an ultrastructural study of the enigmatic "rodlet cells" in the white sucker, catostomus commersoni (lacépède) (pisces: catostomidae). 19751192292
ultrastructural observations on the granulocytic leucocytes of the teleost catostomus commersoni. 19751192299
studies on molecular weights of two peptide hormones from the urophysis of white sucker (catostomus commersoni).the molecular weights of two active principles extracted from the urophysis of the teleost fish catostomus commersoni in 0.1 n hc1 or in 0.25% acetic acid have been investigated by gel filtration chromatography and sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. two peptides with urotensin i tlong-acting rat hypotensive) activity and two peptides with urotensin ii (fish smooth muscle stimulating) activity were found by these procedures. the smaller of the two urotensin i peptides (molecular weight 1200- ...19751125811
morphological and histochemical studies on a pas-positive granular leukocyte in blood and connective tissues of catostomus commersonii lacépède (teleostei:pisces).this study was undertaken to identify an ubiquitous granular leukocyte found in catostomus commersonni lacépède. the cell contains large, numerous, strongly pas-positive cytoplasmic granules, an eccentric nucleus and prominent, persistent juxtanuclear space. it develops in the hemopoietic tissue of the kidney, and mature cells are found not only in kidney and peripheral blood but also in areas of connective tissue where mast cells are usually located. electron microscopy confirms the presence of ...197546692
properties of urophysial proteins (urophysins) from the white sucker, catostomus commersoni. 1975268
exposure to bleached kraft pulp mill effluent disrupts the pituitary-gonadal axis of white sucker at multiple sites.our recent studies have demonstrated reproductive problems in white sucker (catostomus commersoni) exposed to bleached kraft pulp mill effluent (bkme) at jackfish bay on lake superior. these fish exhibit delayed sexual maturity, reduced gonadal size, reduced secondary sexual characteristics, and circulating steroid levels depressed relative to those of reference populations. the present studies were designed to evaluate sites in the pituitary-gonadal axis of prespawning white sucker affected by ...19921641856
milt characteristics, reproductive performance, and larval survival and development of white sucker exposed to bleached kraft mill effluent.white sucker from a lake superior bay which receives bleached kraft mill effluent (bkme) show increased hepatic mixed-function oxygenase (mfo) activity, reduced plasma sex steroid levels, decreased egg and gonad size, a decrease in the occurrence of secondary sexual characteristics, and an increased age to maturation. this study evaluated the reproductive performance of that white sucker population relative to a similar reference population. spawning male white sucker from the bkme site had redu ...19921375142
loss of glutathione s-transferases in pollution-associated liver neoplasms in white suckers (catostomus commersoni) from lake ontario.white suckers (catostomus commersoni) are one of two species of bottom-feeding fish in which various liver neoplasms are more prevalent in urban/industrial sites in western lake ontario than in less polluted sites in the great lakes. previous studies indicate that white suckers excrete metabolites of various polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) in bile, and that glutathione transferase (gst)-mediated conjugation is a major detoxification pathway for the pah benzo[alpha]pyrene. to determine wh ...19911660792
philometroides huronensis n.sp. (nematoda:dracunculoidea) of the common white sucker (catostomus commersoni) from lake huron, ontario. 19761260562
lesions associated with philometroides huronensis (nematoda: philometridae) in the white sucker (catostomus commersoni).lesions associated with philometroides huronensis in the white sucker (catostomus commersoni) of southern ontario occurred during the spring (april-june) and were related to the development and release of first-stage larvae from the gravid nematode. with movement of the subgravid female into the membranous region of the fin, subepidermal tissues were mechanically disrupted and compacted near the nematode. gravid females were encapsulated by fibrous tissue. release of first-stage larvae from the ...1978739580
biology of philometroides huronensis (nematoda: dracunculoidea) in the white sucker (catostomus commersoni). 1977907926
morphology and host specificity of cryptobia catostomi n.sp. (protozoa: kinetoplastida) from white sucker (catostomus commersoni) in southern ontario. 1977884636
division and morphogenesis of cryptobia catostomi (protozoa: kinetoplastida) in the blood of white sucker (catostomus commersoni). 1977884637
residues of organochlorine insecticides and polychlorinated biphenyls in fish from lakes huron and superior, canada--1968-76.five species of fish from lake superior and 12 species from lake huron were analyzed for organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) between 1968 and 1975. mean residues of sigma ddt peaked at 1.72 ppm and 7.60 ppm in lake trout (salvelinus namaycush) from lakes superior and huron, respectively. by 1975, the mean level of sigma ddt had decreased in lake trout and was highest in bloaters (coregonus hoi) from both lakes: 1.06 ppm and 1.87 ppm, respectively. dieldrin levels in fi ...1978101967
an immunocytochemical investigation for arginine vasotocin and neurophysin in the pituitary gland and the caudal neurosecretory system of catostomus commersoni. 1977332588
histone proteolysis in fish erythrocyte nuclei.the erythrocyte histones of trout, carp, white sucker, and chicken are subject to very different levels of autolytic activity. carp erythrocyte histones extracted from typical nuclear preparations suffer extensively from degradation; histones 1, 5, and 3 (h1, h5, and h3 respectively) are preferentially cleaved and characteristic peptides designated p1, p2, and p3 appear during the course of proteolysis. generally, erythrocytes from different fish species yield highly disparate proportions of h1 ...1977597770
notes on the recovery of live ostracods from the gut of the white sucker (catostomus commersoni lacépède) 1808, (pisces: catostomidae). 1979540280
in situ hybridization of corticotropin-releasing factor-encoding messenger rna in the hypothalamus of the white sucker, catostomus situ hybridization procedure with a 32p-labelled synthetic oligonucleotide probe was used to detect corticotropin-releasing factor-encoding messenger rna (crf mrna) in the hypothalamus of the white sucker, catostomus commersoni. adjacent sections were immunostained by a sucker crf-specific antiserum. crf mrna-containing neurons were identified by autoradiography in the magnocellular and parvocellular subdivisions of the preoptic nucleus (pon). many of these neurons were also immunostained by ...19921571966
vector specificity of trypanosoma catostomi and its infectivity to freshwater fishes.trypanosoma catostomi was found in 36.2% of 558 white suckers (catostomus commersoni) from ontario, canada. the abundance of actinobdella inequiannulata was 35% (68 leeches/197 suckers examined for leeches). the susceptibility of 3 species of leeches (hemiclepsis marginata, desserobdella phalera, and a. inequiannulata) and 7 species of fishes (c. commersoni, amia calva, anguilla rostrata, ictalurus nebulosus, oncorhynchus mykiss, perca flavescens, and esox lucius) to infection with t. catostomi ...19921738075
culture characteristics of trypanosoma catostomi and trypanosoma phaleri from north american freshwater fishes.culture characteristics of two species of piscine trypanosomes were compared. trypanosoma catostomi from catostomus commersoni was isolated in hypo-osmotic blood agar media but not in hyper-osmotic media. however, t. phaleri from amia calva was isolated in both media. only t. catostomi was stimulated to divide by diluting infected blood with water. the maximum number of t. phaleri and percentage of trypomastigotes were not affected by nacl concentration. the maximum number of t. catostomi was in ...19911745549
metal toxicity to embryos and larvae of eight species of freshwater fish-ii: larvae and early juveniles of all species tested (brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout, northern pike, white sucker, herring, and smallmouth bass) were more sensitive to copper than the embryos. embryo survival was affected only at the higher concentrations tested, for all species except the rainbow trout. the concentrations of copper that caused significant effects on the larval standing crop were similar for all species (31.7-43.5 microgram cu/1) except the northern pike, w ...1978667389
sodium and potassium atpase of the teleost fish catostomus commersoni. sequence, protein structure and evolutionary conservation of the alpha-subunit.the alpha-subunit of a na+/k+ atpase has been cloned by analysing a lambda gt11 library constructed from polya+ rna from the hypothalamic region of the teleost fish catostomus commersoni (white sucker). the cdna clone consists of 3853 bp and predicts a protein of 1027 amino-acid residues. alignment of the sucker sequence with protein sequences previously published for alpha-subunits from various species reveals a high degree of homology throughout the entire sequence containing five potential si ...19911711856
cystobranchus meyeri sp. n. (hirudinea: piscicolidae) from catostomus commersoni lacépède in north america.cystobranchus meyeri sp. n. (hirudinea: piscicolidae) is described from the white sucker, catostomus commersoni lacépède (osteichthyes: catostomidae) from the mohawk river drainage of eastern new york. size, details of internal anatomy, and the presence of 8 ocelli on the posterior sucker distinguish it from the 3 other species in north america. a table compares the members of this genus and a key to the species is included. problems of classification, host records, and host specificity are disc ...1976957041
cryptobia cataractae from the blood of semotilus atromaculatus: structure and division in the fish.a cryptobiid was found in the blood of 2 of 9 semotilus atromaculatus from a tributary of the saugeen river in ontario, canada. blood inoculation produced an infection in 2 uninfected s. atromaculatus but not in any oncorhynchus mykiss, catostomus commersoni, or carassius auratus. the flagellate was identified as cryptobia cataractae, based on host restriction. cryptobia cataractae occurred as slender and broad forms (body width 3.0-8.7 microns). the length of the anterior flagellum was equal to ...19902213407
corticotropin-releasing factor (crf) gene family in the brain of the teleost fish catostomus commersoni (white sucker): molecular analysis predicts distinct precursors for two crfs and one urotensin i peptide.molecular cloning experiments indicate the presence of two distinct crf genes in the sucker genome encoding independent 162-amino-acid precursors, which both consist of a signal sequence, succeeded by a cryptic peptide and subsequently by the hormone moiety. the two 41-amino-acid crf peptides differ by an ala-->val substitution at amino acid position 28. crf transcripts are primarily found in the sucker pre-optic nucleus (pon), to a much lesser extent in the lateral tuberal nucleus (ltn). in con ...19911726976
further observations upon the hemoglobin systems of thermally-acclimated freshwater teleosts: pumpkinseed (lepomis gibbosus), white sucker (catostomus commersoni), carp (cyprinus carpio), goldfish (carassius auratus) and carp-goldfish hybrids. 19764279
radioimmunoassays for fish tail neuropeptides: ii. development of a specific and sensitive assay for and the occurrence of immunoreactive urotensin ii in the central nervous system and blood of catostomus commersoni.a sensitive radioimmunoassay (ria) based on an antiserum to synthetic gillichthys mirabilis urotensin ii (uii) generated in rabbits, reacting with all known forms of the uii peptides, was developed. the uii was iodinated by either the chloramine-t or the lodogen method and was purified by high-pressure liquid chromatography. the antiserum, at a final dilution of 1:125,000, gave 50% binding of the iodinated uii. the sensitivity of the ria was 1.8 +/- 0.2 pg/assay tube (1.2 +/- 0.2 fmol/tube; n = ...19863724202
urotensin i- and crf-like peptides in catostomus commersoni brain and pituitary--hplc and ria characterization.two distinct neuronal systems, containing urotensin i-like immunoreactivity (ui-li) and crf-li respectively, have previously been demonstrated immunocytochemically in the brain and pituitary of the teleost catostomus commersoni. in the present studies, we used hplc followed by ui- and crf-ria to further characterize these ui- and crf-li substances. hplc of catostomus brain extracts (including extracts modified by dilute h2o2 oxidation or dilute acid cleavage) suggests that the major form of brai ...19883266663
radioimmunoassays for fish tail neuropeptides: i. development of assay and measurement of immunoreactive urotensin i in catostomus commersoni brain, pituitary, and plasma.antisera were raised in rabbits using highly purified urotensin i (ui) or ui (4-41) conjugated with high-molecular-weight proteins. antiserum 2u4, at a final dilution of 1:300,000, gave 50% binding to iodinated ui (specific activity 40-120 microci/micrograms). carp (cyprinus carpio) and sucker (catostomus commersoni) ui peptides cross-reacted completely with the antiserum. results from cross-reactivity tests using various tryptic and staphylococcus aureus protease fragments of ui indicated that ...19863724203
effects of photoperiod and temperature on rhythmic melatonin secretion from the pineal organ of the white sucker (catostomus commersoni) in vitro.the secretion rate of melatonin from cultured pineal organs of the white sucker was examined for several days under either a 12:12-hr light:dark (ld) cycle or continuous darkness (dd) at either 10 degrees or 20 degrees. the incubation medium was changed at 3-hr intervals and secreted melatonin was measured by ria. under a 12:12-hr ld cycle (0800 light on, 2000 light off) melatonin secretion was suppressed during the day and highly active at night, with larger amplitudes at 20 than at 10 degrees. ...19921505727
vasorelaxant effects of fish (catostomus commersoni) corticotropin releasing factor. 19902274529
two isotocin genes are present in the white sucker catostomus commersoni both lacking introns in their protein coding regions.two genes each encoding a distinct precursor protein to the hormone isotocin and a neurophysin-related protein are present in the teleost fish catostomus commersoni. these precursors are referred to as isotocin 1 and 2. as shown by the polymerase chain reaction technique, both genes lack introns in their protein-coding sequences. both genes are transcribed giving rise to mrnas of 920 (isotocin 1) and 1020 (isotocin 2) bases, respectively. based on the nucleotide sequences, the predicted isotocin ...19892583084
pharmacological effects of urotensins. iv. blood pressure-lowering effects of urotensin i in spontaneously hypertensive rats.the blood pressure lowering effect of urotensin i, a vasodilatory peptide obtained from urophyses of a bony fish species (catostomus commersoni) was studied by tail plethysmography in conscious normotensive and in spontaneously hypertensive rats. urotensin i (10 mu/100 g body weight i.v.) lowered the blood pressure, depending on the preinjection level. the lowering of pressure amounted to 12.4 +/- 1.28% of the preinjection level in normotensive rats, 17.9 +/- 1.46% in hypertensive females and to ...19751208646
urotensin i-like immunoreactivity in the central nervous system of aplysia the present study the occurrence and localization of urotensin i (ui, a corticotropin releasing factor-like peptide) in the cns of aplysia californica were investigated by immunocytochemistry and radioimmunoassay. the ria cross-reactivity pattern indicated that the ui antiserum used recognized an epitope in the c-terminal region of the ui, but it did not cross-react with mammalian corticotropin-releasing factor (crf) and partially recognized sauvagine (svg, a frog crf-like peptide). the use o ...19911788142
characterization of two crf peaks in individual catostomus commersoni pituitary extracts by hplc and radioimmunoassay. 19902274528
altered performance of white sucker populations in the manitouwadge chain of lakes is associated with changes in benthic macroinvertebrate communities as a result of copper and zinc contamination.white sucker (catostomus commersoni) collected from the manitouwadge chain of lakes show a lower growth rate and fecundity in lakes contaminated with copper and zinc from a mixed metal mine. this study evaluated whether the changes in performance of the fish were related to direct impacts of the metals or indirect impacts associated with changes in food availability. concentrations of metals in the water and sediment of lakes in the manitouwadge chain were elevated, relative to reference sites. ...19911868788
steroidogenic role of the caudal neurosecretory system in the flounder, platichthys flesus.transfer of flounders from seawater (sw) to fresh water (fw) resulted in a small reduction in circulating cortisol levels and urophysial protein storage. transfer of flounders from fw to sw resulted in a larger increase in plasma cortisol and specific urophysial protein storage. over the first 4 days after transfer from fw to sw there was a positive correlation between the observed changes in urophysial urotensin i (ui) content and plasma cortisol. this apparent steroidogenic effect of ui was su ...19892591719
noradrenaline, dopamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine and tryptophan concentrations in the brains of four cohabiting species of fish.1. the concentrations of the neurotransmitters noradrenaline, dopamine and 5-hydroxy-tryptamine and the amino acid tryptophan were determined in the telencephalon, optic lobes and rest of the brains of four species of fish collected from a stream in central saskatchewan. 2. the species investigated were white sucker (catostomus commersoni), longnose sucker (catostomus catostomus), longnosed dace (rhinichthys cataractae) and northern pike (esox lucius). 3. significant differences were found in th ...19882898995
the prevalence of trypanosoma catostomi in white sucker (catostomus commersoni) from southern ontario.during the summer of 1975, 285 white suckers (catostomus commersoni) from 10 localities in southern ontario were examined for trypanosomes. trypanosoma catostomi daly and degiusti, 1971 was found in the blood of 11.6% of the fish examined using the haematocrit centrifugation technique. infected juvenile fish (33%) and infected adult fish (4%) were found in 6 of 10 locations.1979501849
dieldrin, ddt, pcbs, and mercury levels in freshwater mullet from the upper great lakes, 1975-76.freshwater mullet harvested commercially during various seasons of 1975-76 from the upper great lakes were analyzed for organochlorine pesticides, pcbs, and mercury. species analyzed were catostomus commersoni, c. catostomus, and moxostoma erythruran. whole ground fish, mechanically deboned flesh, head, middle, and tail steaks, and various muscles were analyzed for pesticides and pcbs; only edible flesh was analyzed for mercury. dieldrin ranged from none detected to 0.23 ppm in deboned and whole ...1978100762
co-localization of the immunoreactivities of corticotropin-releasing factor and arginine vasotocin in the brain and pituitary system of the teleost catostomus commersoni.the peroxidase-antiperoxidase immunocytochemical procedure was used to study the distribution of ovine corticotropin-releasing factor (crf) and arginine vasotocin (avt) immunoreactivities sequentially in the same sections or in adjacent sections of the brain and pituitary of catostomus commersoni. it was found that all crf-immunoreactive (ir) neurons in the nucleus preopticus (npo) also contained avt immunoreactivity. co-localization of both immunoreactivities was also observed in fibres forming ...19873545482
vasotocin and isotocin precursors from the white sucker, catostomus commersoni: cloning and sequence analysis of the cdnas.the nucleotide sequences of cloned cdnas encoding the precursors for vasotocin and isotocin have been elucidated by analyzing a lambda gt11 library constructed from poly(a)+ rna from the hypothalamic region of the teleost fish catostomus commersoni. screening of the library was carried out with synthetic oligonucleotide probes deduced from the amino acid sequences of the nonapeptides vasotocin and isotocin. the cdna nucleotide sequences predict isotocin and vasotocin prohormone precursors each c ...19892748582
vasotocin genes of the teleost fish catostomus commersoni: gene structure, exon-intron boundary, and hormone precursor organization.cdna clones encoding two members of the vasotocin hormone precursor gene family have been isolated from the white sucker catostomus commersoni. the hormone is encoded by at least two distinct genes, both of which are expressed, as indicated by northern blot analysis. genomic dna amplified by the polymerase chain reaction has been used to define exon-intron boundaries. both vasotocin genes contain introns in positions corresponding to those found in the gene of their mammalian counterpart vasopre ...19901970742
relationship between urotensin ii- and somatostatin-immunoreactive spinal cord neurons of catostomus commersoni and oncorhynchus kisutch (teleostei).this immunocytochemical study describes the presence of separate immunoreactive (ir)-urotensin ii (uii) and ir-somatostatin (som) systems in the spinal cord of two species of teleost fish. both systems are arranged in a close spatial interrelationship in which ir-som fibres apparently innervate cerebrospinal fluid (csf)-contacting ir-uii neurons. specimens of oncorhynchus kisutch also display csf-contacting ir-som neurons located in the lateral ependymal walls of the central canal, in addition t ...19882906818
trypanosoma catostomi n. sp. from the white sucker catostomus c. commersoni (lacépède). 19714943628
cloning and sequence analysis of cdna for corticotropin-releasing factor precursor from the teleost fish catostomus commersoni.the sequence of a cdna encoding the corticotropin-releasing factor precursor has been identified by screening lambda gt11 libraries constructed from poly(a)+ rna of the hypothalamic region of the white sucker catostomus commersoni brain with synthetic oligonucleotide probes deduced from the sequence of the rat corticotropin-releasing factor. the amino acid sequence of corticotropin-releasing factor of the sucker is strikingly conserved when compared to its counterpart from rat and differs only i ...19883186733
the role of glutathione s-transferases in the hepatic metabolism of benzo[a]pyrene in white suckers (catostomus commersoni) from polluted and reference sites in the great lakes.1. orally administered 3h-benzo[a]pyrene (3h-bap) was excreted in the bile of white suckers predominantly as water soluble metabolites some of which were hydrolyzed by arylsulfatase or beta-glucuronidase. 2. non-hydrolysible polar metabolites comprised a substantial proportion of biliary metabolites. 3. hplc analysis revealed fluorescent and 3h-labelled peaks which co-eluted with standards of the glucuronide and sulfate conjugates of bap. 4. the most polar peak co-chromatographed with a double-r ...19901971553
localization of urotensin i- and corticotropin-releasing factor-like immunoreactivity in the central nervous system of catostomus commersoni.the distribution of urotensin i (ui) and corticotropin-releasing factor (crf) immunoreactive (ir) structures was studied in the central nervous system (cns) of the white sucker using the peroxidase-antiperoxidase immunocytochemical procedure. the close sequence homology between both peptides resulted in a high degree of crossreactivity. this was resolved by saturating the antisera solutions with heterologous antigens and specificity tests were done by adding excess of homologous peptides. ui imm ...19863520510
parasites of the common white sucker (catostomus commersoni) from the kentucky river drainage. 19744833450
evidence for a maternal yolk factor associated with increased tolerance and resistance of feral white sucker (catostomus commersoni) to waterborne copper.white suckers, collected from lakes containing elevated levels of copper (12 micrograms liter-1) and zinc (250 micrograms liter-1), were evaluated for reproductive performance, growth and survival of the larvae, and tolerance of the larvae to waterborne copper. fertilization success was not impaired in white suckers from contaminated sites; metal-exposed males performed better than control males in fertilization trials with control eggs. larvae hatched from eggs collected at contaminated sites a ...19883359958
effects of metal cations and other chemicals upon the in vitro activity of two enzymes in the blood plasma of the white sucker, catostomus commersoni (lacépède). 19725009845
the distribution of 'extraurophyseal' urotensin i-immunoreactivity in the central nervous system of catostomus commersoni after urophysectomy.the occurrence and distribution of the fish neuropeptide urotensin i-immunoreactive (ir-ui) perikarya and fibres was investigated by peroxidase-anti-peroxidase immunohistochemistry in paraffin and vibratome sections of the central nervous system of urophysectomized and control fishes. ir-ui neurones not described previously were found in the area ventralis telencephali pars dorsalis, in the area pretectalis and in two unidentified brainstem nuclei of control and urophysectomized fishes. in uroph ...19863534638
nuclear-magnetic-resonance and mass-spectral examination of the principal bile alcohol from catostomus commersoni and its anhydro derivative.on the basis of i.r. and chromatographic evidence 5alpha-cholestane-3alpha,7alpha,12alpha,24xi,26-pentol(i) and 24xi,26-oxido-5alpha-cholestane-3alpha,7alpha,12alpha-triol (iv) structures have been proposed for the principal cleavage and alkaline-hydrolysis products of the bile salts from catostomus commersoni (anderson & haslewood, 1969). n.m.r.- and mass-spectral analyses of these substances and the tetra- (ii) and penta-acetate (iii) derivatives of (i) provided supporting evidence for the str ...19705435488
effects of natural exposure to copper and zinc on egg size and larval copper tolerance in white sucker (catostomus commersoni).sucker eggs were collected from a metal-contaminated site where previous collections had documented a maternal yolk factor associated with an increased larval copper tolerance during yolk nutrition. in this study, white sucker eggs were divided into groups which were water hardened and/or incubated at the contaminated site or a reference (control) site. incubation at the contaminated site was associated with a decreased egg size and an increased deformity rate, but had no effect on fertilization ...19892776686
comparative studies of bile salts. 5 alpha-chimaerol, a new bile alcohol from the white sucker catostomus commersoni lacépède.1. g.l.c. examination of bile alcohols prepared from the sucker catostomus commersoni lacépède (family catostomidae) showed that although 5alpha-cyprinol (5alpha-cholestane-3alpha,7alpha,12alpha,26,27-pentol) was a minor constituent, the principal bile alcohol was an undescribed substance, probably present in the bile as the c-26 sulphate ester, whose i.r., n.m.r. and mass spectra agreed with the structure 5alpha-cholestane-3alpha,7alpha,12alpha,24,26-pentol. 2. m(d) studies suggest that this 5a ...19705435487
isoglaridacris bulbocirrus gen. et sp. n. (cestoidea: caryophyllaeidae) from catostomus commersoni in north america. 19655891521
endocrine changes during natural spawning in the white sucker, catostomus commersoni. ii. steroid hormones.blood samples were taken from white suckers (catostomus commersoni) during their annual spring spawning migration and analyzed by radioimmunoassay for gonadotropin (gth), estradiol-17 beta (e2), testosterone (t), 11-ketotestosterone (11-kt), 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone (17-p), 17 alpha-hydroxy-20 beta-dihydroprogesterone (17, 20-p), androstenedione (a), and cortisol. gth, 17-p, and 17,20-p levels were low in prespawning fish of both sexes, rose to their highest levels in ovulated females and sp ...19846510694
endocrine changes during natural spawning in the white sucker, catostomus commersoni. i. gonadotropin, growth hormone, and thyroid hormones.white suckers (catostomus commersoni; cypriniformes, teleosteii) spawning in a small stream in central alberta were captured during different stages of their spawning migrations in 1981 and 1982, blood was sampled, and the fish were examined to determine their reproductive condition. blood samples were analyzed for gonadotropin (gth), growth hormone (gh), triiodothyronine (t3), and thyroxine (t4) by radioimmunoassay. gth levels in both sexes were lowest prior to the onset of spawning, increased ...19846510693
isolation, analysis of structure, synthesis, and biological actions of urotensin i neuropeptides.the 41-residue neuropeptide urotensin i (ui), from the urophyses of two teleost fish species (cyprinus carpio and catostomus commersoni), was isolated and purified, and its amino acid sequence was determined and confirmed by synthesis of a fully active peptide. the ui peptide was found to be a close structural and biological homologue of the ovine hypothalamic corticotropin-releasing factor (crf) and the frog skin peptide sauvagine; ui is, therefore, a phylogenetic prototype of this group of pep ...19836313156
granulomatous enteritis in catostomus commersoni associated with diatoms. 19715167772
structure, function, and phylogeny of [arg8]vasotocin receptors from teleost fish and toad.[arg8]vasotocin (avt) is considered to be the most primitive known vertebrate neurohypophyseal peptide of the vasopressin/oxytocin hormone family and may thus be ancestral to all the other vertebrate peptide hormones. the molecular evolution of the corresponding receptor family has now been studied by cloning an avt receptor, consisting of 435 amino acid residues, from the teleost fish, the white sucker catostomus commersoni. frog oocytes injected with the avt receptor-encoding crna respond to t ...19947509069
toxicity of nickel, copper, zinc and aluminum mixtures to the white sucker (catostomus commersoni). 19807470655
isolation and amino acid sequence of two urotensin ii peptides from catostomus commersoni urophyses.two peptides with urotensin ii (uii = smooth muscle stimulating) activity have been isolated from urophyses of the sucker, catostomus commersoni. the amino acid sequences of the two peptides, designated uiia and uiib, are as follows: uiia, h-gly-ser-gly-ala-asp-cys-phe-trp-lys-tyr-cys-val-oh; uiib, h-gly-ser-asn-thr-glu-cys-phe-trp-lys-tyr-cys-val-oh. these peptides have the part sequence cys-phe-trp-lys-tyr-cys-val in common with the uii peptide from gillichthys mirabilis and the part-sequence ...19836138758
erythropoiesis through clone cell formation in peripheral blood of the white sucker, catostomus commersoni, studied after labeling with 3h-thymidine for various exposure intervals. 19705503025
trypanosoma danilewskyi: host specificity and host's effect on morphometrics.carassius auratus, barbus conhus, danio malabaricus, catostomus commersoni, notropis cornutus, etheostoma caeruleum, and ictalurus nebulosus were susceptible to trypanosoma danilewskyi by intraperitoneal inoculation. trypanosomes isolated from all species of susceptible fishes were infective to goldfish. no trypanosomes were detected in inoculated semotilus atromaculatus, ambloplites rupestris, lepomis gibbosus and perca flavescens. fifty specimens were measured from each of 3 c. auratus, 2 b. c ...19846512642
immunocytochemical localization of urotensin i neurons in the caudal neurosecretory system of the white sucker (catostomus commersoni).the localization of urotensin i has been investigated in the caudal neurosecretory system of the white sucker (catostomus commersoni). the peptide is present in all the cells of the system both large and small, in the large axons passing to the urophysis, and in fine beaded fibres not only within the urophysis but also in a fine plexus lateral to the large cells in the spinal cord proper. the possibility that the caudal neurosecretory system is not a functionally uniform system but rather a coll ...19846365325
fates of metal radiotracers added to a whole lake: accumulation in slimy sculpin (cottus cognatus) and white sucker (catostomus commersoni).six gamma-emitting isotopes, iron-59, cobalt-60, zinc-65, selenium-75, cesium-134 and mercury-203, were added in mid-summer to lake 224 of the experimental lakes area in northwestern ontario, canada. isotope activities in whole bodies of slimy sculpins and in blood, gills, gut contents, kidney, liver and spleen of white suckers were determined for periods up to 247 days after isotope addition. results demonstrate delay between contamination of a lake and transfer of contaminant to these fish spe ...19836879149
urotensin i, a crf-like neuropeptide, stimulates acth release from the teleost pituitary.intraperitoneal injections of urotensin i, a crf-like neuropeptide isolated from the caudal neurosecretory system of the teleost catostomus commersoni, ovine crf and sauvagine all produced significant increases in circulating levels of plasma cortisol in goldfish in which endogenous acth secretion was suppressed with betamethasone. in vitro, urotensin i was 2-3 times more potent than crf or sauvagine in stimulating acth release from a superfused goldfish anterior pituitary cell column. these res ...19836315348
structural homology of corticotropin-releasing factor, sauvagine, and urotensin i: circular dichroism and prediction studies.three recently isolated peptides, whose sequences have been determined--the corticotropin (adrenocorticotropic hormone)-releasing factor of ovine origin, sauvagine, from the skin of the frog phyllomedusa sauvagei, and urotensin i from the teleost fish, catostomus commersoni--show high (greater than 50%) sequence homology. cd spectra of the three peptides in trifluoroethanol indicate predominantly helical character for these peptides. analysis of the secondary structures by the chou-fasman method ...19836606178
urotensin i - a novel crf-like peptide in catostomus commersoni urophysis. 19826289338
complete amino acid sequence of urotensin i, a hypotensive and corticotropin-releasing neuropeptide from catostomus.urotensin i, purified from extracts of the urophysis of a teleost fish (catostomus commersoni), exhibits potent hypotensive activity (mammals and birds) and corticotropin-releasing activity (both fish and mammals). the primary structure of this 41-residue peptide was determined to be h-asn-asp-asp-pro-pro-ile-ser-ile-asp-leu-thr-phe-his-leu-leu-arg-asn-met-ile-glu- met-ala-arg-ile-glu-asn-glu-arg-glu-gln-ala-gly-leu-asn-arg-lys-tyr-leu-asp-glu -val-nh2. extraction with 0.1n hcl at 100 degrees c ...19826981844
partial sequence and synthesis of urotensin i from catastomus commersoni.the amino acid sequence (residues 4-34) of urotensin i, a 41 residue peptide from the urophysis of the alberta white sucker catastomus commersoni, has been determined by a solid phase method. based on the structure elucidated a peptide comprising residues 4-28 of urotensin i, pro-pro-ile-ser-ile-asp-leu-thr-phe-his-leu-leu-arg-met-ile-glu-met- asn-arg-ile-leu-asn-glu-arg, was synthesized by a solid phase method. the synthetic peptide demonstrated no blood pressure lowering activity and did not b ...19827162562
population biology and host-parasite relationships of triganodistomum attenuatum (trematoda: lissorchiidae) infecting the white sucker, catostomus commersoni (lacépède).triganodistomum attenuatum demonstrated similar seasonal infection patterns in white suckers, catostomus commersoni, from the bellamy and oyster rivers, new hampshire. mean intensity was highest in spring 1975 and 1976. nongravid and gravid worms were common in the spring, and in the spring and summer, respectively. most individuals of t. attenuatum parasitized the posterior portion of the sucker's intestine. no definite changes in prevalence and mean intensity were evident at either river as fi ...19807391871
circadian activity of the white sucker, catostomus commersoni: comparison of individual and shoaling fish. 19807427825
primary sequence, tissue specificity and expression of the na+,k(+)-atpase alpha 1 subunit in the european eel (anguilla anguilla).the entire cdna nucleotide sequence of the na+,k(+)-atpase alpha 1 isoform was cloned from the gills of the european eel (anguilla anguilla) by a pcr based method. the amino acid sequence translated from the sequence shared 89.4 and 85.6% homology respectively with previously published na+,k(+)-atpase alpha subunit sequences from elasmobranch (torpedo californica) and teleost (catostomus commersoni) fish. the size of na+,k(+)-atpase alpha 1 mrna transcripts in eel tissues was demonstrated to be ...19958574922
regulation of melatonin secretion by light in the isolated pineal organ of the white sucker (catostomus commersoni).the effects of different lighting conditions and physical parameters of light were investigated in the isolated pineal organ of the white sucker kept under static or superfusion culture. the secretion of pineal melatonin is directly controlled by the photoperiod and completely suppressed under constant illumination. when pineal organs are exposed to unexpected light at night, the secretion of melatonin is significantly reduced within 15 min and reaches basal value after 30-35 min of light treatm ...19957496394
circadian rhythm in the effect of theophylline on the behavioral thermoregulation of the white sucker, catostomus commersoni.the temperatures selected by white suckers placed in a thermal gradient were significantly altered by interperitoneal injections of theophylline (25 mg/kg). there was a circadian variation in the effect of theophylline on temperatures selected by individual fish held under constant illumination. depending on injection time, there was either a significant increase or significant decrease in the temperatures selected. these results are considered in relation to the possible physiological and bioch ...19807403202
presence of sauvagine-like epitopes in the interrenal gland of the bullfrog rana catesbeiana.immunocytochemistry was used to investigate the presence of corticotropin-releasing factor-like peptides in the interrenal (adrenal) glands of the bullfrog rana catesbeiana by using specific antisera raised against synthetic nonconjugated rat/human corticotropin-releasing factor, urotensin i, and sauvagine. from these three antisera, covering a broad range of corticotropin-releasing factor-like immunoreactivities, only the sauvagine antiserum gave positive immunoreactivity. sauvagine immunoreact ...19968581951
hplc determination of plasma thiocyanate concentrations in fish blood: application to laboratory pharmacokinetic and field-monitoring studies.the pharmacokinetics of thiocyanate (scn-) in the blood plasma of 35-g rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss) were followed during a 20-day exposure to 39.8 mg scn- liter-1 and the subsequent 16-day depuration period. scn- concentrations were determined by reverse-phase hplc. kinetic constants were estimated using a one-compartment first-order kinetic model fitted to the data by the computer programs biofac and systat. the respective biofac and systat estimates for the uptake rate constant (k1, 0.5 ...19957541344
influences of chronic cholangiohepatitis and cholestasis on hepatic metabolism of benzo[a]pyrene in white suckers (catostomus commersoni) from industrially polluted areas of lake ontario.white suckers from polluted regions of western lake ontario have an increased prevalence of cholangiocellular and hepatocellular and hepatocellular neoplasms associated with an idiopathic chronic cholangiohepatitis. we examined the hypothesis that bile duct obstructions and cholestasis in these fish might increase the susceptibility of liver to administered benzo[a]pyrene (b[a]p). cytosolic glutathione s-transferase (gst) activity (cdnb) was reduced in obstructed liver to 45% of activity in adja ...19958603465
comparative study of dna adducts levels in white sucker fish (catostomus commersoni) from the basin of the st. lawrence river (canada).the levels of dna adducts in the hepatic tissue of the white sucker fish species catostomus commersoni were determined by 32p-postlabelling. the fish were caught at four sites: two sites near the city of windsor (québec, canada) on the st. françois river, a downstream tributary of the st. lawrence river, and two sites in the st. lawrence river itself, near the city of montréal (québec, canada). the latter sites are known to be contaminated by many pollutants including polycyclic aromatic hydroca ...19958594417
impact of low-level sampling stress on interpretation of physiological responses of white sucker exposed to effluent from a bleached kraft pulp this study the authors evaluated the effects of handling and confinement stress on a number of biochemical parameters in prespawning male white sucker collected from a bleached kraft mill effluent (bkme) exposed and a reference site. there were no effects of site or stress level on plasma cholesterol or glutamic oxalacetic transaminase activity; all other parameters were affected by either sampling stress or overnight confinement. unstressed bkme fish reflected higher levels of plasma lactate ...19947519545
capture and confinement stress in white sucker exposed to bleached kraft pulp mill effluent.this study evaluates the effects of handling and confinement stress and a 3-day recovery period on a number of biochemical parameters used to monitor exposure of fish to bleached kraft mill effluent (bkme). plasma was collected at four times of the day from male and female white sucker subjected to four levels of handling stress during their spawning migration at a bkme and a reference site. indicators of a general response to stress (plasma cortisol, glucose, lactate, and total protein) and of ...19968727523
mutational analysis and molecular modeling of the nonapeptide hormone binding domains of the [arg8]vasotocin identify determinants that form nonapeptide hormone binding domains of the white sucker catostomus commersoni [arg8]vasotocin receptor, chimeric constructs encoding parts of the vasotocin receptor and parts of the isotocin receptor have been analyzed by [(3,5-3h)tyr2, arg8]vasotocin binding to membranes of human embryonic kidney cells previously transfected with the different cdna constructs and by functional expression studies in xenopus laevis oocytes injected with mutant crnas. the results ...19968692917
fish biliary polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon metabolites estimated by fixed-wavelength fluorescence: comparison with hplc-fluorescent detection.fixed wavelength fluorescence (ff) was compared to high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection (hplc-f) as an estimation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (pah) exposure to fish. two excitation/emission wavelength pairs were used to measure naphthalene- and benzo[a]pyrene (b[a]p)-type metabolites. early nonmetabolite fluorescent peaks were negligible in hplc chromatograms of bile of brown bullhead, white sucker, and common carp. linear regression analysis of ff and hplc-f ...19968930501
hypothalamic and extrahypothalamic sauvagine-like immunoreactivity in the bullfrog (rana catesbeiana) central nervous the present study, immunocytochemistry and radioimmunoassay were used to investigate the presence of sauvagine in both hypothalamic and extrahypothalamic areas of the central nervous system (cns) of the bullfrog (rana catesbeiana) using a specific antiserum raised against synthetic non-conjugated sauvagine (svg), a frog (phyllomedusa sauvagei) skin peptide of the corticotropin-releasing factor (crf) family. sauvagine-immunoreactive (svg-ir) bipolar neurons were found in the nucleus of the fas ...19968822168
opioid receptors from a lower vertebrate (catostomus commersoni): sequence, pharmacology, coupling to a g-protein-gated inward-rectifying potassium channel (girk1), and evolution.the molecular evolution of the opioid receptor family has been studied by isolating cdnas that encode six distinct opioid receptor-like proteins from a lower vertebrate, the teleost fish catostomus commersoni. one of these, which has been obtained in full-length form, encodes a 383-amino acid protein that exhibits greatest sequence similarity to mammalian mu-opioid receptors; the corresponding gene is expressed predominantly in brain and pituitary. transfection of the teleost cdna into hek 293 c ...19979223341
common-source outbreak of acute infection due to the north american liver fluke metorchis conjunctus.we investigated an outbreak of acute clinical illness among 19 people who ate raw fish (sashimi) prepared from the white sucker, catostomus commersoni, caught in a river north of montreal, canada.19968544550
effects of temperature and white sucker (catostomus commersoni) serum supplement on the in vitro multiplication of cryptobia catostomi in cell-free culture medium.cryptobia catostomi, a non-pathogenic haemoflagellate of white suckers (catostomus commersoni) multiplied rapidly in modified tdl-15 medium supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum and 1% heatinactivated white sucker serum (wss) at 10 degrees c and 18 degrees c. the numbers of c. catostomi counted were significantly higher in cultures incubated at 10 degrees c than in those incubated at 18 degrees c beginning at 3 weeks post-incubation. the culture forms (from the eighth subculture at 9 months a ...19968801566
elevated ovarian follicular apoptosis and heat shock protein-70 expression in white sucker exposed to bleached kraft pulp mill effluent.exposure of feral fish populations to bleached kraft pulp mill effluent (bkme) results in a variety of negative impacts on reproductive fitness including reduced ovarian development, reduced egg size, decreased fecundity with age, delayed sexual maturation, and alterations in reproductive endocrine homeostasis at multiple sites along the pituitary-gonadal axis. the present study provides evidence of elevated apoptotic dna fragmentation and increased expression of the 70-kda heat shock protein (h ...19979439734
non-linear radionuclide transfer from the aquatic environment to fish.uptake of 226ra, 232th, 230th, and 228th from water, sediment, and diet sources to bone and muscle of white suckers (catostomus commersoni) was studied in sixteen lakes in the uranium-mining district of ontario, canada. fish tissues did not increase linearly with environmental concentrations. the best relationship appears to be a power function. this has implications for the accuracy of radiological dose and risk estimates for uranium mining impacts, which are often based on a linear model.19979287090
evolutionary and physiological variation in cardiac troponin c in relation to thermal strategies of fish.striated muscle contraction is initiated when troponin c (tnc) binds ca(2+), which activates actinomyosin atpase. we investigated (i) the variation between cardiac tnc (ctnc) primary structure within teleost fish and (ii) the pattern of tnc expression in response to temperature acclimation. there were few differences between rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss), yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares), yellow perch (perca flavescens), goldfish (carassius auratus), white sucker (catostomus commersoni), ...200011121357
angiotensinogen-like epitopes are present in the cns of aplysia california and co-localize with urotensin i- and urotensin ii-like immunoreactivities in the cerebral ganglia.immunohistochemistry was used to demonstrate urotensin i (ui), urotensin ii (uii), and angiotensinogen (ao)-like immunoreactivities (ir) in the cns of aplysia californica. the fish ui is a 41 amino acid peptide that has 50% identity with mammalian corticotropin-releasing factor (crf). identity also exists between ui and angiotensinogen in a tetrapeptide at the n-terminus. ao-ir neurones were found in the f cluster of the aplysia cerebral ganglia. beaded ao-ir fibres were seen in the neuropile an ...19957766860
corpuscles of stannius and stanniocalcin-like immunoreactivity in the white sucker (catostomus commersoni): evidence for a new cell-type.the distribution of stanniocalcin immunoreactivity was examined in the corpuscles of stannius of the white sucker (catostomus commersoni) by using a chum salmon stanniocalcin antiserum, western blotting, and light and electron microscopy. the white sucker possesses at least two stanniocalcin-immunoreactive corpuscles in the most posterior portions of the kidneys. immunocytochemistry and ultrastructure revealed two cell-types in the corpuscle parenchyma, only one of which was immunoreactive. the ...19989634607
cloning and characterization of an arginine vasotocin receptor from the euryhaline flounder platichthys flesus.a sequence coding for an arginine vasotocin (avt) receptor has been identified by the screening of a hepatic cdna library from the teleost platichthys flesus. the 2701-bp receptor sequence is predicted to yield a 384-amino acid peptide, analysis of which indicates a seven-transmembrane spanning sequence typical of g-protein-coupled receptors with the n terminus on the outer surface of the cell membrane. sequence analysis showed this sequence to have a high homology with the catostomus commersoni ...200111356043
fish shoal composition: mechanisms and constraints.observations were made on three fish species (banded killifish (fundulus diaphanus), golden shiner (notemigonus crysoleucas) and white sucker (catostomus commersoni)) in a temperate lake (new brunswick, canada) in order to investigate the relationship between shoal choice behaviour of individual fishes and shoal composition. encounters between shoals were observed to take place every 1.1 min per shoal and an encounter lasted 3.7 s on average. the duration of shoal encounters was influenced by sh ...200011075715
primary structures of multiple forms of urotensin ii in the urophysis of the carp, cyprinus carpio.multiple forms of urotensin ii (uii), one of the hormonal peptides of the caudal neurosecretory system of fishes, were purified from the urophyses of the carp, cyprinus carpio. three distinct peaks with uii activity (classified as uii-alpha, -beta and -gamma) were separated by reverse-phase high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc). edman degradation as well as digestion with carboxypeptidase a revealed the primary structures of these peptides as uii-alpha: gly-gly-gly-ala-asp-cys-phe-trp-lys-t ...19846745627
molecular cloning of preproinsulin cdnas from several osteoglossomorphs and a cyprinid.several preproinsulin cdnas were isolated and characterized from four members of the osteoglossomorpha (an ancient teleost group); osteoglossum bicirrhosum (arawana), pantodon buchholzi (butterfly fish), notopterus chitala (feather fin knife fish), hiodon alosoides (goldeye) and gnathonemus petersii (elephantnose). in addition, we isolated and characterized the preproinsulin cdna from catostomus commersoni (white sucker, as a representative of a generalized teleost). the comparative analysis of ...200111306171
teleost isotocin receptor: structure, functional expression, mrna distribution and phylogeny.a cdna encoding a receptor for the oxytocin-related peptide isotocin has been identified by screening a lambda gt11 library constructed from poly(a)+ rna of the hypothalamic region of the teleost catostomus commersoni. the probe used was obtained by pcr amplification of white sucker genomic dna using degenerate primers based on conserved sequences in the mammalian receptor counterparts. the full-length cdna specifies a polypeptide of 390 amino acid residues that displays the typical hydrophobici ...19957656982
an interlaboratory study on the use of steroid hormones in examining endocrine recent years, there has been an increased use of the measurement of sex steroid hormone levels in the blood of animals exposed to chemicals as an indicator of reproductive impairment or an alteration in endocrine function. although levels of hormones are often compared among animals and laboratories, there has been no study to examine the between-laboratory variability in actual steroid measurements. therefore, we initiated a study with white sucker collected from a site receiving pulp mill e ...200111521838
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