animals as monitors of environmental quality.the various species of domesticated and wild animals can be excellent monitors of environmental quality. although analyses of industrial air and water effluents and tests for toxicants in soils, plants, foods and feeds may provide some degree of predictability of environmental quality, the ultimate monitors are those organisms having metabolic activities that are comparable to man. if we closely observe animals that share our environment, like the coal miner's canary, they will alert us to unsee ...197991256
experimental transmission of sarcocystis from icterid birds to sparrows and canaries by sporocysts from the opossum.cowbirds (molothrus ater) and grackles (cassidix mexicanus) infected with muscle cysts of sarcocystis were fed to opposums (didelphis virginiana) and fecal sporocysts from the latter were given to sparrows (passer domesticus, family ploceidae), canaries (serinus canarius, family fringillidae) and ducks (anas platyrhynchos, family anatidae). asexual parasites were found in the endothelium of sparrows and canaries but not in ducks. when birds were kept 10 weeks or more after infection, muscle cyst ...197898622
interactions between viscerotropic velogenic newcastle diseases virus and pet birds of six species. i. clinical and serologic responses, and viral excretion.clinical and serologic responses to a psittacine isolate of viscerotropic velogenic newcastle disease virus (vvndv) were evaluated in pet birds of six species: budgerigar, yellow-headed amazon parrot, halfmoon conure, lesser hill mynah, black-headed nun, canary. the clinical response was most marked in the budgerigars, parrots, and conures, and only minimal in the nuns. between post-exposure days (ped) 3 and 5 some birds developed ruffled plumage, conjunctivitis, and central nervous system dysfu ...1977606222
failure of exogenous melatonin to influence the maintenance or dissipation of photorefractoriness in the canary, serinus canarius. 1978648875
field trials of brodifacoum (wba 8119) against the house mouse (mus musculus l.).the anticoagulant rodenticide brodifacoum was tested against house mice (mus musculus l.) infesting farm buildings. in six trials, treatment success was assessed from the results of census baitings conducted before and after treatment. with 0.005% brodifacoum in canary seed/corn oil bait, the control achieved ranged between 92.7% and 100%, mean 98.8%. two mouse populations were eradicated in 3 to 4 weeks but a few individuals survived each of the other four treatments which lasted 6 weeks. the e ...1978701785
cryptococcus neoformans of saprophytic origin.cryptococcus neoformans was isolated on 276 occasions as follows: from pigeon faeces, 159 (45%) of 349 samples; pigeon crops, 39 (50%) of 80 crops; from drinking water, 37 (74%) of 50 samples; from the atmosphere, 3 strains in a contaminated loft. it was also recovered from 38 (19%) of 200 samples of canary faeces. it is possible that c. neoformans survives in the crop of pigeons and occasionally passes to the faeces where it multiplies. the factors influencing its presence are: the irregular cl ...1975772838
the effect of duration of the daily photoperiod on recovery of photosensitivity in photorefractory canaries (serinus canarius). 1977832820
cytostatic activity of some canary islands species of rutaceae. 1977882599
the effects of castration on plasma lh levels in photosensitive and photorefractory canaries (serinus canarius). 1976955379
circadian photosensitivity in the photoperiodic control of gonadotropin secretion in the canary, serinus canarius. 1976992341
some effects of manipulation of daily photoperiod on the rate of onset of a photorefractory state in canaries (serinus canarius). 1976992342
central control of song in the canary, serinus canarius.we have traced central nervous pathways controlling bird song in the canary using a combination of behavioral and anatomical techniques. unilateral electrolytic brain lesions were made in adult male canaries whose song had been previously recorded and analysed on a sound spectrograph. after several days of postoperative recording, the birds were sacrificed and their brains processed histologically for degeneration staining with the fink-heimer technique. although large lesions in the neostriatum ...19761262540
cytostatic activity of sesquiterpene lactones from compositae of the canary islands. 1978674406
epizootiologic aspects of viscerotropic velogenic newcastle disease in six pet bird birds of 6 species were exposed to a psittacine isolate to viscerotropic velogenic newcastle disease (vvnd) virus to evaluate the impact of vvnd in those species. species examined were the budgerigar, yellow-headed amazon parrot, canary, halfmoon conure, lesser hill mynah, and blackheaded nun. five of the 6 species were highly susceptible to infection with vvnd virus. canaries were relatively refractory to infection with the virus. contact birds of the same species developed infections almos ...1978629430
[goethe's morphology definition and the problem of relationship of the cro-magnons to the primitive germans (carl gegenbaur)].the problem of the teutons' origin has been considered to be open up to this day though some scientists have worked on this field since 1912. anthropologists and linguists as braun, feist, guntert, koppelmann, paudler and v.d. velden produced many evidences in favour of the hypothesis the teutons to be a mixture of the old european cro-magnons speaking an archaic ural-altaic idiom with the indo-europeans immigrating into europe from asia. the kelts may have a similar origin but they might includ ...1978357241
[experience on incidence of salmonellosis in air trips to and from the canary islands (author's transl)]. 1977144880
effect of psoriasis heliotherapy on epidermal urocanic acid isomer concentrations.a noninvasive finn chamber sampling method and hplc analysis were used to determine epidermal urocanic acid (uca) concentrations of psoriasis patients during 4 weeks of heliotherapy on the spanish canary islands and a follow-up period of 8 weeks. during heliotherapy the epidermal cis-uca concentration increased from a mean initial value of 0.2 nmol/cm2 to a mean final value of 2.9 nmol/cm2. the total uca concentration decreased during the first week of heliotherapy from an initial value of 5.5 n ...19921357870
respiratory allergies and skin test reactivity in high school students in tenerife, canary islands, spain.the prevalence of skin test reactivity to 22 aeroallergens and of allergic respiratory diseases was determined in 501 high school students on the island of tenerife, spain. two hundred seventy-seven students (55.2%) had at least one positive prick skin test (wheal > or = 2 mm). two hundred sixteen students (43.1%) had symptoms of upper or lower respiratory tract allergies [24 (4.7%) had asthma with or without rhinitis and 192 (38.3%) seasonal or perennial rhinitis alone]. two hundred eighty-five ...19921342878
human enzyme polymorphism in the canary islands. v. western islands.autochthonous human samples of the three westernmost islands of the canarian archipelago, la palma, gomera, and hierro, have been analyzed for eight red cell polymorphic enzymes. only a small intra and inter-insular differentiation exists among these three islands. however, a marked heterogeneity is found when all seven islands of the archipelago are compared by nei's genetic distances [1972]. nevertheless, there is no correlation between genetic and geographic distances. historical factors coul ...19921339492
effect of a skeleton photoperiod on the daylength-dependent response to oestrogen in canaries (serinus canarius).previous studies have shown that ovariectomized canaries, injected with 50 mug oestradiol benzoate thrice weekly, show more oestrogen-induced nest-building on a long day than on a short day. in this study the same effect was obtained with castrated canaries. the influence of time available for building was assessed first by comparing castrated males on skeleton long days with birds on short days, the total number of light hours being equal. more birds in the skeleton long-day group placed materi ...1976987147
[effect of cold on catecholamine concentration in the great pectoral muscle of sparrows].birds (passer montanus, p. domesticus, fringilla coelebs) kept in open-air cages in leningrad during winter, do not differ in total catecholamine content from avian species (p. domesticus, serinus canaria) which were kept under laboratory conditions at 15--20 degrees. in the sparrow p. montanus, no significaut seasonal changes were observed in catecholamine content; however repetitive cooling up to--10 degrees only at night increased twice the content of catecholamines (especially, noradrenalin) ...1976983576
[salmonella infections after air travel from and to the canary islands]. 1977875558
[salmonella infections connected with 2 flights from the canary islands to northern sweden]. 1977875557
projections of a telencephalic auditory nucleus-field l-in the canary.anterograde projections of a telencephalic auditory area - field l of the neostriatum - were traced in canaries, serinus canarius. field l was defined as the neostriatal projection of nucleus ovoidalis of the thalamus. using amino acid autoradiography, two efferent projections of field l and adjacent neostriatum were observed: (1) a projection to the medial and ventral borders of nucleus hyperstriatum ventrale, pars caudale (hvc) and (2) a smaller projection to medial paleostriatum augmentatum ( ...1979759444
life cycles of two isopora species in the canary, serinus canarius linnaeus.the endogenous stages of isospora serini arogão and isospora canaria box are described from experimentally infected canaries, serinus canarius linnaeus. unlike other coccidia, the first part of the i. serini life cycle takes place in mononuclear phagocytes. five asexual generations are described from this cell type; 2 additional asexual generations and the sexual stages take place in the intestinal epithelium. isospora canaria, on the other hand, has a conventional coccidian life cycle in that a ...1977559084
climate and environment change in patients with chronic airway obstruction.psychological, clinical, and pulmonary physiological measurements were studied in ten patients with weather-sensitive chronic airway obstruction during one month in gothenburg, sweden, and immediately after for one month in the canary islands, a change to a drier and warmer climate. all patients improved according to psychological tests and claimed to be better. objective measurements including peak expiratory flow rate, airway conductance, static lung volumes, and elastic lung recoil showed imp ...19761244804
fine structure of the oocyst walls of isospora serini and isospora canaria and excystation of isospora serini from the canary, serinus canarius l.oocysts of isospora serini and isospora canaria, from the canary serinus canarius, were broken, added to a cell suspension, fixed in karnovsky's fluid, and studied in the electron microscope. the oocyst wall of each species had an electron-lucent inner layer, a more osmiophilic middle layer and an outer layer of electron-lucent (i. serini) or electron-dense material interspersed with some electron-lucent material (i. canaria). a few, relatively large lipid-like bodies were present in the outer o ...19751195157
auditory perception of conspecific and heterospecific vocalizations in birds: evidence for special processes.budgerigars (melopsittacus undulatus), canaries (serinus canaria), and zebra finches (poephila guttata castanotis) were tested for their ability to discriminate among distance calls of each species. for comparison, starlings (sturnus vulgaris) were tested on the same sounds. response latencies to detect a change in a repeating background of sound were taken as a measure of the perceptual similarity among calls. all 4 species showed clear evidence of 3 perceptual categories corresponding to the c ...19921555398
role of auditory feedback in canary song in other songbirds, early deafening had drastic effects on the song of the roller canary, a cardueline finch, resulting in a song that was much simpler and more variable than the normal. the repertoire of the syllable types, of which the song is made, was reduced from 30 to a mean of 5.0. loud white noise was successfully used as a reversible method of cutting off auditory feedback from vocal behavior. although suffering permanent elevation of hearing thresholds, birds reared in noise to 200 ...1977838918
[epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus infections in the canary islands].respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) is the major cause of lower respiratory tract infection in young children. outbreaks of rsv infection occur yearly during the winter or spring in temperate climates. our study of 634 hospitalized children under 3 years of age with bronchiolitis and pneumonia (november 1988 to january 1990) revealed that 227 (35.8%) had vrs infections. these cases showed a yearly epidemic pattern with 86.8% of the cases occurring during the winter. furthermore, 67.4% of the cases ...19921605415
three new species of penicillium.three new species of microfungi belonging to the genus penicillium link ex fries are described and illustrated. all but one have been isolated from the atmosphere of las palmas, capital city of the island of gran canaria (canary islands, spain). they clearly differ from all species of the genus described so far and are, therefore, described and proposed as new species: penicillium hispanicum sp. nov., penicillium grancanariae sp. nov., and penicillium palmensis sp. nov.1978750938
a new auditory area of the songbird forebrain: a connection between auditory and song control centers.single unit microelectrode recordings followed by electrolytic lesions which mark the recording sites demonstrate that there is an auditory region of the songbird forebrain that is distinct from and superficial to field l, the primary auditory region of the telencephalon. the location of the superficial auditory area and its large cells suggest identification with hvc, the large-celled telencephalic nucleus which controls song in the canary.1978680043
differential regulation in the avian song control circuit of an mrna predicting a highly conserved protein related to protein kinase c and the bcr rna identified by differential cdna cloning (hat-2) is highly enriched in canary forebrain in areas associated with the control of complex learned behaviors and higher perceptual processes. the nucleotide sequence predicts a protein that is 96% identical to the product of the n-chimaerin gene isolated from human brain and contains two identifiable domains suggesting a novel role in signal transduction processes. one domain is similar to the sequence in protein kinase c which mediates diacylgl ...19921374499
purification and characterization of peroxisomal apo and holo alanine:glyoxylate aminotransferase from bird liver.alanine:glyoxylate aminotransferase has been reported to be present as the apo enzyme in the peroxisomes and as the holo enzyme in the mitochondria in chick (white leghorn) embryonic liver. however, surprisingly, birds were found to be classified into two groups on the basis of intraperoxisomal forms of liver alanine:glyoxylate aminotransferase. in the peroxisomes, the enzyme was present as the holo form in group 1 (pigeon, sparrow, java sparrow, australian budgerigar, canary, goose, and duck), ...19911654790
solar ultraviolet (uv) radiation and uv doses received by patients during four-week climate therapy periods in the canary islands.the ultraviolet (uv) radiation doses received by 270 psoriasis patients were studied during 4-week climate therapy periods in november, march or april in the canary islands. the daily total solar uv radiation (ambient radiation load, arl) was measured using frequent readings with a robertson-berger sunburning ultraviolet (suv) meter. a daily personal radiation load (prl) was calculated for each patient, using sun exposure diary data. to measure the cumulative uv exposure of particular skin sites ...19921390124
cytostatic activity of sesquiterpene lactones from compositae of the canary islands. 1977613981
[pentachlorophenol poisoning in nestlings of canaries (serinus canarius) (author's transl)].using binder twine of bales of straw as nesting material for canaries apparently resulted in a reduction of hatchability. however, the outstanding feature was the high mortality rate during the first week after hatching, with a peak on the fourth day and nestlings never growing any older than three months. other symptoms consisted in marked retardation of growth and poor growth of feathers. the adult birds presented a normal appearance. the most likely cause was the presence of pentachlorophenol ...1979425107
hormone accumulation in song regions of the canary brain.[3h]testosterone (t) was injected into male and female canaries (serinus canarius), a species in which females are able to sing but do so more rarely and more simply than males. autoradiographic analysis revealed that males and females have equal proportions of cells labeled by t or its metabolites in four song control nuclei: the high vocal center (hvc), the lateral portion of the magnocellular nucleus of the anterior neostriatum (iman), the robust nucleus of the archistriatum (ra), and the hyp ...19921431849
exogenous stages of isospora serini (aragão)and isospora canaria sp. n. in the canary (serinus canarius linnaeus).exogenous stages of isospora serini (aragao) and isospora canaria sp. n. from the canary (serinus canarius linnaeus) are described. oocytes of i. serini are spheroid and average 19.2 times 20.1 mum, while those of i. canaria are larger, more ellipsoid, and average 21.8 times 24.6 mum. no oocyst residuum is present and the oocyst walls of both species are colorless, transparent, and single layered. sporocysts average 9.4 times 15.2 mum for i. serini and 11.5 times 18.1 mum for i. canaria. the i. ...19751151906
the role of short days in the termination of photorefractoriness in female canaries (serinus canarius).photorefractory intact female canaries were exposed to a photoperiod of 8 h light: 16 h darkness (8l: 16d) for 0, 2, 4 or 6 weeks before photostimulation with 14l: 10d for 4 weeks. photoresponsiveness was measured in terms of plasma immunoreactive lh, ovary and oviduct weights, follicle size and nest-building behaviour. birds not exposed to 8l: 16d were unresponsive to photostimulation while those exposed for 6 weeks to 8l: 16d were as fully photosensitive as females similarly treated immediatel ...19751133534
comparison of the antipsoriatic efficacy of heliotherapy and ultraviolet b: a cross-over study.ten psoriasis patients who underwent a 4-week heliotherapy period in the canary islands were treated with ultraviolet b (uvb) phototherapy at relapse, 2-24 months later. in both settings, psoriasis improvement was monitored using a psoriasis severity index (psi), and uv exposure was recorded with polysulphone films. in the 8 patients that could be evaluated, a median healing rate of 94% was recorded in the heliotherapy period, with a median cumulative uv dose of 46 erythemal units (eu). in the u ...19921489722
song presentation induces gene expression in the songbird forebrain.we investigated the participation of genomic regulatory events in the response of the songbird brain to a natural auditory stimulus of known physiological and behavioral relevance, birdsong. using in situ hybridization, we detected a rapid increase in forebrain mrna levels of an immediate-early gene encoding a transcriptional regulator (zenk; also known as zif-268, egr-1, ngfi-a, or krox-24) following presentation of tape-recorded songs to canaries (serinus canaria) and zebra finches (taeniopygi ...19921495970
evaluation of selected plants for their toxic effects in canaries.leaves or fruit from 14 plants considered to be toxic to pet birds were administered by gavage to 15 pairs of canaries (serinus canaria). each bird was given 0.12 to 0.70 g of plant material. one pair served as a control and was given distilled water. the plant materials were flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen, pulverized, and resuspended in deionized water for administration. of the plants tested, 5 (oleander, lupine, foxglove, yew leaves, and dieffenbachia) were considered highly toxic and were a ...19921601714
in vitro neurogenesis by neuronal precursor cells derived from the adult songbird brain.the vocal control nucleus of the adult songbird forebrain, hvc, exhibits de novo neurogenesis in adulthood, with the production of new neurons from precursor cells located in the overlying ventricular zone (goldman and nottebohm, 1983). we previously established that explants derived from neurogenic regions of the adult canary forebrain could be maintained in vitro, under conditions that permitted the migration and differentiation of those new neurons previously generated in vivo (goldman, 1990) ...19921613545
community health nurse: canary in a mine shaft? 19921630715
[seroprevalence of q fever among the adult population of lanzarote (canary islands)].q fever is an endemic zoonosis in the canary islands. in 1986, we detected, in a pilot study, residual antibodies of the infection in 3% of the population from lanzarote. in 1989, we performed a new study in order to assess seroprevalence of q fever among the adult native population from the island. we studied 390 human serums obtained from an statistically representative sample. age ranged from 30 to 64 years. out of 390 serums, 196 (50.25%) were obtained from men and 194 (49.74%) from women. t ...19921391577
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of antibodies against mycobacterium paratuberculosis in goats.using a heat and sonicated mycobacterium paratuberculosis cordoba antigen (coa1) and the commercial protoplasmic-antigen (ppa-3) as antigens, an elisa for detecting goat antibodies was standardized. when 2 reference populations, 1 positive (17 goats) and the other negative (63 goats) to disease, were used, this test showed 87.5% sensitivity and 93.6% specificity for coa1, and 88.2 and 95.2%, respectively for ppa-3. absorption with m phlei was performed; no significant differences were found for ...19911883088
newly generated neurons of the adult songbird brain become functionally active in long-term culture.the vocal control nucleus, hvc, of the songbird forebrain undergoes neurogenesis in adulthood, as ventricular zone precursor cells divide and their daughter cells migrate into the subjacent forebrain, where they differentiate into neurons. we have previously demonstrated that the migration and development of these new neurons can proceed in vitro, in hvc ventricular zone explant cultures derived from the adult canary hvc. by a combination of electron microscopy and electrophysiology, we now repo ...19921394968
the effect of male song on an estrogen-dependent behavior pattern in the female canary (serinus canarius). 1976992585
ancient skeletal remains of the canary islands: bone histology and chemical analysis.prehispanic burials from the canary islands are often well preserved. many of the bodies are mummified, most of them were not interred, but deposited in caves. bone histological and trace element analysis of 117 skeletons of the prehispanic period of the canary islands was performed. in some of the islands we have found a high prevalence of osteoporosis, whereas in others, histomorphometrically assessed trabecular bone mass (tbm) (in undecalcified iliac crest specimens) was in the normal range. ...19921444274
comparative susceptibility of culex tarsalis, anopheles franciscanus, and culiseta inornata (diptera: culicidae) to plasmodium relictum (haemosporidia: plasmodiiae).repeated laboratory attempts failed to infect culiseta inornata (williston) and anopheles franciscanus mccracken with plasmodium relictum as efficiently as culex tarsalis coquillett controls. of 210 an. franciscanus that imbibed a replete meal from a parasitemic canary, two were found with oocysts and none with sporozoites. of 112 cs. inornata similarly fed, seven contained oocysts and one contained sporozoites. in contrast, of 94 cx. tarsalis tested, 80 (85%) were found with oocysts, thus confi ...19901967655
testosterone facilitates some conspecific song discriminations in castrated zebra finches (taeniopygia guttata).an experiment was designed to test for the influence of testosterone on song discriminations. we found that testosterone did have an effect, which interacted with practice and the nature of the stimuli. fourteen adult castrated zebra finches (taeniopygia guttata) were grouped into seven pairs. in each pair, one bird was implanted with a testosterone-filled silastic tube and the other was implanted with an empty silastic tube. they were then trained on a go/no-go operant task to discriminate betw ...19921741392
[epidemiology of tuberculosis in the gran canary island].the aim of the present study was to obtain information about tuberculosis (tb) in our area that might contribute to assess the status in spain.19911857150
trace metals in limpets (patella sp) from the coast of santa cruz de tenerife (canary islands). 19921581679
structure and expression of canary myc family genes.we found that the canary n-myc gene is highly related to mammalian n-myc genes in both the protein-coding region and the long 3' untranslated region. examined coding regions of the canary c-myc gene were also highly related to their mammalian counterparts, but in contrast to n-myc, the canary and mammalian c-myc genes were quite divergent in their 3' untranslated regions. we readily detected n-myc and c-myc expression in the adult canary brain and found n-myc expression both at sites of prolifer ...19911996121
screening and confirmation of drugs in urine: interference of hordenine with the immunoassays and thin layer chromatography methods.hordenine cross-reacted with various enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) or radioimmunoassay (ria) kits used for the screening of urine samples. morphine-elisa kit was most sensitive, whereas etorphine- and buprenorphine-elisa kits were least sensitive to hordenine cross-reactivity. hordenine also interfered with the thin layer chromatography of oxymorphone, hydromorphone and apomorphine. the major source of hordenine in humans is beer brewed from barley, whereas the major source of horden ...19921618458
immunoreactive vasotocin in the zebra finch brain (taeniopygia guttata).the distribution of vasotocin (vt)-immunoreactive cells and fibers in the zebra finch brain was studied with immunocytochemical techniques. a large number of vt-immunoreactive cells was found in the nucleus preopticus anterior and nucleus paraventricularis. in the lateral parts of the hypothalamus diffusely organized vt-immunoreactive cells were present. some of these cells were found close to and embedded in the optic tract. an extra-hypothalamic parvocellular cell group was found at the level ...19921424081
inhibition of oestrogen-induced nest-building in the canary (serinus canarius) by stimuli from the nest. 1977833778
the effects of systemic androgen treatment on androgen accumulation in song control regions of the adult female canary brain.systemic treatment of adult female canaries (serinus canarius) with testosterone (t) induces song and increases the size of song control regions (scrs) in the brain. we used autoradiographic techniques to determine whether systemic t treatment also changes the accumulation of tritiated t or its metabolites by scr cells. t treatment did not change the proportion of t target cells in scrs, nor did it change the degree of cellular accumulation of t or its metabolites. neuronal density was not alter ...19902077100
distribution of protein phosphatase inhibitor-1 in brain and peripheral tissues of various species: comparison with darpp-32.the distribution of inhibitor-1, a cyclic amp-regulated inhibitor of protein phosphatase-1, was analyzed in various brain regions and peripheral tissues of various species by immunolabeling of sodium dodecyl sulfate-poly-acrylamide gel transfers using specific antibodies. the distribution of inhibitor-1 was directly compared to that of darpp-32, a structurally related cyclic amp-regulated inhibitor of protein phosphatase-1. in rat cns, a single immunoreactive protein of m(r) 30,000, identified a ...19921353788
suicide in the canary islands, 1977-1983.we studied suicide in the canary islands between 1977 and 1983 and found 775 cases, twice the official number of 381. this indicates the lack of validity and reliability of official figures for suicide in spain today. the figures reveal an upward trend in the canary islands, with the annual rate of 6.81 per 100,000 in 1977 having increased to 10.64 per 100,000 in 1983. there were no significant differences in the frequency of suicide according to season, month or day of the week.19911792925
mitochondrial dna variation and genetic structure in old-world populations of drosophila discover the relation between mitochondrial dna (mtdna) polymorphism and the geographic population structure of drosophila subobscura previously established for other genetic traits, a wide paleartic survey was carried out. a total of 24 nucleomorphs was observed among 261 isofemale lines assayed by 11 restriction endonucleases with 38 different sites in the mtdna cleavage map. the differentiation of the canary islands populations (delta = 0.0119) compared with the mean among all the other co ...19901969605
suicide in the canary islands: standardized epidemiological study by age, sex, and marital status.the authors analyze the distribution of suicides according to the variables of sex, age and marital status in the canary islands, during the period 1977-1983, by means of a register that they themselves created in order to correct serious deficiencies in the official data. there were notable differences between men and women, and the tendencies observed in each case are also very different. the authors argue that this makes it necessary to separate the sexes in the epidemiological studies on sui ...19921594975
an outbreak caused by mycoplasma mycoides species in goats in the canary islands. 19921595163
allergy to limpet.allergy to mollusk has rarely been described. the limpet, belonging to phylum mollusca, is one of the most frequent mollusks in the canary islands, as in all warm maritime regions. we report two cases of atopic patients who developed anaphylactic reactions after ingestion of this mollusk. type i hypersensitivity to limpet antigens was demonstrated by means of immediate skin test reactivity, specific ige determination by rast, and histamine release test to cooked limpet extract. the controls did ...19911796776
human enzyme polymorphism in the canary islands. iv. eastern islands.the genetic polymorphism of eight red cell enzymes was analyzed in four population samples from the two easternmost islands of the canary archipelago. no heterogeneity was detected within the islands, but differences between them were of the same magnitude as those found between the islands and the spanish mainland. the presence of the african g6pd-a+ and the rare g6pd-gc alleles seems to be a characteristic of all canarian populations studied.19911797632
ontogenetic and seasonal changes in immunoreactive vasotocin in the canary brain.using immunocytochemistry the central vt system of the canary was examined during ontogeny and throughout the season. at 4 weeks of age no vt-immunoreactive staining in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and lateral septum was present, but vt-containing cells and fibers were clearly visible in the nucleus paraventricularis of the hypothalamus. at 13 weeks of age a weak vt immunoreactivity appeared in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and lateral septum. this vt immunostaining increase ...19911914156
neurotoxic envenoming by an immigrant spider (steatoda nobilis) in southern england.a young woman was bitten on the shoulder by a female steatoda nobilis spider, in worthing on the south coast of england. she noticed intense radiating pain, local sweating (indicating parasympathetic stimulation) and feverishness. this immigrant species from the canary islands has established itself along the south coast of england in recent years. like the related mediterranean species s. paykulliana, s. nobilis may be of medical importance and deserves further study.19911801319
effect of a vasotocin analog on singing behavior in the canary.groups of juvenile and 1-year-old male canaries were treated briefly with the vasotocin (vt) analog desgly(nh2)9d(ch2)5-[tyr(me)2,thr4, orn8]vt (dgvta) during four time intervals between september and february. the canaries received subcutaneously testosterone-containing silastic implants at the start of the vt analog treatment to assure that despite age and season differences the birds would all have comparable plasma levels of testosterone. the vt analog was administered subcutaneously (0.7 mi ...19911813380
[leprosy: identification of an isolated case].leprosy is an infrequent disease in spain. 4,714 cases of leprosy was registered in the last national census (1979). the disease is still common in certain regions, such as levant, andalusia, extremadura, canary island and galicia. lepromatous type is more frequent, a typical hallmark of endemies with low activity or characterized by regression. we report a patient affected of borderline lepromatous leprosy with the following characteristics: 1) the only known case in his locality, 2) lack of re ...19921546198
the coalminer and the canary. 19911838380
clinical significance of aero-allergen identification in the western cape.positive identification and documentation of the seasonal variation of aero-allergens and the immune responses to them has important implications for the timing of allergen avoidance measures and the selection of patients suitable for immunotherapy. the relative abundance of aero-allergens in the cape peninsula during 1984-1987 was measured by continuous volumetric air sampling, using a burkard spore trap. mould spore counts of greater than 3,000 spores/m3 were found throughout the year and were ...19911989093
proliferation "hot spots" in adult avian ventricular zone reveal radial cell division.neurogenesis in the adult avian brain is restricted to the telencephalon. new neurons originate in the ventricular zone (vz) from cells that have not been identified. we mapped the position of [3h]thymidine-labeled cells in the walls of the ventricles of the adult canary brain. labeled vz cells were restricted to the telencephalon (lateral ventricles) and concentrated in "hot spots". the coincidence of these hot spots with regions rich in radial cells suggested that radial cells may be the cells ...19902369518
[method for carrying out an anthropometric study of the spanish population].presentation of the methodology used for an anthropometric study on the population of the canary islands. comments on the problems posed and discussion of the ideal solutions to these problems. evaluation of the calipers used, and establishing of possible bases for study on a national scale.19902078600
immunocytochemical localization of androgen receptors in the male songbird and quail brain.the distribution of androgen receptors was studied in the brain of the japanese quail (coturnix japonica), the zebra finch (taeniopygia guttata), and the canary (serinus canaria) by immunocytochemistry with a polyclonal antibody (ar32) raised in rabbit against a synthetic peptide corresponding to a sequence located at the n-terminus of the androgen receptor molecule. in quail, androgen receptor-immunoreactive cells were observed in the nucleus intercollicularis and in various nuclei of the preop ...19921578004
sound localization in small birds: absolute localization in azimuth.nine small birds of 3 species (melopsittacus undulatus, serinus canarius, and poephila guttata) were trained in an operant procedure to fly to sound sources for food reward. the angle between the 2 sound sources was varied on a session-by-session basis, and threshold (i.e., minimum resolvable angle) was taken as the angle that corresponded to a performance level of 75% correct. in all, thresholds were calculated for pure tones of 5 different frequencies, noise bands of 3 different spectral compo ...19911860306
forebrain-enriched rnas of the canary: a population analysis using hybridization kinetics.canaries and other songbirds offer unique advantages for analyzing the relationship between specific gene regulation and neural plasticity. to establish a quantitative profile of the population of rnas potentially involved in this regulation, we analyzed the solution hybridization kinetics of canary forebrain cytoplasmic polyadenylated rna. hybridization of forebrain cdna to forebrain rna provides evidence for rna species at individual concentrations ranging from less than 10(-6) to about 10(-3) ...19901688993
altered perception of species-specific song by female birds after lesions of a forebrain nucleus.female birds that do not normally sing possess brain nuclei associated with song production in males. to determine whether one song nucleus, the caudal nucleus of the ventral hyperstriatum (hvc), acts in conspecific song perception, courtship responses of female canaries to canary and white-crowned sparrow songs were compared before and after hvc lesions. bilateral lesions of a portion of the hvc resulted in copulation solicitations to heterospecific song as well as conspecific song. control fem ...19911987645
altered daylength affects dendritic structure in a song-related brain region in red-winged blackbirds.substantial neural and behavioral plasticity occurs in the avian song system in adulthood. changes in the volume of one of the song control nuclei, robustus archistriatalis (ra), have been associated with seasonal changes in singing behavior in adult canaries (serinus canarius) and red-winged blackbirds (agelaius phoeniceus). the present work assessed the effects of changed daylength on dendritic morphology in ra in adult male red-winged blackbirds. brains from hand-reared red-winged blackbirds ...19911759944
production and survival of projection neurons in a forebrain vocal center of adult male canaries.neurons are produced in the adult canary telencephalon. many of these cells are incorporated into the high vocal center (nucleus hvc), which participates in the control of learned song. in the present work, 3h-thymidine and fluorogold were employed to follow the differentiation and survival of hvc neurons born in adulthood. we found that many hvc neurons born in september grow long axons to the robust nucleus of the archistriatum (nucleus ra) and thus become part of the efferent pathway for song ...19912045885
[hereditary sideroblastic anemia in 3 canary island families]. 19911776117
[psittacosis as a cause of severe acute respiratory insufficiency: first case of this infection in the canary islands]. 19911888848
human enzyme polymorphism in the canary islands. iii. tenerife island population.we analyzed the genetic polymorphism of eight red cell enzymes in samples from different geographical areas of tenerife and the iberian peninsula. the gene frequency heterogeneity found within the tenerife samples was at the same level as that of tenerife-mainland comparisons. the presence of the negroid g6pd a+ allele in the tenerife samples is evidence of an african admixture with a mean estimation of 4.5%.19892591912
[prevalence of antibodies against coxiella burnetii in a healthy population in lanzarote (canary islands)].the canary islands area now appears to be a q-fever endemic zone, especially the west side (la palma island). the situation in the eastern islands in unknown. in order to evaluate the seric prevalence of coxiella burnetii, 100 serum samples that were taken from the adult population of lanzarote and, following strict criteria, were analysed using a complement fixation test; blood donors and patients who had suffered a recent infection were excluded. the study was carried out during november/1986. ...19911912190
[clinical diagnosis and differential diagnosis in ornamental birds].clinical diagnosis in companion birds consists of well established procedures such as case history, clinical observation, physical examination and further special investigations, e.g. radiology, endoscopy or clinical chemistry. also some peculiarities of the numerous bird species have to be taken into consideration. these are, for example, certain characteristics of the different species, the varieties of husbandry and environment as single caged birds or flocks in zoos and aviaries and, especia ...19902198683
neuronal development and migration in explant cultures of the adult canary forebrain.the vocal control nucleus (hvc) of the songbird forebrain undergoes neurogenesis in adulthood, as ventricular zone precursor cells divide, and their daughter cells migrate into the subjacent forebrain and differentiate into neurons. a procedure is now described by which the migration and development of these new neurons can be directly observed in vitro, in explant cultures of the adult canary forebrain. cultured explants have yielded extensive outgrowth of new neurons from 2 neurogenic regions ...19902204684
lateralization of syringeal function during song production in the canary.the canary (serinus canaria) vocal organ, the syrinx, has two separate sound sources, one in the cranial end of each bronchus. previous investigations of whether song syllables are produced unilaterally or bilaterally have provided two contradictory results, as one researcher suggested that almost all syllables are produced by the left side of the syrinx alone, whereas another researcher suggested that both sides contribute similarly to all syllables. our experiments, which involved unilateral b ...19902273402
delineation of a brain nucleus: comparisons of cytochemical, hodological, and cytoarchitectural views of the song control nucleus hvc of the adult canary.the present investigation used stable area-specific, neuronal properties instead of nissl stain to delineate the boundaries of the nucleus hyperstriatalis caudal c (hvc) in the telencephalon of the adult male canary. immunocytochemical procedures combined with retrograde tracing labeled a large population of perennial long-projecting neurons that contain estrogen receptors in the canary hvc. the hvc area defined by the distribution of these neurons was congruent with the hvc area defined in niss ...19902324332
purification and characterization of the enzymes of bile acid conjugation from fish liver.1. the two steps in bile acid conjugation have been studied in subcellular fractions of liver from three species of fish; vermillion rockfish, canary rockfish and ling codfish. 2. the bile acid: coenzyme a (coa) ligase activity in homogenates and isolated microsomes is undetectable due to indeterminate factors. 3. a purification scheme is presented which eliminates the interfering factors. the purified ligase was found to have a lower affinity for bile acids as compared to the mammalian form and ...19902344727
monoclonal antibody reveals radial glia in adult avian antibody prepared against adult canary brain, 40e-c, stains ventricular zone cells that send long, unbranched processes into the forebrain parenchyma. we identify these cells as radial glia. the same antibody also stains a subset of brain astroglia and reacts with nonbrain material such as mesenchyme, sertoli cells, and the z-line of muscle. a weaker reaction is given by erythrocytes and some endothelial cells. 40e-c also reacts with the radial glia of the developing rat brain but fails to sh ...19872445794
the carabelli trait in human prehistoric populations of the canary islands.the incidence of the different degrees of expression of carabelli's trait in the deciduous and permanent dentitions was obtained on 651 skulls of three human prehistoric aboriginal samples from gran canaria (n = 329), tenerife (n = 297) and la gomera (n = 25) islands. in the gran canaria sample, the total trait frequency for the permanent first molar was slightly greater in males, who also showed a higher degree of expression than females. however, in this sample, as well as in the tenerife samp ...19892651278
recognition of cyclic transmission of sarcocystis stehlinii n. sp. in the gran canarian giant lizard.the transmission of sarcocystis species via cannibalism seems to be common among lizards of the genus gallotia that are endemic to the canary islands. gran canarian giant lizards, gallotia stehlini, were screened for the presence of sarcosporidian parasites. sarcocysts, measuring 90-400 micrometers in length and 60-160 micrometers in width, were found in the musculature of the lizards' tails. in their feces the lizards passed sporocysts of 8.5(8.2-9.4) x 6.5(5.9-7.0) micrometers. a series of lab ...19892498493
postmating reproductive isolation and modification of the 'sex ratio' trait in drosophila subobscura induced by the sex chromosome gene arrangement a2+3+5+7.drosophila subobscura males were trapped in tunis, and mated to different lab strains. the offspring from 15% of these wild tunisian males consisted of more than 90% females. chromosome analysis showed that these males had carried the a2+3+5+7 which was described as 'sex ratio' chromosome, endemic in north africa and the canary islands. the mean female frequency in the total offspring of all trapped males was 61%. this percentage was stable for more than ten years. f1 females from the mating of ...19902090560
third molar agenesis in human prehistoric populations of the canary islands.the occurrence of third molar agenesis was recorded in a sample of 1,492 maxillary and 1,718 mandibular arches belonging to the prehistoric settlers of the gan canaria, tenerife, and la gomera islands (canary islands). there were significant sex differences only in the tenerife sample for the maxilla, the incidence in females being higher than in males. in the gran canaria sample, the total frequency (male and female combined) of third molar agenesis (individual count method) was 8.7% for the ma ...19892662782
[several linguistic observations on the mongol anthropological problem].the origin and migratory ways of mongols during the neolithic period are hitherto unsettled. this paper remembers any facts of comparative linguistics which demonstrate remnants of a protomongolian substratum in olden and living languages of central asia, the near orient, europe, and the canary islands.19892691321
[effect of roasted wheat flour on the intestinal absorption and zinc metabolism of rats].24 experiences have been carried in 8 younger wistar female rats that been submitted to three different diets considering fibers and phytates, with the purpose to demonstrate if "gofio de trigo" of popular consumption in canary islands, and rich in these substances affects intestinal absorption of zinc in the diet. authors have observed a very significant elevation of zinc in feces, during the control period. an important decrease of zinc in hair has been observed indicating a deficit of corpora ...19882837116
expiratory muscle activity during song production in the canary.elaborate respiratory patterns accompany song production in male canaries (serinus canaria). to learn how such patterns arise, electromyographic activity was measured in the expiratory muscles in the abdomen. most song phrases are accompanied either by mini-breaths (when syllable repetition rates are 2 to 27/sec) or by pulsatile expiration (when syllable repetition rates are 30 to 38/sec). in both cases there is a one-to-one correspondence between bursts of expiratory muscle electrical activity ...19902148217
new contribution to the ethnopharmacological study of the canary islands.we present in this paper a report of 155 species used for medicinal purpose in the canary islands. these species have been compiled in 13 tables in accordance with their main medicinal use, indicating also other possible popular uses. we have made a short inventory of the rates of the most important medicinal applications. this new compilation shows once more the traditional use of the phytotherapeutic resources by the canary population and also the wide possibilities of the phytochemical and ph ...19892716345
isolation of free-living amoebas from the intestinal contents of reptiles.a total of 508 reptiles captured at canary islands (spain) was examined for free-living amoebas. two hundred seventy-three clones of amoebas were isolated by culture of gut contents, 157 of them belonging to the genus acanthamoeba and 12 to the genus naegleria.19892926597
immunoglobulin e antibodies against budgerigar and canary 212 sera from budgerigar and canary fanciers with symptoms of rhinitis and/or bronchial asthma, ige antibodies against budgerigar feathers (budf) or canary feathers (canf) were determined. in 25 of 98 canf-specific ige antibody measurements, and in 28 of 154 budf-specific ige antibody measurements, a significant (6% or more binding of 125i-anti-ige) level of specific ige was found. in 3 sera with the highest levels of canf- or budf-specific ige, ige antibodies against sera from both birds wer ...19852410373
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