thin-layer and liquid column chromatographic analyses of the lipids of adult onchocerca gibsoni.lipids were extracted from adult onchocerca gibsoni with chloroform/methanol and the total lipid content was characterized. glycolipids were isolated from other lipid classes by florisil column chromatography and were then fractionated by deae-sephadex ion-exchange chromatography. hptlc revealed the presence of 9 neutral glycolipid bands and of 15 acidic glycolipid bands that stained for sialic acid with resorcinol. lipids that contained no carbohydrates were analyzed by a combination of tlc and ...19911866419
an evaluation of implanted male onchocerca gibsoni in mice as a screen for macrofilaricides against onchocerca in vivo drug screen for identifying new compounds with activity against onchocerca macrofilariae was developed using male onchocerca gibsoni implanted subcutaneously in outbred mice. there were several similarities (mel w, cgp 20376, cgp 6140, levamisole) and two differences (suramin, furapyrimidone) between levels of drug efficacy in this model and activity against natural infections of o. gibsoni and o. volvulus. there was considerable variation in the mouse reaction. this mouse model is a ...19883227248
reproduction in female onchocerca gibsoni.the embryonic stages in the uteri of adult female onchocerca gibsoni were studied to determine the reproductive potential of this worm. it was concluded that female o. gibsoni undergo cyclic phases of reproduction, each lasting about 14.5 weeks. once insemination occurred and a cycle commenced, the rate of embryonic development was reasonably constant irrespective of the age of the worm. mature young females had fewer embryos than older females but both contained a similar proportion (about 19%) ...19883227247
the fine structure of male and female onchocerca gibsoni.the fine structures of the midbody regions of male and female onchocerca gibsoni are described. the epicuticle is wrinkled in the male, and forms long protuberances in the female worm. the lateral chords of the female specimens contain many bacteria and dense bodies. in both sexes the intestinal cells are filled with concentric spherules and the intestinal lumen is extremely reduced. the fine structures of o. gibsoni are very similar to those of o. volvulus.19883227246
proposed form to evaluate some histological aspects of macrofilarial morphology, its age dependent alterations and drug related changes in nodules of onchocerca volvulus and o. gibsoni.histological assessment of drug-related pathomorphological changes in macrofilariae of the two nodule forming species onchocerca gibsoni and o. volvulus is hampered by the variability of age-dependent signs of natural degeneration and the virtual inexistence of clinically established reference medicaments. a specific form was designed to record systematically all characteristics observed in the various organs, tissues, cell types and developmental stages inside normal and drug-affected macrofila ...19883227241
the application of biochemical criteria to the assessment of macrofilarial viability.previous attempts to assess nematode viability have been critically reviewed and the need to apply more objective biochemical criteria emphasized. the practicalities of assay development have been discussed with regard to sensitivity, selectivity and methodological considerations. the biochemical basis and assay methology for six assays (adenine leakage, adenine uptake, leucine uptake, 14co2 evolution, lactate output and mtt reduction) that we have recently evaluated are detailed. the viability ...19883147506
novel retinoid-binding proteins from filarial parasites.the present study deals with the discovery and partial characterization of specific binding proteins for retinol and retinoic acid from filarial parasites (worms of the superfamily filarioidea), including those from two species of onchocerca. these binding proteins, which are distinct in their physicochemical properties and in the mode of ligand interactions from the host-tissue retinoid-binding proteins, may be involved in the mediation of the putative biological roles of retinoids in the contr ...19853004410
isolation of onchocerca gibsoni tissue from frozen nodules for biochemical use.a new procedure is described which enables gram quantities of adult onchocerca tissue to be isolated from frozen connective tissue nodules, thus minimizing the risk of enzymatic degradation. bovine connective tissue nodules containing adult onchocerca gibsoni worms were obtained from australia frozen at -70 degrees c and sectioned while still frozen into 3 mm thick slabs. the sections were thawed immediately before use, worm segments removed, rinsed, pelleted, and flash frozen in liquid nitrogen ...19892635168
analysis of ecdysteroids in onchocerca gibsoni, o. volvulus and nodule ecdysteroids were detected in onchocerca gibsoni, in tissues constituting o. volvulus and o. gibsoni nodules and in unrelated bovine tissues. ecdysone and 20-hydroxyecdysone were identified by hplc-ria and gc/ms(sim). the concentration of free ecdysteroids in the nodule tissue immediately surrounding the parasites was at least an order of magnitude higher than that detected in the worms themselves, or in adjacent nodular tissues or other bovine tissues.19892623426
cloning and characterization of an onchocerca volvulus specific dna sequence.a cloned sequence, povs134, was isolated from a genomic library prepared from onchocerca volvulus of savanna origin in the plasmid puc9. povs134 hybridizes to all the geographic isolates of o. volvulus tested from both the new and the old world, but not to the species onchocerca gibsoni, onchocerca gutturosa, onchocerca ochengi, onchocerca cervicalis, the filarial parasites brugia malayi, or dirofilaria immitis, nor to human or simuliid dna. as little as 250 pg of dna can be detected on a dot bl ...19892811941
genetic characterization of three species of onchocerca at 23 enzyme loci.the technique of allozyme electrophoresis was applied to species of onchocerca from cattle to increase the number of enzyme loci established and therefore provide a genetic basis for a rational species-level taxonomy. twenty-three enzyme loci were established and provided unequivocal genetic evidence for the taxonomic validity of onchocerca gibsoni, o. gutturosa and o. lienalis. furthermore, the diagnostic enzyme markers detected form the basis for identification of life-cycle stages, individual ...19892738385
an oligonucleotide probe specific for onchocerca volvulus.a genomic dna library of a liberian strain of onchocerca volvulus was prepared in the vector bacteriophage lambda gt10. the library was differentially screened by hybridisation with radiolabelled total dna from the homologous parasite, two heterologous onchocerca parasites (onchocerca gibsoni and onchocerca gutturosa) and human liver cells. a clone (c1a1) was isolated whose binding to o. volvulus dna was at least 50 times stronger than to the other parasite dna samples. no binding was observed w ...19892528065
identification of phosphorylcholine epitope-containing antigens in brugia malayi and relation of serum epitope levels to infection status of jirds with brugian filariasis.the gib 13 monoclonal antibody was raised against eggs of onchocerca gibsoni and subsequently found to react with a phosphorylcholine epitope designated as the t15 idiotype. since an immunoradiometric assay based on the gib 13 monoclonal antibody holds promise for serodiagnosis of filariasis, the goals of the current study were to evaluate phosphorylcholine epitope production and release by various parasite stages and to assess changes in serum epitope levels during different phases of brugia ma ...19882449088
cloning of a species-specific dna probe from onchocerca gibsoni.a genomic library of onchocerca gibsoni has been prepared in the vector lambda-gt10 and has been screened for specific dna sequences by hybridization with radiolabelled total genomic dna from a number of onchocerca species. a clone--fogi--has been isolated which does not interact with dna prepared from o. gutturosa, o. lienalis, o. ochengi, o. cervicalis or o. volvulus (both liberian and mexican isolates). in addition, no hybridization is observed with host (cattle) dna. fogi can detect as littl ...19902312223
the use of monoclonal antibody-based elisas to monitor chemotherapeutic effects in the bovine-onchocerca gibsoni drug screen.three monoclonal antibodies directed towards antigens of onchocerca gibsoni were used in antigen detection elisas to detect parasite antigens in sera from 100 cattle infected with o. gibsoni, in trials with the filaricidal compounds cgp 6140, cgp 20309, cgp 20376, cgp 21833, cgp 24589 and cgp 26702. measurable levels of parasite antigens were highly variable, both within and between treatment and control groups of animals, with no consistent trends which related to time after treatment, micro or ...19912052850
the use of monoclonal antibody-based elisas to monitor the efficacy of drugs against male onchocerca gibsoni in vitro.four monoclonal antibodies directed against antigens of onchocerca gibsoni were used in antigen detection elisas to monitor the efficacy of cgp 20309, cgp 20376, cgp 21833, cgp 24589 and cgp 26702 at 5 micrograms/ml against male o. gibsoni in vitro. no significant differences (p less than 0.05) in antigen output between treated and control groups of parasites were recorded. however, consistently higher levels of antigen from treated (cgp 21833) as compared to control parasites were measured with ...19912052851
identification of antigens of onchocerca volvulus and onchocerca gibsoni for diagnostic use.adults of onchocerca volvulus and onchocerca gibsoni were identically fractionated into a surface-enriched fraction, a phosphate buffered saline (pbs) extract and a pbs insoluble-detergent soluble fraction. glycoproteins were prepared from these extracts and all fractions were examined by the western blot technique using sera from individuals infected with a variety of filarial and non-filarial nematode worms. using antisera to o. volvulus, a number of antigens were demonstrated in all of the ex ...19862429180
surface antigens of male worms and microfilariae of onchocerca adult males and microfilariae of the cattle filarial parasite onchocerca gibsoni were externally labelled with radioactive iodine using the iodogen and bolton-hunter procedures. characterization of labelled surface proteins by sodium dodecyl sulphate (sds)-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis revealed clear cut differences in the two life cycle stages. in addition, the two radiolabelling procedures yielded some differences in the profiles of radiolabelled surface proteins for both adults an ...19912040568
an evaluation of the bovine -- onchocerca gibsoni, onchocerca gutturosa model as a tertiary screen for drugs against onchocerca volvulus in this trial suramin, diethylcarbamazine, trichlorphon, levamisole, mebendazole, melarsonyl potassiu, hoechst 33258 and tinidazole were administered to cattle infected with o. gibsoni and o. gutturosa to determine the usefulness of this screen in predicting the effect of drugs in man against. o. volvulus except for melarsonyl potassium which was macrofilarticidal against o. gutturosa but not o. gibsoni when cattle were slaughtered 6 weeks after treatment. it was concluded that cattle infected w ...1979538819
nucleotide sequence of a cdna from onchocerca gibsoni encoding a novel repetitive antigen.mrna from uterine microfilariae of the cattle parasite onchocerca gibsoni was used for the construction of cdna libraries. a cdna clone encoding an antigen recognized by serum from human individuals infected with o. volvulus was found to contain five copies of an 87 bp unit. these 87 bp units were present in the genome in high copy number as long tandem arrays. these are the first cdna sequence data obtained directly from larvae of any onchocerca species.19921399255
synthetic and naturally occurring retinoids inhibit third- to fourth-stage larval development by onchocerca lienalis in vitro.a series of synthetic retinoids was screened for the ability to inhibit the third-to fourth-stage larval molt by onchocerca lienalis in vitro. of the 14 retinoids tested, eight gave significant inhibition of the molt at a concentration of 30.6 microm or less. probit analysis of dose-response data collected for these active compounds indicated values for ed50 in the range of 3.7-17.1 microm. in general, the most active of these n-substituted retinamides were those with small alkyl or monohydroxy ...19902382097
epidemiological and gross pathological studies of onchocerca gibsoni infection in cattle. 1979539929
antigen detection elisas: pretreatment of serum to reduce interference by specific host antibodies.the pretreatment of serum to reduce interference by specific host antibodies was investigated as a means of improving the sensitivity of antigen detection elisas whilst screening serum samples. four antigen detection assays based on monoclonal antibodies directed against antigens of the bovine filariid onchocerca gibsoni were used in this study and, of these, three assays suffered a dramatic drop in sensitivity when detecting male o. gibsoni antigen in the presence of bovine serum as compared wi ...19911716780
laboratory transmission of onchocerca gibsoni by forcipomyia (lasiohelea) townsvillensis. 19807247894
a highly specific and sensitive monoclonal antibody-based elisa for the detection of circulating antigen in bancroftian filariasis.a monoclonal antibody, og4c3, directed against antigens of onchocerca gibsoni (but not phosphorylcholine) has been used in a sandwich elisa to detect a circulating antigen of wuchereria bancrofti in human serum. the interfering effect of host antibody was reduced by first boiling one part of serum for 5 min in the presence of three parts of 0.1 m na2edta, ph 4.0. a total of 119 sera from individuals and 8 pooled sera from clinically and/or parasitologically defined cases of filariasis, plus 8 in ...19902075384
[redescription of onchocerca gibsoni c. et j., 1910 (author's transl)].o. gibsoni is redescribed; the hypoderma and the musculature of the female body are studied on transversal sections and compared to several other species of onchocerca. these structures and the general morphology show the autonomy of a small line of asiatic and african onchocerca of bovines (o. gibsoni, o. dukei, o. ochengi and, probably, the other nodular onchocerca of bovinae), to which the human parasite, o. volvulus, belongs. the presence of o. gibsoni in africa is doubtful.1979485043
in vitro drug screening in isolated male onchocerca gibsoni using motility suppression.a primary in vitro screen was developed to screen for drug activity against isolated onchocerca gibsoni. the assay estimates variation in motility through the use of a motility meter. of the seven compounds tested in the screen; ivermectin, cgp 6140, cgp20376, mel w and furapyrimidone gave mi50 concentrations (the concentration at which the motility was reduced to 50% of the control value at 72 hours) below 10(-4) m, whereas suramin gave variable results depending on the varying susceptibility o ...19873629135
differences in the surface radioiodinated proteins of skin and uterine microfilariae of onchocerca gibsoni.surface labeling studies using two populations of onchocerca gibsoni microfilariae revealed important differences in major radioiodinated proteins. small numbers of microfilariae harvested from the skin of cattle or the uteri of adult worms from skin nodules were purified, radioiodinated, solubilized and the proteins analysed by two dimensional gel electrophoresis and autoradiography. as reported previously, uterine microfilariae showed a complex profile of radioiodinated proteins, none of which ...19846700640
a low molecular weight immunosuppressive factor produced by onchocerca immunosuppressive factor(s) which is heat stable, and dialysable, with a molecular weight less than 10,000 molecular weight, and is not species specific, has been shown to be produced during the in vitro culture of onchocerca gibsoni microfilariae. the factor(s) is capable of abolishing lymphocyte mitogenesis induced by con a in bovine lymphocytes and pha in human lymphocytes. the factor(s) may play a role in establishing the microfilariae in the tissues of the host by depressing cell mediate ...19836868339
ingestion of microfilariae from different sources by culicoides nubeculosus (diptera: ceratopogonidae) through an artificial membrane.laboratory-hatched culicoides nubeculosus midges were membrane-fed on cattle blood containing various onchocerca microfilariae which had been isolated from the hides of red deer (cervus elaphus) and from australian and native german cattle. all microfilariae were ingested through the membrane except those of o. tarsicola, which were too large. onchocerca gibsoni and o. lienalis reached the thoracic musculature, but no further development occurred. microfilariae of o. flexuosa developed to the "s ...19883420793
chitinase in female onchocerca gibsoni and its inhibition by allosamidin.chitinase activity has been detected in female worms of onchocerca gibsoni. with 3,4-dinitrophenyl-tetra-n-acetylchitotetraoside as substrate 50% of maximum activity was achieved at about 25 microm substrate, with inhibition above 50 microm substrate. the antibiotic allosamidin very strongly inhibited the chitinase activity, 50% inhibition being achieved by 200 pm allosamidin in the presence of 45 microm substrate.19883412376
silver enhancement of lectin-gold and enzyme-gold cytochemical labelling of eggs of the nematode onchocerca gibsoni.wheat germ agglutinin-gold and chitinase-gold complexes were used to demonstrate the presence of chitin on the surfaces of eggs of the animal parasitic nematode onchocerca gibsoni. the gold complexes were enhanced by silver intensification and examined by light microscopy (lm), transmission electron microscopy (tem) and scanning electron microscopy (sem). distinctive labelling of the egg surfaces was obtained with both probes in all three microscope modes. the results indicate that the small col ...19873610662
detection of circulating antigen in bancroftian filariasis by using a monoclonal antibody.a monoclonal antibody designated gib 13-5-2 (gib 13) and directed against the cattle parasite onchocerca gibsoni was used in a two-site immunoradiometric assay (irma) for detection of circulating antigen in the sera of wuchereria bancrofti-infected individuals from sri lanka and papua new guinea. the microfilaremic patients were, in general, serum antigen positive by the gib 13 irma. among the amicrofilaremic patients, 47% of those with lymphedema, lymphangitis, hydrocele, etc., and 25% of those ...19846391224
experimental infection of laboratory rodents and calves with microfilariae of onchocerca gibsoni.uterine microfilariae of onchocerca gibsoni migrated to skin of all parts of the body when inoculated into rats and mice. higher microfilarial densities were obtained in the skin of mice compared with rats. in guinea pigs very few microfilariae migrated to the skin and densities of microfilariae were very low. densities of skin microfilariae were lower in rats when inoculated intraperitoneally compared with inoculation by 2 subcutaneous routes. in the latter case, higher densities of microfilari ...19807376256
low positive predictive value of anti-brugia malayi igg and igg4 serology for the diagnosis of wuchereria bancrofti.enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisas) for anti-brugia malayi immunoglobulin (ig) g and igg4 were evaluated on sera from 1561 subjects in french polynesia for the serodiagnosis of wuchereria bancrofti filariasis, compared with the test for onchocerca gibsoni circulating antigen (og4c3) as a 'gold standard'. the sensitivity of the elisa-igg and elisa-igg4 assays was 90.8% and 94.5%, and the specificity was 45.9% and 50.7%. the positive predictive values were 41% and 45% respectively for an a ...19947886763
observations on onchocerca gibsoni and nodule development in naturally-infected cattle in australia.o. gibsoni worms were extracted from 185 nodules of a total of 370 worm nodules collected from 94 naturally infected cattle at townsville, australia. 183 of the 185 nodules contained a single female worm, 60% of them contained a single male worm and 7% contained two male worms. nodules containing males alone were not found. small nodules (less than 0.2 g) contained immature female worms without microfilariae and no males. as nodule size and female worm size increased, the number of female worms ...19807376255
scanning electron microscopy of viable and calcified onchocerca gibsoni. 19873583547
resistance to onchocerca lienalis microfilariae in mice conferred by egg antigens of homologous and heterologous onchocerca species.embryonic stages of various onchocerca species have been used to stimulate resistance in cba mice to challenge injections with the microfilariae of onchocerca lienalis. comparable levels of resistance to challenge (29-37% reductions) were conferred by living, freeze-killed, or sonicated organisms administered with freunds' complete adjuvant (fca). antigens extracted in saline, or with the detergent sodium deoxycholate, were also protective. adjuvants enhanced the protective effect, particularly ...19873614990
differential recognition patterns of human immunoglobulin classes to antigens of onchocerca onchocerca gibsoni worms were fractionated into a surface-enriched fraction, a saline extract, a saline insoluble-detergent soluble fraction and a total glycoproteins extract. the antigens in each fractions were separated by electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gels and examined with an immuno-blot technique for reactive antibodies in sera from individuals infected with a variety of filarial and non-filarial nematode worms. radiolabelled monoclonal antibodies were used to determine the ig hea ...19863529338
chitin in egg shells of onchocerca gibsoni and onchocerca volvulus.chemical analysis of adult females of onchocerca gibsoni gave estimated chitin contents of 200-500 micrograms (g dry weight)-1. egg shells from both o. gibsoni and onchocerca volvulus stained with calcofluor white and with fluorescent wheat germ agglutinin as shown by fluorescent light microscopy, and bound gold-labelled wheat germ agglutinin as shown by electron microscopy, under conditions specific for chitin. the egg shells appeared as single electron dense layers from 50 to 85 nm in thicknes ...19873696175
onchocerca gibsoni in the brisket of cattle. 19854004655
phylogeny of helminths determined by rrna sequence comparison.the nucleotide sequence of the 5' ends of the 28s-like rrna molecules of five species of helminths was determined directly, using a variation on the dideoxynucleotide chain-termination method which requires only 10 micrograms of total cellular rna for analysis. nucleotide sequence comparisons over 208 bases allowed the phylogeny of these organisms to be determined. the data show that the rrna sequence of nematospiroides dubius, a nematode, is as divergent from that of two platyhelminths, hymenol ...19863736598
[studies on bovine onchocerciasis in korea. ii. morphological characters of the female of onchocerca gibsoni cleland and johnston, 1910, with special reference to its body wall structure]. 19645896567
[studies on bovine onchocerciasis in korea. 3. comparison of embryonated eggs in utero between onchocerca gibsoni, cleland and johnston, 1910 and o. gutturosa, neumann, 1910]. 19645896575
[studies on bovine onchocerciasis in korea. iv. morphology of microfilariae of onchocerca gibsoni cleland and johnston, 1910 and their distribution in the nodule]. 19645896578
identification of radioiodinated cuticular proteins and antigens of onchocerca gibsoni microfilariae.the filarial parasite of cattle, onchocerca gibsoni, has been used to establish procedures of antigen identification with a view of applying these techniques to studies on human filarial parasites. emphasis has been placed on methods suitable for use with small numbers of parasites. microfilariae (mf) of o. gibsoni were extracted from nodular worms, purified and 125i-labeled using iodo-gen in solid-phase. radioactivity was shown to be confined to the cuticle of sectioned mf using the technique o ...19816118042
the major radioiodinated cuticular antigens of onchocerca gibsoni microfilariae are neither species nor onchocerca specific.the possible role of microfilarial surface (cuticular) antigens in immuno-diagnosis of human filarial infections has been assessed using microfilariae (mf) of the cattle parasite onchocerca gibsoni. a triton x-100 extract of 125i-labeled o. gibsoni mf was reacted with a panel of sera from humans infected with onchocerca volvulus, wuchereria bancrofti and schistosoma japonicum as well as sera from uninfected controls. results of these immunoprecipitations indicated that sera from humans infected ...19816171154
glutamine-supported motility of adult filarial parasites in vitro and the effect of glutamine antimetabolites.the survival in culture of adult female brugia pahangi, acanthocheilonema viteae, and onchocerca volvulus and adult male onchocerca gibsoni was assessed by measuring parasite motility. survival of all species was maximal in a nutritionally complex medium (rpmi-1640). all species survived for up to 48 hr in a simpler medium in which the only energy source was 10 mm glutamine; motility in this medium was dependent upon ph. for the species of onchocerca, motility was maintained better in the presen ...19938459326
onchocerca gibsoni: increase of circulating egg antigen with chemotherapy in bovines.monoclonal antibodies directed to stage-specific surface antigens of onchocerca gibsoni eggs were used in immunoradiometric assays to detect antigens in the sera of cattle infected with o. gibsoni. two monoclonal antibodies detected antigens, presumably of egg origin, in sera. the target antigens appeared to be carbohydrate in nature and of variable molecular weights. significant increases in levels of circulating egg antigens were found after treatment of infected cattle with benzimidazole comp ...19846547678
a quantitative histopathological study of onchocerca gibsoni nodules in cattle. 19807233542
identification and characterisation of a novel repetitive antigen from onchocerca spp.a novel repetitive antigen from the cattle parasite onchocerca gibsoni was shown to be recognised by sera from humans infected with onchocerca volvulus, wuchereria bancroftii or brugia malayi. the o. gibsoni protein was produced in a recombinant form, and antibodies raised to this protein used to screen cdna libraries for o. volvulus. a series of clones were isolated which encoded repetitive regions very similar to those in o. gibsoni, but interspersed between these were longer repeating units w ...19948183322
purification of onchocerca gibsoni microfilariae. 19827068325
cdnas from onchocerca sp. encoding members of the mrs3/mrs4 class of mitochondrial solute carriers.cdna clones from the parasitic nematodes onchocerca volvulus and onchocerca gibsoni encode homologs of the yeast proteins mrs3 and mrs4. together with an uncharacterised orf on chromosome iii of caenorhabditis elegans, these constitute a new class of proteins belonging to the mitochondrial solute carrier protein superfamily. so far, five other members of this protein family have been identified in c. elegans, but levels of identity between these and the onchocerca proteins were considerably lowe ...19968703971
do excretory-secretory products of onchocerca gibsoni contain phosphorylcholine attached to o-type glycans?excretory-secretory products (es) of adult male onchocerca gibsoni contain phosphorylcholine (pc). pc-es are detected as a smear of m(r) approximately 60- approximately 200 kda by western blotting employing a monoclonal antibody (mab) against pc, suggesting that they are glycoproteins. exposure of pc-es to n-glycosidase f results in weak and inconsistent loss of binding of the mab, indicating that unlike the situation with respect to es of acanthocheilonema viteae, pc is highly unlikely to be so ...19968982787
biosynthetic radiolabelling of excretions-secretions of adult male onchocerca gibsoni.maintenance of adult male worms of the bovine filarial parasite onchocerca gibsoni in vitro, in the presence of radioactive precursors, resulted in the time-dependent excretion-secretion of radiolabelled parasite macromolecules (es). molecules labelled with amino acids ([35s] methionine, [3h] leucine) covered a wide range of molecular weights, whereas labelling with [3h] glucosamine produced predominantly molecules of high molecular weight. many of the products were recognized by antibodies in t ...19948082984
characterization of a novel non-muscle myosin-related protein from onchocerca gibsoni.a cdna library was constructed in lambda gt11 using poly(a)+ mrna from early larvae of onchocerca gibsoni. screening of the library using serum from a single onchocerciasis patient yielded several strongly immunoreactive clones, one of which (ogk2) was found to encode a novel myosin-related protein. cdna clone ogk2 contained an insert of 2017 bp, consisting of continuous open reading frame in frame with the vector, hence this clone encodes 671 amino acid residues of a larger protein. a fragment ...19958719949
the nematode parasite onchocerca volvulus generates the transforming growth factor-beta (tgf-beta).transforming growth factor-beta (tgf-beta) is a highly conserved cytokine that has a well-known regulatory role in immunity, but also in organ development of most animal species including helminths. homologous tgf-b genes and mrna have been detected in the filaria brugia malayi. the in situ protein expression is unknown for filariae. therefore, we examined several filariae for the expression and localization of latent (stable) tgf-beta in adult and larval stages. a specific goat anti-human laten ...200919452170
prevalence of filarial antigenaemia in papua nnew guinea: results of surveys by the school of public health and tropical medicine, james cook university, townsville, australia.during the period from 1991 to 1997 the school of public health and tropical medicine, james cook university carried out filariasis surveys in several parts of papua new guinea using the newly introduced onchocerca gibsoni monoclonal (og4c3) and immunochromatographic test (ict) antibody-based assays for filarial antigen and, in some cases, a knott's test for microfilariae. the average prevalence of filarial antigenaemia and microfilaraemia was 56% and 35% respectively confirming earlier survey r ...200011939296
evaluation of human and mosquito based diagnostic tools for defining endpoints for elimination of anopheles transmitted lymphatic filariasis in ghana.the decision to stop mass drug administration (mda) and monitor recrudescence has to be made when endpoints for elimination of lymphatic filariasis (lf) have been achieved. highly sensitive and specific diagnostic tools are required to do this. the main objective of this study was to determine most effective diagnostic tools for assessing interruption of lf transmission.201526385935
organization and structure of an onchocerca beta-tubulin filarial worms, as in other eukaryotes, microtubules are essential multifunctional components. the major protein of microtubules is tubulin, a heterodimer of two distinct polypeptides, alpha and beta. tubulin is particularly important in helminthic parasites as a target for anthelminthic benzimidazoles, which bind to it and inhibit microtubule assembly. two genomic onchocerca gibsoni libraries were constructed in lambda nm1149 (ecori and hindiii). three clones accounted for the entire gene: o ...19958634675
review of zoonotic parasites in medical and veterinary fields in the republic of korea.zoonotic parasites are animal parasites that can infect humans. the major zoonotic protozoa in the republic of korea are babesia bovis, chilomastix mesnili, cryptosporidium parvum, endolimax nana, entamoeba coli, entamoeba hitolytica, giardia lamblia, iodamoeba bütschlii, pneumocystis carinii, sarcocystis cruzi, and toxoplasma gondii. the major zoonotic helminths in korea include trematodes, cestodes, and nematodes. trematodes are clonorchis sinensis, echinostoma hortense, echinostoma spp., fasc ...200919885329
production of monoclonal antibodies against excretory-secretory products of adult male onchocerca gibsoni.nine monoclonal antibodies (mabs) have been produced against excretory-secretory products (es) of adult male onchocerca gibsoni. these mabs fail to interact with the highly cross-reactive phosphorylcholine (pc) group and with es of the related rodent filarial parasites acanthocheilonema viteae and litomosoides carinii. eight of the mabs are of the igg isotype: 1 is an igm. three of the mabs, ogmes 4, 9, and 10, were each found by immunoprecipitation/sds-page analysis of [3h] leucine-labeled es, ...19979105319
characterization of two monoclonal antibodies raised in btk(xid) mice that recognize phosphorylcholine-bearing antigens from trichinella and other helminths.this study investigated the binding properties of two monoclonal antibodies (mabs us1 and us2) raised in (cba/n x balb/c)f1 (nbf1) btk(xid) male mice. both mabs show unusual specificity for phosphorylcholine (pc)-containing tsl4 antigens of trichinella. specifically, and in contrast to mabs raised in normal mice, us1 and us2 mabs do not bind to artificial pc-protein conjugates and are not inhibited by either free pc or nppc, although us2 was partially inhibited by nppc at high concentration (10( ...200111412384
cloning and characterization of cdnas encoding beta-tubulin from dirofilaria immitis and onchocerca volvulus.beta-tubulin is the target for the benzimidazole anthelmintics. unfortunately, none of these drugs is clinically useful against adult filariae. however, beta-tubulin has been shown to be a target for antibody-based toxicity to brugia pahangi. we cloned and characterized cdnas encoding beta-tubulin from 2 filariae, dirofilaria immitis and onchocerca volvulus, to explore possible explanations for benzimidazole insensitivity among adult filariae and the likelihood that epitopes of beta-tubulin coul ...19989576511
incidence of onchocerca gibsoni in subcutaneous nodules of cross bred jersey cows: case report.onchocerca gibsoni subcutaneous nodules in four cross bred jersey cows aged 5-6 years brought for post mortem with calcified and caseated skin nodules in the lateral flank region is reported. examination and dissection of these nodules revealed that they were "worm nests" of onchocerca sp. of filarid nematodes. the worm nests were carefully dissected and filarid worms were extracted out. multiple numbers of worms were recovered from each nodule ranging from 15 to 20. female worms were found insi ...201728615862
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