the relative importance of monoamine oxidase and catechol-o-methyl transferase on the physiologic response to administered norepinephrine in the turkey. 1975200
classification of acute bacterial meningitis cases according to their etiology, seen in a children's hospital in ankara from march 1973 to april a 14 months period, as from march 1973 to april 1974 468 cases of acute bacterial meningitis have been diagnosed by c.s.f. findings; namely by examining the protein and sugar content, by the cell counts, gram's staining and culturing of the sediments of c.s.f. 188 cases were proven by culturing to be meningococcic meningitis. all these cases are from the families living in suburban areas of the city under crowded circumstances, which show the importance of population density in the epidemiolo ...19766862
circular dichroism studies on turkey liver fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase. 197611135
the insulin receptor of the turkey erythrocyte: similarity to mammalian insulin receptors.avian erythrocytes possess insulin receptors which have binding properties that are virtually identical to those of the well studied mammalian insulin receptors. the affinity for porcine insulin was identical for the turkey and mammalian receptors over the entire range of insulin concentrations, as was the affinity of each of four insulin analogues which differed 300-fold in biological potency. insulin induced acceleration of dissociation (i.e., the negatively cooperativite site-site interaction ...197711989
agonist-specific alterations in receptor binding affinity associated with solubilization of turkey erythrocyte membrane beta adrenergic receptors. 197825377
in vitro measurement of the beta-adrenergic blocking properties of orf 12592, the 5-hydroxy analog of propranolol.orf 12592 caused concentration-dependent inhibition of isoproterenol stimulated adenylate cyclase activity in sarcolemma-enriched membrane preparations of guinea-pig myocardium. its potency was slightly less than that of d,l-propranolol. orf 12592 did not stimulate basal enzyme activity, suggesting it to be devoid of intrinsic sympathomimetic activity. it produced no marked inhibition of basal activity, nor did it inhibit sodium fluoride stimulated enzyme activity, indicating that the compound a ...197828704
unsuccessful attempts to infect culicoides with israel turkey virus. 197830269
proceedings of the fifteenth congress of the european dialysis and transplant association, istanbul, turkey, 1978. 197833380
natural, genetically determined resistance toward influenza virus in hemopoietic mouse chimeras. role of mononuclear phagocytes.radiation chimeras produced by crosswise transfers of bone-marrow cell among histocompatible mice susceptible, or genetically resistant, to lethal challenge by a number of myxoviruses were used to test whether macrophage resistance (as assessed in vitro) and resistance of the animal (as measured in vivo), both previously shown to be brought about by the gene mx, were causally related. 49 chimeras were tested individually, both of resistance of their macrophages to in vitro challenge with m-tur ( ...197936443
[diseases of the respiratory system--a discussion among experts]. 197939466
antigenic surface determinants of chicken lymphoid cells. ii. selective in vivo and in vitro activity of anti-bursa and anti-thymus sera.appropriately absorbed turkey antisera to antigenic surface determinants of chicken bursa (abs) or thymus cells (ats) were assessed for their selective immunosuppressive activy in vitro and in vivo. the intraperitoneal injection of abs or ats into 2-3-week-old normal white leghorn chickens entailed a significant depletion of b or t cells respectively from spleen and peripheral blood, while bursa and thymus themselves remained unaffected. the potential of this 'peripheral serological bursectomy a ...197547306
turkey syndrome 65, oedema syndrome and mycoplasma meleagridis.comparisons of liver histology and serum protein characteristics from cases of oedema syndrome and from poults with mycoplasma meleagridis induced ascites revealed that the two conditions, though presenting grossly similar post mortem appearances, are different entities. serum albumin concentrations, but not total serum protein levels, were markedly reduced in poults with m meleagridis induced ascites and in those with turkey syndrome 65. poults which were infected with m meleagridis but which f ...197548271
the incidence of hepatitis-b-antigen and anti-hepatitis-b among blood donors in ndola, zambia.hepatitis-b antigen (hbsag) was detected in the sera of 29 or 250 (11.6%) blood donors in ndola, zambia, most of whom were prisoners or students. the incidence among prisoners was 15.1%, among students only 1.6%. thirteen sera were subtyped, nine carried the y and four the d antigenic determinant. although there was a marked difference in the incidence of hbs antigen between prisoners and students, when donors were tested for antibody to hbsag (anti-hbs) this positive. overall, anti-hbs was dete ...197549111
mechanism of phosphonoacetate inhibition of herpesvirus-induced dna polymerase.phosphonoacetate was an effective inhibitor of both the marek's disease herpesvirus- and the herpesvirus of turkey-induced dna polymerase. using the herpesvirus of turkey-induced dna polymerase, phosphonoacetate inhibition studies for the dna polymerization reaction and for the deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate-pyrophosphate exchange reaction were carried out. the results demonstrated that phosphonoacetate inhibited the polymerase by interacting with it at the pyrophosphate binding site to create ...197655273
letter: cervical arthorosis in a young man subjected to electric shock during imprisonment. 197548881
relation between common antigen and membrane antigens associated with marek's disease herpesvirus and turkey herpesvirus infections.the appearance of two kinds of membrane antigen (ma) in marek's disease herpesvirus (mdhv) or herpesvirus of turkey (hvt) infected cells was examined using antiserum to the common antigen (common-ag). no early-appearing ma(ema) was detected in these cultures until 16 hours post-inoculation, after which a number of cells in these cultures had late-appearing membrane antigen (lma) as detected by immunofluorescence (if). fluids from cultures infected with these viruses were examined for the presenc ...197658652
a reassessment of the distribution of multiple sclerosis. part one.when reviewed some 10 years ago, available prevalence studies of multiple sclerosis (ms) seemed to divide the world into three frequency zones for ms: high prevalence at 30 to 60 per 100,000 population; medium at 5 to 15; and low at less than 5 per 100,000. in the last decade the number of the available studies has more than tripled. their reassessment, including judgments of comparability, still indicates a high-medium-low division of ms frequency world-wide. the risk areas comprise northern eu ...197546682
isolation of lectin receptors from turkey erythrocyte membranes [proceedings]. 197666018
the beta-adrenergic receptor of turkey erythrocyte membranes: conformational modification by beta-adrenergic agonists. 197935165
isolation of virus-induced antigens from cells infected with marek's disease and turkey herpesviruses. 197566181
immunologic tolerance to hgg in mice. i. suppression of the hgg response in normal mice with spleen cells or a spleen cell lysate from tolerant mice.adoptive transfer of spleen cells or spleen cell lysates from mice tolerant to human-gamma-globulin (hgg) specifically suppressed the response of normal syngeneic recipients to hgg. the suppressive activity could be transferred for over 100 days after tolerance induction. the suppression induced by both spleen cells and spleen cell lysate was found to be specific as evidenced by a normal response to a challenge with turkey-gamma-globulin or goat erythrocytes. the activity of the suppressive lysa ...197767151
outbreaks of salmonella food-poisoning over a period of eight years from a common an outbreak of turkey-borne food-poisoning lasting 8 years there were 185 cases and 1 death. 10 incidents were traced to one breeding establishment. the investigation of the outbreak revealed the advantage of close medicoveterinary collaboration.197768344
enrichment of antigen-specific b lymphocytes by the direct removal of b cells not bearing specificity for the antigen.antigen-specific b cells (asc) were purified from other b cells by prior incubation with specific antigen followed by rosetting with erythrocytes conjugated with anti-mouse ig and sedimenting on ficoll-isopaque. this procedure allowed the removal of most of the b cells, while those speicifc for the antigen used in incubation were retained. relative to the b-cell content, asc were enriched 64- to 132-fold. the method is highly specific in that b cells primed to two different antigens, turkey gamm ...197769002
[structure and function of virus-induced antigens in cultured cells infected with marek's disease and turkey herpes viruses. i. alteration of the immunological specificity of plasma membranes in infected cells (author's transl)].virus-induced proteins were detected in the plasma membranes of cells infected with marek's disease (mdv) and turkey herpes (hvt) viruses and analyzed by biochemical and serological methods. the virus-induced membrane proteins were shown to induce virus-neutralizing antibodies and to protect inoculated chickens against the challenge infection with oncogenic mdv. two virus-induced proteins at least were also demonstrated by the sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the purified plasma membran ...197772346
hyperaccumulation of nickel by alyssum linnaeus (cruciferae).herbarium specimens of all except one of the 168 recognized species of alyssum linnaeus have been analysed for their nickel content in order to identify hyperaccumulators (greater than 1000 microgram per g dry mass) of nickel. a further 31 hyperaccumulators (all in section odontarrhena) were discovered in addition to the 14 european species reported earlier. pot trials on the non-accumulator a. serpyllifolium desfontaines and the hyperaccumulator a. pintodasilvae dudley in ed. involving addition ...197934161
difference absorption spectra, circular dichroism, and disulfide cleavage of hen and turkey lysozymes in the alkaline ph region.the difference absorption spectra of hen and turkey lysozymes in the alkaline ph region had three maxima at around 245, 292, and 300 nm and had no isosbestic points. the ratio of the extinction difference at 245 nm to that at 295 nm changed with ph. these spectral features are quite different from those observed when only tyrosyl residues are ionized, and it was impossible to determine precisely the pk values of the tyrosyl residues in lysozyme by spectrophotometric titration. a time-dependent s ...197933976
[regular dialysis and transplantation therapy in europe in 1977. 15th congress of the european dialysis and transplantation society and the 7th conference of the european society of dialysis and transplantation nurses, istanbul, june 3-7, 1978]. 197830538
nmr and enzymatic investigation of the interaction between elastase and sodium ph 5.5, sodium trifluoroacetate is a potent competitive inhibitor of porcine elastase (ki = 2.6 mm) and human leukocyte elastase (ki = 9.3 mm). for both enzymes the ki increases strongly with ph. sodium fluoride is inactive on pancreatic elastase and sodium acetate is a weak inhibitor of this enzyme. trifluoroethanol inhibits both enzymes but is less active than trifluoroacetate in acidic ph conditions. bovine trypsin and alpha-chymotrypsin are resistant to the action of sodium trifluoroaceta ...197828776
properties and partial purification of the detergent-solubilized insulin receptor: a demonstration of negative cooperativity in micellar solution.turkey erythrocytes possess insulin receptors with binding properties very similar to those of mammalian insulin receptors. in the present study, the insulin receptor of the avian erythrocyte has been solubilized in triton x-100, extensively characterized and partially purified, and its properties compared to those of the membrane-bound receptor. the solubilized insulin receptor has a stokes radius of 70 a and an apparent molecular weight of 300 000 in 0.05% triton. the binding of insulin to the ...197827236
magnetic coupling of the molybdenum and iron-sulphur centres in xanthine oxidase and xanthine dehydrogenases.magnetic interaction between molybdenum and one of the iron-sulphur centres in milk xanthine oxidase lowe, lynden-bell & bray (1972) biochem. j. 130, 239-249 was studied further, with particular reference to the newly discovered mo(v) e.p.r.(electron-paramagnetic-resonance) signal, resting ii lowe, barber, pawlik & bray (1976) biochem. j. 155, 81-85. e.p.r. measurements at 35ghz near to 4.2k showed that the interaction has the same sign at all molybdenum orientations and is ferromagnetic. the pr ...197825647
fluorescence spectra of hen, turkey, and human lysozymes excited at 305 nm. 197824044
animal influenza virus neuraminidase: studies on dependence of some of its properties on its association with hemagglutinin.neuraminidase (nase) thermostability and sensitivity to ph treatment as well as specific enzymatic activity (nase activity per 1 ha unit) were determined in two groups of animal influenza virus strains containing equine 1 and equine 2 nase subtypes, respectively (a/equine/prague/56 (heq1 neq1), a/equine/cambridge/63 (heq1 neq1), a/fpv/dutch/34 (hav1 neq1), a/chicken/germany "n" (hav2 neq1), in one group, and a/equine/miami/1/63 (heq2 neq2), a/turkey/canada/63 (hav6 neq2), a/duck/ukraine/1/63 (ha ...197723976
an in vitro model for induction of immunological unresponsiveness to turkey gamma-globulin in primed mouse spleen cells. i. the secondary in vitro response and induction of unresponsiveness. 197985495
an in vitro model for induction of immunologic unresponsiveness to turkey gamma-globulin in primed mouse spleen cells, ii. antigen-specific suppressor cells. 197985496
probing of beta-adrenergic receptors by novel fluorescent beta-adrenergic blockers.the synthesis of two high-affinity fluorescent beta-adrenergic blockers is described: dl-n(1)-2-hydroxy-3-(1-naphthyloxy)propyl-n(2)-(9-acridyl)-1,2-propanediamine (9-aminoacridylpropanolol, 9-aap) and dl-n-2-hydroxy-3-(1-naphthyloxy)propyl-n'-dansylethylenediamine (dansyl analogue of propranolol, dapn). both 9-aap and dapn inhibit competitively the l-epinephrine-dependent adenylate cyclase activity atp pyrophosphate-lyase (cyclizing), ec in turkey erythrocyte membranes without affecting ...197723531
direct immunofluorescence tests with counterstains for detection of chlamydia psittaci in infected avian tissues.different methods of preparation and serological evaluation of rabbit globulins for use in fluorescent antibody conjugate and different methods of counterstaining with fluorescent antibody tests were evaluated for detection of chlamydia psittaci in infected turkey tissues. the agar gel precipitin reaction was that chosen for testing and selecting antiserums to be used for fluorescein isothiocyanate conjugation. the fluorescent antibody staining was most pronounced with conjugate made from globul ...197991417
isolation and cell culture propagation of rotaviruses from turkeys and chickens.rotaviruses were detected by electron microscopy in the faeces of turkey poults and broiler chickens with diarrhoea. apparently symptomless infection was also observed in broilers. the avian rotaviruses could not be isolated in cell cultures by conventional techniques, but were adapted to serial growth in chick cell cultures following trypsin treatment of the virus and the cells. immunofluorescence studies showed that the avian and mammalian rotaviruses are antigenically related. antibodies to r ...197992979
turkey anti-human beta 2-microglobulin reveals false positive reactions observed with dr antisera. 197993816
characterization of turkey myelin basic protein isolated by a simple procedure.highly purified basic proteins have been isolated from bovine and turkey brains by a novel method employing acid-acetone extraction. the final product gave a single band on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis at ph 4.3 and in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate. both proteins have arginine at the cooh-terminus while the nh2-terminal residue cannot be detected and is probably blocked. a higher ratio of histidine to lysine and a greater proportion of serine and valine was found for the turkey co ...197994040
[pesticide residues in poppy seed (author's transl)].131 samples of poppy seed imported in 1977, 1978, and 1979 were analyzed for organochlorine pesticides. the average and maximum residue levels were 0.05 and 0.42 ppm for bhc-isomers without lindane, 0.07 and 0.40 ppm for lindane, 0.016 and 0.14 ppm for total dddt (ddt, ddd, and dde). other pesticides could not be detected. the residue level was much higher in the first half year of our examination. poppy seed from eastern europe and turkey showed appreciably higher contamination than imports fro ...197994201
genetic regulation of cfa expression in interspecific avian hybrids and somatic cell hybrids.chicken fetal-leukemic antigen (cfa) is an oncodevelopmental antigen present on embryonic and neonatal chicken peripheral red blood cells (rbcs) but is not restricted to fetal stages of development in other avian species. crosses between white leghorn chickens and japanese quail resulted in adult hybrids whose peripheral rbcs were positive for cfa. of the four cfa determinants normally found in adult quail rbcs, only two were present on quail-chicken hybrid rbcs. adult quail--chicken hybrid rbcs ...197994262
[alpha fetoprotein titers in hbsag positive hospital personnel].a survey was carried on the sera secured from the ankara university hospital for hbsag. out of 23 hbsag positive sera, four sera was demonstrated containing high levels of alpha-feto-protein, by haemagglutination test (mochida). the cases were being followed up and within one year, second testing also proved high levels. one of them suffered from hepatitis two years ago and working at gynecology clinic as nurse.197995521
studies on the pathogenesis of hemorrhagic enteritis of turkeys.the infectivity of turkey hemorrhagic enteritis (he) virus was studied in poults with no detectable maternal antibody and in turkeys bursectomized or injected with killed-virus preparations. poults less than three weeks old were not infected by hemorrhagic enteritis virus, and survivors were susceptible to challenge at the age of eight weeks. three- and four-week-old poults were susceptible to he, and survivors resisted challenge. bursectomy partially interfered with the immune response but did ...197898158
decreased iron and zinc absorption in turkish children with iron deficiency and geophagia.oral iron and zinc tolerance tests were performed in 12 patients between 8 and 21 years of age, with iron deficiency anemia and geophagia. decreased iron and zinc absorption were detected respectively in patients against the elevated absorption curves in control subjects. iron and zinc malabsorption may be an additional feature of the syndrome characterized by geophagia, iron deficiency anemia, hepatosplenomegaly, hypogonadism and dwarfism observed in turkey and iran.197898953
studies on avian erythrocyte metabolism. vii. effect of inositol pentaphosphate and other organic phosphates on oxygen affinity of the embryonic and adult-type hemoglobins of the turkey embryo.the effects of 2, 3-diphosphoglyceric acid (2, 3-dpg), adenosine triphosphate (atp), inositol tetraphosphate (itp), inositol pentaphosphate (ipp), and inositol hexaphosphate (ihp) on oxygen affinity of whole stripped hemoglobin (wsh), hemoglobin h (hb-h; hatching hemoglobin), hemoglobin a (hb-a), and hemoglobin d (hb-d) isolated from erythrocytes (rbc) of the 25-day turkey embryo have been studied. the order of the decrease in oxygen affinity induced by these organic phosphates, at molar ratios ...197721150
mosquito transmission of wild turkey malaria, plasmodium hermani.culex nigripalpus experimentally transmitted plasmodium hermani, a plasmodium of wild turkeys (meleagris gallopavo) in florida. the mosquitoes were infected by feeding upon blood induced parasitemias in domestic turkey poults. the resulting sporozoites, transmitted by either mosquito bites or injection, produced malaria infections in domestic poults.197717017
[cervical rib syndrome or subarachnoidal hemorrhage?]. 1979104169
[the mathematical rationale for the clinical eeg frequency bands. 2. stability of the factor structure with samples from two different countries and with repeated measurements for placebo treatment (author's transl)]. 1978104860
[disease spectrum in foreigners (proceedings)]. 1979107403
hemoglobin moabit: alpha 86 (f7) leu leads to arg: a new unstable abnormal hemoglobin.a new alpha chain abnormal hemoglobin variant was found in a turkish patient with a mild heinz body hemolytic anemia and splenomegaly. the substitution alpha 86 leu leads to arg, which is next to the heme binding proximal histidine, is responsible for a marked instability of the molecule. the oxygen affinity of the erythrocytes was found to be slightly decreased.1979108887
characteristics of two new reticuloendotheliosis virus isolates of turkeys.reticuloendotheliosis (re) virus strains mn81 and mn67 isolated from epiornithics of re in turkeys were partially characterized. strains mn81 and mn67 replicated in chicken embryo fibroblast,duck embryo fibroblast and turkey embryo-fibroblast cultures and produced syncytial cytopathic effects in duck embryo fibroblast and turkey embryo fibroblast cultures. the virions of mn81 and mn67 measured approximately 100 nm in diameter, resembled re virus strain t, and could be distinguished from avian le ...197715487
[echinococcosis]. 1979111086
interactions of alpha- and beta-n-acetyl-d-glucosamines with hen and turkey lysozymes.the binding constants of alpha- and beta-glcnac to hen and turkey lysozymes ec were determined at various ph's using the method proposed by ikeda and hamaguchi (1975) j. biochem. 77, 1-16). the ph dependence of the binding of beta-glcnac to hen lysozyme was essentially the same as that for turkey lysozyme. the ph dependence curves of the binding constants of beta-glcnac to hen and turkey lysozymes were interpreted in terms of the participation of glu 35 (pk 6.0), asp 52 (pk 3.5), asp 48 ...197610283
acid-base balance, plasma electrolytes and production performance of adult turkey hens under conditions of increasing ambient temperature.turkey hens were exposed to stepwise increases in ambient temperature from 21 degrees c. to 25 degrees c. to 30 degrees c. to 35 degrees c. at two-week intervals. dietary calcium levels to 1.54, 2.01 and 2.48 percent were fed. acid-base balance, plasma electrolytes and production performance were studied. the temperature increase caused a significant (p less than 0.05) decrease in plasma sodium, calcium, and magnesium, and in egg production, shell thickness and egg weight and a significant (p le ...19756953
production of cells and viruses in a new multiple-tube tissue culture propagator.a novel method for large-scale culture of anchorage-dependent cells is described. culture vessels were constructed by using roller bottles and pyrex tubing. parallel glass tubes, equally spaced by silicone rings and inserted into the roller bottles, provided an increased culture area. the roller bottles were fitted with a second opening for medium recirculation. culture vessels of 1,000-, 4,000-, 8,000- and 16,000-cm2 growth area were constructed to propagate vero, bs-c-1, primary chicken embryo ...1979115897
changes in plasma electrolytes, acid-base balance and other physiological parameters of adult female turkeys under conditions of acute hyperthermia.the effects of acute hyperthermia on certain physiological parameters of turkey hens was studied. it was found that the response of the turkey to hyperthermia is similar to the reported response of the chicken. the birds began panting and the average body temperature increased 0.1 degrees c. as the ambient temperature reached 32 degrees c. the panting or polypnea induced a profound respiratory alkalosis in the turkeys. the acute hyperthermia also caused a significant (p less than 0.05) decrease ...19756952
binding of n-acetyl-chitotriose to human lysozyme.the interaction of n-acetyl-chitotriose ((glcnac)3) with human lysozyme ec was studied at various ph values by measuring changes in the circular dichroic (cd) band at 294 or 255 nm and the data were compared with the results for hen and turkey lysozymes reported previously (kuramitsu et al. (1974) j. biochem.76, 671-683; kuramitsu et al. (1975) j. biochem. 77, 291-301). the ph dependence of the binding constant of (glcnac)3 to human lysozyme was different from those for hen and turkey l ...19756438
ph dependence of the binding constants of n-acetylglucosamine monomers to hen and turkey egg-white lysozymes.the binding constants of n-acetylglucosamine (g1cnac) and its methyl alpha- and beta- glycosides to hen and turkey egg-white lysozymes ec, in the latter of which asp 101 is replaced by gly, were determined at various ph values by measuring changes in the circular dichroic (dc) band at 295 nm. the binding of beta-methyl-g1cnac to turkey and hen lysozymes perturbed the pk value of glu 35 from 6.0 to 6.5, the pk value of asp 52 from 3.5 to 3.9, and the pk value of asp 66 from 1.3 to 0.7. i ...19755413
[problems with malaria. epidemiology, clinical aspects and therapy]. 1979120503
effects on tryptophyl absorption of the ionization of the catalytic carboxyls in hen and turkey lysozymes.the difference spectra of hen and turkey egg-white lysozymes ec produced by acidification were measured. the difference spectra of both lysozymes had peaks at 295 and 301 nm which are characteristic of tryptophyl residues. the ph dependence curves of the extinction differences (delta eplision) at 301 nm and 295 nm for hen lysozyme were identical with the corresponding curves for turkey lysozyme. the ph dependence of delta eplision at 301 nm was analyzed assuming that the extinction at 3 ...19752583
immunocompetent cells of the turkey: antigenic surface determinants of turkey lymphoid cells.the serologic properties of chicken antiserums to turkey bursa and thymus were assayed by the cytotoxicity tests and indirect immunofluorescence. the following antigenic surface determinants were detected, using proper absorptions on thymic and bursal lymphoic cells: (a) common lymphocyte antigens present on both kinds of cells, (b) thymus-specific antigens, (c) bursa-specific antigens, and (d) immunoglobulin surface determinants in bursa cells, as revealed by direct immunofluorescence.197660072
effect of furazolidone on heart weights and myocardial moisture content in turkey poults.furazolidone (fz) at 700 ppm in feed mixtures fed turkey poults from 2 to 5 weeks posthatching significantly increased the ratio of heart weight to body weight (p less than 0.001) and myocardial moisture content (p less than 0.05). the increase in myocardial moisture content is believed to be related to increased glycogen deposition under the influence of fz since fz removal from the diet decreased myocardial glycogen levels and moisture content to normal levels.1975126058
characterization of a new serotype of marek's disease herpesvirus.the hprs-24 strain of marek's disease herpesvirus was selected for closer study from a group of virus isolates that appeared apathogenic under standard test conditons. protection studies revealed an immunological relationship between this virus strain and acute marek's disease herpesvirus. in chicken kidney cell cultures, the hprs-24 strain caused small and slowly developing plaques, and the proportion of infected cells was less than with other strains. in chicken embryo fibroblast cultures, thi ...197566180
[zaza panaskerteli-tsitsishvili, georgian scientist and physician (on the 550th anniversary of his birth)]. 1975128131
[veterinary-sanitary measures on turkey farms]. 1975129930
the mechanism of partial agonism in the beta-receptor dependent adenylate cyclase of turkey erythrocytes. 197943466
[role of pyrazinamide in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in the light of comparison of the data of the international antituberculosis union in istanbul in 1977 and the materials of the conference in biaƂystok]. 197942043
histochemical study of polysaccharides in the aortic arch of some birds.the histochemical study of polysaccharides in the aortic arch of the black vulture, turkey, peking duck, goose and duck, showed that a sialo-mucopolysaccharidic complex is present in the vessel wall and consists of: sialic acid, neutral mucopolysaccharides, hyaluronic acid and chondrotin sulfate. the concentration of mucopolysaccharides, mainly of the acidic ones, decreases from the inner portions of the media towards the adventicia.1977140838
benzene and leukemia. 197875463
[differential diagnosis leprosy]. 197876621
the structure of the harderian and lacrimal gland ducts of the turkey, fowl and duck. a light microscope study.the secretory ducts of the harderian and lacrimal glands of the turkey, fowl and duck are similar in both structure and function. the single duct of each gland is lined by mucus-secreting epithelium. the epithelial cells vary from cuboidal to columnar, and goblet cells of three types are found. type a, the most numerous, contain neutral mucopolysaccharides, type b have mixed acid and sulphated mucosubstances and type c, the least numerous, contain acid mucins. in both ducts glycogen is present i ...1979155668
characterization of an apparently nononcogenic marek's disease virus.a new isolate of marek's disease virus (mdv) was described. this virus, sb, and a clone, sb-1, differed from pathogenic isolates in in vitro growth characteristics as described for other apathogenic isolates. serologically, as with other apathogenic isolates, sb could be distinguished from pathogenic mdv and the avirulent turkey herpesvirus. sb failed to induce lesions characteristic of marek's disease (md) during a 6- to 11-week experimental period. also, sb was nononcogenic in immunosuppressed ...197876680
marker rescue of endogenous cellular genetic information related to the avian leukosis virus gene encoding rna-directed dna polymerase.endogenous cellular genetic information related to the avian leukosis virus gene encoding rna-directed dna polymerase was studied, using a marker rescue assay to detect biological activity of subgenomic fragments of virus-related dnas of uninfected avian cells. recipient cultures of chicken embryo fibroblasts were treated with sonicated dna fragments and were infected with a temperature-sensitive mutant of rous sarcoma virus that encoded a thermolabile dna polymerase. wild-type progeny viruses w ...197876685
contaminants in human milk.there is a paucity of information regarding excretion of contaminants in human milk, due to experimental difficulties and until recently a general lack of interest. because of the high fat content of milk and as its acidity is higher than that of plasma, nearly all liposoluble and basic agents consumed by the mother will be excreted in the milk. distinction must be made between, on the one hand drugs and social toxicants such as smoking and alcohol, whose intake can be stopped or limited during ...197880916
allometric radial growth in muscle, comparing fibres with strong and with weak adenosine triphosphatase activity.a large flock of male and female white turkeys (meleagris gallopavo) was reared for 22 weeks after hatching. at two weeks intervals small groups of birds were removed from the flock and killed. samples of sartorius muscles were taken from the bird nearest the mean weight for its group. transverse frozen sections were tested for atpase activity by calcium method at ph 9.4. fibres were separated into two categories (strong-atpase and weak-atpase) and their mean minimum diameters were measured with ...1979161561
use of turkey anti-human beta2-microglobulin antisera for identification of dr antibodies. 197883720
induction of lymphocyte cytotoxicity by modification of the effector or target cells with periodate or with neuraminidase and galactose oxidase.treatment of mouse spleen cells with periodate (naio4) or with neuraminidase and galactose oxidase (nago) induces blastogenesis and renders the cells cytotoxic to mastocytoma (p815) target cells. treatment of target cells (p815 cells and turkey erythrocytes) with naio4 or with nago renders them susceptible to cytolysis by untreated mouse spleen cells. the cytotoxicity induced by naio4 is reduced upon reacting the naio4-treated, effector or target cells with borohydride or hydroxylamine. thus the ...1975163281
the usefulness of the nonspecific skin hyperreactivity (the pathergy test) in behçet's disease in turkey.49 of 58 (84%) patients with behçet's disease in turkey had a positive pathergy test; the same test proved positive in 3 of the 90 (3%) of healthy and diseased contols.197984476
in ovo assay for marek's disease virus and turkey herpesvirus.marek's disease virus (mdv) and the turkey herpesvirus (hvt) may be assayed on the chorioallantoic membrane (cam) of the chicken embryo after intravenous inoculation of chicken embryo fibroblasts (cef) or chicken blood leukocytes infected with these viruses. free hvt, mdv associated with marek's tumor cells, and lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from marek's tumors, may be assayed in the same way. the intravenous assay is quicker than the yolk sac assay and somewhat more sensitive than in vitro ...1975164413
direct determination of ligand interactions with beta-adrenergic receptors on intact turkey erythrocytes: correlation of binding with biological activity.previous studies on the interaction of labeled beta-adrenergic blockers with beta-adrenergic receptors have employed broken cell or membrane preparations. we have now carried out direct binding analysis on intact turkey erythrocytes employing the potent, high specific activity blocker 125i-hydroxbenzylpindolol (hyp). 125ihyp binds to a single class of receptor sites with a k of 5.3 x 10(10)m-1 and a binding capacity of 400-500 sites/cell. these results as well as the kinetics of association and ...197611095
specific suppression of the immune response by hgg tolerant spleen cells. i. parameters affecting the level of suppression.after adoptive transfer, the spleen cells from mice made tolerant to human gamma-globulin (hgg) specifically suppress the immune response of normal spleen cells. however, this suppressive activity in the spleen cells of tolerant mice is only present for a brief period after treatment with tolerogen. spleen cells from animals injected 10 days earlier with tolerogen reduce the immune response of an equal number of normal spleen cells by 75%. spleen cells from mice made tolerant 40 days previously ...197658041
qualitative and quantitative histochemical changes in the caecum and liver of turkeys infected with histomonas meleagridis.changes in the amount and distribution of acid and alkaline phosphatase, non-specific esterase, glycogen, lipid and acid mucopolysaccharide in the caecal wall and liver of turkey poults infected with histomonas meleagridis have been studied histochemically. a microdensitometer was used to measure changes in activity and distribution of acid phosphatase and non-specific esterase in the caecal mucosa. during the course of the infection there is a marked reduction in activity and distribution of ac ...1976130607
[neo-natal hyperbilirubinemia and g-6-pd ankara deficiency, a new enzymatic variant discovered in a turkish family (author's transl)].a g-6-pd deficiency has been found in a turkish male premature with neo-natal hyperbilirubinemia. his parents have no hemolytic antecedents. the propositus has a severe enzym deficiency in erythrocytes, a very decreased activity in leukocytes and platelets. his mother was heterozygous for this variant and his father had no abnormality. the deficient enzym was a new variant: g-6-pd ankara. the main characteristics of this variant were the following: 1 degree severe enzym deficiency in erythrocyte ...1975132644
elastase secretion by stimulated macrophages. characterization and regulation.thioglycolate-stimulated mouse peritoneal macrophages secrete a proteinase which degrades insoluble elastin. there is little elastase activity in cell lysates but the bulk of the enzyme accumulates extracellularly during culture in serum-free medium. the secretion of elastase is sustained for over 12 days in culture and continued secretion of elastase requires protein synthesis. unstimulated macrophages secrete very little elastase activity but can be triggered to secrete higher levels of this e ...1975167096
furazolidone-induced cardiomyopathy in turkeys. association with a relative alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency.a naturally occurring cardiomyopathy (round heart disease) which is potentiated by inbreeding and a cardiomyopathy produced by furazolidone, a nitrofuran derivative, were studied for an associated alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency in two flocks of turkeys (one inbred for round heart disease and a commercial flock). at 4 weeks of age, the furazolidone-fed birds of both flocks demonstrated a marked increase in mortality and cardiac dilatation associated with disordered hepatic metabolism when compared ...1978148846
hla antibodies cytotoxic only for b lymphocytes.of 28 unabsorbed sera from polytransfused individuals or multiparous women, which were not cytotoxic for total peripheral blood lymphocytes, 13 were found to react positively against b cell-enriched suspensions. these 13 sera were further characterized after platelet absorption-elution, as well as by pretreatment with turkey anti-human-beta2-microglobulin serum. different patterns were found: five sera behaved as pure anti-b cell reagents; four seemed to contain different antibody populations, d ...197772430
tumour antigens and alloantigens. ii. lack of association of rat hepatoma-d23-specific antigen with beta 2 has previously been shown that the tumour-specific antigen of the chemically-induced rat hepatoma d23 has determinants recognised by alloantisera raised against normal syngeneic liver and spleen. however, no reactions were observed with alloantisera raised against syngeneic erythrocytes suggesting that the alloantigeneic determinant responsible for this cross-reactivity is not a major serologically-defined histocompatibility antigen. this concept has been further examined using a defined turk ...197989102
acute toxicity in poults associated with carbaryl insecticide.death of young poults is described as probably due to abuse of carbaryl in turkey pens (14 times the recommended dose). method of application was not as described by the manufacturer.1978100099
separation of gametocytes of leucocytozoon smithi from whole peripheral turkey blood.a technique that uses a ficoll density-gradient system was devised for isolating gametocytes of the parasitic blood protozoan leucocytozoon smithi from whole turkey blood. turkey blood containing gametocytes was layered onto a 35% solution of ficoll and centrifuged. a white band, containing gametocytes and leukocytes, was observed just below the ficoll-plasma interphase, clearly separated from the underlying packed erythrocytes. the gametocyte-leukocyte suspension was then subjected to a second ...1978100100
electrophoretic cell separation by means of microspheres.the electrophoretic mobility of fixed human erythrocytes immunologically labeled with poly(vinylpyridine) or poly(glutaraldehyde) microspheres was reduced by approximately 40%. this observation was utilized in preparative scale electrophoretic separations of fixed human and turkey erythrocytes, the mobilities of which under normal physiological conditions do not differ sufficiently to allow their separation by continuous flow electrophoresis. we suggest that resolution in the electrophoretic sep ...1979116687
phage-typing results of staphylococcus aureus isolated from poultry in japan and europe.phage typing was performed on 795 strains of staphylococcus aureus isolated from poultry, a turkey, pigeons, and birds of prey in japan and 4 countries in europe, using the avian phage set of typing phages plus 6 others. six hundred and seventy-three (89.1%) of 755 strains from poultry were typable by one or more of the phages, 617 strains at routine test dilution (rtd) and 56 strains at 100 rtd. of these typable strains, 494 (73.4%) belonged to group i, 90 (13.4%) to group ii, 50 (7.4%) to grou ...1979158356
homology between avian oncornavirus rnas and dna from several avian species.3h-labeled 35s rna from avian myeloblastosis virus (amv), rous associated virus (rav)-0, rav-60, rav-61, rav-2, or b-77(w) was hybridized with an excess of cellular dna from different avian species, i.e., normal or leukemic chickens, normal pheasants, turkeys, japanese quails, or ducks. approximately two to three copies of endogenous viral dna were estimated to be present per diploid of normal chicken cell genome. in leukemic chicken myeloblasts induced by amv, the number of viral sequences appe ...1975172655
a hospital food-borne outbreak of diarrhea caused by bacillus cereus: clinical, epidemiologic, and microbiologic outbreak of diarrhea involving 28 patients occurred in two wards of a chronic disease hospital. the illness was characterized by abdominal cramps and watery diarrhea without vomiting or fever. an epidemiologic investigation suggested food-borne intoxication and incriminated turkey loaf served at the preceding evening meal as the source of the outbreak. bacillus cereus was isolated both from the stool of all 14 symptomatic patients who were cultured and from turkey loaf. no other enteropathoge ...1979109549
naturally occurring reticuloendotheliosis in turkeys: transmission.this report describes the natural occurrence and experimental transmission of reticuloendotheliosis in a turkey flock. in the naturally affected turkeys, lesions were present in the liver, spleen, heart, intestines, and peripheral nerves, and were composed mainly of lymphoreticular cells. the disease was experimentally reproduced in turkey poults with cellfree tissue extracts of infected birds. a type-c rna virus similar to reticuloendotheliosis virus (strain t) was present in the tissues of tur ...1976176388
isolation and identification of a turkey respiratory adenovirus.a virus with physical and biological characteristics of an adenovirus was isolated from turkey poults with respiratory disease. the virus was ether-resistant and incorporated [3h] thymidine. electron microscopy revealed virions of icosahedral configuration, approximately 78 nm in diameter, within the nuclei of infected cells. the virus produced cytopathology in turkey kidney cells, but did not produce observable disease when inoculated into commercial turkey poults or specific-pathogen-free embr ...1976176992
phosphopeptides and gamma-carboxyglutamic acid-containing peptides in calcified turkey tendon: their absence in uncalcified tendon.uncalcified samples of turkey tendon obtained prior to calcification, and other samples from areas of tendon that never calcify, contain little or no o-phosphoserine [ser(p)], o-phosphothreonine [thr(p)] and gamma-carboxyglutamic acid (gla). significant amounts of all three of these ca2+-binding amino acids, which are found in edta-extractable, non-collagenous proteins, are detected coincident with the onset of mineralization of a tendon and increase in concentration as mineralization proceeds.1979114291
[high incidence of infectious canine hepatitis antibodies in the turkish population and its relation to au antigen]. 1975180388
apolipoproteins and lipoprotein families in chicken embryos and egg yolk.1. turkey anti-lp-a and anti-lp-b cross react strongly with whole adult chicken serum. 2. similar reactions occur with whole chicken embryo sera (10-21 days of incubation) and egg yolk fluid. 3. ultracentrifugation of sera from 14-day old chicken embryos, after reaction with anti-lp-b, reveal complete precipitation of the vldl and ldl of embryo serum (indicating that adult-type lp-b is the major apolipoprotein of these density classes). 4. all of the chicken embryo adult-type apo-lp-a is in the ...1977122563
[pathogenesis, diagnosis and clinical picture of hepatic echinococcosis]. 1975126973
adenovirus respiratory infection in turkey poults.a virus from turkey poults with respiratory signs was isolated in specific-pathogen-free embryonated chicken eggs and subsequently adapted to chicken embryo fibroblast and turkey kidney cell cultures, where round cell formation was observed. the cloned virus was ether-resistant and incorporated tridiated thymidine. intra-nuclear icosahedral virus particles of 80 nm were detected. these physicochemical characteristics place this isolant into the adenovirus group of viruses. the disease was experi ...1975173277
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