[the effect of denervation on the development of muscles in pachnoda marginata kolbe (coleoptera)]. 1977877501
primary structures of neuropeptides isolated from the corpora cardiaca of various cetonid beetle species determined by pulsed-liquid phase sequencing and tandem fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry.a peptide with the same retention time on gradient reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography was present in the corpora cardiaca of 5 scarabaeid beetles, subfamily cetoniinae: the three fruit beetle species pachnoda marginata, p. sinuata and p. aemulae and the two protea beetle species trichostetha fascularis and t. albopicta. crude corpora cardiaca material from p. sinuata had a small hypertrehalosaemic effect in american cockroaches and a very weak hyperlipaemic activity in migrato ...19921586453
characterisation of neuropeptides of the akh/rpch-family from corpora cardiaca of coleoptera.extracts of corpora cardiaca from two members of the family tenebrionidae. zophobas rugipes and tenebrio molitor, from one member of the chrysomelidae, leptinotarsa decemlineata, and from three members of the scarabaeidae, pachnoda marginata, p. sinuata and melolontha hippocastani, were assayed for adipokinetic and hypertrehalosaemic activity in acceptor locusts (locusta migratoria) and cockroaches (periplaneta americana), respectively. all corpus cardiacum material tested, except that from the ...19892607020
molecular and biochemical characterization of two xylanase-encoding genes from cellulomonas pachnodae.two xylanase-encoding genes, named xyn11a and xyn10b, were isolated from a genomic library of cellulomonas pachnodae by expression in escherichia coli. the deduced polypeptide, xyn11a, consists of 335 amino acids with a calculated molecular mass of 34,383 da. different domains could be identified in the xyn11a protein on the basis of homology searches. xyn11a contains a catalytic domain belonging to family 11 glycosyl hydrolases and a c-terminal xylan binding domain, which are separated from the ...199910473422
the function of resilin in beetle wings.this account shows the distribution of elastic elements in hind wings in the scarabaeid pachnoda marginata and coccinellid coccinella septempunctata (both coleoptera). occurrence of resilin, a rubber-like protein, in some mobile joints together with data on wing unfolding and flight kinematics suggest that resilin in the beetle wing has multiple functions. first, the distribution pattern of resilin in the wing correlates with the particular folding pattern of the wing. second, our data show that ...200010983820
detection of fruit- and flower-emitted volatiles by olfactory receptor neurons in the polyphagous fruit chafer pachnoda marginata (coleoptera: cetoniinae).olfactory receptor neurons on the antennae of the african fruit chafer species pachnoda marginata (coleoptera: scarabaeidae) were examined through extensive use of gas chromatography linked with electrophysiological recordings from single olfactory receptor neurons. contacted neurons were stimulated with a large number of extracted volatiles from 22 different fruits and with 64 synthetic plant compounds. extracted fruit volatiles were identified using linked gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. ...200111730298
roughness-dependent friction force of the tarsal claw system in the beetle pachnoda marginata (coleoptera, scarabaeidae).this paper studies slide-resisting forces generated by claws in the free-walking beetle pachnoda marginata (coleoptera, scarabaeoidea) with emphasis on the relationship between the dimension of the claw tip and the substrate texture. to evaluate the force range by which the claw can interact with a substrate, forces generated by the freely moving legs were measured using a load cell force transducer. to obtain information about material properties of the claw, its mechanical strength was tested ...200212124371
promicromonospora pachnodae sp. nov., a member of the (hemi)cellulolytic hindgut flora of larvae of the scarab beetle pachnoda marginata.intestinal microorganisms play an important role in plant fiber degradation by larvae of the rose chafer pachnoda marginata. in the hindgut of the larvae 2.5 to 7.4 x 10(8) bacteria per ml of gut content with xylanase or endoglucanase activity were found. bacteria in the midgut were not (hemi)cellulolytic, but the alkaline environment in this part of the intestinal tract functions as a precellulolytic phase, solubilizing part of the lignocellulosic material. accordingly, the degradation of ligno ...200312785307
attractiveness of fruit and flower odorants detected by olfactory receptor neurons in the fruit chafer pachnoda marginata.we studied the attraction of the african fruit chafer pachnoda marginata drury (coleoptera: scarabaeidae) to banana and 34 synthetic plant compounds previously shown to be detected by p. marginata olfactory receptor neurons. the behavioral studies were carried out in a two-choice olfactometer, where the attraction of beetles to lures and controls was monitored in 30-min intervals during whole days. monitoring of the attraction over time gave additional information when comparing relative attract ...200312857034
a simple mushroom body in an african scarabid beetle.this account describes novel mushroom body organization in a coleopteran insect, the african fruit chafer pachnoda marginata. each of its prominent mushroom bodies possesses a pair of simple calyces comprising two populations of kenyon cells, the dendrites of which are organized into a central and an annular zone. kenyon cells of the central zone extend their dendrites downward and toward the perimeter of the calyx. their axon-like processes in the pedunculus are densely packed to make up a dist ...200415368535
in vitro and in vivo sulfate reduction in the gut contents of the termite mastotermes darwiniensis and the rose-chafer pachnoda marginata.sulfate-reducing bacteria (srb) from termites have been assigned to the genus desulfovibrio. desulfovibrio intestinalis lives in the gut of the australian termite mastotermes darwiniensis. for the first time we were able to enrich and identify a sulfate-reducing bacterium from the gut of the rose-chafer pachnoda marginata, which showed the highest 16s rdna sequence identity (93%) to desulfovibrio intestinalis and desulfovibrio strain stl1. compared to mastotermes darwiniensis (1x10(7) cells of s ...200515942866
inter- and intraspecific comparison of the bacterial assemblages in the hindgut of humivorous scarab beetle larvae (pachnoda spp.).the larvae of scarab beetles are model organisms for studying the role of physicochemical gut conditions and intestinal microbiota in symbiotic digestion, particularly of humus. here, we address the question of whether the enlarged hindgut paunch of pachnoda ephippiata and pachnoda marginata, two closely related, but allopatric species, harbors a specific bacterial microbiota. terminal restriction length fragment polymorphism (t-rflp) analysis revealed that in both species, the bacterial hindgut ...201020738398
conserved, highly specialized olfactory receptor neurons for food compounds in 2 congeneric scarab beetles, pachnoda interrupta and pachnoda marginata.few studies have systematically addressed evolutionary changes in olfactory neuron assemblies, either by genetic drift or as an adaptation to specific odor environments. we have studied the sense of olfaction in 2 congeneric scarab beetles, pachnoda interrupta olivier and pachnoda marginata drury (coleoptera: scarabaeidae: cetoniinae), which are both opportunistic polyphages, feeding mainly on fruit and flowers. the 2 species occur in dissimilar habitats: p. interrupta is found in dry savannah, ...201121422377
an exploration on greenhouse gas and ammonia production by insect species suitable for animal or human consumption.greenhouse gas (ghg) production, as a cause of climate change, is considered as one of the biggest problems society is currently facing. the livestock sector is one of the large contributors of anthropogenic ghg emissions. also, large amounts of ammonia (nh(3)), leading to soil nitrification and acidification, are produced by livestock. therefore other sources of animal protein, like edible insects, are currently being considered.201021206900
micromechanical properties of consecutive layers in specialized insect cuticle: the gula of pachnoda marginata (coleoptera, scarabaeidae) and the infrared sensilla of melanophila acuminata (coleoptera, buprestidae).insect cuticle is a highly adaptive material that fulfils a wide spectrum of different functions. cuticle does not only build the exoskeleton with diverse moveable parts but is also an important component of a stunning variety of mechanosensory receptors. therefore, the mechanical properties of these specialized cuticular systems are of crucial importance. we studied the different cuticular layers of the head part (gula) of the head-to-neck ball articulation of pachnoda marginata and of the phot ...200818689411
local mechanical properties of the head articulation cuticle in the beetle pachnoda marginata (coleoptera, scarabaeidae).insect exoskeleton (cuticle) has a broad range of mechanical properties depending on the function of a particular structure of the skeleton. structure and mechanical properties of the specialised cuticle of insect joints remain largely unknown to date. we used scanning (sem) and transmission electron microscopy (tem) to obtain information about the material structure of the gula plate, the head part of the head-to-neck articulation system in the beetle pachnoda marginata. the surface of this cut ...200616449566
wing folding and the functional morphology of the wing base in coleoptera.the wing unfolding of pachnoda marginata was examined using digital video (50 half-fps) and high speed video sequences (1000 fps), and the skeleto-muscular apparatus of the metathorax was described. left and right hind wing are able to promote independently of each other. the hind wings do not unfold instantly when the elytra are lifted and may also reach the flight position (and beat) while still folded. wing promotion is exhaustible and the time needed for unfolding varies considerably. these ...200116351826
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