intraspecific variations in the hemolymph of biomphalaria glabrata, a snail host of schistosoma attempt was made to characterize the hemolymph of biomphalaria glabrata with reference to "normal" intra-specific variation, i.e., both inter- and intra-strain differences. total protein concentration, per cent hemoglobin, ph, and osmolarity were studied. seven geographic strains of b, glabrata were examined. in addition, observations were made on the hemolymph of biomphalaria straminea, several strains of helisoma caribaeum, and on b. glabrata subjected to infection with schistosoma mansoni ...19753698
the effect of potassium antimonyl tartrate on the gamma-aminobutyric acid and acetylcholine contents in the cerebral hemispheres of normal and schistosoma mansoni infected mice. 19766767
rats and bilharziasis in guadeloupe.the rats in guadeloupe (rattus rattus and rattus norvegicus) may play a part in schistosomiasis in three ways: - by harbouring fertile s. mansoni, a fact which serves to increase the total population of the parasite and may eventually take part in the infestation of man; - by harbouring a great number of ribeiroia marini, a trematode whose larval stages sterilize biomphalaria glabrata, the vector of schistosomiasis; - simply by eating b. glabrata. the quantitative influence of these contradicto ...19757114
the effect of inhibitors on the hydrolysis of acetylcholine by four species of schistosoma. 19768273
chemotherapy of schistosomiasis mansoni. 197718911
the regional distribution of dopamine and norepinephrine in schistosoma mansoni and fasciola hepatica. 197723928
stimulation of the activity of schistosoma mansoni miracidia by snail-conditioned water.a dark-ground photographic technique was used to analyse the reactions of schistosoma mansoni miracidia to homogeneous solutions of snail-conditioned water (scw). the most significant effect of this water was to increase miracidial turning. this effect was maintained under both acid and alkaline conditions, after passage of the scw through a mixed bed resin and after chelation of either calcium or both calcium and magnesium ions. the stimulant in the water was unaffected by trypsin but was prote ...197724201
a simple quantitative technique for testing behavioral responses of schistosoma mansoni miracidia to chemicals.we describe a new technique for testing responses of schistosoma mansoni miracidia to chemicals. miracidia in spring water were placed in a chamber shaped like the greek letter phi. small volumes of test chemicals were inoculated into one side of the chamber. after 30 sec a dam was inserted to bisect the chamber and the percentage of miracidia on the inoculated side was calculated. reproducible quantitative results were obtained using the known miracidial stimulants, snail-conditioned water (bio ...197825318
schistosoma mansoni: physical and chemical factors affecting the mechanical properties of the adult male musculature. 197832066
a review of helisoma duryi in biological control.biological control of schistosomiasis by means of introduction of the north american planorbid snail, helisoma duryi, as a competitor of the intermediate host snails has been proposed. the systematics of the genus helisoma and the geographic distribution of the different species is described. papers dealing with laboratory experiments or field observations on the competition between h. duryi and different intermediate host snails have been reviewed. the status of h. duryi as intermediate host of ...197935936
schistosoma mansoni: partial purification and properties of ornithine-delta-transaminase. 197936285
serotonin uptake in schistosomules of schistosoma mansoni. 197940731
effects of fluoxetine and imipramine on male schistosoma mansoni. 197941672
acidic thiol proteinase activity of schistosoma mansoni egg extracts.extracts of the eggs of the human blood fluke, schistosoma mansoni, exhibit proteolytic activity which requires the presence of added thiol reagents or cyanide. the ph optimum for hydrolysis of azocoll and cartilage proteoglycan is 4.8--5.2 and the molecular weight of the major component is 25--26,000. the effects of inhibitors suggest this activity belongs to the acidic thiol proteinase class, with a similarity to cathepsin b. these proteinases may be involved in nutrition of the egg or sporocy ...197941891
glutamine-dependent carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase and control of pyrimidine biosynthesis in the parasitic helminth schistosoma mansoni.1. carbomoyl-phosphate synthetase in schistosoma mansoni utilizes l-glutamine as well as ammonia as nitrogen donor but does not require n-acetyl-l-glutamate for the activity. 2. the enzyme activity was inhibited by udp, utp, adp and amp, among which udp was the most effective. 3. aspartate carbamoyltransferase and dihydroorotase were also found and copurified with the synthetase. 4. relative activities among these three enzymes were 1:30-60:3-8 throughout the purification. 5. these results sugge ...197945544
serodiagnostic application of immunohistoperoxidase reactions on antigen-coupled agarose beads.agarose beads to which antigens were covalently bound were subjected to indirect immunohistoperoxidase procedures. for detection and titration of serum antibodies against bovine gamma globulin (bgg) this method appeared to be specific and sensitive. one advantage is that no special instruments are needed. as an example of diagnostic applicability the system was successfully used for demonstration of antibodies in human serum containing antibodies against the trematode schistosoma mansoni. at the ...197549378
immunocytochemical localization of mouse alpha 2-macroglobulinlike antigenic determinants on schistosoma mansoni adults.antiserum prepared in rhesus monkeys against purified mouse alpha 2-macroglobulin (alpha2m) was labeled with peroxidase and incubated with both living and formalin-fixed s. mansoni adults (perfused from mice or rhesus monkeys) in order to test for the presence of mouse alpha2m antigenic determinants on their surfaces. following standard cytochemical processing with the appropriate controls, adult worms of both murine and primate origin were found to have mouse alpha2m-like determinants on their ...197658985
eosinophils and immune mechanisms. iv. culture conditions, antigen requirements, production kinetics and immunologic specificity of the lymphokine eosinophil stimulation promoter. 197659636
plasma free and esterfied cholesterol in schistosomiasis mansoni. 197662206
purified antigen radioimmunoassay in serological diagnosis of schistosomiasis mansoni.a radioimmunoassay has been developed for detecting human schistosomiasis with a highly purified schistosoma mansoni egg antigen labelled with iodine-125. the antigen, major serologic antigen 1 (m.s.a.1), has striking immunochemical and species specificity and appears to be the principal antigen responsible for the granulomatous response to s. mansoni eggs. this 125i-antigen was tested with 5 microliter of patient serum as a potential serodiagnostic test for schistosomiasis. 92 control sera from ...197771599
hycanthone dose-response in schistosoma mansoni infection in kenya.the recommended doses of the drugs now used to cure schistosomiasis mansoni may be associated with toxic side-effects. since schistosoma mansoni does not multiply in the human host and the disease seems to be closely associated with the intensity of infection, it may not be necessary to use 100% lethal antischistosomal doses, particularly in endemic areas. a dose-response to the antischistosomal drug, hycanthone was established for three different doses in 169 patients with heavy s. mansoni infe ...197875394
autoradiographic and tissue distribution studies on a nitrovinylfuran derivative (sq 18506 14c) in s. mansoni infected mice.autoradiographic and tissue distribution studies of sq 18506 14c were carried out on 13 swiss albino mice. infection was done by i.p. route with 50 to 60 cercaria of s. mansoni (puerto rican strain) per animal. the safe single i.v. dose of a solution containing one mg of sq 18506 dissolved in 0.06 ml dimethylsulfoxide was 0.003 ml/g b.w. of mice. schistosome autoradiograms were clearly demonstrated one day after that dose injected in each mouse 50 days post-infection. however, hepatic autoradiog ...197670329
further observations on the specificity of antigen 5 of echinococcus granulosus.the presence of ige antibodies to antigen 5 of echinococcus granulosus was detected by means of radioimmunoelectrophoresis in the sera of two of six patients infected with e. multilocularis. sera from three of these patients gave a precipitin band in gel diffusion tests identical to that produced by a monospecific rabbit anti-e. granulosus antigen 5 serum, when tested against whole hydatid fluid. sera from 19 individuals infected with fasciola hepatica, 20 with schistosoma mansoni, and 5 with wi ...197768114
the host antigen phenomenon in experimental murine schistosomiasis. iii. destruction of parasites transferred from mice to hamsters.the surgical transfer of 23- to 28-day-old schistosoma mansoni from donor mice to the mesenteric vessels of outbred hamsters is followed by recovery of 70% of the transferred trematodes 30 days later. prior immunization of hamsters with mouse erythrocytes results in anti-mouse erythrocyte antibody titers of greater than 1:4,096 and death of 98% of the parasites. destruction is correlated with evidence of the presence of mouse antigenic determinants on the surfaces of schistosomes from donor mice ...197766880
radioallergosorbent and indirect fluorescent antibody tests in immunodiagnosis of schistosomiasis.radioallergosorbent tests for specific ige antibodies to schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni were positive in 82 and 72%, respectively, of sera from 136 african schistosomiasis patients. 99% of sera from controls (5 free of parasitic disease, 75 infested with hookworm, ascaris, trichuris, and/or onchocerca) were negative. when titres in indirect fluorescent antibody tests were set at the same level of specificity only 38% of patients' sera were positive. a cut-off at a higher concentration in ...197882737
schistosoma mansoni and s. japonicum: methylene blue test for the viability of schistosomula in vitro. 197766154
[active chronic hepatitis and decompensated schistosomiasis]. 197885318
immune responses during human schistosomiasis mansoni. v. suppression of schistosome antigen-specific lymphocyte blastogenesis by adherent/phagocytic cells. 197987433
receptor for igg(fc) and human beta2-microglobulin on s. mansoni schistosomula. 197988014
human schistosomiasis: schistosoma mansoni antigen detection in renal glomeruli.twelve kidney, five biopsy and seven necropsy specimens, all from schistosomiasis mansoni patients were studied by light and immunoflurescent microscopy in an attempt to detect antigen in the glomerular walls. deposits of igm, igg,i ga, ige, complement c3 and fibrinogen were observered in most cases. antigen was successfully detected in two cases(one biopsy and one necropsy specimen), both exhibiting proliferative glomerulonephritis. the only clinical manifestation was a slight proteinuria. igg ...197665811
evasion of the immune response by parasites. 197560788
nonspecific suppressor cell activity and specific cellular unresponsiveness in rat schistosomiasis. 197989037
changing pattern of schistosomiasis in egypt 1935--79.a village in the nile surveyed for schistosomiasis by j. a. scott in 1935 was surveyed again in 1979. the same number of people as in the 1935 survey were randomly selected for investigation by the same parasitological techniques as those used by scott. the prevalence of schistosoma mansoni infection had increased from 3.2% to 73%, whereas s. haematobium infection, which had been very common in 1935 (74%), had almost disappeared (2.2%). in the local district hospital since 1972 the percentage of ...197989343
modulation of the host response in human schistosomiasis. i. adherent suppressor cells that inhibit lymphocyte proliferative responses to parasite antigens. 197990093
changing pattern of schistosomiasis in egypt. 197990230
schistosome patterns in egypt. 197990881
subarachnoide hemorrhage due to s. mansoni. a rare etiology.a case of schistosomiasis is described in a native of rio de janeiro, where, apart from infection of the intestines, a meningitic granulomatous reaction was provoked around eggs. intracerebral and subsequently subarachnoid hemorrhage occurred. the mode of infection is disucssed.197991674
comparative evaluation of 7 helminth antigens in the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (e.l.i.s.a.).112 sera from europeans with parasitologically proven helminthiasis were tested in the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (e.l.i.s.a.) against 6 crude extracts of various helminths (2 of adult worms: dipetalonema viteae, fasciola hepatica; 3 of eggs: ascaris suum, toxocara canis, schistosoma mansoni; and of echinococcus granulosus scolices) and against bovine hydatid fluid. each serum was tested simultaneously at a fixed dilution of 1:160 against all antigens. extensive cross-reactions were obser ...197992420
immunological studies in human schistosomiasis. i. parasitic antigen in urine. 197554005
phosphorylcholine antigens from nippostrongylus brasiliensis. ii.--isolation and partial characterization of phosphorylcholine antigens from adult worm.the phosphorylcholine antigens (c substance) were specifically isolated from nippostrongglus brasiliensis adult worms. they formed a gorup of fairly closely related molecules, but it was not possible to evidence that the carrier molecule was unique. an indirect immunoenzymatic test using immobilized lectins (concanavalin a, phytohaemagglutinin els, wheat germ agglutinin, recin types i and ii, peanut agglutinin) gave some light on the carbohydrate composition of the carrier molecules, whereas the ...197995087
portal hypertension and chronic salmonellosis in situs invertus.the unique combination of a late complication of schistosoma mansoni infection in situs invertus is reported. the improvement in both the haematological and biochemical indices of the patient after splenectomy is discussed. an association between chronic salmonellosis and schistosomiasis is demonstrated; the experience of the author and other workers with this syndrome is discussed.197896743
acetylcholine receptors in schistosoma mansoni: visualization and blockade by hycanthone. 197553053
the release of membrane antigens into culture by adult schistosoma mansoni.antigens sharing determinants with surface membranes and soluble proteins of adult schistosoma mansoni have been detected in culture media after incubation of radioactively labelled worms. the relative quantities of these antigens were measured with specific antisera raised in rabbits and with serum from an immune rhesus monkey. it was found that 12-16% of tca-precipitable radioactivity in the culture medium consisted of membrane antigens and 6-8% consisted of antigens sharing determinants with ...197552859
antigen-coupled beads adherent to slides: a simplified method for immunological studies.small amounts of antigen-coupled beads adherent to object slides provide a simple, quick, economical and sensitive immunohistochemical means of detecting antibodies in serum by both immunofluorescence and immunohistoperoxidase procedures. sensitivity increases with decreasing quantities of antigen-coupled beads, as was demonstrated in the fluorescence procedure.197552679
schistosoma mansoni: identification of immunoglobulins associated with the tegument of adult parasites from mice. 197897093
hemostasis in schistosomiasis mansoni.hemostasis was studied in 18 patients with the hepato-intestinal form of schistosomiasis mansoni and in 23 with the hepato-splenic form. both groups are compared referring to alterations found. the relations between plasmatic coagulation factors and hepatocytic function tests are studied. in 6 patients the explorations were repeated after administration of hycanthone. in the patients with the hepato-splenic form, the presence of chronic consumptive coagulophathy was found. the coagulopathy disap ...197797124
control of snail hosts of bilharziasis in egypt. 3. effect of the organophosphorous insecticide, dursban, on carbohydrate metabolism of the snails biomphalaria alexandria and bulinus truncatus.the effects of the organophosphorous insecticide, dursban, on aerobic oxidation, glycolysis, glucose utilization and gluconeogenesis in snails tissues were determined. dursban had a biphasic effect on the aerobic oxidation of succinate, glutamate + malate and tmpd + ascorbate while it had only an inhibitory action on pyruvate oxidation. the compound significantly inhibited glycolysis, glucose utilization and gluconeogenesis when used at high concentrations (ten times higher than its lc50). howev ...197552436
nicarbazin in schistosome infections: i. antibody formation in mice and hamsters infected with schistosoma mansoni. 197547811
effects of schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma japonicum infections on induction of hepatic tyrosine aminotransferase in mice. 197845516
schistosoma mansoni in the kenyan baboon (papio anubis): the development and predictability of resistance to homologous challenge.groups of baboons were exposed to primary infections of either 500 or 2,000 schistosoma mansoni cercariae per baboon (c.p.b.). five from each infection level and five uninfected baboons were challenged with 2,500 c.p.b. at one of four intervals of time after primary infection and killed ten weeks later, together with unchallenged appropriate primary infection controls. primary faecal egg excretion was related to the cercarial dose, showing some systematic fluctuations during the 78 weeks of the ...197897819
influence of the mouse h-2 gene complex on experimental infections with schistosoma. 197897823
[anemias secondary to parasitosis]. 197898817
the hydrogen ion as an attractant for schistosoma mansoni miracidia. 197624872
renal amyloidosis with nephrotic syndrome in two patients with schistosomiasis mansoni and chronic salmonellosis.this report describes two egyptian patients who presented with the nephrotic syndrome and concurrent infections with schistosoma mansoni and salmonella paratyphi a. unlike similar cases previously reported from this unit, these patients did not respond to antimicrobial and antischistosomal therapy, and their renal biopsies demonstrated amyloidosis. these two case reports and several experimental observations suggest that chronic schistosomiasis and salmonellosis may lead to secondary amyloidosis ...1978102211
chemical stimuli for penetration of schistosoma mansoni cercariae. 197824806
synthesis of 2-substituted primaquine analogues as potential antimalarials.a series of 2-substituted primaquine analogues has been synthesized and evaluated against plasmodium berghei in the mouse and leishmania donovani in the hamster. three members (3a,d,e) of the series were evaluated against plasmodium cynomolgi in the rhesus monkey. one analogue (3d) was evaluated against trypanosoma rhodesiense in the mouse, and two (3b,e) were evaluated against schistosoma mansoni in the mouse. several analogues possessed significant activity against p. berghei (3e,f) and l. don ...1978102798
biomphalaria glabrata: lysozyme activities in the hemolymph, digestive gland, and headfoot of the intermediate host of schistosoma mansoni. 1978103747
isolation of a polysaccharide antigen from schistosoma mansoni eggs.a polysaccharide antigen was isolated from schistosoma mansoni egg homogenates by the phenol procedure. the crude preparation (cpea) contained at least two antigens. the more purified antigen (pea) was isolated by sequential enzymatic treatment of cpea with dnase, rnase, pronase, and alpha-amylase. pea was resistant to boiling, freezing and thawing, mild acid and alkali, and chloroform, but was destroyed with periodate. it gave a positive reaction with anthrone reagent. pea was eluted in the was ...1979105042
renal deposition of antinuclear antibody in athymic mice infected with schistosoma mansoni. 1979106182
further studies on the circulating m antigen in human and experimental schistosoma mansoni infections.circulating m antigen, previously described in urine from patients infected by schistosoma mansoni, was shown in serum from infected patients, using human anti-m immune serum with immunodiffusion and immunoelectrophoretic analyses. this antigen was also shown to be present in the serum and urine from infected hamsters, in the urine from infected rabbits and in the serum from infected mice. generally, it appeared on day 20 after infection. m antigen was specific for the genus schistosoma and for ...1978106764
cost of snail the last 10 years, there has been general agreement that niclosamide (bayluscide) is the preferred molluscicide for control of the snails transmitting schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma haematobium. this chemical has been widely tested in pilot projects and is in use in expanded control projects in brazil, puerto rico, egypt, iran, and other countries. a comparison of the results from six pilot projects in these countries was analyzed with particular attention to the costs of the programs, s ...1979107817
serological differences between acute and chronic schistosomiasis mansoni detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa).sera from patients with acute and chronic schistosomiasis mansoni, and from laboratory-infected monkeys, were examined by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay technique using antigens prepared from eggs, cercariae, and adult worms. sera from patients with acute schistosomiasis and from monkeys 2 months post-infection reacted more positively to cercarial antigen than to adult worm antigen whereas sera from both patients with chronic schistosomiasis and monkeys infected for longer than 4 months re ...1979107819
[phospholipid antigens acquired by the young forms of schistosoma mansoni].immunofluorescence studies provide evidence of cardiolipin fixation at the schistosomulum's surface, following incubation with liposomes (cardiolipin-lecithin or cardiolipin-lecithin added with cholesterol). fixation occurs at 37 degrees c as well as at 0 degree c whether proteins were present or not. several washes do not remove cardiolipin fixation.1979108030
transplantation of adult schistosoma mansoni from mice to the portal system of cebus monkeys immunized against the donor host. 1979108821
schistosomiasis in man and monkeys in omo national park, southwest ethiopia. 1979108822
cross resistance between schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni in the baboon. 1979108823
chemical stimulation of schistosoma mansoni miracidial activity.the movements of s. mansoni miracidia immersed in various solutions of organic chemicals were recorded by dark ground photography. reduction of miracidial speed was recorded for miracidia in solutions of fatty acids and ammonia. the speed reduction was concentration dependant and ph dependant, indicating in both cases that the un-ionized molecule was responsible. ammonia at concentrations between 0.4 mm and 0.8 mm elicited an increased "rate of change of direction" by miracidia. no changes in mi ...197722960
schistosomiasis in omo national park of southwest ethiopia.schistosomiasis mansoni infection was found in more than 50 tourists who had visited omo national park, ethiopia, and bathed and swum in the mui river. a survey revealed schistosoma mansoni infection in 41% of park residents and in 33% of the neighboring suri people. eggs were found in stools and adult worms at autopsy of wild papio anubis and cercopithecus aethiops. trematode larvae were found in 27% of biomphalaria pfeifferi snails found in the mui river. the source of the disease and the impl ...1979110163
schistosoma mansoni: partial characterization of enzyme(s) secreted from the preacetabular glands of cercariae. 19767465
[treatment of schistosomiasis mansoni with hycanthone (our experience in 3,500 cases)]. 1978110648
immunodiagnosis of infection with schistosoma mansoni: comparison of elisa, radioimmunoassay, and precipitation tests performed with antigens from eggs. 1979111571
the circumoval precipitin test as a control of cure in the experimental schistosomiasis mansoni. 1979112662
immunization against schistosoma mansoni in rhesus monkeys and the requirement of activation of both cell-mediated and humoral mechanisms.when groups of rhesus monkeys were pretreated with bcg plus hyperimmune serum from monkeys with chronic schistosomiasis or with dialyzable transfer factor from uninfected monkeys plus hyperimmune serum and were challenged with 1,500 cercariae of schistosoma mansoni, the mean worm burdens were significantly lower than that of untreated controls. pretreatment with neither bcg alone nor corynebacterium parvum plus a membrane antigen of adult worms of s. mansoni affected susceptibility. neither lymp ...1979113342
immune responses to schistosoma mansoni in rhesus monkeys with multiple chronic and early primary infections.immunological reactivity in 10 rhesus monkeys was monitored over a 22-week period. cellular and humoral responses of three animals were studied after primary infection with schistosoma mansoni. two uninfected animals served as controls. increased lymphocyte proliferative responsiveness to mitogens and adult worm antigen was evident during the prepatent period of the infection. marked suppression of these responses occurred during the acute phase of the disease, but by weeks 9 and 11 the animals ...1979113343
immunodiffusion studies on schistosoma mansoni and its host stage specific antigens. 2. immunoelectrophoresis cross-reactions between hepato-pancreas of biomphalaria glabrata and biomphalaria alexandrina.immunoelectrophoresis was used for studies on immunological cross-reactions between both schistosoma mansoni (s. m.) intermediate host snails biomphalaria glabrata and biomphalaria alexandrina. the preparation of antigens and their corresponding antisera from hepato-pancreas of s. m. infected and non infected snails was described as the homologous reactions of both snails either infected or non infected were rather similar, close immunological relationship between b. glabrata and b. alexandrina ...197877219
immunodiffusion studies on schistosoma mansoni and its host stage specific antigens. 1. immunoelectrophoresis cross-reactions between s. mansoni adults and larval stages antigens.immunoelectrophoresis was applied to evaluate the immunologic relationship between the different stages in the life cycle of schistosoma mansoni (s.m.). the preparation of antigens and antisera was described. separated female and male adult worms tested seem to be identical. eggs, miracidia and cercariae from biomphalaria glabrata and biomphalaria alexandrina showed varying degree of cross-reactions. the maximal number of pricipitin arcs was observed, when anti-miracidia-serum was checked agains ...197877218
schistosoma mansoni: immunization of cynomolgus monkeys by injection of irradiated schistosomula. 1979116865
immunobiology of schistosomiasis.although malaria and hookworm disease appear to be on the decline, another dreaded parasitic disease-schistosomiasis-is on the increase. presently, the number of infected individuals with schistosomes is estimated to be 250 million, and even though only a small proportion of them become sick and die, schistosomiasis remains a medical problem of great significance. the high incidence of infection of man with schistosoma mansoni, schistosoma japonicum or schistosoma haematobium, as well as the chr ...1979118264
[production of monoclonal anti-schistosoma mansoni antibodies. preliminary study of their biological activities].monoclonal antibodies against schistosoma mansoni have been produced by fusion of splenic lymphocytes from s. mansoni infected rats and p3-x63-ag8 balb/c cells. in vitro and in vivo studies of the biological activities of these antibodies have led to the identification of ige antibodies with a high reaginic activity and antibodies which in a complement dependent or eosinophil dependent system were shown to have a marked cytotoxicity for schistosomula in vitro. this methodology seems to open new ...1979118823
immunity in schistosoma mansoni using antigens of fasciola hepatica isolated by concanavalin a affinity chromatography.antigens of fasciola hepatica adult worms were chromatographed using concanavalin a-sepharose 4b. two unbound peaks appeared in the inclusion volume (dt-1 and dt-2), and one peak was eluted with alpha-methylglucoside (e1-1). at least seven peaks were obtained by isoelectric focusing of e1-1. the largest of these peaks, with an average pi of 4.0, contained the antigens reactive with antibodies to schistosoma mansoni. mice immunized with dt-2 or e1-1 and challenged with s. mansoni cercariae develo ...1979118932
inflammation and host resistance to pathogens. 197773553
lectin and human blood group determinants of schistosoma mansoni: alteration following in vitro transformation of miracidium to mother sporocyst.a mixed agglutination assay method was employed to detect the presence of surface determinants for various lectins and human blood group antibodies on schistosoma mansoni miracidia and cultured mother sporocysts. miracidia were found to possess surface receptors for the lectins con a (concanavalin a), anti-heel (eel serum agglutinin), and anti-adb (dolichos seed extract), as well as human anti-a antibodies. following in vitro transformation of the miracidium to mother sporocyst, anti-heel and hu ...197772142
immunodiffusion studies on schistosoma mansoni and its intermediate host stage specific antigens. 3. immunoelectrophoresis cross-reactions between s. mansoni stages and biomphalaria sp. hepato-pancreas antigens.immunoelectrophoresis was applied for cross-wise checking of the different stages in the life cycle of schistosoma mansoni with extracts of hepato-pancreas from its intermediate host snails biomphalaria glabrata and biomphalaria alexandrina. only few fractions were common to non infected snail organ and parasite development stage, while more crossreactions were detected with infected snail hepato - pancreas.197877220
immunofluorescence studies of schistosome structures which share determinants with circulating schistosome antigens. 197879248
the presence of schistosoma mansoni antigens in solutions used for storing adult worms. 1979121631
distribution of blood groups and secretor status in schistosomiasis.urine and stool specimens from 425 school children in swaziland were examined for evidence of schistosoma mansoni or schistosoma haematobium infection. concurrently, saliva collections were analysed for abh secretory ability and blood samples were typed for abo, rh and lewis groups. among individuals infected with s. mansoni, the frequency of blood group b was significantly increased (p < 0.001), and there was a greater prevalence of positive secretor status (p < 0.05). in contrast, the presence ...1979121770
diagnosis of bilharziasis (s. haematobium and s. mansoni) by the elisa using the homologous antigen.sera of subjects with s. haematobium, s. mansoni and mixed infection were studied by the elisa by means of homologous antigens. the extinction values for s. haematobium and s. mansoni cases were higher with the homologous antigen. generally, s. haematobium cases were less reactive than s. mansoni or mixed infection.197884418
major histocompatibility complex products restrict the adherence of cytolytic t lymphocytes to minor histocompatibility antigens or to trinitrophenyl determinants on schistosomula of schistosoma mansoni.we have previously shown that schistosomula passaged through mice acquire histocompatibility (h) antigens that can be recognized either by alloantibody or by alloreactive cytolytic t lymphocytes (ctl). the latter specifically adhere to but fail to damage the parasite. in this paper we describe the use of trinitrophenyl (tnp)-labeled schistosomula to show that the adherence of ctl with specificity for tnp-modified syngeneic cells is restricted by the major histocompatibility complex (mhc) in a fa ...197988051
freeze-fracture study of immune-induced schistosoma mansoni membrane alterations. i. complement-dependent damage in the presence of antisera to host antigenic determinants. 197988526
isolation and characterization of surface antigens from schistosoma mansoni. ii. antigenicity of radiolabeled proteins from adult schistosoma mansoni were radiolabeled in vitro with 125i bolton-hunter reagent. surface membrane antigens were solubilized with non-ionic detergent, then reacted with infection or normal serum. the antigen-antibody complexes were then precipitated with staphylococcal protein a immunoadsorbent, eluted with urea and sds, and fractionated by sds-page. the results indicated the presence of 6 to 8 tegument antigens, depending on the type of antisera used. human antisera to s. japonicum and s. h ...197992558
circulating soluble antigens and antibody in schistosomiasis.some patients with schistosoma mansoni and s. haematobium infections were shown to have soluble schistosomal antigen in their plasma. antibody to this antigen and to other antigens of adult worms were also present. these findings may be relevant to schistosomal-related immune-complex disease, especially the nephrotic syndrome.1975123165
[observation of schistosoma mansoni by scanning electron microscopy].the integumental surface of adult schistosoma mansoni was studied by scanning electron microscopy (sem) at 220 to 10,000 magnifications. sem shows certain basic features such as spines in the oral sucker and the acetabulum which may facilitate rasping and attachment of the parasite to stay in the bloodstream of the definitive host. it seems likely that sem visualization will be a means for differentiation some species of the genus schistosoma.197896957
immune complex nephropathy i a patient with chronic hepatosplenic schistosomiasis a segmental sclerosing nephropathy led to terminal renal failure. the demonstration of glomerular capillary deposition of immunoglobulin and complement with electron dense deposits and lucent deformities of the glomerular basement membrane and the presence of antischistosome adult worm antibody in serum suggested that this was an example of immune complex nephropathy. successful renal transplantation followed by niridazole treatment of the ...1975125058
[permissivity of the rat (rattus rattus) of guadeloupe with regard to schistosoma mansoni and evidence for migration of adult schistosomes to the lungs].in contrast to the laboratory rat, the rat (rattus rattus) of guadeloupe is a favorable host for the life cycle of s. mansoni: the parasite population is maintained at a high level (between 8 and 16% in this host until the 16th week and reproduces normally). the evolution of the parasitose is marked, shortly after the 8th week, by a transfer of schistosomes from the liver to the lungs.197896960
[numerical variation of ciliated papillae in the miracidia of different strains of schistosoma mansoni, the organism producing intestinal bilharzia].in the miracìdia of 13 strains of schistosoma mansoni, silver impregnation points out variations in the number of ciliated papillae situated between tiers 2 and 3 of epidermal cells, correlative with the size of the miracidia. these variations are related to the intermediate and definitive hosts. the number of ciliated papillae gives objective information on the degree of adaptation between the parasite and its successive hosts.197896997
[changes of serum proteins in schistosomiasis mansoni].the total and fractional proteins were determined in 174 out-patients from a rural area that had schistosomiasis mansoni and had not received specific treatment, and in 51 subjects also from another rural area and therfore having similar epidemiological characteristics but not in the endemic area of bilharziasis. in schistosomiasis patients there was a notable change in the fractional proteins, the hypoalbuminemia and hypergammaglobulinemia being significant irrespective of the clinical forms of ...197797155
[immunoglobulins level in patients with schistosomiasis mansoni after hycanthone treatment]. 197797156
[receptivity of arvicanthis niloticus to infection by schistosoma mansoni]. 1976135626
acquisition of murine major histocompatibility complex gene products by schistosomula of schistosoma mansoni.schistosoma mansoni schistosomula recovered from the lungs of inbred mice were shown to possess serologically detectable alloantigens on their tegumental surfaces. using appropriate antisera and infected congenic and recombinant mice as worm donors, gene products of the k and i subregions of the major histocompatibility complex were demonstrated among these alloantigens acquired by the parasites. in contrast, other cell surface alloantigens, such as thy 1, ly 1, and h-y and the serum proteins al ...197897360
cytotoxicity of human and baboon mononuclear phagocytes against schistosomula in vitro: induction by immune complexes containing ige and schistosoma mansoni antigens.normal human blood monocytes, pre-incubated at 37 degrees c with sera from patients infected with schistosoma mansoni, strongly adhered to s. mansoni schistosomula in vitro, whereas no significant adherence was induced by sera from uninfected individuals. comparable adherence occurred with normal baboon blood monocytes or peritoneal macrophages when these cells were incubated with sera from s. mansoni-infected baboons. adherence of macrophages to schistosomula was associated with damage to the l ...1978101326
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