterial vascularization of the sino-atrial and atrio-ventricular nodes and frequency of coronary artery branches in papio erxleben, 1777].the arterial blood supply to the sino-atrial (s-a) and atrio-ventricular (a-v) nodes was studied in 63 baboon hearts (papio cynocephalus and papio hamadryas). the arterial coronary injection was made with latex neoprene (23 hearts), a latex and lead oxide mixture (30 hearts) and polyester resin (10 hearts) for dissection, radiographic and corrosion cast studies, respectively. the s-a artery is a long recurrent left coronary branch (92.1%) or an ascendant less long right coronary branch (7.9%). t ...19863744187
[effect of stressor factors on the behavior of monkeys. iii. the behavior of rhesus macaques during immobilization stress].the three-hour immobilizational stress in two groups of males of rhesus monkeys at the age of 7-8 and 10-12 years has been investigated. the reaction on the stress has been established to depend on the age of animals. the young males bear the stress easier, their behaviour after it is practically normal. the normal behaviour of the elder animals restores during 24 hours after immobilization. a comparative analysis of hamadryas baboons and rhesus monkeys behaviour during this type of stress has b ...19863756251
use of keyed character string data structures and operators in models of primate groups.many primate populations exhibit forms of organization that are both complex and highly dynamic. a prototype of a general purpose primate population computer modelling system has been developed; this modelling system provides data structures and operators that facilitate computer representation of many static and dynamic features of primate population organization. in this system, primate group structures are represented by text strings known as key strings. a key string begins with a label or k ...19853840219
radioimmunoassay of luteinizing hormone in the baboon (papio hamadryas).a heterologous radioimmunoassay (ria) for luteinizing hormone (lh) consisting of a cynomolgus lh tracer and an antiserum raised against human chorionic gonadotropin (cynlh:anti-hcg) fulfilled the recognized criteria of reliability when applied to baboon (papio hamadryas) plasma and pituitary extracts obtained in different endocrine conditions. this ria is 5.5 times more sensitive than the ovine (olh:anti-olh) system, yields estimates of baboon lh (blh) fairly close to those obtained by in vitro ...19853892010
[the biological characteristics of coagulase-positive staphylococci isolated from hamadryas baboons]. 19853916956
[structure of the spleen of papio hamadryas during ontogenesis].by means of morphometrical and histochemical methods serial topographic sections of the spleen have been studied in 23 papio hamadryas of five age groups: fetuses, newborns, 1.5-2 years of age, mature and old animals. the peculiarities of morphogenesis and age histology of the monkey spleen have been followed and their similarity with changes of the organ in the human ontogenesis has been compared. owing to the analysis of the structural components and the cellular composition relations, it is p ...19854015418
[comparative characteristics of the adrenal and gonadal functions in human beings and hamadryas baboons with hemoblastosis].adrenal and gonad steroid hormones were investigated in the peripheral blood plasma of human beings and hamadryas baboons (papio hamadryas) with hemoblastosis. the similar hormonal dysfunction of adrenal glands and gonads was found in human beings and monkeys. the dehydroepiandrosterone level was found to decrease significantly, while the cortisol level increased markedly. changes in the androgen level were sex-dependent. the testosterone and 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone levels were found to decr ...19854017931
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