evidence that cortical granule formation is a periovulatory event in marsupials.formation of cortical granules was examined in superovulated oocytes from three marsupial species, brushtail possums (trichosurus vulpecula) tammar wallabies (macropus eugeniii) and grey short-tailed opossums (monodelphis domestica) and in oocytes obtained during natural cycles in macropus eugenii. superovulation was induced by pregnant mares' serum gonadotrophin/gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (pmsg/gnrh) protocols and natural ovulation by removal of pouch young. oocytes were collected after ov ...19921404089
uterine oxytocin receptors in an australian marsupial, the brushtail possum, trichosurus vulpecula.1. oxytocin receptors in the uterus of the brushtail possum (t. vulpecula) were characterized by radioreceptor assay and compared with those of the sheep and rat uterus. 2. a single oxytocin binding site was found with an affinity (kd) and receptor concentration (ro) of 3.0 +/- 0.8 nmol/l and 200 +/- 60 fmol/mg protein, respectively (sem; n = 5). the receptor was stable at -20 degrees c; divalent ions were required for optimum binding. 3. competitive displacement curves with related peptides sho ...19901968806
stability of the acrosome of the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula) and tammar wallaby (macropus eugenii) in vitro and after exposure to conditions and agents known to cause capacitation or acrosome reaction of eutherian spermatozoa.ejaculated spermatozoa from brush-tailed possums and tammar wallabies were washed by a 'swim up' procedure into hanks balanced salt solution (hbss), and then exposed to test solutions. spermatozoa were incubated at 33 degrees c, or room temperature when long-term sperm survival (greater than 10 h) was required. exposure of spermatozoa to calcium ionophore a23187, cyclic nucleotides, phosphoinositide pathway intermediates, lysophospholipids, trypsin or 'capacitating' high ionic-strength medium (3 ...19911847424
marsupial possum neurotensin: a unique mammalian regulatory peptide exhibiting structural homology to the avian analogue.neurotensin has been isolated from small intestinal extracts of an australian marsupial, the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula). the primary structure was determined as: pglu-leu-his-val-asn-lys-ala-arg-arg-val-tyr-ile-leu. when compared with bovine neurotensin, marsupial possum neurotensin exhibits four amino acid substitutions. his for tyr3, val for glu4 and ala for pro7 are identical with those found in chicken neurotensin. in addition, substitution of pro10 with val is unique among ...19911924896
angiotensin receptors in an australian marsupial, the brushtail possum trichosurus this study, the binding properties of angiotensin receptors were examined in the liver, adrenal, brain, and vascular tissue of the brushtail possum, trichosurus vulpecula. with 125i-ile5-angiotensin ii as the radioligand, the binding affinity (ka) and receptor number (r0) were estimated for the liver (ka = 3.60 +/- 0.31 liters/nmol; r0 = 23.8 +/- 1.30 pmol/g tissue; n = 8) and adrenal (ka = 1.68 +/- 0.29 liters/nmol; r0 = 1.67 +/- 0.23 pmol/g tissue; n = 8). specific binding was not found in ...19902295416
letter: isolation of leptospira hardjo from the opossum (trichosurus vulpecula). 19751060979
experimental gastroesophageal reflux in the australian brush-tailed has been suggested that the lower esophageal sphincter (les) plays an important role in preventing gastroesophageal reflux. this study was designed to determine if abolition of the les alone is sufficient to induce gastroesophageal reflux and esophagitis. studies were performed in the australian brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula) which has a lower esophagus resembling that of man. esophageal manometry, esophagoscopy, and contrast radiography of the lower esophagus and stomach were pe ...19751158080
letter: leptospirosis in the opossum (trichosurus vulpecula). 19751060978
metabolism and defluorination of fluoroacetate in the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula).the brush-tailed possum (t. vulpecula) from western australia was found to be nearly 150 times more resistant to fluoroacetate intoxication in vivo than the same species from south australia. acetone powder preparations from the liver of animals from both populations showed similar abilities to convert fluoroacetate into fluorocitrate. aconitate hydratase activity in liver preparations from both western australian and south australian animals was similarly and competitively inhibited by fluoroci ...1979485974
a sero-epidemiological study of leptospira interrogans serovar balcanica in four brush-tailed possum populations in victoria, australia.the microscopic agglutination (ma) test was utilised to study the prevalence of antibodies to leptospira interrogans serovar hardjo in 4 populations of brush-tailed possums (trichosurus vulpecula). the overall antibody prevalence varied from 14% to 66%; however, the age distribution of ma test titres was remarkably similar in all 4 populations. antibody prevalence was similar in both males and females and demonstrable antibodies were limited to sexually mature animals. the greater prevalence of ...1979485985
a serological survey of australian wildlife for antibodies to leptospires of the hebdomadis serogroup.a serological survey for antibodies to leptospira interrograns serovar hardjo was conducted on 574 serum samples from 10 native and 4 introduced wildlife species in south-eastern australia. the microscopic agglutination (ma) test was used, and titres to hardjo antigen were detected in 33.5% of 352 brushtailed possums (trichosurus vulpecula) sampled in several areas of victoria. prevalence of reactors ranged from 14 to 66% in 4 populations examined intensively. serovar balcanica was isolated from ...1979485984
morphological variation in the brain of the marsupial brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula.the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula, displays an unusual amount of phenotypic variation within its central nervous system. these variations are expressed in terms of gross brain morphology, as evidenced by the occurrence of both highly lissencephalic and gyrencephalic neocortices in apparently normal adult animals; by displacement and asymmetry of certain internal structures, notably within the ventral thalamic nuclei; and by the inconstant occurrence of at least one cell group within ...1978737529
a light-microscopic immunocytochemical study of the endocrine pancreas in the australian fat-tailed dunnart (sminthopsis crassicaudata).the endocrine pancreas of the australian fat-tailed dunnart (sminthopsis crassicaudata) was investigated by means of immunocytochemistry using the avidin-biotin-peroxidase technique. this was a light microscopic study using this established technique and has not been previously investigated. serial paraffin sections were stained individually with primary antibodies for anti-porcine glucagon, anti-beef pork insulin, anti-human somatostatin, and anti-avian pancreatic polypeptide (app), anti-bovine ...19921352914
immunolocalization of insulin, glucagon, pancreatic polypeptide, and somatostatin in the pancreatic islets of the possum, trichosurus vulpecula.antibodies to insulin, glucagon, pancreatic polypeptide (pp), and somatostatin were used in the immunofluorescence procedure to demonstrate localization of the four hormones in cells of the pancreatic islets of the brushtailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula. most pancreatic islets revealed some differences in the topographical distribution and cell number of each endocrine cell type. insulin immunoreactive cells were observed in most islets where they occurred as groups of cells peripherally and ...19862881838
the serologic and cultural prevalence of leptospira interrogans serovar balcanica in possums (trichosurus vulpecula) in new a serologic and cultural survey of 127 brush-tailed possums (trichosurus vulpecula) occupying pasture land in new zealand, leptospires of the hebdomadis serogroup were obtained from 48 (38%) of the animals sampled. eight isolates were identified by cross-absorption agglutin ation studies as being leptospira interrogans serovar balcanica. there was a marked age difference in prevalence with 41 positive cultures from 64 mature adults (64%) and no recoveries being made from juveniles. isolation ...1978691129
an immunohistochemical study of endocrine cells in the proximal duodenum of eight marsupial species.the proximal duodenum of eight marsupial species, (koala, common brushtail possum, ring-tailed possum, common wombat, great grey kangaroo, parma wallaby, short-nosed bandicoot and tiger cat) were investigated immunohistochemically using 12 specific antisera for gut hormones. several types of immunoreactive cells were seen on the intestinal villi and in crypts of these species: 9 types in the koala; 8 types in the common brushtail possum; 7 types in the common wombat; 6 types in the short-nosed b ...19902182587
geographic distribution of restriction types of mycobacterium bovis isolates from brush-tailed possums (trichosurus vulpecula) in new zealand.dna restriction endonuclease analysis was used for intra-specific typing of mycobacterium bovis isolates from 83 brush-tailed possums (trichosurus vulpecula) obtained between 1982 and 1984 from the three major regions in new zealand with endemic bovine tuberculosis. all the isolates were found to be genetically very similar. differentiation of the isolates into 33 restriction types was achieved by using high-resolution electrophoresis and the combined results from separate digestions with the re ...19863016075
a pmsg/gnrh method for the superovulation of the monovulatory brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula).optimal ovarian stimulation with minimal degenerative changes was achieved in brush-tailed possums 3 days after a subcutaneous injection of 10 i.u. pmsg. this treatment alone did not result in ovulation and only rarely in oocyte maturation. ovulation of 8-24 mature oocytes occurred when on the 3rd day after 10 i.u. pmsg the female received 3 intramuscular injections of 50 micrograms synthetic gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (gnrh) 90 min apart. superovulation was achieved in immature, cycling, p ...19883045309
induction of adrenocortical special zone in the male possum (trichosurus vulpecula).the induction of adrenocortical special zone (s.z.) by gonadotrophin administration was studied in male brush tailed possums. castrated males injected with porcine fsh (nih-fsh-p2) formed well developed s.z.s, varying in sizes from 5-20% of the gland's volume. pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (pmsg) was ineffective. from adrenal homogenates of fsh treated possums incubated with [3h]-progesterone the major conversion products were 5 beta-reduced steroid metabolites (72%) and cortisol (4%). the c ...19872881677
digesta retention and fibre digestion in brushtail possums, ringtail possums and rabbits.1. mean retention times (mrts) of fluid (marked with co-edta), fine particles (mordanted with yb) and large particles (mordanted with cr) were measured in brushtail possums (trichosurus vulpecula), ringtail possums (pseudocheirus peregrinus) and laboratory rabbits fed semipurified diets. 2. in brushtail possums there were no significant differences in mrt among the three digesta markers. 3. in ringtail possums mrts of the fluid and fine particle markers were approximately twice that of the large ...19901976477
vascular and avascular retinae in mammals. a funduscopic and fluorescein angiographic study.intraretinal blood vessels are present in some and absent in other vertebrate species, including the mammals. among the marsupials, both vascular and avascular retinae are seen. we determined the funduscopic appearance of the eye, investigated the functional aspects of ocular blood flow in both types of retina in marsupials and compared our results with known patterns in placental mammals. the australian polyprotodont marsupials, the tasmanian devil, sarcophilus harrisii, and the quoll, dasyurus ...19902375974
the morphology of relay neurons in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus of the marsupial brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula).the retinal terminal zones and the morphology of relay neurons within the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (lgnd) of the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula) have been investigated with horseradish peroxidase (hrp) tracing techniques. anterograde transport of hrp from the retina confirmed previous descriptions of the laminar distribution of retinal afferents in this nucleus. in addition, it was found that lamina iii consists of two adjacent bands (iiia and iiib) of contralateral retinal ...19853998209
barrels in somatic sensory neocortex of the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula (brush-tailed possum). 19724115094
a cyto-architectonic description of the thalamus of the tammar wallaby, macropus eugenii.very few studies are available on the cyto-architectural features of the thalamus of metatherian mammals. most of these studies describe the thalamus of a polyprotodont metatherian, the north american opossum, didelphis virginiana. studies on diprotodont metatherians are fewer still. there are two descriptions of the thalamus of the australian possum trichosurus vulpecula. the only part of the thalamus that has been described in the wallabies is the lateral geniculate nucleus. hence, there was a ...19892765853
the effects of changes in arterial plasma calcium concentration on submandibular secretory potentials.1. the concentration of ca in the arterial blood plasma perfusing submandibular glands of anaesthetized cats and possums (trichosurus vulpecula) was altered by constant-rate close arterial injection of isotonic cacl(2) or edta solutions.2. there were no significant changes in the resting potentials of surface acinar cells in either species when the arterial plasma ca concentration was altered over the range 0-30 mm.3. secretory potentials in response to parasympathetic stimuli and close arterial ...19734198392
biphasic retinal neurogenesis in the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula: further evidence for the mechanisms involved in formation of ganglion cell density gradients.we investigated cell generation in the retina of the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula) by using tritiated (3h)-thymidine labelling of newly generated cells. animals aged between postnatal day (p) 5 and 85 each received a single injection of 3h-thymidine. following autoradiographic processing, maps of labelled cells were constructed from retinal sections. retinal cell generation takes place in two phases, the first is concluding in the retinal periphery at p53 as the second is seen to c ...19921469115
immunocytochemical location of oxytocin and mesotocin within the hypothalamus of two australian marsupials, the bandicoot isoodon macrourus and the brushtail possum trichosurus vulpecula.the presence of oxytocin and mesotocin in the hypothalamus of two australian marsupials, the bandicoot (isoodon macrourus) and the brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula), was examined by immunocytochemistry. tissue was fixed in paraformaldehyde in phosphate buffer and immunoreactive cells were detected using highly specific rabbit antioxytocin and sheep anti-mesotocin as primary antisera. immunoreactive oxytocin cells were demonstrated in the paraventricular and supraoptic nuclei of bandicoot ...19892767413
the effects of trophic hormones on the adrenocortical secretion of the brushtail possum, trichosurus vulpecula. 19724344242
mapping human x-linked genes in the phalangerid marsupial trichosurus vulpecula.we mapped 15 human x-chromosome markers in the common brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula (kerr), which represents the australian marsupial family phalangeridae. in situ hybridization was used to localize highly conserved human x-linked genes to chromosomes of t. vulpecula diploid lines. ten genes located on the long arm of the human x (human xq genes) all mapped to the possum x chromosome. however, all five genes located on the short arm of the human x (human xp genes) mapped to autosome ...19921427847
metabolic effects of cortisol, acth, adrenalin and insulin in the marsupial sugar glider, petaurus breviceps.the effects of cortisol, acth, adrenalin and insulin on indices of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism were investigated in the conscious marsupial sugar glider petaurus breviceps. short-term i.v. infusion of cortisol at dose rates of 0.02, 0.2 and 1.0 mg/kg per h caused the plasma glucose concentration to rise sharply from the normal range of 3.3-4.4 to 8.1-8.7 mmol/l at the end of the infusion period without significant alteration in plasma free fatty acid (ffa), amino acid or urea concen ...19902174452
a possible deficiency of cell-mediated immunity in the opossum, trichosurus vulpecula, in relation to tuberculosis. 19734519924
neuropeptide y-like immunoreactivity is absent from most perivascular noradrenergic axons in a marsupial, the brush-tailed possum.noradrenergic perivascular axons were demonstrated in all systemic arteries and veins of a marsupial, the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula), by a catecholamine fluorescence procedure and with antisera directed against the catecholamine-synthesizing enzymes tyrosine hydroxylase (th) and dopamine-beta-hydroxylase (d beta h). perivascular axons with neuropeptide y-like immunoreactivity (npy-li) were not found in most systemic arteries and veins using antisera which recognize npy and other ...19862879263
an account of the enamel cord in setonix brachyurus (marsupialia) and on the presence of an enamel knot in trichosurus vulpecula. 19675227473
the vascularity of the enamel organ in the developing teeth of setonix brachyurus and trichosurus vulpecula (marsupialia). 19675237930
corticobulbar fibres in the north american opossum (didelphis marsupialis virginiana) with notes on the tasmanian brust-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula) and other marsupials.corticobulbar projections have been studied in the american opossum by both degeneration and autoradiographic methods and, for the most part, the results confirm our earlier observations (martin & west, 1967; martin, 1968). however, we have obtained evidence for certain connexions not previously described and have delineated the origin(s) of several connexions more precisely by paying particular attention to the degeneration present at thalamic levels in all cases and by the use of autoradiograp ...19751213949
isolation of leptospira interrogans, serotype balcanica from a brush-tailed opossum (trichosurus vulpecula) 1977612328
experimental infections of brush-tailed possums, common wombats and water rats with leptospira interrogans serovars balcanica and hardjo.of 12 brush-tailed possums (trichosurus vulpecula) inoculated with leptospira interrogans serovar balcanica 11 developed migroagglutination (ma) antibody to jardjo antigen by 14 days postincubation (pi). leptospiruria was observed in 2 possums 117 to 145 days pi. of 6 possums inoculated with serovar hardjo 4 developed low short-lived titres by day 18 pi. two of 3 wombats (vombatus ursinus) inoculated with balcanica had high ma titres (greater than or equal to 1:128) by day 16 pi and leptospiruri ...1979533478
absence of lymphokine-enhanced macrophage migration in vitro in the australian brush-tailed opossum, trichosurus vulpecula.the supernatants from cultures of either opossum or guinea pig splenic lymphocytes, stimulated with phytohaemagglutinin, significantly enhanced the in vitro migration of guinea pig peritoneal macrophages (p greater than 0.001) but not that of opossum peritoneal macrophages. failure of opossum macrophages to respond to a putative macrophage chemotactic factor might account for the observed paucity of immune granulomas in these animals and help explain the species' susceptibility to tuberculosis.19863548027
evolution of marsupials traced by their neurohypophyseal hormones: microidentification of mesotocin and arginine vasopressin in two australian families, dasyuridae and phascolarctidae.neurohypophyseal hormones of two species belonging to the family dasyuridae, namely dasyurus viverrinus (eastern native cat) and dasyuroides byrnei (kowari), and of the single living member of the family phascolarctidae, phascolarctos cinereus (koala) have been isolated and characterized by their retention times in high-pressure reverse-phase partition chromatography and either amino acid composition or amino acid sequence through a gas-phase microsequencer. mesotocin and arginine vasopressin ha ...19873666414
the control of adrenocortical secretion in the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula. 19744360914
a quantitative comparison of the parts of the brains of two australian marsupials and some eutherian mammals.the size and composition of the brains of the quokka wallaby (setonix brachyurus) and the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula) were compared with those of the rat, rabbit, cat, sheep, and human. separate structures were taken from the brains by standardized dissection and their weights compared. particular attention was paid to the relationships between the size of the amygdala and other brain structures. marsupials were within the eutherian range in the ratio of whole brain weight to bod ...19817237105
osteogenesis in two marsupial species, the bandicoot isoodon macrourus and the possum trichosurus vulpecula.skeletal development of two marsupial species, the bandicoot, isoodon macrourus and the brushtail possum, trichosurus vulpecula, has been examined in whole mount preparations using a technique of clearing and differential staining of cartilage and bone. both marsupials possess a complete cartilaginous skeleton at birth and ossification begins in the maxilla, mandible and certain bones of the forelimb soon after birth. the general pattern of ossification in these marsupials is similar to that in ...19883248963
the auditory midbrain of a marsupial: the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula).a microelectrode survey was made of the midbrain auditory nuclei of the brushtailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula), a common australian marsupial. information was sought on the tuning characteristics of individual neurones, tonotopic organization and mechanisms of sound localization. it was felt that such information would be of use in future studies of the development and evolution of mammalian hearing. twelve possums were anaesthetized with ketamine and chloralose-urethane, and recordings were ...1978208715
adiaspiromycosis in the brush opossum, trichosurus vulpecula, in new zealand. 19655896079
carbohydrates of the prostate of two australian marsupials, trichosurus vulpecula and megaleia rufa. 19744412309
renal function in the marsupial trichosurus vulpecula. 19685758865
comparison of carbonic anhydrase activity and other haematological values of two eutherian and three australian marsupial mammals.1. carbonic anhydrase activity and 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (2,3-dpg) concentration were determined in whole blood from humans (homo sapiens), rabbits (oryctolagus cuniculus), eastern grey kangaroos (macropus giganteus), pademelons (thylogale billardierii) and brush-tailed possums (trichosurus vulpecula). 2. marsupial blood carbonic anhydrase activity increased as species body size decreased. 3. t. billardierii haemoglobin was found to have a polymorphism which may be the same (beta 2 = histidine ...19826125313
immunoglobulins of the australian brush-tailed opossum, trichosurus vulpecula.using standard methods igg, igm and (s) iga were isolated from the serum or intestinal fluid of the australian brush-tailed opossum, trichosurus vulpecula. the molecular weights of the intact immunoglobulin molecules and their heavy and light chains were established. two forms of igg were seen which differed in their abilities to bind to insoluble matrices and also in their molecular weights. no antigenic differences were seen between them on analysis by agar diffusion. the molecular weights of ...19826182038
[peramelistrongylus mawson, 1960 and profilarinema n. gen., trichostrongyloid nematodes apparently transitional between the strongyloidea and the atypical genus filarinema mönnig, 1929 (author's transl)].peramelistrongylus skedastos mawson, 1960, type species of the genus peramelistrongylus mawson, 1960 is redescribed. also described is profilarinema hemsleyi n. gen., n. sp. from trichosurus vulpecula in western australia. the new genus, which is similar to filarinema, differs from it essentially by the absence of the complex buccal armature which characterizes the latter genus. the genera batrachostrongylus yuen, 1963, parasitic in amphibians, peramelistromgylus, parasitic in perameloid and das ...19817259005
ultrastructural identification of merkel cells around the mouth of the newborn marsupial.the ultrastructure of the epidermal cells surrounding the mouth of three newborn marsupial species, the northern native cat dasyurus hallucatus, the brush tail possum trichosurus vulpecula and the northern brown bandicoot isoodon macrourus were examined. the presence of merkel cells, highly sensitive touch receptors, would suggest that the sense of touch aids the relatively underdeveloped newborn marsupial to move from the urinogenital sinus to the pouch and to locate the teat.19883364744
metabolism of exogenous noradrenaline in slices of hypothalamus and caudate nucleus of the brush-tail possum, trichosurus the possum, trichosurus vulpecula, the major catecholamines in the hypothalamus and caudate nucleus are noradrenaline and dopamine, respectively, suggesting that catecholaminergic transmission in these regions is similar to that in eutherian mammalian brain. comparisons of accumulation and metabolism of 3h noradrenaline by tissue slices of the two regions indicated that in the caudate nucleus there was a seven-fold greater accumulation of unchanged noradrenaline but a lower rate of deaminatio ...19846497782
experimental infection of the possum (trichosurus vulpecula) with leptospira interrogans serovar balcanica. i. characteristics of infection. 19816948232
gonadotrophin induced development of the "special zone" in the adrenal cortex of immature female possums (trichosurus vulpecula) with concomitant activation of steroid reductases.the effect of gonadotrophin and oestradiol administration on adrenocortical special zone (s.z.) development and steroidogenesis was studied in immature female possums. adrenals were examined histologically to determine s.z. formation, and cell-free homogenates were incubated with 3h progesterone in the presence of an nadph-generating system. treatment with pms + hcg, resulted in the development of s.z.s. varying in volume from 10 to 60% of the total adrenal gland. this response was independent o ...19846509912
ascorbic acid turnover and excretion in two arboreal marsupials and in laboratory rabbits.rates of turnover and routes of excretion of 1-14c-ascorbic acid were compared among laboratory rabbits and two species of arboreal marsupials. ringtail possums (pseudocheirus peregrinus) exhibited higher blood ascorbate levels than either brushtail possums (trichosurus vulpecula) or rabbits, as well as greater pool sizes, shorter half-times and higher total entry rates of ascorbic acid. these differences were due partly to the high ascorbic acid content of eucalyptus foliage, the ringtail's die ...19846697698
experimental infection of the possum (trichosurus vulpecula) with leptospira interrogans serovar balcanica. ii. a comparison of laboratory techniques for the detection of leptospiraemia and leptospiruria. 19816951120
sex differences in steroidogenesis by adrenal homogenates of adult possum (trichosurus vulpecula) attributable to the steroids formed by the adrenocortical special zone of the female. 19827106541
marsupial hypothalamo-neurohypophyseal hormones. the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula) active peptides.the hypothalamo-neurohypophyseal hormones of the brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula) have been purified through molecular sieving and paper chromatoelectrophoresis. two peptides have been isolated, one with pressor property, the other with uterotonic activity. the pressor hormone has been identified as arginine vasopressin by amino acid composition and amino acid sequence. the oxytocin-like hormone has been characterized as mesotocin by amino acid composition. the amounts per dried neuro ...19827118406
mechanisms of organic acid and monosaccharide transport in the kidney of the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula.the mechanisms of organic acid and monosaccharide transport in the kidney of t. vulpecula were investigated using the renal cortical slice preparation. the kinetics, the sensitivity to inhibitors of metabolism and sodium transport, and the specificity of the concentrative uptake of p-amino-hippurate and alpha-methyl-d-glucoside were examined and compared with published results from studies in eutherian mammals. some minor differences between metatherians and eutherians were noted with regard to ...19827159293
cadmium toxicity and its effect on the testes of an australian marsupial (trichosurus vulpecula). 19817248548
virus and virus-like particles observed in the intestinal contents of the possum, trichosurus vulpecula.intestinal contents derived from the australian brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula, were examined by negative stain electron microscopy for the presence of viruses. out of 100 samples, 23 contained at least one type of vertebrate virus or virus-like particle. adenovirus was identified in six samples, herpesvirus in two samples, coronavirus in four samples, and coronavirus-like particles in 14 samples. to date no viruses of the brush-tailed possum have been isolated in tissue culture but ...19968678839
the optic nerve of the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula: fibre diameter spectrum and conduction latency groups.the principal findings of this report on the morphology and electrophysiology of the possum optic nerve are: (i) there are about 230,000 fibres in the optic nerve. this fibre count, based on electron microscopy, is slightly less than a previously reported estimate of the total number of ganglion cells in the possum retina. (ii) the majority (greater than 98%) of the fibres of the optic nerve are myelinated axons of retinal ganglion cells. the diameters of these fibres range from 0.4--4.6 microme ...1978641234
the prevalence of anti-leptospiral agglutinins in sera of wildlife in southeastern australia.anti-leptospiral agglutinins were found in the serum from 18 (7 species) of 419 (25 species) animals sampled from various areas of southeastern australia. positive serologic reactions were observed in 5 of 25 (20%) brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula), 1 of 26 (3.8%) tammar wallaby (macropus eugenii), 2 of 12 (16.7%) swamp wallaby (wallabia bicolor), 1 of 3 (33.3%) koala (phascolarctos cinereus), 3 of 41 (7.3%) common wombat (vombatus ursinus), 2 of 100 (2%) bush rat (rattus fuscipes) and ...19817241704
glycosaminoglycans of the uterine and vaginal cul-de-sac tissue in the brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula).live-captured feral brushtail possums (trichosurus vulpecula) received slow-release progestagen implants for 16 days after removal of pouch young. at the time of implant removal one group was injected intramuscularly with pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (pmsg, 2 i.u. kg-1 in 0.2 ml saline) and another group received an equivalent volume of sterile saline. animals from each group were killed on days 0, 3, 4, 5 or 6 after implant removal (pmsg, n = 4 per day; saline controls, n = 3 per day). the ...19968870103
prevalence of fasciola hepatica infection in native mammals in southeastern australia.fasciola hepatica infection was found in 5 of 12 marsupial and 1 of 3 eutherian species examined in southeastern australia. prevalence of infection in native mammals was as follows: macropus giganteus, 59%; m. rufogriseus banksianus, 15%; wallabia bicolor, 5%; vombatus ursinus, 30%; trichosurus vulpecula, 5%; and rattus fuscipes, 4%. collection sites were assigned to one of two categories. prevalence was higher in macropodids collected on agricultural pastures grazed by sheep and cattle (categor ...19817340772
leptospirosis in brushtail possums: is leptospira interrogans serovar balcanica environmentally transmitted?in new zealand, the biological control of introduced brushtail possums (trichosurus vulpecula) may be the only affordable option for achieving a significant long term reduction in pest numbers on a national scale. leptospira interrogans serovar balcanica is among the potential biocontrol agents and vectors currently being investigated for this purpose. as the transmission pathways of l. interrogans serovar balcanica between possums are poorly understood, the objective of the study was to determi ...19979131555
leptospirosis in free-living species in new zealand.a total of 1296 free-living mammals and birds of 12 species was examined for serologic and bacteriologic evidence of leptospiral infection. endemic infection with serovar ballum was found in several introduced species of mammals. endemic ballum infection is not recognized in the same species in great britain, their country of origin. possums (trichosurus vulpecula) were found to have a high prevalence of infection with balcanica, a serovar that has been isolated from possums in australia and fro ...19817338970
acetylthiocholinesterase staining in an interpedunculotegmental pathway in four species: procavia capensis (dassie), cavia procellus (guinea-pig), trichosurus vulpecula (brush-tail possum) and rattus rattus (hooded rat). 19807417850
tuberculosis in the brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula) after intratracheal inoculation with a low dose of mycobacterium bovis.six possums were each inoculated with approximately 125 colony-forming units of mycobacterium bovis via a cannula inserted per os into the trachea. five other possums were sham inoculated and housed separately. at postmortem examination 55 to 57 days after inoculation, all six infected possums showed extensive macroscopical lesions of tuberculosis in the lungs and bronchial lymph nodes and some also had lesions in the liver, kidney, spleen and hepatic lymph nodes. mycobacterium bovis was isolate ...19947884054
experimental mycobacterium bovis infection in the brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula): pathology, haematology and lymphocyte stimulation responses.groups of adult male brushtail possums (5 per group) were inoculated intratracheally with a high (2 x 10(5) colony forming units (cfu)), medium (2 x 10(3) cfu) or low (approximately 20 cfu) dose of mycobacterium bovis. two sham-inoculated groups acted as in-contact controls or controls kept in a separate room. possums in the high and medium dose groups became clinically affected 3-5 weeks post-inoculation (pi) and all possums were euthanased between 5-9 weeks pi. grossly visible tuberculous lesi ...19948017028
nonshivering thermogenesis in marsupials: absence of thermogenic response to beta 3-adrenergic agonists.the status of nonshivering thermogenesis (nst) in marsupials remains controversial. although morphological studies have failed to find evidence for the presence of brown adipose tissue (bat) in adults or juveniles of species from all extant families of marsupial, a number of studies have investigated the metabolic response of marsupials to noradrenaline (na) and yielded conflicting results. in eutherian mammals, na stimulates nst in bat by acting on beta 3-receptors, and in the experiments repor ...19979172391
immunohistological staining of lymphoid tissue in four australian marsupial species using species cross-reactive antibodies.antibodies raised against evolutionarily conserved intracytoplasmic peptide sequences of human t and b lymphocyte antigens and an antibody raised specifically against koala serum igg were assessed for their capacity for immunoperoxidase staining of formalin fixed lymphoid tissues of koalas (phascolarctos cinereus), common brushtail possums (trichosurus vulpecula), common ringtail possums (pseudocheirus peregrinus) and tammar wallabies (macropus eugenii). utilizing microwave pretreatment and a st ...19957493768
selective regional vasoconstriction underlying pressor effects of galanin in anaesthetized possums compared with cats.1. intravenous administration of porcine galanin (5 nmol kg-1) caused a rise in mean blood pressure in the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula, from 58 +/- 1.6 to 106 +/- 1.6 mmhg. this effect is in contrast to the cat, in which no significant change in blood pressure was recorded in response to galanin (88 +/- 2.3 vs. 86 +/- 2.4 mmhg). 2. cardiac output and regional blood flow distribution were assessed by distribution of radioactive microspheres in four anaesthetized possums and four ca ...19947537817
traumatic injuries occurring in possums and gliders in the blue mountains, new south wales.twenty common brushtail possums (trichosurus vulpecula), 23 ringtail possums (pseudocheirus peregrinus) and five sugar gliders (petaurus breviceps) from the blue mountains, new south wales, australia were evaluated for traumatic injuries between 1989 and 1990. ten brushtail possums and five ringtail possums were hit by motor vehicles with injuries primarily to the anterior of the body. fifteen ringtail possums and all sugar gliders were attacked by cats. four brushtail possums were attacked by d ...19938258866
lysozyme and alpha-lactalbumin from the milk of a marsupial, the common brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula).lysozyme and alpha-lactalbumin have been identified using n-terminal sequence analysis of whey proteins from the common brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula after separation by two-dimensional denaturing electrophoresis. both proteins were purified from pooled possum milk using ion exchange chromatography and gave mass values of 14,896 and 13,985 da respectively by maldi-tof mass spectrometry. clones containing the full coding sequences of the genes for both proteins were isolated from a p ...19979305795
a novel marsupial protein expressed by the mammary gland only during the early lactation and related to the kunitz proteinase inhibitors.a novel whey protein has been found in marsupial milk, the early lactation protein (elp). the whey of trichosurus vulpecula, the australian common brush-tailed possum, contains two forms of elp, estimated by protein electrophoresis at 8 and 16 kda. the 16-kda form contains approximately 60% n- linked carbohydrate. the elp cdna was obtained by the screening of an early lactation cdna library with an early lactation total cdna probe and random selection of strongly positive clones. the full-length ...19968651704
a description of the dorsal thalamus of the marsupial native cat, dasyurus viverrinus (dasyuridae).the nuclear architecture of the dorsal thalamus in the marsupial native cat, dasyurus viverrinus, is described. the nine midline and intralaminar nuclei comprise a large and prominent part of the thalamus. the lateroposterior nucleus is clearly divided into medial and lateral divisions. a ventroanterior nucleus is distinguished from the ventrolateral nucleus, and the ventroposterior complex is divided into cytoarchitecturally distinctive medial and lateral divisions. there is a large posterior n ...19817326574
the ultrastructure of the pituitary and the adrenal gland of three newborn marsupials (dasyurus hallucatus, trichosurus vulpecula and isoodon macrourus).the ultrastructure of the pituitary glands of the newborn northern native cat, brushtail possum and the northern brown bandicoot and the adrenal glands of the former two marsupials were examined to determine whether these endocrine glands were functional at birth. the anterior pituitary of all three species was well vascularised and many cells contained electron-dense, membrane bound granules. the adrenal glands were composed of two distinct cell populations. one group of cells possessed dark st ...19883364743
an analysis of some thalamic projections to parietofrontal neocortex in the marsupial native cat, dasyurus viverrinus (dasyuridae).thalamocortical projections to parietofrontal neocortex in the marsupial native cat, dasyurus viverrinus, were examined using the retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase. the results show that the organisation in dasyurus is similar to that reported in another australian marsupial, the brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula, and is different to that found in the primitive american form, didelphis virginiana. in daysurus, as in trichosurus, the areas of neocortex receiving projections ...19817326576
the ultrastructure of the lung of two newborn marsupial species, the northern native cat, dasyurus hallucatus, and the brushtail possum, trichosurus vulpecula.the lungs of newborn northern native cats, dasyurus hallucatus and newborn brushtail possums, trichosurus vulpecula were examined by both light and electron microscopy. the native cat has a birth weight of 18 mg after a gestation of about 21 days, whereas the brushtail possum weights 200 mg at birth and has a gestation period of 17.5 days. the lungs of the native cat are two large respiratory sacs, with a respiratory lining of squamous cells and surfactant-secreting cells. the capillaries are lo ...19883396063
neocortical projections of the suprageniculate and posterior thalamic nuclei in the marsupial brush-tailed possum, trichosurus vulpecula (phalangeridae), with a comparative commentary on the organization of the posterior thalamus in marsupial and placental mammals.axonal transport methods were used to determine the extent and organisation of neocortical projections from the suprageniculate (sg) and posterior (po) thalamic nuclei in the brush-tailed possum. our findings show that sg projects extensively to the auditory cortex, overlapping the cortical projection field of the medial geniculate nucleus, and to the immediately neighbouring association cortex. though the input relationships of sg appear similar to those reported for other mammals, placental an ...19836886058
a study of steroid 11beta-hydroxylation by adrenal mitochondria of marsupials--part i. a comparision of 11beta-hydroxylase activity and specificity for different steroid substrates by possum (trichosurus vulpecula), kangaroo (macropus major) and beef. 1977304122
a study of the topography of the lymphatic system of the australian brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula).the superficial and deep lymphatic systems of the australian brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula) are described. in common with other marsupials studied to date and in contrast with most eutherians, there were no popliteal lymph nodes and efferent drainage from the inguinal lymph centre passed directly to the deep axillary group of lymph nodes via an inguinoaxillary trunk. efferent vessels from the tonsil passed directly to the deep cervical lymph node, which was drained by the tracheal trun ...19968763477
molecular cloning and characterization of tumor necrosis factor alpha (tnf-alpha) from the australian common brushtail possum, trichosurus vulpecula.immune responses in the australian common brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula) and in particular the role of cytokines are poorly understood. we have undertaken to isolate cytokine genes using reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) and in this study describe the molecular cloning of tnf-alpha. primers were designed from consensus sequences at the n-terminus end of eutherian mammalian tnf-alpha and the possum cdna, derived from spleen rna, identified by rt-pcr. the complete ...19968724002
modelling immunocontraception in disseminating systems.vectored immunocontraception is a novel technology and simple models are described to help predict whether, and how, it might work. that is, given that an effective immunocontraceptive agent can be produced, and given that it can be inserted into a microparasitic or macroparasitic infective vector, would the vector persist and reach a high prevalence in the host and, if so, would it sterilize a sufficient proportion of the host breeding population to significantly reduce its density? both condit ...19979109194
cloning and sequence analysis of a pituitary prolactin cdna from the brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula).overlapping cdna partial clones of pituitary prolactin from the marsupial brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula) were isolated and sequenced. the nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences showed high sequence identity with pig prolactin (84.3 and 92.5%, respectively) and all of the expected structural features of a quadruped prolactin. a prolactin gene tree was constructed and rates of evolution calculated for possum along with several mammalian and nonmammalian prolactins. possum prolactin ...19989653022
cdna cloning of growth hormone from the brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula).the full-length nucleotide sequence for the cdna of growth hormone (gh) from the marsupial brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula) was determined using reverse transcription followed by polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) and the 5'/3' rapid amplification of cdna ends (race) technique. sequence information showed that the possum gh cdna was 831 base pairs (bp) in length, including the 5'untranslated region (60 bp), the signal peptide (75 bp), the mature protein (573 bp, including stop codon), an ...19989653023
follicle-stimulating hormone in the brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula): purification, characterization, and radioimmunoassay.follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh) was purified from brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula) pituitary glands by using the following purification techniques: fractional ammonium sulfate precipitation, triazinyl-dye affinity chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, and gel filtration. a yield of 18 micrograms of fsh per gram of pituitary, with a recovery of 12%, was obtained from 1400 glands (20.3 g wet weight). the purified fsh activity per gram of protein was 1320 times more pot ...19979126463
purification and characterisation of hepatic glutathione transferases from a herbivorous marsupial, the brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula).a single glutathione transferase isoenzyme was purified from hepatic cytosol of the brushtail possum and shown to represent 3.6 +/- 0.3% of the total cytosolic protein. characterisation of the enzyme, termed possum gst 1-1, indicated that it possessed similar catalytic activity and structural homology with isoenzymes belonging to the alpha class of glutathione transferases. this homodimeric gst exhibited a single band with an apparent molecular mass of 25.4 kda on sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacr ...19979149400
molecular cloning of the cdna encoding the constant region of the immunoglobulin a heavy chain (c alpha) from a marsupial: trichosurus vulpecula (common brushtail possum)a cdna encoding the brushtail possum immunoglobulin a heavy chain constant region (c alpha) was isolated by screening a mesenteric lymph node cdna library with a porcine c alpha exon 3 probe. the larger of the two positive clones isolated (tv4a) consisted of 1325 bp of possum cdna that included an open reading frame of 1191 bp. its deduced amino acid sequence had a high degree of sequence identity with known eutherian c alpha sequences. this clone appears to encode the entire possum iga heavy ch ...19989557959
inhibition of cytochrome p450 enzymes in the australian brushtail possum, trichosurus vulpecula: comparison with that of the rat, rabbit, sheep and chicken.a comparative study was conducted of the inhibition of liver microsomal cytochrome p450 phase i biotransformation enzyme activity of the australian brushtail possum, rat, rabbit, sheep and chicken. the possum has caused considerable agricultural and ecological problems since its introduction to new zealand. this work investigated species differences in cytochrome p450 inhibition by selected imidazole derivatives that may be exploited for designing a more species-specific method of toxicological ...19989682405
dopaminergic amacrine cells in the retina of the possum, trichosurus vulpecula.the common brush-tailed possum trichosurus vulpecula is a small diprotodont marsupial common to both urban and natural environments. this is the first analysis of the neurotransmitter content of its retinal cells and, as the possum is a nocturnal forager, it was appropriate to begin with the dopaminergic amacrine cells that form an essential link in the modulation of the rod pathways subserving nocturnal vision. these results were compared with those from another diprotodont, the marsupial walla ...19989682872
purification and characterization of hepatic glutathione transferases from an insectivorous marsupial, the brown antechinus (antechinus stuartii).1. five unique glutathione transferase isoenzymes were purified from the hepatic cytosol of an insectivorous marsupial, the brown antechinus. the purified gsts were characterized by structural and catalytic properties including apparent molecular weight and isoelectric point, specificity towards model substrates, kinetic parameters, sensitivity to inhibitors and cross-reactivity with antisera raised against human gsts. 2. an alpha class gst, antechinus gst 1-1, predominated in the hepatic cytoso ...19979211657
observations on the adrenocortical structure of the female brush-tailed possum (trichosurus vulpecula) and locations of cell division.twenty mature female possums (trichosurus vulpecula) were captured at the harry waring marsupial reserve, some 30 km south of perth in western australia, and injected simultaneously with tritiated thymidine in order to label dividing cells within the adrenal gland. the conservation status of the possum precluded killing all animals and adrenal glands were removed and examined histologically and autoradiographically in four experimental groups, timed for 1 hr, 1 week, and 2, 3, and 7 weeks follow ...19948174922
isolation and partial characterization of tammar wallaby luteinizing hormone and development of a radioimmunoassay.tammar wallaby (macropus eugenii) luteinizing hormone (lh) was purified from pituitaries collected from wild and captive populations by salt sequential precipitation, ion exchange chromatography and gel filtration. pituitary tissue (5 g) yielded 1.8 mg of purified wallaby luteinizing hormone (me-14b), as verified by sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (sds-page). a heterologous radioimmunoassay has been developed for measurement of lh in plasma of marsupials using a monoclo ...19979402258
isolation, characterization and radioimmunoassay of luteinizing hormone in the brushtail possum.luteinizing hormone (lh) was purified from brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula) pituitary glands. the purification procedure consisted of ammonium sulfate precipitation followed by triazinyl-dye chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography and gel filtration. a yield of 10 microg lh g-1 pituitary with a recovery of 20% was obtained from 1400 pituitary glands (20.3 g). contamination with possum follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh) was < or =0.05%. the amino acid analysis and the n-ter ...19979402251
time of ovulation in the brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula) following pmsg/lh induced ovulation.this study aimed to determine the timing of ovulation in response to a new induced ovulation regime for the monovulatory brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula). ovarian stimulation was achieved by a single subcutaneous injection of 15 i.u. pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (pmsg). this treatment resulted in promotion of a large number (9-16) of graafian follicles > 2 mm diameter on the ovaries. seventy-two hours later a single intramuscular injection of 4 mg porcine luteinizing hormone (lh) wa ...199910194867
microsatellite markers for the phalangerid marsupial, the common brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula). 19989859208
vimentin localisation in tooth germ cells of two marsupial species, the northern brown bandicoot, isoodon macrourus, and the brushtail possum, trichosurus marsupial teeth, long cellular processes from ameloblasts and odontoblasts are found in the developing enamel and dentinal tubules, respectively. it has been suggested that the odontoblast cytoskeleton plays a role in the dentinal tubule formation of rat. to understand the role of the cytoskeleton in the blast cells, the location of vimentin and cytokeratin in the tooth germ of the bandicoot and the possum was examined using immunohistochemical techniques. vimentin was detected in differentia ...199910361405
pathological studies of wobbly possum disease in new zealand brushtail possums (trichosurus vulpecula).following an outbreak of wobbly possum disease in a colony of brush tail possums (trichosurus vulpecula), the disease was established experimentally in captive possums by inoculating the animals intraperitoneally with tissue homogenates. crude tissue homogenates of liver remained infectious after freezing at -75 degrees c or filtration through a 0.22 micron filter. the disease was characterised by docility, incoordination, loss of balance and wasting. fifteen of 16 infected animals had to be eut ...19979301011
seasonal variation in ovarian response to pregnant mares serum gonadotrophin in the brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula).this study examined the seasonal variation in ovarian response to the exogenous hormone pregnant mares serum gonadotrophin (pmsg) in the brushtail possum (trichosurus vulpecula). ovarian stimulation was achieved by administration of a single intramuscular injection of 15 iu pmsg. animals (n = 165) responded to this treatment in a variable manner depending on the month of the year. the maximum response (measured by the total number of large (>2 mm) follicles) was 15.8 +/- 1.5 follicles per animal ...199810588381
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