actinobacillus septicemia in a black swan (cygnus atratus).a species of actinobacillus was isolated in pure culture from the carcass of a captive australian black swan (cygnus atratus) dying of acute septicemia. the gross and microscopic findings are described and the significance of the isolate is discussed.1979501838
the interspersed dna repeat conserved in water birds' genomes.a putative old and ubiquitous interspersed dna repeat family was identified from taqi restriction, m13 cloning, and sequencing of the genomic dna of a mallard (anas platyrhynchos), a muscovy duck (cairina moschata), a toulouse goose (anser anser), and a black swan (cygnus atratus). a 425-bp consensus core sequence was obtained for the interspersed family. the 425-bp unit was about 2% of the avian genome and was found to be conserved in at least four genera of the order anseriforme: anas, anser, ...19911889740
white swans, black ravens, and lame ducks: necessary and sufficient causes in epidemiology.several authors have used popper's "white swan" example to support arguments for a falsificationist approach to epidemiology. the statement "all swans are white" cannot be verified by finding even a large number of white swans, but can be falsified by finding a single black swan. an analogous epidemiologic example that has been proposed is the hypothesis that a particular virus is a necessary cause of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids). such examples, however, have little relevance to sci ...19902081238
identification of epsilon-crystallin from swan lens as lactate dehydrogenase.characterization of lens crystallins from black swan, a rare aquatic bird belonging to the family anatidae, was carried out to search for epsilon-crystallin with lactate dehydrogenase activity. biochemical comparison of epsilon-crystallins isolated from the swan and duck lenses plus lactate dehydrogenase of chicken heart has also been made in order to establish the structural/functional relatedness of these proteins. amino acid analyses showed essentially similar overall compositions for these t ...19892515033
covalent structure of a low-molecular-mass protein, meleagrin, present in a turkey (meleagris gallopavo) ovomucoid preparation.a low-molecular-mass protein, tentatively named meleagrin, was isolated from a commercial preparation of turkey (meleagris gallopavo) ovomucoid. this 40-amino acid protein contains 3 disulfide bonds and high concentrations of aromatic residues (2 tryptophans and 3 tyrosines). it lacks threonine, methionine, phenylalanine, and arginine residues. the complete amino acid sequence was determined to be the following: less than glu-val-leu-lys-tyr-cys-pro-lys-ile-gly-tyr-cys-ser-ser-lys-cys-ser-lys- a ...19892760022
three-dimensional structure of goose-type lysozyme from the egg white of the australian black swan, cygnus atratus.the egg white of c. atratus contains two forms of lysozyme, a 'chick-type' which is similar to that found in the egg white of the domestic hen, and a 'goose-type' similar to that found in the egg white of the embden goose. the molecular structure of the goose-type lysozyme has been determined at a resolution of a 2.8 a by x-ray crystallographic analysis. the structure consists of two domains linked by a long stretch of alpha-helix. in all, there are seven helical segments in the structure. while ...19854062692
multiple genes for lysozyme in birds. studies on black swan egg white lysozymes. 19734201778
isolation of pasteurella anatipestifer from black swan (cygnus atratus). 19704917083
isolation and complete amino acid sequence of a basic low molecular weight protein from black swan egg white.the following complete amino acid sequence of a low molecular weight basic protein (mr 4,454) from black swan egg white has been determined: less than glu-val-arg-lys-tyr-cys-pro-lys-val-gly-tyr-cys-ser-ser-lys-cys-ser-lys-ala-asp-val-trp-ser-leu-ser-ser-asp-cys-lys-phe-tyr-cys-cys-leu-pro-pro-gly-trp-lys. there is significant homology between this protein, provisionally designated cygnin, and the nh2-terminal region of the second domain of chicken ovotransferrin. the disulfide bonds have not be ...19836654595
[helminth fauna anseriformes (aves) in the lodz zoological garden].in the years 1959-1990 429 birds on 30 species of anseriformes were examined post mortem at zoo lódź. the helminths were found in 108 birds (25.17%) of 19 species. in infected birds there were found 4 species of trematodes: one of them, catatropis verrucosa is in poland new for cygnus olor; 9 species of cestodes--7 of them are in poland new for examined hosts; namely: drepanidotaenia lanceolata for dendrocygna viduata, cygnus atratus, branta bernicla, and anas platyrhynchos; microsomacanthus par ...19979424942
the primary structure of cassowary (casuarius casuarius) goose type lysozyme.the complete amino acid sequence of cassowary (casuarius casuarius) goose type lysozyme was analyzed by direct protein sequencing of peptides obtained by cleavage with trypsin, v8 protease, chymotrypsin, lysyl endopeptidase, and cyanogen bromide. the n-terminal residue of the enzyme was deduced to be a pyroglutamate group by analysis with a lc/ms/ms system equipped with the omaldi ionization source, and then confirmed by a glutamate aminopeptidase enzyme. the blocked n-terminal is the first repo ...200211866097
sex identification of the black swan (cygnus atratus) using the locus-specific pcr and implications for its reproduction.over the last 4-5 years the small captive population of black swans (cygnus atratus) has consistently failed to reproduce at the chengdu research base of giant panda breeding. the probable cause was hypothesized to be an abnormal sex distribution of the population. the black swan is an example of a sexually monomorphic species. the locus-specific polymerase chain reaction (pcr) approach based on the chromo-helicase-dna-binding 1 (chd1) gene, was adopted for the sex determination of the black swa ...200515943691
the influence of climate variability on numbers of three waterbird species in western port, victoria, 1973-2002.seasonal and annual movements of australian waterbirds are generally more complex than those of their northern hemisphere counterparts, and long-term data are needed to understand their relationships with climatic variables. this paper explores a long-term (1973-2002) set of waterbird counts from coastal victoria and relates them to climatic data at local and continental scales. three species (black swan cygnus atratus, white-faced heron egretta novaehollandiae and grey teal anas gracilis) were ...200616435107
the chicken egg white proteome.using 1-d page and lc-ms/ms and ms(3) we identified 78 chicken egg white proteins, 54 of which were identified in egg white for the first time. all proteins were quantitated by calculating their exponentially modified protein abundance index (empai). some previously known egg white components not characterized by amino acid sequences before, such as alpha-2-macroglobulin, were associated to a sequence for the first time. the predicted sequence was confirmed by ms-sequenced peptides covering 42% ...200717722208
phylogenetic analyses of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus isolates from germany in 2006 and 2007 suggest at least three separate introductions of h5n1 spring 2006, highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (hpaiv) of subtype h5n1 was detected in germany in 343 dead wild birds, as well as in a black swan (cygnus atratus) kept in a zoo, three stray cats, one stone marten (martes foina), and in a single turkey farm. in 2007 (june-july) the virus reoccurred in 96 wild birds at six geographically separate locations in the southeast of germany. in addition, a backyard mixed duck and goose holding was affected. real-time rt-pcr [hoffmann, b., harder ...200818031958
unidentified plasmodium species in australian black swans (cygnus atratus) hatched and raised in north america.a pair of australian black swans (cygnus atratus) with origins in wakefield, virginia, usa, was admitted to the quarantine area at the baltimore zoo for general health assessments before housing in the collections. during the quarantine period, no clinical signs of disease were manifest; however, upon examination of a blood smear, intraerythrocytic parasites were detected and initially determined to be haemoproteus species. diagnostic polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and sequencing results, howev ...200818634212
structural and physicochemical characteristics of novel basic proteins isolated from duck egg white.novel basic proteins, duck basic protein small 1 (dbps(1)) and 2 (dbps(2)), were isolated from duck egg white by cation-exchange and gel filtration chromatography. protein sequence analyses indicated that they possessed 39 amino acid residues with three disulfide bonds. the amino acid sequence of dbps(1) showed 45% identity with dbps(2). the amino acid sequence of dbps(2) was the same as cygnin, a small protein from black swan, and strongly homologous with meleagrin from turkey and chicken. phyl ...200818685220
[animal reservoirs of human virulent microsporidian species].the main objective of the present study was to determined the occurrence of encephalitozoon intestinalis, e. hellem, e. cuniculi, and enterocytozoon bieneusi in poland in animal faecal using the fish (fluorescent in situ hybridization) and multiplex fish techniques. additional objectives included: (1) identification of animal hosts of microsporidia that are infectious to humans amongst free-ranging, captive, livestock and domestic animals; (2) a molecular analysis of randomly selected parasite i ...200919579789
a case of seminoma in a black swan. 20133820932
morphological and molecular genetic characterization of three capillaria spp. (capillaria anatis, capillaria pudendotecta, and capillaria madseni) and baruscapillaria obsignata (nematoda: trichuridae: capillariinae) in avians.morphological and genetic analyses were performed on four avian species of the subfamily capillariinae (nematoda: trichuridae), i.e., capillaria anatis from chickens (gallus gallus domesticus) in japan and the philippines, baruscapillaria obsignata from chickens and captive swans (cygnus olor and cygnus atratus) in japan, capillaria pudendotecta from captive swans in japan, and capillaria madseni from carrion and jungle crows (corvus corone and corvus macrorhynchos) in japan. although morphometr ...201526204803
variation at the drd4 locus is associated with wariness and local site selection in urban black swans.interactions between wildlife and humans are increasing. urban animals are often less wary of humans than their non-urban counterparts, which could be explained by habituation, adaptation or local site selection. under local site selection, individuals that are less tolerant of humans are less likely to settle in urban areas. however, there is little evidence for such temperament-based site selection, and even less is known about its underlying genetic basis. we tested whether site selection in ...201526653173
chronic t-cell lymphocytic leukemia in a black swan ( cygnus atratus ): diagnosis, treatment, and asymptomatic 14-year old, male black swan ( cygnus atratus ) housed at a zoological institution was presented for routine preshipment examination. hematologic findings indicated that the bird had a severe lymphocytic leukocytosis, consistent with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. radiographs showed the presence of multiple soft tissue masses within the caudal coelomic cavity; ultrasound showed one mass to be an enlarged spleen, a cystic mass near the gonads, and a mass suspected to be associated ...201526771322
respiratory tract infection caused by mycobacterium bovis in a black swan (cygnus atratus).a 3-year-old male black swan (cygnus atratus), belonging to a private collection, died suddenly and was subjected to post mortem examination. at necropsy, caseous exudate was observed in the lungs and air sacs; granulomatous lesions characterized by epithelioid macrophages and abundant mycobacteria were observed microscopically. avian tuberculosis associated with mycobacterium bovis was confirmed by bacteriologic isolation, biochemical tests and molecular methods. the organism was identified as ...201626743683
first sporadic case of pathogenic escherichia coli infection in black swan in china.a strain of bacteria was isolated from the diseased black swan (cygnus atratus) died from enteritis diarrhea, and designated tentatively as b-1 strain. morphological and biochemical tests, as well as phylogenetic analysis derived from 16s rrna and fimc gene sequencing both strongly indicated that b-1 strain is identical to escherichia coli. furthermore, the polymerase chain reaction single-strand conformation polymorphism (pcr-sscp) profile of the isolate was different from that of two reference ...201627354206
economics, socio-ecological resilience and ecosystem services.the economic process transforms raw materials and energy into economic products and waste. on a finite planet, continued economic growth threatens to surpass critical socio-ecological thresholds and undermine ecosystem services upon which humans and all other species depend. for most systems, whether such thresholds exist, where they lie and whether they are reversible cannot be known with certainty until they are crossed. we argue that our central economic challenge is to maintain the resilienc ...201627480914
right l4/l5 extreme-lateral interbody fusion for adult degenerative scoliosis: when the black swan is too real.... 201526481336
chicago ebola response network (cern): a citywide cross-hospital collaborative for infectious disease preparedness.the 2014-2015 ebola virus disease (evd) epidemic and international public health emergency has been referred to as a "black swan" event, or an event that is unlikely, hard to predict, and highly impactful once it occurs. the chicago ebola response network (cern) was formed in response to evd and is capable of receiving and managing new cases of evd, while also laying the foundation for a public health network that can anticipate, manage, and prevent the next black swan public health event. by sh ...201526123936
identifying black swans in nextgen: predicting human performance in off-nominal conditions.the objective is to validate a computational model of visual attention against empirical data--derived from a meta-analysis--of pilots' failure to notice safety-critical unexpected events.200920196290
of conflicts, conspiracies, red herrings, and black swans.the impact of the findings from the women's health initiative trial of estrogen plus progestin cannot be attributed to any real or imagined conflicts of interest between government, researchers, and journals. rather, the findings overturned decades of dogma in part promoted by the pharmaceutical industry, and the reaction to these unexpected findings was in direct proportion to their importance in reversing a misguided practice of prescribing the drug for chronic disease prevention. the findings ...201525966859
obstetric antiphospholipid syndrome: has the black swan swallowed a red herring? 201525641965
the concept of antifragility and its implications for the practice of risk analysis.nassim taleb's antifragile concept has been shown considerable interest in the media and on the internet recently. for taleb, the antifragile concept is a blueprint for living in a black swan world (where surprising extreme events may occur), the key being to love variation and uncertainty to some degree, and thus also errors. the antonym of "fragile" is not robustness or resilience, but "please mishandle" or "please handle carelessly," using an example from taleb when referring to sending a pac ...201525263809
beware of "black swans" and "perfect storms:" the principle of plenitude and office-based anesthesia.a paradigm shift in the training, practice, and study of office-based anesthesia is necessary for our specialty. practice improvement plans are required to prevent low-probability-high-consequence anesthesia mishaps in our offices. a scarcity of statistical data exists regarding the true risk of office-based anesthesia in oral and maxillofacial surgery. effective proactive risk management mandates accurate data to correctly outline the problem before solutions can be implemented. only by learnin ...201425037181
the complete mitochondrial genomes of the whistling duck (dendrocygna javanica) and black swan (cygnus atratus): dating evolutionary divergence in galloanserae.galloanserae is an ancient and diverse avian group, for which comprehensive molecular evidence relevant to phylogenetic analysis in the context of molecular chronology is lacking. in this study, we present two additional mitochondrial genome sequences of galloanserae (the whistling duck, dendrocygna javanica, and the black swan, cygnus atratus) to broaden the scope of molecular phylogenetic reconstruction. the lengths of the whistling duck's and black swan's mitochondrial genomes are 16,753 and ...201019823953
occurrence of cryptosporidium oocysts in wrinkled hornbill and other birds in the kuala lumpur national zoo.the occurrence of a coccidian parasite, cryptosporidium, among birds in the kuala lumpur national zoo was investigated in this study. a hundred bird fecal samples were taken from various locations of the zoo. fecal smears prepared using direct smear and formalin ethyl acetate concentration technique were stained with modified ziehl-neelsen stain. samples positive for cryptosporidium with ziehl-neelsen stain were later confirmed using the immunofluorescence technique and viewed under the epifluor ...200516438177
big data and ethics review for health systems research in lmics: understanding risk, uncertainty and ignorance -- and catching the black swans? 201424521341
korotkoff sounds -- the improbable also occurs.very few discoveries have had such a large impact on and relevance to clinical medicine as the noninvasive measurement of the diastolic blood pressure. a number of gifted physiologists and clinicians were ineffectively in search of a noninvasive method to determine the diastolic pressure. nonetheless, the quantification of the diastolic bp was not achieved by any of these clinical or physiological researchers, but by an unlikely and unexpected figure: nikolai sergeevich korotkoff (1874-1920), a ...201324343557
green function of the double-fractional fokker-planck equation: path integral and stochastic differential equations.the statistics of rare events, the so-called black-swan events, is governed by non-gaussian distributions with heavy power-like tails. we calculate the green functions of the associated fokker-planck equations and solve the related stochastic differential equations. we also discuss the subject in the framework of path integration.201324329213
a winning combination: the 3cs of business continuity.contingency planning is a natural part of business life and is used across identified strategic, financial and operational risks. but is it being done well and is it the right approach all of the time? this paper shows how contingency planning forms one layer of a three-line defence termed 'the 3cs of business continuity': contingency planning; continuity capability; crisis response. collectively, 'the 3cs' help organisations deliver a robust response to the risks that can be seen and those that ...201324113636
structure of a bulgecin-inhibited g-type lysozyme from the egg white of the australian black swan. a comparison of the binding of bulgecin to three muramidases.bulgecin a, a bacterial metabolite, has been shown to bind in the active-site groove of the chicken-type lysozyme from the rainbow trout (rbtl) and in the lysozyme-like c-terminal domain, of a soluble lytic transglycosylase (c-slt) from escherichia coli. these enzymes are muramidases that cleave the glycosidic bonds in the glycan strands of the murein polymer. here we report the crystal structure of a complex between the goose-type lysozyme from the egg white of the australian black swan (sewl) ...199615299731
the primary structure of a novel goose-type lysozyme from rhea egg white.g-type lysozyme is a hydrolytic enzyme sharing a similar tertiary structure with plant chitinase. to discover the relation of function and structure, we analyzed the primary structure of new g-type lysozyme. the complete 185 amino acid residues of lysozyme from rhea egg white were sequenced using the peptides hydrolyzed by trypsin, v8 protease, and cyanogen bromide. rhea lysozyme had sequence similarity to ostrich, cassowary, goose, and black swan, with 93%, 90%, 83%, and 82%, respectively. the ...200414745179
an account of the events that led to full bay infilling with sulfide tailings at portman (spain), and the search for "black swans" in a potential land reclamation scenario. 201323557899
no "black swan": unintended but not unanticipated consequences of diabetes performance measurement. 201323516759
black swans - the basis of scientific reasoning. 201223269687
centenarians and supercentenarians: a black swan. emerging social, medical and surgical problems.the black swan theory was described by nassim nicholas taleb in his book "the black swan". this theory refers to "high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare events beyond the realm of normal expectations". according to taleb's criteria, a black swan event is a surprise, it has a major impact and after the fact, the event is rationalized by hindsight, as if it had been expected. for most of human history centenarians were a rare and unpredictable phenomenon. the improvements of the social-environment ...201223173707
black swan - the sacrifice of a prima ballerina: psychosexual (self-)injuries as the legacy of archaic experiences of violence. 201728342175
lethal trauma pulmonary embolism is a black swan event in patients at risk for deep vein thrombosis: an evidence-based review.we delineated the incidence of trauma patient pulmonary embolism (pe) and risk conditions by performing a systematic literature review of those at risk for deep vein thrombosis (dvt). the pe proportion was 1.4 per cent (95% confidence interval = 1.2-1.6) in at-risk patients. of 10 conditions, pe was only associated with increased age (p < 0.01) or leg injury (p < 0.01; risk ratio = 1.6). as lower extremity dvt (ledvt) proportions increased, mortality proportions (p = 0.02) and hospital stay (p = ...201728424139
"black swan events" in organic synthesis.when a research area "goes viral", the event typically occurs in conjunction with a major change in "conventional wisdom". in retrospect, the literature often contains earlier hints that the original judgment was not correct. these antecedents are referred to as "black swan" events. the picture shows research on homogeneous gold catalysis "going viral".201222893229
subdiffusive master equation with space-dependent anomalous exponent and structural instability.we derive the fractional master equation with space-dependent anomalous exponent. we analyze the asymptotic behavior of the corresponding lattice model both analytically and by monte carlo simulation. we show that the subdiffusive fractional equations with constant anomalous exponent μ in a bounded domain [0,l] are not structurally stable with respect to the nonhomogeneous variations of parameter μ. in particular, the gibbs-boltzmann distribution is no longer the stationary solution of the fract ...201222587063
spotting the black swan: why emergency medicine is ahead of the curve."black swans", originally described as an economic theory, are unexpected events whose potential to occur only becomes apparent after they have happened. the concept is very relevant to the practice of emergency medicine and this article explores how black swans impact on emergency care and how staff unconsciously aim to mitigate against them.201728500088
preventing torture for people deprived of freedom: the atlantic hope and black swan prison law and minimum standards provide certain protection for detainees and prisoners of war (pow) against torture and ill-treatment. places of detention and parties to conflicts are often monitored to ensure that they adhere to the required standards through, for example, visits to individual detainees and the assessment of facilities. however, monitoring between the point of arrest and eventual remand in prisons is largely inadequate. this paper explains an emerging model to enhance p ...201728607230
waiting for medicine's black swans. 201222353595
free will, black swans and addiction.the current dominant perspective on addiction as a brain disease has been challenged recently by marc lewis, who argued that the brain-changes related to addiction are similar to everyday changes of the brain. from this alternative perspective, addictions are bad habits that can be broken, provided that people are motivated to change. in that case, autonomous choice or "free will" can overcome bad influences from genes and or environments and brain-changes related to addiction. even though we co ...201728725285
ancient dna and morphometric analysis reveal extinction and replacement of new zealand's unique black swans.prehistoric human impacts on megafaunal populations have dramatically reshaped ecosystems worldwide. however, the effects of human exploitation on smaller species, such as anatids (ducks, geese, and swans) are less clear. in this study we apply ancient dna and osteological approaches to reassess the history of australasia's iconic black swans (cygnus atratus) including the palaeo-behaviour of prehistoric populations. our study shows that at the time of human colonization, new zealand housed a ge ...201728747476
plato's cave - knowledge-based medicine or black swan technology? 201221490551
painful osteoporotic vertebral fractures and vertebroplasty: where is the black swan? 201021132139
integrated response to the dynamic threat of school violence.a terrorist attack on us schools no longer can be considered a black swan event. mounting evidence suggests that extremist organizations actively are targeting us schools. equally disturbing are data suggesting that schools, universities, and communities are unprepared for large-scale violence. the operational medicine institute conference on an integrated response to the modern urban terrorist threat revealed significant variations in the perceived threats and critical response gaps among emerg ...201121053197
flash crashes, bursts, and black swans: parallels between financial markets and healthcare systems evolve over time, their natural tendency is to become increasingly more complex. studies in the field of complex systems have generated new perspectives on management in social organizations such as hospitals. much of this research appears as a natural extension of the cross-disciplinary field of systems theory. this is the 16th in a series of articles applying complex systems science to the traditional management concepts of planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controll ...201020978411
a case of occupational peritoneal mesothelioma from exposure to tremolite-free chrysotile in quebec, canada: a black swan case.tremolite contamination has been proposed as the cause of mesothelioma in workers exposed to commercial chrysotile. the asbestos industry and scientists it has sponsored, for example, have argued that commercial chrysotile does not cause peritoneal mesothelioma.201120721899
pharmacokinetics, bioavailability and dose assessment of cefquinome against escherichia coli in black swans (cygnus atratus).the objective of this study is to investigate pharmacokinetics and dose regimens of cefquinome in black swans following intravenous (iv) and intramuscular (im) administration at a single dose of 2 mg/kg. the mics of cefquinome against 49 escherichia coli isolates from black swans were determined. monte carlo simulation was applied to conduct the dose regimen assessment and optimization of cefquinome against e. coli in black swans, and a pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (pk/pd) cutoff was establis ...201728754112
characterization of h5n6 highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses isolated from wild and captive birds in the winter season of 2016-2017 in northern japan.on november 15, 2016, a suspected case of highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) in a dead black swan was reported from a zoo in akita prefecture, northern japan, and an hpai virus (hpaiv) belonging to the h5n6 subtype was isolated from specimens taken from the bird. after the initial report, 230 cases of hpai caused by h5n6 viruses were reported from wild birds, captive birds, and domestic poultry farms throughout the country during the winter season. in the present study, we further characte ...201728815716
prevention of noncontact acl injuries in women: use of the core of evidence to clip the wings of a "black swan". 201619741347
a black swan? 200919396180
preservation of the kidney by carbon monoxide: a black swan phenomenon.nakao and colleagues demonstrate that carbon monoxide added to organ preservation solution reduces donor-kidney injury that occurs after cold storage and transplantation and improves the survival of the recipient. these findings are important because they highlight the role of the cytochrome p450 system in the pathogenesis of donor-kidney injury and they suggest a strategy for preserving the donor kidney, namely, the addition of carbon monoxide to organ preservation solution.200818827798
wicked problems, black swans, and healthcare. 200821161923
straw men and black swans: the philosophy of contemporary science. 200818194773
"medicalisation of falling in love": medical students' responses to thomas mann's the black swan.the value of implementing literature in medical education is widely accepted. the initial responses of medical students to thomas mann's short story the black swan are described and their resources for making sense of the story are presented. their written responses revealed that the students interpreted the story mainly through a medical framework and were capable of understanding the story's complex and existential issues related to medicine. evident gaps in the students' interpretations and u ...200723674300
thomas mann's last novella "the black swan": the tragic story of a post-menopausal this work, mann describes the tragic story of a post-menopausal woman who notices signs of rejuvenation in herself and what she takes to be menstruation, and thus believes that her much mourned lost youth has returned, whereas in fact the changes she has so welcomed are due to the hormonal effects of an advanced estrogen-producing granulosa cell tumor of the ovary, to which she rapidly succumbs. mann was fascinated by the cruelty of the "deadly hoax" played by nature in such cases. the articl ...200415063972
the effects of salt water adaptation on the australian black swan, cygnus atratus (latham). 19769236
a strategy for rapid and effective refinement applied to black swan lysozyme.the crystal structure of a goose-type lysozyme from the egg white of black swan has been determined at 1.9 a resolution using a semi-automatic procedure based on the calpha coordinates of the homologous goose protein.199515299299
identification of c-crystallin from swan lens as lactate dehydrogenase.chuacterization of lens crystallins from black swan, a rare aquatic bird belonging to the family anatidae, was carried out to search for e-crystallin with lactate dehydrogenase activity. biochemical comparison of e-crystallins isolated from the swan and duck lenses plus lactate dehydrogenase of chicken heart has also been made in order to establish the structural/functional relatedness of these proteins. amino acid analyses showed essentially similar overall compositions for these three proteins ...198928692814
syndrome of the black swan. 19873664156
[echinuriasis in 2 black swans. a case contribution on diagnosis]. 19836636127
complete amino acid sequence of the goose-type lysozyme from the egg white of the black swan. 19807378374
[valium-fentanyl, a black swan?]. 19705446484
preliminary x-ray diffraction studies on the "goose-type" lysozyme from the egg-white of the black swan cygnus atratus. 1979575165
the australian black swan (cygnus atratus): prolactin and gonadotrophin secretion during breeding including incubation. 19826807744
cervical dorsal spondylosis with spinal cord compression in a black swan (cygnus atratus).cervical dorsal spondylosis with spinal cord compression in a black swan (cygnus atratus) was confirmed radiographically and morphologically. clinically ataxia was associated. noninflammatory, degenerative changes of the synovial joint cartilage were associated with the spondylosis.19873682103
extra-pair paternity does not result in differential sexual selection in the mutually ornamented black swan (cygnus atratus).we studied patterns of parentage in 85 broods (332 cygnets) of black swans during three breeding seasons, using a set of eight polymorphic microsatellite markers. we detected both intraspecific brood parasitism (ibp; < 5% of cygnets per year) and extra-pair paternity (epp). in these years, 10-17% (mean = 15.1%) of cygnets resulted from epp, and 27-40% (mean 37.6%) of broods contained at least one extra-pair cygnet. compared with levels of epp in closely related species with similar life historie ...200415140105
population, behavioural and physiological responses of an urban population of black swans to an intense annual noise event.wild animals in urban environments are exposed to a broad range of human activities that have the potential to disturb their life history and behaviour. wildlife responses to disturbance can range from emigration to modified behaviour, or elevated stress, but these responses are rarely evaluated in concert. we simultaneously examined population, behavioural and hormonal responses of an urban population of black swans cygnus atratus before, during and after an annual disturbance event involving l ...201223024783
black-swan events in animal swans are improbable events that nonetheless occur-often with profound consequences. such events drive important transitions in social systems (e.g., banking collapses) and physical systems (e.g., earthquakes), and yet it remains unclear the extent to which ecological population numbers buffer or suffer from such extremes. here, we estimate the prevalence and direction of black-swan events (heavy-tailed process noise) in 609 animal populations after accounting for population dynamics (prod ...201728270622
outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza in zoo birds caused by ha clade h5n6 subtype viruses in japan in winter late 2016, two zoos, one in northern japan and the other in central japan, experienced highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) outbreaks, in which multiple zoo birds were infected with h5n6 subtype hpai virus (hpaiv). here, we report an overview of these hpai outbreaks. hpaiv infections were confirmed by virus isolation in three black swans (cygnus atratus) and three snowy owls (bubo scandiacus) kept in the omoriyama zoo hospital. at higashiyama zoo and botanical gardens, following the death ...202031605424
the use of simulation to reduce the domain of "black swans" with application to hurricane impacts to power systems.recently, the concept of black swans has gained increased attention in the fields of risk assessment and risk management. different types of black swans have been suggested, distinguishing between unknown unknowns (nothing in the past can convincingly point to its occurrence), unknown knowns (known to some, but not to relevant analysts), or known knowns where the probability of occurrence is judged as negligible. traditional risk assessments have been questioned, as their standard probabilistic ...201628032648
molecular characterisation of four echinostomes (digenea: echinostomatidae) from birds in new zealand, with descriptions of echinostoma novaezealandense n. sp. and echinoparyphium poulini n. sp.morphological and molecular characterisation of echinostome specimens (digenea: echinostomatidae) recovered in one anas platyrhynchos l. and one cygnus atratus (latham) (anseriformes: anatidae) from new zealand revealed the presence of two known species, echinostoma miyagawai ishii, 1932 and echinoparyphium ellisi (johnston & simpson, 1944) and two species new to science. comparative morphological and phylogenetic analyses supported the distinct species status of echinostoma novaezealandense n. ...201728341929
implementing lumberjacks and black swans into model-based tools to support human-automation interaction.the objectives were to (a) implement theoretical perspectives regarding human-automation interaction (hai) into model-based tools to assist designers in developing systems that support effective performance and (b) conduct validations to assess the ability of the models to predict operator performance.201727591210
bayesian accounts and black swans: questioning the erotetic theory of delusional thinking.parrott and koralus argue that a particular cognitive factor--"impaired endogenous question raising"--offers a parsimonious account of three delusion-related phenomena: (1) the development of the capgras delusion; (2) evidence that patients with schizophrenia outperform healthy control participants on a conditional reasoning task; and (3) evidence that deluded individuals "jump to conclusions". in this response, i assess these claims, and raise my own questions about the "erotetic" theory of del ...201526372015
deconstructing black swans: an introductory approach to inherited metabolic disorders in the neonate.inherited metabolic disorders (imds) are individually rare but collectively common disorders that frequently require rapid or urgent therapy.201526225592
existential risks: exploring a robust risk reduction strategy.a small but growing number of studies have aimed to understand, assess and reduce existential risks, or risks that threaten the continued existence of mankind. however, most attention has been focused on known and tangible risks. this paper proposes a heuristic for reducing the risk of black swan extinction events. these events are, as the name suggests, stochastic and unforeseen when they happen. decision theory based on a fixed model of possible outcomes cannot properly deal with this kind of ...201524891130
on the effectiveness of remediating groundwater contamination: waiting for the black swan. 201424665974
distinguishing human and possum faeces using pcr markers.specificity testing of two published polymerase chain reaction (pcr) markers for the detection of human faecal pollution, revealed 100% false-positive rates to brush-tailed possum faeces (n = 10), but low false-positive rates against other potential pollution sources. cross-reaction with possums could be a problem with other human-specific markers; therefore, a possum pcr marker was developed for use in conjunction with human pcr markers. the possum pcr marker was based on bacteroidales 16s ribo ...201323981869
revolting doubles: radical narcissism and the trope of lesbian doppelgangers.this article is concerned with a repositioning of popular culture images and narratives that are, and have been, highly unpopular among queer audiences. this involves a re-engagement with the visual representation of lesbian lovers as doubles, ubiquitous in popular culture. it argues that by positioning the trope of the lesbian doppelgangers as it appears in popular culture on a continuum of visual representations of sameness and likeness that also includes feminist and queer art its qualities o ...201323855946
[swan song: the advent of the psychotic nucleus].different forms of artistic expression, such as literature and cinema, constitute an inexhaustible source for the study of mental illness. the use of psychodynamic models may contribute to a better understanding of the spectrum between personality disorders and the psychosis spectrum, thus enriching the phenomenological approach in the psychiatric clinical practice.201226572117
on "black swans" and "perfect storms": risk analysis and management when statistics are not enough.two images, "black swans" and "perfect storms," have struck the public's imagination and are used--at times indiscriminately--to describe the unthinkable or the extremely unlikely. these metaphors have been used as excuses to wait for an accident to happen before taking risk management measures, both in industry and government. these two images represent two distinct types of uncertainties (epistemic and aleatory). existing statistics are often insufficient to support risk management because the ...201222385051
fooled by local would have expected the considerable public debate created by nassim taleb's two best selling books on uncertainty, fooled by randomness and the black swan, to inspire greater caution to the fundamental difficulties posed by severe uncertainty. yet, methodologies exhibiting an incautious approach to uncertainty have been proposed recently in a range of publications. so, the objective of this short note is to call attention to a prime example of an incautious approach to severe uncertainty th ...201222384828
of black swans and tossed coins: is the description-experience gap in risky choice limited to rare events?when faced with risky decisions, people tend to be risk averse for gains and risk seeking for losses (the reflection effect). studies examining this risk-sensitive decision making, however, typically ask people directly what they would do in hypothetical choice scenarios. a recent flurry of studies has shown that when these risky decisions include rare outcomes, people make different choices for explicitly described probabilities than for experienced probabilistic outcomes. specifically, rare ou ...201121673807
planning for the black swan. 201121608403
root cause analysis of paraplegia following transforaminal epidural steroid injections: the 'unsafe' triangle.the utilization rate of transforaminal epidural steroid injections (tfesis), an elective diagnostic and therapeutic spinal procedure, has risen dramatically over the past decade. in 2006 alone, greater than 300,000 thoracolumbar tfesis were performed on medicare beneficiaries. despite the purported superiority of the transforaminal route, compared to other modes of epidural injection, tfesis are associated with potential hazards. the artery of adamkiewicz (arm) might enter any mid thoracic, lowe ...201120495587
of black swans on golden ponds. 200919879403
"black swan in the kidney": renal involvement in the antiphospholipid antibody syndrome.the antiphosphospholipid antibody syndrome (aps) describes a clinical entity with recurrent thrombosis, fetal loss, thrombocytopenia in the presence of lupus anticoagulant and/or antibodies to cardiolipin. these antibodies may be associated with connective tissue diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (secondary aps) or be found in isolation (primary aps). renal syndromes increasingly being reported in association with these antibodies include thrombotic microangiopathy, renal vein thromb ...200212164854
two reassortant types of highly pathogenic h5n8 avian influenza virus from wild birds in central china in 2016.since 2016, the highly pathogenic avian influenza h5n8 virus has emerged in the central asian flyway and europe, causing massive deaths in poultry and wild birds. in this study, we isolated and identified three h5n8 viruses from swan goose and black swans in hubei province during the 2016/2017 winter season. whole-genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis revealed that the three viruses clustered into a group of h5n8 viruses from qinghai lake and europe. a novel reassortment virus from swan go ...201829410395
first case report of metorchis orientalis from black swan.metorchis orientalis belongs to the genus metorchis of opisthorchiidae, which mainly parasitizes in liver and bile ducts of waterfowl, causing liver dysfunction of the host. it has been reported that m. orientalis also infects humans. as a natural species in australia and a popular ornamental animal, black swan (cygnus atratus) has been imported into many countries. at present there has been no report of m. orientalis infection in black swan. in the present study m. orientalis infection in black ...202032775195
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