[incidence of hyperthelia and hypermastia in cattle. 4. angler breed]. 19715103150
[the qualitative indices and the fertilizing capacity of semen from imported angler and red dane bulls]. 19744417296
morphological studies of the spinal cord in tetraodontiformes fishes.the spinal cord of two tetraodontiform fishes, the japanese file fish (navodon modestus) and the panther puffer (takifugu pardalis), are unusual among vertebrates in having a markedly abbreviated spinal cord with a long and flattened filum terminale. only the rostral short part of the cord of both species is cylindrical; the greater part of the cord is markedly flat. the majority of the spinal nerve roots leave the short cylindrical part. the flattened part of the cord contains the central canal ...19863806684
seasonal asthma in an angler. 197876208
cell-free synthesis of fish preproinsulin, and processing by heterologous mammalian microsomal membranes.poly(a)-containing mrna isolated from the islets of langerhans obtained from two species of fish, angler fish (lophius americanus) and sea raven (hemitripterus americanus), stimulated protein synthesis 16-fold in a wheat germ cell-free system. characterization of the translation products by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in sodium dodecyl sulfate showed a major polypeptide weighing 11,500 daltons that was specifically precipitated by an antibody against angler fish insulin. partial sequence ...1977325565
[proteolytic events in the maturation of pro-neuropeptides. the somatostatin model].the post-translational processing (maturation) of the precursors was studied on the model of the prosomatostatin. we have shown the presence of a single and common precursor to both somatostatin -28 and -14 in mouse hypothalamus, in contrast with the situation in the teleostean fish, lophius piscatorius. the search for a maturation activity was carried out using a synthetic undecapeptide substrate including in its sequence the cleavage site for somatostatin-14 release. using this peptide, we cha ...19862876674
the ultrastructure of spores (protozoa: microsporida) from lophius americanus, the angler fish.spinal and cranial ganglia of american angler fish, lophius americanus, are often infected with microsporidia. this protozoon elicits the formation of large, spore-filled, hypertrophied host cells, cysts. previous reports of microsporidia in european lophiids identify the parasite as spraguea lophii, a genus which has recently been shown to be dimorphic. the spores from l. americanus are monomorphic (2.8 x 1.5 micron) and uninucleate. each spore contains a polar tube that forms six to nine coils ...19863795144
[inhalation allergy to fly larva. a clinical case].the authors describe a clinical case of rhinitis and asthma in an angler after exposure to antigenic material released from larvae of fly, commonly used by anglers as bait. the common names of these larvae are "blue bottle", "green bottle" and "grey bottle". the patient was usually in good health, free from allergic diseases and free from asthmatic attacks when far from exposure to the baits. spirometric evaluation revealed a fall of 21% in vems after challenge with antigen. skin test (prick) wi ...19873449104
autonomic innervation and photosensitivity of the sphincter pupillae muscle of two teleosts: lophius piscatorius and opsanus tau.the irises of both lophius piscatorius (goosefish) and opsanus tau (toadfish), like those of many other vertebrates, have a photosensitive sphincter pupillae that responds autonomously to light. the iris also constricts when exposed to either cholinergic or adrenergic agonists. our data suggest that the adrenergic response is nonspecific and that the irises of both species receive primarily cholinergic innervation. however, both cholinergic and adrenergic agonists are capable of modifying the au ...19817341067
morphological analysis of the fish heart ventricle: myocardial and connective tissue architecture in teleost species.light and scanning electron microscopy were used to study the structure of the heart ventricle in three species of marine teleost fishes: the hake (merluccius merluccius), the angler fish (lophius piscatorius) and the sea bream (pagellus centrodontus). our findings show the ventricle to be shaped differently in each species: tubular in the hake, saccular in the angler fish and pyramidal in the sea bream. from a structural viewpoint, interest was centered on two aspects: organization of the myoca ...19957541184
in vitro biosynthesis of fish islet preprosomatostatin: evidence of processing and segregation of a high molecular weight precursor.evidence is presented for a precursor to somatostatin that is 10-12 times larger than the authentic secreted hormone. mrna from angler fish (lophius americanus) islets of langerhans was translated in the wheat germ cell-free system and the products were identified by immunoprecipitation with specific antibodies to somatostatin followed by sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis. one 18,000-dalton polypeptide was specifically immunoprecipitable. competition experiments showed that authentic so ...19806107904
isolation and partial structural analysis of insulin from the separate islet tissue of lophius piscatorius. 19655320386
ultrasonography characterization of heart morphology and blood flow of lower vertebrates.echocardiography is an noninvasive technique that utilizes high frequency ultrasound to evaluate structural, functional, and hemodynamic status of the cardiovascular system. with all the inherent potentials of this technique, its application has not been explored on lower vertebrates. the objective of our work was to apply ultrasonography technique, with an available commercial equipment (echo camera--aloka ssd 830 and toshiba using probes of 5 and 7.5 mhz frequency emission) and to identify and ...19968676099
[the frequency of individual methods of treatment for health disorders in north german dairy herds].disease data were recorded in 143 north german dairy herds including cows of three breeds: angler, german red and white and german black and white. the following disease complexes were analysed: retained placenta, sterility, mastitis, milk fever and claw disorders. data recording was performed by the herdsman and included date and type of disease per cow and a note, by whom the medical therapy was conducted (veterinary or herdsman). a comparison of both, therapy performed by veterinary or by her ...19892758984
cytofluorimetric determination of dna content in large neurons of lophius piscatorius l. (osteichthyes, lophiiformes).the central nervous system of lophius piscatorius has a cluster of large neurons located at the boundary between the medulla oblongata and spinal cord. the dna content of these neurons was evaluated by microfluorimetric methods. results demonstrated a dna content ranging from a minimum of 8c in the smaller to over 1000c in the larger neurons of l. piscatorius cluster. these data are exceptional for the nervous system of vertebrates, and known only for the giant neurons of mollusca.19937682873
on the fine structure of the aglomerular renal tubule in lophius piscatorius. 19704913649
preliminary findings on the nucleus of large neurons in lophius piscatorius l. (osteichthyes, lophiiformes).some teleosts belonging to the orders batrachoidiformes, lophiiformes, perciformes and tetraodontiformes show a cluster of large neurons dorsally located at the boundary between the spinal cord and medulla oblongata. these elements have traditionally been grouped with the supramedullary neurons aligned in the dorso-medial region of the spinal cord of other teleosts (see marini and benedetti, in press). however, recent morphological and immunohistochemical studies have suggested that the neurons ...19911718444
[post-translational proteolytic maturation of prosomatostatin. cellular and molecular approach].somatostatins -14 and -28 are generated from a single (mammals) or two distinct (teleostean fishes) biosynthetic precursors by selective cleavage at either a dibasic (arg-lys) or a monobasic (arg) site. this prohormone obviously constitutes an excellent model to study post-translational proteolytic events both at the cellular and molecular levels. using a combination of techniques including subcellular fractionation, intracellular transport blockage and electron microscopy immunocytochemical obs ...19911687882
[the effect of the energy intake of cows on the rumen metabolism studied using the excretion of allantoin in milk].with two groups of dairy cows (a: 12 german black and white- and 6 german simmental cows; b: 16 german black and white- and 11 german simmental cows) allantoin concentrations of blood plasma (a) and milk (a and b) were analysed by hplc. there exists a close correlation (r = 0.758) between allantoin concentration in blood plasma (370.6 +/- 79.1 mumol/l) and milk (474.1 +/- 78.9 mumol/l). the relation between milk yield and allantoin excretion with milk seems to be non-linear (r = 0.936). on the o ...19921455918
asthma associated with a circulating igg antibody to calliphora maggots.the case report of an angler with delayed onset asthma, following fishing with calliphora (blue bottle) maggots, is presented. the investigations showed that the symptoms were associated with the presence of a circulating igg antibody to a crude water soluble maggot extract. the patient progressed to develop symptoms suggestive of immune complex disease.19827074819
pancreatic preproglucagon cdna contains two glucagon-related coding sequences arranged in tandem.we have constructed and cloned in bacteria recombinant plasmids containing dna complementary to the mrna encoding a pancreatic preproglucagon (mr 14,500), a product of cell-free translation of angler fish islet mrnas shown previously by immunoprecipitation analyses to be a precursor of glucagon. cdnas of 630, 180, and 120 base pairs were isolated and correspond to most of the mrna for the preproglucagon (650 bases). the cdnas contain a protein coding sequence of 372 nucleotides and 5'- and 3'-un ...19827043459
in vitro biosynthesis of somatostatin. evidence for two distinct preprosomatostatin molecules.mrna isolated from angler fish islets of langerhans was translated in the wheat germ cell-free protein-synthesizing system and the products identified by immunoprecipitation with specific antibodies to somatostatin followed by sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis. as previously shown (shields, d. (1980) proc. natl. acad. sci. u. s. a. 77, 4074), a major polypeptide of 18,000 dalton, designated preprosomatostatin, was immunoprecipitable. here, evidence is presented for an additional somatos ...19806108324
cell-free synthesis of angler fish preproinsulin: complete amino acid sequence of the signal peptide. 19817011321
fish consumption and other characteristics of reproductive-aged michigan anglers--a potential population for studying the effects of consumption of great lakes fish on reproductive health.there has been considerable interest in the benefits and risks of eating great lakes fish, particularly with regard to reproductive health. we report the results of a survey conducted from 1993-1995 among michigan anglers. the survey was designed to identify a reproductive-aged cohort of persons who consume high or low levels of great lakes fish in order to study the impact of polyhalogenated biphenyl (phb) compounds and other toxins on human reproduction outcomes. using fishing license data obt ...19968843552
amino acid sequence of insulin from the angler fish (lophius piscatorius). 19695389298
studies on insulin biosynthesis. subcellular distribution of leucine-h3 radioactivity during incubation of goosefish islet tissue.islet tissue from the goosefish (lophius piscatorius) was incubated in the presence of leucine-h(3). the tissue was then separated into subcellular fractions and the radioactivity determined in total acid alcohol-soluble proteins, insoluble proteins, and insulin. at any time, microsomal protein had a higher activity than secretion granule protein. pulse-chase experiments further suggest the microsomes as primary sites of protein synthesis. the data are evidence for microsomal synthesis of insuli ...19665335636
consumption of pcb-contaminated freshwater fish and shortened menstrual cycle length.highly contaminated lake ontario sport fish represent an important human dietary exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) and other toxic contaminants that may disrupt endocrine pathways. new york state angler cohort women interviewed by telephone in 1993 provided menstrual cycle length (n = 2,223). fish consumption at cohort enrollment in 1991 was categorized by duration and frequency and was used to calculate a pcb exposure index. multiple regression analyses identified significant cycle l ...19979400337
the health canada great lakes multigeneration study--summary and regulatory considerations.the health canada multigeneration study was initiated to determine the consequences in rodents consuming diets containing lake ontario (lo) or lake huron (lh) chinook salmon over successive generations. following lyophilization, the contaminant levels in the salmon used in the formulation of the diets for this study exceeded a number of tolerances or guidelines established for contaminants in commercial fish and seafood products (pcbs, dioxin, mirex, chlordanes, mercury). consumption of the fish ...19989618337
consumption of contaminated sport fish from lake ontario and time-to-pregnancy. new york state angler fish from the great lakes are contaminated with halogenated organics, heavy metals, and pesticides, thus serving as a route of exposure for fish-consuming populations. these contaminants are recognized reproductive toxicants in animals; few human studies are available. the purpose of this study was to assess consumption of contaminated fish in relation to time-to-pregnancy (ttp) among women in the new york state angler cohort. in 1993, structured telephone interviews were conducted with 2, ...19979400336
consumption of pcb-contaminated sport fish and risk of spontaneous fetal death.spontaneous fetal death has been observed among various mammalian species after exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs). our exposure-based cohort study assessed the relationship between consumption of pcb-contaminated lake ontario sport fish and spontaneous fetal death using 1820 multigravid fertile women from the 1990-1991 new york state angler cohort study. fish consumption data were obtained from food frequency questionnaires and history of spontaneous fetal death from live birth certif ...19957656880
gene expression and development databases for c. elegansthe nematode worm c. elegans, with its transparent body, is an excellent vehicle for studying developmental gene expression during embryogenesis and throughout its short life. expression data from in-situ hybridization, immunolocalization and reporter constructs have been put into the acedb database, which is used to store and disseminate most types of c. elegans data, and is also widely used for genome-sequencing projects. in the database, the gene-expression patterns are linked to genes, seque ...19979441951
prosomatostatin processing in anglerfish brain, gut and pancreas.the distribution of somatostatin immunoreactive forms in three tissues of the anglerfish (lophius piscatorius l.) was analyzed by a combination of gel permeation, high pressure liquid chromatography and amino acid analysis. the data indicate that prosomatostatins i and ii are expressed in both neural and gastro-intestinal tissues and that their post-translational processing gives rise to somatostatin-14 i, somatostatin-28 ii and to some of its hydroxylysine23-derivative, respectively. it is conc ...19882894830
angler survey contributes to socially acceptable modification of harvest regulations to preserve cutthroat trout fishery in snake river, wyoming, usathis is a case study that describes a survey of anglers that was used to assist in modifying fishing regulations for indigenous trout in the snake river, wyoming. a mail survey of anglers who purchased 1991 wyoming fishing licenses in the two counties adjacent to the snake river was conducted during fall 1992. differences in angler preferences were noted between anglers who purchased licenses in two adjacent counties with different socioeconomic structures, as well as between residents and nonre ...19968703107
[dynamics of the histological structure and function of the skin during adaptation of angler cattle of various constitutional types].skin structure of the angler cattle of different types of constitution and genetic-ecological generations has been studied. it is stated that gradual skin thickening promoting protection of the organism from overheating is observed in hot climate in the south of the ukraine. intrabreed variability of some skin parameters is revealed, that permits a breeding improvement of adaptability in the masticatory cows.19892815327
comparison of pcb congeners and pesticide levels between serum and milk from lactating women.samples of blood and milk were obtained from lactating women participating in the new york state angler study. a total of seven women gave one blood and one milk sample at time intervals between blood and milk collection different for each woman. the time between samples varied from 3 to 318 days. one subject provided a second milk sample 219 days after the first milk sample. the samples were analyzed for 69 pcb congeners, dde (a metabolite of ddt), mirex, and hexachlorobenzene (hcb). lipid cont ...199910092447
relation of lake ontario fish consumption, lifetime lactation, and parity to breast milk polychlorobiphenyl and pesticide concentrations.lactating female members and spouses of male members of the new york state angler cohort who agreed to provide breast milk samples were the subjects of this study. questionnaires were provided to participants focusing on lake ontario fish consumption, reproductive history, and lactation history. milk samples were analyzed for 77 polychlorinated biphenyls (pcb) congeners, 1,1-dichloro-2,2-bis (p-chlorophenyl)-ethylene (dde), a metabolite of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (ddt), hexachlorobenzene ...199910092430
parental consumption of contaminated sport fish from lake ontario and predicted fecundability.wildlife studies suggest that consumption of contaminated fish from the great lakes may expose humans to polychlorinated biphenyls and persistent chlorinated pesticides. to assess whether time to pregnancy or fecundability is affected, we conducted a telephone survey in 1993 with female members of the new york state angler cohort study who were considering pregnancy between 1991 and 1994 (n = 2,445). among the 1,234 (50%) women who became pregnant, 895 (73%) had a known time to pregnancy. upon e ...200010874544
characterization of a somatostatin-28 containing the (tyr-7, gly-10) derivative of somatostatin-14: a terminal active product of prosomatostatin ii processing in anglerfish pancreatic islets.anglerfish (lophius piscatorius) brockmann organs contain a form of somatostatin-14, identical to the hypothalamic tetradecapeptide, and two distinct forms of somatostatin-28, which can be separated by reversed-phase high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc). analysis of the nh2-terminal amino acid sequence and comparison of the ability to incorporate 125i indicate that one of these forms corresponds to an octacosapeptide including in its sequence the (tyr-7, gly-10) derivative of somatostatin- ...19846150481
rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma provoked by asticot maggots.asticot maggots are used as bait by anglers fishing the rivers, reservoirs and coastal waters of spain. we report the case of a male patient, a keen angler, who used this bait on weekends and suffered allergic reactions that affected his conjunctiva and respiratory system for years. other baits (earthworms, eisemia foetida) did not elicit this reaction. in order to confirm the allergic reaction, we used maggots in vivo in the prick test, obtaining a positive reaction in 15 to 30 minutes. the pat ...199910486446
accumulation of the lipophilic environmental contaminant lindane in metacercariae of bucephaloides gracilescens (trematoda, bucephalidae) in the central nervous system of bullrout myoxocephalus scorpius.bucephaloides gracilescens is a common parasite in the intestine of the angler fish lophiuspiscatorius, and the metacercariae have been recorded from a number of gadoid intermediate hosts. in a toxicokinetic study of lindane (gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane) in bullrout myoxocephalus scorpius, metacercariae of b. gracilescens were found in the central nervous system (cns). furthermore, the metacercariae accumulated concentrations of lindane that were higher than in the surrounding cns tissue. this i ...200111843143
paternal lake ontario fish consumption and risk of conception delay, new york state angler cohort.the aquatic ecosystems of the great lakes are contaminated with a variety of compounds, some of which are considered reproductive toxicants. few studies of paternal fish consumption and reproductive endpoints have been undertaken and serve as the impetus for study. standardized telephone interviews were conducted with 2445 female members of the new york state angler cohort (82% response) to update reproductive profiles and to ascertain specific information on time-to-pregnancy (ttp). the study s ...199910092415
infecundity and consumption of polychlorinated biphenyl-contaminated fish.biologic capacity for reproduction, or fecundity, may be threatened by environmental contaminants, especially compounds capable of disrupting endocrine pathways. telephone interviews that focused on reproductive events were conducted with female members of the new york state angler cohort study who became pregnant between 1991 and 1993 and who reported known time to pregnancy (n = 895; 73%). consumption of polychlorinated biphenyl-contaminated lake ontario sportfish and other factors were ascert ...200111480501
cytofluorometric evidence for differential genome endoreplication in the cluster neurons of lophius piscatorius l. (osteichthyes, lophiiformes).quantitative microfluorometric evaluation indicated that, in lophius piscatorius, the dna content of large neurons of a cluster located at the boundary between the medulla oblongata and the spinal cord varied from 4c to more than 5000c. this finding must be considered exceptional for the nervous system of vertebrates. dna contents were correlated to both nuclear and animal size. utilization of at and gc specific fluorochromes showed that the increase in dna content is due to differential genome ...19957549014
the new york angler cohort study: exposure characterization and reproductive and developmental health.the new york state angler study will evaluate the association between past and current consumption of contaminated fish from lake ontario and both short- and long-term health effects in a population-based cohort. it will measure fish consumption and reproductive and developmental health among 10,518 male anglers and 6,651 of their wives or partners, as well as among 913 female anglers. to characterize exposure among subgroups of the cohort, further analytical methods were developed and implement ...19968843550
body burden levels of dioxin, furans, and pcbs among frequent consumers of great lakes sport fish. the great lakes consortium.dioxins, furans, and polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) are toxic, persist in the environment, and bioaccumulate to concentrations that can be harmful to humans. sport anglers may be exposed to these residues via consumption of contaminated great lakes (gl) fish. the health departments of five gl states, wisconsin, michigan, ohio, illinois, and indiana, formed a consortium to study body burden levels of chemical residues in fish consumers of lakes michigan, huron, and erie. in fall 1993, a telepho ...199910092416
fatty acid composition of four microsporidian species compared to that of their host fishes.the fatty acid composition of four microsporidian species (glugea atherinae, spraguea lophii, glugea americanus, and pleistophora mirandellae) and their host fishes has been determined using gas chromatography. twenty-four fatty acids were identified with differences in relative abundance of fatty acids among the four parasites. certain even-saturated fatty acids were found in a very high proportion: palmitic acid (16:0) represented one-third of total fatty acids in pleistophora mirandellae. the ...200010651288
an event-by-event probabilistic methodology for assessing the health risks of persistent chemicals in fish: a case study at the palos verdes shelf.a human health risk assessment of recreational anglers who consume fish from the palos verdes shelf was conducted. the uptake of ddt, dde, and ddd (collectively total ddt or tddt) and polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) due to fish ingestion was characterized using monte carlo techniques. this analysis relied upon 176 probability density functions developed from over 300,000 individual pieces of information to represent 17 different exposure factors that influence the human uptake of persistent org ...200111339333
estimating recreational trout fishing damages in montana's clark fork river basin: summary of a natural resource damage assessment.this paper summarizes a natural resource damage assessment for the state of montana. mining wastes have caused significant reductions in trout stocks in a 145-mile stretch of montana's silver bow creek and clark fork river. to estimate economic damages from decreases in catch rates, we develop and estimate an individual-based utility-theoretic model of where and how often an angler will fish as a function of travel costs, catch rates, and other influential characteristics of the site and individ ...200212418161
expression of preprosomatostatin in heterologous cells: biosynthesis, posttranslational processing, and secretion of mature somatostatin.somatostatin is a 14 amino acid peptide hormone that is synthesized as part of a larger precursor, preprosomatostatin, which comprises about 120 amino acids. the overall organization of the precursor is conserved in many species in that it consists of a signal peptide followed by a proregion of 90-100 amino acids and the mature hormone is located at the carboxyl terminus of the molecule. to understand the role of the propeptide in generating the mature hormone, we have used gene-transfer experim ...19846150766
identification of sport fish consumption patterns in families of recreational anglers through factor analysis.this paper reports on the identification of sport fish consumption patterns in angler families through the factor analysis technique. new york state recreational anglers and their spouses or partners were surveyed in 1991 about their consumption of lake ontario and lake erie sport fish. respondents were surveyed again in 1997 to report the number of sport fish consumed by their children aged 5-10 years. parental report revealed that 60% of children had consumed at least one sport fish meal over ...200212051781
the complete amino-acid sequence of anglerfish somatostatin-28 ii. a new octacosapeptide containing the (tyr7, gly10) derivative of somatostatin-14 i.a new somatostatin-28 has been isolated from the teleostean fish (lophius piscatorius) brockmann organs. determination of its aminoacid sequence indicates that it corresponds to an octacosapeptide containing in its c-terminal end the tyr-7 gly-10 derivative of somatostatin-14 i. this structure is in agreement with the one predicted by hobart et al. (nature (1980) 288, 137-141) from a cdna nucleotide sequence. it demonstrates that, since the corresponding somatostatin-14 ii cannot be detected in ...19846148264
contact urticaria by angler fish. 200312823135
reliability of sport fish consumption in the new york state angler cohort study.this paper examines the reliability of sport fish consumption data from the new york state angler cohort study (nysacs). nysacs is a prospective cohort study conducted among new york state registered sportsmen and fishermen. sport fish consumption information for new york state waters including the great lakes between june 1990 and june 1991 were collected through self-administered questionnaires, spouses of male anglers were asked to provide their husbands' fish consumption during the same time ...200515533330
fish for human consumption: risk of contamination by mercury concentrations were measured in the muscle of different kinds of fish: megrim (lepidorhombus boscii), common sole (solea vulgaris), striped mullet (mullus barbatus), anglerfish (lophius piscatorius), and black-bellied angler (lophius budegassa), caught in the south adriatic sea (south italy). the highest total mercury levels were found in anglerfish (0.61-2.22 mg/kg wet wt, mean 1.26 +/- 0.58), followed by black-bellied angler (0.22-1.62 mg/kg wet wt, 0.68 +/- 0.36), megrim (0.05-0 ...200011271834
contribution to the knowledge of species of the genus stephanostomum looss, 1899 (digenea: acanthocolpidae) from teleosts of the western mediterranean, with the description of s. gaidropsari n. sp.four species of the acanthocolpid genus stephanostomum are redescribed from the digestive tract of teleosts in the western mediterranean: the type-species, s. cesticillum from lophius piscatorius is described with a ventrally interrupted ring of 35 circum-oral spines and as lacking a uroproct; s. bicoronatum from sciaena umbra has a ventrally interrupted ring of 31 circum-oral spines and a uroproct; s. pristis from phycis phycis has an uninterrupted ring of 36 oral spines and no uroproct; s. min ...200111466478
estimation of exploitation rate by combining mark-recapture procedures with a creel survey.government agencies are usually interested in estimating the annual exploitation rate of a fish population for recreational and commercial fisheries. in this paper, we propose a model-based approach for the estimation of the exploitation rate. our approach combines mark-recapture procedures with a creel survey (which is a type of angler survey). we consider moment estimation of the exploitation rate. we also consider estimation of the exploitation rate by stratifying the space-time units of the ...200010877297
[some biological characteristics of lophius piscatorius l..]. 195413149234
exploring associations between serum levels of select organochlorines and thyroxine in a sample of new york state sportsmen: the new york state angler cohort study.this preliminary study investigated associations between environmental organochlorine compounds and thyroid function in a sample of 66 sportsmen selected from among participants in the new york state angler cohort study. a cross-sectional design was employed with the primary goal of the analysis being the generation of specific testable hypotheses. blood samples were analyzed for compounds based on a priori identified literature-cited evidence of thyroid disruption. these included hexachlorobenz ...200312865048
localization of proelastase in the goose-fish (lophius piscatorius). 196113758586
survey of total mercury and methylmercury levels in edible fish from the adriatic mercury and methylmercury concentrations were measured in the muscle tissue of different fish species from the adriatic sea to ascertain whether the concentrations exceeded the maximum level fixed by the european commission. large species-dependent variability was observed. the highest total mercury mean concentrations were in benthic (0.20-0.76 microg g(-1) wet wt) and demersal fish (0.22-0.73 microg g(-1) wet wt), while pelagic species showed the lowest levels (0.09-0.23 microg g(-1) wet ...200314726274
comparative electrophoretic examination of the two european species of angler-fish (lophiidae): lophius piscatorius (l.) and lophius budegassa (spinola) and assessment of their genetic relationship.1. a multilocus electrophoretic examination of the genetic relationships between the two european species of angler-fish was carried out using starch gel electrophoresis. 2. at 4 gene loci fixation for different alleles separated lophius piscatorius and l. budegassa while at an additional 5 loci, frequencies of shared alleles were significantly heterogeneous. 3. a mean genetic distance of i = 0.771 was calculated, corresponding to a mean genetic distance of d = 0.260 between these species. 4. th ...19883396333
isolation of insulin from the fish, lophius piscatorius, by gel filtration. 196314070340
longitudinal study of babies born to mothers enrolled in a preconception prospective pregnancy study: study design and methodology, new york state angler cohort study.persistent environmental chemicals such as organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) have been associated with alterations in fetal development and child health including subtle differences in developmental status. previous prospective studies have ascertained prenatal or postnatal exposures but none have been designed to assess exposures at critical windows including preconception. to address this gap, we followed infants born to mothers recruited prior to conception in the ...200515533332
profiles of ortho-polychlorinated biphenyl congeners, dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene, hexachlorobenzene, and mirex among male lake ontario sportfish consumers: the new york state angler cohort study.great lakes sportfish consumption is a recognized human exposure source to environmental organochlorine compounds. using data collected as part of the new york state angler cohort study, 203 males were considered with regard to history of lake ontario sportfish consumption and sera levels of 57 ortho-substituted polychlorinated biphenyl (pcb) congeners, dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene, hexachlorobenzene, and mirex. consumption of six species of highly contaminated lake ontario sportfish during ...200515533334
the importance of weight-normalized exposure data when issuing fish advisories for protection of public health.public health protection from environmental contaminants requires an understanding of the extent of contamination and of the extent of exposure to the contamination. my argument here is that weight-normalized, species-specific, individual-consumption pattern data are vital for determining exposure levels used to ascertain health protection measures and impacts from consuming contaminated fish. this study demonstrates the importance of adequate consumption pattern data for determining exposure di ...200212117644
the impact of angler groundbait on benthic invertebrates and sediment respiration in a shallow eutrophic an experiment to determine the impact of angler baits, cereal or maggots were added to areas of sediment in a eutrophic reservoir at realistic rates, over a 12-week period. the densities of benthic invertebrate taxa were estimated before treatment, immediately after treatment, and, finally, after a 4-month recovery period. all taxa except the tubificid limnodrilus hoffmeisteri were reduced in density by cereal baiting, the most sensitive being naidid worms and cladocerans. recovery of the ben ...198715092737
proposed methods and endpoints for defining and assessing adverse environmental impact (aei) on fish communities/populations in tennessee river reservoirs.two multimetric indices have been developed to help address fish community (reservoir fish assemblage index [rfai]) and individual population quality (sport fishing index [sfi]) in tennessee river reservoirs. the rfai, with characteristics similar to the index of biotic integrity (ibi) used in stream fish community determinations, was developed to monitor the existing condition of resident fish communities. the index, which incorporates standardized electrofishing of littoral areas and experimen ...200212805895
[persistent skin reaction and raynaud phenomenon after a sting by echiichthys draco (great weever fish)].a 54-year-old recreational angler was stung in his right forefinger by echiichthys draco. within a few seconds he developed severe swelling with extreme pain sensation at the sting site, accompanied by dizziness and chill. even under morphine therapy the pain symptoms were only slightly reduced. during the subsequent weeks, an erythema with marginate medium-sized scaling developed at the sting site and the patient experienced a approximately 50% reduced bending capacity of the forefinger and per ...200312835865
maternal fish consumption and infant birth size and gestation: new york state angler cohort study.the scientific literature poses a perplexing dilemma for pregnant women with respect to the consumption of fish from natural bodies of water. on one hand, fish is a good source of protein, low in fat and a rich source of other nutrients all of which have presumably beneficial effects on developing embryos and fetuses. on the other hand, consumption of fish contaminated with environmental toxicants such as polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) has been associated with decrements in gestation and birth ...200312826023
isolation of mycobacteria from frozen fish destined for human consumption.mycobacteria were isolated from defrost water and tissue of sole (solea solea), hake (merluccius merluccius), cod (gadus morhua), ling (genypterus blacodes), and monkfish (lophius piscatorius) on löwenstein-jensen medium after incubation at different temperatures. samples of frozen fish were obtained under sterile conditions inside a refrigeration chamber (-18 to -22 degrees c) in a wholesale market from which these products are distributed to shops for retail sale and human consumption.200010919833
birth defects risk associated with maternal sport fish consumption: potential effect modification by sex of offspring.contaminated sport fish consumption may result in exposure to various reproductive and developmental toxicants, including pesticides and other suspected endocrine disruptors. we investigated the relation between maternal sport fish meals and risk of major birth defects among infants born to members of the new york state (nys) angler cohort between 1986 and 1991 (n=2237 births). birth defects (n=125 cases) were ascertained from both newborn medical records and the nys congenital malformations reg ...200515533329
alkylphenols and alkylphenol ethoxylates contamination of crustaceans and fishes from the adriatic sea (italy).this paper presents the results of an investigation on the occurrence of alkylphenols (aps) and their ethoxylates (apes) in 8 edible marine species from the adriatic sea and tries to estimate the corresponding intake for the italian population. two crustaceans, nephrops norvegicus (norway lobster) and squilla mantis (spottail mantis shrimp), plus six fish species, engraulis enchrascicolus (anchovy), scomber scombrus (atlantic mackerel), merluccius merluccius (european hake), mullus barbatus (red ...200515833488
hormonally active agents in the environment and children's behavior: assessing effects on children's gender-dimorphic outcomes.early sex hormone exposure contributes to gender-dimorphic behavioral development in mammals, including humans. environmental toxicants concentrated in contaminated sport fish can interfere with the actions of sex steroids.200312606879
reconstruction of walleye exploitation based on angler diary records and a model of predicted catches.the walleye population in canadarago lake, new york, was 81-95% exploited in the 1988 fishing season, the year in which a previous restriction on the length and number of legally harvestable fish was liberalized. using diary records from a subset of fishermen, growth estimates, and an estimate of the walleye population in the following year, a method is developed to reconstruct the fish population back to the spring of 1988 and thus determine the exploitation rate. the method is based on a model ...200717572449
human mercury toxicity and ice angler fish consumption: are people eating enough to cause health problems?mercury contamination of aquatic ecosystems is a global environmental concern. bioaccumulation of mercury in fish exposes consumers to risk. we interviewed ice anglers on monona bay, wisconsin during the 2001-2002 ice fishing season to determine risk associated with fish consumption and methyl mercury (mehg) intake. the majority of anglers (95%) were not at risk of mercury toxicity because they ate less fish than would be required to create health problems. the remaining 5% of ice anglers barely ...200312836842
the botany array resource: e-northerns, expression angling, and promoter analyses.the botany array resource provides the means for obtaining and archiving microarray data for arabidopsis thaliana as well as biologist-friendly tools for viewing and mining both our own and other's data, for example, from the atgenexpress consortium. all the data produced are publicly available through the web interface of the database at the database has been designed in accordance with the minimum information about a microarray experiment convention -- all expres ...200515960624
discrepancies in phylogeographical patterns of two european anglerfishes (lophius budegassa and lophius piscatorius).in order to investigate the relative importance of historical processes and life-history traits in shaping the present-day genetic structure of european anglerfishes, 382 lophius piscatorius and 134 lophius budegassa were sequenced on the 5' end of the mitochondrial control region. both species showed a limited genetic structure and some evidence of a demographic expansion that probably occurred not at the end of the last glacial maximum, but earlier in the pleistocene. the main discrepancy betw ...200616309924
organochlorine compounds (pcbs, pcdds and pcdfs) in seafish and seafood from the spanish atlantic southwest coast.concentrations and congener specific profiles of pcdd/fs and pcbs were determined in edible fish and seafood species from the coast of huelva, in the spanish southwest atlantic coast. five fish species, namely wegde sole (dicologoglossa cuneata), common sole (solea vulgaris), white seabream (diplodus sargus), sardine (sardina pilchardus), angler fish (lophius piscatorius), two shellfish species (donax trunculus and chamelea gallina), common cuttlefish (sepia officinalis) and prawns (parapenaeus ...200616483635
[historical review of insulin and its preparations in pharmacopoeia (3). fish insulins].existence of encapsulated glands situated in the mesentery of certain teleosti was reported by brockmann (1846) and stannius (1848), respectively. thus the gland was named stannius corpuscle or brockmann body. later, as results of histological study, cells of stannius corpuscle tissues were constituted with langerhans islet cells observed in mammalian pancreas by diammare (1899) and laguesse (1906). thus, before the days of discovery of insulin by banting and best in 1921, stannius corpuscle has ...199211639701
solution properties of an alpha-(1-->3)-d-glucan from lentinus edodes and its sulfated derivatives.a water-insoluble alpha-(1-->3)-d-glucan (a) from lentinus edodes was fractionated into 13 fractions in dimethyl sulfoxide containing 0.25 m lithium chloride (0.25 m licl-me(2)so). five fractions were treated with sulfur trioxide-pyridine complex at 25 degrees c to synthesize water-soluble sulfated derivatives (s-a). the weight-average molecular weights, m(w), and intrinsic viscosities [eta], of the samples a and s-a were determined by multi-angler laser light scattering (malls), and viscosity. ...200211814447
another avivorous angler or goosefish. 194117743445
prosorhynchoides gracilescens (rudolphi, 1819) (digenea: bucephalidae) from lophius piscatorius l. is a species complex: a redescription of this species (sensu stricto) from the western mediterranean and the description of p. borealis n. sp. from the northern north-east atlantic.the bucephalid digenean prosorhynchoides gracilescens (rudolphi, 1819) is a common intestinal parasite of the angler fish lophius piscatorius in european marine waters. detailed studies of new material collected off the coasts of both marseilles and corsica in the western mediterranean, and comparison with museum material from the northern north-east atlantic, indicated that the accepted concept of this species comprises two distinct taxa. the mediterranean form occurs in relatively small number ...200616758297
maternal recall of children's consumption of commercial and sport-caught fish: findings from a multi-state study.a randomized telephone survey of 3015 women was conducted in an effort to assess the effectiveness of local sport-fish consumption advisories. survey participants were between the ages of 18 and 45 and lived in the states of arkansas, california, connecticut, florida, maine, minnesota, montana, new jersey, new mexico, north carolina, and wisconsin. at the time of the women's interview, fish and shellfish consumption information was obtained for children under 18 years of age living in the househ ...200716828736
a critical analysis of illinois' fish mercury monitoring program, 1974-1998.mercury contamination in fish is a serious public health concern that contrasts with other health benefits of eating fish. like most us states, illinois has monitored fish mercury contamination for decades to warn the public of mercury exposure risks by consuming fish. has this monitoring program been effective in detecting public mercury exposure risks? i analyzed fish mercury contamination data from illinois inland lakes (1974-1998; > 2,300 samples, 18 fish species, 149 lakes) and found that: ...200717171274
do catch-and-release guidelines from state and provincial fisheries agencies in north america conform to scientifically based best practices?many recreational anglers practice catch-and-release angling, where fish are returned to the water with the presumption that they will survive. however, not all fish survive, and those that do often experience sublethal consequences including injury and stress. there is compelling scientific evidence that angler behavior and gear choice can affect the success of catch-and-release as a management and conservation strategy. because anglers often look to government natural resource agencies for gui ...200717387544
release method and anatomical hook location: effects on short-term mortality of angler-caught acanthopagrus australis and argyrosomus field and 3 aquaria experiments were done to quantify the short-term mortality of yellowfin bream acanthopagrus australis and mulloway argyrosomus japonicus after being angled and subjected to 3 general handling treatments. anglers were supplied with identical j-type hooks and asked to handle hooked fish by either (1) physically removing the hook or (2) cutting the line (5 cm from the mouth of the fish) and leaving the hook in. some hooked a. japonicus were subjected to a third handling trea ...200717425260
ingestion and ejection of hooks: effects on long-term health and mortality of angler-caught yellowfin bream acanthopagrus australis.ninety juvenile yellowfin bream acanthopagrus australis were angled from holding tanks, allowed to ingest nickel-plated, carbon-steel j-hooks and released (with their lines cut) into individual experimental tanks during 2 experiments in order to assess their (1) long-term (up to 105 d) health, mortality and rate of hook ejection and (2) short- and medium-term (< 42 d) temporal changes in health during hook ingestion. equal numbers of control fish were scooped from holding tanks and similarly mon ...200717425261
a deliberate approach for the syntheses of heterometallic supramolecules containing dimolybdenum mo(2)4+ species coordinated to other metal units.two compounds with quadruply bonded mo2(4+) species having isonicotinate ligands bound through the carboxylate group have been designed to act as anglers by luring metal-containing lewis acids to bind to the n-pyridyl group. the corner pieces are mo2(danif)3(o2cc5h4n) and cis-mo2(danif)2(o2cc5h4n)2, danif=n,n'-di(p-anisyl)formamidinate. the heterometallic molecular rods -ni(acac)2-and-rh2(o2cch3)4- were made by reaction of with ni(acac)2 and the metal-metal bonded species rh2(o2cch3)4, respectiv ...200717534494
[the effects of perfluorodecalin on the anterior chamber angle and intraocular pressure in rabbits].to observe the effects of purfluorodecalin on the anterior chamber (ac) angle and intraocular pressure (iop) in rabbits.200112567509
the incomplete angler: effects created by visual omission.the fisherman, a picture painted by jean-louis forain, demonstrates an interesting interaction between low and high level perceptual processing. the isolation and tranquillity of the fisherman in the picture are enhanced by the absence of his reflection, yet perceivers are rarely aware of the omission.200818534103
assessment of human health risks posed by consumption of fish from the lower passaic river, new jersey.the lower passaic river (lpr) in new jersey has been impacted by variety of human activities over the course of the last two centuries. in this risk assessment, we assessed potential human health risks associated with consumption of fish from the lpr, the human exposure pathway of greatest concern when addressing contaminated sediments. our risk assessment incorporates fish consumption information gathered during a year-long, intercept-style creel angler survey and representative fish tissue con ...200919395001
angler numerical response across landscapes and the collapse of freshwater fisheries.recreational angling opportunities in lakes are distributed across landscapes and attract anglers based on the combination of angling quality, travel distance, and availability of facilities. the relationship between angler density and fishing quality, as measured by catch rate, represents a numerical response that is analogous to a predator numerical response to variability in prey abundance. we quantified this numerical response of anglers to rainbow trout, oncorhynchus mykiss, populations dis ...200818536261
assessment of polychlorinated biphenyl congeners, thyroid stimulating hormone, and free thyroxine among new york state anglers.experimental literature suggests that polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) alter thyroid function however studies of non-occupational or acute exposures in human populations have presented equivocal results. this study considered associations between pcbs and thyroid function biomarkers in a specially selected subsample of participants from the new york state angler cohort study, with the goal of hypotheses generation. between 1995 and 1997, 38 subjects donated a blood specimen and completed a quest ...200919493696
comment on urban et al. "assessment of human health risks posed by consumption of fish from the lower passaic river (lpr), new jersey" (2009, doi:10.1016/jscitotenv.2009.03.004).urban et al. (2009) presented a human health risk assessment for the lower passaic river that is not consistent with the united states environmental protection agency (usepa) risk assessment guidance for superfund cited in the article, because it is based on a fish ingestion rate that underestimates angler exposure to contaminated fish, does not evaluate exposure to contaminated crab, and underestimates the cancer risks and non-cancer health hazards associated with these exposure pathways. usepa ...201020006897
influence of host biological features on macroparasites of the two european anglerfish species, lophius piscatorius and lophius budegassa, off north and northwest spain.two anglerfish species, lophius piscatorius and lophius budegassa, caught off the north and northwest coast of spain in 2007, were examined for parasite infections. four parasite taxa were chosen for study, i.e., anisakis larvae type i (sensu berland, 1961), hysterothylacium rigidum (nematoda), spraguea lophii (microsporidia), and chondracanthus lophii (copepoda). prevalence, intensity, and abundance were determined and related to host size and sex. the abundance of anisakis larvae type i signif ...201019681648
the occurrence of the japanese species dinosoma lophiomi toman, 1973 (digenea: hemiuridae) in lophius piscatorius (teleostei) from the western mediterranean.hemiurid worms from the stomach of the angler lophius piscatorius off corsica are described and considered to belong to a japanese species, dinosoma lophiomi toman, 1973, which was originally described from an indo-pacific lophiid host. the apparent disjunctive distribution of this species and apparent differences in the terminal genitalia between the european and japanese specimens are discussed. this is the first record of dinosoma manter, 1934 from the mediterranean sea. the validity of diagn ...200616977426
in utero exposure to organochlorines and age at examine the effect of in utero exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) and dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (dde) on age at menarche in offspring, we conducted a cohort study over two generations.200415131079
the compleat angler: aggressive mimicry in an antennariid anglerfish.a case of aggressive mimicry is described in which an anglerfish of the genus antennarius (order lophiiformes) utilizes a lure that mimics a small fish. the lure provides not only a highly attractive visual cue but presumably also a low-frequency pressure stimulus for potential prey with a minimum of energy expenditure.197817793734
human health exposure factor estimates based upon a creel/angler survey of the lower passaic river (part 3).the results of an analysis of site-specific creel and angler information collected for the lower 6 miles of the passaic river in newark, nj (study area), demonstrate that performing a site-specific creel/angler survey was essential to capture the unique characteristics of the anglers using the study area. the results presented were developed using a unique methodology for calculating site-specific, human exposure estimates from data collected in this unique urban/industrial setting. the site-spe ...200717365604
a statistical method for analyzing data collected by a creel/angler survey (part 2).this article describes a unique analytical method employed to characterize angler activities on the lower 6-mile stretch of the passaic river in new jersey. the method used data collected by a creel/angler survey that was designed to capture the information necessary to calculate the exposure factors needed to characterize the fish consumption pathway for recreational anglers in a human health risk assessment for the river. the survey used two methods to address the challenges of conducting a cr ...200717365603
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